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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the damage to the home on banning drive and on they can drive just above. that road was seriously undermined by the slide in last night about half a dozen homes were evacuated with mud pouring into this home on banning. >> it made it into the back bedroom and into the hallway. partly into the second bedroom. through the whole backyard. and there was part of a tree on a rough. it looks like several trees are coming down. >> fortunately no one was hurt but 23 homes have lost water service in the area. power was knocked out for a time. is not yet clear if the landslide was triggered by a problem with the water line or perhaps by all of the heavy rain. live pictures from sky fox of the cleanup efforts underway right now in the bay. a barge went down during last night storm. right now the coast guard is working to contain leaking fuel
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and oil. we're joined live on your but why the island with the latest on the cleanup efforts. >> reporter: you have seen it from the air and let's go across and see a from the water level. that is the situation south of the bay bridge before you get over to the port of oakland and the big estuary that goes down by ktvu and alameda. the situation is that they are out there looking for leaks and monitoring for wildlife problems. in fact, it turns out it could've been much worse, but it still could go that way. >> at about 1:00 in the morning the coast guard got a call that a crane barge had sunken san francisco bay just south of the eastern span of the bay bridge in curious weather. the crane barge helping bart work on the phase 2 was carrying about 4000 gallons of diesel fuel at three held -- 300 gallons of thick lube oil>> the incident management
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department teamed up with the emergency response and we got a hold of all local assets to start mobilization. >> once on scene we discovered the barge was actively shinning. rehired in rcs to bring out boom and absorbent material to -- create prevention mitigation for the situation. >> waterbirds, sea birds and fish. >> so far we haven't seen any visibly oiled wildlife. if we do see them, we will activate the oil care life network. >> at this time i did the were shoreline assessment this morning and this afternoon. we had multiple overflight showing no shoreline assessment impact at this time. >> this is a work in progress -- a work in progress.
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the responsible party must get the petroleum products off the bars before trying to we floated. >> we will work as quickly as we can to remove it promptly.>> dr. sky fox, as long as they don't see a lot of sheen on the water either from the boats at the scene or from up high like you were seeing, they will feel they are doing a good job. what they are doing is sampling the water. they are looking for distress the life of any kind and they are trying to make sure that this remains reasonably contained. as long as a diesel tank doesn't rupture are the lube oil tank does not rupture, they should manage this well but again they will have to go down there and pump that stuff up before they can we float this large vessel that literally blew over in the fierce winds of last night. ktvu fox news. the going to try to reflect the barge. who is paying for all of this?
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emac the responsible party is the party that owns the barge. bart was paying to have a come on scene to do some work on the transmit. the responsible party is the person who owns the barge because they are responsible for the vessel. what will happen is they are paying for a contractor to do the diving to get all of the fuel pumped out and to get all of the oil pumped out. they will be responsible for the whole thing. they have insurance of course are at least you hope they have insurance. the situation is the one where the responsible party is the one who owns the vessel. ktvu fox two news. let's bring in our meteorologist and talk more about the weather and conditions. last night the winds were so strong. 70 miles per hour . >> 60 miles per hour on the bay. >> everywhere you look there were downed tree limbs.
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>> things really ramped up last night. excessive winds. thankfully the high winds warnings have expired. take a look at some of these wind speeds. around the oakland airport, 61 miles per hour. alameda, 53. closer to 67 with very strong gusts out there. the winds are backed off the we will take another look by mount diablo. 76 miles per hour. very impressive. los altos, 72. 65 miles per hour at the airport. the winds will pick up over the next few hours. that storm produce quite a bit of rainfall. over two inches of rain fell in santa rosa. san francisco .92. san francisco, .35. we're not done with the rainfall just yet.
