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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 14, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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unless you're up north crescent city, ukiah. for us it's just a few clouds. it will be nice. saturday will be the warmest day and then we cloud it up again on sunday. 30s already for santa rosa and napa. a lot of 40s here and many 30s to the north. also for padaloma. sunshine today but on the cool side. it will be on the dry side as well. 60s for temps low to mid. art allie it's 5:00 and tell me there's not much going on. >> it looks pretty good in most parts of the bay area if you're headed out. let's start with the super commute. things look good. there is just a couple of issues
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to tell you about. actually there were earlier crashes in the south bay that are now being cleared out of the way. but there's two still left. there's only one icon because the other hasn't popped up yet. southbound 17 at hamilton and campbell. an earlier crash involving an ambulance called to the scene a tow truck. the other one you don't see the icon for yet is northbound 280. there's a crash in one of the cars involved that drove off the roadways. you may see some activity there as you're driving by as they work to get that car out of the way. 280 in san jose northbound looks good as you head towards cuppertino and highway 17. san mateo bridge. time now is 501. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, the pentagon has now released video of that massive bomb the united states dropped yesterday on an
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isis tunnel yesterday in afghanistan. did you see that? 36 isis fighters were killed and there were no civilian casualties. it was the biggest weapon used in combat. >> this weapon was very effective in that use. our special forces are on the site now and the weapon achieved its intended purpose. >> that was a commander of the u.s. forces in afghanistan. he said isis had built extensive tunnels and mind fields. this massive u.s. bomb could also have a strategic target. doug luzader reports from washington d.c.. >> this bomb is better known as moab. a massive ordinance air bomb or the mother of all bombs.
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>> we've seen the mother of all bombs work before but only during a test. a 20,000 pound bomb. now it has been deployed in afghanistan an aggressive move aimed at isis and one had the clear backing of president trump. >> we have the greatest military in the world and they've done their job as usual. we have given them total authorizization. >> coupled with last week's missile attack this could also be part of a not so subtle message aimed at north korea and its leader kim jung un. many see a strong likelihood of a nuclear test. would that generate a u.s. response. >> north korea's vice foreign minister told the associated press that the trump administration has grown more vicious and more aggressive. the pentagon is strongly pushing back against a report that the
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u.s. would launch a preafrptive strike against north korea. >> the only time we would conduct a pre-emptive strike if we had means on a nuclear weapon that can endanger our allies or the united states. >> and all of this comes as vice president mike pence is scheduled to travel to south korea on sunday. doug luzader fox news. time now 5:04. meantime nancy pelosi called the bombing an escalation that congress should review. >> these things seem to be happening without congress being part of the debate raises very serious questions as to the justification and the results as to what this is about. >> now nancy pelosi said that while she was in san francisco at a forum of health care of veterans. she also called on house speaker paul ryan to reconvene the house of representatives to debate
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military actions in syria. time is 5:05. new this morning a crash killed two people late last night in santa clara. the chp reports a white subaru collided with a four door sedan at 11 p.m. that road was closed for hours over night the identities of the victims have not yet been released. >> time is now 5:05 here at home. a landslide shut down a very busy road in the oakland hills. >> right the slide took down the trees. and that road is closed. >> reporter: good morning guys. we are near redwood road and skyline boulevard. dust down that road is where this slide took place. let's show you what that video looks like right now. that slide gave way around 11:00 last night and initially blocked both lanes of redwood road. before you get to pinehurst
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crews cleared lanes around 2:00 this morning. commuters do use this 2-lane road as a short cut basically to go from oakland hills to moraga. at this point no word on if more of that hillside is in danger of shieding. as we were out there -- sliding. as we were out there my photo journalist saw a little bit of that hill give way. it doesn't appear that any homes are in danger. no word on when crews are going to be coming back to clear up the remainder of that road but for this time it's reduced to just one lane. >> all right. christien caplan this morning in the oak hills. this rainy season received almost 90" of snow. the previous record was 89".
