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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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he was clinging to a steep cliff. his life hanging in the balance until the chp swooped in for a daring rescue. tonight an exclusive interview with the man who ended up in that dangerous situation. he told us he was just following his gps is. good evening i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. that rescue took place near lands end in san francisco. take a look at this map. the man was stranded on a steep cliff known as eagle rock on
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the edge of the exclusive sea cliff neighborhood. ktvu paul chambers is there now. beach employees spoke to the man shortly after being rescued. how is he doing? >> reporter: frank, the man said he was thankful to be alive. of course he was shaken up when we talked to him. it's pretty dark out here right now, but this is the trail he was walking along before getting stranded on the cliff. this isn't the only time he had a brush with death while walking along a trail. >> reporter: sprawled on the side of the cliff hanging on for dear life. >> how long were you on the side and what was going through your mind? >> that i was going to die or be in a wheelchair. >> reporter: those words are coming from a san francisco man stuck on a cliff. he ask us not to use his name or show his face. the fire department got a call he was trapped around 3:00 in the afternoon. >> it seemed like an hour, it seemed like forever. >> reporter: the man was walking along this pathway using gps. >> i got to the end and i figured that was it.
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that was the end of the path. if i went any further i would go overt cliff. >> reporter: the next thing he knew he was trapped. for an hour and a half he was helpless as crews worked to rescue him. >> i thought the only chance i had was to dive into the ocean. i thought well that is the only thing that will save me. >> reporter: thankfully that didn't happen as first responders strapped to a harness dangling from a chp helicopter grabbed the man and took him to safety. >> once they got the harness on me, it was great. i knew i would live. >> reporter: they landed on a nearby helipad. the man recalls another brush of death ten years ago in sausalito when he was on another trail not paying attention. >> i slid straight down. >> that's twice. >> god left it with me. >> reporter: and now the man is recovering at home with minor
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injuries. he wants to say truly he is thankful to the the men and women who helped rescue him today. >> did he say how he got from the trail to halfway down the cliff? i mean that's a real steep cliff. did he slide down? >> reporter: yeah, he said he slid down looking at his gps not paying attention to where he was going and the next thing he knew he was on the cliff sliding downward and that is where he realized he had no way to get back up the cliff because he was stuck where he was. >> incredible he is still alive. paul chambers in san francisco tonight, thank you. rescue crews also saved a man at ocean beach this evening after he was spotted struggling in the the water. an off-duty life guard saw the man and could tell he was in distressed calling for help. the same fire department rescue crew rushed in to help in. it was just before 8:00 tonight when they pulled the man from the water and put on a stretcher. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out and expected to
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be all right. now to the power outage that affected nearly 90,000 pg&e homes and businesses in san francisco today. this map is from internet service provider monkey brains. it shows the outage area in red across the the downtown and the northern part of the city. tonight pg&e says power has been restored to all of those customers. some people were stranded in elevators. others got stuck in traffic, some were sent home early from work. ktvu jana katsuyama is at the larkin street district tonight where pg&e crews think that's where the the problem started, right? >> reporter: they do, frank. i just learned they think they are going to have this block closed off all night. we are on larkin street in front of the substation. you can see it's nearly 13 hours later. they are still here investigating what they think was a fire that started inside that then shortly after led to many people throughout the city losing power.
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san francisco fire crews got the call about 9:15 friday morning. fire and smoke were coming from a pg&e substation downtown on larkin near ellis street. an electrical fire difficult to put out. >> it was dry chemical, which is more of the smothering agent, putting the flames out, but it's still hot. it all reignited. >> reporter: a massive power outage spread through downtown all the way to the marina and richmond district. 83,000 customers lost power. many with no lights, no air- conditioning. some lost phone service. >> it was pitch dark. everybody freaked out a little bit. we try to do as much as we can, but we lost a lot of customers. >> reporter: many restaurants were forced to close. >> we had to close for a good amount of hours. for about nine hours or something like that. >> reporter: some businesses couldn't get all their work done. others sent people home early.
