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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  April 19, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. mark gassett five says it is -- campus officials say the decision was influenced by the violent protest broke out when the same student group invited milo annapolis to speak.
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trains are stopping in at the station while a man was threatening to jump after he climbed over the side of an elevated bart platform. he was safely brought down about an hour ago and will now undergo a psychiatric evaluation. the closure of the walnut creek patient caused major delays. prosecutors could seek the death penalty against a man accused of a shooting rampage in fresno. kori ali muhammad faces four counts of murder. police that he randomly shot and killed three men yesterday . he is also accused of killing a motel security guard last week. that is the suspect right there. he is expected to be arraigned on those murder charges at the end of the week. you are watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30 pm. the department of motor
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vehicles set out in search of people who are this -- abusing the system. >> gary tells us it didn't take long to find them. >> today in downtown san jose content officers with the dmv were on the lookout for disabled violators. this employee running late for work used her husbands so she wouldn't have to feed the meter. she was caught. >> she admitted that her husband wasn't with her. >> is this fairly common? >> absolutely. we see this a lot. >> she says the problem is more prevalent in parking areas. >> they confronted in caught multiple drivers who displayed a placard or did not have the paperwork or the placard owner wasn't with them. this driver says she forgot the placard was still visible when she parked. >> i drove my mom off late at
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night, and i take my mom home and i didn't have a chance to come back to get it out. >> she did admit that she was not transporting her mother, so the car has been there for quite some time. >> offers a issued a citation for the misdemeanor crime which ranges between $250-$1000. over the past three years, dmv officers and they have conducted over 250 of these types of things all across the state. a traffic court judge ultimately decide the guilt or the lack thereof. in addition to a fine, san jose city official say there is also a loss of revenue that meters would have collected had the parking been legitimate. >> is provided funding for enhanced -- enhance crosswalk, signage, upgrades, vehicle charging stations, things like that. >> some of those who were approached did have the proper proof and were grateful
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officers were out protecting their legitimate needs. >> i think it is important that people are not taking advantage of the benefits that are given to us. >> officers say they welcome anonymous tips from the public to help them crackdown on a crime if you think much about until they are caught. in downtown san jose, fox2 news. >> homeland security secretary john kelly says the u.s. is experiencing an unprecedented spike in homegrown terrorism. 36 such cases in the past year. tomorrow, he and attorney general jeff sessions plan to visit el paso, texas and then san diego on friday to observe federal operations along the u.s./mexico border. when you have fewer people enter, then you have fewer people to detain, fewer people to lock up, fewer people bring
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in human beings, fewer people dealing in drugs. >> in an early morning tweet yesterday, president trump said without evidence that the obama administration was to blame for allowing ms-13 to 4 in america. the gang was founded in 1980 immigrants who were fleeing the war in el salvador. the seat has been held by a republican, but in tuesday's election, a young democrat one far more votes than its gop challengers. it wasn't enough to avoid another election in june. >> there is no doubt that this is already a victory for the ages. [ applause ] >> speaking to supporters in georgia last night after falling just a few points short of winning the six district congressional seat vacated by republican tom price who was to head the department of health and human services.
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democrat hope to put the seat long held by republicans. >>.just when elections are at hand, but year-round. >> with no one getting 50% of the vote, a runoff will happen in june. the republican karen handel says now that the gop field is whittled down to one from the original 11 candidates, conservatives will come together. >> it will be a tough race, because the democrats are going to pour so much money -- >> the election did not show wavering support for the president as democrats had hoped it would. >> they said that their goal was to get over 50%. they came up short. >> meanwhile, on capitol hill, a utah republican announcing he will not run for reelection in 2018. he chairs the powerful house oversight and government reform committee. >> i happen to love my wife and adore my kids. i like the working congress,
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but i love my family more. >> he did not rule out a future run for office only saying it would not be in 2018. he is a note to get now to give a new republican candidate time to build a strong campaign. coming up, the search underway tonight off the bait area coast. also a 12-year-old boy being hailed a hero. how his quick thinking helped save his uncle's life. >> i called 911, and they gave me all of the stuff to do for him.
