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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we'll see you in a bit later on. >> steve knew that song. he's waiting to tell you what it is. >> congratulations to them as well. in the rock 'n roll hall of fame. >> when you are a tv weatherman you have to be an expert in every science. you must see the full moon on your way in. okay i hear you. a little bit of rain to the north. if you're south you do not have to worry about that. we are okay for the giants home opener. a little on the cool side. it will be cool and breezy but i think mostly sunny. the next system is tracking to the north. we have 30s and a lot of 40s.
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seneca larry is 39. boulder creek checking in with 30s. i think it will pick up later. overall clouds in afternoon sun. the next system may bring rain to the -- tomorrow. don't stare too long at the moon while you are driving. things look good right now. there are no major problems to tell you about and we want things to stay that way. you will have a little slow down on 580 coming out of tracy. there's also some slowing from livermore. in the south bay things are looking nice. on the san mateo bridge filling in a little more.
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and let's see, there it goes. 880 northern southbound directions, no problems to tell you about their appeared will take one look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is moving smoothly. and about a half hour from now may get a little different when they turned the metering lights on. we are going back to fremont and the latest on breaking news. some of a suspect in an overnight standoff has been shot and killed by officers. were learning more right there at the scene. >> reporter: let's give you a quick tour of what is going on here. we are at fremont and dakota road in fremont. at the 711. the encounter began there. there is a strip mall here across the street.
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this is where the encounter came to an end at the strip mall. where the subject was shot. police say it started with the east bay regional police officer who said they spotted a gun in the car at the 711 at around 11:35 pm last night. one man from that car took off on foot running to the nearby stripmall. the police officer called from help from the fremont police. they spotted the man behind a nearby walgreens. >> the officers confronted the subject behind the walgreens in an alleyway. two of our officers began to shoot the suspect.
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>> reporter: you can see officers here on scene at the stripmall. no word on how many shots were fired. if that subject fired shots at officers. and no word about the other occupant of that car. we have heard that there were other occupants in the vehicle. were trying to find out more from fremont pd. we will have another briefing in about 15 minutes or so and we will bring you more information as it becomes available. for anyone driving through the area on fremont, a major artery through the area, fremont boulevard is on -- open. >> police have not said what exactly the suspect did that prompted officers to open fire. that part of the story appears to be missing right ? >> reporter: yes that's one of the reasons why were being cautious on how we proceed with the story. we know that police officer said he spotted a gun in that vehicle. we know the subject rammed from the vehicle. we do not know if the subject, the mail, we don't know if the
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gun was from the car if he raised the gun, at this point we do not know. so we are trying to find out from fremont pd what they say happened this morning. were hoping to get briefed on that in the next 15 minutes. police are asking for the public's help in solving the first homicide of the year. man was found shot to death in the parking lot of the outlet grocery store. they think the victim may have been targeted. if you have information on the shooting you are asked to call the police. there was a drive-by shooting on highway for the injured the woman over the weekend. and happen around 3:30 pm near the lonetree offramp here the woman was shot in the leg was one of two panhandlers in the area. she was taken to a hospital, treated and released. it is not clear what led to the shooting. students at stanford
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university have to be very careful after two sexual battery cases were reported on campus friday night. they happened 20 minutes apart. stanford police are very visible now around that part of the campus. both women said they were groped by a bald white man. stanford police are saying that they think these cases are related. some of the female students we talk to are very concerned. >> it could be a student and one of my classes. you never know. >> i think it's a problem.
