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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the bus, bart says trains are running through the walnut creek station but only on a single track and they are not stopping, disclosure as the minister can to jump from the walnut creek station disclosure is causing major delays, ali anna gomez is at the bart station to tell us more. >> we are here at the lafayette bart station i want to give you a look at the line from the ground this is the line, many people are just getting off of work they have arrived at the lafayette bart station to have been taken off the train now they are waiting to get on a bus bridge, they are picking up people and it is taking them to the pleasant hill station if they need to go past this area, if they need to get to walnut creek -- creek it is taking them there. as you mentioned, there is a man
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who is threatening to jump from the side of the tracks. he is on the sfo side of the track threatening to jump from the tracks to the ground this has been going on since 1:30 this afternoon so obviously causing delays. at last check i was told they were running 45 minute delay so if you're coming from the city resume as normal but you will be getting off at the lafayette bart station and then you will have to wait to get on the bus to walnut creek or the pleasant hill train, you can get back on the train going to bay point they are running service but it is slow going, they are only going 10 miles per hour through walnut creek as a precaution because of the situation with the man threatened suicide, we will take a look at chopper video, you can see the aerial view of the crowd a lot of people dispersing from the train many people don't know what is going on they are coming up to
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us and asking, a lot of people are asking family members to come pick them up so there is a lot of traffic coming to the bart station so be aware of that. again, a lot of chaos, bart is handling it the best they can with nine buses in the last 15 minutes they hope to get two more so that will be 11 buses coming to try to take people home as quickly as possible, if you're headed to walnut creek you have to catch a bus to get there, beyond that catch the train or continue on the bus which will be going to the bay point pittsburgh section. it is moving rather slow, 45 minute delays so please be patient people are getting frustrated but most people are doing okay, we have alicia here telling us about the latest information. tell me what is the newest? >> the situation has not
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changed much, the good news, we have some trains traveling past lafayette but that means crowded platforms because not all trains are traveling that far. we have an unstable patron this is a crisis situation we are trying to de-escalate as quickly as possible but we understand it is approaching commute hours it is very frustrating we have buses here people need to be aware of the latest. >> this has been going on for 3 1/2 hours, what has transpired to get this moving as quickly as possible? i know now we are doing single tracks going through walnut creek but not stopping going 10 miles per hour what has been transpiring? >> we are working with our partner agencies to get as many buses as possible because one plus -- bus does not replace a train.
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when they feel it is safe enough to sense entrance to the walnut creek station on the opposite side from an individual has situated himself we did that because the commute is starting but we need to respect the process taking place for the reasons of safety. >> you took the ride tell us about your journey what that was like and some of the emotion from the passengers were coming in here saying i don't know what's going on. and there are employees helping to de-escalate the situation. >> thankfully the information from the train operator was very good, people were frustrated to hear they may have to take the bus but there were not many delays and i was able to get on the train but the moment we pulled into lafayette the platform was very crowded and people wanted to get on because that is the only train going past this point. >> okay, thank you so much for joining us we will continue to update you with this tricky situation at the lafayette bart station for now we will send
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things back over to you. right now to the ann coulter controversy, uc berkeley citing concerta concerns ordered her appearance on campus scheduled for next week to be canceled, but the republican student group that booked her says her speech will go on as planned, henry lee joins us after talking with the berkeley college republicans and the university. >> reporter: i am standing outside of the uc berkeley police department on campus. campus could not find a safe and suitable venue for ann coulter to speak one week from tomorrow they say it has nothing to do with politics for her part, ann coulter says she will speak at a soon to be announced venue on april 27 but it will not be sanctioned by uc berkeley. yesterday evening the officials sent a letter to the berkeley college republicans saying the administration could not ensure safety and security of people who would attend the event, uc berkeley wants to reschedule