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after governor brown officially declared an end to california's drought emergency. now to a story we first brought you yesterday. a north carolina woman is speaking out and asking for the public's help after her husband's ashes were stolen in san francisco. thieves broke into her rental car just hours after she and her daughter got to the city. >> the lure of fisherman's warf is almost irresistible to visitors. so she and her daughter julia wanted to take that trip down memory lane wednesday afternoon. >> i had bought a sweatshirt so we opened the trunk to put the sweatshirt in the other stuff and noticed my daughter's luggage tag sitting on the bumper. >> their 2016 hyundai elantra.
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someone had stolen their suitcase and her husband's remains. >> they took my husband. and i feel absolutely horrible. he was such a great man and i just feel like. >> mary says her husband died last august of a heart attack. her trip was in part to honor him in a city he loved. >> we never had a chance to say good-bye because he died so suddenly and so this is our tribute to say good-bye to him. >> now the loss is compounded by the theft. >> he's out there somewhere and god only knows where. i'd hate to think that he was thrown away this a trash can or something. >> mary and her daughter planned on making a trip up to the redwoods. but instead, they're walking the streets shopping for clothes, trying to replace what was
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stolen. but only one thing matters now. >> to get his remains back because i'll tell you i will never let him go. i did it. he was under my watch. >> mary says the garage has surveillance cameras but where her rental car was parked is just outside the range of the cameras. >> this was supposed to be so special. it's hard enough as it is to have to do this and for this to happen is just unimaginable. >> and that was amber lee reporting. time is 5:09 well the popular downtown farmer's market in berkley won't be open tomorrow. cancelled for fear that a scheduled rally may turn violent and berkley police are increasing their enforcement just in case. take a look at this video from march 4th. it's when a rally in civic park was crashed by anti-trump
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protesters. ten people were arrested. tomorrow a patriot's day event is scheduled. opponents are expected to be there as well. right now on one of the moons of saturn there could be life. nasa says ancelabis. means microbiological life. nasa says there's no hard proof there's life but that moon just got a lot more interesting to them i'm sure. our time is 5:10. the controversy around united airlines continues. protests planned after a man was dragged off a united flight and the action he's now taking against the airline. >> and next claims of racism at a high school in richmond. the one group of students say they're being treated unfairly and the investigation under way at their school. >> we're going to talk about that and explain why in the meantime. the drive on westbound san mateo
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bridge towards the peninsula looks goods. >> and our weather looks good but it is rather cold this morning. many 30s and 40s. lots of sunshine today. no rain and 60s for temps.
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welcome good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's now 5:13. officials from the u.s. department of education went to richmond high school yesterday. they're investigates complaints of racism on the campus. some of the students agree there is racial tension. they say the growing latino population is making some african american students feel excluded and they're pointing to an up coming prom as an example. >> they're having a mexican band there and the black kids don't feel comfortable with that they want something for them too. >> it's just that i kneel like
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the maybe small percentage of african american kids there are getting left behind. >> there is an active investigation but they wouldn't tell us what the subject matter is. residents of the competitive nature of the bay area. an announcement by the real estate firm redson found last month that nearly 70% of homes were sold above the asking price. that's the highest percentage in the country. number two should not be a surprise san francisco. and oakland was third and just below 66% of homes going for more than the asking price. the reason is pretty simple. supply is just not meeting the demand for housing. time is 5:14. alli are you taking care of people this morning.
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>> yeah. westbound 880. seeing a lot of dpreen on the maps here but there are two things. there in a similar area westbound 80. we're not seeing the traffic icons there, the collision icons but they could be popping up later on. your drive to vallejo looks good and another thing we want to tell you about is we focus a lot on the roads but that's not the only way to commute in the area. golden gate morning fary service has been cancelled this morning. ferry goers can take the tiberon fary. the agency is running extra buses to accommodate all those ferry goers. service will resume from san francisco's ferry building back to sasalido.
