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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  April 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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booing and interrupting the democratic senator. plus, painkiller prescriptions written in another person's name. new details about how prince got painkillers just days before his death. "the four on 2" starts now. 26 rounds fired at teenagers as they left a birthday party in vallejo. >> eight teenagers are recovering today after they were wounded in that shooting. it happened just moments after a teen's birthday party ended in vallejo. >> our crime reporter henry lee joins us with the latest. >> reporter: vallejo police are looking for the two gunmen who fired more than two dozen rounds outside that birthday party. when it was over eight teens were shot and a ninth was trampled while trying to get
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away. the shooting happened just after midnight early sunday morning in vallejo. dozens of teens were on the street after a 14-year-old girl's birthday party ended. without warning two men opened fire from a car. officers soon realized more teens had been shot. >> there's five juveniles shot out here. everybody's conscious and breathing. >> reporter: in all, 8 suffered gunshot wounds. all are expected to survive. the shooters escaped. >> two unknown suspects wearing ski masks opened fire on the group of people out on the street. it's known that 26 plus rounds were fired from two different shooters. one juvenile was trampled by the crowd as it dispersed, and that person suffered a dislocated shoulder. >> police say the shooters were
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targeting somebody in the crowd. the grandmother of the girl who had the party said they have no idea what happened. >> my granddaughter don't associate with people that do stuff like that. that's not how she was raised. >> reporter: students told ktvu some of the victims attend vallejo high school. neighbors say they're shocked by the violence. >> a bullet whizzed past my head and then -- yeah. it's insane to see a bunch of little kids get shot. >> reporter: police are looking for any witnesses and video of the shooting or its aftermath. live in vallejo, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> henry, did police or investigators say there's some sort of relationship between whoever these two people are and the kids that got shot? >> reporter: yeah, frank, they're not giving us much information about whether the shooters knew any of the victims, who exactly in the
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crowd was targeted, and what the motive might be. they're busy working at it and trying to find whoever is responsible. >> henry lee, live for us in vallejo, thank you. it was a raucous gathering in san francisco where senator dianne feinstein held her first town hall meeting since donald trump took office. a group called invisible sf was among those protesting. many accused her of not doing enough to stand up to donald trump. despite the protest, most of those in attendance appeared to be supportive of feinstein. there were loud boos from the audience when the senior senator didn't explicitly oppose the u.s. missile strikes on syria. >> this new president has taken a step, and that step was to send a number of tomahawk
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missiles into -- into an airport where planes left to drop the gas. >> when asked about the president's potential conflict of interest, the senator said her office was investigating the business trips by the president's sons and also taking a close look at the constitutional clause which prohibits government officials from accepting gifts from foreign governments. the manhunt is on for a murder suspect who police say killed an elderly man, then posted the video of the killing on facebook. now there is a new reward as police expand their search out of ohio. matt fin is in cleveland where the shooting unfolded. >> reporter: law enforcement, including the fbi, stepping up their hunt monday for a 37-year- old ohio man named steve stephens. >> there is a reward of up to
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$50,000 for the arrest of mr. steve stephens. >> this is what we would consider a national search for steve. >> reporter: stephens is accused of randomly shooting and killing a man in his 70s. robert godwin senior, then posting the gruesome video on facebook. >> we are still engaged in a very aggressive and very focused attempt to find steve stephens and bring him to justice. >> reporter: at the time, godwin was out collecting aluminum cans. the retired found agree worker was the father of nine and a grandfather of 14. >> this man right here was a good man. >> one of our citizens here in the city, minding his own business, going about his day on easter. i mean, it is personal. >> reporter: officers did try to convince stephens to turn himself in. they were able to speak to him on his cell phone sunday. >> steve, if you're out there
