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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 10, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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four people have been shot in an apparent murder-suicide at not elementary school. >> one person is dead in fremont after a police shooting early this morning. we're following the latest on this investigation. plus president trump supreme court pick takes his place in history as he's sworn in as the 113rd justice of the supreme court. a christine. >> i'm wayne. we begin with breaking news in -- claudine wong joining us from the news room. >>reporter: two people are dead in what police are calling a murder-suicide. shots rang out an hour ago in a classroom at the north park elementary school campus which is located in san bernardino. officials say they do believe this was a domestic violence dispute. one of the decease victims is a teacher at that school. the other does appear to be
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the gunman. san bernardino police chief says two students were hurt. they were airlifted to local hospitals for treatment. no word right now on their conditions. at this point, san bernardino police say there is no longer a threat to the public. according to its website, north park is an elementary school that teaches kindergarten through 6th grade. students are been transported to a nearby high school as a safety precaution. san bernardino made the national headlines in december 2015 for the attack that killed 14 people and wounded -- husband and wife shooter farook and mateen were killed in a gun battle with authorities that day. we're going to monitor the latest developments and we'll bring them to you as they become available. >> claudine, thank you for that an update. police in fremont shot and killed a suspect. >> police spotted him in a
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car with a gun. kathleen explains what happened near dakota road. >>reporter: this parking lot behind this walgreens was the focus of the investigation. this is where the deadly encounter came to an end. fremont police are telling us it started around 11:35 last night when east bay regional parks police officer reported spotting a gun inside of a car at a nearby 7-eleven. that police officer call for back up from fremont police officer and those officers arrived later and says the man was on foot crossing the street and headed toward a strip mall. the police pursued that man. both officers reportedly fired their weapons striking that man one time killing him. now, fremont police say they're investigating the shooting and everything that led up to it. >> right now, what's taking place is this is an investigative operation. there was no public safety issues. at this point, they're going to be processing the crime and interviewing witnesses, seeing the surveillance,
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talking to the officers. >> we have learned that both officers in this case fired their weapons. no word on whether that subject from the vehicle had the gun from the car. at least one other person from the car was detained. officers are looking to interview witnesses and review surveillance cameras to see if they captured the encounter and the investigation winding down in fremont. investigators says they're likely to speak with the officers who fired the -- christian kafton, fox 2 news. in new york, police are asking for the public's help to solve the first homicide of the year. a man was found in the grocery store parking lot. it's not sure what led up to the victim. but police thinks the victim may have been targeted. police have not released information about a suspect. if you have information, you're asked to call new york police. the highway patrol released new details about
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a drive-by shooting on highway 4 that injured a woman over the weekend. it happened around 3:30 in the afternoon near the lone tree off ramp. the woman shot in the leg was one of two pan handlers. it's not clear what led up to the shooting and no arrests have been made. students at stanford university are advised to be careful after two sexual battery cases were reported on campus friday night. they happened just 20 minutes apart along escondido road. sam bus police are visible around that part of the university. women said they were groped by a bald white man. they describe the suspect wearing different clothing. sanford police aren't saying if they think the two incidents are related. female students we talked with say they're concerned. >> it's scary to think they could be just like a
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student, in like one of my classes. so you never know. >> i have gotten many e-mails regarding groping incidents or sexual batteries on campus. and i think therefore, it's a problem that has yet to be addressed. >> stanford police suggest students walk and run-on lighted paths and never alone at night. the alameda county sheriff's department says it's task force made a seize of drugs and money. the caption reads the alameda county task force seized a million dollars cash in more than 300 -- and more than 300 pounds of marijuana. no other details about the case has been released. now to the latest in the crisis in syria. it's the main topic that the g-7 summit get underway. leaders from around the world are hoping to send a message to russia that it
