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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 20, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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santa rosa you can bang pots and pans. that's all what's left of our system still producing some rain. down to gilroy, morgan hill. it will fall apart as it moves east. but there's still a little bit left. except for a few low clouds and it's clearing out. and you can see our system is getting a little bit of snow up in the sierras and as it moves east and south it's moving apart. 40s on the temps and a few 50s for others. 50s on the temps on the peninsula. 53 wood side. stanford 54. 55 san mateo. everyone's pretty close. west northwest there will be a component of that today. a component of that behind that northeasterly breeze. one more system has to come through on the weekend. we are looking for a drier stretch here for a few days. 60s to near 70 today. sal, 4:30. where would you like to start? >> let's start in solano county,
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steve. this is 880 a lot of people come as far as sacramento. and driving in to vallejo not a bad commute at all and down to the crocket area. as a matter of fact the drive between the carcinas bridge and the macarthur maze looks good. a little bit of a crowding on some of those cash lanes. just a little bit nothing major there and if you're dreeuing in san jose northbound 280 stooef mentioned it a little bit of wet weather there. just the rain has moved through and the roads haven't quite drieded out yet. police are investigating a series of home invasions in the oakland hills. in one break-in someone was shot
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in the chest. ktvu's christien caplan is live during the search for the shooter. >> they were searching for a suspect or suspects who have been breaking into the homes in the area. near chemicaler avenue and skyline boulevard. the shooting victim is her nephew and they had been inside their home wearing headphones when that man shot an intruder. police hit up that perimeter and told people to stay inside their homes as they search the area with a dog. at this point no arrest has been made. we're hoping to get an update later on this morning from oakland police about how that search for a possible suspect will be going on. looking to see if if we can contact more neighbors who may
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have witnessed the suspects in the neighborhood or anything suspicious. >> i'm sure hoping for that as well we'll check in with you in a bit. our time now 4:32. the man accused of killing three people on that shooting rampage in fresno may be arraigned tomorrow in court. cory ali muhammad is accused of shooting and kills three men in the tact police call racially motivated. 34-year-old zackery randals. and 58-year-old david jackson were killed. muhammad is also accused of killing a security guard at a hotel last week. police say he targeted his victims because they were white. police say muhammad had a history of mental illness. >> he stayed in a ravine friday through sunday where he practiced as what was described
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to him as vudu rituals. >> muhammad is expected to be arraigned on four charges of murder. prosecutors may seek the death penalty. the dmv is trying to crack down on disabled parking plaquered abuses. and ten officers with the dmv staked out the area around san jose city hall. they confronted a number of people who used plaquered but did not have supporting paper work or the plaquered was not registered under their name. citations could range from $250 to $1000. >> i took my mom home i didn't have a chance to come back and get it out. >> she did admit to us she was not transporting her mother and so the car has been there for quite some time. >> in the past three years the dmv has conducted more than 250 of these sting operations across
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the state. authorities say plaquered bruces deny parking spots for legitimate plaquered holders and cost each city revenue. tonight congressman mike thompson heard from people in benetia. people wanted to tell the congressman about immigration, education, the environment, and other issues. some of the town halls held recently by members of congress have been disruptive and loud. but thompson says it's important for him to make himself available. >> you can't go back in washington and hide. you need to be with the people that you represent and tell them what you're doing to address those issues that are of concern to them and to our communities. >> the congressman thompson town hall meeting is tonight at sonoma valley middle school from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.. the city of oakland is reaching out to those forced out of their apartment by a deadly
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fire last month. more than $6,000 in community money by that fire in west oak labd. the community services managed transitional housing for about 100 people in the building that burned on san pablo avenue. the bay area news group says tenants should start getting financial assistance by tomorrow. the aclu filed a lawsuit in san francisco against the hospital chain dignity health. on behalf of a transgender man says he was denied a hisectomy. the lawsuit says the hospital cancelled the surgery after finding out he was transgender. so far there's been no comment from dignity health. san francisco muni is
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considering eliminating cash payments on it its cable cars. the san francisco d.a.'s office says 61-year-old albert williams. he used various schemes to hide. how much money he collected every month. and happening today if you see a lot of police cars in north berkley this afternoon it is likely a drill. berkley police will be participating in training exercises. people in the area may hear some simulated gunfire as well. police also plan to close scenic avenue between virginia street and ridge road during part of the training. it will wrap up at 3:00 this afternoon. >> all right. time is 4:37. governor jerry brown defending his integrity. what he said about adding
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profess ren treatment projects. . >> good morning you can see the traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. this is 24. not a bad looking drive heading over to the tunnel. >> our system is moving out and we're getting clearing skies behind that but there are some okay rainfall totals. the system is about ready to fall apart in the santa cruz mountains santa clara valley.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:40 and a popular bray area ravioli factory closing after 90 years in business.
