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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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i want voters to be very clear. i am in this for the long haul. >> the mayor of oakland announces plans to run for reelection even though she's only a little more than half way through her first term in office. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. libby schaaf is getting a jump on the competition even though the next election for mayor in oakland is still a year and a half away. ktvu monty francis at city hall tonight to explain why libby schaaf is jumping into the
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election so early. monty? >> reporter: at this point there are no other candidates in the race. schaaf tells me she just wants a chance to finish what she started. >> we have not only seen tremendous reduction. >> reporter: without any fanfare, oakland mayor libby schaaf met us out in the rain in front of city hall to share the news she is running for a second term. >> i wanted to announce early because i don't take anything for granted and i want voters to be very clear i am in this for the long haul. >> reporter: there's still 568 days until the election, but schaaf who is a strong supporter of hillary clinton says donald trump's first few weeks in office pushed her to make up her mind. >> the election of donald trump as our president is so disconcerning to me and many oaklanders. so i wanted to send a clear message that i am in this not just for the basic things oaklanders want done like getting the potholes filled,
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but also i will champion our values. >> reporter: she has her supporters. >> i just think she's good. she will be good for oakland. >> reporter: and her detractors. >> no, i didn't vote for her the last time and i wouldn't vote for her this time. >> reporter: many oaklanders are still angry the raiders decided to leave town. but jerry doesn't blame schaaf for the raiders leaving. he has other complaints. >> lack of experience, no plan of action. i don't see any determination. i've been around for 12 years and i don't see anything going. we're not an aggressive city. >> schaaf eastern response to an underage sex scandal involving members of the oakland police department, and the appointment of anne kirkpatrick as the new police chief. >> considering the fact she had no police chief for quite a while. i think she handled that fairly well. >> reporter: schaaf touts statistics that show a significant drop in shootings and homicides over the last four years. and what she says is a 70%
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reduction in use of force by police. >> i see improvements to neighborhoods and in my local environment. so i'm incline to say she's doing a good job. >> reporter: but the city is still dealing with fallout from the deadly ghostship fire and the fire at a halfway house on san pablo avenue. schaaf needs to find a new fire chief in the face of criticism about a lack of oversight and inspections. and the fire chief teresa reid retires next month. schaaf says the two big priorities going forward are dealing with the problem of the housing crisis and also the the problem of homelessness. the most recent survey found schaaf enjoys a favorability of 60%. >> what is the strategic movement? >> reporter: the political
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consultant firm that is working on her campaign is the same firm that works on the campaigns of san francisco's mayor ed lee and jerry brown. all of those candidates declared early. so there does appear to be some sort of political calculation here, frank. >> monty franklin outside city hall tonight, thank you. dianne feinstein faced hecklers today. many say feinstein isn't doing enough to stand up to president trump. ktvu tara moriarty attended the town hall at the scottish rite center showing us how the senator responded. >> if you want me to speak you're going to have to let me speak. [ applause ] >> reporter: senator diane fine stan stands -- dianne feinstein stands her ground after answering last week's questions about the attacks in syria. but at one point things turned volatile.
