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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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incredible military. and we are proud of them and this was a another very very successful mission. >> reporter: united states drop the most powerful conventional bomb in eastern afghanistan earlier today. the bomb which has never before been used in combat targeted a system of tunnels and caves believed to be used by isis as that terror group moves into territory once known to be occupied by al-qaeda. >> the united states takes the fight against isis very seriously and in order to defeat the group we must deny operational space which we did wrs. >> reporter: known as the mother of all bombs the weapon was unveiled in 2003 and weighs 21,000 pounds. it is the largest nonnuclear bomb in the u.s. arsenal with a blast radius of roughly a mile. designed to explode above ground killing the targets through a shock wave. >> i can't say this was a immediate outcome of any conversations we had with the afghan government. i think its part of the ongoing
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effort. >> reporter: president trump touting the amped up approach towards fighting isis something he vowed to do throughout the presidential campaign. >> if you look at what's happened over the last 8 weeks and compare that to what happened over the last 8 years, you will see there's tremendous difference. >> reporter: as for how much one of the bombs cost, about 16 million dollars and the one just dropped was part of a group that cost 314 million dollars to develop. expensive. >> expensive that hit an isis tunnel and what are the capabilities of a bomb hike this. >> reporter: the point of this one is the tunnel and cave complex gives the-mi places to hide and it's hard to get to the enemy fighters if you are on the ground and you -- it's hard to get from the air as well. what the bomb does is explodes above ground about 6 feet above the ground and sends out the huge shock wave. so anything that is in a mile radius of the explosion it's vaporized is what we are hearing and beyond that it will leave people disabled and
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bloody ear drums and those things and even if they are buried in the tunnels. and that prevents the loss of life from american forces that have to go there on the ground where the people are dug in. this way they can clear that area out with this above ground explosion. >> we heard about the tomahawk missile attack in syria. how does a tomahawk compare to this moab. >> reporter: there are some similarities. they are gps guide and use satellites to coordinate their targets. so they are very accurate. but the tomahawks used in syria 59 were launched each one had a thousand pound warhead on it. this bomb has 21,600 pounds so this one bomb was roughly almost half the force of all the tomahawks that were launched in syria. there are 20 of these moab bombs in existence. this was a first one used we don't know if they will use them again. >> and this is used along israeli i mean afghan pakistan border where there were reports
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osama bin laden may have been hiding after the september 11th attack. >> reporter: mountenous and there's caves that have been dug in and tunnels and it's dangerous for u.s. especially special forces to get into to try to hunt the people down. we understand that there were efforts to make sure there were no civilians in the area when this particular bomb was dropped. so hopefully that's not the case. we are waiting to get a damage assessment from the military to find out exactly what this bomb explosion accomplished. >> all right ken thank you. house minority leader was home in san francisco today and was asked about the bombing a- she called it an escalation. it should be subbed to review by members of congress. >> for these things to be happening without congress being part of the debate raises serious questions as to the justification and the results as to what this is about. >> nancy pelosi renewed the call for paul ryan to reconvene
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the house of representatives to debate u.s. military actions in syria. santa clara county is bracing for a what could be a turning point in the immigration debate. 9th circuit court of appeals will rule on a preliminary injunction request. that request was filed to block the trump administration from withholding federal funds to self-described sanctuary cities. ktvu jesse gary found a support for the sanctuary cities in the south bay. >> we have a president that is trying to unilaterally trying to use federal funds to essentially extort jurisdictionss to make them do his bidding. >> reporter: standing shoulder to shoulder and four rows deep members of the santa clara county community all united in their opposition to the trump administration. 1.7 billion dollars in federal funding could be denied to this county because county officials of all stripes refuse to help immigration agents enforceexisting law. >> the loss of federal funding
