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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 11, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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louder for federal investigation into united airline's violent removal from a passenger flight in chicago. >> secretary of state now in moscow. we are learning the influence first daughter ivanka trump had on the u.s. missile strike. >> a car winds up in a swimming pool. we'll have the latest on how homeowners will have to get the car out themselves. >> good afternoon everyone. >> lawmakers are calling for federal investigation following the disturbing video of a man being dragged off of a united airlines flight in chicago. [ screaming ] >> today congressional delegate eleanor holmes norton plans to call for a hearing in the house transportation infrastructure committee. this is as u.s. department of transportation reviews whether united complied with over
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booked rules that required guide leans and set guidelines. for flyers, this incident is raising questions about passenger rights. kelly wright has the details. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: united airlines facing backlash after forcibly pulling a passenger from an over booked flight. >> they were like you have to get off the plane. if you don't, we're calling security. >> reporter: it started when the flight crew picked four passengers to give up their seats to traveling airline employees after no one volunteered. one of the passengers picked refused saying he was a doctor who needed to see his patients. another passenger says airline employees tried to reason with him. >> he was committed to not getting off the plane. >> reporter: industry watch dogs say the airline should have told the passenger he was legally entitled to compensation. >> the airlines do not want to
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often divulge what true options or rights are and then they don't want to give you a warning. in many cases they're quick to pull the trigger and call the police. >> reporter: video shows the man hitting his head as officers ripped him out of his seat with other passengers in a state of shock. >> it was wild enough that they pulled the man off. he was unconscious when they pulled him off the plane. >> reporter: the airline is within their right to pull any passenger off a plane according to experts. >> most people don't realize when you are on an airplane you give up many constitutional rights. you have to obey the requests of the flight crew. >> reporter: united airlines apologized for over booking but the company's ceo defended his employees saying they followed proper procedures. >> the incident is still a very hot topic on social media and of course was focus of several
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late night skits including one on jimmy kimmell live. >> we are united airlines. you do what we say when we say and there won't be a problem. if we say you fly, you fly. if not, tough [bleep] >> oh, my god! >> a problem, and we'll drag your [bleep] off the plane. we'll beat you so badly you can use your own face as a flotation device. united airlines [bleep] >> similar things have sparked the trending hash tag new united airlines mottos. many former customers are boycotting over the incident. outrage is on social media in china with the video viewed more than 130 million times, many commenting on it from a
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passenger who said the man was dragging was selected because he was chinese. taking a closer look at the impact on the company financially, the stock is down a little bit over 2% on this tuesday afternoon. new at noon, a group of immigration advocates in the east bay as part of what they're calling a caravan. this is part of a trek towards the texas mexico border for a massive may day demonstration. it will happen against president trump's immigration policy. >> lee martinez is outside and joins us now with more. >> reporter: a couple dozen people are here calling themselves the caravan against fear. this is their second rally. the first was second in sacramento. they're making their way down
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california. the group unites over opposition to president trump's immigration policies which they say are based on hate and racism citing when trump called mexicans racist and criminal drug dealers on the campaign trail. organizers say deportation policies make america less safe because immigrants are afraid to report crimes to local law enforcement. >> there is no trust in the immigrant community to report crimes of sexual violence, assault, and even rape. many people will not call local law enforcement because they're scared they will end up in deportation. >> reporter: came to the u.s. from mexico at nine years old with her single mother. it took years to get a work visa. the residency visa was too expensive for the family to begin the process. she worries about being separated from her mother. >> i would maybe have to get