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and the crowd tries to have the heckler ousted. many in the audience were with the group called indivisible sf, angry the nearly 84-year- old senator hasn't been more vocal against president trump. >> will you take a stand right now and call him what he is? dishonest, incompetent, and corrupt? >> reporter: feinstein says her staff was investigating him on ethics violations. >> whether we can in fact deny certain federal payments for business trips of his sons. and that kind of thing. >> reporter: moral proximate cause for her pledge -- more applause for her pledge on assistance. but booed for health care. >> can we have your attention please? >> reporter: feinstein called north korea the number one problem in the world calling
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kim jong-un more ruthless than any existing leader on earth. >> north korea is an acute danger for us. they are in the process of building an intercontinental ballistic missile that will be able to hit anywhere in the united states. >> reporter: cynthia papermaster supports barbara lee to take feinstein's senate seat. >> i don't think democrats will lose anything by doing what the population in the united states wants them to do. we want out of these wars. >> reporter: feinstein can't be too vocal against trump because she sits on both the judiciary committee and intelligence committee. >> i think we will see actions, but she needs to be measured. she has another town hall meeting scheduled in los angeles later this week and this summer plans to hold another town hall meeting in san francisco. her turn is -- term is up next year. but when asked if she is
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running for re-election she declined to say. in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. new at 10:00, backers of a proposed ballot measure to allow california to split from the united states have decided to call it quits. the secretary of state's office confirmed the leaders of the campaign have notified them they are going to withdraw their proposal. the movement drew interest after last year's election. leaders of the movement say organizal problems kept -- organizational problems kept them from gathering the signatures they needed to put the measure on the ballot. new information involving the violent protest in berkeley on saturday. police say 20 people were arrested after a fight broke out between the far right and far left supporters and opponents of president trump. at least 11 people were injured with seven being taken to the hospital. most of those arrested are from the bay area. three are from southern california. charges include assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and committing a crime while
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wearing a mask. you'll find the names of the individuals arrested. bart says magnets could cause the power surge problem causing problems along the bay front line. the electrical problem knocked out power to 22 rail cars. bart engineers say metal dust caused by grinding on the tracks clings to the underside of the trains. crews have tried to vacuum the dust, but it can get clogged. they are planning to install magnets on two maintenance vehicles to pull the dust off the tracks. new at 10:00, the light rain falling tonight is adding to the record setting tolls we've seen this winter in spring. and now water agencies are make preparations before the sierra snow pack starts melting. ktvu's jesse james has more on how this is helping our region. >> reporter: frank, this evening we've seen on and off showers all evening long. nothing too much, very light
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separatic showers that won't tip the scales. but the showers add to a growing problem. with reservoirs at capacity, what to do with melting water this spring? even though the bay area is inching further into spring, today's murky monday is a sign rainy season isn't ready to let go. umbrellas and rain jackets still stand an equipment as urbanizers dodge rain drops and puddles. >> it seems like the weather just followed me down from portland. >> reporter: so it is your fault? >> yes, you can blame me. >> reporter: while he is willing to shoulder the blame, the beneficiaries could be all of us. rain here adding inches to the sierra snow pack, which is more than 150% above average. so officials with the san francisco public utilities commission say they are releasing water now at the rate of 16,457 gallons per second that will make room for runoff
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when the snow starts to melt. >> during the drought, we had snow pack levels that were 50% above normal, 60% above normal. today we have a snow pack level of 160, 170% above normal. so that means a longer period of time. we will be releasing water, generating hydroelectric energy when we release that water. >> reporter: charles shehan says the leak will be going into the water system. in the form of more availability clean water for drinking and bathing. the relief is normally it will start to taper off in may. this year it could stretch into june. at some point runoffs could be diverted into area reservoirs such as crystal springs and san mateo county. aside benefits from above average rainfall, the amount of hydroelectric energy being generated. >> and that power is all the city's municipal facilities, the muni buses, san francisco international airport as well as businesses here in san francisco. >> reporter: it's a story thought unthinkable just 12
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months ago when california was in the grips of historic drought with plenty of days like today, change conditions, changed attitudes about rainy days. >> it is a bummer that is so gray, but again it is good it will end the drought. everything looks green and beautiful. i just hope spring is around the corner. >> yeah, i hope so too. officials say fear that the runoff could lead to flooding or unfounded because there's no major population centers in the flow's path. additionally that runoff will go into an area, lake, and streams. we are live on treasure island this evening jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. we are tracking the scattered showers that are out there right now. there's more in the forecast. there is also a warm up. i'll have the details back here after the break. >> this year's tax deadline is nearly here. see where we found procrastinators tonight. and a dog taken from a bay area home in the middle of the night. a homeowner said it was a mountain lion that did it.