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is not just an immigration issue. it's a entire community issue. seniors, families, children, your neighbor. >> reporter: board of supervisors president cites a released study from the center for american progress that shows so-called sanctuary counties do better not worse than those that are not. the studies findings are that on average, there are 35.5 fewer crimes per 10,000 people. median household income is more than $4300 higher. the poverty rate 2.3% lower and the unemployment rate is about 1% lower. >> our current county policy creates safer communities. >> a ruling in our favor tomorrow will give temporary protection to funding owed to us and communities like us across the country. >> reporter: he haze coined the term constitutional jurisdictions and says he believes that the law is on
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this group's side. >> our children need to understand just how fragile our system of government is and if we are not vigilant and hold our government accountable we could very well lose the democracy we have taken for granted for so long. >> reporter: the temporary injunction may not be the final words since the republican controlled congress could still block funding for sanctuary jurisdictionss. so officials here are hoping for the best with tomorrow's ruling. but planning for the worst. to that end board of supervisors president says he and the other supervisors are building backup funning into next year's building which they are drafting right now. they will present it to the public may 1 work to ratify it and get it in police and passed by deadline at the end of june. in the south bay bureau jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. a biblical act turned political in the bay area today. san jose mayor and other elected officials joined faith leaders in washing the feet of immigrants in the catholic tradition members of the clergy wash the feet of the poor on
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holy thursday as jesus is said to have washed the feet of his disciples. today's ritual took place outside the ice administration building in morgan hill. >> we are one community despite having a divided country we are quite united on this issue. and standing up for the community and we want ice and the federal government to understand how important immigrants are to the city and nation. >> religious leaders held a foot washing ritual outside county sheriff offices in oakland and in martinez. they are urning the passage of a law to limit local involvement in the deportation of undocumented immigrants and said the action was a declaration of the common humanity. this has been a winter to remember. rain never seemed to stop and contributed to floods in san jose and mud slides in the north bay and in the sierra the snow has not stopped falling. in fact snow totals are above 600 inch at some resorts. so it's no surprise all of this
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adds up to a record breaking year for water. in fact it was the rain last night that pushed us into the record breaking territorych the wettest winter on record. >> and yeah for the 8 station index northern california, that's where we measure water since 1926. and we use this area to determine how much we will -- how much water we will have the in the summer months lake shaft to orioleville and folsom lake and it's a good indication of how we are doing water wise. we have got rain today. .6 in sanna -- santa rowsa -- santa rosa. we have been talking about the index all week. records of san francisco that go back to 189. and that record we are not really we are like way down the list in terms of wettest in san francisco. but this area here, it's super important because this is where the rain is stored and this matters when we talk about drought and we talk about the health of california's agricultural economy and the wettest one on record is that
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green line and 1982. i remember that year like nobody's business and i got to tell you watch this. the yellow line that's where we are now. we just broke the record of 88 inches almost 90 inches of rain this year in that 8 mounten index. that's huge because if you do remember 82 that's a massively wet year. we are pushing forward with more rain in the forecast. and there's more snow up in the mountains as well but just another example of how incredible this winter has been in terms of rainfall coming off 5 years of significant drought. we had just now had the wettest year ever recorded in that 8 mounten index since 1926. that's a long time of record keeping. when i come back we will talk about the chance of some rain and for that holiday weekend, i will see you back here. united airlines after a passenger was dragged off a flight. tonight the airline is now
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facing a lawsuit. three aviation offices have been suspend and the airline says they are chaining the protocol in the wake of the disturbing incident that was cut on camera. ktvualyana gomez joins us row>> reporter: the attorney for dr. david dao says he lost teeth and suffered a concussion and had a broken noseas result of what happened on the flight. legal team filed a motion to preserve evidence as it prepares to take legal action against united. in the meantime, there are new reports about what happened before he was dragged off the plane. one passenger says he and his wife voluntarily gave up their seats to make way for united employees in exchange for 800 dollar vouchers but he changed his mind. and the the video of dao being dragged off the plane is viewed millions of times and today, his daughter said the family wants to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to anyone else. >> what happened to my dad
