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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  April 18, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in san jose today. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. also is a fact that we're here today commemorating and remembering efrgs because we take these things seriously and so do you so i want to say thank you for commemorating and is it silver or gold hydrant this year? >> gold. let's do it gold this year. >> that was mayor ed lee. the commemoration ceremonies began just about a half hour ago. he just laid the wreath there at the fountain that's marking the 111th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. there's also going to be they ring the sirens at 5:12. a moment of silence at 5:13. again, you have some of the commemorations. we just wanted to take you there
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live this morning to see what's going on. fire chief keith white will be there. >> we're going to have more live pictures thorn of the anniversary of the 1906 fire. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather. we're going right to steve paulson. still have rain for some. some areas get the drizzle. others get the light rain. does look like santa cruz mountains and sclashg south. now you'll probably notice most of these. coyote reservoir point 43. ben lowman point 04.
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santa rosa about 1/4" and palo alto. but in the higher elevations you get a little more of that lift and that up slope and that squeezes out more moisture. that's the key right there. it does look like peninsula sfo concord south. you might even get a few sun breaks. some of that rain is moving right through morgan hill. it looks like it led up a tiny bit for the santa cruz mountains. it's the next one here right there the dwropment takes that will be late morning early afternoon. slightly cooler than yesterday at this time. again everyone's very close here. a lot of low clouds. everyone in there. lafayette, livermore. within a couple of degrees of everybody. some off and on rain. best opportunity will be south. and tomorrow this system will move in. we have two systems today and
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tomorrow. then we'll get a break. 5:02, sal, still pretty quiet on your screens or has anything popped up? >> we do see traffic busy on the altman pass. there's a lot of slow traffic on 205 as well before you get to the amountman pass. a lot of heavy truck traffic and all that. when you do get to livermore there are no problems and traffic is moving along pretty well as you drive into the area. this was the san jose airport. the plane's coming -- there are no planes coming in right now. we're still nice and quiet. but as steve said we're going to get some rain and that might slow the traffic. happening today thousands of
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people heading to san jose for facebook's big developer conference. >> azenith smith has more on what the social media giant may have in store. >> conference goers are also expecting to hear from facebook ceo mark zuckerberg. now this is the third year in a row facebook has hosted this conference it's expected to kick off with a keynote from zuckerberg later this morning. this event has more than doubled in size. >> we have over 30% more international attendees this year which is very exciting for us. people from brazil, from japan, from india. we also have a live stream for people to watch online.
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>> last year the conference was in san francisco. it has now been moved to san jose . according to team san jose the f8 conference it could have an economic impact of more than $2 million with the thousands of conference goers filling up nearby hotels and frequenting bars and restaurants in the area for this two day event back to you pam. >> it's interesting to see what comes out of that. more information has been released by berkley police about the arrests made in last weekend's violent protests. police say 20 people were arrested on saturday when the fights broke out. at least eleven people were hurt. seven were treated at the hospital. most of the people arrested are from the bay area. three are from southern kaltz. the charges include assault with a deadly weapon, battery, and committing a crime while wearing a mask. now for more details on the
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arrest you can go to our website and look for the story right on our front page. time is 5:05. in sonoma county the search gos on for a man accused of trying to rape a woman. on norbalm road near the sonoma overlook trail. the woman says a stranger yelled at her as she jogged in an area popular for joggers. the man came from behind, knocked her to the ground, punched her several times then tried to rape her. a police canine unit and a helicopter searched for the man but had no luck. >> it's disturbing to hear this is happening in sonoma. >> i'm going to take a buddy with me. >> now the woman was taken to the hospital. she was treated later and
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released. police patrols have been increased in that area. a white man in his 50s with a be right backy beard wearing a black zip up sweatshirt. morris lamply and lyla and steven carter on a marin county hiking trail. as part of a plea deal a third person sean angle testified against his two former friends. angled will be sentenced to 15 years life in prison. langle and lamply could be sentenced to life in prison. as it was walking away i knew that was a lion and i knew it had to have got her. >> the mountain lion took the
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family's 15-pound dog lenore overnight. the little dog was taken just a couple of feet away from where she and her 12-year-old daughter were sleeping. >> it entered the room with intent to do that. we highly recommend people when they're sleeping to not sleep with their doors open. >> they say they found some big paw prints right outside the home. the family is devastated over losing their dog but also grateful that they were not hurt. well the tax deadline is finally here. three days later than the typical april 15 deadline. but if you need to head to the post office you're going to have
