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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  April 7, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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and left without power because of a landslide. it is the first direct us assault against syria. the international free action and what this all means to the us going forward. we have breaking news, a truck just slammed into a department store in sweden killing three people. we have the latest as we continue.
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winds, 2.89, her observation, there, kentfield zeroing in on 3, and pacifica at rockway beach. over an inch and a quarter. here comes another piece of energy rotating around the trailing piece of energy here, and that will intensify and give us more rain later today, tonight and into saturday. in fact, some of this could be moderate to heavy for a brief period of time. i don't think it will have the energy or anything close to last night, though. cloud cover continues to roll in. some of the rain is picking up. light, steady, certainly from marin county to the north.
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you can see parts of napa county, sonoma county, up into lake county. some oaf that is steady to moderate. picking up rapidly in western marin county toward novato. and inverness. that will continue through the day. it's either rain or snow. i think i saw truckee has rain. south lake tahoe has snow. winter storm warning is out. some of the cool air begins to move in. 50s on the temps. everybody is in the low to mid- 50s. south winds, southeast, going to be blustery conditions. it will not be windy until later on. when this system swings in that will pick up the breeze. 50s, low 60s. very little sun, a lot of cloud cover, and off and on rain picking up. 7:02, things still quiet or what do you see. >> things are looking good given the rain or weather we had overnight, and the slick roads this morning, it could have been a lot worse, but let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza because we want to update you on a problem we found out about probably 30 minutes ago. some of the metering lights
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were malfunctioning according to the chp. that info just disappeared, so i believe that means that caltrans has figured out the problem, metering lights are functioning again. you can see it doesn't look too bad on the bay bridge toll plaza, maybe about a 15 to 20 minute delay. taking a look at the east shore freeway as you make your way over to the toll plaza. 23 minutes to the carcinas bridge. no major problems to tell about there. it's also looking pretty empty for this hour. 24 through lafayette heading towards the caldecott tunnel. time now is 7:03. let's go back to the desk. all right. we begin with the breaking news reported just a half hour ago from stockholm sweden, we want to take you back there to the scene. the swedish prime minister announced that a deadly truck did crash, and it appears to be a terror attack. that truck crashed right into a crowd of people and then into a department store.
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this is again in central stockholm sweden. radio reports there say three people were killed, and an unknown number of people injured. a swedish television network allegation reporting that shots were fire -- also reporting that shots were fired during the incident. police suspect that the crash is terror related. there were several deadly attacks involving trucks in europe, of course, last year, including germany, and france, but again, getting more information about this attack in sweden and we'll continue to update that story. time is 7:04. we are talking about the weather in the bay area. rain and windy weather damaged two homes in the oakland hills overfight. >> ktvu's christien kafton on the scene in oakland hills. engineers are waiting for, now that it's daylight, i know you have been trying to get a better look at what's happening up there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we have been up here for hours, and now that the sun has come up, wii
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getting a bert sense on how much damage we're looking at here. we're on aiken road. you can see at least one tree came down, bringing down this power line. as you look in the distance, you can see it appears that part of aikens has collapsed, either some of the mud or earth supporting the road has collapsed. clearly a lot of work to do up here. east bay mud has some barricades up here, blocking access down the road. we have heard water has been shut off for two dozen homes in the area. at this point, we're hearing again that two homes impacted on banning drive by this overnight mud slide and all five homes, though, evacuated in the area while crews worked to figure out exactly just how the slide is progressing. we are expecting some engineers to come out a little bit later on. neighbors calling for emergency responders in the height of last night's windy, rainy storm. when crews arrived they found the hillside had partially given way, bringing down a wall of mud. firefighters say at least one tree fell into a home and another is in danger of falling. at this point, they say for
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now, the situation appears to have been somewhat stabilized. >> right now, everybody's safe, no injuries, and we don't suspect or expect this to worsen. >> coming back to our live picture here. dave, pam, we want to give you a sense of just how steep this slope it so you can get a sense of why all this rain and wind may have helped collapse down part of this hillside. you can see just how steep the ground is in this area. you can understand how if it gave way, it could have very well slid down to banning drive. we are waiting at this point on those engineers to come on out, give us a better sense on what's going to happen here on aikens road. see whether this road is going to be in fact repaired today. we are waiting on utility crews to come on out and let us know exactly what's going to be happening with this, what appears to be a power line and
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other utility lines that are down at this point. and again, waiting on engineers to determine exactly just how this slide is still moving, how it's impacting those living down slope, so a lot more questions up here in the oakland hills, pam and dave. >> christien kafton in the oakland hills. thank you. time is now 7:07. meantime, almost 43,000 pg&e customers still have no electricity. last night street lights in parts of downtown martinez went out. trees and power lines were knocked down. closing roads towards highway 4. 36,785 east bay customers have no electricity. 2800 south bay customers have no power. more than 2000 in marin, and sonoma counties have no electricity. and almost 1100 on the peninsula are without electricity. at one point during the night, 164,000 pg&e customers had no electricity. time is 7:07.
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meantime, a woman in benicia is recovering after a tree came down and crashed into her house during the storm last night. it caused major damage to the roof of her home and to the inside of her home. firefighters say she was inside. she was taken to the hospital with a minor head injury. don't forget, you can always get weather updates 24 hours a day by downloading the ktvu weather app. it is free to you in your app store. another big story this morning. the world is responding to president trump's decision to launch an attack on an airfield in syria using a barrage of cruise missiles. the 59 cruise missiles were launched from two navy ships in the mediterranean. president trump said the air strike was retaliation from the chemical attack by syrian government forces killing more than 80 people, many of them children. syria, russia and iran have all condemned the u.s. action. many european and arab countries have expressed
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support. >> tonight i call on all civilized nations to join us in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in syria. and also to end terrorism. >> and faced with this first test of the slaughter of nearly 100 people including children, from a gas attack by the regime, the trump administration has acted and we believe rightly, and we fully support that action. >> now, we learned this morning that the u.s. gave russia advanced notice of the attack. syria says the missile strike killed 7 people. the speaker of the house had this to say about the syria air strikes. paul ryan tweeted quote, this action in syria was appropriate and just. he continued, these tactical strike strikes make clear that the assad regime can no longer count on america in action as
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it carries out atrocities. nancy pelosi called the air strikes a proportional response to the use of chemical weapons. she said the crisis in syria will not be resolved by one night in irvines and the killing will -- in air strikes and the killing will not stop. joining us now our political analyst joe tuman thank you for coming back. one reaction to focus on is how russia is reacting and the implications for north korea. let's talk about how russia has responded. >> vladimir putin has called for a meeting. i don't know if he's going to get one or not, an emergency meeting in the united nations to look into what he's labeled an act of aggression against syria. russia in syria is very much the port facility it's gotten, which it regards as something it wants to keep. it's also worth noting in this reaction from russia that they have also made claims about a
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very small number of plains being destroyed on this air base and at the same time, allegations that perhaps some of the dead, because of this air strike, include children. although, i don't know why children would be an an air force base necessarily. so you have to sort of take some of what they say with a healthy grain of salt. one quick thing as you mentioned, that the russians were notified ahead of time, russia has had a surface to air missile barrage that extends basically a no fly zone over the area where the tomahawk missile was struck, and it was not activated last night. we have to wonder in the 24 hours why wasn't it used to try and knock out some of these missiles and aggression. certainly the missiles are useful if we're talking about jets going in, but you can use them to try and target tomahawks in this way. i don't know how effective it would be, but it could.
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>> you're suggesting perhaps russia allowed it to happen. >> yes. and i think we have to perhaps filter some of their reaction through that context. it's perhaps mock aggression, or mock reaction in some ways, and doing what they have to say for assad's benefit. >> as dave touched upon, you can't help but wonder what north korea might be thinking or reacting what does that mean for those relations. >> well, let's throw into that pot, not just north korea, but iran. what is teheran thinking about this today, and i think the answer is that when the secretary of state and the secretary of defense, we're going to reconsider our options on this. the statement that was made in north korea when the secretary of state was busy in south korea, military options have not been ruled out. this is a message going to all those places without question, and in north korea, we have someone who's testing our will not just with missiles but with
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intercontinental ballistic missiles, presumably one that could reach our shores in california here. >> now, joe you raised the issue that this may also be seen as a deflection of all the focus on possible complicity by the trump administration with russia. all of a sudden that is not the main topic of discussion. >> well, it has changed the story, and we know anytime historically that presidents take strong executive action, supposedly under the guise of national security and the president did try and make this chemical weapons attack also related to our national security, that we're very careful and historically in this country, at having people in the congress line up behind the president typically. you even saw nancy pelosi saying proportional response. we don't want our adversaries to hear multiple voices. we want to project a single stance on this so we're not getting confusing. you're getting that today as well. going forward, the question is what is the next step. is this about regime change,
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for example, and if that's going to be the case, how long are we going to be involved here. what's our strategic interest in syria. we have a lot of players over there we have to deal with, and a lot of people confused by our reaction right now. >> we're going to continue to follow that all morning. we have to switch gears for a second before you have to go, about neil gorsuch and that's the other story happening in washington, d.c. a lot of people, a lot of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, pretty emotional about this, because this is a real change going forward. >> it is. and the emotion is not because he's going to be confirmed. he will be confirmed. it's because they've done away with the filibuster that was a tool that was in some ways looked at as obstructionist by some, but with something that's guaranteed in the culture of the senate, which is different than the house. only 100 people in the senate. an era of spirit of bipartisanship. the idea that you had to reach across the aisle and get somebody on the other party to vote with you.