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should have never happened to any human being regardless of the circumstance. we were horrified and shocked and sickened to learn what happened to him and to see what happened to him. >> if you are going to eject a passenger, under no circumstances can it be done with unreasonable force. >> crystal says her dad was discharged from the hospital last night and he still need reconstructive surgery for his broken nose. united stock continues to slide even after the airline ceo apologized. the lawsuit has not been filed just yet but dao's attorney says they plan to do it very soon. first hearing on preservation of evidence is scheduled tore monday morning. julie. >> thank you. thanks to the state leanings legislature and
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signature by the governor bart's 34 million dollar deficit won't be so big. and that's good news for riders. >> some came for part-time work and others look for a career. but all of the teens at this job fair learn the one common mistake they shouldn't make. >> and a special banquet to honor police dispatchers turned into a alcohol fueled fight in the east bay. coming up next, people posting the investigation say what happened was embarrassing. embarrassing. live-stream your favorite sport,
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at the airport. binge dvr'd shows, while painting your toes. on demand laughs, during long bubble baths. tv on every screen is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. all your tv at home. the most on demand, your entire dvr, top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. we have some developing news right now. sky fox is over a two alarm fire in cupertino. you can see there's major damage to this home. the fire started about 4:00 at home on flora vista avenue and
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gardena drive. no word on how the fire started or whether anyone was injured. but again, you see the damage. it appears the house is a total loss. we are working to get more information. when we do we will update the story for you. president trump signed legislation allowing states to withhold federal funds from planned parenthood overturning a rule put in place during the obama administration blocking states from defunding health care institutions. president says this gives states the option to spend money on clinics that better serve women and girls. but critics says it may force the closure of crit glix cirrus questions about what happened during a began banquet honoring police dispatchers a fight broke out between a dispatcher and police sergeant. and we are told that alcohol was involved. our crime reporter is in the newsroom with more henry. >> reporter: sources close to the case say this is an embarrassing off duty episode on a night supposed to
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recognize public safety dispatch he is for hard work involving city and campus police in berkeley. it happened at the double tree hotel at the berkeley marina on saturday night. police from all over alameda county came to the hotel to honor dispatchers of the year at an annual banquet. sours tell ktvu after thebanquet two men and a disbatcher and police sergeant got into fight at #:30 in the morning spilling -- 3:30 in the morning spilling from the hotel room into a hotel room. drinking was involved. >> it is disrespectful to the occasion absolutely. >> reporter: a foe male -- female dispatcher twice called the on duty u.c. berkely dispatcher for help. on the recording you hear the dispatcher giving an update. >> sounds like i getting out of control and there's another call. >> reporter: that prompted an on duty uc berkeley sergeant to drive with lights and sirens down university abe to the double tree. hotel is 3 miles west of campus and in the jurisdictions of
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city police. campus patrol cars lights and sirens caught the attention of a berkeley city police officer who asked his dispatch what was going on. >> you see cold 3 westbound unit can you find out what's going on. >> he said it was uc code p. >> looks like it. >> reporter: city dispatch was told by campus dispatch not to bother. >> they are advising something internal and no assistance is need. >> reporter: berkeley police were told to go but never filed a report. instead, campus police took a report of a fiscal altercation between two uc employees. uc berkeley police declined to comment saying this is an ongoing personnel matter. no arrests have been made and the dispatcher and sergeant are still on duty. that doesn't sit well with berkeley cop watch founder andrea pritchett. >> it's troubling and smacks of a double standard that shouldn't be allowed. >> if criminal conduct happened, i would like to think there's one standard for all
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people. >> reporter: now i reached out to the acting sergeant and dispatcher but have not heard by this week is dispatch appreciation week. >> henry lee in the newsroom tonight thanks henry. we are tracking the weather out there. we have had rain totals today. you know a year ago two years ago the numbers would have been leading the newscast. now the numbers are almost throw away they are the last 24 hours of rainfall. and i mean in a weak system like we had go through santa rosa coming up with over a half inch of rain. i mean there was a time last year that would have been a big deal. 16/100 san francisco. so, the point being it's raining and we have had the longest wettest season in many parts of the bay area ever recorded. not in san francisco, those records go back to 1849 but we have had very wet conditions and it's funny i was talking to mark and he is in here and we talked about it and i said 82