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must end its support for bashar assad. tillerson is expected to travel -- he'll meet with russian officials with the hope of talking, leading to a stable solution in russia. in egypt, funerals are being held for the victims of the christian bombings. 44 people were killed and more than 100 were hurt during palm sunday services in two cities. isis says they were behind the attack. the egypt president is calling for a state of emergency. pope francis condemned the attacks during his palm service -- >> to the hole egyptian, i express my deep condolences. >> the attacks began -- egypt says the state of emergency will take effect tomorrow afternoon. the supreme court judge
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has been picked. >> chief judge roberts swore in gorsuch during a private swearing in -- peter ducy has the details. >> i'll faithfully as charged and perform. >>reporter: neil gorsuch takes his place in history becoming the 113rd justice of the supreme court. one -- administering the judicial oath during a white house ceremony making this the first time a mentor will work side by side with his one-time protege. >> i'm humbled by the trust placed to me before. i'll never forget to whom much is given, much would be expected. >> gorsuch extension to the highest court wasn't without controversy after democrats -- republicans exercised as the nuclear option lower the vote threshold for ending a filibuster in the case of a supreme court nominee from a super majority of 60 votes to a simple majority
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of 51. >> today i especially want to express our gratitude to senator mitch mcconnel for all that he did to make this achievement possible. >> some questioning whether this ends any chance of bipartisanship and opens the door for more ideological picks. >> i think there's no danger of that happening. what it means though is that when we elect a president, we know that they're going to be the ones that get to nominate judges. >> i think damage has been done in the future nominees for the supreme court. i think damage has been done to the senate as an institution. >> the high court returns from recess next week. fox news the 23-year-old convicted of shooting 9 people in south carolina -- he has been given 9 life sentences. roof pleaded guilty as a part of a deal in exchange for a life prison sentence. the deal
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spared his victims and their families the burden of a second trial. roof was convicted of 33 federal charges last year where he was sentenced to death. following today's verdict, he'll depart to the federal judge -- the latest on the search for a college student and what investigates are saying about a ransom demand made last week in the case. a nice day around the bay area, but change was on the way as we look at a live picture of sfo. we'll check with our meteorologist steve paulson after the break. it's opening day to the giants and -- the team gets ready for its first home game of the season.
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giants baseball officially returns to san francisco today with the home opener getting underway in an hour or so. >> ktvu sports reporter joe is live. the park has been open since early this morning. i'm sure it's exciting to be there. >>reporter: there's something about baseball season. i don't know what it is, guys, but you know of the big four professional sports is the one that's been with us the longest. it's the one that has the greatest amount of tradition. you can hear the oregan music behind me -- you can hear the organ behind me.
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it happened in the postseason. there's something about the start of baseball season that's different than the other sports. the diamondbacks taking practice right now and the giants took batting practice a little while ago. this will be the giant's third opening day of this season. they helped arizona start this season on that two-city road trip. the giants lost 3 out of 4 to the diamond backs and they helped the padres and lost two out of three for the padres. not the way they want to start as they won two of their seven games. they feel like they have a good teach. coach talks -- he expects good things from this team despite the small sample size. >> it's behind us and those games are over and they're in standing and you move on, and that's part of the game you have to deal with, tough losses and but we did a lot of good things on that road trip, you know, and early go. this is when
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you're trying to get settled in, and get the guys comfortable, maybe new roles that they might be in, but we you know, had some games that couldn't have gone better. you open early and two, three one threes we couldn't hold on and the trip can't go the way we wanted, and we let a couple get away. hopefully we get this turned around and that's our plan. >> and that's pretty much the way you always approach the baseball season. it's a fresh start, that's the way the giants will look at it. matt moore will be their starting pitcher and a couple of things we know. the cast of hamilton is going to be singing the national anthem. there's supposed to be a surprise on who throws the first pitch. my guess and it's only a guess would be berry bonds. barry bonds is
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apart of the organization. if it's a surprised person to throw out the first pitch, i would suggest him. but it's no guarantee -- and as ken said an hour from now. >> it's a surprise if that happens. we'll be watching. >> thank you joe. we continue with alex savage who is ready to get with fans who is with fans at the ball park. alex. >>reporter: a big crowd here alg stree. we're at the second street entrance, the at&t park. i think in pacing with fans today, they are ready for a fresh start. they say the team's back home now in the friendly confines of at&t park and they're ready to turn this thing around after the rough start during the season. you can see these giant fans pouring inside to the ball park for the homeowners and a lot of folks started the