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less time. ktvu's jana katsuyama tells us what you need to know. >> it's a task john ory can now check off his list. >> a load off my back. >> his taxes are done one day early. many people came in to mail theirs. >> i have a small business so you know it's enormously complicated. >> one man was filling out his tax form right at the post office. >> pop it in the mail and we're done. >> this year filers had three extra days. louis roth is a veteran tax preparer who says he does about 400 returns a year and says the date change caught many people off guard. >> a lot of people coming in who
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didn't have appointments who suddenly realized oops i better do something because tomorrow's the last day. >> for those who need help many businesses will be open until 11:59. >> business taxes are done and personal taxes are done. >> the united way bay area offers free tax preparation if they call 211. >> we have 60 or 70 locations that can help people prepare for taxes. >> and if you just aren't ready don't worry. >> if you don't have your stuff together if if you have documents that are missing. file an extension. take off the pressure. then you get until october 15th in order to file. >> the forms still need to get in the mail on time. >> i filed an extension and even that's stressful because that has to be done on time because you can get a penalty.
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>> jana katsuyama fox 2 news. >> now for a list of the post offices that are open late head to our website oakland city council woman is donating two tickets. the tickets will be auctioned to raise money for the many people who lost their homes in last month's deadly fire in west oakland. four people were killed in that fire on san pablo avenue. investigators believe a candle started that deadly fire. it's 5:11. and a hike in minimum wage is actually having a negative effect. what's happening to restaurants in san francisco because of that increase. >> plus it's being heavily used by tech companies in silicon valley. next, how it's designed to protect americans who want to find a job.
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>> san francisco we are there live at lara fountain because they have this annual event obviously marking the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire it's at laras fountain. that's where a lot of people met. they rang the sirens at 5:12. then' minute of silence at 5:13 and now of course they're celebrating with some song. mayor ed lee is there. the police chief, the fire chief all out there this morning and we understand that some of the relatives of the earthquake survivors. no living survivors now watched over the years that would come out for the event. some family members are continuing that tradition. later they're going to be painting the fire hydrant. they're also talking about making it an official -- there isn't an official plaque i
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aggress marking the people and remembering the people who died in the earthquake fire. >> and mornings on 2 took you there live. time is now 5:16. meantime today president trump travels to a wisconsin factory to sign an executive order to make changes to the h1b visa program. the president will sign the by american for american. that order will direct federal departments to propose new rules to prevent immigration fraud and abuse. the order will also strengthen requirements for american made products to be used in certain federal construction projects. it's 5:16. we want to check back in with sal who is keeping an eye on the commute this morning. >> that's right pam and dave, good morning to you. we do have a problem at the toll
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plaza. this is the westbound direction here. . eastbound you might be able to see the flashing lights in the air. doesn't seem to be a major traffic issue. this is a look at the gilroy commute. it's not a bad commute driving up to morgan hill and into the main part of san jose. you can see all the road sensors are still firing up green and that means good and this is 280 in san jose. at 5:17, another day where the rain might effect the commute. >> south bay for sure, sal. a lot of low clouds and some of
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that continues for just about everybody. this will be a forecast that favors more towards the south and then i think we'll get a break. areas of fog, low clouds and our good friend john perella. it's raining down here. 51 degrees. >> quiet down tony. >> thank you, tony. there we go. speaking of san jose this is exactly what he's talking about. you get these little waves that go through and continuing to get some of that light rain. the deeper moisture, the heavier rain is more towards santa cruz. that looks to be the area where the focus is going to be on this system. you see some development taking place right there but it does look like a peninsula. east bay more so than north bay on this. rainfall not a lot but again we
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just keep adding up. so cal 1/2". mount hamilton .39. so a little bit in the mix. here comes the next ban but again this looks to be more of a pebble. but some of this will move up towards the santa cruz mountains and santa clara valley. you're getting a pretty good lift but the focus is more towards the south. 50s on the temps here and i don't think it will change too much. it's rain or fog. on the reports at 5:00 a.m. some of this has turned to snow a little bit higher. but right now it's more rain than anything else. for us cloudy to mostly cloudy. some rain will develop. and a possibility of some thundershowers and here's your system for wednesday. this wind is tracking more towards the north and after that things look okay. today into tomorrow cloudy. possible thundershowers to the
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south. by thursday it's all gone and we're good friday, saturday, sunday monday. 60s on the temps. low mid to a few near 70 degrees. kind of banking on some sun breaks. with so much cloud cover mild kind of muggy and then after wednesday cleared out thursday, friday, saturday, sunday looking good. >> better. >> compared to where we've been. >> you bet. time is 5:20. an update on the damaged spillway. officials plan to re-open the spillway because more water is flowing into the lake that can be released under the dam. meantime the state department of water resources says a nebraska based company won that bid. time is 5:20 a new crack down on bart. coming up in 20 minutes how much
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bart plans to spend to catch people who don't pay to ride bart. but first, he is considered armed and very dangerous. how california is joining the man hunt with that ohio man accused of killing a man live on facebook.