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listening, call someone, whether it's a friend or family member, or pastor. give them a call, because they're waiting on you to call them. >> reporter: many who know stephens are shocked. he worked as a job counselor for teens and young adults. two reports that stephens may have headed east to pennsylvania but so far those are unconfirmed. police now say this is a nationwide manhunt. in cleveland, ohio, fox news. facebook releasing a statement today saying this is a horrific crime and we do not allow this kind of content on facebook. we work hard to keep a safe environment on facebook and are in touch with law enforcement in emergencies when there are direct threats to physical safety. former 49ers end ray mcdonald will not face charges stemming from an incident at his home. the district attorney released a statement explaining why. the deputy district attorney said, despite my best efforts
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to convince the victim to testify, she refused. that is her legal right. regretfully ray mcdonald will not face a jury for what he did that night. we are disappointed that he will not be held responsible. we're going to take you outside. morning showers and heavy mist fell through the morning commute. a live look from sutro tower. it's kind of duck soup out there. the rain stopped but we've got a little bit of clouds. >> the rain is not done yet. >> not yet. >> rosemary, we should not put away the umbrellas? >> that's right. we are looking at a few showers at this hour. it will increase tonight, and tuesday is going to be a bit soggy. giving awe look here, another gray start. in fact, i don't think i have seen any sunshine today around the bay area. 61 degrees right now in santa rosa. low 60s oakland. san jose checking in at 65.
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let's take a look at radar where again we are look at this system already beginning to bring some light rain to the bay area. if we squeeze in closer, we will take a look at where we're seeing it. fairly widespread from areas over portions of the north bay at this time. it moved ashore 30 minutes ago. yeah, we've got some light rain from the peninsula down into the south bay. if we shift to the east bait's here as well. looks like livermore may be the only spot alongside 80 there not seeing a bit of rain. if we head up to the sierra it's been a little bit soggy here for the entire day. you can see mostly green indicating not a lot of snow falling. the snow levels are very high. no advisories for highway 50 nor i-80 for your monday evening. a look at futurecast here will show that you as we get into tonight it's going to pick up. it will be with us through the overnight hours and i think tomorrow morning we start out with a few scattered showers. when i come back i'll have a look at how much rainfall has fallen since we started on easter sunday and what you can
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expect going into the next 24 hours and when we will finally dry out. >> thank you. it's now official, oakland mayor libby schaaf is seeking another term. she sent out a press release confirming reports she is seeking another term. the mayor is vowing to double down on her efforts to serve all the needs of all people in oakland, and she says that fight is more important now than ever with president trump in the white house. construction contractors have now submitted bids to fix oroville dam's spillways. these bids have come in higher than the estimated $220 million. the state wants to have the repair work completed by november 1st ahead of the winter storm season. in february, authorities ordered the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people downstream from that dam after surging water tore away huge chunks of that main spillway. investigators are trying to
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determine what caused a uc berkeley student to fall to her death from a third floor balcony. it happened early sunday morning on dwight way not far from the cal campus. investigators have identified the student who died as kimberly zee. it's not clear if she was alone when she fell, but her death comes two years after six people were killed when a balcony collapsed a few blocks from the campus. prescriptions written in someone else's name. new details about how prince got painkillers in the days right before his death. plus, bart says it costs them millions every year. fare cheats who don't pay to ride. how the transit system proposes to stop that. a new option to watch ktvu news. the 11:00 news begins rate after the 10:00. we hope you tune in. we will be right back. stay with us.
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a black hawk helicopter crashed on a golf course in maryland today. it killed one of the crew members and seriously injured two others. no one on the golf course was injured. u.s. army officials say three crew members were on board that helicopter at the time. no word on what caused the crash. it comes less than two weeks after a military jet went down near a suburban washington, d.c. neighborhood. the pilot in that crash managed to eject from his aircraft and parachute to safety.
