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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 13, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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2 investigates uncovers a new twist in the legal web who's to blame. >> isn't it the property owner's responsibility to keep their buildings safe? ildings safe? >> be a here's a look at the thursday evening commute. this is the bay bridge toll plaza as you see it's really backed up tonight getting into the city. >> and here's the san mateo bridge backed up as well in the community direction on the left heading into the east bay. ay.
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at the airport. binge dvr'd shows, while painting your toes. on demand laughs, during long bubble baths. tv on every screen is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. all your tv at home. the most on demand, your entire dvr, top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. it's been two weeks since flames tore through the housing complex in west oakland killing 4 people. and we have since learn the property was plagued by code complaints and horrible conditions inside. >> the landlord and taint are pointing the finger at each other and tonight for the first time a spokesman for the owner keith kim spoke to
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investigativereporter candice nguyen about who eto blame. >> reporter: -- about who's to blame. >> reporter: they both are deflecting responsibility but what's clear is there were glaring warning signs before and several key players knew about them. >> he own it for more than 25 years and it's always been a home to people who had substance abuse issues of criminal backgrounds and trying to get themselves straight. >> reporter: sam singer is the spokesman for keith kim the owner of the home where four people died in what investigators call an accidental fryer and -- fire and where 2 investigate uncovered years ofcodes of complaints to no fire alarm system or smoke detectors. and i been expecters issued -- inspigottors issued vie -- inspectors issued vie vaition lations days before the it be violation before the flame went through.
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>> he had no idea of the conditions. >> reporter: the rojas community center oversaw clients in the low income residents and it serves veterans and mentally ill e says they moved in four years ago. >> we don't have any real idea about what was going on until sometime this last year and that's when he started to try to evict rojas. >> reporter: at end of the day isn't it the property owner's responsibility to keep the building safe. >> in this case the property owner owned the building. but they leased it out to row -- leased it out to rojas and another nonprofit part of the lease was through rojas take good care and manage the building and be responsible for all of the issues. owner keith kim had a responsibility for fixing basic structural things pgh >>reporter: james cook represents the rojas community center. he says the first commercial agreement between them and kim gave them responsibility of
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maintenance. 2 investigate obtained a lease from 2014 that shows the tenant was responsible from everything he can september the exterior walls and roof. but cook says there have been subsequent lease agreements where responsibilities went back to kim. neither side could provide proof of more recent records. >> they had been asking for pretty long time mr. kim please fix the violations. >> reporter: and while both sides were disputing responsibility, cook says the fire broke out. resulting in tragedy whereveryone says they feel remorse for the victims. the argument of who was responsible for keeping the building safe continues in court. the spokesperson for the kim family says the city and mr. kim are made aware of the fire code violations days before the fire. right now kim is looking to sell the property to another nonprofit. >> candice thank you. if you have a tip for 2
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investigates we want to hear from you. e-mail 2 investigates at or call 510-874-222. sapt cleara county -- santa clara county crews attacked a fire in windy conditions this afternoon. from sky fox you can see the fire burned through the roof of the home. and officials are now estimating the damage at 1 million dollars. we are told the fire started at about 4:00 today. so far no word of injuries and the cause still not known. a fire at a homeless encamp hent in oakland killed a dog. flames were reported about 7:15 this morning below the 22 avenue overcrossing the be the state 880. a ktvu viewer sent image showing big flames and dark smoke. and investigators say outside cooking likely started the fire. flames destroyed five tents but investigators say people living inside the tents were able to escape without injury. this school year
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vaccination rates in california kindergartens are the highest since 2001. and according to a report by the department of public health vaccinations have increased by 3% points since last school year 96% of children are now vaccinated. officials say there are still counties that continue to lag henned and they are -- behind and they are continuing to work with the schools and communities. >> we know from science that if you can have vaccination rates above 95%, you are likely to pretty much prevent outbreaks in the community. >> public health officials showed a 5% increase in vaccination rates since state lawmakers got rid of the personal belief exemption for children. we are tracking temperatures out there today. it warmed up. i mean despite the rain this morning it got to 67 in fremont. 67 in morgan hill. cool in san rafael at 59 degrees.