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we're out ink,nk! not ink. printing doesn't have to be painful. now, during "hp savings month" at staples, get up to $180 off hp printers. welcome back to mornings on 2. a fire in colorado injured at least two people. it happened in fire stone
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yesterday afternoon. at least two adults were treated for injuries. the cause of the explosion is still under investigation. meantime the u.s. army is sending investigators to maryland after a black hawk helicopter crashed at a maryland golf course. it happened yesterday. one witness said he saw the helicopter flying low and spinning before it went down. yesterday's crash comes less than two weeks after a military jet crashed in the suburban neighborhood near washington d.c.. the pilot in that crash ejected from the plane and parachuted safely. well the search for an ohio man accused of committing murder and posting the video on facebook is now nationwide. take a look at the billboard. this is in los angeles. looking for 37-year-old steve stevens. on sunday police say stevens shot and killed 34-year-old
5:25 am
robert godwin at random in cleveland ohio, and in a separate facebook video stevens said his love life made him snap. last night godwin's family and friends held a vigil and made an emotional plea to the killer. >> if you've got any heart, any soul, turn yourself in. >> authorities are now offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to stevens' arrest. facebook will now review its rules for handling violent videos. sparing the life of a condemned man in arkansas just minutes before he was scheduled to be executed last night. the inmate had already had his last move meal and witnesses were being moved towards the execution chamber. arkansas had set a schedule of as many as eight executions by
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the end of this month when a state supply of a lethal injection drug will expire. his state will press ahead with the other planned executions including two scheduled for thursday. your time is 5:26 and a bay area teacher was arrested. the charges she was already facing when police in benetia found out about an inappropriate relationship. >> plus senator diane finestein was heckled by a crowd. >> good morning. we can see the traffic is going to be busy if you are driving in some commutes. highway 24 moderately heavy on the way to the tunnel. >> a lot of cloud cover and some rain. a lot of this is just going to be light. but the bulk of this is heading towards monterey. we'll take a look at it coming
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this is ktvu mornings on 2 ♪ but we can't get them back ♪ ♪ they can tell us what we think we ought to know ♪ that kind of music, this kind of picture on your television looking at the bay bridge we're doing it to the
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max. we say welcome back. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it's tuesday, april 18th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning i'm pam cook. it looks a little crowded on the bay bridge. let's check in with steve. hopefully the weather not effecting the roads as much as yesterday. >> not as much as yesterday. there's another system but this one's taking aim towards northern california. i know 65" tv high def there. you can see the circulation is to the low. it's going just to the south of us. but some of that might clip monterey peninsula. that looks to be the best opportunity today but there's still a lot of cloud cover that continues to move through and underneath that we can get some light precipitation. but most of it looks to be to the south of us today. 50s on the temps. couple of degrees cooler than
5:31 am
24 hours ago. same for gilroy at 51 and 50s in the santa cruz mountains. scotts valley with so cal at 52. if it's not for the high clouds there's a lot of low clouds. that's going to give us a cloudy morning. the system will continue to track just to the south of us and temperatures in the 60s for most again with some rain. 5:31. this is when things usually pick up. >> yeah, things are going to begin to pick up for sure. traffic is going to be moderately heavy on 80 westbound heading out to the carcinas bridge and heading out to the area here it's already getting slow. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see that traffic is going to be busy. looks like there's some activity in the toll plaza. so far so good as you drive onto the dridge. also looking -- bridge.