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some terrifying moments for a family on the peninsula as a mountain lion crept into their home and snatched their little dog. as ktvu can ann rubin reported
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it happened just a few moments away where a family member was sleeping. >> i said i think i saw the lion. >> reporter: last night vicky foe left the french doors open to let in some air. she apparently let something else in too. that something snatched her dog lenore. >> she went into her snarling, you know, get out of here bark, right? and then nothing, no sound. >> reporter: it was about 3:00 a.m. the dog had been at the foot of the same bed where vicky and her 12-year-old daughter were sleeping. they awoke to see a shadow sneaking away. they believe it was a mountain lion. >> as it was walking away, i knew that was a lion. and i knew it had to have gotten her and that is why she stopped barking. a resident there had a mountain lion for the bedroom, to kill the dog and left with the dog
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now. >> reporter: they quickly called authorities. the california department fish and wildlife and san mateo sheriff department responded, finding paw prints at the scene. they agree this is likely a mountain lion, but they say their behavior was unusual. >> the mountain lion is a wild animal, a mediator. and so it entered the room with the intent to do that. you know, for that reason we highly recommend people when they're sleeping to not sleep with their doors open. >> reporter: vicky says her doors will be closed from now on. even though she is no stranger to mountain wildlife, she says she never quite expected something like this. >> i know the young lions are, you know, they do foolish things. we are learning, but i did not expect them to walk into the house. and so it is pretty shocking. >> reporter: while vicky is devastated by the loss of her dog, she can't help, but feel grateful she and her young daughter were unharmed. ann rubin ktvu fox 2 news.
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today the state senator proved almost a billion dollars in road and train projects. the money was promised by governor brown to get lawmakers to support a hike in gas taxes and vehicle fees. it includes $400 million to extend the ace train from san jose to merced. that ensured anthony canell. he was the lone republican to vote for the transportation package. also today the only democrat in the assembly who voted against the transportation deal was stripped of his position as chairman of the business and professions committee. the spending bill now moves to the assembly. the u.s. supreme court's newest member sat on the bench for the first time today. judge neil gorsuch asked quite a bit of questions. today's arguments focused on workplace discrimination, property rights, and a securities class action lawsuit. on wednesday the justices will hear a case involving the separation of church and state
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as the newest justice neil gorsuch will have a few humbling jobs such as serving on the cafeteria committee to oversee the quality of the lunchroom food. now to the tax deadline which is tomorrow three days later than the typical april 15. ktvu's jana katsuyama is in walnut creek tonight with what you need to know if you still haven't filed. jana? >> reporter: frank, people have been coming here to the post office all day to drop off their tax returns. you can file online until 11:59 tomorrow night. but don't expect to stop by the post office that late because the window won't be open. it's a task john ori can now check off his list. >> it's like a load off my back. yes, it is good to get it done. >> reporter: his taxes are done one day early. at this walnut creek post office, many people came in to mail theirs before the april 18 deadline. >> i have a small business, so you know it's enormously complicated. i wish they would simplify the
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the tax code. >> reporter: one antioch man was filling his forms right at the tax office. >> i don't have tomorrow to do it. i better get in to do it today. pop it in the mail and we're done, yes. >> reporter: this year filers had three extra days because april 15 landed on a weekend and monday was a holiday emancipation day in washington, d.c. louis roth is a veteran tax preparer who does about 400 returns a year and says the date change caught many people off guard. >> a lot of people who didn't have appointments and suddenly realized i better do something. because tomorrow is the last day. >> reporter: for those who need help many businesses will be open until 11:59 p.m. tuesday. >> personal taxes are done, so i'm happy. >> reporter: the united way bay area provides free tax help for people with incomes below $54,000 a year if they call 211. >> we have 60 to 70 locations help people prepare their
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taxes. we have volunteers who are trained and certified. >> reporter: if you are not ready, don't worry. >> if you don't have your stuff together. if you have documents that are missing, file an extension, take off the pressure. then you get until october 15 in order to file. >> reporter: but remember an extension to file doesn't mean an extension to pay. and the form still needs to get in the mail on time. >> i filed an extension. even that is stressful because that has to be done on time or you could get a penalty. >> reporter: post offices will close at their regular times. in the bay area the latest collections are 8:00 at sfo and san jose's lundy avenue site. one is open until 8:30 at san francisco's evans avenue. so frank, it is really important people make sure they check their local post office's closing time so they don't get caught. >> jana katsuyama at walnut creek, thank you. a few sprinkles out there today and sunday as well.
