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in paris, i will have details coming up. this is ktvu . i am dave clark and steve paulson is right over there. , -- right over there. how many times can we say friday? i don't wish my life with that this was a long week. and i'm glad it's friday. remember on monday and tuesday when it was raining and phone, not today. we don't have to worry about that today. will be sunny and nice concept is an upper 70s will have more coming up shortly let's hope sal hasn't easy friday -- has an easy friday.
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must look at what we have, you can see the traffic on 580 is going to be doing very well. westbound to the ultimate pass nontobacco new and it continues to move along nicely as you drive into the livermore area. looking at interstate 880 in oakland traffic is moving well in both directions. a lightly travel commute and traffic is not affected by weather. the bay bridge toll plaza is also light as you get into san francisco. let's go back to the desk. a debit crash last night on interstate 888 union city, look at the pictures. several cars collided after someone walking on the highway was hit and killed just after 830. this was on the northbound side just before the whipple avenue exit. the investigation continues into why the person was on the freeway. for bay area hospitals are
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being fined by the state department of public health. the fines totaling more than $1 million all related to medical mistake that happened between 2012 in 2016. they include cpm see, luke scott kaiser permanente in san francisco, queen of the valley hospital in napa at sequoia hospital and read what the state health department says in addition to find hospitals have to show a plan on preventing mistakes from happening again associated press is a the government impairs was detained in february for threatening police but was later freed. an attack has renewed fears of terrorism and has shaken france just days before presidential election. caroline shively is in washington with more this morning. >> reporter: isis is claiming responsibility for shooting that terrorize paris while here home president trump is urging the world to stay vigilant.
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french officials have reopened the iconic subsidies a -- champs elysee. they found a pump action shotgun and knives in the man's car who opened fire and killed a police officer.>> it looks like another terrorist attack. what can you say, it just never ends. >> this is the latest of a series attacks that killed more than 230 people in france in just over two years, france has been under a state of emergency since 2015.>> french president frangois aland told his people they will remain vigilant especially in regard to the presidential election on sunday. more than 50,000 police and soldiers have been mobilized to protect the polls. >> as i this is being defeated in more donna syria anorak we
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will see more attacks like this. small high-profile attacks that are difficult to defend or protect against and in a democratic society we cannot guard every landmark. >> france -- >> reporter: vice president mike pence pledged our support to france and our allies. >> terrorism can strike anywhere anytime something that the people of indonesia in the united states know all too well. >> reporter: analysts say this could push french voters towards a hard right leader with a hard-line stance against muslim immigration. the vote is just two days away with the runoff next month in washington caroline shively fox news. today in germany a 28-year- old german russian citizen was arrested for the bombing of a bus a player in a police officer were hurt they say he
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acted for financial reasons he hope to earn millions of dollars by dropping the team stock value and making money off it. campus republicans are threatening a lawsuit over plans to move the date for controversial speaker ann coulter. >> campus republicans are threatening to sue the university over new plans to change the date of a scheduled speech by ann coulter. they say they will allow her to speak on campus after initially canceling her parents because of safety concerns. the university was to change the date of the speech from april 27 to may 2. ann coulter responded by saying she cannot make it on may second setting the stage for this threatened lawsuit.>> if they choose not to honor the first amendment requirement to give equal access on the campus to all viewpoints then they will face a lawsuit next week.
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>> ms. coulter's announcement to come to the campus without a protective venue available on that date is of grave coern. >> reportedly she plans to talk about illegal immigration during her speech in berkeley. back in february there were violent protests on the campus when another right ring speaker was scheduled to speak to those protests caused more than $100,000 in damage. we are planning on going to the campus to follow up on the story. it is for 6 am. san francisco's 420 gathering had a few changes this year. at 420 people gathered to smoke pot. in the past there were a lot of complaints about the tons of trash left behind, bad behavior and some violence. the changes that were made for
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yesterday's event seemed to have improved cleanliness and safety. some businesses nearby paid $150,000 to install fencing with entry case as well as porta potty's and security and cleanup crews.>> we didn't want to go away. it's a celebration like halloween. >> it was safer and the vibe was positive. >> by 6:30 pm arc rangers on atvs moved in to push the crowd to head out of the park. no arrests were reported inside the park. police did say one person was arrested for a stabbing last night along the street that might be read laded -- along the street that might be related. broad support for legalizing marijuana across the country according to a new poll. 61 percent of americans believe marijuana should be legal. 71 percent of people who were
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surveyed said they oppose the federal government's efforts to stop marijuana sales. today bart will announce a tiring police chiefs. they selected carlos rojas who reside another post this week. the orange county register newspaper says the santa ana police department has been criticized for an increase in violent crimes in the city. the police union scheduled a vote of no-confidence on him. he started as a patrol officer in 1990, he rose to the ranks over the years and became chief 2014. he takes over for rainy who retired as the police chief last december. developers are one step closer to get approval for the tallest building in oakland. the city's planning commission voted wednesday to approve a 40 tower -- 40 floor tower on franklin street on the current site of a parking garage. the $200 million project one includes a high-rise tower, 634
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housing units in more than 16,500 square feet of retail space on street-level. supporters and those concerned about how the billing will affect downtown oakland, supporters say they need more new housing. >> it will definitely help. it seems like downtown is becoming a better place to be. >> i think it's always good to have interesting development but i hate this a space is like this are -- that are convenient that are being used get ruined in the process. >> some people working in the area worry there will be fewer parking spaces without the garage and they say the price parking to go up. the developer says between 27 and 54 apartments will be saved for low income housing.