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well, bart says fare evaders are cheating the rail system out of millions of dollars each year. and it has now come one several proposals all aimed at not only catching the cheats but preventing them from doing it in the first place. >> ktvu's rob roth spoke with bart and passengers. he joins us with those details. >> cristina, the proposal still has to gain approval by the board but bart says needs to crack down on fare cheats at its four busiest stations, all in downtown san francisco. this is the proper way to pay for a bart ride with a clipper card or bart ticket. but bart says many passengers are cheating by not paying. >> it's annoying, because i'm paying for it, so why shouldn't everybody else be paying for it? >> bart estimates cheats are depriving the system of $15 to $25 million a year. >> there are people who will follow behind very closely someone who is going through the fare gates, then there's people who will simply hop over
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the waist-high barriers. >> bart is proposing a multipronged strategy to deter cheats at its stations. one of the proposals is to raise these rather low barriers to about five feet, up to about here. also, emergency gates would no longer be so easy to open. under a proposal, a station agent would control the gate using a remote, and bart would hire more fare inspectors to check tickets. passengers gave the proposals mixed reviews. >> you would have to have someone here policing it all 24/7 so that's not realistic. the high barriers may be the way to go. >> and lower the prices. maybe people won't jump over. >> the price tag for bart's anti-cheating proposal is about $3 million. if the bart board approves work on raising the barriers could begin this summer. frank and cristina. >> and you were mentioning that the deficit is 10 to 15 a year.
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this would only make up 3 million a year. did they say what else they could ooh to make up the rest of that money? >> well, no, they're just trying to recoup some of the losses. it's not going to be a one for one operation. but they feel they're losing too much money through fare cheats. this is just one way to at least try to not deter it, and tolls recoup some of the losses. >> rob, is most of it just in the san francisco stations or some of the suburbs as well in the east barks south bay? >> it's spread out pretty well across the line, but the four downtown san francisco stations are the busiest, the most active, so that's where the most cheating is likely to occur. so the idea is to get something going there, see how it goes, and then perhaps expand it out to the other stations a little at a time. >> rob, thank you. we appreciate it. some new information being released about the death of prince. according to court documents that were unsealed this morning a doctor prescribed oxycodone for prince in the days before
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he died. the prescription was turned name of prince's friend in an effort to protect the pop star's privacy. prince was found dead on april 21st of last year in an elevator at his paisley park home in minnesota. authorities say he overdosed on fentanyl, a powerful pain a killer. authorities searched e-mails to try to figure out where he got the fentanyl. the new documents did not say where he got that drug that eventually killed him. the newest supreme court justice took his seat for the first time on the bench today. associate justice neil gorsuch joined the rest of the supreme court for a hearing on three cases. the most important case is expected to come wednesday on the separation of church and state. the outcome of that case could make it easier to use state funding to pay for private religious schools in many states. a popular beach in hawaii closed following a weekend shark attack that caused a critical injury. a tourist from france was sunk on a beach when a 12-foot-long
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tiger shark bit his leg several times. several sirves and swimmers witnessed the attack. >> it was huge and gray, so the tail was facing us and his head was at the guy. he was big and kind of dark gray. dark gray, big head. it was just splashing him around. >> doctors were forced to amputate part of that surfer's leg, but he is expected to recover. swimmers and surfers are now being told to stay away from the beach until further notice. probably a good idea. >> that's right. >> i would imagine. weather-wise, boy, you guess the rain is a bit of a stickler this week. >> yeah, it started yesterday morning and really hasn't stopped. we are looking at soggy weather not only for today but through tuesday before we finally get a break. and there is a chance remaining on wednesday as well. i will detail that in the extended forecast. but outside our doors this is pretty much what it has looked like the entire day.