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>> stanford police are suggesting that students walk or run on lighted path and never be out alone at night. us pressure on russia is increasing to add support for syrians president. >> i think the russians need to think more carefully about the commitment they made to be the guarantor that these weapons will be seized and removed. >> tomorrow the secretary of state will be in russia. he is expected to tell official that russia shares responsibility for the deadly nerve gas attack where more than 80 people were killed. president trump responded by launching a cruise missile attack. some say the president needs
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congressional improvement first. connect we are a nation where you are not supposed to start war without a plan that is presented and approved by congress. >> russia has criticized us military action in syria saying the government did not use chemical weapons. president trump spoke from air force one yesterday. the president thanked both commander of the us as porter and their crews for their professionalism and quick response to the order to launch the attack. bay area activists marched across the golden gate bridge protesting the military attack in syria. they walked to the middle of the bridge and more -- urged
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drivers to honk for peace. they say they want to know more about the long-term strategy. they're calling on the us to offer sanctuary to immigrants and refugees. a woman who lives here in the bay area so she believes president trump made the right decision. she is a graduate student. she says it was painful to see images of young, innocent people killed in a chemical attack. while she said she is grateful for the president call to action, she also says it was difficult. >> i was happy about it. because we need action but at the same time i was afraid. it is not an easy thing to say come by my country. it is not what you would ever want. >> should call the missile strike a necessary step to combat assad and the syrian government. in egypt funerals are being held for the victims of yesterday's bombings at two christian churches. 44 people were killed and more than 100 were hurt during palm
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sunday services into cities. isis has claimed responsibility. the president is calling for a three month state of emergency. yesterday pope francis condemned the attacks during his palm sunday service at the vatican. >> to the hope 11 egyptian nation i is my deep condolences. i pray for the dead and for the injured. to make these attacks occurred just weeks before the pope is due to visit egypt. egypt said a state of emergency will take effect tomorrow afternoon. delta airlines is working to get its operations back to normal after bad weather canceled thousands of flight. severe weather at the atlanta hub has affected operation since last wednesday. 3000 flights have been canceled. cancellation comes on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year and spring breakers try to get to their destination. >> we missed our 24 year anniversary. first ever carnival cruise to the bahamas.
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one family in florida says when the family was looking for people to look to give up their flight they received over $11,000 worth of gift cards. wichita state university studied information and found that 81% of flights were on time last year. the rate of lost or stolen basket fell 70% and the number of customer complaints also went down. new information in a search for a killer. new surveillance video that police hope will bring some justice to one man's widow.
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gasoline prices going up why you are paying more to fill up your tank. traffic in the south bay into 80 looks good. we do have something to tell you about. a crash just came in and the hercules area. we will have a coming up. a little rain to the north. and the giant home opener today will be just fine. we're out ink,nk! not ink. printing doesn't have to be painful. now, during "hp savings month" at staples, get up to $180 off hp printers.
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(dobreak-n-bites are great.ul they'll break off a couple if you sit, you stay. but if you want all four, mmmm... you gotta get cute. you gotta let a baby sleep on your belly. (vo) new beneful break-n-bites, with real beef as the #1 ingredient. our time is 5:14 am. us airstrike in syria is making gasoline prices go up here in the us. >> prices are up nine cents nationwide and may go higher. we talk with drivers about the event. >> reporter: prices at the pump started going up. >> it does not cross your mind
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until you think i only use the pay $30. >> reporter: he says there is a number he is afraid of. . >> once he gets to the $50 range. >> reporter: increased oil prices cause gas prices to go up nine cents. erica commutes to school and says she is not paying the $2.50 a gallon. >> if it goes up to four dollars i don't know what i to do. >> reporter: she takes night classes at cal state east bay. she cuts back on using her car for anything other than school transportation. >> no spring break for me. i'm just in school. from a student perspective, you need a car. >> reporter: california is going to consider paying more
