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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 25, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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i think a lot of people say they're the best team. they're amazing. i like when they get it done quickly and we can go to bed. >> yeah, so please wrap it up. >> we've got to get up early to join you here. it's tuesday april 25th i'm pam cook. >> and good morning i'm dave clark. steve paulson can find a beautiful sky for you this morning. >> well i have a little help. there it is. >> come on. so we get at least some of the low clouds are gone but we'll still have a lot of high and mid level clouds. there will be a few more sun breaks under mostly cloudy skies. i just posted on facebook sunrise photo alert. here they come. san francisco 62, 52. average 64, 50 so you're right there. 809. 44. way back there and 1892. baseball forecast will keep pretty much what we had last
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night. 50s on the temps. there will be a little breeze as well. cloud cover's still spilling over the ridge of high pressure which is offshore. >> but that hasn't happened yet and it won't happen for another day or two. the 40s on the temps. low 50s for many. in fact some upper 40s. camel's in there. cuppertino. so cal's at 48. and bolder creek also at 48. there's your northwesterly breeze. a lot of cloud cover more to the north. a few more sun breaks to the south after tomorrow then we can build in high pressure. it will be a little more breezy. 50s, 60s, so near 70s for a few. 6:01 and the traffic is doing what? >> it's actually pretty good except for a problem at the bay bridge and that also worries me because the bay bridge commute has a big effect on other commutes. they got rid of a crash on the
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upper deck but the traffic is going to be busy as you drive on the bridge. let's go back to the toll plaza now. i want to show you it is backed up. but whatever is up there they really did a good job of getting it out of the way. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland as you drive in both directions past the coliseum. it's not bad right in front of oracle arena. san mateo bridge doesn't look bad if you want to use that. 101 is not a bad commute so far northbound 101 from san mateo up to the airport. and if you're driving on 101 south let's say to redwood city or palo alto that's off to a good start. let's go back to the desk. bart is increasing police patrol after a mob of teenagers over the weekend. >> they terrorized and robbed
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passengers. ktvu's christien kafton is at the bart station now telling us about this fast robbery. >> good morning dave good morning pam. they are definitely on guard as they prepare to board bart this morning. those robbers hopping the turnstiles this year then storming up the escalators and on to the train platform. all this unfolding saturday night at around 9:30 p.m. witnesses telling police the teens rushed the bart train demanding purses, wallets, and cellphones. with the group getting on and off that train before the doors could close. two passengers were punched in the face and were treated for head injuries. in all at least seven passengers were robbed. now commuters this morning are telling us they're on high alert.
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i'm not oven my phone. but in a situation like this it's good to see some people getting on the train when you see people on there. >> police say no reports that the attackers used guns or other weapons. and is working with oakland police. oakland unified schools and housing authorities to find those teens. bart says there were police officers here at the station at the time of that robbery. they say those officers were in the parking lot area. by the time the officers made their way from the parking area to the platform those teens were already gone. >> unbelievable that they made it in and out while the doors were still open. well we do continue our coverage on the controversy of ann coulter speaking at u.c. berkley. >> the officials are braces for possible protest if ann coulter
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does appear at cal as scheduled. there were violent and destructive demo traegss when milo yiannopoulos tried to speak at u.c. berkley's campus. the school just couldn't guarantee security for her event. it later moveded her speech to thursday saying it it was for safety reasons not censorship. the students we talked to say she deserves her chance to speak. >> because of what happened with milo i feel it would be dangerous but because of the free speech movement home and the atmosphere we like to promote it wouldn't be fair to bar her from coming. >> the more we restrict people from speaking on this campus the more detrimental it will be in the long run. >> cal is being sued by the berkley college republicans group saying their rights were violated when they moved the date of ann coulter's speech.