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>> we were disconnected. randomly dropped during conference calls. >> reporter: fire officials said 20 calls came in about people being stuck in elevators. 19 schools lost power as well as many homes. >> when i got home everything was blacked out. >> all the clinics, all the hospitals reported in. there were a few surgeries in session. they were able to have their backup generators. >> reporter: ask and traffic became a mess. some 300 traffic lights were wiped out causing chaos for cars with long backups as traffic officers tried to help at critical intersections. >> we have a power failure at the station. bart and muni passengers also faced challenges with the montgomery station closing. >> the bart station and the power just shut off completely. it went dark. >> reporter: pg&e officials were investigating the problem. >> when the the circuit breaker failed, it created a fire around the breaker. the insulation around the breaker burned. >> reporter: and pg&e crews say they are having some concerns
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about the infrastructure. apparently they say this larkin substation was due for an upgrade in 2018. >> jana katsuyama in san francisco tonight, thank you. the the construction company implicated in the deadly balcony collapse in berkeley back in 2015 lost its state license today. segway construction built the complex where the balcony collapse killed six young people and seriously injured seven hours. as a part of a settlement with state regulators, the company agreed to pay more than $100,000 in investigative costs. segway cannot apply for their license to be reinstated for five years. it looks like the controversy by conservative pungences could end up in court. the chancellor wanted to reschedule her talk for next thursday to may 2 and hold it at a venue where the university says they could ensure everyone's safety in case of protest. but coulter says she is not
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free that day. the attorney for the college republicans, which invited coulter says she expects to file a federal lawsuit within days. >> it is beyond ironic uc berkeley, which is known around the country as the home of the free speech movement is now the leader in suppressive conservative speech on campus. >> today the university said they are no longer working towards that may 2 date. as for legal action, a spokesperson for cal said, "the constitution permits the university to take such steps to protect public safety while facilitating expressive activity. that is exactly what we're doing." all of this comes as right wing speaker is planning on returning to berkeley. you'll recall his speech at cal was canceled back in february because of violent protests. on facebook he is planning a huge event called milo's free speech week. he says, "each day will be dedicated to a different enemy of free speech including semitism, black lives matter,
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and islam." the event will happen later this year, but he did not give a date. now to paris where we are getting new details about the man suspected of the deadly shooting of the police officer at champs elysees. greg palcott reports from paris where they are putting the upcoming election into sharper focus. >> reporter: the champs elysees in paris today after terror once again struck. the man with an ak-47 shooting at a police van killing one officer, seriously injuring two others and hurting the tourists. when he fled, they fired off rounds of shots, hitting and killing him. >> cowardness struck paris last night as it has elsewhere in europe. >> reporter: the man police say is responsible is 39-year-old karim. a french native with a record. police say he served 14 years in jail for four sentences including attacks on police. they claim he showed no signs of radicalization in jail and was not on a terror watch list.
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along with other weapons in his car and information on other police headquarters, a handwritten note defending isis. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. >> john finney and angela were in paris with their three children marking their 30th anniversary. >> well, we saw the shooter with the gun. he started shooting bullets in the air. and police were in the streets. it was a very terrifying moment. >> reporter: all of this happened with the first round of presidential elections here this sunday. security and terror already a major issue. anti-immigrant national candidate called for a crackdown on terrorist suspects and borders. >> reporter: we need a president to act and to protect because the country is full.
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>> reporter: a rival front runner took his own stand against the terrorists. the terrorists wishes to display frightening moments. >> reporter: security forces are already focused. more police added to the ranks as some 50,000 officers set to guard polling stations. >> turnout from a dissatisfied person was expected to be light on sunday. now analysts say their attack could be focused on minds. maybe get out to vote. coming up in ten minutes, a new issue about bart. what we learned about their background including a no confidence vote from his current department. the oakland raiders and children's hospital of oakland hosted a pop for teens who didn't get a chance to enjoy their school. we will take you there tonight. your weekend is here. the weather, boy, warmed up nice today with some low 80s
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out there. more 80s in that forecast as well as a few sprinkles in your five day.