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57 in pacifica. warmer tomorrow. that's friday. saturday, looks nice too and sunday detier it's a little bit. 6 in fairfield tomorrow. that 63 will turn into a 67 or 68. and then you see thunderstorm up on the west slope of the sierra nevada and cold air filtering in and that's part of the reason it's chilly now. chilly tonight and chilly again tomorrow. up around forest hill and georgetown they have had storms training all day and by feather falls east of mooresville i grew up just right up here a little bit north of feathers falls. and as you look at the mountens they had plenty of snow. they got up to a foot of snow. if you can get out of work many folks were off for spring break. and if you are boarderrer or skier tomorrow is a good call to get up there. saturday would be good too so as you look outside it looks like fair weather cumulus for the most part and the flat bottom. that's the lcl lift con-- lifted condensation level and
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being see the flat bottom and lift means that's the point where the moisture-- atmosphere is moist enough to get condensation and below that it's too lie and that's a stable enviable viermt. the fore-- envinyl. forecast for the -- environment. the forecast for the ball game is better. tonight cool and jacket weather but partly cloudy and no rain dry from the sky. and winds blowing the right way. not south coming into the ball park but blowing out. 7 a.m., i say the right way the ball will have more carry. on friday you will make 60 degrees. look at the day in sap fran on friday and the afternoon. 62 degrees mostly sunny in san francisco oakland and hayward and a lot of other cities. see you back here and we will look at the holiday forecast because it looks like we will get part of the weekend wet. see you back here. it may say april on the cal end der but near lake -- calendar but near lake tahoe
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the roads are being plowed and people are shoveling their driveways in nevada county a and homes are upped several feet of snow. >> the middle of december it locks like. still to come fight between a police dispatcher and sergeant at a banquet in the east bay. >> this is disrespectful to the occasion. >> up next what we are learning about what happened. >> and later in sports raiders have stepped up the negotiations with marshawn -- marshawn lynch and we will have that and more coming up. >> holy thursday celebrated in the south bay. biblical act of faith that turned political today. olitical today.
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an investigation is underway after a fight between a uc berkeley police dispatcher and police sergeant. >> ate happened while they were off duty during a banquet honoing police kiss patchers and sources tell ktv crime reporter henry lee that alcohol was involved. >> reporter: it happened saturday night police from all over alameda county came to the hotel to honor dispatchers of the year. at and annual banquet afterwards two men a u.c. berkely police dispatcher and acting campus police sergeant got into a fight at about 3:30 in the morning and it spilled out from the hotel room no a hallway. sours say drinking was involved. >> it is disrespectful to the occasion absolutely. >> reporter: a female dispatch here witnessed the fight twice
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called the on duty uc berkeley dispatcher for help on this recording you hear the dispatcher giving an update. >> sound like it's getting out of control and we have had another call. >> reporter: that prompted an on duty uc berkeley sergeant to drive with lights and sirens down university avenue to thedouble tree. hotel is 3 miles west of campus and in the jurisdictions of city police. campus patrol cars lights and sirens caught the attention of a berkeley city police officer who asked his dispatch what was going on. >> you see code 3 westbound unit can you find out where they are going. >> he said it was uc code 3. >> looks like it. >> reporter: city dispatch was told by campus dispatch not to bother. >> they are advising something internal and no assistance is needed. >> reporter: berkeley police were told to go anyway and they never filed a report. instead, campus police took a report of a physical altercation between two uc
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employees. uc berkeley police declined to comment saying this is an ongoing personnel matter. no arrest have been made and dispatcher and sergeant are still on duty. that doesn't sit well with berkeley cop watch founder andrea pritchett. >> that's trouble and smacks of the double standard that shouldn't be allowed if criminal conduct happened, i would like to think there's one standard for all people. >> reporter: i reached out to the acting sergeant and dispatcher but haven't heard back. this week by the way is dispatch appreciation week. in berkeley henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts with a show of support for sanctuary cities. >> the loss of federal funding is not just an imbration issue. it's -- immigration issue it's a community issue. >> the event ahead of court arguments tomorrow on immigration policy. >> also ahead keeping teens out of trouble. by helping them find jobs. >> plus stopping tragedy before it starts new details on the
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suicide barrier project at the golden gate bridge. stay with us. ktvu fox news at 6:30 is next.
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now to today's top stories. the u.s. military has dropped what is considered the mother
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of all bombs on an isis target in afghanistan. the 22,000 pound bomb is the largest nonnuclear bomb ever used in combat. the pentagon has not yet applied information on casualties, but the bond can essentially wipe out anything within a one mile radius. >> the u.s. department of education officials were at richmond about allegations of racism at the school. some students complain of racial bias and that proper action is not being taking administrators. people say they want everyone to be treated fairly. the attorney for the doctor who was dragged down the aisle of the united flight says his client is suspected to file a lawsuit. the incident left him with a severe concussion, to lost teeth, and a broken nose. his legal team has artie filed a motion to protect and preserve evidence. also, two more chicago aviation officers have been suspended. you are watching fox2 news at
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630. tomorrow, the circuit of appeals is expected to hear arguments on whether the trump administration can withhold federal funds from the self subscribe sanctuary city. >> we have a president that is trying to unilaterally try to use federal funds in to essentially extort jurisdictions to make them do his bidding. >> standing shoulder to shoulder and 4 rows deep, members of the community all united in their opposition to the trump administration. $1.7 billion in federal funding could be denied to this county because county officials of all stripes refused to help immigration agents enforce existing federal law. >> the loss of federal funding is not just an immigration issue, it's an entire community issue. seniors, families, children, your neighbor. >> the presid


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