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when we had supreme court nominees, at least votes from the opposition party, it did suggest a message to the american people that more people's views should be represented in this because those senators represented other people from other perspectives. that's not going to be the case anymore. going forward, it is simple majority. 50 plus 1, and today it's the republicans who have going to have the benefit of that, but at some point in the future it will be the democrats again, and you'll hear republicans lamenting this option. >> whoever's in the white house will get to pick the nominee. >> assuming that person has a majority in the senate. >> yes. >> and that's the trick here. >> it will happen. it will happen. mark my words, harry reid lamented this, after he did this for lower court appointments. mitch mccome will probably be gone from the senate but he will lament this at some point in the future. >> two very important topics today, and we're going to see you again as we get closer to that vote. it's supposed to happen at 8:30
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this morning. we'll have you back onto talk about that. and back to the other story that we were talking about with him, our question to you is do you support the president's decision to strike syria, yes or no. let us know what you think by voting on our ktvu twitter page. you can comment on our ktvu facebook page. love to hear your reaction to all of this. our time is 7:16. three people were hurt in san francisco overnight. more than 20 people forced out of their homes by a big fire. coming up at 7:30, you'll get a live report on the damage that was caused and also the efforts to get neighbors out. nessman 2: we've gone over the numbers several times, and... businessman 1: yea, yea, know what i'm craving right now? businessman 1: (over speaker) --guacamole and bacon. audio tech: we got a craving! go go go!!! music: crashing cravings in the crave van. jack's gonna crash your crave! jack: hey guys, try my guacamole and bacon chicken sandwich with all white meat chicken, guacamole and pepperjack cheese. businessman 1: thanks jack.... wait. we're on the 18th floor. how did you get here?
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 7:18. everybody in california, all of us will have to pay more to drive. last night, the state senate and the state assembly approved a plan to raise taxes to pay
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for road repairs. now, the plan calls for an extra gas tax of $0.12 a gallon. also vehicle registration fees will go up by 25 to $175 a year depending upon the kind of car you drive. there will also be a 100-dollar annual fee on zero emission vehicles beginning in the year 2020. now, republicans criticized the plan, asked for more money from taxpayers. there's already a high tax burden. >> those who are property stricken in california the worst, because it's regress i, higher -- regressive regressive tax, registration fees are going up. an average family could cost 3 to $400 a year, and yet we already have billions of dollars that should be spent on transportation. that has been ignored by the majority party. >> governor jerry brown has supported this bill since it
7:20 am
was unveiled next week. the gas tax will begin november 1st. the vehicle registration will be effective january 1st. governor brown will be holding a news conference today, talking about the passage of the bill at the state capitol. it's 7:20. starts getting busier on the roads right now, definitely the toll plaza. it's getting a little busier but overall things are looking pretty good, maybe because it's friday, friday light. maybe because it's spring break. you're going to have a good drive on most south bay freeways. the only issue is around 101 because they were towing an earlier crash that happened 280 north near 10th street. that has been moved out of the way, but it's backing things up a little bit in all directions around 101. heading over not contra costa county, highway 4, not too bad as you go head westbound towards concord, and taking a look at the bay bridge toll
7:21 am
plaza, it is a lot lighter than what we typically see for this time of the morning. we had a report about a traffic hazard in the middle of the three fast track lanes, but judging by the looks of it, it appears that punish may have been resolved. we're going to take a look at the golden gate bridge, also light as you head towards san francisco. time is 7:21. i'll check in with steve. the weather isn't done yet. not by a long shot. we have a ways to go. the strong power house system has lifted northward. the front has stalled out. there's already rain moving in. the impressive jet stream in april, it continues to enhance and bring in cloud cover, and there's a secondary system trailing. sausalito, 1.75 inches of rain the last 24 hours. san rafael yell san rafael, 2 1/2, or 2 1/3. santa rosa has pretty good rain
7:22 am
right now n parts of the area. i'll show you on the radar. kentfield, i think they will get 3 soon. pacific at rock away beach. and glenn allen over 2. san francisco, officially 92/100. our observer, had 1.10. boulder creek, 2.78. satellite andsaratoga hills, 2 1/3. novato, an inch 2/3. berkeley lab, an inch and a half. and san ramon, an inch and a quarter. you remember we said about 3/4 of an inch to 4, and the wind, gusts 60 plus. that was not bad, all things considered. i know sometimes, you guys are hyping, no we were not. this one had all the ingredients and they did come together. if one doesn't, it doesn't materialize, but it did. a secondary system, taking
7:23 am
shape. i try not to get too technical. this is going to take the shape of a comma cloud, cold air wrapping in behind it. the last system did not. this system is intense but short duration. out ahead of that we are getting light rain. this will enhance that later tonight into saturday morning. these are fast moving systems. don't see these very much anymore. when i first started used to see them all the time. this is imprisonnive for this time of -- impressive for this time of year. redwood estates, above los gatos, east bay hills many locations, 65 or higher. golden gate bridge, 54. oakland airport, san jose, gusts to 54 as well. clearing taking place because the low level jet and energy funnels in the moisture which is way above average for this time of year. look for rain to continue. look over santa rosa it's picking up big time, especially parts of marin county as well. it's going to continue most of the day, maybe a little less towards the south.
7:24 am
we're in on that, the sierra snow continues and it's going to start to drop. 50s on the temps. it will be a breezy, blustery day, and the system will plow tonight. 50s on the temps for some. low 60s. rain off and on today, picking up tonight, along with wind into saturday morning, and we'll get a break saturday night, sunday, into tuesday. more rain, middle and end of next week. she has no choice. aisle glad it will be okay for the giants and okay for easter so far. >> i sure hope so. >> thank you, steve. 7:24 is the time. more than 1 million cars are being recalled. we'll tell you which models when we return.
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7:26 am
welcome back to mornings on 2, here's the opening bell starting the day on wall street, a lot of things going onto affect stocks, of course we're talking about the air strikes on syria. there's also the senate confirmation expected of neil gorsuch for the supreme court
7:27 am
and a disappointing jobs report this morning. here's a live look at the dow joins down just a little bit as you can see right now. same for the nasdaq, and the s&p 500. they're down just a little bit so far this morning. well we received the latest figures on hiring and unemployment in march. that's the other thing affecting stocks. according to the u.s. labor department, employers added just 98,000 jobs last month. that's the fewest in a year. however, the unemployment rate fell to a 7 year low of 4 1/2 percent. the labor department said the rates fell because half a million more americans reported finding jobs. time is 7:27. new this morning, hyundai, and kia are conducting a recall right now. they're recalling more than a million cars and suvs here in the u.s. the engineers can fail and stall, risking a crash. now, the recall covers popular models including the 2013 and 2014 hyundai sonata, and the
7:28 am
santa fe sport suv. also being recalled are the kia optima from 2011 through 2014, the kia sportage suvs from 2011 through 2013 and the kia sorento suvs from 2012 through 2014. the hyundai and kia will notify the owners, car dealers will do the inspection of the engines. the recall is due to begin next month. more than 100,000 people in the bay area lost electricity last night because of the storms. coming up at 7:30, we're going to bring you the latest numbers and show you what pg&e is working hard to do this morning. ing. and more than a dozen people displaced from a fire in san francisco's richmond district. we'll have the details on the investigation. in the middle of a storm destiny struck.
