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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 11, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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santa rosa's been reporting some light rain to the north. off the san mateo and santa cruz coast. the system will be with us most of the day. i'm wrestling with this this evening. everything says no. 40s for a few. 50s for many here. san jose at 56. even to the north there's a few 50s. look at that. 51 windsor. 49-gray den. everyone's pretty close. maybe some light rain but generally we're waiting for this system to work its way towards us. there's the low that's north that will drag across this front later today. coming in by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. 50s for a few 60s for others. >> 4:30 i hope nothing's on your screen. >> nothing here. and this is the time of the hour where you don't have many issues
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and we don't want many issues. let's show you the commute on 80 through the solano county. you can see a lot of green on the map here which is a very easy drive for you. on the 80 corridor. taking a look at the east shore freeway camera. let me load this camera right here straight to macarthur maze. and same story on the bay bridge. no problems as you make your way on to the span. time now is 4:31. let's go back to the desk. police in east palo al to jose mra chldceni placencia was
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arrested. >> opera hall says she would see people coming and go through all hours of the day. and today she learned of the troubling allegations he may have sexually assaulted his clients. >> i am appalled. i never would have thought of anything like that. >> east palo alto police say 55-year-old palencia ran a business out of his garage. the business didn't advertised but relied on recommendations. >> this is not a unique service for latinos to partake in or to go to for healing. apparently it's very cultural. culturally popular. >> police say three female clients all east palo alto residents came forward last
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month alleging pro claiming the masseuse sexually assaulted them. >> it's just like super scary to know that there's people like this in the neighborhood. >> there are very few cases that are more severe and i don't think there's any case that scars you more than getting sexually assaulted. >> police say they had a similar case back in 2014 where a masseuse operating in the same fashion was arrested for sexual battery charges. news of that arrest led to dozens of victims coming forward. >> if he's seen a good number of clients i think the odds are that this isn't the only three people that it happened to. >> asmot -- azenith smith. a man accused of killing a man may have been over an argument about a space heater. he's accused of killing
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77-year-old ben gentleman man benjamin roibl. roybol had first been listed as missing for almost a month. but when police went to stubblefield's home to investigate they became suspicious. >> there was an odor that was readily apparent. that's what got them started on that patdz. >> yesterday's court appearance continued. he's also facing several charges including an unrelated dui charge. bail was set at $10 million. we now know the name of a man who was killed in the parking lot of a grocery store in newark on saturday. 29-year-old roke valencia was shot to death on newark boulevard. police think the shooting was targeted. investigators haven't released any information about a possible suspect but if you have
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information you're asked to call newark police. defense lawyers for the man accused of killing 15-year-old ciara lamar. yesterday defense attorneys randalin garcia torres. where sierra lamar moved went to school before she moved to morgan hill. officials say they had seen lamar. earlier in the trial some of sierra lamar's friends from fremont provide she was not happy about moving schools but they say they doubt she would have ran away. happened saturday night. the victim said she was assaulted at some point at the party. no arrests have been made and police don't have a description
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of the suspect. but anyone with information is asked to call police. time is 4:35. well the family and friends of a missing san jose student are holding out hope they're going to find him alive. 23-year-old kevin rodrigo left his home. he was seen in benetia. now police found his car but there's no trace of rodrigo. searches are now looking for him in vennevia and a gofundme has been set up. meantime police in fremont need your help. they want to find this missing 15-year-old girl. kaylin glassber. police say she was seen in the 4200-block of mallory avenue. here's her photo. if you have any information about where she is get in
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contact with police. chp says a charter bus driver helping at the scene of a crash was hit and killed by a highway patrol car. it happened about 5 miles east of truckee. the chp says the bus driver was placing reflective cones on the roadway when the patrol officer accidentally backed into him. the chp says their investigation continues. well a san jose man was arrested and accused of peeping at valley medical center in san jose. 25-year-old feraia ali was taken in last fight. investigators aren't giving us any other details right now. alie worked at the medical center. he as being held on $5,000 bail. some dog owners in south san francisco are worried about their pets after two dogs got sick last week. the park is on the north side of
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bruno heights. of the dog owners think the illness may be from chemicals in a fertilizer used to treat the grass. no fertilizer has been used at the park in over a year. they're still looking in to what could have sickened the dogs. >> it makes me really concerned because we live right around the corner from here. so we're here probably three or four times a day. >> my dogs got sick but i don't know if it was because of the park or not. relief may be coming soon for pg&e customers who were hit hard with the winter's fluctuating energy bills. customers say their energy bills doubled even tripled when the weather turned cold. they were billed at a more expensive tier two level. the average pg&e customer has
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70% of their rates covered. that would require pg&e to estimate the cost of their next month's bill. today the santa clara supervisor is spending money to rebrand the county. to pro mote santa clara county. the contract would be with a new york city pr firm. our time is now 4:39. restoring some natural habitats. coming up at 5:00. the meeting today helping the struggling salmon population. >> but first while most of california has been declared drought-free. some areas are still dealing with extremely dry conditionsment up next how they're trying to conserve water before funding moves out. >> you have a pretty easy drive just about everywhere including
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on 880. north and southbound through oakland. >> it looks like rain clouds will be here most of the day. it does look cloudy for the diamondbacks and the giants tonight at 7:15. maybe some light rain.