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come november. the state legislator approved the state gas tax that will raise the tax to 47.3 cents per gallon. select i'm all for it and i'm happy to pay for the energy i use. i will just ride my bike more. use low carbon emissions. and be a better citizen. >> reporter: the state gas tax will be used to improve the road. >> i have noticed that my on ramps in emeryville and oakland, they have been bumpier. it's a safety issue. >> reporter: for some drivers who have no choice but a long commute ahead of them, they say they will have to sacrifice something else because they have to be able to afford the new fuel cost. drivers will also face a new annual vehicle fee to help with
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the improvement of the roads. we have allie rasmus here watching our roads. >> good morning you guys. good to see you. we will start with the commute in our east bay. if you're coming in from -- we will start with the commute in the south bay. we have various super commutes to tell you about. this one will take you northbound through morgan hill. things look good there. same with the south bay, no major issues there. we will go way up -- let's take a look at the 580/680 over change. things are getting a big crowd into the altamont pass. i want to go up north. this is the first traffic accident icon that popped up on
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my map this morning. on westbound 80 e. of the hercules offramp. a two-car crash, no injuries. and no truck needed -- tow truck needed. only they can get that cleared out of the way before the rest of the morning commute. the e. shore freeway westbound as you head towards the bay bridge toll processor. things are looking good there. the crash and hercules is not tying things up too badly. i will send it over to steve. it's nice to have a break for the brain. there is a little bit up north. it will only be for another hour or two then it will be out of here. all systems are go for the
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giants home opener. it will be warm and dry. there is a little northwest breeze. william says good morning. there is a full moon today. 11:08 pm tonight. it is easy to see if you do not have a cloud cover. the rain here is july 1. it has been an incredible year. san francisco 31.20. 145% of normal. there is more rain on the way. the same for oakland. 147%. even san jose. many of you have a lot more rain than that. the systems this week will favor the north. each day there will be some cloud cover coming through.
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tomorrow night the next system comes in. a better looking system on wednesday night into thursday. the system is falling apart. you can see right there. the cloud cover will be with us for the morning but by the late morning it is out of the picture. there will be a little breeze. this system is heading north. there are many 30 because of the cloud cover. but to the south and east we are in the 40s. of the easterly component but there will be up slight breeze today. 28 up in trekkie -- truckee.
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these systems are not taking dead aim at us. but we will have rain over the next seven days, not a lot. there may be another system sunday afternoon. it does look like something coming in sunday night. 50s and 60s on the coast and the bay. overall it was like a cool week. there is no sign of any warm- up. some rain wednesday night and thursday. cleaning friday and saturday. the next system is sunday afternoon and into monday. >> don't get the little easter egg hunt is upset. there is a possible conflict for an nfl star.
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the continuing manhunt for a wisconsin man accused of robbing a on the store than sending a bizarre message to president trump.
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welcome back. police are searching for an armed and very dangerous man on the run in wisconsin. he sent an anti-religious manifesto to president trump. patrols are increasing around
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church is in wisconsin. they are searching for joseph jakubowski. he mailed a 161 page religious manifesto to president trump. select they are keeping their eyes wide for any sign of this individual in calls that come in and possible sightings. >> police did search the suspect's home on friday looking for evidence. local businesses have donated food to police officers who are working overtime as they search for him. five children have been hurt when a out house went airborne in greenville, south carolina. witnesses say the bounce house was anchored down and a strong gust of wind lifted off of the ground and sent the children flying.
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an inflatable slide also flew into the air. >> we could have had fatalities. >> the injured children were taken to the hospital. thousands of people marched in downtown dallas to support immigration reform. >> they called it a mecca march for immigration rights. community leaders put -- what an end to the deportation efforts saying that they discriminate against muslim. there was a counter protest but there were no reports of violence. today is the beginning of passover. celebrating the exodus from slavery of egypt during ancient times. people living in ultra orthodox
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neighborhoods do not eat food with lavender. an emergency landing in modesto. the false alarm that grounded a flight that was coming out of sacramento. and latest from fremont. things are getting a little busier at the bay bridge toll plaza. were following a report of a crash on westbound 80 in the hercules area. we'll have more details coming up. a week system to the north producing light rain. it will not last long. partly cloudy this afternoon and breezy.
