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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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opening fire. two students behind the teacher were hit by gunfire. one of them an eight-year-old boy died. the school was evacuated with students bus doing their by university campus. for many parents it was several inches hours before they were reunited with their children. >> i hope everyone is safe. it's not a good situation for any kid to go through or anyone to go through. >> the eight-year-old boy killed has been identified as jonathan martinez. he was airlifted to a hospital but died before making it to surgery. one piece of positive news is that the nine-year-old boy who survived had stabilized. >> stay with us for continuing coverage on this developing story. you can download our free mobile app. we are looking to post updates on facebook, twitter and
6:01 pm a man accused of killing his girlfriend in front of her two children made his first court appearance today. the 43-year-old phases of first- degree murder charge in the death of franklin. prosecutors say last tuesday mcbride drove up to franklin's car, argued with her and then shot and killed her. her two young sons were in the backseat of her car and witnessed her mother's death. the family says they are devastated.>> we are all broken and hurt. none of us are doing well. the boys are doing well it all. they are having nightmares and waking up screaming at night. continually talking about their mother and how she got kills or how he shook her and tried to wake her up. >> mcbride was arrested in sacramento and is being held on
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$3 million bail. there is a gofundme page set up to help the family of franklin. new details about a police shooting in fremont that added -- ended with the suspect dead. that suspect was armed and opened fire on officers before he was shot and killed. we spoke with an attorney for the officers who said this could have been avoided if the suspect had just put down has come>> for the third time since february fremont police fired their guns with deadly results. authorities say the suspect was armed and fired first.>> it was an exchange of gunfire.>> reporter: it began at 11:35 on fremont boulevard and dakota road. some of fleck down and east bay regional park police officer saying they saw a suspect with a gun and a park -- in a car parked outside. that officer called for backup and the suspect ran out of the
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car. >> he took off and the police officer said don't go. i heard gunshots. >> reporter: the suspect ran across busy fremont boulevard and ended up in an alley behind the where -- walgreens where he was shot and killed. >> an attorney for the officers said the suspect was found on top of a u-haul truck. >> they saw this guy with his hands up like this. one officer saw an object in his hand in all three officers saw a muzzle flash from the firearm. the suspect was firing at the officers. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> we have learned that sergeant mcgill sanchez shot -- fire two shots and johnson shot seven. johnson was shot and wounded last year by a suspect who later killed himself. sunday's incident is a third fatal shooting involving the fremont police this year. last month police shot and killed a 16-year-old who was pregnant in hayward. in february and officer shot
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and killed. it's a person -->> it's always difficult when an officer has to use deadly force. it is not something we would not want to have occurred. three incidents our officers have had are all very different. what they have in common is that they have all involved dangerous violence against the victim and the officers. >> all three involving police are under investigation by the department and the das office. in fremont, ktvu fox2 news . the family of a man arrested in oakland today praise police for their patients and handling a tense situation. it started in berkeley at 12:45 when a man hijacked a truck after a hit-and-run accident. the truck was later spotted at a gas station near the west oakland station. oakland police surrounded the vehicle and negotiated with
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that man until he gave himself up peacefully. the suspect's father said he was grateful for the outcome. >> they handled the situation, he's alive and he's being taken care of. no shots were fired. the police for patient. >> robert major said his son is reacting badly to medication for a liver problem and needs medical help. the fourth victim who died in an apartment fire has been identified after his father was reaching nigeria. it has been two weeks since the fire broke out. today the coroner's office said he died from smoke inhalation. the 36-year-old was a native of nigeria and identified by a fingerprint. the news group says he had been researching computer theory at uc berkeley before suffering a psychotic break. he was referred to a rojas community services which manage
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transitional housing units in the building the cop fire. they manage them for people at risk. legislation in sacramento into dealing with wild fluctuations in energy bills after pg&e customers suffered sticker shock. bills doubled or tripled when bilson cold. natural gas consumption was charged to tier 2 levels. this would make sure the average customer has 70% of the bill covered by lower teal -- tier 1 rates during the winter and require pg&e to estimate the cost of their next month bill. another $75 million in compensation from two former executives who were in the banks fraudulent accounts schedule. a scathing report accusing the former ceo and head of community banking of dragging their feet for years in the complaints that the being promoted a toxic culture. the board had all ready