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out of school. i know my brother who is 13 year old might not understand even though he knows we are immigrants in the country. but he's been here since he was six months old. he doesn't think he is an immigrant. he knows he is an american. >> reporter: the march is going to continue to san jose and through southern california and even arizona. they're trying to gain support for sanctuary laws. a proposed bill would prohibit law enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal immigration agents. they're going to be back this way around may 1 and they're calling for a nationwide worker strike on may 1. >> thank you. right now in moscow, rex tillerson is getting ready to meet are russia's foreign minister. >> as the world continues to call on the kremlin to help in
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the syrian civil war. >> it's clear to all of us that the reign of the assad family is coming to an end. >> reporter: tillerson talked tough tuesday ahead of a planned meeting with russia's foreign minister over last week's chemical weapons attack against syria civilians. russia is assad's biggest supporter. >> is that a longterm alliance that serves russia's interest or would russia prefer to realign with the united states, with other western countries and middle east countries who are seeking to resolve the syrian crisis. >> reporter: tillerson landed in moscow after the g7 summit in italy. many allies supported the decision to launch the missile strike against the syrian air base from which the chemical attack originated many are hoping a diplomatic solution can be found for the six year
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civil war. vladimir putin suggested u.s. is planting chemical weapons in syria to pin the blame on the assad regime. >> we are going to officially turn to the corresponding un structure and to call on the international community to thoroughly velocity the actions. >> reporter: responding to associated press report that said officials preliminarily concluded russia enjoyed foreign knowledge of the attack an official tells fox news the intelligence community has no consensus on whether russia knew in advance. ivanka trump appears to have played a role in her father's decision to take military action against syria. son eric trump tells a british newspaper he is certain his sister encouraged their father to carry out the strike. he pointed out his sister is the mother of three and was horrified by the chemical weapons attack that killed at
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least 87 people including more than 30 children. we are learning more about the 53 year old gunman who opened fire in a california school yesterday. anderson had threatened his estranged wife before she moved out and accused her of infidelity. anderson walked into the elementary school in san bernardino yesterday and shot and killed smith before turning the gun on himself. two students were also shot, one was an 8 year old boy who died. anderson had a history of domestic abuse and weapons charges. smith's mother repeatedly told her daughter to leave him. >> he began to talk down to her. they had dated for four years. after about three weeks my husband and i decided you need to get away from him. >> school officials say protocol was followed and they did not do anything wrong in letting anderson in. classes at the school have been
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canceled today and tomorrow. santa rosa police say their search for a suspected car thief led to a lock down of an elementary school. they believe 39 year old andrew chafer ran from a stolen car near 101 and mendocino. three hours ago police locked down nearby steel lane elementary school as a precaution. it is no the clear if that's still in effect. in oakland, police are investigating a deadly shooting just after 2:00 this morning on east 12th street near america's best value inn motel. officers say it also appeared that man was attacked before he was shot but no other details were released. still ahead, a car in the backyard pool of one south bay family. after break, what investigators say the driver was doing moments before the crash and why neighbors say they're not surprised by the incident. >> parts of the bay area are beginning to see a little bit
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wet weather out there. we have much more on the way. we'll be back with all the details. >> san francisco dog owners on alert after two dogs were sickened at a neighborhood park. what some people believe caused the incident. when i feel my best, i am my best.