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police in berkeley ordered people to shelter in place late this afternoon while they conducted a search following a report of a person with a gun. it started about 4:45 this afternoon in an area about a block away from berkeley high school on bankroft. neighbors said it helped them feel more secure. >> this is a family
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neighborhood. we don't want any of this. >> police brought in a k9 unit, but they didn't find anyone. the all clear was given just before 7:00 tonight. california senator dianne feinstein was in sunnyvale today for a forum sponsored by the silicon valley leadership group. ktvu's ann rubin tells us the topics range from caltrans service to h1 visas to how to push for change with the new trump administration. >> reporter: it was a chat with dianne feinstein minus the fire. and also minus the fireworks of the boisterous town hall format earlier in the week. today's discussion was held at juniper's network monitored by the leadership group. its focus how to advance local and regional projects on a federal level with new administration. >> i'm trying. i need everybody to do, to work outside of the box. we can't depend on all the old
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ways. we've got to find new ways of doing things. >> reporter: topics including building a second tube for bart. the housing shortage, and h1 visas allowing immigrants to work in the u.s. the last topic in which feinstein says her views are complicated. >> i care very much about the immigrant beginning and the immigrants that make this country great. but we have an obligation to our citizens. >> reporter: her comments are not quite in sync with valley leaders. many rely to staff tech companies. >> i think we're on the same page. >> we are. >> we are on a different book. >> reporter: another hot topic, a stalled caltrans project missing just the federal funds and a signature to proceed. >> never before has a full funding grant agreement been treated in this manner. >> reporter: the senator called on local leaders to start a letter writing campaign. anything to push the project
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forward. the silicon valley leadership group, which has been working on the project for 21 years says they won't stop now. >> we're going to finish this job with or without our federalpartners, but shame on them if they are not partners. >> the one question she would not answer, whether she will seek another term in office. >> what about your future? >> my future will take care of itself. >> reporter: senator feinstein is waiting for some family health issues to be revolved before making a decision on whether she will run in 2018. in sunnyvale ann rubin ktvu fox 2 news. you can call it a sign of the times. women's clothing retailer bebe is closing all their brick-and- mortar stores and will focus instead online sales. they will liquidate all merchandise and fixtures by the end of may. there are about 175 bebe stores across the country including in san francisco and emeryville. now to wall street where
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stocks slid today as financial and healthcare companies moved lower. dow lost 30 points, nasdaq finished down six, and s&p dropped seven. california's unemployment rate has dipped below 5% for the first time in more than ten years. new numbers out today show the unemployment rate hit 4.9% in march. it's the first time it's been below 9% since december of 2006. the state says more than 346,000 jobs were gained over the past year. experts say california is in the midst of one of the longest employment expansions since the 1960s with a steady increase in jobs since 2010. the ceo of california's high-speed rail authority is stepping down after five years. jeff morales says he wants to move on now that the finish has broken ground. morales plans on staying with the position until june to give the board time to find a new leader. the project was approved in 2008 and was originally expected to cost $33 billion.
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the tab has risen to $64 billion. more problems for united airlines. the company and the chicago aviation department missed a deadline to answer questions from u.s. senators about the incident with a man who was dragged off an overbooked flight. united and the chicago officials say they need more time to investigate the matter and review policies. they asked the senate to extend the deadline to next thursday. nice looking day today. a nice looking weekend coming up. but some clouds are moving into the area tomorrow. and it there are the clouds right here. it could bring more rain. it's showing some showers north of our area. but as this system gets closer t is mostly just ain't creased clouds, hazy sunshine, temperatures are a little cooler than we saw today. we saw some 80s. a lot of 70s and maybe some upper 70s and an 82, but it won't be quite as warm and not as much sunshine. temperatures right now are in the 50s. and the winds are blowing pretty much the way they are suppose to. kind of northwesterly and very
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spring like. the stable environment, they sustained at sfo and they are not super windy out there tonight. but as we head through your bay area weekend and it will be one of the nicer ones we have seen from start to end. over the last few weekends, we've had a little bit of this one. this will be muddy right on through except for a few clouds tomorrow. these are the clouds you'll see tomorrow morning. san francisco and oakland and redwood city and san mateo. afternoon kind of like that too. but still you're in san francisco in the mid-60s. by the end of the day you're with the cloud cover. out in the mission district you'll be in the low 70s. tomorrow looks like a nice day with more clouds. sunday will be warmer with more sunshine and then there's some rain in your five day. i'll see you back here with all of that. coming up here a historic site undergoing a transformation. >> it's not just cool architecture. it's fun to be a part of restoring beautiful buildings.