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the talk for september. they say the only venues were already booked for next week. coulter said on twitter instructing berkeley student group to spare no expense in renting my venue. she also wrote i exceed every demand i called their bluff and the cancel, uc berkeley confirms they asked her to end her speech by midafternoon and the cancellation had nothing to do with politics. i spoke to a campus spokesman this afternoon here is what they had to say. >> it does not matter what they believe in or what they stand for that is what the first amendment is all about, our commitment to the first amendment is unshaken and remains the same but, at the same time our commitment to the student safety and well-being is also unshaken. >> the threat of left-wing
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activists should not be a reason to cancel the event maybe they should do their job and provide security. >> much criticism of the city and campus police for their hands-off attitude during recent protests. now, the berklee college of republicans confirm, ann coulter will speak it is a matter of when and where, they say they want more information on where she will speak a little later in the week. live from berkeley, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news you mentioned the appearance a couple of months ago we know that a lot of damage was done there. how much of a factor do you think that was? did you have an opportunity to talk with the spokesperson? how much of a factor was that in postponing or canceling the ann coulter appearance? >> reporter: they did
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acknowledge that had a major factor it played a major role in the decision to reschedule, the legal counsel said that but it did play a major role, $100,000 in damage to the campus after that talk was canceled. they do not want a repeat but the question remains, they believe this is only happening to conservative groups. >> does the college of republicans say anything about where she might be speaking? obviously in the city but not on the cal campus. >> the berklee college republican spokesman said they have a number of on and off campus venues in store and coulter says she will speak but they are keeping the close to the vest. >> all right, that is something we will monitor henry lee, thank you so much. we have no information on
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the victims from yesterday's racially motivated shooting rampage in fresno. they are 34-year-old zachary randles, as well as another married father and 58-year-old david jackson, a fourth victim was a security guard killed by the same gunman at a hotel in fresno last week, the suspected gunman, kori muhammad posted racially charged rap videos online and messages on social media calling on black people to mount up as warriors against white devils, investigators say he has a criminal history and a history of mental illness.>> he stayed in a ravine friday through sunday where he practiced what was described as voodoo rituals. he said that he is muslim but he prays to seven different gods and he described one of them.
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>> police arrested kori muhammad after the shootings yesterday, he will be arraigned on four charges of murder later this week, he has shown no remorse for the crime. convicted killer and former nfl star aaron hernandez hanged himself inside of his prison cell today, days ago he was acquitted of murder charges but still faced life in prison without parole for a previous murder conviction. we look at the story of the fallen football star. >> aaron hernandez the once promising nfl star is dead, officials say the murderer hanged himself in his cell his body was found a little after 3:00 am he was pronounced dead one hour later. >> they are considering this a suicide they found him with a bed shaped wrapped around his neck. i believe they mentioned there were some barricade or obstruction. >> hernandez was serving a life sentence without parole for the 2013 killing of odin lloyd.
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the death comes the same day his former team the new england patriots celebrated their latest super bowl victory with president trump at the white house, just days after hernandez was acquitted of murder charges in a separate case stemming from a drive-by shooting in 2012 that claimed the lives of two men. >> i wanted to be here to express a statement of sympathy for the family of odin lloyd obviously he was sentenced for the murder he committed. >> a spokesman says he is not aware of a suicide note and prison officials did not think he was a suicide risk, corrections and the worcester county sheriff's office is investigating and his lawyer says there were no conversations or correspondence from aaron to his family or a legal team that would have indicated anything like this being possible, hernandez broke down in court last week as his latest verdict was read but
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that acquittal did not offer him from the prior life sentence, he returned to prison. from massachusetts, molly line foxnews. a party planned tomorrow, business owners join city officials to announce the rules aimed at preventing the park from being trashed on 4/20. there is enough snow to fill nine large reservoirs and still have some left over that is why there is a concern about flooding when the snow starts melting, we look at the various scenarios. we are tracking the transformer sprinkles in the forecast tonight we will see you back here after the break.