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it is getting a bit more crowded. overall 18 minutes. and highway 24 in lafayette. there's quite a few cars on the road for this hour. morning commute starting to pick up and the bay bridge plaza we always like to show the drive through there right now looks good. all right allie. bless you over there, gasia. bless you. we do have a pretty chilly friday morning here under clear skies. temperatures have dipped into the 30s for many. if you head up in the santa cruz mountains you can find lots of 30s. still an active pattern just not today or tomorrow. but it will be on sunday. it looks like and tuesday again. not that -- i mean, the forecast models are already backing off toward the end of the month on a
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warm up. i mean, these systems are getting weaker but they still are arriving. it looks good for saturday. sunday cloudy in the morning rain in the afternoon. get clear skies here this morning. that's nice although some shower activity and a cold rain up on the north coast but that's going to stay up there for us. the air flow coming out of the northwest here. also some cooler air as well as you can see there are 30s here. sonoma ma county airport. napa fairfield was. upper 30s by the concord pavilion. 38 degrees. black hawks checking in now. and i'm sure danville will come in pretty soon about 37, 38, 39. 19 up in truckee. and 56 down in las vegas. pretty chilly there. teens around lake tahoe. state line's at 19 degrees. we'll see how everything has made it down to southern california. it's not cold or anything but
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for this time of year that cool air has made it down to the southwest. everything looks good today for sunshine. temperatures rebounding from the 30s and 40s to 60s. low to mid from santa rosa and napa and out to antioch and brentwood. tomorrow does look warmer. mostly sunny and cloudy sunday morning and another system on tuesday. >> all right. i think gasia. >> you don't. thank you steve. time now 5:18. this year is the 50th anniversary of the northern california cherry blossom festival. they celebrated in san francisco which has one of the few remaining japantowns in america. there's the grand parade and the cherry blossom queen and court capping off the festival which
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lasts two weekends and will end this sunday. one goal is to show case traditional japanese culture. >> now as we're getting to the 50th i think it's more important than ever to get a younger generation in to now help preserve the festival and push it until 100 if not more than that. >> the cherry blossom festival is a boost to the town businesses. the grand parade on sunday celebrating japanese culture. it's a first for berkley and for much of the country really. what makes a new mosque opening today in berkley so unique. >> but first finger pointing and a paper trail that went cold. 2 investigates covers new questions about that west oakland building where four people died.
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the director of the cia is denouncing wikileaks as a threat to security. called wikileaks a dangerous organization that's eager to do the bidding of russia and other american adversaries. he also attacked wikileaks founder calling him a narcissist. >> wikileaks walks like a host i'll intelligence service in order to to obtain intelligence.
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>> the remarks show a public shift in the trump administration shift on wikileaks. back in october the candidate said he loved wikileaks. our time is now 5:23. there was a fire on the las vegas strip last night at one of the most popular hotels. it was at the belagio shopping area. it was also next to the lake where they have the big bellagio fountain show. the fountain show was still going on during that fire. the hotel rooms and the casino were not effected. that fire was out in about 20 minutes. no one was hurt. meantime in nashville, tennessee this morning a big warehouse fire could be seen from all over the city. the building used to be occupied by a metal manufacturing company. there are no storms overnight.
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it's now been more than two weeks since the deadly fire at a west oakland apartment building. >> two investigates reporter candace nugwen talked to them. >> the landlord and main 10ant are both reflecting responsible. there are glaring warning signs before and several key players knew about them. >> they've owned it for more than 25 years. it's always been a home to people who've had substance substance abuse issues of criminal backgrounds trying to get themselves straight. >> sam singer is the spokesman for keith kim. owner of 251 san pablo avenue where four people.
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from no hot water and holes in the walls to no fire alarm system or smoke detectors. inspectors issued violations just three days before the fire tore through the building. >> this building or the way in which they were managing it. >> they oversaw clients who live in the low income residents. it's non profit that says it serves veterans and the mentally ill. >> we don't have any real idea about what was going on until sometime this last year and that's when he started to try to evict urojas. >> at the end of the day isn't it the property owner's responsibility. >> in this case the property owner owned the building but they lease tuesday out to urojas and another non profit. part of that lease was to urojas
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to take care of the. >> the owner had a responsibility of taking care of structural things. >> he says the first commercial agreement gave urojaresponsibility of maintenance. 2 investigates obtained a lease from 2014 that shows the tenant was responsible for everything except for walls and roof. where responsibility went back to kim. neither side could provide proof of more recent records. >> urojas had been asking for a pretty long time mr. kim please fix these violations. >> and while both sides were disputing responsibility, cook says the fire broke out resulting in tragedy where everyone says they feel remorse for the victims.