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fremont police have released new details about a man. police now say the man opened fire on officers before he was killed. it all started just after 11:30 sunday night on fremont boulevard and dakota road. police say someone flagged down an east bay regional park police officer saying they saw a man with a gun in a parked car. the parks officer called fremont police for backup and as
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officers arrived they saw the man run down an alley behind a walgreens store and shot at them. this is the third fatal shooting involving fremont police this year. >> it's always difficult any time an officer is put into a situation they have and use deadly force. the three incidents our officers have had to recently confront are all factually very different. >> ktvu has learned sergeant miguel sanchez fired at least two shots and officer brendan johnson fired at least seven. and the alameda county d.a.'s office. your time is now 4:43. a tense standoff in oak land yesterday with a suspected car-jacker ended peacefully. >> 36-year-old cody rice
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car-jacked a truck yesterday. the truck was seen near a gas station. oakland police surrounded the truck. they negotiated with rice until he gave up peacefully. the suspect's step father says he's happy for that outcome. >> they handled the situation. i can't ask for more. he's alive. no shots were fired. the oakland police were patient. >> robert major says his son is reacting badly to medication for a liver problem. he needs medical help. rice was booked in the santa clara jail. hours after the homes went on the market. police say the vandals broke into the homes, threw a party, then smashed windows, kicked in
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doors and shattered glass. the contractor says they caused between $15,000 and $20,000 in damage. >> the kids showed up and left their mark. >> the contractor says it could take about a week to repair the damage and they plan to add security overnight to make sure it does not happen again. let's go back to allie rasmus in for sal with a check on your commute. still looking good? >> yes. no news is good news especially at this hour. a little spot westbound 580 out near tracy if you're coming in from tracy. a little bit of slowing reports that there's maybe because of some lanes closed for construction at this hour. take a closer look at that and then you go down to the south bay everything looks good there. not a single red on that map
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there. 280 in san jose. barely any cars on the road at this hour. and 101 in san francisco just before the 80 split also looking good. traffic moving very nicely at this hour. time now is 4:46. steve, i felt a little warmer when i looked outside. >>allie you're learning fast. >> it is cloudy. it is warmer. >> i'm a fast warmer. >> it is. thank you. we have cloudy skies. so far just some light rain being reported. but we'll see some light rain today for you allergy sufferers the grass is making a move. not too bad yet. it's those trees. oak, ark, and mulberry. not to be confused with dewey, cheaterman and howl. you know the grass is ready to come and the grass is this tall from all the rain. we might get a little more rain. up north you can see some of that it looks like a heavier ban
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moves towards the east. i'm really wrestling with this forecast here because i want to kick it through but everything says no it's going to last during most of the day. we're getting the warm sector right now. the front still has a ways to get here. 50s on almost all these temps. low 50s for east bay temperatures. 51 for danville. 52 blackhawk. 55 for pirg and also vallejo. 21 up in truckee. slight snow generally above 7,000 feet. there's really not much. no warnings or watches but a stronger system will impact them tomorrow night into thursday morning. but today we have a lot of cloud cover. not much in the way of any rain but we are expecting some of that to increase. the front's right here. there's still plenty to go. a lot of this might be just light rain, steady rain. that's a good indication. next system right there there's one that's coming in behind
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that. that will be for wednesday night into thursday. 50s, 60s on your temps. low 70s towards the santa clara valley. cloudy, some light rain. cloudy again on wednesday. wednesday afternoon, wednesday night, into early thursday looks okay. >> all right. steve, thank you. researchers say the gray white shark that beached itself in santa cruz last month died of brain injuries. the 10-foot long juvenile shark showed up near pleasure point. a crowd of 100 people watched as it thrashed around in the water. the department of fish and wild life says the shark was brain dead and that a pathogen caused severe brain lesions that made it difficult for that shark to swim. time is 4:48. most of the state has bounced back from the record breaking drought. but people outside of yosemite
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say they still have a water crisis. the recent heavy rains have not boosted their water supply. a lot of people have had to depend on deliveries to fill up their water tanks. >> a lot are getting this water delivery and getting the tank they should be looking into other-os for water. >> now the county and the state are coming together to build a pipeline to bring water into that area. an unexpected catch on a cellphone camera. up next what a southern california woman accidentally recorded and her hilarious reaction. ♪ hitting the mid-morning wall? with up to 24 grams of hearty protein jimmy dean bowls help you avoid it. shine on. ♪ ♪ the day's looking new and bright, ♪ ♪ and you're gonna start it right,