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here is our life camera looking out towards the golden gate bridge. clouds and place a lots of moisture moving into northern california. not the same cold front like last night but here is a coverage right now. rain is still showing up in portions of the north bay. just outside of st. helena and moving south with coverage. in the short-term we're talking about shower coverage of the bay area that could impact part of your weekend and we will talk more about that in a few minutes. president trump sent a strong message to syria last night after the deadly chemical attack. today the russians criticized the us attack on the syrian air base. the president says the response was in the vital national interests of the united states. someone congress are saying he went too far. doug mcelwain is in washington dc with the latest reaction from capitol hill. >> reporter: while many are
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commending the administrations swift response to the chemical attack on tuesday, others are suggesting the administration needs congressional approval before they give the green light again.>> new video of military might and action. tomahawk missiles taking off from the uss porter pounding the syrian air base. the defense department releasing photos showing the aftermath. the airbase support structures destroyed rendering it useless. president trump taking action against syria from what he called the barbaric chemical attack on civilians. there was no comment friday from the commander-in-chief will hosting the chinese president. the timing of his visit after the syrian attack sending an unmistakable signal to china and other potential adversaries. russia whose popping off the regime is condemning the strikes saying the steel is a significant blow to russia us relations. nikki haley is firing back.
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>> the world is waiting for russia to reconsider its misplaced alliance. >> back home, should produce and then trump have retaliated without congressional approval? >> this was a strategic -- strategic attacked -- attack. >> you shouldn't be starting a war without congress. >> on capitol hill friday afternoon ella terry leaders brief senators about the operation. here is impact so far. 60 cruise missiles like abc15 us destroyers . one field and likely landed in the sea. a least 20 syrian just the story. at least seven syrian soldiers killed.>> fox news has learned a russian warship is now heading toward the uss porter and the uss ross in the eastern mediterranean sea. another sign that tensions there are severely increasing. heather, back to you. >> doug, are you getting ending indication there could be more
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attacks down the line here?>> reporter: none whatsoever. from what we are hearing in washington this is an isolated incident. the trying to send a message and to the world. the chinese president. and two others. the north korean dictator. what's happening here is there has been an eight year pause basically in us dominance in the world stage. and now that the trump administration is in power they are looking at a more offensive capability here which is sending a different signal. we will see how it all six out in the next couple of weeks. joining us now is our political analyst ryan sobel. ryan, there have been previous attempts to try to change his behavior. will this work for >> we will see. duck makes a very good point about the fact that for several
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years the us has not really been dominant in the middle east we've been a player. we have an asserted our leadership. i think president trump said that we need to get back in the game and the way we can do that is by asserting that there should be no chemical weapons. weapons of mass instruction being used in that region. >> why should we care about what's going on in syria? there are atrocities going on in africa and north korea. what is it about syria quick >> a couple of things, frank. this is where the russians are trying to have the most influence. we need to look at that closely. plus asad is like some of the other dictators we have dealt with. they really push and push until something catastrophic happens. you think back to omar qaddafi. saddam hussein and these other people who held their countries together by brutal
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dictatorships. asad is in that mix. the only thing they understand is power and i think the president said we have to reassert power in that region. and that was the message being sent last night. >> obviously amongst people on capitol hill there is debate about whether this was warranted and whether the us should get involved. republicans there's no surprise they were quick to support president trump's actions. rand paul has been one critical of this intervention of the party. i believe he tweeted, this is nothing to make a safe. do you agree? >> not necessarily. i think we are a player on the world stage and we're going to have to pick our spot. if you look at the reaction of france and germany they were on board. in fact they went as far to say we should've done something in 2013 about this. with respect to congress some members are talking about this leading to war. this is.leading to war. this is a one-off.
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there may be some escalation here but i think at the end of the day the message was sent that if you used weapons of mass destruction were coming in and we are coming in hard. >> what will this mean for the us russian relations and what kind of message is sent to north korea put >> there is a message. i think the north koreans should've looked at what happened last night and said, we shouldn't poke the bear. we may be next. with respect to the russians i think president trump sent a message thereto. there's a new sheriff in town. >> we always appreciate your perspective. thanks for joining us a suspect is under arrest now in connection with an apparent terrorist attack in stockholm, sweden. we will have more on the coming up in just a minute. the first that gas tax. it has been approved. we will have details on that coming up. it's official.
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california's drought emergency is over. the word from governor jerry brown who tweeted out the announcement earlier today.