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coulter says she's more committed than ever to speak on campus thursday. >> i'm still planning on giving my speech. now i want have to abide by those restrictions i can give it a normal time when students are available and i don't know i suppose i guess it could be vibed by mega phone but i'm planning on giving my speech. >> well we saw what happened when milo yiannopoulos came to cal. there was mass violence and they were concerned about safety. chances are when you come up on thursday it's going to turn into a circus. there will be protesters there could be violence. your thoughts on that. >> i'm not even milo. i'm a twelve tiechlt new york times best selling author. the berkley police are well on notice so i assume they'll take
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appropriate action. >> now you can see more of hank summerville's voouf with ann coulter by going to the ktvu youtube page. >> he also says ann coulter to be challengeded. the senator from vermont says quote, what are you afraid of? her ideas. ask her the hard questions confront her intellectually. at a maintenance facility it happened yesterday about 7:00 a.m. in humbolt county just south of eureka. authorities said there was an argument between a member of the caltrans painting crew and a supervisor. he pulled out a gun. and then shot himself. governor brown said flags will fly at half staff in memory of
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brooks. in a state governor brown said the tragic death. ann and i send our deepest sympathies during this difficult time. time is now 6:08. san francisco police want to know who left a pipe bomb and a grenade in the patrero hill neighborhood. someone reported a suspicious device near wisconsin and 22nd street. the department's bomb squad detonated one of the explosives and the scene was cleared by about 7:00 p.m.. dr. priscilla chan wife of facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is in talks with city officials to open a charter or public school in san francisco. the talks between chan and the city have been ongoing for nearly a year. the school would be modeled after a private school that chan and zuckerberg opened last year in east palo alto.
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it would focus on the health and education of parents and at-risk children from before birth through 8th grade. time is now 6:08. in case you didn't hear the warriors beat the trail blazers 128-103. >> nice pass durant. >> they made it look easy. the game was over in the 1st quarter really. the warriors quickly led 14-0. they had 35 points in the 1st quarter. after the game interrum head coach mike brown and steph curry talked about how explosive they were in the first. >> it was unbelievable. our guys were locked in on both ends of the floor and i wish i can say this one thing or that one thing was really good but
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everything we tried to do we tried to do it at a high level and a lot of guys come engine with a focus. >> in the sense of urgency obviously opportunity to close a series out and there's a nice energy before the game. kind of loose but focused and it showeded in that first 6 minutes that hopefully we can establish ourselves and our defensive intensity and focus was the reason we got it done tonight. and that first we didn't let them score for awhile and we turned our defense into offense and it was a fun way to play. i mean, you know close out the series. >> like they were playing me. steph curry hit 37 points and
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then sat out the whole final quarter. he had seven threes too. the warriors can now rest a bit before they play the winner of the utah jazz and l.a. clippers series. >> they kind of did it for everybody. let's just get this done. 6:11 is the time. the president can still visit his florida resort but there are ethics concerns surrounding the mar a lago estates how the state department is responding. >> also google's self-driving cars are closer to being real. see what's happening toed and what it means for passengers. >> yesterday, at my resort it was a cloudy, gray, gloomy day. but there will be a few more sun breaks today and a nice sunrise over the big city.
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have assembled. so, what's the plan?
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the state department is now removing a promotional post on their website. it noted that the president has hosted foreign leaders there. well that had critics calling it an ethics violation arguing mar a lago is also part of the president's business empire. the state department took down the posting and apologized for any miss perception.
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president trump appears to be backing away from a demand to begin funding a border wall and that might mean washington will avoid a government shut down later this week. and doug luzader has more from washington. >> is the border wall idea dead? maybe not in the long run. but president trump was set to tell a group of conserve stifs that he's willing to push back his plan for wall funding. absent that democrats had warned that a government shut down was looming because they wouldn't sign off on a wall. >> democrats have been long clear that the border wall is an unstarter. >> so what will president trump get out of a potential deal. perhaps more resources. something to show his base that he is following through on a campaign pledge. >> the wall is a big mettor and i think if donald trump can get something in that government funding bill on that border
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security he can claim victory and the democrats can say they didn't vote to fund the wall. >> a short term budget deal may be one more reason for the markets to celebrate and the dow was already up over 200 points yesterday. add to that the possibility for major tax reform with the administration announcing as early as tomorrow that corporate tax rates could drop from 35% to maybe 15%. >> we were thinking the best case scenario 20%, 25%. you get to 15%. >> and that was doug luzader reporting. also the markets no doubt will be very happy about a reduced corporate income tax rate. but many lawmakers worry how will you pay for it. there's a new candidate. she is announcing her run for the job and she's a former sacramento developer.