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a new report casting doubt on the decisions of federal and state water officials leading up to the crisis at the oroville dam from february, an examination found water managers were assuring the public there was no immediate threat even though they knew about risks posed by emergency spillways that had never been used. the report found engineers had overestimated the durability of those damaged spillways, 200,000 residents were forced to evacuate after the emergency spillways partially gave way. greatness for the california drought but worrisome news for the snow melt all of the snow could trigger flooding as things were my. >> tom vacar is here with a look at the growing risk a potentially serious situation. >> this could be very serious if certain conditions are met,
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i asked the california dwr how much water is really sitting in the sierra mountain range, the answer has severe consequences for much of california depending on how it goes. >> the california dwr says the snowpack contains 24 million acre-feet of frozen water as of april 1, one acre foot would cover one acre of land one foot deep, this satellite view shows 2015 sierra snowpack compared to this year. >> by any measure the snowpack is huge one of the largest. >> how much is this? california's nine largest mega- dams combined can hold only 20 million acre-feet most of them are full, the best case situation. >> a nice slow snowmelt that we can manage with the reservoir's that don't overtop or cause
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downstream flooding. >> the snow probably won't melt fast enough to cause catastrophic flooding it tends to be less intense than the big rainstorms but there could be slower flooding flooding of land particularly in the basin. >> there are a number of risks, number one, the risk of additional high temperatures which we have seen over the last decade or so and the snow melts too fast. >> risk number two. >> for intense flooding the concern is if we get a big rainstorm when the snow is melting and together they would cause flooding. >> one late-season warm storm dumping warm rain in the mountains that melts a huge amount of snow at once and overwhelms the remaining fleck opacity in the reservoirs which are pretty full. >> you could have flooding in the sacramento valley and the sacramento metropolitan area and the san joaquin valley. >> stockton, merced other
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riverside cities and yosemite are on the list. >> for a couple of reasons, the levees are not in the best condition. >> the lake in southern san joaquin county was once the largest lake west of the mississippi, farmers drained it to plant crops and the land keeps subsiding as they pump out more groundwater 34 years ago a similar snowpack melt it flooding hundreds of square miles in the valley, today many more people live in the area and the land has dropped even more. >> i think it is a legitimate worry to think about flooding. >> we will be doing much more on this in the coming weeks. >> those cities that could be facing potential flooding did you get a chance to talk with officials to see what they're doing? >> the biggest thing going on is in the city of cochran where
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there is the state prison, 26,000 people almost half are prisoners, they are building the levy at 192 feet above sea level, but they are concerned because if the water should come down over the top it would flood the city of cochran and that has happened in the past and there are many other places down there that have built homes with a lot more business and the point is this is important to monitor this closely. throughout the state of california wherever there are places levied up. believe me. they're concerned about this it could be very high water coming. >> talk about extremes we go five years without snow and rain and now this. something interesting about california is that there is probably no other landscape on
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earth that has been engineered more by human beings. from the gold rush to the water projects, to the logging of the timber so, like tommy said, think about this the largest lake west of the mississippi bigger than lake tahoe it was huge. i read a lot of california history in 1886 they had a big wet year in sacramento that flooded but, they were telling stories of taking a boat from bakersfield, from bakersfield all the way to sacramento. a boat, the whole valley flooded. so, it is just interesting and the landscape has been altered quite a bit. what we are starting to see now is the oroville dam, things start to fail when you get these massive amounts of rain above what we typically get.