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been following about a possible terrorist attack in sweden. the swedish prime minister just announced one person has been arrested. here are live pictures of the after math, the scene, you can see a number of areas blocked off. a heavy response there. again, reporting that one person has been arrested. now a truck rammed into a crowd of people and into a department store today. this is central stockholm. it is believed that be truck had been carjacked from a beer company. there are conflicting reports right now on the number of people killed. one swedish broadcaster says at least five people died in that attack. another broadcaster says at least three were killed and police have blocked off streets, as you can see, again, shut down the subway to the area. we are live there at stockholm sweden. we will have updates throughout the morning here on ktvu, ktvu plus, and also online. thank you for joining us. so much going on this morning
7:32 am
on this friday, april 7th. i'm pam cook in for gasia today. and good morning, i'm dave clark, also a busy part of our day is talking about how the weather here in the bay area has affected you and everybody else. steve. i thought a tree was coming down last night. i really did. >> i worried about that as well. yes. >> there was one stretch where i went, it's going to go. but thank goodness it didn't. if you're just leaving your neighborhood, you might find a lot of leaves, branches. i mean, it was coated on my way out this morning. tom smith says wet, damp, misty on blossom hill. but 9/10 of an inch of rain. that's double what san jose had. double, almost triple. wind event was a biggy, i would say so. had not had one of those in a while, and i mean, as i told dave at 4:00 this morning, at my castle, there were white caps out on the mote. our system very very impressive for april, i mean, really impressive. we have been doing this a long time. we don't see these often this
7:33 am
time of year. they did everything they thought it would do, including the rain and wind. the secondary system is right there. it's not strong but an intense system developing. in advance of that, we're already seeing cloud cover ramp up enhance here because there's just a screaming jet stream, and that's going to give us cloudy skies with steady rain off and on. santa rosa has been reporting heavy rain, maybe moving off a little bit toward st. helena. that's heavy rain, calistoga, same for marin county. picking up now from mill valley out to san rafael which had 2 1/2 inches of rain. novato and san pablo bay, american canyon, back into napa county and parts of solano county. this will continue all day. the snow level looks like it's finally coming down. winter storm warning out until 6 p.m. tomorrow. 50s on the temps. brentwood at 51. south at 15. being one of the coolest brentwood i should say this
7:34 am
time of year. southeast, southeast, south. here we go. a breezy blustery day. we're not expecting this system to give us the wind event that we had last night. it will give a short duration of intense rain later this evening into tonight. 50s, 60s on your temps. 7:34, friday light, or have things picked up. >> it is light. steve, i don't have a mote around my modest. >> but you will in time. >> when i did walk out the door this morning, it was a mess of tree branches, leaves everywhere, street sweeper trucks are busy today. but fortunately the commute isn't too bad. let's start with a look at south bay. roadway is looking good. the only issue is northbound 17 to the northbound 280 connector. there's a report of a car that drove onto the embankment. no one was injured. a tow truck is on the way. that is good news over there. taking a look at 280 northbound towards cupertino. traffic moving smoothly and light on 24 through lafayette towards the caldecott tunnel. usually this road at this hour
7:35 am
is jam packed, but maybe some people are taking this friday off. maybe it's spring break. maybe next week is spring break for some in the area. bay bridge toll plaza also looking pretty good this morning. actually, the car pool lanes are just as slow as the regular fast track lanes. definitely a lot lighter than what we have seen in the past at this hour at the bay bridge toll plaza. time now is 7:35 and i'll send it back to the desk. >> thank you, alley. well, new from overnight, three people are hurt, 20 others are being helped by the red cross after a fire in san francisco. >> it was a big fire. it happened in the richmond district just before 2:00 this morning. ktvu's cristina rendon, you're already there. what do you know now. >> well, firefighters just wrapped up. they left the scene within the last ten minutes, but we know that three people were injured in this fire. two of them had burnsment one person -- had burns. one person had a separate medical condition that was unrelated. this is where we're at at the 400 block of 23rd avenue.
7:36 am
as you mentioned, this fire started just before 2:00 this morning. it quickly grew to a 3 alarm fire, but it was contained to that actual house itself. we do know that the two buildings on either side of the house did suffer some burns on the side of the wall, but it really didn't go in and damage the units, that is the good news there. we know that firefighters went inside. they had to rescue two to three people. again, as we mentioned, one person had burns to their hands, another one had burns to their chest, and a third person had a separate medical condition. we're told that fire crews went knocking door-to-door to make sure everyone got out safely. >> i was sleeping and then they started knocking. i didn't know what was going on. i was asleep, and then i opened the door, and our roommate said, oh, there's a fire in the building beside you. so we just, like, scrambled out and we got out. >> reporter: a lot of people are now displaced by this fire. we're told 20 people are left homeless because of the fire
7:37 am
and city services and the red cross are working to help those people who are now looking for a home. i also want to mention that a firefighter was hurt. he had his hand cut, but he's okay. was treated and out of the two people who were burned, we're told only one of them was taken to the hospital because the person who was burned on his hands refused medical treatment, so we'll of course stay on top of the investigation. right now, the cause is unknown, but we know it started on the second floor, and as soon as we have more information, we'll of course bring it to you. all right. cristina rendon in san francisco, thank you. time is now 7:37. new this morning, pg&e crews are busy responding to storm related power outages all over the bay area. supplies for the crews are being loaded at a distribution center in fremont. pg&e says saturation from all the rain caused a lot of trees, power poles and wires to fall down, and this facility in fremont has a lot of the equipment the crews need to make repairs. >> our crews are in the field,
7:38 am
safely restoring power at this time. what we're doing is sending material to help them do that. we're sending pole vault transformers, cable, wire, pole line hardware, things that they need to restore power. >> now, almost 43,000 pg&e customers have no electricity right now. rain and strong winds caused a variety of problems as we have been showing you around the bay area. yesterday, winds knocked down a large tree in the marin county town of ross. it took down power lines with it. that tree was weakened by earlier storms. it fell suddenly, pg&e crews you can see spent hours clearing the tree and trying to restore power. don't forget, we have more rain headed your way throughout the next week. you can get weather updates 24 hours a day, if you download the ktvu weather app, it is free. our time is 7:38. the huge project to repair the damage may begin in about 10
7:39 am
days. the state is asking contractors to hand in their bids. it's estimated the repairs could cost up to $200 million. but officials say they will get a better idea the cost once they see designs. the state wants to expand the spillway so it can release almost twice as much water as before. the crews will have to race to finish the repairs before the next winter storm season begins. well, some o. angry victims -- of the angry victims of february's flooding are lashing out against the santa clara water district. yesterday during a meeting, they questioned whether money for flood protection is being misspent. several people at that meeting say they have been paying taxes for years for flood control, along coyote creek, yet that is where the worst flooding occurred. they are also still pretty angry they didn't get little or any warning that coyote creek would flood, damaging almost 600 homes and forcing 14,000
7:40 am
people to evacuate. san francisco police aired an instructor at -- arrested an instructor at a swim school on child pornography charges. nicholas hodges was taken into custody at his workplace at the la petite swim school on tuesday. they searched his home and found 600 files of child pornography on his computer. the school tells the examiner that hodges passed a background check that included finger printing. a spokesperson also says that they are not aware of any evidence that the charges involved students there at their school. hodges facebook page shows that he also worked at a walt disney store and the san francisco trampoline park, house of air. our time is 7:40. the high winds and heavy rain, you felt it, you saw it overnight, coming up at 8:00, the very latest on all the weather related problems around the bay area. a quiet peninsula neighborhood shaken by a group, the disturbing discovery made
7:41 am
inside a home in season bruno. in -- in san bruno. traffic is looking good across the bay area. san jose, a little bit slow in that direction. elsewhere, traffic is moving smoothly. while it's moving smoothly is the jet stream. it is screaming for this time of year, and bringing in more clouds, more rain and more on the way for tonight. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event.