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fog, soggy, cloudy. not too cool, temperatures in the 60s. they actually felt a little muggy in some areas. rainfall amounts from the last 36 hours, since it started early on sunday, most areas received a quarter inch or less but some more. san rafael picked up a half inch. ben lomond in the santa cruz mountains picked up half an inch. san francisco reporting .41. here's a look at storm tracker 2 where we continue to watch this moisture pour into the bay area. northern california, into the sierra. i showed you snow levels are high in the sierra. if you are traveling that direction, no advisories on the highways there, but here we are now with the widespread rain coming in even a little bit earlier than what the models had predicted. so we may have some of this as we get through the evening drive. over portions of the north bay, east bay, it's fairly widespread. not all of it hitting the ground but a lot of it. drizzle, light rain. here's a look at your forecast if you are going to see the as
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play. it is going to be cloudy, a lot of showers. 59 degrees, south breeze about 15 miles per hour as you know. they canceled yesterday's game so not sure what will be going on there as we get into the evening hours. here's a look at your futurecast model. rolling you through tonight it will become a little bit more widespread. then tomorrow morning we wake up with scattered showers. by the afternoon it looks like we may actually get some clearing. partly cloudy skies, 3:00 in the afternoon, with a few lingering showers remaining here. but we're not completely done. it looks like wednesday we may get another chance come wednesday night, especially over portions of the north bay. when i come back we will have a look at your numbers for tomorrow, and we'll take a look at the extended forecast. your bay area weekend looking awfully nice. >> thank you rosemary. the trump family welcomed thousands of children to the white house to carry out a time honored tradition. the annual easter egg roll. the president and first lady melania trump presided over the holiday event now in its 139th
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year. melania was behind the planning for this year's extravaganza. the president applauded and thanked his wife. >> she's really worked hard at it. she has been work on this a long time to make it perfect. >> the white house easter egg rolling tradition dates back to 1878. today's event was really a down sized version of some of the years past with 21,000 children and adults attending. last year some 35,000 people took part. coming up, a manhunt expands for a man who posted a video of a murder on facebook. coming up next, an expert joins us to talk about if there's anything social media companies can do to stop posts like that one, coming up.
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back now to one of our top stories, a nationwide manhunt continues for a murder suspect what police say killed a man then posted the video to facebook. he is accuse autoed of killing a man outside collecting aluminum cans. there are unconfirmed reports that stephens may have headed east to pennsylvania. joining us is peter young the director of the silicon valley global studies. thank you for joining us via skype. >> thank you. >> all right, peter, let's start out with the time factor.
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why did it take three hours to get this post down? and what is protocol, at least at facebook, for getting video like that off? >> well, there's a couple of things. first of all, it wasn't live, and that's important to, i think, let our audience know, that it was actually a posted, uploaded video. but more importantly, the idea of a team at facebook, which is assigned to review videos and other postings is small but growing, and it's literally impossible to view everything all the time. they are working on some software to help mitigate this situation, but it is going to take time, because computers take awhile to learn what is good, what is bad, and then move forward. >> i was just going to say that because right now you can upload anything. there's really no filter, or no plan in place to monitor everything that everyone
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uploads. >> correct. and things can stay up for literally just a few seconds, 30 or 40 seconds, and there's lots of folks who are recording just about everything that's happening on facebook. so it's not just facebook's issue. it's the recording of these postings, as short as they may be, and posting them elsewhere. of course if you look hard enough you can see this in other websites currently, which is a shame, but it is real. >> so it's awful that it was posted, but it's almost like an amber alert now because everyone that's on facebook likely knows about it now, and through the news society. can facebook be used now as good tool to try to capture this guy? >> i think it is. but as i want to echo what some of my law enforcement colleagues have been saying over the last 24 hours. don't kind of throw tips and
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purported sightings and broadcast them on facebook. get ahold of the police. get ahold of law enforcement first. they're really the coordinating body for all this. i think facebook has a place, and a very positive place in investigations like this, but i think that it behooves all of us to make sure we use law enforcement in the way that it should be. >> i know it's hard to put yourself in the shoes of this killer, but what would make someone air their grievances on facebook before this killing? do you think it was an attempt for someone to stop him? >> i think there were signs that people around him were seeing. a lot of time we kind of brush it off. if we remember, andy warhol talked about 15 minutes of fame so that might be part of it. and the idea that you are live,