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is 4:52. officials in marin county rejected license. the county administrator is now recommending a reviseded approach to marijuana dispensaries in unincorporated areas. now he's asked the board of supervisors to weigh in on this issue. right now medical marijuana dispensaries are prohibited. yellow cab company has been sold to a rival. the examiner report shows city wide cab made the bid at $810,000. well uber and lyft haven't
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helped the taxi business. insiders say yellow cab faced millions of dollars in lawsuits sending it over the edge. totalling $26 million. time is now 4:53. the warriors lost last night to the utah jazz. 105-99 and that ended the four game winning streak. klay thompson did not play at all. the rest of the starters, they rested in the 4th quarter except for kevin durant who's bouncing back after his knee injury. he had 16 points but he missed all five of his three point shots. the warriors will most the lakers tomorrow night before the playoffs begin. the giants home opener was almost everything a san francisco baseball fan could
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want. good weather and a 4-1 win over the diamondbacks but it got off to a scary start when buster posy was hit in the head by a 94 miles an hour pitch. posy went down immediately but he got up on his own. he was taken out of the game and is reported to be doing well. posey will be evaluated today. and the giants made the biggest surge in the 4th inning when brandon crawford doubled. matt moore hit the ball part way up the first baseline and arizona's pitcher tried to make the play home but he missed. that and a bad toss by the catcher allowed three runs to score. the giants went on to win 4-1 and those same two teams go at it tonight at at&t park. >> can we talked the oakland a's. the a's' beat the royals. a's pitcher gerald cotton
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breezed through seven innings. chris davis hit a two run homer. sean doolittle pitched in relief. see you brand don. got the same. the royals and the a's have the day off today. they'll be playing again tomorrow. something that looks like a fire ball shot across the skies over much of southern california last night. >> with some -- did you guys see that? >> did you guys see that? >> no i didn't. i missed it. but a cellphone camera captured the bright light about 9:30 last night. they could see it as far north as san diego. the scientists still don't know what that was for sure but they think it was a meteor. >> pretty cool. a homeowner in santa clara is waking up to a surprising sight this morning. coming up at 5:00 what landed in
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their pool overnight and how it's being removed this morning. >> also the investigation goes on after a murder suicide yesterday at that elementary school in san bernardino. new information on the shooter and his victims. a teacher and an 8-year-old student. and we're getting word about a couple of crashes on 580 in the oakland area. we're going to tell you about that coming up. >> another system is moving across. weak as it might be for now we'll produce some rain later on. and what's to the west.
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good morning. a car landed into a pool overnight. now those crews are working on getting it out. >> we'll bring you a live report from that home in santa clara. . >> and backlash after this video surfaced. the contradicting responses from airline officials. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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well good morning. see, we give you a beautiful live picture of the airport this morning as we start this brand new day. gasia is coming in this morning but it actually doesn't feel too bad outside. steve paulson will talk about that momentarily as we welcome him back. >> i'm gasia mikaelian in for pam cook. >> we're going over to steve paulson. >> thank you. we do have some rain developing mainly to the north. so it is warmer here with a lot more 50s than we saw yesterday. let's get to it. my allergies are killing me and this weather doesn't help. well it could be worst diana. grasses are making a little move but the trees are just through the roof. continue to be very strong.
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a lot of show not much go here. we've had a couple reports. that's the heavier cell starting to move in along the mendocino coast. look for a day of cloudy skies and some light rain. 50s for many. 40s for a few. but there's a lot more 50s that we saw yesterday. we'll get some light rain throughout the day here. a lot of cloud cover. not a lot to this system but it looks like another one. 50s, 60s on your temps. all right allie 5:00. still pretty quiet. >> well two things popped up in oakland. first we're going to start with the commute out of tracy. you can see it's slowed there. but we're going to skip over to the two incidents that we just found out about in oakland in the last 10 minutes. eastbound 580 where it


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