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7:44 am
police say they found a body that had been dismembered, they have not revealed the identity of the person but they did arrest 50-year-old david stubblefield at the home. neighbors say stubblefield lived there with his mother. >> just baffled. never guessed anything like that would happen. it's a quiet neighborhood. everybody keeps to themselves, goes to work, comes back. >> people in the neighborhood say that they rarely saw the mother and son who lived in the house. police are still gathering evidence and may release more information at a news conference later today. our time is 7:44, some new information about the richmond mother, rashonda franklin shot and killed in front of her two young children this week. the san francisco chronicle reports she was going to file a restraining order against the man accused of killing her. the paper says franklin's ex- boyfriend, lawyer mcbride had been stalking and harassing her for at least a month. police were called to her home the night before she was
7:45 am
killed. the paper says police gave her a court order form that would allow her to apply for a restrange order but the very next morning, mcbride drove up to her car, shot and killed her wile her children were in the backseat. he was arrested wednesday in sacramento. mountain view genetic company 23 and me has won fda approval to market genetic tests to evaluate the risk of diseases, including late onset alzheimer's and parkinsons. the company calls the approval an important moment for people to be proactive about their health, but the fda says it is important for people to realize that genetic risk is one piece of the puzzle and a positive test does not mean a person will contract the disease. will scott seafood restaurant in oakland's square is being fined almost $400,000 for limiting public access to the shoreline. the bay conservation and development corporation says
7:46 am
the restaurant modified the events center without a permit. now, the restaurant was also penalized for exceeding the annual number of events it's allowed to hold. the commission approved the $395,000 fine. the vote on it was 18 to nothing. right now, at 7:46. i want to go back to allie rasmus who is in for exactly today. how is traffic. >> traffic is looking good, maybe because it's a friday. i was expecting it to be worse because of the overnight weather we had. i think there are fewer people on the road, and those who are on the road are driving very carefully. now, our san mateo bridge camera is down, so i want to show you just the map. there's not much to show you here anyway. san mateo bridge looking pretty good. this time of the morning it starts getting backed up. a little bit of a slow down at the toll plaza. traffic moving smoothly there. across the bay. northbound 280 south of john daily boulevard, there is a report of a solo crash that was partially blocking the slow lane so beware of that.
7:47 am
880 and oakland, just past the coliseum, it's getting a little bit slower as you head into the downtown area. no big issues to report there. bay bridge toll plaza looks very light. it will be a nice easy drive. not much of a delay at all to get on the span. time is 7:47,47 and i'll send it osteo steve. we have -- send it to steve. it's been wicking up here, and also -- picking up here, and also into parts of marin county. san rafael, over 2 1/2, santa rosa is probably at 2 1/2 by now. 2.47. really good rain up by windsor. 2.89. kentfield, i know kentfield yo and forest knolls and san rafael look to be the leaders on the rain. rock away beach 2.10. san francisco 92/100. i think they are adding to
7:48 am
that. i can't update them fast enough. boulder creek and santa cruz mountains. lexington reservoir, inch and 3/4. novato 1.61. a shout out to the berkeley lab, why not. that's right. why not. good information. cloud cover and either you're cloudy, foggy, cool or you're getting rain, and the rain seems to be the heaviest right now, towards napa county, sonoma county, and also into lake county towards marin county. there is a little bit of a back edge. the heaviest line. it was pouring about a half hour ago. now it looks like over st. he lean and calistoga and marin county. it is right there. so some coming in by mount tam. we'll see these continue
7:49 am
throughout the day until the next piece of energy rolls in, and out to the valley. the strong, strong impressive system, it's disappearing. now we're getting the next system and that's right here, and this is a compact little guy. we'll get rain off and on most of the day. this will click up the rain rights tonight into saturday morning. we'll get a break until the middle of next week. snow levels look like they're finally coming down a little bit. that winter storm warning is out until 6:00 p.m. saturday. is looks like it's starting to drop, and should get down to 4000 feet by saturday. 50s on the temps. look at brentwood at 51, which is cooler than anybody else. put this in your memory bank. for april 7th, you won't see this again. it's an unusual pattern we're in, and the cloud cover will be with us all day. you can see colder air come in, and the next system coming in tonight will give us more rain. 50s, 60s on the temps, and i think they'll continue to cool off into tomorrow.
7:50 am
it looks like a cool, cool saturday. we'll get a rebound on sunday, monday, giants home opener, looks cloudy to mostly cloudy. i think the rain would be light, if light, if any. they're going for it, and they'll make it. wednesday, thursday, rain and wind again. : time is 7:50. it's snowing in the sierra this morning, coming up in our 8:00 hour, we'll talk with kevin cooper, from kirkwood ski resort, about what all that snow means for the ski season. also, your taxes you know they're due in eleven days. coming up, why you want to file early next year, and what's protecting you from fraud. businessman 2: we've gone over the numbers several times, and...
7:51 am
businessman 1: yea, yea, know what i'm craving right now? businessman 1: (over speaker) --guacamole and bacon. audio tech: we got a craving! go go go!!! music: crashing cravings in the crave van. jack's gonna crash your crave! jack: hey guys, try my guacamole and bacon chicken sandwich with all white meat chicken, guacamole and pepperjack cheese. businessman 1: thanks jack.... wait. we're on the 18th floor. how did you get here?
7:52 am
jack: hard work. jack vo: you crave it, we serve it. try my new guacamole and bacon chicken sandwich. music: crave van! welcome back to mornings on 2, it's 7:52. a man from napa accused of kidnapping, drugging and sexually assaulting a 13-year- old girl is due back in court this morning. prosecutors say that timothy marble picked up the girl last weekend a sonoma county gas station. the girl told police she argued
7:53 am
with her mother a couple of hours earlier and ran away from home. investigators say marble and the girl smoked marijuana together, then he sexually assaulted her and injected her with methamphetamine. she escaped by jumping out of his truck. marble is being charged with kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault. he may enter a plea today. a woman from hills borough accused of killing her ex- boyfriend is now under house arrest after posting $35 million bail. her name's tiffany lee. she's accused of killing keith green in april of last year. he was the father of their two children. police say ms. lee was worried green would take custody of the children so she hired hitmen to kill him. according to the mercury news, the $35 million bail is the largest ever in san mateo county. ms. lee is the heiress to a real estate fortune. her trial is due to begin in september. well, this morning, we're
7:54 am
learning more about a fifth person has now died from that terror attack in london more than two weeks ago. it was a 31-year-old woman, a tourist from romania whose boyfriend planned to propose marriage to her on the very day of the attack. investigators say she fell into the tems river when the suspect drove his truck into a crowd of pedestrians on the westminster bridge. three other pedestrians were killed. a police officer was also stabbed to death. the attacker was shot and killed by police. back in this country, the state of iowa is considering a very controversial gun rights measure that would let children under the age of 14 use hand guns. children would still have to be supervised by an adult 21 or older. now, the bill would also allow gun owners to bring concealed guns into capitol buildings. it also includes a stand your ground provision which would allow a person to use deadly
7:55 am
force anywhere if they felt at risk for their life and safety. lawmakers in both houses approved this bill. it now goes to the desk of the governor. he hasn't indicated if he will sign it. in our state, a california appeals court upheld a key part of california's climate change effort that required companies to buy credits if they exceed pollution limits. the cap and trade law limits carbon emissions and auctions off permits that that companies release excess greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. now, businesses and the state chamber of commerce filed a lawsuit forcing the company to buy the credits or its equivalent to a tax hike, and that requires the approval of the legislature. but the court sided with governor brown and his administration in a ruling that said the auction sales are not attacks. time is 7:55. and it is a crowning achievement for architectural design and engineering in san francisco. that last final piece of steal
7:56 am
went up yesterday at the top of the sales force tower building. making it the tallest building in the city. a construction crane lifted that final beam, put it into place. it was painted color white, and the construction workers were able to sign their names on it to let them be a part of the building's history. the event featured dignitaries including sales force ceo, san francisco mayor, ed lee, and lieutenant governor ed nusome. this year, the federal government and some some state governments are implementing new rules to prevent tax fraud. state issued ids are now required on e-filed state tax returns in new york, alabama, and ohio. and at the federal level, the irs is testing out verification
7:57 am
codes in order to protect taxpayers. now, the irs says last year more than $4 billion were lost to tax fraud here in the u.s. the tax deadline just so you remember is april 18th. time is 7:57. time is check in with mike and pam. dave, thank you. three people injured after a fire breaks out in san francisco. the chaotic moments that unfolded as people rushed to get to safety, and the latest on the investigation now underway. we are following that developing story out of stockholm sweden where several people have been killed after a truck crashed into a department store. what we are learning about the moment following that crash. and things are a bit slow going on westbound 80 through the macarthur maze. here's an overhead look as you make your way through the toll plaza. we'll have a look at other
7:58 am
highways come up. some rain continues to move through and there's another piece of energy that's on its way. ♪ ♪
7:59 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
8:00 am
. welcome back to mornings on 2, more rain and heavy wind makes its way across the bay area. we're going to have the latest on a spring storm that has caused trees to fall down and left thousands of people in the dark. and 20 people are displaced after a fire in san francisco's richmond district, we're going to talk about injuries and the latest on the investigation. and the united states launches missiles at an airfield in syria. we'll have more on how lawmakers and world leaders are
8:01 am
responding. mornings on 2 continues right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and welcome back to mornings on 2, everyone. giving you a live look right now at storm tracker 2. you can see some small cells there developing in the north bay. watch out, san rafael. in the east bay, i want to give you a live look in the city of oakland where a landslide forced the evacuation of several residents in their homes last night. ktvu's christien kafton going to have more on that part of the story for you coming up in just a few minutes. good morning, it is friday april 7th. i'm music mike. >> a rain -- mike mibach. >> a rainy friday, i'm pam cook in for gasia mikaelian this morning: let's check in on weather and traffic. i'm hearing from the kids walking to school. they are wet. some areas, yes, others are getting cloudy, foggy, breezy conditions. most of the rain looks to be focused about marin county northward and out to the east. there's some even down towards the share santa clara valley and santa cruz mountains.