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the peninsula and south bay were hit hard by wind. residents are trying to clean up the damage that behind. i can't believe how strong those winds were last night. >> so strong they top of three trees at this house alone . when this family got home two of them were down in a short time later they heard the third one go. >> they couldn't quite believe it. last night's storm toppled not
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one, two, but three at their los altos home. they are feeling fortunate. >> it's extremely bizarre. i've never experienced it before. unlucky, but lucky that nothing else was damaged. >> it was hurricane force winds that were the problem. in some spots more than 80 miles per hour. that combined with all ready saturated ground proved to be too much for some trees. >> i would say is probably the busiest winter we have ever had. i've never seen so many trees fall over and one season.>> pge crews had their work cut out for them. these really packed a punch. >> los altos and los altos hills were hit hard by the problems were all over the bay area.>> we had about 180,000 customers lose power. most of them in the south bay.
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we have put in additional resources. >> people i called herrera say they've had enough of all this rain. her family's home in san jose was damaged by the coyote creek flood. they been working to fix problems, the water heater and sewer line and then last night adding insult to injury there was this. a new tree down in the front yard. >> when it happens it's so overwhelming. i was at a loss for words. that's all i could think of. pg&e's -- e says they been making good progress but there's 20,000 customers without power around the bay area. live in los altos, and ribbon, ktvu fox news. it wasn't just there in the south bay. take a look at this. a woman suffered a minor head injury when a tree slammed into her home near east fifth street and venetia last night.
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the tree cause major damage to the roof and the inside of her house. firefighters say the woman inside was taken to the hospital but she is expected to recover. pg&e crews were on the scene of a down tree on san miguel drive and milton avenue last night. no word of any injuries there but power was out for several hours. at the height of the storm about 180,000 customers were without power across a area. >> let's check in with our meteorologist for it -- an update. >> i think tonight is a better night of picking up thunderstorms. a lot to talk about. yesterday's potent storm and a fairly strong system moving into the bay area. today there could be instability. right now there is the coverage out there. we are not completely dry. lots of clouds and -- in place. we are coming closer and we
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we'll show you outside of st. helena. a heavier sell. as we move the map to the south, moving into san francisco and closing in out towards point reyes as well. it won't be like last night because we could have winds up to 35 miles per hour. in sierra -- in the sierras, a winter storm in place with up to three feet of snow. so here's what's happening on satellite. yesterday's front move through but what i am watching is this guy right here. this disturbance in the pacific will be the source for more showers and possibly more thunderstorms for tonight between 7:00 and 11:00 tonight. as far as wind speed, a bit of a breeze out toward concorde. the southwest gusting to 22 miles per hour. out toward sfo a southerly winds at 24 miles per hour.
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right now, 25 miles per hour in san francisco. transamerica pyramid behind me showing choppy conditions on the bay water. was a cloudy skies as well. first thing tomorrow morning, scattered showers are likely. temperatures in the low 50s. a chance of a shower by 12:00. we should begin to fade out the shower chances. 4:00 tomorrow afternoon with partly cloudy skies. so here is the active weather pattern. scattered showers for saturday. many for the morning hours. on sunday, we will be dry. that's your best chance to get out all day sunday. here's a forecast model tonight. 7:00 rainfall developing. the possibility of thunderstorms. yellows and oranges showing up. there is an increasing chance throughout the evening hours. here we are at 11:00. we will hold onto showers.
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8:00 saturday morning a chance by midmorning a by the afternoon hours by 4:00 we should have partly cloudy skies. a dry weather pattern setting up by sunday. temperatures cooling off for tomorrow. 50s to 60 degrees for showers. a five day forecast, sunday and monday to dry days in a row. and then maybe some shower chances for tuesday and into wednesday of next week. governor brown today declared and into california's drought for all the for of the states counties. the governor lifted emergency orders issued in 2014 that mandated a 20% reduction in water use. the emergency is still in effect in fresno, kings, to larry and to all of the counties were emergency drinking water projects will continue to. the governor and water managers say despite the end of the drought, conservation now needs to be a way of life. >> this is not a time to start hosing down your driveways or watering your car -- washing
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your car without a shut off files. is not a time to overwater lines. those are things of the past. >> the drought has played california for nearly 6 years killing 6 million trees in disrupting water supplies in many rural communities. the day after a body was found inside a home. there has been an arrest. the very latest as investigators returned back to the scene of the crime.