5:27 am
can disnguyen ktvu 2 news. plans for protest after a passenger was dragged off a united flight. and the action that man is taking against the airline. >> and unconstitutional or enforcing the law. the sanctuary city causing kofrng versy that will be -- controversy that will be right here in the bay area. >> 580 westbound so far things look good. things are filling in a little bit on 880 in oakland in the north and southbound direction. >> well front and center on a friday forecast. there will be no rain today. we are expecting sunshine today and warmer temps. to maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx you're going to be hanging out in here.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> well good morning to you welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday, gasia. it's friday april 14th i'm dook. >> i'm gasia mikaelian in for pam cook. let's turn it over to see lots of people wrapping up their spring break. >> well today's probably one of the best days of the week because it's not raining. and speaking of rain people have written me and said steve this has to be one of the wettest weeks in san francisco i said no. we have to go back to classic 1861, '62 when there was
5:31 am
multiple atmospheric rivers. the entire sacramento valley was a lake and that was the big year. 49.27" in san francisco. where are we? we're all the way back here in 20th place. i think we can sneak into maybe about the 15th spot if we keep this going. so if you're saying this has to be in the top five. no it's not. we're in the top 20. now again that's the water year not the rain year. anyway. clear skies we have nice conditions here. only if you're heading out in that direction. coming out of the northwest some cooler and dry air. mid 40s on the peninsula. wood side's at 38. i'm waiting for menalo park and stanford to come in there: it looks like a nice day. lots of sunshine.
5:32 am
temperatures will be bouncing up into the mid 60s. but changes on sunday. more on that in 10 minutes. 5:32 and this is when the bay bridge we start to keep our eyes on that and the metering lights have clicked on. >>. >> yes and i'm looking at a picture of the toll plaza. westbound 580 from tracy to livermore looks really good right now. so slowing to tell you about. oakland and alameda look pretty good in this direction as well. metering lights they should be on right now and so you're seeing just a little bit of slowing in some of the lanes because of that. but once you were on the bridge we're getting word about a two vehicle collision. bay bridge westbound heading towards san francisco just past treasure island. be aware of that once you are on the span. golden gate bridge this morning
5:33 am
looks good. not too many cars on the road. time now is 5:32. >> thank you. new this morning in vacaville police there investigating a late night shooting where three people were critically hurt. just before midnight police received several 911 calls about shots fired at an apartment complex on agianway. now the investigation continues. if you have any information call vacaville police. later today the nineth circuit court of appeals is due to hear arguments on whether the trump administration can withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities. that could affect almost $2 billion in funding for the county. the county argues that congress under the constitution has the power to determine where the federal funding goes. not the president. our time is 5:33. an arrest in san jose where a
5:34 am
man is accused of shooting a teenager on a freeway last month. now the chp released this video showing the arrest of 33-year-old louise blanco. blandco is suspected in a shooting. that highway was shut down for several hours. at the time, the chp said the shooting was gang related. two men are in custody this morning accused of a hold up. authorities say these two men we're showing you on the screen now robbed a woman at gun point yesterday at the blossom hill station. transit patrol deputies arrested them. forcing that facility and an elementary school to go into a lock down. well police in santa clara
5:35 am
arrested a suspect. 20-year-old branden ngyuen. police say the victim was attacked on a sidewalk two blocks from santa clara university. the victim fought back and the suspect ran away. police say they were able to connect ngyuen forby to the assault. this happened just before 11:00 wednesday night in the area of philmore and mccallister streets. anyone with information is asked to call san francisco police. time is 5:35. authorities in oakland still trying to determine the source of a hazmat scare yesterday near lake merit. near adams street just off interstate 580. oakland fire and the hazmat team responded to reports of a meth
5:36 am
lab operating in an apartment building. but later they determined it was not a meth lab. they're still trying to figure out exactly what the samples were that they found but they say they don't believe it was anything hazardous. fire crews in cuppertino are investigating a fire that tore through a home yesterday. we're showing you video taken from sky fox and you can see an awful lot of smoke pouring from the structure. the fire started at about 4:00 and we were there as crews put out the flames that remain to put out any smoldering parts of the home. we don't have any word on what causeded the fire. we're also not getting any word on injuries. we do know that fire crews say the family dog is missing. time is 5:36. it looks like bart may be able to avoid service cuts after an unexpected windfall from of $16 million from the state.