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these are the totals since sunday. half inch in san rafael. san francisco about half an inch. those two-day totals are persistent with a drizzle and mist. that's still happening outside right now. not as heavier as they were earlier today. there it is, the pattern. this pattern will continue to be unsettled through tomorrow and into wednesday. but there will be more sunshine. i suspect tomorrow we will see twice, three times as much sunshine as what we saw today with a slight chance for a sprinkle. you need to leave that in the forecast because of the general flow. we've got scattered showers in the north bay to the tune of like i say over an inch of rain in parts of sebastopol and the guerneville area. showers will be here at half moon bay and out towards the woodside. so tomorrow morning should be dry on the commute. it'll be a little wet on the roads from this evening's rain, but it should be a dry morning commute. there is a slight chance for a sprinkle tomorrow. you'll see it here on the computer model. so 4:00 a.m.
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actually you'll see the cloud cover and then you'll see the clearing. so more clearing tomorrow afternoon will allow temperatures back into the 60s. even some low 70s. that's your bay area tuesday. maybe a sprinkle. then wednesday probably a sprinkle or a rain drop. we will talk about that when i see you next. facebook's big developer conference will start tomorrow in a new home. at 10:30 the economic boom into downtown san jose and why some say it was like silicon valley. later in sports, raiders quarterback derek carr talks about the team's move to las vegas. why david carr says or derek carr, excuse me says he has mixed feelings. a multi-state man hunt. a search for a gunman who picks his victims at random and then posted it on social media.
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an army blackhawk helicopter crashes onto a golf course in maryland today
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killing one soldier and seriously injuring the other two crew members on board. one witness describes seeing pieces falling from the helicopter. another says the helicopter was spinning before going down. the crash comes less than two weeks after a military jet crashed into a suburban neighborhood near washington, d.c. the pilot in that crash managed to eject from the plane and parachute to safety. a killing on easter sunday in cleveland, ohio is sending shock waves around the country. police say the suspect picked an elderly man at random. and then shot and killed him and posted video of the crime on facebook. >> tonight a $50,000 reward is now being offered. the man hunt has expanded several surrounding states. >> reporter: police are urging people to be vigilant for this alleged killer who drove around on easter sunday in cleveland looking for people to kill. he eventually pulled up the 74- year-old robert godwin who was returning from an easter
10:25 pm
celebration. according to police shot him point-blank killing him. the suspect 37-year-old steve stephens then posted the gruesome video to facebook. state local and federal authorities are now on a nationwide man hunt. >> we are still asking steve to turn himself in. but if he doesn't, we will find him. >> reporter: stephens claims to have killed up to 13 people, but police have only confirmed the death of the elderly man a father of ten. >> reporter: this man right here was a good man. and i hate he's gone, you know what i mean? i don't know what i'm going to do. it is not real. >> it feels like my heart is just gone. >> reporter: the alleged killer told his facebook audience an issue with the love of his life caused him to snap. >> i snapped, i snapped. dog, i just snapped, i just snapped. >> reporter: this video appears to show him at his shooting range, preparing for his rampage. >> yeah. >> we are getting ready. >> reporter: police say they have hundreds of tips and
10:26 pm
leads, but no arrests have been made. he was last seen driving a white ford fusion, but could have ditched it. >> we are using any and all resources to work this, not just in the cleveland area, but throughout the united states. and to again to locate this individual as soon as possible. >> reporter: there are reports stephen's cell phone pinged near erie, pennsylvania. police and the fbi would not confirm. the authorities are warning people across the midwest and northeast to be careful. that this alleged killer is armed and extremely dangerous. today facebook released a statement saying because of this incident, it is going to launch a review into how they handle violent video, saying they need to do better. tonight police are offering a $50,000 reward in this nationwide man hunt. in cleveland matt finn, fox news. bart planning to crack down on cheats. how much they plan on spending to catch those who don't pay
10:27 pm
their fair share. starting tomorrow thousands of visitors will be headed to downtown san jose for a developer conference. the economic impact it could bring to san jose. coming up on our news at 11:00, unclaimed cash. we'll tell you about the bay area county trying to spread the word that it has money to give away.