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major donor to the democratic party. and says california has an obligation to fight the trump administration on immigration , health care and education. she supports tuition-free college and the affordable care act. there are already two candidates running for lieutenant governor and again we'll hear more from her today. >> all right. time is 6:17. let's hear from sal now and see what's happening in our commute. >> we did have an earlier crash dave and pam on the bay bridge. but this time crews were in position to get it out of the way very quickly and it did minimal damage considering how crashes can go. i can show you the bay bridge is a little crowded at the bay bridge and it's still going to take you about 10 minutes to drive on that span. but the toll plaza delay may be a little bit more than that. if you still want to get down to the san mateo bridge 880 clear for you for the most part.
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and then you can use the san mateo bridge westbound on 92 as you head out to the high-rise. 101 is not bad driving up into fran and past the airport. -- san francisco and past the airport so far. heading into the south bay we focus on the silicon valley commute. we don't have a lot of slow traffic yet. 6:18. let's bring steve in. sal, thankfully i was able to turn the warriors game off after the 1st quarter. >> right. they made it easy for those of us wake up at 2:45. >> we have some breaks in the low clouds. there you go. it's about time. get that rooster going. mostly cloudy skies. there's one. but we have a better one napa valley chick. i would say so. you know, there's people all over the world that wish they could wake up to that in napa
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and we're here today. 62 napa downtown. either way. 62, 52 for the city. the record high and oh, it was cold back then. back in 1892 when there was a brisk 44 in the city. i think there will be a few more breaks in the clouds. upper 50s, still a breeze in place. the allergies continue to be bad for awhile it was just the trees and the grass said uh-huh here i am. and a medium to medium high on the trees and oak, ash. livermore was high. today went 67. san jose bumped them up three. and to get enough sun we might add one or two degrees to these. then high pressure builds in sends everything well to the north. it will be sunny, it will be
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warmer but it's going to be breezy to windy on thursday and friday. the low clouds are maxeded out and mixed out and the higher clouds continue to spill in here. we'll get a few breaks but it will be mostly cloudy. out here once it builds over here then everything will be defected north and east. 50s on the temps. some 40s for awhile. there are a few kelseyville 44. cal stoeg ga 46. bodaiga bay's at 49. from southern kaldz over to santa barbara and also in the high desert. look for a mostly cloudy day tomorrow then we'll get a break as high pressure begins to build in. but that breeze isn't going anywhere. 50, 60 to near 70 degrees and they will sell again tomorrow. they'll be close as we head towards thursday and then everything is above normal.