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day early. >> [whistle] >> this was it. the scene just after 11:00 this morning when those first fans filed inside the ball park as they opened up the gates and everyone anxious for the giants to be back here home after a 2-5 start. they need to be back here in front of this home crowd but we talked to fans today, and for so many of them, the home opener be here on opening day in san francisco is a transition. fathers bringing their sons and fathers bringing their daughters. we talked to the fans and why it was important to be here. >> it's opening day. >> [indiscernible] isn't looking too great so far. >> we're going to turn it around right now because we're home now finally. we got to get home, you know what i mean. good stuff. >> the team needs you guy s s. >> they're going to be going crazy. we're going
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to start hitting triples and homers. >> i'm excited. >> come home and get a couple of w's under their belt and left fielders under their best. >> we need to prove we can win on -- >> when she was a year and a half old, i bought her for her first opening day. this is our 19th consecutive opening day. it's our tradition as father, daughter. we're trying to keep the streak alive. she's playing hooky from sac state. >> no morin [indiscernible]. >> no more [indiscernible]. >> it's a holiday for giant fans and we heard a lot of kids who, not necessarily on spring break, but they're taking the day off from school. a lot of folks who may be should be
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at work today, potentially, but i'm not going to call anybody off. people taking the day off to enjoy the opening day. >> you don't want to call it hooky and give it a bad connotation. >> people supporting the team. >> that's right. >> we hope the father-daughter can keep that tradition going on for many years. very cute. >> yep. if you're they're e thinking of -- if you're thinking of taking cal trans, there's -- that work is focused on electrifying the rails. for details on the schedule changes, go to and look under web links. a lot of people in san francisco, in particular, down by the water, steve, wants to know how the water is going to be. >> ken, it has been a time since we worked together. kristina, thank you as well. there's low clouds hanging around, but we don't have to worry about rain. this system did give
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a little rain up north. hillsburg over to wesleville early in the morning. a mix of sun and clouds and they'll be more sun throughout the day. 60 degrees first pitch. there's a little slight east, southeast. and i can find a northwest. that may win over in times. it will stay in the low 60s. 60/49 for san francisco. average is 63/49. very close, on the low. 91 back in 1988. the record high, 40 way back in 1927 on the record low. today, low clouds, but mostly sunny. tomorrow we'll start off sun and get the clouds to increase, and we'll cloud it up by tuesday and the best opportunity for rain is wednesday into thursday morning, although they'll be rain to the north. a couple of systems and the one over us not doing too much. gave us low clouds and sun. this is north of santa rosa. late wednesday into thursday looks like the better opportunity and i got to tell you, the 7 to
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10 day outlook looks bullish for us for more temps and rain. you can see these clouds slowing away. we're starting to see less in the north bay. plenty out here, but this system is tracking a little to the north. it will give us cloud cover and maybe rain. 30s this morning. 40s, and now we're in the 50s and 60s, but held in check on these temps although they're running warmer. sunday was cooler. 2 to 6 degrees warmer than the last 24 hours at the same time. a westerly breeze, here, oakland heyward. and what about out to the delta, showing signs of that, but not no strong. it's an onshore breeze. 45 in truckee. ukiah 53. you can see where the bulk is headed. it's heading north. that's our system for tomorrow. it will give us cloud cover. the all important today looks good except for the low cloud deck. we don't have to worry about
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anything else. 50s and 60s on your temps. if you like 50s and 60s on the temp and more rain, i think you're going to like the extended outlook. late wednesday into thursday rain. friday looks good if you want to travel saturday, easter sunday on the morning hours, i think we're fine. in the evening, i think we're in trouble. by that, i mean rain. >> we've had enough of that, haven't we. >> it's going on for a while. i don't see change for a while. >> thank you, steve. we're awaiting an update on a barge that capsized south the bay bridge. drivers plague -- crews tells us there's no a degrees of fuel or oil leaking out. the barge is capable of carrying 4,000 gallons of diesel. it's not full how full the tanks were. bart uses the sanctions -- the coast guard says it's impossible to know how much fuel spilled until they lift the boat. coming up, gas prices are on the rise.
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a look at how much they're increasing as a results of those air strikes in syria.