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new at 10:00 to want -- new at 10:00 tonight, final preparations are underway for a big developer conference. >> more than 4,000 people from all over the world are expected to be in san jose tomorrow. azenith smith is live at the convention center tomorrow. this is the first time it is being held in san jose? >> it is frank. typically facebook has held a conference in san francisco. now it is going to be held here at the convention center big enough to hold all the attendees. you know what that means? big business for san jose. >> reporter: the convention center is definitely at its time. at the developer conference. for the first time in california, hoping for better weather, but overall glad to be here. >> i am quite excited to be here because i love adobe and facing with all those companies. the atmosphere for me is pretty great. >> reporter: he's among the
10:31 pm
thousands of visitors in town. it is a perfect location in the heart of it all. given the event has doubled in size. more than 4,000 people have outgrown this building in san francisco. >> we have over 30% more international attendees this year, which is very exciting for us. the people from brazil, from japan, from indie we also have a live stream for folks to watch online. >> reporter: facebook mark zucker bucker is expected to address the keynote address as they will learn the latest technology in messaging, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence. >> for me personally, i will show you the camera services and what facebook will expect for their camera. >> and i am interested in seeing all of this and the stuff to make sure they know what they need to do and it will be on out there like the virtual reality stuff they're working on. >> besides facebook's story, apple is also moving their worldwide developer conference to san jose. and at times they will be up.
10:32 pm
these conferences are underscoring their ground as the tech at the center. >> and it will be more than 4,000 visitors, to fill more than 2,700 hotel rooms. this is a great economic story. at the same time it will be packed. >> reporter: the convention center could have an economic impact of more than $2 million. >> especially when it is tax week, tax season. it's typically a very slow week, so we are definitely excited to have this here. >> reporter: and i wanted to show you facebook has set up this modular building outside the convention center for the public to enjoy a free virtual reality experience tour starting tomorrow. in fact security is out here manning this building. the conference is on wednesday,
10:33 pm
but this will be up until april 23rd. back to you. >> all right, azenith smith in san jose tonight, thank you. well a group of protesters spent a second day outside san jose city hall today. they say they will not eat until something is done to keep renters in san jose from being evicted without reason. their issue is with the city's no cause addiction policy, allowing landlords to evict them without reason. the city leaders are proposing an opt-in approach where renters could essentially file a complaint with the city to be protected against evictions. the city council plans to take up the issue at their meeting tomorrow. wall street rallied today after the long easter weekend. investors shifted their focus from their political tensions to earnings. and the dow was up 183 points. nasdaq gained 52. and the s&p rose 20. vice president mike pence is on his way to japan tonight after visiting the demilitarized zone. fox news reporter joel waldman tells us the high-profile visit comes amid tensions between the united states and north korea.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: vice president mike pence was on the korean peninsula today and while there, he put north korea unnoticed. >> there is a period of strategic patience. the era is is over. >> reporter: vice president mike pence stringed a 10-day trip to the asia pacific region with this strong message from north korea's leader. considered both irrational and unpredictable. their increasing concerns at this hour, the head of the nation could be preparing for another nuclear weapons test. and that has officials in hawaii scrambling to dust off the state's emergency plans for the first time since 1980 and in preparation for the possibility however remote of an attack on the islands. >> when they say he will strike the united states, he will use nuclear weapons against the united states. we have to take that at his word. >> reporter: tensions are peeking after another missile test by the north koreans over the weekend, which failed just four seconds into flight.