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the u.s. coast guard says a man is missing tonight. a 10 foot boat was spotted in the water about 11:30 am. the coast guard spoke with the man's family this afternoon. they say that he went out about 7 this morning. crews from the chp, sonoma county, and several local fire departments are all taking part of the rescue efforts. so far, there is no sign of him. he is a 64-year-old from oakland. crews say they found his keys and wallet on the boat. they will continue the search until sunset, and the coast guard plans to stay out there past midnight. renters and their advocates are celebrating after the city council voted in favor of stronger protection for tenants. another requires a notice of at least 120 days if tenants need
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to be removed from a building for renovation or demolition. property owners must also pay for relocation and give renters the right to move back in. there is now concerned that the ordinance needs to be drafted and implemented quickly.>> we have to make sure that until the emergency ordinance is drafted, that landlords don't do mass evictions while they still can with no cause. >> the city's housing office says it is working quickly to finish the ordinate. the sooner they will come up for a vote is may 9. once approved, it could go into effect the next day. a middle school student from san francisco was honored today for the quick thinking that helped save his uncle's life. that's what brought is in the sixth grade. he was given the 911 award for calling 911 when his uncle was having a diabetes related medical emergency. adrian told the dispatcher that
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his uncle was unconscious and barely breathing. >> i called 911, and they gave me all the stuff to do for him. i picked him up and laid him on like the counted stuff. >> he remained calm. he did everything i asked him to do. he saved his uncle's life. >> because of adrian's call, then i will one paramedics were able to arrive and save his life. nice story. preparations are underway for a san francisco tradition. >> we will take enforcement action if necessary. coming up next, why organizers say this years 4/20 they will be different tomorrow. tracking some showers and it will warm back here after the break with the long-range forecasts. [ music ]
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15,000 people are expected to light up tomorrow for the annual 4/20 marrow money party in san francisco's golden gate park. >> this years some businesses have pitched in to help. >> the 4/20 festival on hippie hill. it typically draws the neighbors, police, and golden gate park officials. last year, marijuana revelers unruly leaving 20,000 pounds of litter behind. it was a $140,000 bill the city ended up voting. >> cleanup, traffic control, and increased security came at
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a huge cost to taxpayers. that's why this year, we are trying something different. >> the notoriously unorganized is getting a makeover. >> we have to do it now, as they are already putting the barrels up. >> extra group of storeowners. >> i'm a merchant on the block, and this is my life appear. i just wanted to make it better. >> he owns the black scale clothing shop and rallied other merchants, the green door dispensary, and the diamond supply clothing company to clean up for the 4/20 festivities. >> we won't wanted to be shut down like they did with halloween. >> they put up $100,000 to pay for offenses, extra security, ambulances, a medical tent, and 200 portable toilets. there will be food trucks, but no alcohol, no glass bongs, and definitely, no children. >> we have partnered with the children protective services,
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and we will take enforcement action if necessary. >> while california voters passed the legal relational -- legal use of marijuana for recreational loose, they said they can't simply can't arrest 18,000 people for smoking pot. >> it is what it is. >> in san francisco, ktvu fox2 news. >> on, we have posted information about tomorrow's 4/20 event. just click on web links. >> as you look outside, we have a few showers to the north. there might be a sprinkle or two tonight. just enough to moisten up the lawn and get the plants a little more precipitation. that's it. as we track it, i will stop it appear. you can see it is kind of just working its way in. what this is out here at best is sprinkles.
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up here, you have some showers and down here you have just sprinkles. that is kind of what we are looking about around 11, 12, or one a clock in the morning. don't be surprised if you hear some pitter patter on the rooftops but by your morning commute, you will be dry. temperatures in the 60s, and you see a little wind out there. that looks a little southwest. i don't know if you guys can see it or not. i expect you guys to have a little southwest winds coming in. 8 am tomorrow morning, maybe a little valley fog, but very little and the highs tomorrow in the 60s and 70s. san jose tomorrow starts off partly cloudy and ends up mostly sunny and late in the day, san jose mostly sunny in the the low 70s. a nice day tomorrow. more sunshine especially south of san francisco. the forecast model, here we are at midnight tonight. here we are at 3 am.