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the u.s. missile strike in syria is making gas prices go up here in the bay area. prices are $0.09 higher nationwide than two weeks ago when they may go higher. the average price is -- unless oil prices
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start to go down soon, people should expect gas prices to go up a few more cents. >> honestly it doesn't cross your mind until you start seeing the -- at the end of the day, you're usually paying $30 and sometimes it will go up. >> if we're going up to $3.50, $4, i don't know what i'm going to do because i have a car note and i'm in school and you have to pay gas, so i might as well put the car away. >> san francisco has some of the highest gas prices in the country according to aaa, with an average of $3.01. in oakland, the average is $2.99 and san jose, it's $3. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange. you see the dow jones is up 15 points. stocks rose today. the energy sector leading the way. the department of labor is accusing of paying women less -- the investigation
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came after the department filed a lawsuit in january. that forced goggle to hand over salary data as apart of an audit. goggle denies the accusation. a spokesperson says we do a robust analysis and we have found no gender pay gaps. according to the examiner, yellow cab co-op was sold for $200,000. according to bankruptcy filings, they totalled $800,000. you're nighted airlines is apologizing for over booking after a man was dragged off the plane. the video was posted on social media on -- united asked for volunteers to give up their seats, but when no one volunteered the crew announced they would
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randomly pick passengers. passengers say the man who was dragged off the plane told the crew he was a doctor and had patients to see in the morning. one of the officers involved in dragging the man off the plane has been placed on leave. the passenger was allowed back onboard and the plane took off after a two-hour delay. united how how munoz says this is upsetting to all of us at united and i apologize for having to reaccommodate these customers and our team is working with these authorities -- we're also reaching out to this passenger to talk directly to him and further address and resolve this situation. ktvu will stay on top of this story to bring updates as they become available. still ahead, new details in the case of the missing uba city college student. after the break, what investigators are saying about ransom calls to the miss being woman's family. it has been a year since a nasa researcher was shot and killed in oakland.
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all your tv at home. the most on demand, your entire dvr, top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. back to the breaking news out of san bernardino. two people are dead in what police are calling a murder-suicide inside of a classroom at the north park elementary campus. police says there's no longer a
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threat to the public, but there's an active investigation going on. officials believes this was a domestic violence dispute. the decease victim is a teacher and the other is -- there's no word at this time on their -- students at the school are being transferred to a nearby high school where they're being picked up by their patients. a $20,000 reward is being offered from the safe return of -- she has been missing for more than a week after being seen on march 30th at her friend's house. investigators announced that ransom messages sent to her family were fake and the responsible for those messages may face charges and the fbi is work with local officials to find yoman and search the area where her search and cell phone were found last week. not far away in sutter county, family and friends
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are searching for another young woman who has been reported missing. >> doug johnson talked to worry family members who are searching for the missing teen. >>reporter: take a close look at the girl in this photo, 16-year-old calvert who went by annie. >> she was a bubble of joy and she's funny. >> her sister sammy and mother kelly says annie went missing wednesday night after taking a break from a service at the church of glide -- eagle road in sutter county. >> after she had gotten out and -- >> her mother couldn't find her. shortly before that, a family friend saw annie walking into a church parking lot toward a nearby orchard. >> she said are you doing okay? >> she said i'm struggling with something and i'll be in, in a minute and never came back in.