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it is a good thing it is the end of the rain season, in the bay area, as much as we have seen in many years some parts of the state more than we have seen in historical times. the wind is blowing out maybe a squiggle or two tonight but it is not a big deal. nothing to worry too much about, you can see the clouds there might be .08 inches. outside right now we have some clear skies with a few clouds low and high, tonight the clouds remain and by tomorrow it is sunny and nice, overnight lows in the upper 40s, lower 50s, there will be a few clouds and tomorrow clouds clouds and then clearing and maybe some coastal fog and then we have 70s. more 70s in oakland and san
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jose so there is the forecast, when i come back i will have the five-day forecast and we will talk more about these little nuggets in my head, i have read hundreds of history books about california and it is amazing when you think about more than any other landscape in the world california has been the most engineered and moved and pushed around and changed. >> how concerned are you about the snowmelt? >> not concerned. because, this happens all the time, most likely we will not get a big warm storm the snow will melt reasonably because the water bank is all about slow release, the catastrophic thing would be what if it rains and it is 65 degrees and we lose three feet of snow, that can happen but that is a long shot so i'm not worried. but we have to look at this stuff because there are so much
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water in the bank if it came out at once we would be in trouble but i'm not worried. it is like worrying about a 9.0 earthquake. the war years won game one but they may have lost a key player, coming up next we look alive back to oroville where you can see the team warming up a bit, joe and jason are there we will get an update on what everybody is wondering about that is kevin durant. a 12-year-old boy being called a hero, how his quick thinking saved his uncle's life. >> i called 911.
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the war years are back in action at oracle arena after beating the portland trail blazers in game one on sunday. >> fans are waiting to hear an update on kevin durant how bad is the calf injury? we go to oracle arena any update? >> reporter: we are waiting to hear, steve kerr does his press conference in about one hour and he will make it official. right now we are waiting along with everybody else, if we had to guess i think they will keep them out. >> i think they know they can win without him they won 14 straight without him, he did not practice today he was not at shootaround this is what he
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looked like in game one a lot of us thought what is wrong with the knee but shortly after they were checking his calf he came back out on the floor and hit a big shot. >> that was a sigh of relief for everybody because the initial reaction is all my goodness they're working on his knee but it was a separate thing as we said, if this was game seven he would probably be out there but there is no reason to risk it. >> it is a big game because you don't want to split you want to go back to portland up 2-0 the war years may have to do a better job containing the guards for portland although they certainly went off in game one but cj and willard they went crazy in game one was 70 they went crazy in game one was 75 points they had 46, excuse me 48 of the first 56 points. >> let's acknowledge the
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national at them going on behind us that is their rehearsal. it is the rehearsal which will be a little later tonight. you mentioned those guys what they pointed out just as any other team that the warriors play, when they clamp down their defense it almost doesn't matter who it is, they did that in the fourth quarter. >> conventional wisdom says the warriors need to do a better job but this is what klay thompson had to say earlier today. >> if they go for 75 and was again we will take that result obviously you don't want them to go for 75 because it kept them in the game but we give them credit they hit some credible shots. hopefully we get a different result. >> they are both a handful, they can score in many different ways. but our game plan has to be
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keep them uncomfortable i think we did it in spurts but not as much as we should have, today we will be ready to do it more often.>> reporter: that was probably the best game of cj mccollum's career we will have to see what steve kerr has to say about kevin durant, we might not know until 10 minutes before tipoff. >> he usually tells us in the press conference so we should have the news soon don't forget draymond green always has something to say. we will get you that okay on kevin durant as soon as we know it, back to the studio.>> okay, thank you so much. still to come, every year hippie hill hosts a massive marijuana celebration on 4/20 and when it is over the park is usually trashed some businesses
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are rallying together to make sure that doesn't happen this year.>> cracking down on bay area drivers misusing parking spaces that are intended for the disabled. more on the breaking news on a man threatening to jump from the walnut creek bart station.