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a janitor who worked at several schools is facing felony child molestation
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charges. police say 60 year old ruben gonzales was arrested almost two weeks ago after they received a report of child molestation. when officers arrived they say he ran off but was arrested not far from his home. several children were taken into protective custody. hehe is banned from working in the school district and is held on a nearly $47 million bail. homeowners are left cleaning up after a car slammed through two fences before sinking into a swimming pool. >> police say the teen driver may have fallen asleep at the wheel and neighbors say they're not surprised by the crash. >> reporter: the 19 year old is telling police he fell asleep. that's when he plowed through the two fences, a wrought iron fence and then a wooden fence, before he plunged into the pool. a camera is set up on top of
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our truck to show you the view of the car still submerged in the swimming pool. the question is how authorities going to get the car out. the crash happened around 3:00 this morning. a 19 year old man was found outside the pool and car soaking wet. he was uninjured and able to get out of the car on his own. the young man lives in santa clara and may have been trying to drive home. this is a dangerous intersection and cars have veered off the road before but have never ended up in the swimming pool. it can be a confusing intersection. >> i think that's why they put this fence because people kept crashing into the house. this used to be a four way stop. now they put the middle stop and people still don't know what to do. >> santa clara firefighters and tow service were called. after looking at the situation they determined there is no way to get the car out of the pool
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without causing extensive damage. now the police say it is up to the private property owner to get an industrial crane to get the car out. we have this update from santa clara. sky fox took this video, you can see that long ropes are being used with a tow truck and they were able to pull the car out of the water. let's check in with steve now. we are getting ready for another storm. >> i have some pictures here to show you. this is going back two years on the sierra snow. a couple years ago, there was nothing. 2015 and 2017. >> big difference. >> nearly 8 feet deep. the amount of water content is 183% of the longterm average. that's a lot to make up in two
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years. there is still more on the way, more as in snow. we are getting to that time of year where things might be winding down. there is still a series of systems to go through. look at santa rosa. normal rainfall for april 11 is 33.42. now they're 58.49 and they're adding to that. they added a little bit as of this morning. there is more on the way. santa rosa another .02. at santa rosa there was a little bit but there is not much now. most of this went through earlier. the best rain has been in lake county, clear lake. but even up there, things are quiet. napa airport reported some light rain at noon. this is going to keep cloud
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cover in the forecast. i have to keep light rain and drizzle in for game two tonight. two systems, one today and the other one to the left of your screen will be late wednesday and thursday. the one today isn't doing much. we have had rain reports all the way down to holidayister. -- hollister. the system wednesday and thursday will be a better system and also colder. liver more is at 66. the south wind in advance of the system helps warm things up a little bit. san jose east at 16. the breeze is picking up. a lot of this is not reaching the ground. this system won't do much. it is more of a nuisance than anything else, just light rain. the next system will be on tap
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wednesday night and thursday night and that will give everybody more rain. we'll have rain totals in our next segment. maybe some upper 60s. we are not done yet. we will get a break on friday and saturday. right now i maintain the theme that you are okay easter sunday morning, not afternoon. rain will be back then. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. coastguard is monitoring a sunken barge near the bay bridge. as we have been reporting the 112-foot freight barge capsized friday with 4000 gallons of fuel and 300 gallons hydraulic fluid. initially it was leaking but drivers plugged the fuel vent over the weekend. several agencies are working on a plan to recover the barge. it's been being used for maintenance. why the oakland a's are getting ready to once again sell tickets up there on the third deck. that's coming up. ♪
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san francisco is actively seeking proposals to develop housing for some of the most vulnerable among the homeless. according to reports the city wants to build 120 studio apartments behind police headquarters near att park's event parking side. the city says it is working on a system to determine who would have priority to move into the complex. the department of homelessness expects half of the residents
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will have mental or physical challenges. this is now considered the most valuable auto maker beating general motors. tesla's market value is now over $50 billion exceeding gm by about $1 million. gm and other big auto makers are still considered financially healthy but are falling behind when it comes to alternative power and other cutting edge technology. tesla's stock is down a little bit more than 1%. u.s. stocks are sliding lower in afternoon trading led by declines in banks ands tech companies. dow jones as you can see is down 50 points. tensions continue to increase between u.s. and north korea. the president tweeted this tweet saying north korea is looking for trouble. if china decides to help, that will be great. if not, we will solve the problem without them. usa. >> this is as there is an ominous new warning in reaction
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to president trump's deployment of carrier strike group near the korean peninsula. >> 2500u.s. service members joining thousands of south korean counterparts in joint military exercises. tensions increase on the korean peninsula. >> this exercise is yet another example of our ability to flawlessly execute logistics capabilities. >> drills are focusing on the event of an invasion, part of the effort to beef up america's military presence following recent aggression from north korea. the strike group is now being deployed off the korean peninsula drawing an angry response and a new left. >> never beg for peace and we will take the toughest countermeasures in order to defend ourselves by powerful force of arms. >> president trump making a push for chinese to take a
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bigger role in reigning in north korea and he linked issues with the north korean threat for the first time saying i explained to the president of china that a trade deal with u.s. would be far better for them if they solve the problem. allies are welcoming any effort that gets china on board. >> i believe china can still play a bigger role and i think that's what needs to be done. >> later this week, north korea will celebrate the birthday of the country's founder. in the past they have marked the occasion with the launch of a missile. perhaps this year it will be the detonation of a nuclear device. still ahead, a violent encounter between a man and police officer caught on camera near sacramento. what witnesses say sparked the officers seen hitting the man. some are concerned about
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what contaminants can be at a park after two dogs get sick.