10:35 pm
coming just hours before vice president pence touched down in seoul. military advisors say president trump has a number of options if kim jong-un does in fact strike. >> he's got another option he's probably never going to talk about and that is to assassinatekim jong-un and create some kind of a cue. >> there are a lot of pressure .s to utilize. we have been very encouraged with the direction they're going. >> reporter: the vice president remains in seoul, south korea tomorrow morning for a business session before heading off to tokyo for the evening. in washington joel waldman fox news. a community forum in brooklyn heard about the military tactics in police. it was front and center at the event. urban shield is a federally
10:36 pm
funded training program and weapons exposition held each year in the bay area. the urban shield website says they train first responders how to respond to what they call critical events. berkeley city council members say the program is about teaching police military skills. >> the department needs to change. we believe everything needs to be different. >> reporter: berkeley city council is expected to withdrawal the program at a meeting next week. it hasn't happened in california in decades. we'll tell you about a plan to decommission an oil platform linked to a devastating spill. and we've got some rain drops out there. we have talked about that. now we will go into your rest of the week and show you some more rain and some warmth. all that after the break. up next a bay area teacher under arrest. the new charge she faces after first coming to the attention
10:37 pm
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a high school teacher in benicia has been arrested for allegedly having sex with an underage student. 20-year-old riana lane surrendered today charged with unlawful sexual intercourse
10:40 pm
with a minor, theft, and possession of marijuana. today's arrest comes on the heels of an earlier investigation of a stolen property involving the same student and teacher. police say it was during that investigation they learned about the inappropriate relationship. ray mcdonald will not face sexual assault charges stemming from an incident in 2014 at his home. the santa clara district attorney's office released a statement explaning the alleged victim is now refusing to testify. the d.a.'s office says that is her legal right, but that as a result of that decision charges against mcdonald will be dropped. a small group of demonstrators protested against the alameda county sheriff today. members gathered in front of the county jail in oakland. with the corporation with officials. they have status for illegal
10:41 pm
immigrants, but the sheriff is notifying i.c.e. about prisoner releases. he's responsible for the deportation of more than 2,000 people since 2008. a bride and groom claimed they were kicked off a united airlines flight over the weekend while traveling to their own wedding. it happened during a layover in houston. the couple was headed for costa rica. someone was napping in their seat, so they sat in other seats and asked to be upgraded. the airline told them that wasn't possible. they said the flight attendants asked them to return to their original seats, but they wouldn't. united says the couple was disorderly and pose add hazard to -- and posed a hazard to others. bart says it is a costly problem. how the agency plans to crack down on fair cheat. plus, our chief meteorologist bill martin's forecast. he'll show you how long tomorrow's wet weather is going to last.
10:42 pm
pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including
10:43 pm
five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
10:44 pm
bart is dealing with a problem they say cost the agency millions of dollars each year. >> ktvu's rob roth tells us bart has come up with several proposals aimed at not only catching the cheats, but preventing them from doing it in the first place.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: this is the proper way to pay for a bart ride with a clipper card or bart ticket. but bart says many passengers are cheating by not paying. >> it's annoying because i'm paying for it. why shouldn't everybody else be paying for it? >> reporter: they are depriving the rail service between $15 to $25 million a year. >> there are people who will follow behind very closely, somebody who is going through the fare gates. then there are people who will hop over the barriers. >> reporter: they want to deter cheating at their four busiest stations downtown san francisco including here at embarcadero station and at montgomery, powell, and civic centers. one of bart's proposal is to raise these barriers to about five feet. up to about here. and also emergency gates would no longer be so easy to open. under a proposal, a station agent would control the gate using a remote. and bart would hire more fare inspectors to check tickets.
10:46 pm
passengers gave their proposals mixed reviews. >> you have to have someone here policing it all 24/7. and so that is not realistic. the high barriers may be the way to go. >> and lower the prices and maybe people won't jump over. >> reporter: the anti-cheating proposal price tag is about $3 million. if they approve and work on raising the barriers could begin this summer. in san francisco rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. state water managers have reopened the dam spillway at oroville dam because of recent rains. officials say more water is flowing into the lake than can be released through the power house under the dam. inflows were running at more than 28,000-cubic feet per second while outnows down the spillway are running at about 35,000-cubic feet per second. meanwhile the state is looking at bids to repair the damaged spillways. all three bids came in well above the $220 million estimated by state engineers. an offshore oil platform near the santa barbara coast
10:47 pm
will be decommissioned following a massive spill that happened two years ago. platform holly has not produced oil since may 19, 2015. that's when an on shore pipe leaked more than 120,000 gallons of oil into the ocean. more than 300 sea lions and other wildlife were found dead. the company that operates the platform is seeking bankruptcy protection and relinquishing their oil drilling rights. that'll end all oil production in that area. in boston today thousands of runners took to the streets in the 121st running of the boston marathon. the race went off without a hitch with strict securities in place four years after the finish line bombing that killed three people and injured hundreds of others. runners from kenya took top honors today. he won the men's division and won the women's race. but the very first woman to ever officially run the boston marathon ran it again today 50 years after her debut.