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>> at 10:30, earth day, the changes taking shape on land once filled with trash and toxins. kevin durant was back out on the practice court with the warriors today, but will he play tomorrow in portland? you'll hear from him and scott reiss later in sports. up next bart hires a new police chief once criticized for being too tough on officers. the incident that led to calls of a no confidence vote at his current department.
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bart says they have a new police chief on the way. carlos rojas would be the first latino to lead the police department. he's currently the police chief in santa ana. >> but who is he and what kind of experience does he bring? candice wynn tells us about his background. >> reporter: come late april or early may, bay area rapid transit police are set to have a new chief carlos rojas who on
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april 19 sent this memo to his staff at the santa ana police department announcing his, "intent to resign as the chief of police for the city of santa ana." alicia tross is a bart spokesperson. >> he'll join us in a few months. probably late may, early june with a very extensive experience when it comes to community policing and geographic zone setups when it comes to policing. >> reporter: in addition to the challenges ahead with bart, for instance recruitment and increased police visibility, rojas leaves santa ana with mixed reactions from city leaders there in what is most likely his high-profile officer case, he fired an officer who was criminally charged after this police raid of a pot shop. that officer had been accused of stealing edibles and destroying security cameras. when a city appeals board considered reinstating the officer, rojas stood by his decision. that act prompted criticism from some law enforcement and city officials that rojas was
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too tough on low-level police, but too soft on higher ups. recently the police union reportedly scheduled a no confidence vote against rojas. >> when we spoke to him about those issues, he reassured us some of the issues they were facing and a lot of it was bringing change in terms of community policing. and sometimes there is resistants when there comes to change facing some criticism. is that concerning at all? >> we did an extensive background chief. no chief is going to come with zero baggage when it comes to being a police chief in the united states. >> reporter: in an agency that's no stranger to the national spotlight with the the 2009 oscar grant shooting and with a jurisdiction more widespread than most. >> we have 46 stations, 100 miles of track. >> reporter: bart says they are ready for change. former bart police chief retired in december. there is an interim chief in police until rojas arrives. bart says they had a part of
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the hiring process. candice wynn ktvu fox 2 news. there were two police shootings in the bay area today. one in san jose involving officers responding to a report of a man with a knife. the incident happened at 12:30. witnesses reported seeing the man stabbing himself and threatening others with the knife. the man confronted an officer who would then shoot him. the man was taken to the hospital and being treated for serious injuries. the other police shooting happened in hayward at a home near 8th street. a person inside a house on rockaway lane was shot by an officer and survived. we don't know what led up to that shooting. police are not releasing any details at this time. still ahead this hour. a very special night for some sick teenagers. we will take you to a prom put on just for them so they would not miss out. there is a star player from the raiders, actually several players from the raiders who were there as well. in three months, see the
10:26 pm
home, the brewery, and the facility taking shape. >> coming up on the 11:00 news, a man shot by an intruder inside his own home. tonight he may have been paralyzed. the message from his family they have for others.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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on segment two tonight we visit mayor's island ahead of earth day tomorrow. the old shipyard has a rich history dating back to 1864 when it first became a naval yard. >> it was decommissioned in 1996 going through some big changes since then. ktvu claudine wong shows us there is an environmental clean up that continues until this day. there are also plans for development on the island. and hopefully a new and prosperous future. >> reporter: driving around mayor island in vallejo and you experience flashes of a historic past and complicated future. >> we're doing the 650 acres. the city has 150 acres. and the rest is navy property, open space. >> reporter: ed moser is the spokesperson for the primary developer. >> 20 years ago you got signed on to the project. take us through the map and show us what's happening in your 600 plus acres. >> sure. so they fall into really four
10:30 pm