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okay. sounds good. >> 6:20 is the time right now. questions this morning about california's new gas tax. coming up at 6:30 the deals that may have persuaded california lawmakers. >> also local authorities you'll have to stick to more traditional ways to catch speeders out there. coming up next the reason a camera program was rejected.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:23. last month eleven students were suspended accused of posting racist messages and photos on social media. some students are also accused of exchanging nazi solutes in the hallways. last week albany high's principal announced he's resigning to take another job with the school district. our time is 6:24. congresswoman jackie spear wants to release funding for the cal trains electrical project. >> we're here for one simple reason. this cal trains project is in jaerpd of not getting --
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jeopardy of not getting to move forward. >> she says e electricficatio. it's essentially a political move against a high speed rail project because the e electrified tracks will eventually be shared by the bullet train and many republicans believe the huge price tag for the bullet train is a waste of money. state lawmakers has rejected a man. the proposal by san francisco assembleman david choo calls for a test program. the cameras would automatically snap photos of cars going over
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the speed limit. time is now 6:25. google's driverless car company is now testing. starting today the company will be accepting applications from people in phoenix, arizona who want to test out the cars for free. they're really vans. the cane says it has a fleet of 100 self-driving cars but that number will go up to 600 in the coming months. 6:26 is the time. still ahead a show down with shareholders. wells fargo executives will hold their first meetings with shareholders since the bank's phony account scandal. >> and just a few weeks of the state legislature passes a road repair bill, a non profit group says the amount of money that bill's going to raise is a good start but it won't be enough to fix our long term problems. we'll explain. >> it's slow out there and the bay bridge is a little bit
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slower than usual because of an earlier incident. you can see traffic here at the toll plaza is moderate. >> a lot of the low clouds have been chewed up. but a few more sun breaks today and we should get a nice sunrise. hey allergy muddlers
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u. this is ktvu mornings on 2. all right.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are watching live. this is breaking news near los angeles. police have been chasing this driver for quite some time. you can see that car is going quite fast. this started out on the freeway in paramount. it's been on several freeways this morning. and now it has moved on to some city streets. you can see the police cars. >> boy. >> so close. >> our sister station kttv the fox affiliate there in los angeles is sharing these -- this video with us. >> they have to get this guy off the road. they have to try to get a pit maneuver at the moment they do and it's becoming more and more challenging with more cars, more pedestrianses out there. kids on their way to school for
6:31 am
their early classes. i'm seeing bicyclists just ripping down alandro boulevard through bellflower and this commute is on. we've got you covered up here watching overhead in addition to at least five patrol cars. long beach police, other agencies involved as well. he's got a little trouble here and he's going to have to pop into this mexican restaurant parking lot to evade that backup. making a turn. now that he's slowed down a little bit let's see what they do here. i'll try to get you a street here in just a moment. turning northbound because of that congestion at that intersection. >> okay. so we are listening a little bit. you heard it's a big concern obviously for safety for everybody else there on the road and as our, you know, reporter there mentioning they're overhead with their sky fox
6:32 am
helicopter. people are on their way to work. kids are on their way to school and traffic is slowing down there. that driver's just not -- >> oh, boy. >> oh, gosh. -- just not slowing down and you hope this is coming to a safe conclusion here. >> this is an area south of downtown los angeles going towards orange county in the bellflower area. it's amazing to me that there wasn't much more traffic out there, pam. >> i know i was thinking the same thing. you never see at this time of day, any time of day in los angeles really you don't find streets that don't have very many cars on it. so it is surprising and fortunate that there aren't a lot of people out there but kind of surprising that there aren't any cars head. the bellflower area as dave was mentioning south of downtown los angeles towards orange county.
6:33 am
we do not know why this chase startedover what this driver is perhaps accused of doing. e -- started what this driver was perhaps accused of doing. there's some speed strips ahead to try to stop the car. and spike strips ahead to stop the car and have police officers ahead as well. perhaps they're heading down and blocking streets ahead. >> yeah. >> as well. >> but again we are just watching this live. >> coming northbound on lakewood boulevard. he made a left there on imperial highway. so now he's in downey. >> we're hearing from our producer that the reports are that this is a stolen car and that's how this started. maybe the plates called in but again lakewood and imperial
6:34 am