5:37 am
including cutting some of the early morning bart services. but after a meeting yesterday, the board decided it won't be necessary. bart will also keep the 62.5% for senior zits and for the disabled. some of the riders say they want to see bart manage its money better. >> i'd like to see more of the funds spent on the infrastructure and the customer and less on the management. >> the bart board did approve some changes. paper tickets will now cost riders an extra $0.50. also the discount for students that's going to be cut down to 50%. more protests are planned in chicago this week after a man was dragged off the united airlines flight. reverend jesse jackson protest
5:38 am
outside the chicago airport. mr. dow suffered a severe concussion, a broken nose and he lost two teeth. they say he is now planning to sue. >> we were horrified and shocked and sickened to learn what had happened to him and to see what had happened to him. >> we want respect and we want dignity. that's it. not a big deal. this seems so simple. >> yesterday, executives from united and chicago's aefuation department were questioned at a city council meeting in chicago. three aviation officials have been suspended as a result of this incident. the families of people who committed suicide on the golden gate bridge held a very special ceremony yesterday. they were marking the beginning of construction of a suicide barrier by planting flowers near
5:39 am
the toll plaza in memory of their loved ones. after years of long debate a steel suicide prevention net is going up on the bridge. the families are hoping it will save lives. >> it's a symbol of how much we care. it's a symbol of how much we care for our loved ones but not only that but the other people who are going to continue to jump every 10 days until this is done. >> just last year alone 39 people jumped off the bridge. this is expected to be completed by the year 2021. looked like this for much of the afternoon yesterday. that meant residents had a hard time accessing a number of online services. the home page was back up and running at about 6:00 yesterday. time is 539. it can be hard for teenagers to find part time and summer jobs.
5:40 am
finding jobs and finding an internship is getting easier. ktvu's rob roth found out many young people are thinking about careers and not just a temporary job. >> reporter: it may have been part field trip and part fishing expedition but more than a thousand oakland high school students came to this job fair for young people. some came looking for work. >> i'll work with kids. i'll work at a fast food restaurant. >> reporter: others are looking further into the future. >> i was looking for a summer job something like a safeway or a seven hundred eleven but now that these -- 7-eleven. >> reporter: we first met this 17-year-old when he was talking to a job recruiter for the fbi. when it comes to employment opportunities times have changed for the better in oakland. more businesses are coming in
5:41 am
creating more opportunities. oakland's unemployment rate in february was 4.8% below the state average of 5%. >> you don't have to be in tech to survive the bay area. there are entry level position that is will ease you into the higher level positions and that's a piece that students don't see. >> reporter: students were coached on how to dress and create a risumi. one mistake a young person makes careless posts on social media. >> the employers actually check the social media site when they're looking to hire you. if you're looking for an opportunity be sensitive to the information you're putting on social media. >> reporter: for young people getting in on the ground floor isn't certainly easy. >> we hired four people so great. >> reporter: for many students this may very well be on their way to a career and it usually begins with just getting a foot in the door. rob roth ktvu fox 2 news.
5:42 am
being called the mother of all bombs. the actions afghanistan can see. the global effect of that deadly explosion. >> and up next it was lost but now it's found. ch the happy reunion of an 11-year-old boy and his very special dog that's more than just a best friend. >> and coming up we have a crash to tell you about on the bay bridge. this is just past treasure island. it's not impacting the toll plaza. we're going to have a look and some more details coming up. >> i don't want to say it's cold out for some. it's cold out for some. padalooma and napa 35.