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welcome back to morningside 2. it is the brand-new monday. we will turn to steve to talk about whether for the week which is a little up and down. >> you were up in tahoe this how much snow up there ? me mac mountains and mountains of snow
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i could not believe it. >> there are totals coming in. they are very close to having the wettest year ever. >>'s things are quiet right now. we do have rain up in healthy right now. up in lake county. it looks like the system is moving out and it will not impact the giants home opener. we are looking good there. a little breeze. but mostly sunny. there is still an active pattern just not as active as we had last week. will get light rain to the north. the best opportunity for the bay area we late wednesday into thursday. again every system that seems to come through makes it but the southern end of this is falling apart. we'll get more cloud cover with the next system. and more rain to the north. 40s on the temperatures. but there are many 30s.
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if it feels chilly to you, it is. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. i think allie rasmus had one issue in hercules. >> it looks like, they may have gotten it out of the way. anytime there is a minor issue, there may be some residual backup. let's start with the commute in the north bay. if you're coming from fairfield or vacaville, you should have an easy drive. there is be a little bit of slowing through the mail. south of that, the two icons you see, the one on the left, that was the crash on hercules. it was a two car crash there were no injuries and no tow truck needed. the fact that i'm not seeing it
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any more means maybe they were able to clear it out of the way. the other icon you see, and looks like it is on highway four but it is not. it is at sycamore and palm. just parallel. taking a look at the san mateo bridge. they're making her way to the peninsula, you have some company this morning but no backups to report. and e. shore freeway. it may take you a little longer. about 17 minutes and it is up to about 20. but no major issues to report. the metering lights at the toll plaza are on. and you can see the impact of that and you're looking at a 20 minute delay. it is 5:33 am. we are breaking news in fremont where a police officer shot and killed a suspect overnight. it began at 1130 it began at
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11:30 pm last night. a car with several people inside was pulled over by police. investigators say the police officer saw a gun inside the car and one man ram away into the parking lot of a nearby walgreens. that is where he was shot and killed by the police. right now we do not know how many shots were fired or if the suspect fired shots at the police officer. christian has been at the scene. he is still there. he will bring you alive report coming up as soon as we get it. shares that he is recovering this morning after a suspected drunk driver rammed into his patrol car. chp says the other driver lost control while going around a curve. the deputy was taken to hospital with minor injuries. they arrested justin satterfield who was facing dui
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charges. one person died in san jose yesterday morning. the driver was speeding on southbound 280 when he hit another car. that car overturned. the only person inside was not seriously hurt. then the lexus hit a honda. and the driver of the honda could knock it out. >> this was a spectacular collision. people stopped on both sides of the freeway. any people did go to the driver of the honda. but there attempts were unsuccessful. >> he was arrested on manslaughter and drunk driving charges. it's been a year since the nasa researcher was shot and killed in oakland as he walked home. new surveillance video and photos have been released to
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help find his killer. joke after a night out with friends, brian left the king fish bar in north oakland and walked 2 miles and was yards from his home when he was shot in the head and killed. police found his body, his wallet and other items were still on him. >> it could have been a robbery gone wrong. maybe the intention was not to kill him but to rob him. but something happened. chose the lead investigator says the motive is still unclear but they do know the route that he took home and released a video of a person in a car that could be linked to the killing.. this man could be a person of interest. at this very moment he is walking south on broadway. >> this individual, with the timing, was one of the last
5:37 am
individuals to see brian alive. >> and these are pictures of a shelley malibu that was seen. chucky was walking on this side of the street. >> bryant makes a left and starts walking. and at the same time the individual is walking northbound just seconds behind brian. >> and this is the white chevy malibu that is turning. >> they are all going northbound. >> and richman boulevard is around the corner from the intersection. police say is not clear if the man in the jacket is connected to the white car. she visited the site where her
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husband was killed. he worked as a data scientist. he had a phd in electrical engineering from georgia tech. he was very intelligent and curious. and approach the world with a sense of wonder. he was more interested in other people's stories to tell his all. >> reporter: she says she wants to see justice. >> if they know anything to share it. to see themselves in the situation it could've been there brother or son. >> reporter: there is a $30,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. police in napa are asking for the public's help in identifying a jewelry feed. here is the macon on surveillance video. he walked into a jewelry store and tried on a necklace was $7000 he then rammed out of the store still wearing the