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recovered $60 million from stump it it is recommending an additional $75 million for negligence and poor management. that would be the largest in wall street history. more than one dozen states have asked the night circuit court of appeals to be in state president trump's revised travel ban. the states include florida and texas and they say the band falls within the president's authority to block foreigners from the united states and they reject the arguments that it targets muslims. the ninth circuit is by a federal judge in hawaii the block to travel ban. 49-year-old course which is now a us supreme court justice. resident trance. was sworn in today. there was a private ceremony at the court this morning out of a public ceremony outside the white house. here's more from washington dc. i will faithfully and partially discharge and
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perform. >> neil gorsuch takes its place in history becoming the 100. >> neil gorsuch takes its place in history becoming the 113 justice of the supreme court. this is the first time a mentor will work side-by-side with his one-time protigi. i am humbled by the trust place to me today. i will never forget that to whom much is given, much will be expected. his ascension to the highest court wasn't without controversy. after democrats mounted a filibuster senate republicans exercise the nuclear option lowering the vote threshold for ending a filibuster in the case of a supreme court nominee from a super majority of 60 votes to a simple majority of 51. >> today i want to express our gratitude to center -- senator mitch mcconnell for all he did to make this achievement possible>> some questioning
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whether this ends any chance of bipartisanship and opens the door for more ideological.'s. >> i think there is no danger of that happening. what it means though is when we elect a president we know they will be the one to get to nominate judges>> i think damage has been done in the future nominees for the supreme court i think damage has been done to the senate as an institution>> the high court returns next monday and on the docket of religious freedom case out of missouri. fox news. coming up, a passenger pulled out of his seat and dragged off of the plane. fallout for united let -- airlines over this incident caught on camera. were talking a chance of a sprinkle. inclement weather headed our way. i will let you know how it could impact your commute. see you in a minute.
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>> it's been a rough stuff for the giants out on the road. back at home all is well. you're going to see one of the wackiest place ever on the baseball diamond today when we come back with sports and all the participants are going to talk about it when we return in a moment. a quick look at the commute tonight. conditions heading out of san francisco. cars heading towards the camera are heading towards the bay bridge. >> he is another look at the traffic tonight. the cars that you see heading toward the curve on the right heading toward the bay bridge. the others are heading toward the richmond el cerrito area. not bad in that direction. back with more in a moment. ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before.
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the san francisco giants had their home opener at at&t park today. plenty of people like me skip school or work with a case of baseball theater -- baseball fever.>> he wants opening day to be a national holiday. >> i thought it all ready was. i can't find anyone at city hall. >> i have a feeling that you guys have school. >> they have baseball fever. >> there was a scary moment. buster posey to 94 mile-per- hour fastball to the head. luckily he was wearing that protective helmet.
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the all-star catcher left the game. he will be reevaluated tomorrow. >> the giants managed to send the fans happy today starting their 4-1 win. >> were joined live from the ballpark. >> my mom and dad used to let me go out to the ballpark. i'm in agreement it should be a holiday. were laughing while you guys were talking. it's become a thing out here. the seagulls are out of control. >> we just had a flyby a second ago. i skipped work also and came to the ballgame. >> i like to talk about the mood and the atmosphere. jason is is that guy. >> i do like stats. 18th home opener. it's hard to believe.
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18 years, 14-4 after this when.>> they were to an. out on the road. returning here against the arizona diamondbacks who have beat them three out of four in arizona. the mood as usual was festive. willie mays was in the house. i always like seeing willie. >> all is forgiven and everyone remembers that this is the house of barry belts. >> everybody is in a good mood. buster was drilled by that pitch. the way he went down, i am actually surprised that the prognosis is as good as it is. >> when you saw the replays, it looked like he was possibly concussed buddies not. >> here's a play that one for the giants. a three run single.
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it went about 20 feet. and then to errors in score 2 more runs. he sliding and safe with the bang bang play at the plate for the third run. >> the giants haven't exactly been slamming the ball but they will take it. matt moore went eight innings and allowed only three hits. struck out. and didn't walk anybody. of course after the game jason was in the clubhouse and everyone wanted to talk about that weird play in the fifth inning. >> here is matt moore. >> i went into panic mode because i wasn't sure how far the ball needed to be away from somebody. by the second or third throw, it was probably back and forth. you probably hadn't seen that before. >> i was watching joe and i see the ball kick once she went
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home, i was following him and getting to third base. seeing if anything else happens. i see the ball go past walker and i decide to go for it. >> like i say, pretty serious moment when buster got drilled. he just walked out 40 minutes ago towards his car and he looked fine. no one was helping him to his car.>> that was the first question when he met with the media, how was he doing. he's doing fine. and he was here after the game as you said. here's more about what they said about buster proceed -- buster posey. >> he was hit in the head and he's a catcher. if you takes a foul tip that puts them even at more risk. we didn't want to risk that. so that's why he came out.