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to me seemed like we had a lot more rain. and i mean you may remember it or not because we had mud slides and infrastructure stuff going on and this is interesting that this is actually seems in many case more rain than 82. it's storming hart in forestville right now and that thunder and lightning by georgetown and auburn. in the mountains there's snow. into the tune of let's check out some of the snow reports. the donner summit and 6 inches of snow heavy snow that's this morning for donner summit and a little further east, closer to the airport i guess truckee you got 8 inches of snow. so yeah, almost a foot of snow. 10 inches of snow there down towards beingo summit. so it's snowing in the mountains and if you are skier or border tomorrow will be a ridiculously good day to go not that i want you to cut work but it's going to be good a foot of fresh powder and the weather looks good might be breezy. the clouds out there now and showers are ended for us. so we have a nice-- oops beautiful shot and we have had
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one heck of a winter. you know it's just rewarding to see so much water falling and you get blue skies like this. we did have heavy rain last night and early this morning as well. and that's where the ball game last night they are playing tonight at 7 and the giants and i say they, playing the rockies again. the weather much better. last night it was not a good night for baseball because the you know south wind blowing into the park and you had rain and increasing humidity. and humidity lightens the air but it condenses on the ball. and you condense on the ball and make the ball fly less far and if you watched any part of the game you know what i am talking about. the balls were dropping inside the washing track. so it's easter on sunday jowly haener and yeah mark enlarged the bunny a little bit. i had it down and he picked it up a size a little bit. here's story for saturday and sunday. saturday looks great. sunday morning looks good. i think somewhere around noon
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somewhere around noon it is going to start to showering. he has a-- don't know how that works. >> i think energizer bunny. >> mark enlarged him. >> good for easter egg hunt in the morning. >> right i think so julie. get it going early in the morning and then you guys are dressed like the beeny a little bit. that's killing me. >> we didn't coordinate and i looked at that. >> you know i think julie afternoon on sunday will be damp but most of the easter weekend will be fine and get it get the eggs done by noon. >> all right. >> amazing how much rain we are getting. >> right. >> it keeps coming. like energizer bunny. >> thanks. there were -- they were coached how to tress and how to -- how to dress and make a resume and they learned about the one common mistake a young person makes when looking for drive. >> a tenant and landlord deflecting responsibility and a paper trail gone cold. 2 investigates uncover new questions about the oakland building where four people died in a fire.
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>> isn't it the property owner's possibility to keep their own buildings safe?
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it's been tough for teens in oakland to find part-time and summer jobs and some young people end up getting in trouble instead. >> but thanks to a school district and community effort finding jobs and internships is easier and as rob roth found out young people are thinking about careers rather than just temporary jobs. >> reporter: it may have been part field trip and part fishing expedition but more than a thousand oakland school student came to a job fair. >> the criminals are coming. >> reporter: come came looking for summer work. >> i work with kids and work at fast-food restaurant. >> reporter: others further into the future. >> i was looking for a summer job something like a safeway or 7 eleven i can get quick money to get ready for college but now the long-term programs are here that i am more interested in a career. >> reporter: we met this 17-
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year-old when he was talking to a job recruiter for the fbi. >> i like to focus on cyber crime. >> reporter: when it comes to employment opportunities times changed for the better in oakland. more businesses are coming in creating more opportunities. oakland unemployment rate in february was 4.8% below the state average of 5%. >> you don't have to be in tech to survive in the bay area. there are-try level positions that will ease you into the higher level positions and i think that's where the students that's the piece they don't see. >> reporter: students were coached in how to dress and create a resume. one common mistake a young person can make, careless posts on social media. >> employers actually check the social media site when they lookto hire you and as a young person or a older person, if you are looking for an opportunity looking for work, be sensitive to the information on social media. >> reporter: for young people on the ground floor it's not easy but certainly not impossible. just ask this courier service in we hired 4 people so great.