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>> the security went looking in the orchards but came up with nothing. >> be kept checking around the buildings. >> live oak build is here. >> after hearing about other missing person cases in the area including 20-year-old alley yoman, annie's mother is worried sick. >> the detective tried to assure me he couldn't tell me why they weren't connected, but i shouldn't worry about that. however, he doesn't know what happened to annie. so i don't know how you can make that conclusion. >> detectives are looking into annie's disappearance -- she's frustrated the sheriff's office has listed annie as a runaway and online posters. >> i'm not saying it's not possible she ran away, i'm saying it's unlikely. >> the man accuse queues-- accused of killing a mother in front of her children has been charged. he's going to be
12:34 pm
charged with first-degree murder. mcbride drove up to his ex-girlfriend's car and argued with her and killed her. the two sons were in the backseat of the car but not were physically hurt. mcbride drove off and arrested in sacramento the next day. he remains in custody on $3 million bail. oakland officials are blaming -- that's according to a san francisco kron chronicle report. the fire precaution bureau ins in -- the bureau is in charge of the -- no one from the department had ever conducted a formal inspection there. happening day, costa county will test its emergency alert system in areas near a chemical plant and three oil refineries. 3:00 oil refineries. the first test will happen at 50 tonight in the -- at 5:30 tonight surrounding
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the -- a half hour later, the test continues in the neighborhood near the martinez refinery. at 6:30, the area in rodejo will be test and it ends with a 7:00 p.m. test. these will include phone calls to landlines and cell phones as well as text and e-mails to numbers registered with the county. the sirens will not be used in the test. it has been two months since hundreds of people in san jose were hit by flooding along coyote creek and other parts of the city. many say they have little warning the danger. today on mornings on 2, the mayor says the city is making changes so people can get information more quickly in the face of a potential disaster. >> we're knocking on doors and not relying on media. we're changing what we're doing on our end. we're trying to work with them to ensure we have the information we need to better warn our residents and that's work that's going to take several weeks or months.
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>> the mayor also wanted to remind people about san jose's partnership with good will to get cars for people who lost everything. he says anyone who donates a car to the program can write it off as a deduction on their taxes. a deputy -- it happened in mill valley right in front of the fireside inn onshore line highway. the chp says the other driver lost control going around a curve and collided with the deputy's car. the deputy went to the hospital with minor injuries and police arrested 34-year-old satterfield of mo valley who faces dui charges. in san jose, one person died in a suspected dui crash yesterday morning. a driver was speeding on southbound 280 near 11th street when he hit another car. that car overturned, but the only person inside was not seriously injured. then alexis hit a honda that burst into flames and the driver was so seriously hurt he couldn't get out.
12:37 pm
>> this was a rather spectacular collision. a lot of people did stop and many people did go to the driver of the honda and tried to get him out, but their attempts were unsuccess. . >> the lexus driver is 21-year-old tram. both he and his passenger were taken to the hospital and they're expected to survive. tram is facing drunk driving charges. in today's crime files, we're reexamining the case of a nasa researchers who was shot and killed in oakland as he walked home a year ago. >> new surveillance video and pictures have been released to found his killer. >>reporter: after a night out with friends, 30-year-old bryan bole left the -- he was yards from his oakland home when he was shot in the head and killed. when police found bole's body, his wallet and other items were on him. >> it could have been a robbery gone wrong. maybe
12:38 pm
there were no intentions to actually kill bryan. maybe the intention was to rob him. something happened. >> oakland police sergeant sancd investigator says the motive is unclear. but though know -- they released of a person in a car that could be linked to the killing on april 2016. this video shows a man that could be -- he's on a cell phone while walking north on broadway near piedmont. bole is walking south on broadway. >> this individual, we believe with the timing of bryan was the last individuals to see bryan alive. >> these are pictures of a white 2013 to 2015 malibu that was seen near the corner of broadway and piedmont. bryan is walking -- we're approaching
12:39 pm
piedmont -- >> bryan starts walking northbound on piedmont at the same time the individual in the reflective jacket is walking northbound from piedmont seconds behind bryan. >> this is the same corner where we see the white chevy malibu turn. >> the chevy malibu, the male with the reflective jacket and all are now going northbound on piedmont. >> richmond boulder where bole was shot dead is around the corner from that intersection. police says it's not clear if the man in the jacket is connected to the white car. bole's widow visited the site where boles was killed. he was a former nasa scientist. he had an owe-- >> he was much more interested to learn other people's stories than to tell his own. >> she wants to see justice and hopes anyone with information will come