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or at least in this case uploaded video, is actually not new, and we can go back to 1974, the first, if you will, television suicide on a news set. and so there's been several since then, and a i think that all of us need to look for the signs and intervene as we can, either by friends or professionals. >> well, it is fairly new, when you think about facebook. it's only been around, what, 10 years. so there are some growing pains here. sadly, this transpired. peter young, hey, we want to thank you for your insight. >> thank you. have a good evening. new plans to transform a busy east bay bart station. coming up, the project to give riders an easy pass from the concord station into downtown. and the vice president with some very heavy words for north
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korea, when "the four on 2" continues.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. vice president mike pence started a 10-day trip through asia. caroline shively has more. >> the era of strategic patience is over. >> reporter: staring down soldiers at the dividing line between north and south korea,
4:32 pm
vice president mike pence sending a warning shot to kim jong-un. >> the world witnessed the strength and the resolve of our new president in actions taken in syria and afghanistan. north korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the united states in this region. >> reporter: president trump sending his own message via twitter. our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before. frankly, we have no choice. the administer traition is hoping to persuade china, one of north korea's strongest allies to do more to decrease the tensions. china says all sides should return to the negotiating table. >> our proposal is for all sides to refrain from actions of provocation. >> reporter: all of this follows north korea's failed missile launch sunday and a military parade saturday at
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which the regime showcased its military capability. adding to this the united states is going ahead with plans to deploy a antimissile system in south korea, something china says is a threat to its security. a 20-year-old man accused of the shooting deaths of five people at a washington state shopping mall was found dead in his credit. mount vernon police confirmed the man hanged himself last night. police say on september 23rd he went to the cascade mall in burlington, washington and fatal alley shot a teenage girl, three women, and one man. police captured the shooter 30 hours later near his apartment in oak harbor, washington. students at a san bernardino school returned to class for the first time since a shooting last week. police say a man walked into
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his estranged waive's classroom and opened fire. karen smith and an eight-year- old boy were killed and a nine- year-old boy was wounded. students and staff returned to class amid a heavy police presence there. and a new national poll says americans think it's safe tore use marijuana than opioids to relieve pain. in the telephone poll of 1,122 adults, two-thirds said opioids are riskier to use than pot even when the pain pills are prescribed by a doctor. only one in five said marijuana was riskier than the opioids. those answering the poll overwhelmingly said pot should be legal for medical use. the city of concord and bart broke ground on a new project to connect riders with concord's growing downtown. bart officials say these stations were built years before some of these east bay cities existed or developed into vibrant community hubs.
4:35 pm
lee martinez has details of those new plans unveiled today. >> reporter: the project will move bart ride inters downtown concord with a direct bicycle and pedestrian-friendly pathway. from the bart station the path will use grant street to enter into the plaza. a a raised crosswalk, bike lane, and new lighting will be added. concord's mayor says it has been a gel for several years. >> over the last 15 years it's really come alive. now that we've got a critical mass down there that comes at all times of the day, we've now got a destination that people want to come to. >> reporter: bart riders have mixed feelings on the $6.5 million project. >> we would totally use. that i have five kids. they're all mobile. they ride bart a lot. >> put more money into bart trains. they're really in bad shape. i've got to go but that's where the money shoe go.
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>> reporter: bart says it is working on separate transportation improvements as well. officials say this access project is funded mostly by the contra costa transportation authority with ballot measures dedicated to this improvement project. construction has already begun. we're told the walkway is going to bea decorative stone but still wheelchair accessible and also easy on moms and dads pushing kids in strollers. the completed date for the project is next summer. in concord, lee martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. raider star quarterback behind a microphone today as the team gathers for off-season workouts. he says loyal raider fans aren't going to split with their team. after a brief break, rain picking up once again as we head into your monday evening. what you can expect for the rest of tonight, tomorrow, and into the extended forecast coming up. tech: when your windshield needs to be fixed...