big buckets. it's environmental clean up, infrastructure, commercial development and residential development. environmental clean up is taking place all throughout the island. we have about 60% of our acreage cleaned up and cleared to go and with additional buildings cleared for commercial use. >> reporter: new home development and millennial focus commercial businesses sit just a couple miles away from a desolate landscape of condemned buildings. >> so we are making progress every day. we have 100 businesses out here. we have about 2,400 full- timejobs. 3.7 million square feet of used space. still working on the environmental clean up and infrastructure. >> do we have an eta? >> we are a few years from a full buildout. >> reporter: the fastest area of growth on the island is the water front. home to a new fairy station opened in march and a new distillery that opens this fall. >> i was at the distillery where we will be opening up in
10:31 pm
october 2017. but we were looking to build a winery. i came down here and i just fell in love with the place. i'm a student of history. it's not just that it's cool architecture, but it's fun to be a apartment of restoring these beautiful old buildings and the history. in california this is pretty old history. i think this building 45 was built in the 1860s. >> reporter: he and his partners own six properties -- six buildings on the property. >> this one was the easiest to get an idea of what it could be. it's gorgeous. >> it's a ton of work. when did you start this work? >> leonard did the official abatement. so there was mezzanines in here. it was a lot of storage. so they got it almost to where you can see it now and then we continued the sandblasting. a part of that is environmental and just cleaning it up. actually there's so much cool
10:32 pm
salvageable stuff. 10-foot fire doors are really cool, steel clad. but essentially these windows will be blown out here so the entrance will be there. you come in and all of these, the the rest of these openings will be glass, big glass doors. there will be a bar here, a bar over there and sort of a lounge area there. >> reporter: at the neighboring coal shed area water front brewery and fairy building fixtures, mayor island brewing plans to expand. >> tell me why you wanted to be in the water front today. >> it's water front. this is back it in the turn of the century in the 1900s. they stole the coal here for the steamships from the navy. eventually of course that turned into diesel ships and everything, nuclear submarines. these are the coolest old buildings on the island. >> reporter: this is kind of the dream? >> absolutely. we are trying to, there's a real heritage of patriotic industrial grit in this town. we are trying to repackage that
10:33 pm
a little bit. we may not be crafting that anymore, but you're right bit history here as we found this, one of the historic homes on the island. and my wife just flipped. she thought it was so great and the heritage of this place is phenomenal and it is unique. other than the san francisco area you don't find things like this. >> it's a bunch of potential. >> yes, a whole renaissance is is going on here right now and we've got cabinet makers, we've got distilleries, breweries, all these things, just a grand new craft. making them functional is extremely difficult. so you will be always balancing, keeping the history with making the building historic, which is not easy. some of the historic frontier in the bay area, which is super cool. >> and sometimes you are the smartest person in the the room or you are crazy, right? >> they have the arrows in their back with a few pinpricks back there. we will show you where we are
10:34 pm
standing. >> reporter: developers are hoping mayor island will be on the brink of an economic and cultural renaissance. >> the businesses we've been talking to are envisioning, hoping for an area where a ferry could come in and bring for you from the city to come in enjoy the businesses that are there or walk along the water front and head back to the city for a day. >> you can catch this special earth day edition of bay area people this weekend. that is is just fascinating. join claudine wong tomorrow morning at 6:30 on ktvu news or sunday at 9:00 in the morning on ktvu plus. tomorrow is earth day. event organizers called the birth of the environmental movement. this year they fall during national park week. getting in to all the national parks will be free for both tomorrow and sunday. national park officials are inviting americans to join in on the volunteer project or simply enjoy the natural wonders and wildlife preserved in our national parks. ktvu will show you more details on the national park freebies
10:35 pm
as well as earth day events along the bay. a teacher arrested at school. still ahead tonight the charges facing a south bay man after a search of his home. >> the weekend is all planned out. i'll let you know when to expect the warmest day time high and then that range to come back in the end of the forecast. up next just an incredible picture. look at this a car being dragged by a truck. reportedly for miles, which is a frightening incident all captured on video involving a solano trucking company. there's a guy inside that car right now being dragged.