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a fire that injured several people in san francisco including a firefighter is under investigation. it happened at 2:00 this morning on 23rd avenue in the city's that a richmond district. firefighters say three buildings were affected by the fire and the crews went door-to- door to make sure everyone got out safely. the people had to be rescued and firefighters were able to quickly get the fire under control. >> we had for injuries.
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we had three civilians, two of them had burns and one was transported. the one transported had burned to the chest but they refused to be transported. and that we had another person who had another medical issue. a firefighter was injured putting out the fire. >> the engine firefighter has been released and is in good condition. 20 people not being helped by the red cross. >> richmond police say a man accused of killing his ex- girlfriend in front of her girlfriend is set the face of first-degree murder charge on monday. the 43-year-old was arrested on wednesday at a jack-in-the-box restaurant in sacramento. police said they have been tracking him since tuesday morning. witnesses said he drove up to the cars to his estranged girlfriend, argued with her and shot and killed her. her two young sons were in the backseat of her car and saw at all but they were not hurt. mcbride is being held on $3
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million bail. police in san bruno have returned to the scene of a horrible discovery. you memory -- remains were found inside a home and buried in the backyard. the owner of the home is behind bars charged with murder. we are at the scene in the 3000 block of pacific heights boulevard. >> just within the past 10 minutes san bruno police and forensic experts packed up all of their equipment and cleared the scene. as you can see this car moving through even though their work is done there's elementary here about whose remains were found and what happened to the missing man from down the block. >> is scary. this is the first time a crime has ever been done in this area. >> neighbors say there on your -- unnerved at forensic teams digging close to their homes. detectives continue to removal of human remains found in the backyard and insight 3781 pacific heights boulevard. >> at this time the remains cannot be identified.
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positive identification will be made by the coroner's office. >> the resident has been arrested in the case. the 50-year-old is charged with murder, burglary, robbery, possession and the illegal use of tear gas and a felon in possession of a firearm. a missing persons case from down the bought -- block led investigators to this quiet community. a man neighbors identified as been hasn't been seen in three weeks. two weeks ago they say stubblefield introduced himself and said he would be looking after ben's business affairs. >> one day i went to pick up my mail and i never saw him before. he said hi how are you he walked across the street and shook my hand. he told me that he was taking care of ben's business. >> he says shaking hands with the man accused of killing
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someone sent shivers up his spine. >> a lot of mixed emotions. shaking hands with this guy. >> been hasn't been seen since. someone was driving ben's vehicle. additionally neighbors say there is an elderly woman who lives inside this home and she too has not been seen and weeks. shortly before the blue tarp went up. >> before we could leave our doors and windows open. there was no fear whatsoever. >> there's also uncertainty about whose remains were found back behind that house and also on the inside. the police chief says the county coroner will make the final determination the comes to identifying remains. no timeframe on that. as for david stubblefield he'll have his day in court monday afternoon and his arraignment in redwood city. we are live in san bruno.
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ktvu's -- ktvu fox two news. a major win for donald trump as the senate approves his court.. the tax on gasoline will be going up and how much will it cost you to fill up at the pumps. find out coming up. celebrity news we break. >> shop the latest accessories and learn from the pros. april 6 29 details of pacific boat >> live-stream your favorite sport at the airport. binge dvr'd shows while painting your toes.