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trust safelite autoglass. our exclusive trueseal technology means a strong, reliable bond. at safelite, we stand behind our work... because the ones you love, sit behind it. (parents whisper jingle) safelite repair, safelite replace. for the 121st time runners hit the streets of boston for the world's most prestigious marathon, or one of them anyway, the boston marathon. today's was the fourth since the bombings that killed three people. there was massive security with dozens of bomb sniffing dogs. the race went smoothly. your winner is a kenyan runner
4:40 pm
who won the men's division. five americans, by the way, were in the top 10 including the number two man. so americans are getting better at marathons. a kenyan woman won the women's race as well. we've been talking about raiders pretty much all off season. joe fonzi joins us. >> we have the sharks in the playoffs, the warriors in the playoffs, and we're talking football today because of the fact that derek carr was in town. this will be a very strange season for raiders fans. how are you supposed to react when the team you love has jilted you for a chance to chase more money and a shiny palace in las vegas? one raider fan now has to sim pa thighs with abandoned fans.
4:41 pm
derek carr took place in workouts today, doing his best to encourage fans not to associate the team with a specific city. >> through the hard times and the good times, we're still raiders. there's been a lot of hard times before. now we're starting to have some good times. this is just another thing that we're going to deal with together. we're not going to split up like you've seen other cities do. we're not going to do things like that. for the ones that do, i don't really believe that they are true raider fans a. i feel their hurt. i'm with you. i hurt, too. but at the same time we're all in this together, and we're just going to do it together. >> so derek carr was a bit of a call-foul. you are only an oakland raider fan, you're not a true raider fan. >> interesting comment. >> i guess that goes to the concept of raider nation without the concept of how much it might cost to fly to different games in different towns 10 times a year. >> and i bet the flights go up
4:42 pm
a little bit come game day. >> imagine the folks are going to say, let's see, there's a raider game scheduled, those rates from oakland to las vegas might increase on those particular days. >> how about the sharks? shut out the last couple of games. >> very simple sce. don't score, you have to win. it is not yet football season but it is stanley cup playoff time. and a series that started out with a 1-0 san jose lead has now turned into a 2-1 lead by edmonton. the sharks at home last night with joe thornton back in the lineup after the knee injury that caused him the tail end of the regular season. it was a battle of the goalies with cam talbot turning back early opportunities. the game scoreless through two and a half periods. talbot continues to turn the sharks away with 23 saves. talbot didn't exactly do the stanley cup cliche of standing on his head, but his effort was good enough for a 1-0 win.
4:43 pm
his second straight shut- tighten series. >> it's not much out there. you look at them, they're not scoring that many goals, either. i think we're doing a good job defensively. it's playoff hockey. we're not giving them too much, and they're not giving us too much. >> as someone who expects to score, you know, you don't want to give too much credit to them. i think there's always a way you cab a little better, a little cleaner, execution at times. when you get your look, you've got to make it count. >> this time of year you've got to be prepared and you've got to be comfortable playing in 1- 0, 8-1 games. >> so down two games to one. hopefully they get it together. >> one win away from tieing the series. >> i'll quote one of my favorite newspaper writers from the area that there's no such
4:44 pm
thing as momentum in playoff series, because each game has its own dynamic, and the sharks can get right back in it with a win tomorrow night. >> winning solves everything. all right, joe, thanks for that. >> sure. >> let's head over to rosemary's territory and find out about our wet week. >> at least the start of it. it's going to be with us a few days. the back end of the week looks nice if you like it dry and warmer. outside our doors at this hour, watching the rain already return to the bay area. here is a live look at a soggy golden gate bridge. you can see it is slick on those roadways in time for the evening drive. here is a look at storm tracker 2 as we take a view from up above. a lot of cloud cover but we saw a bit of a lull with a few sprinkles, a little bit of drizzle out there. it is now turning wet once again. take a look at all the green on the screen. the entire north bay at this point along the coast, over portions of the north bay. it's just widespread, all the way from clover dale down through santa rosa, down to san rafael, crossing the richmond-
4:45 pm
san rafael bridge. the peninsula covered. as we shift to the east bay we have it along a 880, 24, 680. we're all involved. giving awe view of the futurecast, we'll talk about when this rain is finally supposed to let up. here we go into the evening hours. it's going to be with us. tomorrow morning we wake up with a few scattered showers. as we get into afternoon it begins to break away and by late afternoon we may have some partial clearing. tuesday afternoon could turn out to be nicer than what we're seeing right now. then the next system is way back here. tuesday afternoon and most of wednesday looks like it is going to be a dry one. here is wednesday morning. but then by wednesday afternoon it begins to change. this system is going to favor the north bay. it definitely could creep into the central and south bay, but definitely more so for the north bay as we get into wednesday night and thursday morning. we finally begin to dry out, then we're dry through the weekend. giving awe look here at the temperatures right now, 57 san francisco, low zinc oakland.