those are very busy streets around los angeles. >> and school prep time. so maybe there are people who are aware through television or radio that this is happening and maybe they're pulling to the side but all right now. >> gosh that's just very scary to watch and again this is happening live in los angeles. we're going to monitor this situation but again what we know is that what we're hearing is that the reports was a stolen car. we do not know how many people are inside that car but you can see it's an active police pursuit in los angeles and we'll bring you updates. we'll also say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. april 25th. tuesday. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve on the
6:35 am
morning weather. >> a little better today. after yesterday's gray day very gloomy and temperatures were held in check. 50s, 60s. today will be a little warmer. we'll get a little bit more sun and that's making for a very nice sunrise. nice tuesday sunrise and 52 degrees. yesterday's temps were quite cool. 61 in livermore this time of year. this should be 74. we will bump most locations up. a lot depends on how much sun you get. there should be cloud cover coming in. storm track is inching northward with each day. windy and warmer but the next couple of days a lot of these clouds spill over. 50s on the temps had a few 40s but now that the cloud cover is coming in. highs will be in the 60s here. one more system has to visit and then we'll kick it out of here. 60s today near 70 for a few. 6:35. and we don't have any excitement here on the bay area
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roads. the bay bridge is slower than usual because of an earlier crash. so there's a little bit of slow traffic not only here but 580 back up to 24. still not as bad as it could be we're waiting for about 25 to 30 minutes as you get on to the bridge. we're also looking at the commute on the freeway here. traffic is moving well on 880 north and southbound here in front of oracle arena. and then the san mateo bridge is crowded at least in the beginning part of the bridge. it does get better by the time you reach foster city. marin county traffic looks good so far. and if you're driving on the peninsula it's not a bad commute. you can see right through south city. 280 and 101 are doing well. 6:36. let's go back to the desk. $137 billion that's how much it's going to take to fix all of the state's crumbling highways and roads over the next ten
6:37 am
years. ktvu's allie rasmus is in orindo to talk about how the gas tax in sacramento is a good start but not enough. >> yes, and that's because that road repair bill passed by the state legislature earlier this month would raise about $50 billion over the next ten years. but the next ten research group that did this study they're based in berkley they say the state needs more than twice that amount closer to $140 billion over the next decade to clear the backlog of repairs and maintain roads long term. the study says even if californians are driving more than ever the traditional gas tax we use to pay for roads is just not enough anymore. there are more electric vehicles on the road. more conventional vehicles have become fuel efficient or more
6:38 am
fuel efficient so overall there's less money coming in via gas tax. the amount of money the state receives from the gas tax is 20% less than it was in 2010. the group recommends the state pursue other revenue options like public private toll roads and a tax based on the number of miles people drive instead of the amount of gas they use. as for the state's new repair bill governor brown pushed for its passage. the bill is on his desk and he's expected to find it any day now. now we've reached out to the governor's press office. not going far enough and we're waiting for a comment from his office. we've also reached out to state senator. he is the one who sponsored that road repair bill and we're trying to find out what he thinks about this study that says it's a good start but we're going to need much more money than that to really fix the problems on our roads in
6:39 am
california. back to you guys. >> hopefully we hear from him on that. republican state lawmakers are accusing democrats of passing almost a billion dollars in side deals. that legislature -- the legislature yesterday passed bills authorizing more than $900 million in transportation r transportation projects in the central valley and riverside county. now republicans say the money specifically benefits the districts of four legislators who were on the fence about the gas tax. they include a riverside county republican who was the only republican to support the tax. democrats say the money will go to bridge and highway improvements and parts of the state that have long been underserved. and state lawmakers are considering a bill that would remove convicted sex offenders after a certain period of time. now state senator scott weaner of san francisco is proposing a
6:40 am
three tiered system for california's sex offender industry. violent sex predators would stay on the list for the rest of their lives. sex offenders in the second tier wrote have to register for 20 years and those with non violent offenders would have to have their names petitioned. >> if they've lived a clean life for 10, 20, even 30 years there's no point in keeping them on the industry. >> when you have a child it's been kidnapped and you are trying to solve that crime quickly you should be able to turn to the sex offender industry to look for suspects. >> under the plan no one would be automatically removed from the list and the judge could deny any petitions. but if approve tuesday would take effect january 1st. it's supposed to prepare police officers for disasters and terror attacks. coming up at 7:00 why one bay area city may now drop out of
6:41 am
the controversial urban shield training event. >> and the giants showed off their arms in a close game with the dodgers. plus madison bum garner talks about the injury that sent him to the dl. >> good morning traffic is getting busy if you are driving around the bay area. we'll tell you more about the morning commute at the bay bridge. >> still mostly cloudy skies. temperatures will bump up a few degrees with a little bit more sun. still going to be a day with a lot of cloud cover and below normal temps.