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the controversial california gas tax legislation is on governor terry branstad rating for his signature. he said he will sign it. the tax revenues will go to road repair but not everyone is happy about the tax hike. were in emeryville with what
5:32 pm
this increase means for drivers. >> reporter: the price of regular at this gas station is three dollars $0.09 per gallon. overall gas prices can go up or down. the tax on gas in california is heading and just one direction. up. >> the gas tax will rise $0.12 per gallon coming up november 1. that means california drivers will be paying on average $10 per month more.>> i hope it does fix the roads there broken down. >> the gas tax increase comes on top of the $38 hike in the vehicle license fee and a newly instituted registration fee that could cost up to 25 -- $175 per year. that will be money that will fix deteriorating roads especially potholes. the porro business bay area council lobbied hard for the bill. >> this will give us a chance
5:33 pm
to take care of billions of dollars of backlog repairs that our roads and highways need and invest in our public transit systems. >> the increase will bring the total gas tax to 68.5 cents per gallon. that would make it the second highest gas tax behind pennsylvania. it will likely make california number one and overall gas prices ahead of hawaii. >> truckers are unhappy. the tax on diesel will rise $.20 a gallon>> it will cost us about $5000 extra in just a fuel tax alone. everything moves by truck. everything will go up>> broken suspension systems, the maintenance costs from bad roads also takes money out of people's pocket. we also need the same business up otherwise we don't need the
5:34 pm
roads. >> the potholes have got to go. governor brown plans to sign the legislation sometime soon. >> whether we like it or not, get ready to pay more. >> a california appeals court is upheld a key provision. companies will be required to buy credits if they exceed pollution limits. the trade law limits carbon emissions and auctions off permits that allow companies to release excess greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. this is is in the state chamber of commerce have filed a lawsuit saying quote forcing the company to buy credits is equivalent to a tax increase in that requires approval of the legislature. the course cited jerry brown's administration in a ruling saying the sales are not attacks. new numbers show employers
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added 98,000 jobs last month. those numbers from the labor department are the fewest in one year. the unemployment rate fell to nearly a seven year low of 4.5%. the labor department says the rate fell because nearly half a million americans reported finding jobs. the u.s. senate confirmed judge neil gorsuch to the us supreme court in a bitter partisan battle. the confirmation gives president trump a lasting legacy. a conservative justice who at the age of 49 could end up serving on the court for 30 years or more. that sent a confirming neil gorsuch as the country's newest supreme court justice.>> a great person right now in charge score such. >> republicans going nuclear to get the nomination through. democrats had enough votes to block it on the 60 vote threshold with the filibuster forcing the gop to change roles
5:36 pm
-- rules. all 52 senate republicans back the nominee at the time. >> neither one of them were filibusters. judge gorsuch was nominated. >> republicans refused to consider president obama's.. democrats not surprisingly condemning the use of the nuclear option warning it will make the senate more contentious in the years to come. >> the nuclear option means the end of a long history of consensus on supreme court nominations. it weakens the standing of the senate as a whole. as a check on the presidents ability to shape the due -- the judiciary. >> back in 2013 with democrats for the majority, they went nuclear to get lower court judges and executive nominees
5:37 pm
confirmed. on capitol hill, fox news. remember the controversial pepsi at? up next, what a san francisco police department is looking into the collection against pepsi.
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the san francisco 49ers announced they have released
5:40 pm
quarterback jermaine brock after he was arrested on charges of domestic violence. the 28-year-old posted $20,000 bail this afternoon and was released from the santa clara county jail. police say they were cost to his girlfriend's home last night. officers said she had visible injuries to her face. he later turned himself in to police. he is out facing a felony charge of domestic violence which carries a potential for your prison sentence. pepsi apologize for that ad featuring kendall jenner offering a soda to a police officer and they pulled it. and trivialize the black lives matter movement as well as the role of police. but now there's more fallout because of some of the behind- the-scenes footage that was posted online shows actors dressed a san francisco police officers. here's the city's response. >> the ill-fated pepsi ad featuring kendall jenner
5:41 pm
offering a soda to a police officer at a protest may have crossed the legal line according to the city of san francisco. that's because the online at behind-the-scenes footage officers are donning badges with the slpd local -- logo. tmz broke the story and we talk to them about the controversy. >> there emblem was used in the commercial. there's just a slight color difference between the two emblems. >> we reached out to the city attorney's office to confirm pepsi did not have permission to use the logo. they are demanding pepsi not run any footage or photos that references as fet. in an email a spokesperson wrote if they don't comply we will explore all legal options. there is nothing san franciscan about pepsi's attempt to fatten its own bottom line. >> the only issue with that is that san francisco police had no idea they were going to be used. they were told they were never
5:42 pm
contacted and they never gave pepsi permission to use it. it came as a shock to them. >> it appears pepsi got the message loud and clear. it's move the video from their website but it has remained on the -- for made mom on the slpd controversy. there might be another controversy surrounding that matt -- ad. you see american flags and protesters and an all-american city. >> according to tmz the commercial were shot in bangkok. [music] >> it's a prom proposal that's gone viral. he makes his own day in the sun to invite oscar-winner emma stone to his from. we're still recovering from last night strong front and another one is developing off shore that will produce more rainfall and possibly thunderstorms as well. we will break down your weekend forecast coming up.
