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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  April 25, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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like it our not we have a new skyline. >> all those pictures of the skyline just needs to be updated. >> it just really stands out. >> yes it does and so does the weather that's because it's gray and gloomy. cloud cover just continues to drop down from the northwest although it is lifting a little more northward so far compared to yesterday. you can see in the cloud cover said i think i'll pay a visit. a little more sun to the south and more clouds to the north. if we can get a little more sunshine you can see the system's just modifying across the pacific. 40s on the temps. fremont's 48 degrees on the peninsula 45 for wood sides. 47 san carlos. las altos and pacifica at 49. that's not going anywhere. in fact it will be a mostly
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cloudy breezy day and we'll get some sunshine in here but probably not until thursday. 50s, 60s to near 70 degrees. 4:31. things are quiet sal. >> yeah, quiet so far. it looks pretty good on interstate 80. not a bad commute here for the solano county commute and as you drive over the carcinas bridge and down the east shore freeway it's only taking 18 minutes. that's about as good as it gets with no major problems and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza you can see the traffic is light here. at 4:31. let's go back to the desk. >> well the county medical examiner who ruled the death was a homicide testified yesterday
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in a trial. three clashg correctional deputies are -- santa clara correctional deputies are before he bled to death in his cell. now the guards have pled not guilty. if they're convicted they could get life in prison. the tennessee teacher who was arrested on charges of kidnapping a 15-year-old student and bringing her to california has made his first court appearance in the case. tad cummins has requested to go back to his home state in tennessee. he reportedly planned to take her to mexico. he was arrested last week in siskiyou county.
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as convicted cummins would serve a mandatory of life in prison. the albany unified school district holds a meeting tonight. they're going to address a series of instant. accused of posting racist messages and photos on social media. students are also accused of exchanging nazi. he's designing to take another job within the school district. marin county police officers will now carry a life saving drug. officers in san rafael. now the program is in porch with the marin county. the nation's leading cause of accidental death. the state department of water resources has released two
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parts on the oroville dam. now the reports say cracks in the main spillway may have led to the main spillway's failure in february. the release of the department faced criticism from lawmakers for not telling the public enough about the risks of the dam. time is 4:34. state lawmakers rejected a pilot program that would have used auto mated cameras to catch drivers who were speeding. the proposal by san francisco man david choo called for a program. the cameras with automatically take photos of cars going more than 10 miles an hour over the speed limit. this was opposed by privacy groups worried about masseur vans of cars and trucks. well a dna test was confirmed a mountain lion was in a house where a small dog was
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taken last week. the homeowner victoria folts told us she was asleep. she says she woke up. she saw an animal grab the little dog and ran away. she said she left the back door open to let some air come in and also allowed that mountain lion to come inside. five burglars came into an apple store. it happened just after 8:00 last night at the village mall just before the store was about to close. police say there was still a few customers inside but no one was hurt. police say the burglars were in their late teens or early 20s. when $40,000 of items were stolen. today san francisco supervisors will propose buying a well-known restaurant in china town to make room for affordable housing. the city wants to buy the area
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for 5 mltdz. right now it houszs the new asia restaurant dim sum. that site could be developed into 60 units of affordable housing. any new housing on the site would have to go through a planning approval process. >> several businesses are planning to shut their doors next monday. organizers expect to be one of the biggest strikes in years. ktvu's azenith smith shows us what to expect. >> so we're actually very proud and happy to be participating this year and it shows support within our community. >> this store is among several businesses in san jose. a customer and supports the
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business's closure. >> that's good that they're helping the community. because all this we like to work. >> this is video of last year's protest. historically the day honors the contribution of international workers. organizers are anticipating a different kind of may day. >> whether you're fighting for rights they're all the same rights and we're fighting against the same administration that's taking away all of our rights. >> this year's three mile march ending near the sap center. organizers expect it to be the biggest march since 2006 when an estimated 100,000 people took to the streets. he says the march is for immigration reform against a border wall and muslim ban. >> we will rise up that we are resisting and that we're using
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this collective energy for something good. >> she says the protest is also about workers losing jobs. she had this to say. >> the one day of inconvenience that people feel they can use that as solidarity for all the inconveniences that thousands and hundreds of thousands of people feel throughout the country every single day. >> azenith smith ktvu fox 2 news. there will also be a march in san francisco. right there on the step officer city hall. it will start at justin herman plaza at 11:00 a.m. it will be followed by a march to the civic center. some bay area tech firms are offering employees a very unusual perk. they're giving workers paid time off to protest. fana is a san francisco start up that recently allowed employees to take unlimited paid leaf to
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take part in rallies and other political activities. several other locals say they plan to do the same. these new policies are coming as many high-tech companies are taking a stand against president trump. former president obama stepped back on to the public stage yesterday with a message for young people. mr. obama talked to students and community organizers at the university of chicago. school is where he used to teach constitutional law. the former president challenged young people to become the next generation of leaders. >> are there ways in which we can knock down some of the barriers that are discouraging young people about a life of service and if there are, i want to work with them to knock down those barriers. >> during the event mr. obama did not make any comments about president trump or the trump administration.