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
welcome back. 24 amusement park riders were stuck in mary lavnd. it was the joker's jinx roller coaster at six flags in largo, maryland. luckily no one was hurt. reportedly it's the fourth time since 2014 that this particular roller coaster just got stuck with people on board. now to a happy reunion between an 11-year-old boy in concord and his therapy dog. >> look. >> carson was left heart broken after his dog went missing for twelve days. the dog went missing after the family had left to go on a trip. twelve days later a neighbor spotted the dog by a creek two miles from the family's home. >> it was emotional because he was covered in in a blanket and he was very wet and muddy.
5:46 am
so i was just very happy to see him. >> he's basically my everything. he's like basically all my heart is. he broke my heart and made it bigger. >> fin was taken to the vet to be checked out. carson is diagnosed with vanishing twin syndrome after losing his twin in his mother's woom and that's why he needs fin. of he's actually a therapy as well. he says he's glad to have fin back at home. >> such a great story. time is 5406. we're going to get you out the door this morning. our commute allie rasmus, how's it looking? >> it's looking good in most spots. first, let's show you what the super commute looks like in the south bay coming up from gilroy through morgan hill on 101 northbound you're looking good this morning. and same story for much of the south bay. all the highways there you see a lot of green on the road.
5:47 am
the only thing you see on that map that's because westbound great american parkway last night around 11:30 there was a deadly collision that happened there. but as of 4:00 a.m. those roads are now open. so that hazard icon should be disappearing. this is the problem we're talking about on the bay bridge just past treasure island. a two car collision there and it is tying things up on the eastern span of the bridge. also on this map we'll see an icon it looks like 880 somewhere in the hayward area near 238. we don't have any information on the chp log about that. so i'll try to find some further details. bay bridge toll plaza. you can see the sun about to rise over this east bay hills and things are getting a little bit slow in some of those fastrak lanes but the cash lanes and the car pool lanes look good. take ago lie accurate the san mateo bridge. no problems there to report.
5:48 am
time now is 5:47 and steve i think i'm going to enjoy the sunshine later today. >> i think you should allie because it will be a rare day here where we have sunshine. even though it's still active it's not active today. it is cold this morning. more rain still on tap. it looks like sunday afternoon early. but today and tomorrow will be all right. but sunday, monday, tuesday looks like more rain. saturday mostly sunny and sunday morning cloudy rain comes in it looks like around the noon hours there's no change in that yet. right now that's we're staying the course. clear skies except up north near the oregon border. del nord humbolt county. everything continues to come right down out of the northwest and that funnels in drier. but also much colder air.
5:49 am
30s santa rosa and it's even closer if you get closer to town. you can find many 30s here. especially up in the santa cruz mountains and it's close for san martin and gilroy. 38. scotts valley is in there. los gatos that's above los gatos not in town and other areas are in the 40s. santa clara a cool 43. the temperature difference from now. santa rosa and napa airport are now down 10 degrees. minus 6 concord and minus 6 sfo. a much cooler air mass in place. 19 up in truckee. so some chilly readings in mendecino county and lake tahoe. state line's 19. and you can see this cool northwest direction goes all the way down to los angeles and even down into the desert southwest las vegas a chilly 56.