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this video is is just remarkable. some terrifying moments all caught on camera showing a semi dragging a car and its driver for miles down the san bernardino county highway. the car's driver, you can see him there waving his hands shouting for help. other cars honked to try to get the truck driver's attention, but he didn't notice until an actual car got in front of the truck and forced it to stop. the driver of the semi later said he would have no idea he was dragging a car. officers say he showed no signs
10:39 pm
of impairment. the incident happened wednesday at the el cajon pass area. no one was injured. we also learned the semi was owned by lowry trucking based in solano county. highway patrol is asking for the public's help in identifying the woman who was hit and killed by running across interstate 880 last night. it happened on the northbound side of the freeway in union city. she was hit by at least two vehicles just after 8:30. investigators don't know why she was on the freeway or who she was. anyone with information is asked to contact california highway patrol. the man accused of shooting four people in fresno appeared in court today interrupting the proceedings with rambling outbursts. >> that is telling america about all of it. >> we are in session. >> reporter: cameras were not allowed to show 39-year-old kori ali muhammad who is accused of shooting and killing three white men in a racially motivated attack tuesday.
10:40 pm
he's also charged with killing a motel security guard last week. a fresno county superior court judge assigned a doctor to exam muhammad. he's back in court on may 12. coming up here red carpet night for some hospital patients. how raider players escorted teens to a very special prom. bill martin's weekend forecast. see how long the warm weather will last.
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10:42 pm
10:43 pm
a san jose high school teacher has been arrested on suspicion of child pornography. san jose police served a search warrant yesterday at the home of 41-year-old john hayden. officials found images of child porn there. he was taken into custody at pioneer high school where he teaches. authorities say there's currently no evidence that hayden was involved in any inappropriate misconduct at school. new at 10:00, prom night for teenagers with life changing medical conditions. the oakland raiders partnered with children's hospital of oakland to host the event tonight. ktvu amber lee is in alameda where she found out how important this night is for teenagers. maybe we could go to her piece. it's a wonderful story about
10:44 pm
how the oakland raiders helped escort these teenagers with these life changing conditions into the hospital. into the prom. amber? >> reporter: frank, we're outside the oakland raiders headquarters where the event was held. this is a night for the teens to experience prom. something they haven't been able to enjoy until now. >> i'm just excited, really excited. >> reporter: for the girls you feel like a princess. you can go in a beautiful gown with your nails done, hair done. basically you get pampered. >> reporter: brianna suffers from a genetic bloodies order that causes her physical pain. she fell behind in school with constant visits to the hospital. >> the pressure of having to maintain good grades and, you know, get your work in on time especially if you're not it there to turn your homework in. >> reporter: but on this night the the oakland native and raider fan says prom with her
10:45 pm
favorite team helps her cope. >> i get to understand what going to prom feels like. getting ready. >> reporter: this night it's about accomplishing the goal of being mobile. with and without her wheelchair. she has cerebral palsy undergoing 16 surgeries so far. eventually she hopes to walk. >> having this prom experience definitely helps the feeling of oh i missed out. >> reporter: raider players escorted the teen as they walked the red carpet into the event at raiders headquarters in alameda. khalil mack didn't go to prom himself because it was too expensive. >> and to be in this place it is one of the most breathtaking things. to be able to have fun with too. >> reporter: she had spinal
10:46 pm
surgery just six months ago, walking in the hallways on this big night. >> i just need a break. i still have fun. >> reporter: during prom, she getz up out of her wheelchair to dance. something she couldn't do before. a moment she has been waiting for. >> these are abilities that come rarely. >> reporter: the teens tell me this night is one they have looked forward to for a long time. now it'll be a memory they will cherish. a night they could embrace the joy of being a teenager. frank, julie? >> oh my gosh i've got chills just watching her stand up out of her wheelchair. what was it like being inside there, amber? >> reporter: it is real exciting with so many smiles. the raiders were just so excite today be with the kids. there were nine of them. they danced with the teens. so it was a really, really amazing night for the teens. in fact they told me as they were walking out. >> a night they'll never forget. amber lee outside raiders headquarters, thank you.