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dog owners in san francisco are on alert after two dogs were recently sickened. >> this happened at precita
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park. some dog owners believe this may be used from chemicals in a fertilizer used to treat the grass. >> reporter: two neighbors have complained dogs have gotten sick after being at this park last week. they suspect fertilizer used by workers receding grass may be the cause. >> it makes me concerned base we live around the corner. >> my dog has gotten sick but i don't know if it was because of the park. >> reporter: the owner of cubby says he would like to find out more about what workers are using to treat the grass. >> are you still going to come around? >> i have to think about that. >> reporter: a spokes woman says recently the department has roped off newly seeded areas withstand arrested grass mix that should not have
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negative effects on humans or animals and no fertilizer has been used in well over a year. she said we are still looking into our maintenance activities last week and welcome input from the public on any incident they might have witnessed. >> i've been coming to this park 20 or 25 years. every time the park service has done something with fertilizer or mulch or whatever they're going to, they post it. >> reporter: the owner of smoky joe's suspects it isn't chemicals but garbage left that could sicken the dogs. >> dogs love to dig in that stuff. >> reporter: dog owners want answers. >> pretty concerned. my dog is definitely prone to getting sick, especially since he is a puppy. >> i will keep myself informed
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as to what's happening. san jose police searching for vandals who caused thousands in damages to five new homes. it happened early sunday morning hours after homes went on the market. vandals broke in, threw a party, smashed windows, kicked in doors, shattered glass. they cost between 20 to $50,000 damage. >> they sent out what sounds to be a viral invitation and about 50 kids showed up and had a party. they left their mark. >> the contractor says it could take a week to repair the damage. they plan to add security overnight to be sure it doesn't happen again. investigation into the death of an inmate at the elmwood correctional facility. the body of the 48 year old man was found saturday morning before 5:00 inside a housing unit. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. officials believe he jumped from the second story of the
12:32 pm
building. the last death of an inmate in custody at the facility was in november 2015 when an inmate's body was located inside his cell. members of the sheriffs office have body cameras. deputies are being trained up to 12 months on how and when to use the cameras. most will have small video cameras attached to clothing, helmets, sunglasses. it is hoped that by the end of the week, 272 deputies will be trained on the body cameras. a jay walking incident in sacramento quickly turned violent ending with a police officer on top of a man. the officer was also seen hitting him. >> part of the incident was caught on camera by a passerby. >> you can't! >> reporter: dramatic police take down of a young black man. a take down followed up by what appears to be police fists
12:33 pm
flying in the face of the same young man now on the ground. naomi was in shock and recorded the video posting it to facebook because she felt everything she saw was wrong. >> they just kept hitting him and i was like why you hitting him like that? you need to stop hitting him. they kept hitting him. >> reporter: she calls the young man nephew but says he is really just a sweet person from her apartment complex that she's gotten to know. officers who questioned her told her they were trying to stop him for jay walking. she doesn't understand how jay walking could have come to this. >> i just want some answers. >> reporter: the live in girlfriend says she fell in love with his goofy personality and can't imagine why this would happen. she can imagine him cutting across the street but as far as
12:34 pm
her knowledge of him breaking laws. >> in terms of his history, is he a parolee, been arrested? >> never been to jail or arrested ever. >> reporter: when asked sacramento police could only say officers tried to stop a man. they couldn't tell us what offense was committed or confirm the identity. naomi says nothing about this makes sense and everyone even recovered drug addicts like herself deserves respect. >> any human being don't deserve that. >> sacramento police department is calling the actions unacceptable. it is unclear if the officer was wearing a body camera and if he was whether or not the device was recorded. a tense standoff with a suspected carjacker in oakland ended peacefully. 36 year old cody rice carjacked a truck yesterday after