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city college of san francisco is holding open houses at all these campuses today to explain the free city initiative program. at the $5.5 million program to allow all san francisco residents to attend city college for free. the school interim chancellor is hoping to link free tuition to academic performance. it is for 10 am and sci-fi stars taking over the south bay, who you can expect to see at the siliga volley comic-con in san jose this weekend. arkansas carried out its first execution of a death row inmate since 2005. will tell you why that state is rushing to execute several men on death row. -- we will tell you why that state is rushing to execute several men on death row. the friday forecast looks nice if you enjoyed yesterday you will like today even more does it will be even warmer. ♪ [ music ]
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♪ "turn around... every now and then i get a little bit hungry
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west by arkansas executed death row inmate, the first execution in almost 12 years despite the court decision that canceled three other scheduled executions. arkansas wanted to execute eight inmates before the end of this month. as a lethal injection truck that will expire. three executions were canceled this week that the courts allow the execution of 51-year-old
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weddell lee to go through last night. he was sentenced to death for the 1993 murder of his neighbor. a media witness described what they saw. >> it really appear to go without any major problems. the execution began and he appeared to lose consciousness pretty quickly. >> the state of arkansas plans to execute two more inmates on monday and another on thursday. some lawmakers in hawaii are expressing anger over comments made by america's top law enforcement officer. earlier this week attorney general jeff sessions told radio host he was amazed that a judge in hawaii could block resident trump's executive order halting immigration from several majority muslim countries. session says the judge was "sitting on an island a pacific". many lawmakers are reminding sessions hawaii has been a u. s. state since 1958. 4:14 am bernie sanders is
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crisscrossing the nation on what he calls his come together and fight back tour. >> ♪ [ music ] [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders was a grand prairie texas yesterday he told the crowd some people feel the problems raising the nation are so overwhelming and the opposition is so powerful, the people who want change should just give up. >> but there is another option that says, in the greatest nation in the history of the world, we are going to stand up, fight back, and create in america we know we can become.>> he's called for a raise in minimum wage, pay equality, 12 weeks of maternity leave and free college tuition. today the senator is scheduled to speak in mesa, arizona. we need to check in with sal castaneda with an early
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look at the friday morning commute. friday, we have been talking about this week being kind of long. >> a lot going on this week. >> today hopefully we will have a nice quiet commute. we will see what happens. is quiet on northbound 101. kilroy to san jose went to morgan hill, it's not a back in you, it continues to look good as you drive into the west valley, not a lot going on here. also getting up to sunnyvale everything looks good so far. this is a live look at 280 in san jose. hopefully it stays that way at the big ditch dashed the bay bridge toll plaza looks good to. mostly clear. in a few clouds in the north bay. no big deal.
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we will have lesson sometime today and warmer temperatures. i'm saying it's going to be upper 70s and a few 80s maybe by san jose. the higher clouds might take a degree or two off of that north. airflow is out of the north and index system is being way to the north than by the weekend it will topple over and create a little cooler air. it will still be dry unless you are in the north. napa is at 44. 27 in trekkie, arcata is at 41. 50 to 51 mile away -- monterey to fresno.
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97 in palm springs. >> sunshine the mostly sunny skies, this nexus to will ride the ridge but when a online north and south that means it won't do too much, it will topple over. 60 and 70s there 80 degrees for us in antioch hill. it looks like a very nice day and still good or the weekend a little cooler with high clouds and next week much cooler, maybe some rain on tuesday. 4:18 am. a tragic chapter of 20th century world history that is often ignored in today's a horrible story of the armenian genocide is being shown on the big screen at movie theaters across the united states.