8:02 am
and the heaviest toward calistoga, moving into marin county. ross valley fire speaking, thank you for this, 2 1/2 inches. and it's raining again, 2.40. so they're both pretty close here. thank you for that. i appreciate that information. there goes our big system. toward the pacific northwest, stalls out. we're getting cloud cover moving in advance of the next system which is right there. will not be as strong. it is intensifying and will give brief heavy rain later tonight. the duration should be short, and until it arrives, off and on rain and cloudy skies. some of the heaviest rain has been toward santa rosa and heading toward highway 29, st. helena, calistoga and marin county around mill valley, and into san rafael which picked up over 2 1/2 inches of rain. there was some really impressive totals. some stretches toward napa county and solano county.
8:03 am
south of that there's not as much. look for a lot of cloud cover. rain picking up later, and certainly when the system arrives tonight, possibility of thunderstorms, but i don't think there will be enough breaks. winter storm warning is out until 6:00 p.m. saturday. 50s on the temps and one more round to go here into saturday morning. then we will get a little break for three days. 50s, 60s on the temps. i think you got a break on the traffic. >> i think people working from home or because it's friday, spring break, but there are not that many people on the road, and that is making driving conditions pretty good for your commute. let's check with the north bay, marin county, pause they haven't been there yet this morning. things looking good on 101 crossing the golden gate bridge, a little slow as you head towards the marina. cutting across over to the east, this is northbound 680, see that flashing car icon there on northbound 680. this is just north of el
8:04 am
pintado road. a report of a broom in the road. somebody doing some spring cleaning maybe. elseelsewhere in the east bay, looks pretty free and clear. not a lot of traffic there this morning, and bay bridge toll plaza, also looks very good. pretty easy drive. not much of a delay at all as you get onto the span. i want to take one last look, though, macarthur maze may be a little slow as you get to the plaza, a little bit of a slow down on the curb on westbound 80. time now is 8:04. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. there is storm damage throughout the bay area this morning, a slide into oakland hills forced some people to get out of their homes. ktvu's christien kafton joining us live on friday morning on the scene where engineers hope to get a closer look in a couple of hours here. >> hey, mike, as a matter of fact those engineers just now showing up there, of course, as you might expect, right when we go to show you, they walked out of frame here, they did see a couple crews from east bay mud, who showed up in the last fiver
8:05 am
ten minutes ago. we are on acres upslope from the mud slide that we were at a little earlier this morning. giving you a clearer view of the damage, now that the sun is up, you can see that the power lines down here, you can see achens road appears to have been undermined. you can see some major cracks in the road so clearly, a lot of work to do out here in the area, about two dozen people we're hearing are without water. that's kind of a result of the damage we have seen on aiken road. at this point, we are hearing that two homes were impacted on banning drive. that's just down slope from where we are. because of this overnight mud slide in all we're hearing five homes evacuated in the area, while crews work out how the slide is progressing. a neighbor has called for emergency responders in the height of last night's storm. neighbors starting to make their way here to check out the damage now that the sun is up. they're telling me that last night's storm was very intense in this area, and they say the damage here to achens road appears -- aikens road appears
8:06 am
to have been a result of that storm. >> this failure of the street is new. obviously not occurred within the last 24 hours, although i don't drive down here very often. i just wanted to make sure that my weather main was in tact, and it looks like it is. >> now, a lot of neighbors without water this morning, that neighbor telling us that he is without water this morning, again, we're hearing about two dozen or so east bay mud customers without water at this time. we are giving you a live look down slope from achens down to banning, just so you can get a sense of how steep this terrain is and to give you a sense on how difficult it may be to affect or repair. we're waiting for the east bay mud crews to tell us what they're going to be doing next. how their day is going to progress. as you can see we have that downed power line, the downed utility lines here in the area. we do have a road that appears to be in need of some very major repairs. the concern, of course, is that
8:07 am
now we have this storm last night, as windy, rainy storm. neighbors starting to tell me that they're concerned about the possibility of more storms tomorrow, and next week, which steve has been telling us about already this morning. >> thank you. pg&e crews scrambling to restore power in the bay area. 43,000 customers don't have electricity. street lights went out in parts of downtown martinez. trees and power lines knocked down which closed roads toward highway 4. the hardest hit area appears to be in the east bay, pg&e has a map on its web site showing the power outages. nearly 30,000 customers don't have electricity there in the east bay. 2800 in the south bay. more than 2000 in marin and sonoma counties, and 1100 customers along the peninsula. you can track storms from your phone with the ktvu weather app. it's free to download. just search ktvu in your app store. we have new pictures to show you of that breaking story we have been following in
8:08 am
stockholm sweden. take a look at that. this is the after math, immediately after a truck crashed right into a crowd of people and then into a department store. the swedish prime minister is calling it an act of terror. he says at least two people were killed. there are conflicting reports. the swedish news outlets are saying at least five people were killed and that many others are injured. again, conflicting reports as well. there may have been an arrest. there was an earlier report that one person had been detained but a police official just said that they could not confirm an arrest was made yet at this point. now, a beer company says someone carjacked one of its trucks, which is believed to have been the truck used there in today's attack. we are following the story out of sweden. we're going to have an update at 8:30. well, the world is also responding this morning to president trump's decision to launch an attack on an airfield in syria, using a barrage of cruise missiles.
8:09 am
>> it is in this vital national security interest of the united states to prevent and deter the spread and use of deadly chemical weapons. >> president trump said the air strike was in retaliation for this week's chemical attack by syrian government forces, killing more than 80 people, many of them children. the 59 cruise missiles were launched from two navy ships in the mediterranean, syria, russia and iran have condemned the u.s. action while many european, and arab countries have expressed support. now, this morning, republican senator marco rubio said the president does not need congressional authorization for a limited targeted strike. >> we don't have 535 commander in chiefs, we have one. number two, this is not a declaration of war. this is not a commitment of significant ground troops of an extended period of time. this is a strategic attack, and the president has to have the
8:10 am
ability to act. >> we also learned this morning that the u.s. gave russia advanced notice of the attack. the missile strike killed 7 people. this morning, our question to you is this, do you support the president's decision to strike syria. yes or no? results so far of that poll, 35% of you say yes, 65% say no. we're going to keep this poll up throughout the morning. let us know what you think. you can vote on our ktvu twitter page. you can also comment on the ktvu facebook page. also new this morning, three people are hurt, 20 others are being helped by the red cross now after a fire in san francisco. now, this happened in the city's richmond district just before 2:00 this morning. ktvu's cristina rendon at the scene with more details. christina. >> well, pam, this fire was put out around 3:00 this morning. the investigation is just beginning into how it all started. i'll step out of the way so you can see.
8:11 am
the damage is mainly to the top part of this yellow victorian house here on the 400 block of 23rd avenue. we received word of this fire early this morning. again, as you mentioned, it happened just before 2:00, and this quickly grew into a three alarm fire. flames could be seen coming out of the top of the roof, and those flames did spread to the side of the two houses on either side of this yellow victorian. thankfully there was not extensive damage. firefighters were able to contain it to one house. we know crews wean knocking door to door to make sure everyone got out safely. as you mentioned, there were three injuries and one firefighter was also injured. we had four injuries, three civilians, two of them had burns, one was transported. the one transported had burns to the chest, the other burns to the hands, they refused to be transported and another person with a medical issue unknown at this point, and a firefighter was injured cutting
8:12 am
his hand putting out the fire. >> reporter: at this point, it appears that everyone is going to be okay. there were earlier reports that people may have smoke inhalation. that does not appear to be the case anymore. meanwhile, 20 people have been displaced from all three buildings though the fire was contained to this one house. with water damage to the neighboring houses as well. 20 people in all are displaced because of this fire. the red cross is now assisting them, and i did speak with the owner of the building. he says he's owned it for about four years, and most tenants now do have a place to stay tonight. they're either getting help from the red cross or staying with family or friends. guys. >> that's at least some good news. thank you for that update. in just minutes, president trump's supreme court nominee is headed for a confirmation vote. we'll bring it to you live in what some are call ago historic turning point for the -- calling a historic turning point for the senate and supreme court. we'll tell you how much longer ski resorts could stay open for the season. and we know it is spring
8:13 am
break for a lot of the schools in rendon, moraga and lafayette, why the commute on westbound 24 is a little bit light this morning. i'm having a hard time finding red anywhere on the traffic maps. we'll have a look coming up. cloudy for some, rain for a few. napa being one. we'll look at that, and what's in store later today into the weekend.