12:40 pm
forward. >> if they know anything, please share it to see themselves in this situation, it could have been their brother, their son, their loved one. >> there's a $30,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it's shaping up to another nice day around the bay area. we want to give you a live look over the golden gate bridge. and it's a beautiful day, also at at&t park. we're going to check with meteorologist steve paulson because she's tracking changes for -- because he's tracking changes for the weather. >>reporter: we have excited fans. we're going to have more opening day highlights, coming up. [cheers and applause]
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back now to our coverage of the san francisco giants opening day and we are just about 45 minute as way from the first pitch. >> ktvu -- and some fans out there getting ready to head inside. how is it going out there, tara. >>reporter: it is so much fun because as you know in san francisco, opening day is a national holiday. joining me live is larry rice, right. >> yes. >> did i say your name right? >> you got it. >> larry has the most exciting car. take a look at this baby. this is gorgeous. this is larry's car that he actually had in high cool and then you restored this a couple of years ago. >> just in time for the
12:44 pm
2014 world series and i was happy to get it done in time and deck it out with the giant's gear in time for -- >> you have the bobble heads on the front and on the back you have the signatures. some of the giants signed it. >> i have matt cane, i've got dave, i went to school -- and i got brandon belt. i've got the new guy from, what's his name -- i'm so sorry. >> you're excited. >> i have a dozen signatures. >> i can't believe this is the original color. >> people thought i painted it for the giants. it's the original color. it has been restored and i'm happy. >> 1970 firebird. >> 1970, firebird. this is my high school car. >> you get the fan of the year. >> thank you so much. i just left -- i'm proud to be a giant's fan. >> we've seen people come by and they're stopping and taking pictures and everybody is so excited and
12:45 pm
as you can imagine, this is an exciting because the odd is the new even. no more even year. >> i think we have a chance. we have a good chance. >> coming up in our 4:00, i'm going to have an interview with larry bare and he talked about that taylor swift thing. i don't know if you're familiar with that. he has a message for taylor swift which i'm going to play later. i'm going to get this in car because it purs. >> it kind of matches your hair, tara. >> i'm giant going out with the hair. >> can you see this stick shift. >> it's a baseball, okay. >> oh, yeah. ken, we got your friend jack and [indiscernible] and everybody is out here and ready for you. >> it was a wide shot. it was hard to see and i an associate ate hot dogs, beer and it goes together. sounds good. >> yeah, that's right. all right.
12:46 pm
i'll see you guys at the game >> have fun out there. she's having too much fun. >> kind of jealous. one of the changes fans may notice is the reentry policy. the stadium isn't going to allow in and out privileges after the game begins. >> we talked to fans and what they think of those changes. >>reporter: according to the the giants, the reentry -- you can leave the stadium and come back in, but it has to be before first pitch. to leave, all you is to do is show your ticket. the gentleman will stamp your ticket and he'll stamp your hand and you can get in and out. again, unlike last year, you can't do it after the game is underway. the giants say exceptions will be made for people with disabilities. in the past, people who left the park were often going to a nearby restaurant or bar. maybe to avoid stadium pricing or
12:47 pm
to grab a drink with friends or maybe to grab a jacket or a blanket. some say that can cause problems. >> i know people come out and they smoke whatever they're going to smoke and they go across the street and get a couple of beers and go to the car and get a couple of more beers and wobble in here and it gets loud and obnoxious. >> it's a little strict, but you have to stay here to get food for ball park pricing rather than getting -- >> i get it. they want to get their money here and they want everybody to buy their beer and food here. >> the giants says the new reentry policy brings it in line with other sports teams policies in the bay area. the new rules make it tougher for smokers who can no longer step outside for a quick cigarette. >> maybe quit smoking. >> that's a good thing. >> absolutely. >> objection 2 news. that brings us to our question of the day, what do you think of the change to the policy. do you think it makes sense or is
12:48 pm
it a bummer. maybe you would never think of leaving once the action begins. >> we have the results, 26% say, it makes sense. 27% say kind of a bummer. 41% say they didn't know you could do that. and 5% say, they would never leave the game early. that's only what dodgers fans do. >> there are a lot of fans already there early because it's a beautiful day in san francisco. steve, the weather looks great, but we're tracking changes. >> changes later this week, but thankfully not today. we had the front this morning and it fell apart and draped over the bay area. low clouds still holding on in parts of marine county. we're good. home opener at 1:35. a few clouds and not much of a breeze. 60 degrees for first pitch and i don't think it will get that much warmer. rain is not done yet. you can see since the water -- which is october 1st, the rain here is july 1st. look at santa rosa. 58 and -- that's 175% of normal. san francisco, 144