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>> reporter: for many students this may be the first step on the way to a career and it begins with just getting a foot in the door. in oakland rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. threats of fare hikes and service cuts for bart riders. coming up next the unexpected money that will keep riders happy for now. plus... >> it's everything. it's an institution. >> what do you think about it. >> devastated. >> for 90 years people have been buying toys from this store in palo alto. and the store tried to adapt to new technology but it department work. and now the store is closing for -- didn't work and now the store is closing plus. >> one of the most soul crushing mind numbing experiences that any parent can have to go through. >> after trying for years to get a suicide barrier on the golden gate bridge, families that lost loved ones are finally getting what they were fighting for. for.
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cuts to bart service avoid. unexpected money from the state is saving some services and tom is in walnut creek with more on this. tom. >> reporter: this were -- they were spreesed because they were -- surprised because they were hoping for a financial bonn but they got the prime rib a state bill will provide 16 million dollars and that windfall will cut the deficit almost in half. >> that means that we can take off the table the service cuts that we had considered as part of the solution to the budget and also some of the fare increases we looked at. >> reporter: so if the bart board agrows and at this time pay theed reducks in early morning service, it won't happen. >> wonderful they are not having to cut the services. i hope they can expand on them and maybe you know, increase them a little bit. >> reporter: the 65 1/2% discounts for seniors and
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disabled will remain as such and not be cut to 50% as was anticipated. however, the student discount will be cut to 50% but it will be expanded to all student up to age 18. bart says this will bring student discounts in line with other bay area transit agencies. >> a lot of students struggle financially and they are struggling with school and cost of living and so i think that the bart should continue to discount. >> reporter: finally, those who buy the traditional paper ticket will pay a 50 cent surcharge for every ticket they buy. but no such surcharge if they switch to the far more efficient electronic clipper card. >> i guess wherever we can help i. mean if that's what it takes to keep the service up and running for those individuals then, it's only 50 cents you know. >> reporter: one rider had this to say. >> bart needs to manage his resource properly no matter where they come from and i would like to see more of the
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funds spent on infrastructure and the customer and less on the management. >> reporter: a british writer put the bart fare in international perspective. >> for the distance i travel i think it was very economical fair. compared to london where i would probably pay twice as much. >> reporter: they are going to check with the public and but it's pretty good news when somebody hands you the money because then you -- because than you don't have to make the negative cuts you have to make. reporting live tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. bart discussed the impact that safe injection sites for drug users would have on the stations. the discussion is in response to many bart riders who complained about dirty syringe that litter the stations. bart board member dusty supports the idea of opening safe injection sites in san francisco where interveneous drug users can ewing drugs under city supported supervision. >> and 23,000 people in san
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francisco are injection drug users. that we need to do something smarter and better so we don't have the syringe discarded a dangerous situation arrive. >> the drug abuse alliance says that the fact people use drugs at bart stations shows they don't have a safe place to gobart official say escalators at some stations don't work and one reason is due to syringe and other drug paraphernalia being tossed into the case lators. new -- escalators. new figures shows a increase in kindergarten vaccination rates including a bay area county that had reputation for being against childhood vaccinations. in marin county health officials say rates rose to the highest level in 17 years. to more than 93% for the current school year. in 2011, the rates were at a low of about 77%. statewide official say about 96% of california kids who started kindergarten last fall were fully vaccinated and
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that's up from 90% in 2014. official say the increase comes after increased efforts to educate families about vaccinations. they credit a 2015 state law that made it tougher for parent to on the out of immunizing children. more than 200 people tried to jump off the golden gate bridge last year. most stopped by the bridge patrol but 39 plunged to their deaths. today the golden gate bridge district officially revealed details about a suicide barrier project that it hopes will save lives. we spoke to some families that hope to make it a reality. >> reporter: one of the most iconic landmarks in the united states. also one of the deadliest. since 1937 it is believed nearly 2,000 people have jumped totheir deaths off the golden gate bridge. 9 years ago dana barks' son donovans would was one of them. >> it's one of the most bone crushing soul crushing mind numbing experiences that any