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new information on the issue with bart causing big issues a man has been threatening to jump from the side of the station in walnut creek which has caused big delays throughout the system including here at the lafayette station in the past 10 minutes the man moved from the ledge to a firefighter's ladder joining us on the phone is taylor huckabee does this mean he is on his way down?>> it certainly looks like that they are trying to get them on the ground without further incident, that means we can now move trains through walnut creek station on both sides so the station remained closed but trains are running through on both sides so, for folks trying to get to walnut creek station as the final destination they will need to use the bus but for commuters heading into the city or onto pleasant hill and north concord they can stay on the
5:34 pm
trains. >> hopefully, this is obviously a good sign and hopefully the situation will be ending soon if it does what type of delays do you anticipate for the next hour or so? >> 2240 minute delays decreasing as the schedule fixes itself. >> since this man was on the outside of the station threatening to jump to the ground below, why was it necessary granted there was police why was it necessary to shut down the entire station? >> in volatile situations we don't want to add confusing elements to people threatening self harm we were worried by running trains the noise or the wind blowing might agitate him further that is not a risk we were willing to take. >> all right, taylor huckabee from bart with the latest on the situation in walnut creek the man has moved to a firefighter's ladder trains are
5:35 pm
now running through walnut creek in both directions. 15,000 people will light up at the annual 4/20 marijuana party in golden gate park tomorrow in past years there has been criticism because of the trash that is left behind but this year, a group of businesses have pitched in to help. >> 4/20 festival on hippie hill typically drawing neighbors police and park officials last year revelers got on really putting the pinch on police and leaving 20,000 pounds of litter behind it was a $140,000 bill the city ended up paying. >> cleanup traffic control and increased security came at a huge cost to taxpayers that is why this year we are trying something different. >> the unorganized bash is
5:36 pm
getting a makeover. >> we have to do it now.>> this is thanks to a group of store owners. >> i am a merchant on the block this is my life i want to make something better. >> he owns the black skill clothing shop rallied to other merchants, they are going to clean up the festivities. >> we don't want it to be shut down like halloween. >> they put up $100,000 to pay for fences, extra security, ambulances and medical tent and 200 portable toilets. there will be food trucks and booze -- booths but no alcohol no glass bongs and no children. >> we are partnered with children protective services and we will take enforcement action if necessary. >> voters did pass recreational use of marijuana you still
5:37 pm
can't smoke in public until 2018 when we asked city leaders they said they simply can't arrest 15,000 people for smoking pot. >> it is what it is. >> tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news city leaders in walnut creek are endorsing the idea of a vote on the creation of a new northgate unified school district, some families say the mount diablo school district is not responsive to their needs and their pushing for a smaller district they also want the vote to be limited to residents served by the schools, critics are calling the idea elitist because the schools included are all high-performing in affluent areas they say the move would hurt the rest of the district. >> i do see the benefits of splitting off having a smaller district and possibly meeting the needs more easily but also the bigger district has a lot of benefits. >> the superintendent is
5:38 pm
opposed to the idea saying it would create a major disruption and would be divisive. he feels everyone in the mount diablo district should be able to vote. a decision to move forward on the proposal would have to come from state education officials. taking advantage of disabled placard parking spots, the city that is cracking down on people illegally using handicapped spots and it did not take long before they started writing tickets. a famous face missing as the super bowl champions visit president trump. and a surprise appearance in the white house press briefing room.
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new england patriots tight end rob gronkowski made a cameo appearance at the white house news briefing. i wonder if that was planned. he offered to help sean spicer but as you heard spicer politely declined. the patriots were at the white house for a presidential celebration of their super bowl victory. >> president trump greeted the team and the all -- oval office and then went to the west lawn
5:42 pm
the patriots give president trump a number 45 jersey and a patriots helmet. >> five super bowl wins in the era of free agency which is really really tough. what an achievement. again, congratulations to super bowl champion new england patriots. >> at least six players boycotted the visit because they don't agree with president trump's policies, cornerback tom brady did not make the trip because of personal family matters. homeland security secretary john kelly says the us is experiencing an unprecedented spike in homegrown terrorism, citing 36 cases in the past year, tomorrow he and attorney general jeff sessions plan to visit el paso, texas and san diego friday to observe federal operations on the us mexico border the trump administration blames lax immigration enforcement for the rise of the criminal street gang ms 13.