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that is essentially not much. that's the system. it's gone when you wake up and get ready to for work -- get ready for work, it's clear. 7 am on friday, is nice, saturday is nice, a little bit cloud cover rosen saturday afternoon, but it will be hazy sunshine. a nice weekend. the rain should be done. tomorrow's highs mostly in the 60s and low 70s. the five day forecast is just perfect. there are a chance for sprinkles tonight, so a good- looking forecast as we go into your bay area weekend. i think friday ends up being the warmest day of the week with may be touching on 80 degrees. we are really close to that. >> thank you.>> sports is next. we will be right back. [ laughter ]
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me.
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warriors, big game tonight. it looks like they are not going to be able to play kevin durant. >> is kind of disappointing. they have so much talent. you figure the one thing that can derail the warriors from this
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championship, which they certainly have all of the guns to get it done, injuries. you hold your breath now, last year, step curry, and now, word comes down officially that kevin durant is hurt again. he strained a calf in game one against portland as everybody was so happy. it seemed like such a minor thing, but about an hour ago, let it be known that it is official. also for tonight sean livingston with the bad anger and met barnes who sprained his ankle -- matt barnes who sprained his ankle. >> we are pretty thin. with kd out those six weeks, you know, we basically had a full roster for the most part. we picked up matt barnes and once we got settled, we played pretty well. we had a lot of depth to rely on. tonight will be pretty thin, so
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we will have to figure out a way. we still have lots of good players. we are lucky. we have a lot of talent, and we have won plenty of games with guys down and that is the plan tonight. >> they are going to have to do it again, they could still handle portland, but it will be nice to have the full roster ready to go. in the meantime, the tone has been set out of the oakland coliseum arena. a beautiful day for baseball it was. the theme continue in a positive manner once the a's started playing. the backup catcher with the big 2 run double in that 4 run inning. i have done a couple of charity events with him. he is just like that. how about chris davis? a home run machine. he hit over 40 last year and he has got 7 already. alonzo, hitting one over yonder.
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well gone for the a's, and a rather routine 9-1 when. -- win. their lineup, medicine returning to the game 7 and little leaguers pay attention to this. he throws two 1st bad throw, look who is there to back it up. brandon crawford. that is a heads-up play. unfortunately, it only delays the run for kansas city. this time it is not rescued by anybody. the throw is late and the giant just not hitting the ball are trailing 3-0. you know by now the new england patriots super
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bowl winners that they are had their traditional visit to the white house today. rob kwiatkowski always sees to be everywhere -- seems to be everywhere. he seems to wonder into a press conference today. >> can i just -- [ laughter ] >> i think i got this, thank you. >> may be. [ laughter ] thanks man, i will see you in a minute. [ laughter ] hold on. [ laughter ] that was cool. [ laughter ] [ laughter ] >> kwiatkowski is just a character. you can see him like wandering away from where he should've been. >> where did kwiatkowski go -- when it rob quan kautsky go -- rob quan kautsky? >> stay with us.
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thank you for being with us tonight. good night.
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(paintball guns firing) that was close. god, i love the smell of paintballs in the morning. yeah, still funny, raj. (paintball guns firing) there's no way we can get to the ridge. the chemistry department has us completely cut off. but what about the creek bed? the pharmacology department controls that, and they're all hopped up on experimental steroids. that's it then. we're doomed. i think the time has come to acknowledge that we are paying the price for some of us failing to attend my physics department paintball strategy meeting. i told you my mom has spider veins. i had to take her to the laser clinic. and i told you i wanted to see a doctor's note. we need a plan. how about operation hammer of the gods? i forget. which one is hammer of the gods? we hide behind the dumpsters in the parking lot and ambush people when they come to pee. no go. the dumpsters are deep in astronomy department territory. that shouldn't be a problem. venus is up during the day.


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