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parent can ever have to go through. >> reporter: that's why barks and other families who lost loved ones to suicide off the span pushed for a suicide barrier. >> all the families i spoke to said if the net were there our child would be alive. so it's a comfort to them that they again are preventing other des deaths. >> reporter: i doan feinstein and nancy pelosi attended the announcement of the safety net due to be complete by 2021. >> kyle jumped off the bridge on september 20, 2013. >> reporter: officials called the golden gate a suicide magnet. >> when i needed to know how and why suicide could happen here. >> reporter: this is a sample of the suicide barrier made from stainless steel wire rope which creates a hard platform 20 feet from the sidewalk and exiting to. 20 feet out on both sides of the bridge. >> it's a symbol of how much we care. it's a symbol of how much we care for loved ones but not
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only that the other people who will continue to jump every ten days until this is done. >> reporter: today barks and other families plan planted flowers in memory of those lost to eu suicide here he doesn't know why his son chose to jump from the bridge to end his life but he hopes this new barrier will stop others from doing the same. in san francisco, terra moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. coming up accused of using chemical weapons on his people. today the president of syria called those claims 100% false. >> for nearly 100 years parents needed to buy a toy on the peninsula probably stopped at this store. now the third generation owner is calling it quits. coming up, how even new technology couldn't save the shop.
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syrian president al assad denies he used chemical weapons in an attack that killed more than 08 civilians april 4th. president trump credited the images of dead and dying children for prompting his decision to strike a syrian air base with 59 tomahawk missiles two days later. but in an interview with french tv assad claimed the reports are 100% false and even suggested that the footage had been staged. >> definitely. 100% false. we don't have arsenal. we are not going to use it and
5:39 pm
we have indications if you don't have proof no one has complete information or evidences. >> russia has said that in insurgents may have been responsible for the attack but the white house and other western leaders say it's clear that assad careied out the attack and the assad's denials amount to propaganda. samples taken from the scene of the attack tested positive for the deadly agent. the pentagon said an american led air strike in northern syria mistakenly killed 18 syrian fighters back by the u.s. central command says it was requested by coalition allies on the ground in northern syria. the target turned out to be a location for syrian democratic forces which had been fighting isis alongside the united states. the u.s. is threatening more sanctions against north korea and has not ruled out military action if north korea carries out another nuclear test aspected. the u.s. has already stepped up
5:40 pm
the military presence in the region. a u.s. aircraft carrier is head towards the korean peninsula and u.s. fighter jets took part in surprise exercises from an air base in japan apt long with the show of strength, the defense secretary mattis says the u.s. is working with international partners to try to diffuse the situation. >> bottom line is north korea got to change its behavior. that's an agreed position among the international community nation that is are working together on this. >> president trump is considering international sanctions but china which is north korea's strongest ally opposes sanctions and instead china is calling for a diplomatic resolution. a fire at a homeless encampment in oakland killed a dog. the flames were below the 22 avenue overcrossing to enterstate 880. investigators say outside cooking likely started the fire. a ktvu viewer sent images with flames and smoke.
5:41 pm
investigators say the fire destroyed five tents but they say people living inside the tents were able to escape without injury. also in oakland a man wanted on a felony murder warrant is behind bars tonight. after leading police on a short chase last night that ended in a crash. investigators say an officer who was called in to assist hit a car at 88th street and dowling. the chase began at 78th avenue and hillsdale and lasted a few blocks before ending at bancroft. police took the suspect into custody. three people were in the car that was hit by the patrol vehicle. one of them was taken to the hospital. it's the end of-era here still ahead why the well-known toy store closing after almost 90 years in business. >> tracking a few lingering showers out there. and then the holiday weekend and the chance of more showers. i will see you back here.