5:43 pm
>> when you have fewer people entering then you have fewer people to detain and lockup, fewer people bringing in human beings fewer people dealing in drugs. >> in an early morning tweet yesterday president trump said without evidence the obama administration was to blame for allowing ms 13 to form in america, they gained was founded in 1980 in los angeles by immigrants fleeing a civil war in el salvador. georgia voters will go back to the polls in june and a congressional race that is being seen as a referendum on president trump. democrat john ossof fell just short of the 50% you needed in a normally conservative district, lauren blanchard tells us as a high-ranking republican congressman will not run for reelection next year. >> there is no doubt this is already a victory for the ages.>> 30-year-old john ossof
5:44 pm
speaking last night after falling to my points short of winning the sixth congressional seat vacated by tom price who was tapped as the head of department of human and health services, democrats hoped to flip the seat. >> we need to consolidate a strong message of who we are as a party not just when elections are at hand. >> with no one getting 50% a runoff will happen in june the republican karen handel says now that the field has whittled down, conservatives will come together. >> it will be a tough race because the democrats will put so much money. >> although she didn't win back the white house says the election does not show wavering support for the president as democrats hoped it would. >> they were clear they said their goal was to get over 50%.
5:45 pm
>> meanwhile on capitol hill, utah republican jason chaffetz announces he will not run for reelection in 2018, he chairs the powerful house oversight and government reform committee. >> i love my wife and i adore my kids, i like to work in congress but i love my family more. >> he did not rule out a future run for office only saying it would not be in 2018 is announcing this not to give a new candidate time to build a strong campaign from washington lauren blanchard, foxnews. bill o'reilly is out, he will not be returning to the fox news channel, the departure comes after several women accused him of sexual harassment, he has hosted the o'reilly factor for more than 20 years it is the highest rated show on fox and one of the highest-rated shows on cable the decision to part ways came after a thorough and careful review of the allegations. tucker carlson will move into
5:46 pm
his timeslot. a crackdown on handicapped parking fraud. >> she admitted her husband wasn't with her and she was using the placard to park for work. >> we are there as people try to explain why they are parking where they shouldn't. we have the weather forecast involving some sprinkles and a warm-up. all of that when i return. you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play?
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all right, people illegally parking in handicapped parking spots has been getting attention in recent days especially because of this picture of a police officer parked in a disabled parking space when they ran into a restaurant. >> the department of motor vehicles went out searching for people abusing the system, jesse gary tells us it did not take long to find them. >> today in downtown san jose 10 officers with the dmv were on the lookout for disabled placard violators this city hall employee running late for work used her husband's placard . >> she was caught, she admitted her husband wasn't with her and she was using the placard for work. we see this a lot. >> wendy says the problem is more acute in metro areas where parking is challenging. these agents worked a four
5:50 pm
block radius around city hall. they confronted and caught multiple drivers who displayed a placard or had disabled plates but not supporting paperwork or the placard owner was not with them. this driver swarmed by cameras says she forgot the placard was visible when she parked. >> i dropped my mom off late at night and then i take my mom home. >> she did admit she was not transporting her mother. so the car has been there for quite some time. >> officers issued a citation for the misdemeanor which ranges between $250 to 100,000 -- $1000, over the years officers have conducted 250 of these stings across the state a traffic or judge will decide guilt or the lack thereof in addition to a potential fine officials say that there is also a loss of revenue that
5:51 pm
meters like this would've collected if the parking had been legitimate. >> it has provided funding for enhanced crosswalks increased and improved pedestrian wayfinding and signage and upgrades to vehicle charging stations. >> some of those were approached did have proper proof and were grateful the officers were protecting their needs. >> i think it is important people are not taking advantage of the benefits that are given to us. >> officers welcome anonymous tips from the public to help them crackdown on a crime if you think much about until they are caught. from downtown san jose i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news we are tracking some clouds now, these clouds will impact the evening perhaps a squiggle or two but most of the clouds or the rain is falling north of the bay, as this area sliced