8:14 am
8:15 am
snow in the sierra causing backups for drivers, this was the scene on 80 at cisco grove. it was slow going as drivers had to stop and put on chains. chains required on 80 and 50. the sierra could see 3 feet of snow from the latest storm. great news for all the ski resorts up there. >> definitely, and joining us this morning, senior communications manager kevin cooper coop. i was just up there a few weeks
8:16 am
ago. oh, my gosh, what is it like? >> well, i think it's kind of snowing right now just a little bit out here, about 12 inches in the last 12 hours here at kirkwood, chain controls, it is blowing. mother nature has set in here, and it's really starting to pick up. wind this morning southwest at 26. currently gusts are upwards, 70, 80 miles per hour, but this is a blessing for spring, another 2, 3 feet in the next 24 hours. >> yeah, a lot of people will be heading up there. we have been talking about spring break, a lot of kids are off next week. you're going to be inundated with a lot of families. how does it look for the week, do you think? >> reporter: well, you know, this system comes through, it will set us up. another 2, 3 feet added to the base, and then looks like wednesday, and i'm sure steve can talk to that, another little refresher through the week wednesday into thursday, so setting up an absolutely fantastic week of skiing and riding in the sierras no matter
8:17 am
where you go. >> is there more concern for avalanches, you know, in springtime, you know, when you get a big powerful punch like this, and then the temperatures start to warm up maybe later in the month, is the avalanche concern higher now compared to maybe december or january? >> reporter: i don't know. that's a great question. i don't think it's higher than, but you're right, we have a very active snow pack right now with all that snow, and the temperatures starting to rise and collapse, actually today being 24 degrees. the avalanche center rating high above free level, below tree level. as it warms up and slows down, there's going to be a loft o movement. anyone going should go to ride with a friend, snow shelf and have a plan. i plan on hiking a bunch this spring. it's going to be good. >> he's going to get untracked powder. i know him. what are your predictions. are we going to be skiing 4th
8:18 am
of july up there, do you think? >> reporter: you know, i would actually say there's a good possibility. we'll reassess kirkwood's closing day. north star on the 23rd, but we're going to wait watch and see how, you know, because you guys know, once golf, tens u, surfing, all those sports star you guys forget about us. you leave us we're on toy island out here. >> we'll be up there throughout the spring. appreciate you taking the time. have a great friday, a great weekend up there. >> enjoy my friends, we'll see you on the mountain. >> sounds good. you were just up there. time to go back, pam. >> i guess so, and i cannot feel sorry for coop, he has probably one of the best jobs. his job is to video tape the conditions as' skiing down the mountain. >> the commute in the bay area not so bad. you know, i have a feeling we'll have a lot of opportunities to talk to coop. we'll be talking about skiing well into memorial weekend, it looks so pretty up there. our san mateo bridge camera is
8:19 am
down, so i'm focusing on the maps there, so you can take a look, and there's not much to tell you about. pretty easy as you get onto the san mateo bridge. the south bay, no crashes new york city road hazard icons -- no road hazard icons. one thing to tell you about, southbound 280 north of el monte, there is some trees down on the right hand shoulder, probably because the ground is saturated, the rain and wind we have had, just beware of that in that area. taking a look at 101 in san jose, slow going, traffic is moving nicely at least, and somewhat slow going on webb 80 through the macarthur macarthur maze as you make your way through the toll plaza, it's slow around the curb. people like to take it slow, which is good. once you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, should be an easy drive to get on the span. time is 8:19. i'll check in with steve now. we still have some rain moving through. some areas have cloud cover, others will get steady to heavy
8:20 am
rain. sonoma and napa have been in on that category in the last 15 minutes. had some reports from sonoma downpour, some has gone through for a few. earlier it was santa rosa, st. helena to calistoga, all part of a ban that wants to focus on marin county northward. it was earlier back into lake port, and hidden valley, lake middletown, notices much maybe to the north and west, but it stretches right back into marin county, and look at the line forming along san pablo bay as it stretches from vallejo toward hercules, benicia, crockett, port costa and right back over to san rafael. that seems to be the dividing line. maybe in the santa cruz mountains toward morgan hill, also to gilroy, some is moving through there. the strongest ban is in the north bay. the whopper yesterday has moved north. the tail end stalled out in southern california, actually central california but look
8:21 am
what's coming across extremely fast jet stream is enhances this, and coming in on the backside, this last system, though it had the wind and rain, it did not have a lot of cold air. that's cold air starting to come in, and that will enhance as it comes in, and get brief heavy rain. there's short duration but that's what's on tap for that system later tonight into tomorrow. as we just talked about there with coop, yes, it's snowing. it looks like the snow level is starting to inch down. it was high for a while, but they're still getting snow with the winter storm warning out until 6:00 p.m., and you'll start to see that drop especially tonight and tomorrow with the cold air coming in reinforcing the system. 50s on the temps. low for some, fairfield, 51 cool degrees. 57sfo. oakland airport at 58 degrees. not as much in the way of wind today. thank goodness, the gusts 50 to 70 plus miles per hour overnight. we'll have a breezy, blustery day and cloudy day. 34 in truckee. dividing line, rain, snow, but i'm sure that will turn over the next couple of hours: here's the next system, the one that's going to swing in, and
8:22 am
it has no problem, the highway is right over us. the air flow, if you will and rainfall you're saying after saturday we're done? no, yes, sunday, monday, tuesday look okay. i agree with that refresher on wednesday. we could have more than a refresher as we head towards next week. there could be impressive snow totals coming in thursday and friday. look at santa rosa, 3.42 to ukiah's 4 over the next seven days. 50s, 60s on your temps. too much cloud cover and cool air. after saturday morning, we get a break. monday for the giants home opener and tuesday although maybe not wednesday. we'll deal with that wednesday. >> all right. steve, thanks. >> sounds good we're going to have to wait. 8:26 and digging deeper in your pocketbook. up next, just how much more you will have to pay to put gas in your car after lawmakers passed a bill to repair california's roads.
8:23 am
at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event.
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live-streat the airport.e sport binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes. on demand laughs during long bubble baths. tv everywhere is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. xfinity. the future of awesome.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 20% at the ikea kitchen event. ; everybody in california will have to pay more to drive. to increase taxes to pay for road repairs. this calls for an additional gas tax of $0.12 a gallon, and vehicle registration fees will go up by 25 to $175 a year depending on the vehicle you drive. there will also be a 100-dollar annual fee on 0 emission vehicles beginning in the year 2020. republican lawmakers blasted
8:26 am
the bill, arguing california already has a high tax burden. >> those who are poverty stricken in california the worst because it's regressive, higher gas tax, higher vehicle tax, registration fees are going up. an average family could cost 3 to $400 a year, and yet we already have billions of dollars that should be spent on transportation. that has been ignored by the majority party. >> the new gas tax will begin november 1st, while the vehicle registration increase will be effective january 1st. governor brown supported the bill. a new study suggests, the city painted muni only lanes in parts of the neighborhood. the examiner reports an independent study concluded that risky driving behavior dropped in the mission district after the lanes were installed. the city appellanted these bus and taxi lanes along mission street from 14th to 30th 30th
8:27 am
street. the red lanes benefit muni riders, cars and pedestrians. the concept could be used throughout the city. new this morning, the u.s. postal service says thousands of mail carriers were bitten by dogs last year. the postal service says there were more than 6700 dog attacks in 2016, that's up from the year befores and the highest in 60 years. los angeles topped the list. oakland and san jose also made the list. in oakland, there were 23 attacks. in san jose, there were 21. in just a few minutes here, president trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch headed for a confirmation vote. up next, what some are calling a historic turning point for the u.s. supreme court. and traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza is looking pretty good this morning. it has been all morning. no big backups to tell you about. in fact, the only problem i can find is way up in the north bay. we'll tell you about it coming up. cloud cover for just about everybody, rain, light,
8:28 am
moderate to heavy at times, mainly marin county toward solano county north. we'll take a look at that and see what's in store for tonight. ♪ seriously, what is this place? it's heaven. yeah, muscle heaven. you want to take one for a test drive? (tires squealing, engine revs) the challenger and charger have the most affordable v8 engines in their classes. check them out now during the fast and furious sales event. the fate of the furious. in theaters april 14th. in dealerships now. now get 20% off msrp cash allowance on select 2017 dodge charger models in dealer stock.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we want to update you on the breaking story we have been following for a couple hours now. this is stockholm sweden, a truck plowed into a group of people, and slammed into a department store. some of the video coming in of the after math. the swedish prime minister says all indications are pointing to a terror attack. there are conflicting reports on the number of people killed. one television network is reporting at least five people dead and many others are injured: earlier there was also a report of a person being detained but police officials now say they cannot confirm an
8:31 am
arrest at this point. a beer company does say someone carjacked one of its trucks. that is the truck believed to have been used in today's attack. european leaders offered their condolences at this point. they are standing with sweden against terror. we will continue to update that story. we are also following breaking news out of poland where firefighters say 15 people have been rushed to the hospital after a fast train hit a truck at an unguarded crossing in southwestern poland. now, we continue to follow both of these stories again in our newsroom. we'll bring you updates as soon as they become available. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. busy, busy, friday morning. april 7th. i'm pam cook in for gasia. >> i'm mike mibach, busy morning weather wise. let's get you over to steve paulson. 2 inches at my home. if you were here in 82, and 83, those were heavy snow
8:32 am
years. this year is beating both of those years! coop said we're probably skiing 4th of july. >> i don't see how they're not going to unless we get really really warmment i think we get rain into may. that's my 2 cents worth. more rain on the way today, tonight and tomorrow, and we'll get a bring. warm springs hill, you should know where that is now, since the new b.a.r.t. station just opened in fremont. 45/100 of an inch of rain. 62 miles per hour wind gusts before the wind gauge mounting broke. thank you jim for that. gusts 62 to 70 plus miles per hour for some. atop mount diablo, and point reyes had gusts about 70. settlement helena, sonoma, all areas to the north and marin county seem to be getting the bulk of the rain. looks like the backside has moved through, parts of mendocino into sonoma county, still some bands moving through parts of marin county.