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our time is 4:39. san francisco may be getting some new schools. coming up at 5:00 what will set these new schools apart if they're approved. >> also a controversial bill that could change how sex offenders are registered in california. up next the new system based on just how dangerous the offenders seem. >> and we have a problem in san francisco that could effect your bay bridge commute. check this out. highway 101 at westbound 80 at 101 there's a crash getting off the bay bridge. suddenly it's very slow. we'll tell you what's happening here and how soon it's likely to clear. >> well it's looking like monday was the coolest day of the week. i would hope so. we'll continue the theme of clouds with the dodgers and giants tonight.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 4:42. a controversial system in san francisco. >> state senator is proposing that sex offenders be registered based on the seriousness of their crimes and to others. >> california has over 100,000 people of registered sex offenders. senator scott weaner of san francisco hopes to reform. tier three would be for violent sex predators who will remain on the list for the rest of their lives. tier two serious or violent sex offenders must register for 20 years. >> if someone particularly the lower level offenders.
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if they've lived a clean life for 10, 20, even 30 years there's no point in keeping them on the industry. >> under the plan tier 1 and 2 offenders could petition to have their names removed from the online database after at least a decade but it's a sensitive subject for mika mollton. >> her son christopher meyer was convicted and killed by a convicted sex offender. hopes california does not make it easier to remove certain offenders from the list. >> i know there are people on this system that probably shouldn't be but let's take it down a notch and slow down. >> support from victim rights groups and law enforcement like the las angeles district deputy attorney. they want a more effective system. >> when you have a child who's been kidnapped and you are trying to solve that crime
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quickly you should be able to turn to the sex offender industry for suspects. >> no one would automatically be removed from the list. the legislation would take effect january 1st. time is 4:45. the city of san jose is trying to figure out why emergency callers could not get through to a backup 911 system. there was a planned utility upgrade to the emergency dispatch center building. the backup system should have taken over the people calling in ran into long delays. dispatchers were forced to switch to a secondary backup. san jose police had to tweet a different phone number in order for calls to get through. >> we take this seriously. this is an opportunity for us to go in there and look at those black boxes and those wires and make sure that the system is doing what it's supposed to be doing so that we can take steps as appropriate to reduce the risk of this occurring in the
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future. >> so far authorities say they don't know of any serious consequences that have happened as a result of that malfunction but they're trying to prevent it from happening again. right now it's 4:46. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. sal. yeah, we have a problem in san francisco dave and pam. >> yeah. >> it's a crash west 80 at the 101 interchange and it's already beginning to slow traffic approaching the bay bridge or getting off the bay bridge. in san francisco you can see here that traffic is backed up all the way up to where the accident is right there. it's west 80 at 101 and the crash is going to be effecting traffic. you can see how slow it is coming through the area. so please give yourself extra time if you're getting off the bay bridge. it might start effecting the actual bay bridge traffic. the highway 101 and you will see that traffic is going to be a
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slow drive. let's go to the tracy commute where traffic here is moving along nicely with no major problems. traffic continues to look good as you move through. >> this is a look at 280 in san jose. it's going to be a little bit slow as well or it's going to be moderately haefy. and this is a nice picture of san francisco that kind of put it in my lineup there by accident steve. westbound bay bridge, the traffic here is looking okay as you come up to the pay gates. but again, i want to mention that crash in san francisco westbound 80 at 101 you will see that that is still blocking the lanes and you can see traffic is going to be slow as you get up to it. give yourself extra time. it is 4:47. let's go to steve. >> thank you sal. good morning everybody. we have a few breaks in the clouds.
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the breeze maybe doesn't help your allergies because let's face it there's a lot out there with all this rain. grasses are making their modify but it's mainly the trees in the medium high category. you must blame somebody. >> i must. mostly cloudy. cool morning. a little cooler here with some breaks in the clouds. one more system tomorrow. two good friends of mine. they've been gone for awhile. it will be breezy to windy at times. thursday and friday looks a little calmer as we go into the weekend. still just zipping down from the northwest. cloud cover even though it's lifting a little bit. farther north more cloud cover. farther south a little more sunshine. i think we have more than we did yesterday. the majority of this is taking more towards northern california and again towards the pacific northwest. 40s on the temps for some. fremont a cool 47. low 50s for most.