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the film is called the promise is the love story set against the backdrop of the armenian genocide of 1950. the movie is coproduced by an armenian men from the peninsula in last night a group of armenians hosted a special early screening in san mateo. >> the armenian genocide of 1915 has become one of political denial. it is one where we have a large population in the united states and our own government will recognize this genocide. >> it is the forgotten genocide and it's unfortunate that such atrocities are still occurring today. >> more than 1 million armenians were murdered by the turkish government of the ottoman empire. the turkish government has never acknowledged this genocide 102 years later.>> absolutely fascinating. the reverend jesse jackson is here in the bay area promoting a big summit in oakland. how an event today aims to help young people if the experience they need to get into the high- tech world. after five weeks on the run
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a tennessee teacher and student or found in northern california. the tip that led police to the discovery. ♪ [ music ]
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a single engine plane in room from -- in route from trekkie to petaluma, it was due to arrive monday night with family members say the plane
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never arrived here the for plane was equipped with an emergency beacon but authorities say have not been able to detect the signal. the richard bailey issued a statement saying, "we have confidence in the search and rescue team and are grateful for the support of everyone involved. we state vigilant and ask for our privacy." a 15-year-old tennessee girl allegedly kidnapped her former teacher is expected to be reunited today with her family. the two were found yesterday morning in the small northern california town of cecil will in siskiyou county. authorities say 50-year-old ted comments and a teenage girl disappeared in tennessee five weeks ago. investigators say they found them at a remote cabin after the cabin owner called the police and said a wanted man might be staying there. >> we are beyond elated. in fact, words cannot express the feelings that we have.
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>> tech cummings was arrested on charges of aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor. before the kidnapping cummings had been under investigation in tennessee after another student said he saw the mary teacher just a teenage girl at school. court papers filed say the girl was afraid of tad cummins and thought she would face repercussions at school if she resisted him a suspect is dead and two seattle police officers are recovering this morning after a shootout in downtown seattle. police responded to reports of robbery at a 711 yesterday when a woman hidden officer on the head with a bottle in a man opened fire on police. two officers were shot in another suffered minor injuries.>> there was an exchange of gunfire at the suspect fled to a nearby building and barricaded inside the building. two officers who fired were struck. >> two of the three suspects
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were arrested, one died during the gunfight dierks tesla is recalling more than 50,000 vehicles because of bad parking brakes. the recall affects any model s cars built between february and october 2016. they say the parking brakes could become stuck in place. so far accident have been linked to the recall. tesla is notifying owners in a hotel all cars fixed by october. mastercard taking security to the next level. the company unveiled a new credit card with fingerprint sensors. the card is being used on a trial basis right now in south africa but there could be a road here in the united states, there are sensors in the plastic to recognize the fingerprint of the registered user. it acts as a pin number in the master car company says the card will work on existing card readers so stores don't have to
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purchase anything. a stunning story, charged with trying to murder a baby. up next.more about the father and his alleged accomplice as police give us more details about the shocking crime. governor brown here in the bay area in his message to the president about his environmental policy. with traffic that will be busy you are driving on 80 westbound heading out to macarthur. the week started with fog and rain and will end with warmer temperatures and lots of sunshine. we will show you how warm. ♪ [ music ] ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry and there's nothing really good around. turn around... every now and then i get a little bit tired of living off the taste of the air...
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turn around, barry. i finally found the right snack."♪ "each with one hundred fifty calories or less, try our chocolaty brownies, tangy lemon bars, and creamy cheesecakes. fiber one,
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this is mornings on 2. name that tune, stevie. it is an 80s band. >> we are looking life at san francisco.>> we will get it. >> is a beautiful song and a beautiful picture. friday morning and you are with us that's all you need to know. >> trying to google it quickly. [ laughter ]. >> it is mornings on 2 it is the outfield by sam cooke>> they had a new song out a couple years ago.>> name another one of their songs. >> i can't do that right now. [ laughter ] >> 4:29 am, come on
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we have so cloudy skies but it's sunshine and warmer temperatures, no rain today. if there is any fog it won't last long. everything looks good today and the weekend has of the moving in but it will fall apart. as it deepens it fires up the ridge of high pressure over a state. 40s and 50s this morning, danville as at 42 -- is at 42. mid 40s from san ramon the livermore. some high clouds and patching low clouds. this will cool us off and it will be dry here, if you are up northcote northern california might have to deal a summary. 67 to near 80 degrees today. >> 60s, 70s, and 80s, they area micro-planning. >> i am good with that.>>


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