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5:44 pm
the retail sector has taken his this week. one store is baking on tech to build business.
5:45 pm
foxbusiness reporter victoria craig has a report. >> reporter: it's been a doozy of a week for retail. palis file for bankruptcy and ralph lord revealed plans to shutter's flagship polo store on new york's fifth avenue. there is one potential bright spot in the department store segment despite a year and a half of sales declines skill to -- retailer neiman marcus is betting experiences will revive revenue and luer more customers in the door. >> consumers are fickle. people are looking out what's in it for me.>> neiman has tested new tools like mirrors the can record views of apparel customers try on and employ devices to give a brief summary of each customer. >> she likes product, chanel or she buys beauty. and they can get a snapshot of what they've done for an online purchase and that allows them
5:46 pm
to serve her better. >> those touch points combined with solid online sales, a more loyal customer base that generates 36% of the company's revenue give neiman marcus a protective position in the retail industry. though all of that is a seven the right direction, retail analyst say personalization that provides overall shopping experience is key and neiman marcus these approve why that is valuable before e-commerce takes the next generation of shoppers completely online. in new york, foxbusiness. the specific salem powerboat show will be going on this weekend despite the storm damage to some of the boats there. talk about bad timing. 21 boats were damaged at marina bay yacht harbor. repairs are underway. the water portion of that show is close but we are told that indoor displays receive just minor damage. last night they stepped up. there is damage.
5:47 pm
both became loose. the good news is everyone came together this morning and they are working together to put this back together. >> the water display will be open to the public wants those repairs are complete. the boat show is open today and it runs to the weekend. if you wanted to some spring time skiing this weekend to be an opportune time in the sierra. first you will need to make it up i-80 and that requires change. caltrans says chain controls are on effect on i-80 and highway 50. once you get there, the conditions couldn't be better. >> where at about 700 inches. is going to be awesome to see what our totals will be for the end of the season. currently it is 680 inches. more snow is on the way. they have extended the season
5:48 pm
through april 23. it's incredible how much snow they've gotten. >> that is something we typically see in a good year and now here we are and we are seeing the snow continued to pile up. >> it is amazing. we can add such a big amount of that snow pack. if you thought it was windy here, over 130 miles per hour up there. >> that is hurricane force>> hurricane force is 75 miles per hour. discuss were at 140 miles per hour. once again, we have chain controls on highway 80 and highway 50. over a foot in some spots and were adding to those right now. a winter storm warning continues for tonight and right on through saturday until 6 pm on saturday. so we have the rain increase in the bay area right now. snowfall in the sierra. we we'll show you some coverage
5:49 pm
up in the north bay, santa rosa and petaluma. or rainfall developing for this portion of the bay area. san francisco, working its way closer to oakland and san leandro. cloud cover right now in sunnyvale and san jose. another system could trigger some thunderstorms over the next few hours. don't be surprised if you hear those thunderstorms developing out there. as far as the winds right now, out to word field -- fairfield, 22 miles per hour. no wind advisory. a bit of a breeze up toward sfo. san jose, 25 miles per hour. it does look gloomy out there as we head toward your friday evening. out toward san francisco bay, mostly cloudy skies and rainfall as well. in san francisco showers are likely. 52 degrees. we will hold onto that chance in the early portion of the
5:50 pm
afternoon and then by 4:00 we will have partly cloudy skies. 56 degrees. is he overall weather story. we will put some boundaries here so you can see the weekend. tonight showers, gusty winds and thunderstorms between now and 11:00. scattered showers through saturday especially the morning hours. sunday will be dry with partly cloudy skies. here's what happens over the next few hours. look at this, yellows and oranges show potential for thunderstorms and possibly hail. this is 11:00 tonight. as we take this into your saturday morning, clouds and showers rolling into the bay area. is one of those deals where it could be dry and then a heavy downpour was overhead. that could be the case tomorrow morning into the early portion of saturday afternoon. skies becoming cloudy by saturday. by sunday, looking good with
5:51 pm
more sunshine out there. as far as temperatures for tomorrow, were cooling things off. we have a frost advisory for saturday night and sunday morning. temperatures mainly the 50s and right around 60 degrees. a fairly good chance for your saturday morning. partly cloudy for your sunday. a mixture of sun and clouds for monday. we will bring in more shower chances and dial that end as we head towards tuesday and wednesday shower chances approaching the bay area. in the short-term, try to compare it to last night. it will be a strong but it could be pretty dynamic to see those thunderstorms a pop up and be prepared for those strong gusty winds.>> last the -- last night really was something. >> it came in really fast and those winds were really strong. >> when i walked outside at 11:00 last night, i saw all of those downed branches. >> when i was driving across the a bridge last night, there was a big rig going extremely slow with his hazard lights on.