5:32 am
also looking this morning at the commute as you drive eastbound. 5:31. let's go back to the desk. >> oakland mayor libby shaf is getting a jump. she is running for re-election in november of 2018. mayor shaf still has 19 months in her current term. she told us why she's starting her re-election bid. >> i wanted to start early. >> and stipulate there are no other candidates running. senator dianne finestein faced an angry crowd. >> some of the crowd accused finestein of not doing enough to stand up to the president.
5:33 am
fine stein fielded a wide range of questions to president trump's relationship with russia. but there were some loud boos from the audience when she did not explicitally expose the u.s. missile strikes in syria. >> that step was to send a number of tomahawk missiles into -- into an airport where planes left to drop the gas. >> now the 83-year-old senator has not yet said whether or not she will run for re-election. your time now 5:33. supporters of a proposed ballot measure from california to break away from the united states is now calling it quits. leaders of the cal exit campaign. that movement attracted interest. leaders of the movement say that
5:34 am
organizational problems kept them from getting the 585,000 signatures needed to put that measure on the ballot. also happening today a state assembly commission. who often can't afford to pay bail. a judge would determine which individuals are potentially dangerous and denied them bail. anyone else will be releaseded on their own recognizance as they wait for their trial. earlier this year it has generated controversy so far because some of the individuals who'd been released committed similar crimes. >> the state senate has approved nearly a billion dollars. the money was promised by governor brown to get state lawmakers to support the recent hike in gas taxes and vehicle fees. it includes $4 million from san
5:35 am
jose to series and merced. it now moves on to the state assembly. a possible solution to no cause evictions. but in the meantime a group of protesters spent the second day outside of san jose city hall on a hunger strike. they say they will not eat until something is done to keep renters for being evicted for no reason. however, city leaders plan to propose an opt-in approach where renters can basically file a complaint with the city. >> a benetia high school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with a 17-year-old student. 23-year-old rihanna lane turned herself in yesterday. after a 17-year-old student was seen leaving campus several times. now the student told investigators he was going to lane's car. they found edible marijuana and
5:36 am
stolen property. it was during that investigation that they learned about the inappropriate relationship. 49er's defensive end ray mcdonald will not face sexual assault charges. the santa clara district attorney's office released a statement saying the alleged victim is now refusing to testify. now the d.a.'s office says that is her legal right but as a result of the decision charges against mcdonald will be dropped. time is now 5:36. demonstrators are frustrated with the way alameda sheriff's office is releasing immigrant. >> protesters say alameda county has sanctuary status for illegal immigrants but the sheriff is already notifying federal immigration officials about prisoner releases. they say he's responsible for the deportation of more than 2000 people since 2008.
5:37 am
well the student senate at u.c. davis has passed a controversial measure making it optional to display the american flag at meetings. it required the flag at every senate meeting. members can petition ahead of time on whether to display the flag. the senate pro tem willp will have the final say. it does not allow an organization to man date to fly the flag. local water districts must make preparations for all the run off. a recent survey shows the snow pack at 150% more than average. at a rate of 16,457 gallons per
5:38 am
seksd. >> during the drought we had snow pack levels that are 60% of normal and so that means a longer period of time where we're going to be releasing water generating hydro e electric energy when we release that water. >> now water releases that normally start tapering off in may could stretch into late june of this year. at some point run off could be diverted into other run offs. now the side benefit from the above average rainfall run off and release of water is the additional amount of hydro electric energy to power things like muni buses. even before it's fully phased in. that's according to a new study. the city's minimum wage is currently $13 an hour. it's set to increase to $15 next
5:39 am
year. they're 14% more likely to fail than 5 star restaurants. restaurants are one of the largest employers of minimum wage workers. well the santa clara county department of revenue is claiming some people may be owed some of the $464,000 in unclaimed money. that money comes from things like fines, penalty assessments, and fees. . >> we've tried in every possible way to contact the people to whom the money is due whether they're individuals or businesses. they haven't kept their contact information up to date. so we're not able to trace them. >> now if you want to see if you're on that list. look for santa clara county unclaimed money it's in the web link section. there are new calls for change surrounding the pill tear
5:40 am
tactics -- military tactics in berkley. the coalition called stop urban shield is at the center of the event. held each year in the bay area. berkley city council member says that the program is about teaching police military skills. >> we don't need militarization we need deescalating situation. >> the berkley city council is set to withdraw from the urban shield program at a meeting next week. facebook's big developer conference in san jose starts today. it's got a new home. at 6:00 the economic boom to downtown san jose and why some say it reflects the strength of silicon valley. >> also up next changes are coming to google earth.