5:50 am
lots of sunshine. looks good. temperatures will bounce up. they'll be even warmer tomorrow. and they'll be nice today. low 70s possibly on saturday. and then clouded up. rain moves in by again early sunday afternoon. 60s on the temps. low to mid. i think everyone will be within a few degrees of each other. brentwood over to gilroy and santa cruz look to be the warmst. tomorrow we'll be a little warmer. mostly sunny. few high clouds zip by then rain sunday night evening and tuesday looks pretty wet. >> and we're in late april at that point. >> yes we are. boeing launched the first ever of its max 9 flight. the company also says the new jet uses 14% less fuel than the most efficient plane currently on the market. now to san jose airport
5:51 am
celebrating the expansion of its international terminal. yesterday there was a ribbon cutting. the expansion includes a baggage claim area and a temperature controlled area for the friends and family members. our time now 5:51. happening today a mosque is opening in berkley and it's very unique because women will be running it. the mosque is at at star king school for ministry. just outside u.c. berkley on the campus. on their web page organizers call the women's mosque the first of its kind in northern california. it's the first to get muslim women and women interested in islam and open educational environment. the first prayer service is today at 12:30. at 5:51 celebrating the warriors. cities from the bay area are honoring the team today for making it to the nba playoffs for the fifth year in a row. >> and starting tonight ktvu is staying up a little later
5:52 am
bringing you the latest on the new 11:00 news. right after the 10:00 news. we hope you'll join us.
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5:54 am
jc penney's is delaying plans to close 138 of its stores. since it announced the store closures the affected stores have seen more traffic. the only bay area set to close is in richmond. time is 5:54. last night the giants lost to the colorado rockies 3-1. it was an emotional game too. brandon crawford was there. he had just come back from l.a. where his sister-in-law had died. the giants have now lost all three games that madison bumgarner has started.
5:55 am
in the 4th the giants trailed he gave up a two run homer and the giants just didn't bounce back. eduardo nunez came up and hit into a game ending double play. the oakland a's lost as well. the score again was 3-1. it snapped an eight game winning streak against kc. the royals jumped out to a 2-1 lead in the 1st and they never looked back. the a's let them down again. they have 11 on the season already tied for the worst in the big leagues. tonight they'll be hosting houston at the coliseum. and happening tonight the san jose sharks look to take a 2-0 lead against the oilers. in a thrilling come from behind victory overtime 3-2. edmundton jumped out to a 3-2 lead. then win it in ot. whether the sharks win tonight or not they will have home ice
5:56 am
advantage sunday night at 7:00. time is 5:56 if you love the warriors you might want to wear the colors blue and gold today. oakland mayor libby shaf and san francisco mayor ed lee declared today warrior's friday. on sunday the warriors will host the portland trail blazers and to show support for the warriors the city of san francisco will light up city hall, san francisco international terminal and even koit tower in the team's colors. 5:56. secret servicemen fired after a bay area man jumps the white house fence. the fall outthis morning at the white house. >> also we're watching north korea. they may test a nuclear bomb within the next 24 hours. the possible moves from the u.s.
5:57 am
to help stop north korea's aggressive nuclear program. >> it's 39 in vallejo that tells you it's pretty cold out there this morning so bundle uptaking that dog for a walk. in the middle of a storm destiny struck. did may imagine april showers bringing her fashionable, flowers at such a sunny price? never but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
5:58 am
5:59 am
this is ktvu mornings on 2. 6:00 on a friday morning april 14th. i'm gasia mikaelian in early for pam cook today. >> and good morning i'm dave clark ready to talk about some friday weather. >> yeah. >> steve paulson's in his office. he's right over there. >> it's cold out. cold for many for this time of year. the coldest temps are to the north but there's 30s all the way down to the santa cruz mountains but we'll focus in on kelseyville at 30 degrees. calistoga. glenn ellen. bodaiga bay a chilly 43. how about rainfall. take a look at santa rosa. this is the water again. i'm not getting into it rain year water year. the rain starts october 1st. santa rosa now. 59 and 1/3" of rain.
6:00 am
i guarantee you'll get over 60. san francisco 31. 20th rain season or water year for them. oakland 27.85. 17.88, 124%. you can find a lot more rain than that. we look good today. up north some cloud cover and a few showers but not a big deal for us. right outlet of the northwest everything continues to move in. and that's ushering that cooler air mass. fairfield is close for many others. i know there's a couple upper 30s around livermore. a cool pattern for the west coast no doubt about it and that's going to translate into a nice day but on the cool side and look for temperatures today to be in the 60s. low today. changes on sunday. more on that in about 10 minutes. all right allie rasmus are things picking up? what in the wild world of traffic is going onut


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