8:33 am
heading right into vallejo and benicia. possibility of some thunder showers today as we get a little bit more cooler, unstable air, and much calmer and still off and on rain or steady rain from los gatos, san jose, into the santa clara valley and santa cruz mountains. look how this is starting to intensify. that will keep the rain going, and when it arrives tonight it will give another round of moderate bursts of heavy rain into saturday morning. we're going to have a cloudy day, and a gray day with off and on rain, and picking up the sierra snow levels beginning to drop ever so slowly, and winter storm warnings are out until 6:00 p.m. 50s on the temps, low for some, mid- to upper for others. one more system to deal with after saturday afternoon, i think we're all right and a break sunday, monday, but 50s, 60s on the temps. ali, you have had a quiet day, feet have been on the desk. >> now theaism getting the hang of it. it's -- now that i'm getting the hang of it, pretty easy. drivers are getting a break
8:34 am
this morning. the commute looks good. in fact, checking chp, i had to go all the way up to santa rosa a short time ago to find something, actually. this is in the northbound direction. i'll just mention it briefly, just noncommute direction just south of todd road off ramp, there's a big rig to the shoulder. another crash you see just below it. 101 by centennial way. let's go to the opposite end of the bay area, just in the last ten minutes, this crash popped up. this is northbound 280 just south of mclack mc-- mclochlin, i don't know why this map popped up. let's scroll all the way down to the toll plaza. because this has been a pretty good drive for most folks this morning. look how empty it is. friday light, spring break light. i don't know what it is, but if you have to get into the city, it should take you no time at all to get onto the span, let's check 880 in oakland, heading northbound past the coliseum
8:35 am
towards downtown oakland, a little bit of a slow down, no major issues to tell you about. time is 8:34, and i'll send it back to you mike and pam. >> the u.s. senate moments away from a vote to confirm supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. this is a live picture of the senate floor, role call going on right now. yesterday, republicans invoked the so called nuclear option that allowed gorsuch's nomination to move forward with support by a simple majority of senators rather than the 60 votes traditionally required for supreme court nominees, as we monitor this, i want to bring in our political analyst, joe tuman, no surprises expected in the coming moments. >> he will be the next justice, and the larger question, of course, he's just replacing antonin scalia, but it's not id logically going to change the nature of the court with this particular appointment. >> but future. >> future ones, assuming that one of the three democrat
8:36 am
appointed justices choose to e are tire -- choose to retire in the next three years or four years of mr. trump's administration, could change or shift that balance. >> that's what i wanted to ask about the nuclear comes yesterday. future presidents, not -- nuke options yesterday. future presidents can appoint openly partisan judges. is that a pro, a con for this country? >> if you're asking me personally, somebody who teaches constitutional law, i think it is a con. the system before, which required 60 votes, at least encouraged a culture of bipartisan support in the senate. there's only 100 senators, you have to develop relationships with people over time, and it's good to do that. orin hatch was a close friend, for example of ted kennedy precisely because of things like this. they found ways to work with each other, even though they were id logically opposites. this encourages you to work with your own party and not
8:37 am
reach across the aisle. culturally that's a bad thing in the congress and senate. the tradition has been important. it's the reason that the senate was in some ways the more moderate of the two houses, less volatile for example than the house of representatives, and this will have impacted that extend far beyond supreme court nominationsment you want them to -- nominations. you want them to work together. >> we haven't seen them working together for quite a while now, and we have had an open seat for quite a while, so this does expedite the process. >> it certainly expedites it, and means you're not going to hide, you know, the ideological preferences or world view of the candidates by encouraging them in the confirmation hearings to sort of always give the answer, i can't comment on a case i haven't judged the fact for. now they're going to say what they think. as i said, this institutionalizes, that mitch
8:38 am
mcdonald -- mcconnell will regret! and it is going forward then. now it cannot be changed at this point. >> no. well, if you have someone else in charge, they can always reinstitute a new rule, why would they. if you're the party in charge, you like this. >> the vote is currently underway on the senate floor. i still debate because here we are 14 months after justice scalia passed away, i mean, judge gorsuch sat there for 20 hours and answered questions. and it does not appear that the majority of the democrats are happy with the justice. is it really about judge gorsuch or is this about president obama not getting his chance to get merrick garland. >> well, if you're a democrat, that's what the filibuster was about. the perception that these are their words. >> it was about not giving merrick garland the chance. >> but you know, let me give you one more perspective that will color some of this.
8:39 am
as i said, one of the other things that i teach, and i have written books about is constitutional law. and one of the things i know about supreme court nominees from the 1950s forward, is that they evolve in their world views because they have life tenure. earl warren, the governor of our state, dwight eisenhower put him on the court because he had been a conservative republican and he became an independent. eisenhower put him on because he was eliminating him to run against him. and thought he would be a safe conservative appointment. and earl warren championed the miranda rights, very liberal justice. by the same token, we have had other justices in our history, hugo black, who was a member of the ku klux klan in his childhood who was the person who promoted most of the civil rights legislation, or not legislation but up held them when he was on the high court. when you have life tenure, you go in with a certain world view
8:40 am
but over 20 years, 30 years, sometimes you evolve in your thinking, and so we worry about someone like gorsuch right now,. >> he's 49 years old. >> he could be there for 35, years, it's quite possible. i would think he's going to evolve in his thinking in that time. >> i would imagine this will play a bigger role now in terms of a judge making the decision of when to retire, when to step aside. >> without question, and i think the three who are on the court right now, the one that everybody's watching is ruth baden ginsberg. >> she's 80 years old. kennedy is 80. >> i think all of them are reichly to stay, and see if the next administration, if there is a next administration assuming the president trump is in office and runs for reelection. if he didn't, would they give another person, maybe a democrat a chance at this. >> if they don't stay, you're talking a very powerful conservative block. >> we could lose them. >> block of justices. >> if you appoint young people, they will be there for a while,
8:41 am
without question. >> we will continue to monitor the vote right now. i want to ask you, since we have you, we are airing the vote on ktvu plus, in case you want to watch. i haven't had a chance to ask you about what happened in syria, and i noticed rand paul coming out and saying he needed congressional approval. i noticed republican marco rubio saying no, he did not. he was in his constitutional rights. he's the president, hander in chief. it was -- commander in chief. it was the right attack to make. that's the same party. >> the question is who's right or why are they saying two different things. >> was he within the limits of the constitution to launch that attack. >> well, a couple of the things, first, let's remember rand paul is a libertarian and has that perspective, and libertarians, they're very much people who believe that we shouldn't have unilateral action in the white house, the
8:42 am
power should be shared. i think that is consistent with his beliefs and the group of people he represents. by contrast, others like marco rubio making that point are not incorrect. the president is the commander in chief. congress passed a law in 1973 called the war powers act. we mentioned in an earlier broadcast, which was a response to what congress at the time perceived his executive presidential overreach in the vietnam war. especially president johnson, mostly about president johnson at that point having sort of increased what we were doing in southeast asia, and not just in vietnam, but surrounding countries in ways even his own military leaders believed was probably not the best way to do it. that's not the situation we have here, and with the war powers act actually restricts the president, for example, trump, if he sent in troops, and they were there for 60 days or longer, would be required at that point to come back. you get a leash. it's not a long leash if you were the president. and remember that the congress
8:43 am
controls appropriationings. the president can -- appropriations. so the war powers act and simply the way the system was set up, inherently limits the president acting unilaterally. i don't think rubio was wrong about that. what remains to be seen is what's the next step after the bombing. does he hit another base. >> we have north korea, iran, other parties watching as well. >> i appreciate your time. again, right now on ktvu plus, we are covering the senate vote live for you. you can watch that, and as soon as we know the final vote we'll bring it right here on ktvu's mornings on 2. >> we're going to cover both stories this morning. thank you, again, joe. we're also following the weather because that's certainly another big story this morning. high winds, rain, causing problems all across the bay area, and up next, we're going to take a look at some of the damage caused by the latest storm.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. you will 46 is -- 8:46 is the time. we are watching live the u.s. senate voting right now. this is the confirmation vote taking place on judge neil gorsuch for the supreme court,
8:47 am
and we are following this live on ktvu plus. so you can watch that if you want to continue to follow the very latest developments. we will also have updates here as well. >> back in the bay area, a woman in benicia is recovering after a large tree came down and crashed into her home during last night storm. that caused a lot of damage to the rooftop and inside of the house as well. firefighters say the woman inside was taken to the hospital with a minor head injury. this is what happened last night on the bay bridge. a big rig tipped over while heading to san francisco, just east of the tunnel there as it was hit with rain and a strong gusty wind. it happened just before 8:00. blocking several lanes, the roadway was cleared, but not until 11:00 last night. all right. 8:47 is the time right now. let's check in with allie rasmus for a look at traffic. the bay bridge does not look like that right now.