12:49 pm
although there's many observers in the city who have more rain than that. oakland, 147. san jose which is the -- even with the rain shadow there are at 123%. there's more rain on the way. it looks like an active week south of santa rosa. that next system is taking a track toward the oregon border. the southern end will tail across us and maybe by this time tomorrow, we'll be talking about clouds. watch these clouds holdup over parts of marine county and the bay, but there are many, many sun breaks and temperatures aren't too bad south of san francisco and to the east and the north, more cloud cover. today, there's a lot going on, but right now, most is moving north. 60s on the temps. fremont, 64. concord, 64. brentwood 64 and temperatures are running warmer and on sunday when it was a cool, cool day, anywhere from 2 to 6 degrees compared to 24 hours ago. next system up and over, but there's another system that's going to play into our weather wednesday and thursday. not today. lots of
12:50 pm
sunshine unless you're dealing with cloud cover. what about rain for everybody? this next system looks like it's going to track to the north. santa rosa, ukiah north and lake county, there's tuesday afternoon. not a lot. maybe a little bit. we'll say goodbye to that system and watch what happens on wednesday night or wednesday evening. a stronger system and if that holds early wednesday, or thursday, more rain moving in. we'll get a break as we head toward friday and saturday. rainfall over the next seven days, everything in the west looks like it's a has been. there's been nothing -- up to ukiah, decent amounts as we head into a week from today. we're not done on this rainy season, but today we look good except for partly cloudies. we have lots of sunshine. 50s and 60s on the temps and tomorrow we'll increase the clouds. better system wednesday and friday. if you must travel, friday
12:51 pm
looks good and so does saturday. the morning hours looks good and the evening hours look like rain. >> the easter egg hunt should be okay. >> there's pressure on the weather man there, ken. you know that, but right now it looks okay. >> thanks steve. the nfl is investigating an arm wrestling contest that involved former players in vegas. bolman and king and retiring running back lynch was among those who reportedly took part. lynch is considering a return to the nfl with the raiders. the nfl says it was held at the mgm -- event organizers says the league knew about the contest because he tried to get to the nfl to participate. the world's most popular event may -- the
12:52 pm
u.s., mexico and canada -- and it's successful north american bid appears to be possible. europe and asian countries are allowed to enter the 2020 race because those continents -- we know which team the sharks will face. san jose heads to edmonton to play the oilers and back home to san jose on sunday. it's the best of seven series and the sharks won the first two games and lost the final three games against the oilers during the regular season. as for the golden state warriors, the doves will be facing the trailblazers in the first round. that begins next weekend with the exact game dates will be announced wednesday. the trailblazers are led by lillard. tonight the warriors play their second last regular season home game against -- against the utah jazz. a popular -- we're going to
12:53 pm
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that's why i'm taking i am my best. the activia probiotic two week challenge and adding activia yogurt with billions of its exclusive probiotic to my healthy routine. take the activia probiotic two week challenge with me. it works or it's free. tomorrow on mornings on 2, we're out of the drought, and there's even more rain in the forecast for this week. so why are water rates going up
12:55 pm
against? bay area residents could see their rates go up this summer. we'll show you who could be paying an extra $80 a year and what residents can do it. i hope you're with us tomorrow morning from 4:00 to 10:00. we'll see you then. we're continuing to follow the news out of southern california where police are investigating a murder-suicide. two students are also in critical condition. >> plus on first news -- after being shot by police. what we're learn beginning what led up to that
12:56 pm
shooting -- what we're learning about what led up to that shooting. we want to give you one more look at stock. dow jones down about 5 points. it was up earlier within the last half hour, so a crazy day of trading. >> that's how it can be. curry released a new limited edition shoe. curry's latest under armor shoe is called the curry -- the shoes are leather with thick soles and some people have been mocking them on twitter saying they look old fashion. they were released for south carolina men's basketball players to celebrate their trip to the final four. the shoes cost 150 bucks. a high school student in central florida had a prom night he'll never forget. >> keeping up with the kardashian surprised students by showing up at rio -- she went as a date of a student named david
12:57 pm
who landed the date after a classmate turn him down. that's a great come back. >> he showed her, didn't he. >> a little bit. thank you for making ktvu your -- you can follow us on twitter and facebook. ,,
12:58 pm
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