5:39 am
necklace. anyone with information about his identity is asked to call napa police. alaska airlines plane made an emergency landing in modesto. the flight took off from sacramento. a warning light came on indicating a possible fire in the cargo area. the flight was headed to san diego and have 62 people on board. the fire extinguishing system was activated as a precaution. it turned out there was no fire. >> no visible signs of smoke or fire on the outside of the plane. we did some thermal imaging and we got a heat source in the cargo area. but we found out that was from normal operations. >> think think there was a faulty signal. a new bill could make california the first state in the country to ban chemicals leaked to cancer from packaging
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containers. they will test its emergency phone system in areas near a chemical plant and three oil refineries. the first test happens at 5:30 pm tonight. it will be in the pittsburgh dow chemical plant. then the test will take place where the shell refinery is. the test will continue at 6:30 pm for the area in rodeo around the phillips 66 refinery. it will end with a 7 pm test near the chevron refinery. the test will include phone calls to land lines and cell phones. as well as text messages and emails to homes registered with
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the county. the sirens will not be used. the nfl is looking for an arm wrestling contest that involved more than 30 nfl players in las vegas. the nfl says the problem is the event was held at the mgm grand casino and that violates the least gambling policy. the nfl said had it been consulted they would appoint out the problem. the organizer said the league knew about the contest. a match of the world cup on us soil. coming up, what we expect to hear today and we might be getting some help from our neighbors. a deal to make college tuition free. where it is happening and what students have to do to qualify. your drive in the east bay looks good. here is a look at 880. we are checking out a couple of crashes we heard about.
5:42 am
one on 80 in hercules another one that popped up over on the peninsula. we will tell you about it coming up. a bit of morning rain up towards lake county. i don't think there will be much left by the time the client -- the giants play. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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just a couple of hours meal portion will be sworn in as the 113th supreme court justice. there will be a private ceremony this morning and then a second public oath taken at the white house. they confirmed neil gorsuch on friday after changing the voting rules to make it a simple majority to confirm him after democrats tried to block
5:45 am
it. there is increased tension in the middle east that the two bombings in christian churches in egypt. 44 people were killed in the attacks. one church was streaming it sunday service when it was hit. all of this follows the us cruise missile attack on syria. the trump administration is putting pressure on russia to end its support of syria. other people need to ask themselves the question. why are we supporting this regime that is committing mass murder of its own population and using the most heinous weapons available ? >> rex tillerson will be in russian tomorrow. he says russia shares the blame for the chemical attack on the syrian people. allie rasmus is in for a
5:46 am
sound watching our commute. >> things are getting busier. let's start with your commute on 580 westbound. if you're coming from tracy, you are going to see quite a slow down. though there is no crashes to tell you about. does the typical congestion. in the south bay, things look good there except for northbound 101 near e. santa clara st. you should be aware of two waiting northbound. that tribe looks good. taking a look at the bridge. the drivetime has bumped up quite a bit. that may be because of the earlier crash that is near the hercules offramp. that is still popping up on the chp log even though the vehicles have been moved over to the shoulder.
5:47 am
take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is separately crowded as you make your way onto the spam there is a 20 minute delay. if you are continuing from here to san francisco into south san francisco we want to tell you about a crash that just popped up on southbound 101. it is partially blocking the south san francisco offramp your be aware of that. good morning everyone. happy monday. a crazy saturday. i was out and about it was hailing. yesterday was not bad but it was on the cool side. we start of cool this morning with light rain to the north but it will not impact the giants home opener. on the northwest, a little breeze with 50s and 60s. speaking of the rain, this is the water year which is october
5:48 am
1. these are close. look at santa rosa. 58.48 inches of rain this year. if they get six more inches of rain that would double their annual average. not out of the realm of possibility. there's more rain this week and intimate we will get rain. san francisco 145. and even san jose, 123%. a couple of this week. there will be another one coming in the clouds and rain to the north. the best opportunity for everyone here locally will be late wednesday into thursday. we had some rain up and kelsey bill. and then the system falls apart. there will be some low clouds
5:49 am
and then it will clear out of here. the active pattern continues. low 40s in fairfield and livermore. half moon bay is 41. if it wasn't for the cloud cover it will be even cooler. 42 in san mateo. 30 up in truckee. a lot of cloud cover will drag across. there is another system coming in behind that. we are not done yet. 50s and 60s, on the cool side. temperatures not going far this week day. i think we will see a lot of 60s here.