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>> the prognosis is good for buster. the prognosis is pretty good for those seagulls who are on the infield right now. plenty of food and snacks. the giants win, 4-1. we will have at all with sports later on in this broadcast. back to you frank. >> willie mays is 85 now. did he come down on the field at all? >> willie is down on the field and out and about. he was looking better than i've seen him in a couple of years. he goes to lots of games during the season. very big on letting their former players play a big role in celebratory days like this. >> for an opening day, this is eight games into the season. it was subdued here at the
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ballpark. all ready a series down against arizona. arizona, six and one and the giants three and five after the win>> more sports and a little bit. >> there's a bit of drama a couple of heads of the giants home opener. a grease fire broke out near a barbecue pit. smoke could be seen yellowing from the concourse. the flames were out before firefighters arrived at the park in the game ended up standing -- starting on schedule. >> a nice game for opening day out there at the ballpark. a beautiful day. we've been surrounded by rain all winter. 82 is a what is winter we have on record for the station to northern california where we keep our water. 1982 was the wettest ever recorded and look where we are
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now. we are right on that. if it keeps raining we have a good shot at the wettest winter ever recorded. 67, napa. a beautiful day out there. is going to be about the same temperatures tomorrow. the nation's midsection, i pointed this out but you're getting severe weather in chicago and dallas. that creates flight delays. so if you're flying from san francisco to new york, you could experience delays especially in your one of those member -- major hubs. what's happening is system one, system two, both of them not massively strong systems. it gets here tomorrow and maybe a sprinkle shows up. it would be light. something like that. most of the focus will be up here. the idea tomorrow, clouds with mid to upper 60s. very little to speak of.
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we will talk about system number two which has some legs and a little bit. >> a man accused of shooting his neighbor and then dismembering his body. >> the body had been caught up in efforts have been made to destroy it at least in part using chemicals. >> new developments from a bay area courtroom. a bay area masseuse accused of assaulting his own client. the latest from investigators in the search for more possible victims. >>
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new at 6:00 police have announced the arrest of a masseuse accused of sexually assaulting female client. officers arrested a 55-year-old last thursday. he is suspected of operating an unregulated massage therapy business from his home and assaulting clients. there may bedditional victims and they are encouraging anyone with any information about him to contact authorities a man accused of killing and dismembering his neighbor appeared in court today. authorities say what may have a prompted the killing. >> the district attorney is charging david stubblefield with murder particularly grisly murder says the assistant
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district attorney. >> the body had been caught up. a lot of the remains were in buckets. >> he stands accused of killing and dismembering the body of his neighbor and longtime friend whose name was revealed and 77-year-old benjamin were able. >> on march 11 involving the sale of a space heater. during that dispute the defendant used pepper spray and eventually shot the victim in the chest killing him. >> they believe he dismembered the body and try to get rid of it. >> is pretty unusual to destroy a body like this.>> royble have been listed as a missing person for several weeks. >> i heard what happened and i am heartbroken. >> i can't believe that kind of evil would have looked on this
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street or anywhere for that matter. >> when police came here on presidio heights boulevard investigating his disappearance they became suspicious. >> there was an odor that was readily apparent -- apparent. >> one man who came to court said stubblefield is a friend who he would describe as right, loving and articulate. stubblefield faces a number of charges including an unrelated dui. his bail has been set at $10 million. ktvu fox2 news. an apology from united airlines over have a passenger was bumped from a flight. >> this is no longer an issue of bumping someone for whatever reason. up next, the foul light -- fallout over this incident caught on camera. >> allegations that russia had advance knowledge of a chemical weapons attack in syria. struck
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several brand-new homes in the south bay are trashed. the search for the vandals who caused thousands of dollars in damage.
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in their classes. check them out now during the fast and furious sales event. the fate of the furious. in theaters april 14th. in dealerships now. now get 20% off msrp cash allowance on select 2017 dodge charger models in dealer stock. here's a look at tonight's top stories. fremont pulley -- prima police
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say they've shot and killed a man overnight shortly after 11:30 last night on fremont boulevard. it's the third deadly shooting involving fremont police since the start of the year. san bernardino police say a teacher was shot and killed by her estranged husband who killed himself inside a special needs classroom. late this afternoon we learned that an innocent child hit by gunfire also died. he was only eight years old. a nine-year-old boy was injured but is expected to survive. the shooting happened at north park elementary were 500 students for evacuated and reunited with their parents. 49-year-old judge neil gorsuch was the guest of honor for public ceremony in the white house rose garden. president trump told him he is entrusted with the sacred duty of defending the constitution. he also said quote our country is counting on


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