10:48 pm
>> and i was very welcoming on the race and all the guys around me. they were very wonderful and motivational. in two miles, the director had a temper tantrum with the girl in the race and attacked me, trying to rip my bib off. >> reporter: the year before katherine switzer managed to run the race. bobby gibbs finished the race making her the first woman to ever run the entire boston marathon. she was also on hand today as the grand marshal of the event. >> isn't that hard to imagine? that they would not let her run? >> i know. >> i mean it wasn't that long ago. that is just amazing. >> 50 years ago. >> i saw that in the newspaper. i cannot believe that it was just 50 years ago. but things are better now and the weather is starting to improve as well. we've got more sunshine in the forecast for tomorrow. and we do have a few more showers. this pattern is going to stay eluded to us within a minute
10:49 pm
ago. it's going to stay as long as all of this -- this is not a high pressure, right? it's a low pressure and that's why it is rotating this way. it's counterclockwise. as long as that's there, we are in an unstable pattern. that unstable pattern will last through wednesday. it should be flowing this way, all right? it should be a pacific high basically and it will be flowing like this. it will be flowing the opposite way, which is unstable, and that is where we are. that's where we saw the showers today, that's why we have a chance for a sprinkle tomorrow. that's why we have the chance of showers tomorrow or -- or wednesday night. it's mild tonight because of the cloud cover. so no frost. it's kind of the temperatures in the 50s. and a little bit of wet on the morning commute on the roadways most likely left over from this evening. here is how they lay it out. here is tonight, you know that. there's where we are with showers and rain tonight. tomorrow it's going to be a lot of that sunshine right there, but it will be that slight
10:50 pm
chance for a sprinkle. don't change your plans. it will be a pretty nice day tomorrow. then when you get into wednesday, wednesday night i think we will see some showers to the north. here it is tomorrow morning. those are the computer models. there's tomorrow morning. you'll see them right there. that's nothing. and then watch it clear out, boom. so that is by 5:00. but they still have some sprinkles in the area with more sunshine tomorrow. maybe a sprinkle. wednesday morning fog back at the coast. here it comes. wednesday afternoon, early commute dry, this slides through about 9:00 to 10:00. no big deal and gone. after that it was just nice weather as she goes. forecast highs tomorrow in the upper 60s and the low 70s. then the five-day forecast, there it is with that slight chance and it will look like that for most of the day tomorrow. and then this is going to look like this most of the day on wednesday. but late in the day in the evening a chance for some showers. your five-day forecast and the
10:51 pm
weekend in view with plenty of warmth. >> yeah, how about that? >> yeah, we are back in business. >> yeah. bill, thank you. >> thanks, bill. coming up at 11:00, water agencies take action as california reservoirs fill up. how all the rain we've seen is pumping action. but first in sports the warriors had the night off, but there was plenty of nba action this evening. mark will have all the highlights coming up next in sports. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
10:52 pm
disneyland resort. hero up!