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home buyers are moving fast according to a report from red fin. real estate company says nearly 1 in 5 homes sold in the u.s. last month were in contract within two weeks. and in oakland home spent 13 days on the market. the san jose was 14 days and san jose was the most competitive market in the country. nearly 70% of the homes sold for more than the asking price. after nearly 90 years in business a peninsula toy store is preparing to shut its doors. >> ktvu maureen naylor spoke with the customers and third generation owner why now is the time to hang it up. >> reporter: there's something special inside the familiar store front in downtown palo ato. >> this is -- paloality -- palo alto. >> this is like the second home. >> reporter: it has been here for 87 years. hind joined the legos and tutus a family run toy store where customers and employees are on a first name basis. the cashier's parents met here.
5:45 pm
>> it's everything and it's aninstitution. >> reporter: hillary peterson says the first job was here for decades they provide wonderment for kids and athletes of all ages. >> i don't know where i am going to do my christmas shopping. >> reporter: but times have changed. and 200 # business started to slip. a few years ago, the company started to sell toys online. and through giewg google express. >> one of the best money make -- google he can press. >> and it was one of the best money makers and help the business strive but the decline of in-store sales is too much. >> reporter: the managers says the problem is people stopped coming here into the store. this is the original bag. they say the issue is they couldn't keep up with the steep decline in foot traffic and in store sales. they looked to relocate but say peninsula area rent was too high. so the 75-year-old owner decided it's time to retire. >> we have been such a part of the community for so long what.
5:46 pm
that it feels sad to me that we are not going to be around. >> reporter: manager has worked here for more than 20 years. and he says there are simply fewer families and children in the area. >> we did our research and there's just you know even at local elementary schools, the amount of kids being enrolled in elementary skoals is at -- schools is an all time low. >> reporter: the store is deference and palo alto. >> every store used to be a individual owned mom and pop store but that's everywhere. >> reporter: but like the phone booth outside it's a sign of the times and the owner is ending with a sign of gratitude. in palo alto maureen naylor ktvu fox 2 news. there's fresh snow in the sierra just in time for the easter holiday skiing weekend. people who live in the so thea springs area said it was a pretty good storm for this late in the season. look at that. some reports saw nearly resorts rather saw a fooft snow and
5:47 pm
some heading up to the sierra one family got a break from the snow with a trip to las vegas. >> we did get a little bit fed up with it and had to leave town for a couple days to get into warm weather. but we are back now in time to start shoveling. >> chains are we wired on enterstate 80 for drivers heading up to the mountains. look at that snow. >> looks like the middle of winter. >> now back to bill for the latest on the forecast be a are they going to keep getting more snow through weekend. >> yeah. somebody i think back at it sunday night jewels. actually a bunch of friends live up there and a couple are come done because they are over it. it's like we are over the rain but it's been snowing up theresince october. >> skiing through summer. >> earlier 600 inches of snow. >> yeah right. >> 100 in. >> what's the latest the skiing lasted. >> a couple-- every once in while i am sure squall will open up 49th of july and then it's a economic things but i
5:48 pm
think a couple resorts will be opened on the 4th of july. isn't that crazy. >> that's crazy. >> so, yeah, we talked earlier in the newscast about the 8 mountain index that's set it's all time record back to 1926. it indicates how we are doing for water in the bay area. in the northern part of the state and for all of california. and that record the old record was 1982 and if you remember that year 82 that was the most ran i could remember. i think 1886 was a big wet rain year as well. but 82 was a big one and that's the record that was broken. that means yeah, it's been snowing in the mountains and it continues. it's snowing up there now and they are chaining up on 50 and 806789 and we have had severe thunderstorm warnings and we have had tornado warnings and a funnel cloud reported outside yuba city and just amazing and in the mounten it's getting a break up there now. but an amazing winter we have
5:49 pm
had. and it's just surreal off five years of noshly dry. i was out in the desert last week easter break and it's green in the desert. it's grown on the east side of the sierra and in death valley. so in the frown mount diablo right now. and it's going to stay green for a while because we have more rain not just for what we had today but what we could see as we head towards the weekend. here san francisco's forecast. there's the day tomorrow. friday is going to be beautiful. saturday is going to be beautiful. and sunday is going to deteriorate. so here's what happens. here's the friday and saturday beautiful. and this things shifts and sunday's system comes in. it doesn't lock like a big deal but it will get on the afternoon easter plans. so tomorrow morning friday morning friday afternoon and here's saturday morning. and here's saturday afternoon. notice the wend shift. and here's sunday morning and here's-- sunday afternoon so it will be a little wet.