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genova already closed its deli. the ravioli factory located on broadway right across the street from the oakland tech the did ivinchensi family announced to close after graffiti and vandalism. it did cost them $15,000 to repair in one case. there's still a store in napa. >> that's a great one too. >> and two in walnut creek. that's unfortunate though. whole foods under pressure to drop prices. company's ceo tells the wall street journal he does expect whole foods to keep its unique culture and style. our time is 4:41.
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spirit airlines is adding new flights out of oakland international airport and round trip fares are as low as $79. from oakland to detroit and the baltimore, washington d.c. area beginning next month. spirit is also increasing a number of its daily flights from three to four. well facebook wants to make sure the whole world has access to the internet. yesterday facebook showed off its latest invention. it's a tiny helicopter. it's a helicopter drone called the tether tenna. only on a much bigger scale. it's linked to an internet land line that it binges the internet over radio waves. facebook also says it can be used for first responders on the scene and whoever else might
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need internet access in a disaster. a little of bay area hotels are on a list of malware attack. intercontinental says more than 1200 hotels were effected. the company is urging guests to check their credit card statements for any unusual activity. a new lawsuit claims tesla's auto pilot feature does not live up to its promise. this lawsuit filed in san jose seeking class action status and it claims the auto pilot feature is not worth the $5,000 it costs and that the safety feature that enables the car to steer itself is quote essentially unusable and demonssterably generous.
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tesla claimed its cars are among the safest cars on the road. check out this really cool feature on the new dmw 5 series. the car, pam, can park itself and you don't even have to be inside the car. drivers can use a touch pad on they fob and pull it out of a parking space without getting into the car and if another car parks too close to yours you can also have the car back up out of the spot. this car is equipped with cameras and sensors to avoid any obstacles around. >> identify been stuck in a tight parking place where you can't get in your car and you have to go through the passenger seat. that's great. 4:44 is the time right now. do you still live with your mom and dad? you're not alone. the high cost of living is forcing more and more young adults to live with
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their parents. 20 million people aged 13 to 24. that's an 8% increase from 2005. the report shows that 9 million people lived at home in 2015. experts say it's not only due to the cost of living but more people are wanting to continue their education and the timeline for marriage and family has been moved back from the age of 30 in the 1970s to age 45 in 2015. >> wow. >> yeah, people waiting quite awhile. time is 4:45. let's get you moving this morning. sal is watching 880 and everything else. >> dave, pam, i sometimes wish i still live with my mom and dad. >> oh, my gosh i remember telling my mom i'm never going to leave home. sometimes i wish i probably should have stayed yeah. >> yes, you know my parents say
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you can always move back any time you want. good morning everyone. the traffic is going to be okay if you're driving on the tracy triangle. there have been no major problems coming in here. there's been a little bit of traffic on 205 and 580 as you drive into the traffic area. the traffic is going to be slow in some areas. it's getting crowded though. 680 southbound. car right into the wall there. it also took out some of those barrels and there's dedebris all over the lanes: this is a look at 880 right in front of oracle arena and at the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is doing well as you drive through. steve, not only am i not living with my parents i've become my dad basically. >> i've become my grandfather. at about 19 my dad looked at me and said you're moving out right.
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those were the days back then. >> there you go. >> he was kidding but i said yes, i am. pretty good system for this time of year and for this system. now there's some years where you've got a system that comes in like this and wouldn't do anything. but lakeport 2/3" of rain. mount san helena. martinez 29/100". oakland, and red wood city picked up 1/4". i thought about a quarter to 1/3 in town. a little bit of rain left. but it looks like the system is falling apart. we'll keep some light rain in there for about another hour. moved off and as it moves east and south it's really moving a
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lot of energy . some low clouds will still be with us. some cooler air is starting to work its way down. you can see that up north. 50s on the temps. maub a couple degrees cooler after everything's said and done. the air flow will be out of the west northwest. nothing too crazy yet. it's still north of the golden gate did a pretty good job there. what's new another system. but it won't be with us tomorrow. it will give us an increase in some low clouds on the weekend and some higher clouds it will give us a cooler pat everyone. 60s on the temps to near 70 degrees and tomorrow looks warm. we'll bump it up and see temperatures upper 70s. just a little cooler as we go into sunday and monday. >> all right. thank you steve. play hooky and head to the beach. tomorrow's the day. >> yeah. 4:48 is the time right now. there's enough water in the
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sierra snow pack to fill california's nine reservoirs and still have water left over.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 4:51. organizers of the san francisco pride parade have announced details of the event.