5:52 pm
through we will stop here, it will drag this through these areas the little green areas giving us a chance for sprinkles so we will track that and it would be light if it happens but it is in the forecast clouds will take up over the next few hours if it is sprinkles it will be around 11:00 in the morning. very slow-moving system, outside we have a beautiful day, it could be better but after sunday the gloomy day, and then monday which was like that it is nice to get the day like today, tomorrow morning in san jose about 52 partly cloudy and it will clear up nicely in san jose, 67 at lunchtime in san jose, while mostly sunny and then thursday around 3:00 you are at 70 in san jose so it is a nice-looking day, more close to the north at san rafael partly cloudy, san jose will be
5:53 pm
mostly sunny after noon, 2:00 in the morning there is the system sliding through, 4:00 am is gone, thursday morning and thursday night that looks good, friday morning and that friday night. don't worry about this, that thing will go just north of us, increasing clouds a little bit on saturday, but hazy sunshine will be the order, 70 in santa rosa, 72 fairfield so we are dry now, we have been doing stories all day today we were talking about the spring runoff, you go out and walk around, in the hills and you can hear the water flowing i can't remember the last time i heard flowing water in april. obviously in the creeks but creeks from the spring, these things are running late
5:54 pm
february, that is a good- looking five-day forecast. breaking news from oracle arena, steve kerr announced moments ago kevin durant is not going to play tonight he injured his calf during game one on sunday, the team is worried if he plays tonight he could do more damage to the calf and end up missing more games. coming up in minutes, a 12- year-old boy being hailed a hero we will tell you about his quick thinking that helped save his uncle's life.>> i opened his mouth so oxygen could come in.
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state television and north korea broadcast a huge rally and counter this morning that included video with animation showing the missile flying over the pacific and exploding on the west coast of the united states. lauren blanchard tells us this comes as china is trying to ease the tension between north korea and the united states. >> vice president mike pence continuing his asian tour working to reassure allies the united states is committed to peace in the area even as tensions rising less than a week from the next north korean holiday and possible weapons test. >> we will defeat any attack
5:58 pm
and meet any use of conventional or nuclear weapons with an overwhelming and effective american response. >> meanwhile president trump is working with chinese leaders to apply diplomatic and economic pressure on north korea to abandon the nuclear ambitions, the president faced criticism this week for not calling china a currency manipulator but he says north korea is a bigger problem than a trade war with china, chinese officials believe the best path is to peace and restraint. >> china hopes all relevant sides can work together to ease the current tension on the peninsula and avoid irritating each other. we do not think a good outcome can be achieved without irritative acts. >> this as officials plan to launch more missile testing. >> donald trump will not let this not drop get a missile to
5:59 pm
hit america. if i were north korea i would start thinking differently about the president. >> north korea is provoking the us continually they aired a propaganda video this morning simulating an airstrike on america complete with a burning flag and white crosses, in washington lauren blanchard, foxnews. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. >> major bart delays systemwide as authorities were to bring down a man who climbed on the side of a station platform just minutes ago we learned he was brought down safely, good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville, the nightmare commute for thousands of passengers is starting to unwind. the breaking news is happening in contra costa county, these are live pictures from skyfox over the walnut creek station where the man was brought down after a four-hour standoff trains are now running again.
6:00 pm
alyana gomez is at the lafayette station where passengers were forced to get off the trains .>> reporter: it was very chaotic for a period of time but bart had several people out here including supervisors letting people know what to do, a lot of people they were hearing what was going on while on the train so they were expecting some delay. as you can see people are coming off the train at the lafayette bart station not as busy as it was 30 minutes ago when the delays were happening. people are resuming as normal the buses have left because there is no longer a line to wait for the buses in fact the moment that service resumed they said you can get back on the train and go back out to walnut creek and hundreds left the line and got back on the train, everybody is taking it in stride there were some frustrating moments


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