12:35 pm
involved in a hit n run crash. the truck was later seen and a gas station. oakland police surrounded the truck and negotiated with rice until he gave up peacefully. the suspect's step father is grateful for the outcome. >> they handled the situation, he is alive. he is being taken care of. no shots were fire. oakland police were patient. >> robert major says his son is reacting badly to medication for a liver problem and needs medical help. rice was booked in jail on suspicion of carjacking and charges of hit n run. authorities say a san bruno man accused of killing and dismembering his neighbor may have been angry after an argument over a space heater. he was in cot yesterday accused of killing the 77 year old. authorities say the two argued over the sale of a space heater
12:36 pm
and police believe he pepper sprayed him before shooting him. at first he was listed as missing for over a month but when police went to investigate they became suspicious. >> there was an odor that was readily apparent. that's what got them started on that path. >> yesterday's court appearance was continued so a lawyer can be appointed. his bail is set at $10 million. berkley police are investigating a report of the sexual assault of a cal student at an off campus fraternity party. this happened saturday night. the victim says she was assaulted. the police have not yet named the fraternity. no arrests have been made and police don't have a description of a suspect. anyone with information is asked to call police. santa clara sheriffs deputies arrested a man they say was caught peeping. the 25 year old was taken into
12:37 pm
custody just before 9:00 last night. investigators are not releasing other details about the incident and according to reports, ali worked at the medical center. he is hold on $5000 bail. police are looking for more victims after three women say a massage therapist sexual assaulted them. thursday, a 55 year old was arrested. he is currently out on bail. ktvu has details on the claims and the unlicensed business. >> he seemed like an ideal neighbor. >> reporter: harper says she would see people come and go all hours of the day but had no idea he was working as a mass use. he she learned of the troubling allegations he may have sexually assaulted his client. >> i am appalled. i never would have thought of anything like that. >> reporter: police say the 55 year old ran an unregulated
12:38 pm
massage business at his home on illinois street converting the garage into two treatment rooms. people with minor appointments would see him. the business didn't advertise but relied on recommendations. >> it is not a unique service for latinos to par take in or to go to for healing. apparently it's very cultural, culturally popular way of getting healed. >> reporter: three female clients came forward last month alleging the self proclaimed mass use assaulted them. police arrested him last thursday. >> it's super scary to know there are people like this in the neighborhood. >> there are very few cases that are more severe and i don't think there is any case that scars you more than getting sexually assault the. >> reporter: police had a similar case in 2014 where a
12:39 pm
mass use operating in the same fashion was arrested for sexual battery charges. the news led to dozens of victims coming forward. >> if he is seeing a good number of clients i think the odds are that this isn't the only three people it happened to. >> the home has been red tagged as city officials crack down on houses that convert houses illegally. police are offering the victims counseling and asking anyone with additional information to contact them. coming up, expected to be evaluated today after being beamed by that pitch on the home opener. >> some in the north bay are seeing rain. don't worry. the rest of the bay area will get that wet weather soon. we will check in with our meteorologist for the details. live-stream your favorite sport,
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the san francisco giants catcher is scheduled to be evaluated after a pitch in the head in yesterday's home opener. this happened during the bottom of the 1st when arizona hit posey with the pitch. he was able to get up on his own but he was taken out of the game and reported to be doing well. as soon as we have an update, we'll bring it to you. as for the game, giants made the biggest surge in the 4th. then there is a walk and
12:43 pm