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and sunday june 25th. the theme this year will be celebration of diversity. one of the speakers will be mason samagari who was detained during the recent travel ban and one of the grand marshals. a new movie about the courage of a bay area man will debut this saturday in san francisco. >> yeah, the movie's called four wheel bob. it's about a man from livermore and his attempt to climb the sierra nevada in his wheelchair. ktvu's amber leigh has that story. >> i like to get out and get dirty as we say. >> he is in a wheelchair but he is in no way said tear.
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>> you need some water. >> in 1990 bob became reliant on a wheelchair. it made it impossible for him to walk. he found a way to live life fully. >> no matter how bad things get, there's some way for you to continue doing what you want. it may not be easy, it may not be fast, it may not be -- a lot of things may have to change. >> from the east side of the sierras over the crest. >> bob's courage attracted the attention of documentary film maker. he says bob's love of nature is ineffect chous. >> nature can really heal you in many ways. so i think the take away is whatever issues you may have. >> the film follows bob during his attempt to make a 22-mile
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trek in the sierra nevada. >> i think bob sort of is fearless. he'll go out and do just about anything and that's what struck me and the fact that for him it wasn't just about going out and climbing a mountain. >> it's about overcoming challenges. >> from his insulin pump malfunctioning to blisters in his hands becoming infected and more. >> when you have to push over these rocks and sometimes they're a foot and a half tall and you're lifting the chair over still keeping enough energy by the end of the day to recharge overnight. just keep focused that things are gong to get better as long as you contribute to your success. your success is entirely dependent on how much you're willing to put into it. >> bob tells me life is about setting goals and reaching them no matter what obstacles are in the way. it's about moving forward. at redwood regional park in
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oakland. accurate ber lee fox 2 -- amber lee fox 2 news. now as of april 1st the snow pack had about 24 million acre feet of water. that's more than the capacity of the state's 9 biggest reservoirs which are already filled. the best case scenario would be as snow melts and while water officials say a fast snow melt is not likely. it could still happen. >> one late season warm storm that dumps a lot of warm rain in the mountains that melts a huge amount of snow at once and that overwhelms the remaining flood capacity in our reservoirs which are already pretty full. >> engineers are pretty concerned about levies saying they're just not in the best conditions. high risk areas sweep through the central valley from
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sacramento south to stockton and merced. well a proud mama bear is showing off her cub. mom keeping a close eye on that 75-pound cub. he's going to get a little bigger. he explored and mrashed around the pole. the zoo's asking for the public's help in giving that little guy a name. time is 4:56. a clash between first amendment rights and safety concerns. a scheduled appearance by conservative and culture that was cancelled here in the bay area and why she plans to speak anyway. >> we will take enforcement action if necessary. >> record turnouts for 4/20 day in san francisco. that comes as police presence to ensure safety. >> and right now you know
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traffic is actually doing okay on westbound 24 as we head to the tunnel there have been no major problems on the way through. >> hey man. i see the moon up there. the crescent, the winging crescents in the last quarter. there it is. 40% visible under clear skies here.
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good morning. getting high on hippy hill. the preparations for today's annual san francisco tradition including a lot of extra police. >> plus a police search after someone broke in an a house and shot a man in the chest. this is ktvu mornings on 2. i'm so glad we got a good shot of the moon because i tried to capture this with my phone. >> so you were looking at it driving in. >> i was. it's such a cool looking moon. steve says the moon is in the seventh house. is jupiter aligned with mars. >> right. thank you for joining us
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here with mornings on 2. april 20th, 4/20 i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we're talking about your morning weather as well as the moon. >> it is very visible. it's am almost like you can reach out and touch it. we had some rain overnight you guys and now it's weaning out. again identify been in years where it's dry year this system wouldn't have done anything yet. other locations middle town 1/3". so did dublin. hayward's in there. san francisco 15 and san jose picked up 1200. officially from what i've seen had 17/100" that put them over 16". an entire season is just over 36 and i think there's going to be some may rain too. so you'll be adding to that
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