4:46 pm
to the north bay, 59 a in santa rosa. 65 san jose. tomorrow morning going to be a lot like this morning with cloudy skies, scattered showers, and items in the 50s. 52 for san rafael, 53 san francisco as well as oakland and into the south bay 53 expected for san jose. a look at the afternoon highs. also going to be a lot like today but hopefully we will see more sunshine. 62 expected for san francisco, 65 in oakland. south bay, upper 60s, into the inner east bay. 69 for antioch. our south bay low, 67 expected for santa rosa. a look at your extended forecast. we'll call for showers tomorrow morning. mostly cloudy skies for the afternoon. wednesday starts out dry. but by wednesday night the showers are back, especially for portions of the north bay. then we begin to dry out and we begin to warm up into your bay area weekend. mostly sunny skies and temperatures into the 70s. >> what did you say? weekend? >> mostly sunny in the 70s. >> that looks pretty good. >> thanks. >> thank you rosemary.
4:47 pm
frank joins us now with a look at some of the stories we're working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00. frank, i guess the folks in marin are up in arms. >> yeah, they are. smart train testing in marin causing controversy. why the late-night testing is making some people there pretty angry. at 5:00, what's being done to try to fix the issue. >> and a coastal town of pescadero with an unwanted visitor. >> this is a horrifying nightmare for a family on the peninsula. a mountain lion actually came into their home, snatched their family dog as they were sleeping. at a 5:00, the details we're learning about what happened. >> all right, frank. we'll see you at 5:00. it's the very first study in u.s. that's looking at yoga as a sole treatment for diagnosing depression. >> coming up next, new evidence from a bay area university that yoga may help treat depression. we will be right back.
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there's a new antidepressant, but this one is thousands of years old. yoga has been shown to alleviate major depression. this is research coming from uc san francisco. other studies have shown mental health benefits, but this is the first outside of india that examined yoga as a solo stand- alone therapy. debora villalon has more. >> reporter: amanda takes us through a few poses she learned while in a clinical study of yoga and depression. >> then she would have us go -- like really get it out. >> reporter: amanda had dabbled before, but for the research she went twice a week, 90
4:51 pm
minutes. >> at the beginning of the study was struggling with centering myself. that's how depression is. you get sunk into a feeling or a moment or sort of drudgery. >> it's the very first study in the u.s. that's looking at yoga as a sole treatment for diagnosing depression. >> reporter: they studied men and women age 18 to 72. half learned about yoga in lectures. half actually did yoga in structured classes. after eight weeks -- >> 60% of the people in the yoga group got remission, which means minimal to zero symptoms of depression. so that is a dramatic increase. the control group only got 10% remission. >> reporter: and no one was on medication or in therapy so the effect was solely yoga. none of this comes as a surprise to those who practice. >> really, it is transformative. a lot of it is just about being
4:52 pm
quiet, having dedicated quiet space. >> reporter: the owner of this studio, second oldest in the city, says people come in with physical ailments, but it's the mental benefits that hook them. many yoga stretches that open the chest for breathing are known as mood lifting. >> so when we are depressed, there's the posturing that we think of, where someone is kind of like this. so opening the opposite way and breathing and getting some spains. >> reporter: by definition, yoga is about calming the mind. >> we don't feel like we're good enough, or we question our choices, and we just get stuck and lost in our minds. so this is about quieting that. >> reporter: the uc study group was small. just 38 people. and more research is certain to follow. >> but from the general public's standpoint, if they enjoy yoga and they're finding that it gives mood benefits, they'll keep doing it, and that's actually what's driving the science. >> i can do this anywhere. >> this is a nice cobra. >> at any point in my life as an extension of myself.