5:41 am
the impressive new features being unveiled today. >> and there is a car fire that's blocking a major ramp in oakland right now and no one is getting through. this is the ramp from westbound 580 to eastbound 80 at the connector ramp. the fire department is coming in from oakland. >> a lot of cloud cover but heavier rain. we'll take a look there it is. our system still a cloudy day for most.
5:42 am
5:43 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. a project in san francisco on bart. between the concord bart station
5:44 am
and toddos santos park. bart riders we spoke to had mixed feelings about the $6.5 million project. >> we would totally use that. i have five kids. they are mobile. >> i've got to go but there's where the money should go. >> now the project is expected to be complete by the summer of 2018. bart says magnets could solve a power surge problem. the electrical surges knocked out power to 22 rail cars. bart engineers say metal dust caused by grinding on the tracks clings to the under side of the train and then arks. crews have tried vacuuming. engineers are now planning to install two magnet vehicles. veshgs are looking to stop
5:45 am
cheating on bart fares. they're focusing on the four busiest bart stations in downtown san francisco. also emergency gates they won't be so easy to open. a bart station agent would open them using a remote control and bart will be hiring more fare inspectors to check tickets. >> who will follow behind very closely. someone who is going through the fare gates and then there's people who will simply just hop over the waist high barriers. >> the bart's anti-cheating plan is about $8 million. the work could begin this summer. right now it's 5:45. we're going to check in on sal. hopefully there are no problems over there. >> they just opened that ramp. the ramp that takes you on to the east shore freeway. there was a car fire or a crash i'm not clear what it was but
5:46 am
they have just opened it. we can go right to it. i can show you the traffic is now getting through here at the mcarthur maze right where the cars are coming through now is where the crash was and there is minimal damage done to the traffic. as we pull back it's a lice look at the macarthur maze. all right. let me move along and take a look at some of the other commutes nearby. this is a look at the toll plaza. we're also looking at the tracy commute. 580 westbound as you drive to 05 and 580 you can see traffic is going to be busy at the altman pass. it gets better in livermore. a lot of cloud cover out there and some low clouds and even some drizzle continues for some although it has not let up.