5:50 am
sunday is easter. sergio garcia finally won his first major. and a woman in a come back beating justin rose in the sudden death playoff. justin rose bogeyed the first playoff holes. but garcia closed out in style with this birdie. to decades of heartbreak for garcia but that's over now. today is the beginning of baseball season and att park -- at&t park. the giants johnny cueto led the
5:51 am
way to a 5-3 win over san diego. giants had a 2-0 lead in the third. then here comes buster posey. it's a home run. made a 5-0 giants. the padre started scoring but they could not catch up. the oakland a's had a rough day they lost to the texas rangers eight-one. because of joey gallo. there were two rangers on base he hit a homerun to make a 3-0 than the ranger scored another run in the sixth and he came back and hit a two-run single. the best day of the majors for him and he's only 23.
5:52 am
the oakland a's go to kansas city for the royals home opener today. we know which team the san jose sharks will play in the first round of the playoffs. they had to edmonton to play the oilers for games one and two wednesday and friday. then they come back home to san jose on sunday. if the best-of-seven series. the sharks won the first two games and lost the final three games against the oilers during the regular season. a popular super bowl jersey is now on display. the reason it took two years to see this piece of patriots history.
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we're out ink,nk! not ink. printing doesn't have to be painful. now, during "hp savings month" at staples, get up to $180 off hp printers. alameda county firefighters you are getting a lot of attention for a very unusual rescue over the weekend.
5:55 am
they rescued 11 ducklings from a storm drain. this video was posted on instagram. the firefighters put them into a 5 gallon bucket and set them free into a nearby creek. a high school student in sacramento had a prom night that he will not forget. kylie jenner she surprised him and showed up at rio americanus high school junior prom on saturday night. she went as a date of alfred and brought her best friend along two. he landed this high profile date after a girl in his school turned him down. one of tom brady stolen super bowl jerseys is now on display in roxborough, massachusetts.
5:56 am
and all of its grass stained jersey that is his super bowl xlix jersey it had been missing for two years as the patriots played seattle. it was recently found in mexico along with his super bowl jersey from this year. the mexican journalist is accused of stealing those jerseys from his locker after the super bowl. the jersey is now on display in the hall at patriot place. new york is going to make tuition free from middle-class students. the tuition initiative as part of the state budget approved by the senate. andrew cuomo approved the tuition bill. those who earn $125,000 was a you would be eligible. they will also have to meet a certain class load and grade
5:57 am
point average restrictions to qualify and room and board are not covered. a police investigation is underway right now in fremont. there was an early morning shooting involving police. we will tell you what we know and what has happened. were counting down to the giants home opener today. will be live on the field when we return. traffic is getting busier as the morning goes on. we're looking at a picture of the golden gate bridge. we are following two things that have happened. one on westbound 80 in hercules and one in the peninsula. i think we will be just fine for the giants home opener. and i think we will remain dry even though we were be on the cool side.
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5:59 am
fremont police shoot and kill a man after reports he had a gun in his car. we'll have the latest. the wait is over. giants opening day just hours away. we are live on the field with complete coverage.
6:00 am
it is april 10. take a look at that. baseball is back in the city. i think that half the news team is out there. thank you for joining us here. steve is in his office and will tell you if you need an umbrella. the not today. the drive home opener is good. friday i was nervous. we will have some morning clouds the kick it out of there. no worries. you can see our system going through. in fact it is falling apart. there are just low clouds which will drag across. in the next couple of hours the system will be


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