another walk. matt moore dribbles this up the first baseline. arizona's pitcher tries to make the play but missed. that was followed by another bad toss by the catcher. three runs come across the plate and giants win 4-1. series continues tonight with. ace pitcher cotton breezed through several innings. he got all the supported he needed from his teammates in the 4th when davis hit a two run homer. doolittle pitched in relief and struck out former teammate brandon moss to get the save. the series continues tomorrow. taking down the tarps that have covered the third deck of the colosseum for years. we are giving you a live look of what's happening. you see the letter t the three
12:44 pm
sections have been taken down. the a's are going to make the seats available for $15 the rest of the season. they made the move in response to fan suggestions. half of the proceeds will go to oakland promise, a group that helps oakland students attend college. across the way from the colosseum, warriors ended their 14 game win streak after losing to the utah jazz last night. the head coach isn't worried and says it is more important to rest players than to win a game that doesn't mean anything. thompson did not play when the rest of the starters rested except for durant who is returning to game shape after his knee injury. steph curry put up 28. >> warriors host lakers tomorrow for the final regular season game. it's also fan night. fans are going to receive a special shirt featuring faces
12:45 pm
of the warriors players along with jerry west and team announcer jim barnett. >> let's check back in for the forecast for the rest of the week. >> we do have a lot of cloud cover, not much in the way of rain. this system did give rain this morning but amounts were less than 1/10 of an inch for almost every location. we have cloudy skies. there is a system that's going to drag across. this keeps cloud cover going and maybe even very light rain. a better system is coming in for late wednesday into thursday. that one to the left of the screen has more cold air. that will give more widespread rain. i wanted to take some cloud cover and rain out but i just couldn't do it. it will be cloudy tonight,
12:46 pm
light rain. maybe just enough to be a nuisance. some of the rainfall that we are looking at is pretty light. there are two front. if i went to next week i could say sunday, tuesday, thursday possible rain. this next system through thursday, nothing too heavy. the heaviest will be to the north and even that should be less than 3/4 of an inch. there is not much rainfall into thursday. a third of an inch, maybe a half inch. we are okay friday. we are okay saturday. sunday morning is all right. sunday night here comes a system that will drag us into monday. you are getting over an inch to two in some locations. this pattern is going to go for a while. if you missed it, this was april 1, 2015 at phillips station. it was nothing. now it is 90 plus. it is nearly eight feet deep.
12:47 pm
water content is 183%. there is a lot of snow up there and still more on the way. it is not a lot but there is still some. what a remarkable recovery in two years. cloud cover is moving through but not much in the way of rain. that next system is on tap. that will give us a better opportunity. cloudy today and kind of mild. we are getting a south breeze in advance. we can still get light rain. temperatures are 60s to 70s. with that south wind, that's pretty mild. san jose east, due south at sfo, that's why it is kind of muggy on the peninsula, a few showers popping up in the east bay but even those look like they've been fizzling out. this system is really very weak but the next one is not. 60s to near 70 for some and mainly cloudy with light rain. tomorrow we will see increasing
12:48 pm
clouds and rain is on the way wednesday into thursday. friday is good. saturday is good. easter sunday morning looks good. easter afternoon looks like rain. >> get your eggs done early. >> thanks. >> you bet. trump administration's proposed impacts has brought a lot of attention to wheels on meals. this isn't the only program that brings much needed food to people in need. >> we followed this crew from the recreation and rehab center as they made their way around the south of market neighborhoods. stop after stop delivering bags of food to people in need. they are the newst members of a program managed by the san francisco marin food bank. >> it's a collaboration between the city, food bank, community organizations to bring food to
12:49 pm