5:47 am
some of the higher cloud cover has moved off and there's only low clouds left. the deeper moisture's taking aim towards monterey and central california. it's nice to see that the circulation of the low right there and that develops but it does look like it's tracking more towards southern california. we will continue to send in clouds. but the higher mid level clouds in the rain has led up. that's just a low cloud deck. so that should give some breaks later on. some of the rain had been okay. just about 1/2" of rain. ben lowman 4/10" nothing new there. santa rosa a quarter. the heavier presip if you travel south will be towards monterey peninsula. 50s on the temps. they are running a couple degrees cooler than yesterday. a lot of cloud cover to the
5:48 am
south. less to the north. there is some development. highs today 60s to near 70 for some and if you get some of those sun breaks might feel on the muggy side. there's so much moisture in the air. we will see one more system on monday and the weekend is looking much better. >> nice. we'll feel nice. >> yes. >> thank you steve. all right. 5:48 is the time right now. tonight the san jose sharks will look to even up their playoff series with the edmundton oilers. the sharks host edmundton tonight at 7:00. the sharks do not want to go down 3 games to one because they head back to edmundton. the shark's offense needs to kick in. >> all right. the giants are in kansas city. they'll play the royals for the
5:49 am
first time since 2014 when they beat the royals. meantime the oakland a's lost last night 7-0 to the texas rangers. just a tough night for the a's. they've now lost four games in a row. the rangers just took over scoring four rounds. tonight's game starts at 7:05. well the oakland raiders began their off season work out program yesterday. it was voluntary all the big names were there. and quarterback derek carr. while the raiders are a favorite to return to the playoffs. the players were also asked about the potential move to las vegas. >> it's not going to effect my teammates. the people it effects the most is our families, the people it affects the most is our fans here that we have and you know i think that's the hardest part. >> construction of the raider's
5:50 am
$1.9 billion stadium in las vegas is scheduled to be completed for the 2020 season. google earth is getting a facelift. the popular software is known for showing detailed satellite imagery from locations around the world and this week google is unveiling an undated version that includings several cutting edge features. look how clear that is. also some other big changes. >> the main difference is we've rebuilt the google application itself over the last two years from the ground up to be on the web and the same experience on mobile. and so for the first time it's much more accessible. >> there's even one feature that can become popular for summer vacations. google earth users can snap a
5:51 am
postcard that captures a dream vacation spot and then send that off to family members and friends. time is 5:51 it. barak and michelle's vacation photo goes viral. the internet loving this photo of former first lady michelle obama. on this private yacht with the obamas.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we're taking you back to the fire hydrant this morning. now we've been at laras fountain. this is the guilding of the fire hydrant that saved the mission district. they do paint the fire hydrant. this is 20th and church street at delores park. >> gold this year. >> mayor ed lee said don't think about silver. they usually paint is silver. a little bit of gold. i think it's been a little bit of both. the famous fire hydrant that saved the mission district there and they are commemorating 111 years. >> and you see the police chief and the fire chief there as well and many other dignitaries early this morning. >> yeah, thank you so george our
5:55 am
photographer who's out there this morning so we can see all that's happening. a suspected thief facing charges after being busted by some tech savvy music loves at the coachella music festival this weekend. several festival goers used the find my iphone app. the tracking feature led them to 36-year-old fernando dejoesz ginero of new york. police say he was in possession of more than 100 stolen phones. he was arrested on position of grand theft and stolen property. in las vegas people were shocked to see a bull running through city streets. it escaped sunday morning a couple of miles away from las vegas. people immediately pulled out their phones and took pictures
5:56 am
and video. police told people to stay inside. >> it was a little confusing because i'm like where did a bull come from and it has these big long horns. >> now the police ran with that bull for about a half hour before they captured it. no one was hurt. a woman in jamaica is now known to be the oldest woman on earth. she was born in the year 1900 when jamaica was still being ruled by britain's queen victoria. and she credits her long life on studying the bible, good genes, and eating right. she lives with her 97-year-old son. violate became the worldest oldest person when a 117-year-old italian woman died last week. former president obama looks like he's really enjoying life outside of the white house.
5:57 am
mr. obama and mrs. obama were recently seen on a yacht with opera, tom hanks, and bruce stringstein and many others. the former couple was vacationing in french poll nisha. a well deserved vacation. coming up at 6:00 we're marking the 111th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire. up next we're going to take you back to the ceremony that's taking place in san francisco to mark this occasion. >> i'm care line shrine in washington straight ahead. ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before.
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you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. we're out ink,nk! not ink. printing doesn't have to be painful. now, during "hp savings month" at staples, get up to $180 off hp printers.
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well good morning. facebook's big developer confrontation it starts today in a -- conference it starts today in a new home. the development center in downtown san jose and why some say it shows the strength of silicon valley. >> plus the anniversary of the 1906 earthquake and fire just
6:00 am
wrapped up moments ago. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning thank you for joining us tuesday, april 18th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk about yoir weather and whether you'll need an -- your weather and whether or not you'll need an umbrella. steve paulson will take it. >> farther south santa cruz mountains san jose south there's a pretty good little system enhancing right off the monterey area. now do the north bay it's more low clouds. the higher cloud deck hadz moved off. so kind of that persistent drizzle. it missed oregon and hit us. 50s on the temps. low to mid. i think things are stuck. maybe a few 40s but a lot of low 50s in calastoga. the sun b


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