8:48 am
>> it's much different than 12 to 14 hours ago. i think the weather has much to do now that the budget of the storm has moved through. there is more on the way, so be sure to drive carefully and safely. a look at contra costa county, there was a report of a wrong way driver eastbound, the noncommute direction on highway 4, west of 160, chp was initiating a pursuit in the area. beware of that if you're driving in the area. taking a look at the south bay, most roads look good. there was an earlier accident in the area, an hour and a half ago. two car crash with an ambulance on the way. taking a look at highway 24, westbound through lafayette towards the caldecott tunnel. very night this morning. and 80 westbound, looking at the carcinas, if you're going
8:49 am
from the carcinas bridge to macarthur maze, it could take you 21 minutes. you made it. nice job. it's not easy, is it. >> you're stuck with me all next week, so let's see. >> i could be stuck be a lot worse people. >> feeling's mutual. we have a little bit of a break for some. it's going to pick up later this afternoon and tonight into saturday. then saturday night, sunday will be better. our good friend, our produce expert there. west danville added 1.29 inches of rain since 5 p.m. with the a peak wind gust of 52 miles per hour around 10:00 p.m. year to date on the rain is 46.43, that is the highest in 35 years. put that in your drought pipe and smoke it. there you go. how about that for rain. there's more today, tomorrow, wednesday, thursday and friday of next week.
8:50 am
speaking of rain. san rafael, 2.5. santa rosa, 2 1/2, 2.55. but northwest of guerneville, 4.49. kentfield over 3. pacifica over 2. glen allen over 2. socal 1.29. mount davidson over an inch of rain. and triangle head, 1.11. other areas had more in the city. west petaluma, is .75. napa an inch and a third. boulder creek, 2.78, lexington reservoir, 1 point p 7 -- 1.77. still getting rain. looks like it's moved through parts of sonoma county. and it's still coming across, especially as you can see, there's the break right there. there's a good line over san san pablo bay.
8:51 am
vallejo, and into marin county, still getting some, and santa clara valley, a little bit. not too much. the snow levels starting to come down a little bit. here's your system for tonight. right there, that will give us another round of rain. not as heavy, but that's coming in tonight. 50s on your temps. and it looks like they will stay in the 50s here, so highs will only be into the upper 50s, 60s. this system tonight, it will not be as strong you guys, but look for maybe some brief heavy rain and gusty conditions. >> steve, thank you. >> you're welcome. families desperate search for their pet. >> i really miss him. i can't even think without him. >> up next, why this dog is so important to that 11-year-old boy. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx
8:52 am
8:53 am
welcome back to mornings on 2, we want to take you live to wall street. no big moves so far this morning. dow hanging onto a little bit of a gain. you can see 20663, the nasdaq
8:54 am
and s&p 500 dipping a bit. a little bit of a mixed picture from the economy this morning. monthly jobs report came in. not as good as analysts expected, however, the unemployment rate did fall to nearly 7 year low of 4 1/2 percent. the labor department said the rate fell because nearly half a million more americans report finding jobs. a family in concord wants your help to find their therapy dog, the english springer spaniel is a therapy dog for an 11-year-old boy. carson bates got his dog named finn after he was diagnosed with vanishing twin syndrome, an emotional separation deficiency. he was originally expected to be a twin but he lost his twin in the womb. a child psychiatrist recommended a therapy dog to fill the void. and while carson and therapy were out of town, finn pushed open a gate and got out of the family's backyard. carson says he's heartbroken. >> he's like a brother to me. he's like my best friend.
8:55 am
he's like, i don't know anyone better than him that i could talk to. if anyone has him at your house, can you please give me back my dog. i really miss him. like i can't even think without him. >> there have been two sightings, one of finn playing in the front yard sunday morning, another neighbor claims he saw finn on a street. >> that's heartbreaking. we all hope he gets his dog back. 8:55 is the time. concern is growing about a benicia man who has not been seen for almost 24 hours. we'll tell you where the man's family and friends are searching this morning.
8:56 am
♪ seriously, what is this place? it's heaven. yeah, muscle heaven. you want to take one for a test drive? (tires squealing, engine revs) the challenger and charger have the most affordable v8 engines in their classes. check them out now during the fast and furious sales event. the fate of the furious. in theaters april 14th. in dealerships now. now get 20% off msrp cash allowance on select 2017 dodge charger models in dealer stock.
8:57 am
happening now, family and friends are out searching for a missing benicia man who
8:58 am
disappeared yesterday morning. 22-year-old kevin rodrigo was last seen getting out of his car on park road. family and friends say he was likely heading toward the benicia bridge. he was wearing black clothing and driving a red 2015 honda accord, which was found on park road. family and friends are conducting a search in that area right now. a homicide investigation is underway in san bruno after police found a body in a home and arrested a man who lived there. police went to the house on pacific heights boulevard yesterday afternoon arkansas morning after -- yesterday morning after they received a report of a missing person. they found a body that was dismembered. they did arrest 50-year-old david stubblefield at the home. neighbors say stubblefield lived there with his mother. >> just baffled. you would never guess anything like that would happen. it's a quiet neighborhood. everybody keeps to themselves, goes to work, comes back. >> people in the neighborhood say they rarely saw the mother and son who lived in the house.
8:59 am
police are still gathering evidence and may release more information at a news conference today. heyward police are rejecting requests to release the name of two fremont detectives who shot and killed a pregnant teenager. they were in hayward as part of an investigation into a series of armed robberies. they tried to stop the suspect's car, but it tried to take off and hit police cars in the process. the detective fired in the car. there were four people inside. 16-year-old elena madriga was shot and killed. they asked for the names of the two fremont detectives. the city attorney replied with the letter said releasing the names could compromise the safety of the officers. an instructor at a popular swim school was arrested on child pornography charges. nicholas hodges was taken into custody at his workplace at the la petite swim school on tuesday. police say they searched his home and found more than 600
9:00 am
files of child pornography on his computer. just getting word also that the senate has voted on neil gorsuch, the 9 starts now. today at 9 president trump orders an air strike on a base. plus cooking up change with students as they compete for a change in their lunch menu. force . force cloudy rainy day across much of the bay area. got hammered last night. 2 inches at my own house. and then more rain expected. not only today but maybe a little bit throughout the weekend, and tons of snow up there in the sierra. welcome to the 9, everyone. a very busy friday. sal and gasia are off. allie rasmus, pam cook joining me this morning. just getting word in washington, d.c. that the divided senate has indeed confirmed


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