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all right. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:44. we want to take you back to that breaking news in los angeles. a police chase has at least stopped. this is now near los angeles. you can see a number of police officers are responding there. we have heard the helicopter pulling back a bit now and perhaps that's because there's something that they don't want to show on live television. we have heard that there were shots fired. you and i were kind of trying to look close. >> as interesting as we were coming out of the commercial and you began speaking i'm looking at the officers on the far right they were gesturing at come out. >> right. we saw them with their guns drawn. the only thing we do know from
6:45 am
the report social security that this was possibly a stolen car. the chase started on the freeway. it is near los angeles. you can see the car stopped and we just wanted to bring you that update. if we have any new information we will bring that to you. wells fargo will hold its big shareholder meeting today. now the board of directors is expected to face some irritated investors. 185-00-0000 in fines and a hit to the bank's reputation. today's meeting the bank's top management are expected to apologize to shareholders. however, some are calling for wells fargo executives to be let go. by the way the meeting is not taking place at wells fargo san francisco headquarters. it is happening at a florida resort. the bank has not said why it
6:46 am
chose that location. yahoo's ceo marissa mayer's total pay out is much larger. yahoo announced she would receive. grass part of her departure when the sale is complete. yahoo shareholders are expected to approve the verizon deal in june. time is 6:46. the giants top minor league prospect helped his team beat the dodgers last night 2-1. >> this is hit up the middle off ot cane. the royals are going to bare hand it and throw. they got him. >> bare handed like a bullet. 21-year-old christian orollo showing his skills. justin turner wandering off second picked him off.
6:47 am
you're out. the giants win. same two teams play tonight. >> we talked with madison bum garner. >> definitely not the most responsible decision i made and, you know, it sucks not being able to be out here with my guys and try to help us win some games. >> right now the giants don't have a firm timetable on when mad bum will come back. he may be out maybe 6 to 8 weeks but he may be gone even longer. we'll have to see. >> i know a lot of people were a little upset by his activities. >> sal, you should have called him sal, and say you can't do that. >> well, i mean, you know, it's very hard to be upset with a guy who carried that team on his back. >> right. >> and basically won that 2014
6:48 am
world series. you can still be upset but i think that tempers it a little bit. >> let's go up 80 westbound and you drive some slow traffic here in many berkley. not too bad of a commute. 34-minute drive from the carquinez bridge out to the mack arthur maze. it's about normal. we had an accident on the upper sdek of the bay bridge. but there's about a 25-minute delay before you make it. so this is ant a 35 to total drive time. not a bad commute here if you are driving on westbound 92. not a bad commute here if you're dreeuing on 101 to palo alto. it has been okay as you drive through. no major problems there. coming up next time we'll take another look at the contra costa
6:49 am
commute for you. 6:48. let's go to steve in the weather center. we still have mostly cloudy skies. but the low clouds have moved off and mid and high level clouds have continued to topple over. one of many. but these clouds made for a lovely display during sunset last night over clear lake. those would be lenticulars. they're here. they land up in lake county. need a lot of wind especially over mountains in these areas. mostly cloudy. one more system tomorrow then we bump it out. sunny and warmer thursday, friday, saturday but breezy to windy at times thursday to friday. >> yesterday was one of those cool april days where livermore hit 61. that tells you how cool it is. again, i had this conversation with a colleague of mine.