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10:54 pm
mark is here with sports where there's all this optimism in the beginning of the baseball season. but man it's been a rough start for both the a's and the giants. >> yeah, this is kind of a sour smelling beginning. i'll tell you one of the reasons is the injuries. the giants, buster posey and over the weekend jared parker is out with a broken clavicle. kevin graveman is one of their top pitchers out with a shoulder problem. their shortstop will miss plenty of time with a broken wrist. gloomy to say the least. look at this. a cold lonely dreary night as the oakland coliseum is right there. maybe they could put that tarp back on, i don't know. but four runs in the fifth inning, allowing carlos gomez to the wall out there. two runs going -- two runs are going to score in the same
10:55 pm
frame. mike nap lee down the left field -- napoli down the left field. they gave up five hits, five runs. in the meanwhile the former oakland a's, a.j. griffin back from arm problem giving up one hit, striking out eight. he had help. steven bow robbed by him. take a look at the big stats. the a's have made errors in ten straight games. they get only three hits tonight. meanwhile the oakland raiders are back at it. their off-season training program is beginning today and nobody really wanted to talk apparently about the 12-4 seasons and they completed. now, derek carr was an mvp candidate and so it will be unfortunate and late in this season and all the ways, of course, with a las vegas lean. there it is the master of the
10:56 pm
positive spin. it will not sidestep that issue either. >> it's not going to affect my teammates or affect my coaches. but the people that it affects the most is our families. people who it a%s the most here are all we've got. at the same time we still have good news right now. our fans are excited about that. i think they realize we still have times to really enjoy here. >> and looking at the positive there, but the realistic story is the area beacon of hope right now. according how the giants and the sharks are moving. the golden state warriors are looking very good yesterday in game one of their opening round playoff situation. draymond green had a lot to do on defense. he is the defensive player of the year. he got it rolling particularly in 49th quarter as he has his moments here on defense. then a little embarrassment on
10:57 pm
the offensive end as this slam dunk goes awry and takes in a little heat from the blazers. as they will do a little talking and afterwards he talked about -- talked about what they were exactly talking about. >> we were talking back and forth, but we all know each other off the floor as well. so it is not like anyone out there being disrespectful towards another. but it is just having fun. you know, you hear a shot he's talking to us. i had a shot and i'm talking to them and i miss that dunk. he's telling me i need to do calf raises and it will be good back and forth making the game better that's for sure. >> a little calf race for sure. and it looks like we might not have a whole lot of drum in the first round of the nba playoffs with a couple of steams back east, taking care of their business. in the west, grizzlies first. his san antonio spurs were up by as many as 26, but memphis
10:58 pm
falls within four late. however they stabilize, pow -- pow, gasol, take a look at who he ousted, leonard. 37 points down the lane, gets out of my way. san antonio is up in that series two games to none while the calves and indiana, they are looking the same. putting the bonus point there, but not same. seven assists. they also build a big lead. pacers are down by five though with 29 seconds left. it will be true to that, but they will catch the pacers napping, cire irving with 37 -- kyrie irving with 37 puts ice in the bucket. there's two games to none. take a look at the video worth check out tonight with
10:59 pm
baseball. and light plays, randall, the cardinals with a nice catch laying out to rob mercer right there. cardinals, they struggled early. same score hits the grounder. david frise, nice bare hand play. cardinals play some good defense tonight. that was not an easy play to make. the defense that you might have to think the a's are jealous of right now as we mentioned they made ten errors, at least that many in their last ten games. that's the sporting -- that's what's sporting live for tonight. frank and julie back to you. >> thank you. next at 11:00. >> it is raining again and the umbrellas are out as water managers make adjustments before the snow pack starts melting. a record setting season for rain. hello i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. water managers are making preparations for all the snow that still has to melt.
11:00 pm
ktvu's jesse gary is live on treasure island with how all the water being released is helping to power the city. jesse? >> reporter: julie, just within the last hour, conditions have changed a little bit. those off again and on again showers as we mentioned are on again today on treasure island. nothing too much to tip the scale, but still this does add to an ongoing problem. with area reservoirs at or near capacity, what stood with melting water from snow pack up in the sierra later this spring when the temperatures will warm up. even though the bay area is inching further into spring, today's murky monday is a sign rainy season isn't ready to let go. umbrellas and rain jackets are still standard equipment as urbanizers dropped rain drops and puddles. >> i moved down here from portland back in september. it seems like the weather just followed me down. >> reporter: so it is your fault? >> yeah, you can blame me. >> reporter:


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