10:47 pm
we had nice warm temperatures today and tomorrow and a lot of upper 70s tomorrow with a few more clouds as we talked about. these are the highs from today. so maybe, i don't know, maybe add a degree or subtract a degree. tomorrow will be a nice day pretty warm, but not as sunny. less sunshine with that system that is the culprit. we do have some showers north of the bay, but no -- north of the area, but no temperatures for us. overnight lows in the 40s and the lower 50s. tomorrow is going to duplicate today and with more clouds. then we get into sunday with less clouds, a little bit warmer. 6 miles an hour winds out of the south in santa rosa. we've got calm winds in novato. winds are pretty light with a good indication it will be a warm day tomorrow. sfo at 18, a beautiful night. look at that bay bridge. never seizes to amaze me. >> it is never not busy. >> remember when it used to not be busy? >> all the time. >> look at how pretty is. >> yes, it is beautiful.
10:48 pm
great to see all the buildings and the skyline changing in san francisco on this friday night. overnight lows in the 40s. upper 40s, low 50s. oral it is a nice day. san jose let's take a look at their forecast with plenty of sunshine in the morning. a few clouds will seep in. lunchtime san jose 73. daytime high in san jose and morgan hill 82 degrees. that's saturday. sunday less cloud cover. we will show you here in the models for tomorrow morning's clouds. and then here is tomorrow afternoon. just kind of hazy sunshine. then here we go into sunday morning. you see a few clouds. so there is your weekend. not bad. here comes something for monday and something is going to happen here. this is going to cool things off on monday and tuesday. and then into wednesday, i suspect there is a chance for some showers or sprinkles as far south as san francisco as we head into monday night and tuesday. so we will see how that goes. tonight is friday and you want
10:49 pm
to worry about the weekend. hot temp, go to the coast with no coastal fog and winds should be relatively light. so good right now. arrow beach, you know, anywhere along the coast will be a good place to go before the fog sets up. it will be a warm day everywhere. enjoy your day or your weekend and just prepare for a little cooler weather for you towards the middle of next week with a few sprinkles. but really this will be one of the nicest weekends we've seen from start to finnish a while. >> just have to throw in a few more sprinkles. >> can you believe it? yes. somewhere on wednesday again. >> all right, bill, thank you. the basketball courts are getting a major facelift thanks to the warriors and kevin durant. construction began this week at the lincoln rec center in oakland's chinatown district. the warriors foundation and kevin durant donated $95,000 to renovate the basketball courts inside and outside. it's the most heavily used rec
10:50 pm
center in the city with about 30,000 visitors a month. >> you go there at 10:00 at night s 1:00 at night, 12:00 at night and the basketball courts are being used by the kids in the neighborhood. it's one of those gems in our city that's really a safe place for our kids and our youth. unfortunately like anything it's old. >> crews are standing -- are sanding down the floors painting the wall, resurfacing the basketball courts. the work is scheduled to be complete next month. this weekend marx the second annual silicon valley comic con with thousands of comic book collectors and tech lovers, they all come together. this year the convention is exploring, "the future of mankind. where will we be in 2075? they will be displaying their art along with pam greer and buzz aldrin. many are expect today see how the art, science, and technology will be working together. >> you also have this kind of
10:51 pm
great intersection between fun and meaningful. so we have nasa and we have a lot of science and technology. so bringing those two things together is great. >> an opening ceremony is happening tomorrow with founder steve wazniak. coming up, crews are still at it trying to pinpoint the source of the massive power outage in san francisco. we will have a live report as pg&e investigates. but first though in sports. a's plan a little long ball at the coliseum. is it enough for them to get their fourth straight win? we'll have that and all of sports coming up next.