6:50 am
it's so easy to get above normal. san jose with 64. san francisco 60. napa 67. so a little bit warmer. it was all trees for awhile. now the grasses have said uh-huh you forgot about me. with all that rain now they're making a little bit of a move. mostly cloudy skies. you can see some of this. a little bit more sun to the south. more clouds to the north. we'll keep that is kind of splitting the difference there. so we either need this to build northward or march eastward over us and that will take all of that to the north. 50s on the temps. there are a few 40s but a lot of 50s here. we had a lot more 40s for awhile. napa 49. low 50s. san rafaelfel. and also right back over to
6:51 am
santa barbara and up towards san louis obisbo. if there's any rain it will be to the north. then it's out of here. but today 60s you can get a little bit more sun. maybe some low 70s to the east and south. but warmer weather and on the way more sunshine but you have to wait until the end of the week and into the weekend. >> worth the wait then. thank you steve. 6:51 is the time. we now know why san jose's 911 system failed. . coming up in three minutes we're going to tell you why an upgrade did not go as planned. >> and one bay area university says it's seeing an increasing number of students hungry and even homeless and we'll show you what to do and try to help. >> plus what are the most valuable digital job skills. coming up in the 9 how to make a successful career change in the
6:52 am
bay area.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:54 is the time. the city of san jose is trying to determine why emergency callers could not get through to that 911 system on monday. >> that upgrade was planned at emergency dispatch center. the callers ran into long
6:55 am
delays. dispatchers were forced to switch to a secondary backup. san jose police tweeted out a different number to help get calls through. >> we take this very seriously. it's an opportunity for us to get in there and look at those black boxes and wires and see what the system is doing what it should be doing to we can take steps appropriate. >> right now authorities say they don't know if any serious consequences that may have occurred during the malfunction but they want to prevent it from happening again. well the owner of a walnut creek watch store says quick thinking helped him stop three men from trying to rob his store. the surveillance video shows three robbers come in dressed like construction workers. >> hey! >> this happened at the oc watch company on cypress street just
6:56 am
about noontime on thursday. the store owner says one of the men walked up to him and asked him to sign some pepper stray then suddenly peppered sprayed him and a customer. one of the men used a baseball bat to smash the police day case. police say a third man was standing outside as a look out. by the store owner says he grabbed his gun to scare them off. >> at that time i made the decision you know within a split second that i needed to draw my gun and i did. cooked it, that's when the gentleman here turned and looked athe me i'm assuming because he heard it and he fled very quickly. >> well police are still searching for the man police say that drove off in a newer model dodge charger. if you have any information you're asked to call walnut creek police. a rising number of bay area university students are
6:57 am
struggling with hunger and homelessness. a program called hope. that stands for helping our pioneers excel. as ktvu's amber lee reports the school is expanding its program to help students and that includes a food pantry right there on the campus. >> it's so much more than just a closet with food. >> to provide sustenance for students. >> the name hope really resinates with me. >> it started with a little more than a handful of students using it. >> the excitement of the students knowing the university cares this much has grown. >> access hot meals in the 9ing
6:58 am
hall. there's no criteria. of the studenting only have to ask for help. >> there were time when is i wouldn't eat for like a day or two and i wouldn't think of it because i was focusing on where i was going to stay. >> ramos said he would couch surf and stay with classmates after hours. >> thinking i might want to stick around and get a masters. >> we first met brenda brown. >> these are my dresser drawers in these bags. >> living out of her car. with the help of hope the 55-year-old has a roof over her head. >> it means the world. it lets me know that people do care. >> she is scheduled to gradual wait in june. >> that's kind of where i feel like my heart is leading me just with my own experience and journey. >> in addition to the pantry, students are able to access foods with their id cards through what's called the swipe
6:59 am
program. they can get hot meals and fresh produce. >> this is exactly what i was searching for. this will keep me in gear. by the end of may the university hopes to have a food kiosk at the school library with the longer term goal of having a one stop center to help students address food and housing needs. at cal state east bay ktvu fox 2 news.
7:00 am
>> i'm dave clark. not real cold outside. >> no. not bad. >> steve paulson has the complete weather forecast for you. >> claudine. >> hello. >> welcome back. >> thank you for having me back. they had to pipe in the applause. there isn't any in here. >> yes, there are. that's a studio audience. you folks keep it down over there. mostly cloudy. we have a little bit of a break from the le cloud deck yesterday which made it seem like a june gloom day. a lot of cloud cover spilling over the ridge which is on -- from the northwest. that is giving us a lot of the cloud cover. it made for a nice sunrise here. here is one from foggy janice. looking rosy in sr this morning, steve. thank you. that sr looks like san rafael to me. then we will go to sf, san francisco. 89 in 1926 the record high. don't see much change. maybe a few more breaks in the clouds


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