5:50 pm
five-day forecast shows like that and you can see a chance of rain on sunday night afternoon into monday and it keeps coming. it's amazing. >> how much has the ground water or. >> it's hard to measure because it dropped so much and the land was siding in the central valley couple feet in some places 5 feet in other places but it has to percolate into the rocks so it takes years and years. i am hearing decades for the ground water to bring itself back towards where it needs to be. in some cases it may not because once it lft it squished down and now the storage may not be as available. so it takes a long time. the question is the drought is it over no never in california we will always have drought concerns even with years like this. >> all right bill thanks. a big celebration today at the san jose airport. local and federal officials unveiled the newittest edition a expanse of the international terminal. a ribbon cutting ceremony was
5:51 pm
held to mark the openings. it includes a 3,000 square foot addition to the bagage claim area and temperature controlled indoor waiting area for those greeting arriving passengers. officials say it's part of the expansion they kept to mind the thousands of passengers arriving from around the world to reach the sell cone valley. >> a -- silicone valley. >> i recognize the need to expand our facility and accommodate growth and have a welcoming environment to the silicone valley. the world center of invasion. >> officials say the expansion comes as the number of airlines offering international service at the airport is jumped from 3 to 9 in the past couple years. a very serious lesson for a bay area high school. actually ended with laughs. >> okay. that's chp officer there.
5:52 pm
>> he has moves. >> he does he was at hillsdale high school yesterday as part of the every 15 minute program. that's a program that tries to reduce alcohol related crashes in young people. but after the lesson as you can see there the officer decided he wanted to end the day on a happy note. >> spice things up and he caught the teens's attention and held it for while too. >> yeah he has moves. coming up, a surge of water for melting snow will be on the way to the damaged oroville spillway but before the water starts to flow we will look at the collapse as crews work around the clock to fix it. >> and weeks after the deadly fire at a oakland building the landlord and tenant are pointing the finger at each other. and the question of who's responsible may not be so simple. >> was he aware of any of the complaints and if so did he make any effort to resolve them.
5:53 pm
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5:55 pm
banning drones in parks. officials in sacramento county decide to make the move earlier this week. the chief park ranger says he pushed for the ban to keep people and animals from getting hurt. some photographers who use drones say they are des appointed they can't take pictures but understand the safety concerns. >> right now it's like almost like at wild, wild west where someone can pick up a drone and do whatever they please and they can go fly it recklessly and spy on neighbors. >> anyone caught flying a drone
5:56 pm
at parks in sacramento county will face a 5 # dollar fine. the rein fall combined with snow -- rainfall combined with snow belt is forcing state water managers to send water down the damaged spillway at orioleville dan dam. the department of water resources has come up with a plan to begin massive repairs to the spillway this summer. >> reporter: the department of water resources knows a surgeon water from mountainous snow melt is on the way too. so, wrecked as it is they will send water down the spillway once again. and stop some of the work to build a replacement so they can building is else. >> build the flood storage within the reservoir to anticipate that additional snow melt and the storms keep come at us. >> reporter: at about 35,000 coupic feet of watt -- cubic feet of water per second it will be a moderate flow. but it will likely be flowing for a while. ten days to two weeks
5:57 pm
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