4:53 pm
that's the tools i learned and took with me. >> reporter: for this 31-year- old high school arts teacher, the study was a turning point. she now feels self-empowered managing her depression. >> and i would say to myself, like, i love you, amanda. >> reporter: one of her favorite poses, the one her class always ended with. >> giving yourself the soothing that a mother would give to a child. it's like giving to the yourself. really sweet, really healing. >> that was debora villalon reporting. one of the most anticipated births of the year. >> in case you missed it, april the giraffe finally welcomed her baby over the weekend. she had a healthy baby boy born on saturday at the animal adventure park in new york. the park has created a naming contest. frank, it is going to cost awe dollar if you want to recommend a name. so money raised will go towards giraffe conservation efforts. >> a very good cause. the name is expected to be
4:54 pm
revealed sometime next week. we posted a link to the contest on under the web link section of our home page. that leads to our question of the day which is what would you name april's new calf which, again, a boy? >> vicki says brandon after brandon belt, the giants' first baseman. >> sylvia says she would name him easter since he was born during easter week. >> another viewer says, how about mae since mother's name is april, and right now that name seems to be gaining a little strength. that's the popular one. more to come. stay with us. we will be right back.
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the military is an tensing its fight against i see but the plan could be complicated. connor has more out of jerusalem. >> the military is deepening its involvement in the battle for mosul. the last major pocket for resistance in iraq. 100 rounds a day into western mosul including direct strikes a militant positions. complaints of widespread destruction as forces target isis fighters with less precision.>> independent checks
4:58 pm
with accuracy and timing so every single round is exactly where we wanted to.>> it is part of the push to accelerate but the plan could be complicated by a weekend referendum in turkey which is a isis ally. they are pushing back against criticism from europe and the us running of fraud and human rice dish rights abuses.>> we have put up a fight against the nation and we did not succumb. >> the political fallout continued from trump's use of the mother of all bombs against isis in afghanistan with russia calling on the administration to dial back the use of military force. >> i hope there will be no unilateral action such as those we have seen.>> national security advisor is visiting afghanistan and pakistan hoping
4:59 pm
to coordinate the fight against the taliban and isis and central asia. a suspect on the loose following a shooting at a birthday party. 26 shots were filed -- fired at teenagers as they were waiting for a ride home. police are searching for the people who opened fire on a crowd of teenagers over the weekend as a birthday party wound down. eight people were shot and are recovering. henry lee joins us live from the police department with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police are looking for two gunmen who fired more than two dozen rounds outside of this party. when it was over, eight were shot in a ninth was trampled while trying to get away.
5:00 pm
it happened after midnight on calhoun street. dozens of teenagers were on the street after a 14-year-old birthday party. two men in ski masks opened fire from a car. they had been waiting for the party to and. >> the officers realized that more teenagers had been shot. >> there is five shot out here. everybody is conscious and breathing.>> the teens suffered gunshot wounds and are expected to survive. the shooters escape to.>> suspects wearing ski masks opened fire on the people on the street. it is known that 26 rounds were fired from two different shooters.>> one juvenile was trampled and that person suffered a dislocated shoulder.>> the shooters were targeting someone in the crowd


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