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upper 40s. santa clara's in there. low 50s. gilroy's at 49. 45 a little cool there. 407 up in fellton and boulder creek 48 degrees. this does look like a breezy to windy week and we will get mainly out of the north northwest. it will pick up again. 30 up in truckee. 48 to ukiah to 53. our wind advisories also for southern california that goes until 9:00 tonight. we get the -- some sun breaks and you can see the majority of the cloud cover coming it hasn't built far enough to defect this to the north. 50s, 60s coast and bay. upper 60s did go to near 70 degrees and of course banking on a few more sun breaks in there. but the trend is to start to warm up here wednesday and thursday and then we get the wind but at least we get the sunshine and warmer temps to take us into the weekend.
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time is 4:49. last night the giants beat the dodgers 2-1 ending their four game losing streak. because the fans wanted it the giants brought up top hitting prospect christian aroyo. he didn't make any hits. but the defensive play of the game came in the 9th. the giants had a one run lead. buster posey picks off the dodgers justin turner. before the game madison bum garner talked about last thursday's motorcycle accident. >> definitely not the most responsible decision i made and, you know, it sucks not being able to be out here with my guys and try to help us win some games. >> now that guy looks familiar. giants saw a familiar face last
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night. sergio roma returned this time but this time as a dodgers. he also receiveded an ovation. when he pitched in the 8th the fans chanted tongue and cheek beat roma. 4:51 is the time right now. they have fought and sacrificed for environmental justice. the men and women who received this environmental award.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. duhear about elton john. a pooeshly deadly in-- potentially deadly infection has forced him to cancel his shows in las vegas. elton john contracted a rare bacterial infection and became violently ill on the flight home from chile. he is expect today make a full recovery. besides the las vegas concerts elton john also called off a concert scheduled next month in bakersfield. time is 4:54. last night in san francisco six environmental lists were awarded this year's goldman prize. the goldman prize is
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prestigious. from each continent. this year's winners include an organic farmer who fought against a cement plant that was polluting farmland and a park ranger from africa who put his life on the line to save endangered gorillas and natural resources. now the northwestern winner mark lopez of los angeles fought against an excised battery recycling plant in east l.a. it was putting lead dust into the neighborhood. >> a lot of folks around the world who stand up and fight back face violence, right. and that's in the u.s. as well. now at last night's ceremony there was a sad note as two former prize winners were remembered. a woman from hunduras and a man from mexico. cal state say they are serving more students who are going hungry and some that are
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homeless. the university has a program called h.o.p.e.. the school opened a food pantry six months ago and today at least 106 students get meals for that pantry. using the student's id cards. >> there were time when is i wouldn't eat for like a day or two and i wouldn't even think of it because i was focusing on where i was going to stay. >> the excitement of the student knowing the university cares this much. >> louie ramos and other financially strapped students can get a supply of food each week. the program is funded by donations. all right. our time is 4:56. coming up president trump is making moves to a birthday government shut down. >> and it's on to the next one
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for the golden state warriors. what the team is now saying about their sweep of the portland trail blazers. >> good morning. we can see that traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on 80. but they have just cleared the accident and poof all that slow traffic we had here in san francisco has disappeared. >> well it hasn't disappeared are the allergy levels. they continue to be high. it was all about trees. you forgot about me did you. up to the medium category. medium high.
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good morning. an argument. >> a mob of teenagers take over a bart car. >> there's that beautiful shot of the city. look at that. a nice pan. the whole skyline and there's the pretty part of the bay bridge as well. >> how'd you get them to do
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that. >> very cool. a lot of cars there on the bridge. it's moving but it's crowded at 5:00 here. >> yeah. >> thank you for joining us tuesday april 25th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. let's talk about your tuesday morning rather. steve paulson will you see any sunshine today? >> yes, a little bit. i'm amazed at the traffic compared to 15, 20 years ago. there was nobody on the road. when i first started this job there was nobody except me. it's going to be very similar in the forecast for the donlers, giants tonight. whatever conditions last night carrying over maybe a little more north. draw your attention to livermore. yesterday the high was 63 degrees. 13 below average i mean i've had this discussion. i mean it will be a little warmer. can't you see bumping up a co


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