5:52 pm
>> in arizona teenager came up with a very clever way to ask a celebrity to his prom. take a look. >> is a [indiscernible -- audio cutting out] cutting out] >> the 17-year-old re-created the opening scene from la la land with the goal of getting it's oscar-winner star, emma stone, to go to prom with him. he happens to live in her hometown of phoenix. he posted the video to twitter and of course it went viral. >> i was just doing something a little bit crazier than most people would do. it would be a good way to make my name known in my school. i don't know what my friends would say, but i would just be absolutely mind-boggling experience. >> it turns out emma stone did hear about the video and she wrote to him to say how honored
5:53 pm
she was and that she does see the resemblance to her costar. unfortunately she will be able to make it because she's working in london. >> he certainly gets an a for effort. >> he certainly does. >> one new jersey state trooper will never forget the emergency skills put to the test is a help deliver a baby right on the side of a busy interstate.
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
>> he helped a woman deliver a baby girl yesterday morning. it became clear that the baby was not going to wait so the driver pulled over onto the shoulder of the highway and dialed 911. when the trooper arrived he found the mother in the backseat and within minutes the baby was born. mom and baby were taken by ambulance to the hospital. great news.
5:57 pm
there is lots to do around the bay area including a film festival, a beer festival and a cherry blossom festival. we have the details in this edition of we can watch. >> reporter: we are knocking out weekends and here's what's happening around the bay area. the 60th international film fest is underway. it runs to april 19. head to japan town for the 50th northern california cherry blossom festival. you can enjoy food, booze, martial arts and live bands all weekend long. if beer tasting makes you happy, the san francisco international beer festival is a place to be. samples from 100 brewers, and music on saturday. on the peninsula, stroll through acres of showcase gardens, landscaping seminars and are going to gardening demos at the san francisco flower and garden show.
5:58 pm
in the east bay the 2017 berkeley bay festival happens on saturday. free boat rides, live music and adventure playground for kids can be found at the berkeley marina. raise awareness on parkinson's disease at settle of the bay. the sports tournament starts with a two mile warm-up followed by a kickball, volleyball and football tournament. the whole family can get in on the action. had to the north bay for battle of the brew. beer, bands and foods can be enjoyed on saturday at the sonoma county -- fairgrounds. celebrate the start of salmon fishing season at the 44th annual fisherman's festival. westside park on saturday and sunday. in sports, the giants are on the road. i'm rosemary russell and that is your weekend watch.
5:59 pm
fox2 news at 10 starts now starts now. tonight lawmakers are at odds as to whether president trump should've launched the attack on syria. >> this was a strategic attack and the president has to have the ability to act>> the president needs to get it in the right order.>> this is tension rises overseas. the kremlin denouncing president trump's use of force against syria. the pentagon is investigating whether russia played a role in the chemical attack in syria the trigger the missile strike. we get more from washington dc. >> reporter: new video of us military might and action. tomahawk missiles taking off from the uss porter and a short
6:00 pm
time later pending a syrian air base. photos were lee showing the aftermath. support structures destroyed rendering it useless. president trump taking action against syria. there was no comment friday from the commander in chief will hosting the chinese president. the timing of his visit after the syria attack setting an unmistakable signal to china and other potential adversaries. but russia was popping off is condemning the strike saying this deals a significant blow to russia us relations. nikki haley firing back. >> the world is waiting for russia to reconsider its misplaced alliance with asad. >> the debate back home, should president trump have retaliated without congressional approval. >> this was a strategic attack and the president has i have the ability


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