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10:54 pm
scott is in for mark tonight. the giants have been having a tough time out in the field. now more bad news for giants fans. >> yeah, you couldn't have possibly seen this one coming. it's like an april fool's joke that extends throughout the entire month and really isn't funny. the early season has been a disaster for the giants both on and off the field and now way off the field like on a dirt road in colorado. madison bumgarner sprained his pitching shoulder riding a dirt bike yesterday. he is on the 10-day disabled list with no official timetable for his return. i saw one estimate of six to
10:55 pm
eight weeks, which is really just brutal for a struggling team. speaking of which, giants and rockies, bruce bouche first time back from that minor heart procedure. top two, eduardo nunes in the opposite field just staying in the yard. double the score for buster posey. giants get three in the second with jonny on the hill. you are cruising, right? cuido never giving up the major league grand slam and now he has. trevor story adds to the giant's sad story. it is 4-3 rockies. three batters later charlie blackmon. here comes hunter pence and i don't know what happened. lost it in the lights maybe. by the time pence goes after it, denard span comes all the way from center. and that is an inside park two- run home run. that kind of night and that kind of season. giants are feeling like this kid here with formula all over the face. they are now 6-11.
10:56 pm
the a's are quietly enjoying some early season success. tonight a chance to win their fourth in a row and climb over .500 in the process. hosting the mariners. look at that paying tribute to the team across the parking lot there. that's kind of cool. the jerseys. this is cool too trevor puth going up top. fourth home run of the season. straight away center it's 1-1. 6th inning, alonzo showing uncharacteristic power. three home runs for yonder and the a's with a two-run lead. turn it over to the bullpen in the 9th. santiago castillo is facing danny valencia who hit it well, but not quite well enough. the a's win it 3-1 that's four straight victories. warriors have proven they can win without kevin durant. of course they would rather win
10:57 pm
with him. durant as you know strained his calf. of course he missed five weeks near the end of the regular season with a left knee injury. now k.d. practiced today in hopes of playing tomorrow, but no guarantees. warriors will certainly be cautious with their big gun. >> i want to play. i want to be out there every step of the way with the team. but i understand how this is important. i want to be feeling great, you know, hopefully for a long run this post season. >> it is game seven in the finals, keep pushing. because we are not talking about anything that could damage his career. but while we're talking about it, it's something that could potentially get worse and knock him out for a few weeks, then it's not worth it. >> even without the dubs on the big stage tonight, a highly entertaining evening of playoff hoops starting with the rockets, thunder game three. there's your match up with
10:58 pm
harden and westbrook, final minute of regulation. okc by three. harden the bearded one going to work. three out of his 44 points. it is 111-111. other end, westbrook had a triple double. here for the lead, not so much. but steven adams with a tip-in. 113-111 thunder final seconds. two for the tie, three for the win. let's try to win it right here. harden steps back, missed the shot. okc 115-113 rockets still lead the series two games to one. how about the clippers and the jazz? third quarter chris paul. throws it up, gets hacked and somehow gets it to go. that will be a four-point play. clips within two. maybe the play of the night. the drive and the poster. he had 40. gordon hayward is not suppose to do things like that. but they go on a 15-0 run
10:59 pm
fueled by whoever chris paul. he had 34. despite that injury, clippers will win it on the road and lead the series two games to one. celtics and bulls, raja rondo out with a broken thumb. isaiah thomas, working on robin lopez, working robin lopez with 16 points, nine assists. celtics go on to win it and they still lead the series two games to one. that'll do it for sports at 10:00. more at 11:00. but now frank and julie, take it away. >> thank you. pg&e crews try to pinpoint how a fire started in a substation causing a power outage that left 88,000 san francisco homes and businesses without electricity. the power is back on in san francisco tonight after an outage toddies respecting countless lives. hello again everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the outage started just after 9:00 this morning and power
11:00 pm
wasn't restored until 5:00 this evening. the outage left people stranded in elevators, forcing businesses to close early. the outage affected the area in red on this map including the northern part of the city as well as the financial district. >> ktvu's jana katsuyama is live now from the larkin substation in the tenderloin where pg&e crews think that project started. jana? >> reporter: frank and julie. i just got off the phone with the spokeswoman. here is the update as there is one thing to notice. there are people without power who said 136 people lost power at 6:30 on washington street. but they think that is unrelated working goat them power back by midnight. back here you can see behind me. they have the street closed off. they're going on 13 plus hours since the problem happened with a fire inside this larkin club station. they say they might have to have this closed all night as they continue to investigate. >> reporter: san francisco fire crews got the call at 9:15 on friday morning.


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