home bound seniors and adults with disabilities who have difficulty leaving the house to get food. >> people like marianne who told us this program keeps her from going hungry. >> it helps a ton. i am not running out of food now. i have food to last the month. i don't have to worry about running out of food. before, i would run out and i wouldn't have enough to last me. i would worry about how i would get my next meal. i am on a very limited income. almost my whole check goes to rent. >> we should back up a bit and take you back to the delivery crew and tell you how they got involved. they are with the recreation and rehabilitation center, a fixture in san francisco since the 1950s. >> our core population is children, teens, adults, seniors with developmental disabilities. we also have a small group that serves people with traumatic and acquired brain injuries. >> the center is dedicated to
12:50 pm
inclusions. the nearly 400 people get a mix of pool time, art time, vocational, recreational classes. a couple months ago they signed up to help with the food bank home delivery regrowth program. >> we would get a bulk shipment from the food bank every tuesday of mostly produce, some protein, some dairy, a hodgepodge of things that we separated into individual grocery bags for recipients. >> every tuesday, participants take great pride in sorting and bagging the food. >> vegetables so they can be healthy. >> jerry is a rock star here, a local legend. he has all the energy of the universe compressed into one being. we are trying to give him opportunities to build job skills. >> i am doing this for job
12:51 pm
training so i can get a job. >> 20 pounds of produce, protein, and grain is packed into these bags and loaded into these two vans for delivery the help pomeroy gives is critical. the program is fairly new. while it serves about 1400 people, there are so many more in need. >> based on numbers out of the 2016 needs assessment report, we calculated that there are probably 10,000 or 20,000 seniors and adults with disabilities who qualify. we are currently serving just a fraction. >> reporter: there is a waiting list of people and the biggest challenge is finding other groups willing to do the work. >> our partners take on a lot by agreeing. >> consider those who benefit, people like marianne. >> all the vegetables here,
12:52 pm
yams, cabbage, eggplant, onions, celery, i buy a $6 roast and i put all this stuff in here and it lasts about four days. >> i suffer with my legs so it is hard for me to get out. >> consider this crew who knows what it is like to receive help. you only have to see the smiles on their faces to know how invaluable it is to give back. >> to be put in a position to give a little bit help so they can contribute back some of which they have benefited from. it is super rewarding, instantly gratifying fo everybody. coming up, unique swimming pool that gives swimmers a bird's eye view of a large american city.
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
rebuilding together. so many people in san jose are trying to recover from recent flooding. tomorrow morning we'll show you what's being done to help people with their homes. >> let's get the stanley cup too. join us tomorrow morning from
12:55 pm
4:00 to 10:00. taking a look at stocks a few minutes from the closing bell, trying to make a come back. dow jones is down 26. nasdaq is down 23. a lot of eyes are on united airline stock today. right now it's down a little bit more than 1%. today is national pet day. it's a time for owners to give extra love to their dogs or cats. you have a dog.
12:56 pm
>> i do. >> a popular social network connects neighbors and has a new service for pet owners. it's called the next door pet directory. you add photos to the neighborhood director so everyone knows everybody's dogs and cats. according to a new report, pets can be beneficial to your health. researchers say babies whose families own pets especially dogs have higher levels of certain bacteria that lower allergy and obesity risks. we want to see your photos on our facebook, instagram or twitter pages. use #ktvu. >> i always feel better around the dog. you have a bad day, he makes it better. look at this video. you have chance to swim in the
12:57 pm
sky. a vertigo inducing swimming pool in downtown houston. it has a glass bottom suspended 500 feet in the air. it offers incredible views of the street below. would you do it? >> nope. >> oh, come on. thanks for watching everyone.
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dr. oz: the moment of death. what actual happens in the find seconds. meet a woman who says she lived here. didn't fear ing i was fear. dr. oz: and what you never expected. docuseries making a urderer captivated a nation, was key evidence left out. >> this is evidence from the car, how does it get there? dr. oz: what you haven't heard yet next. lives today. are you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers and applause] dr. oz: it's the


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