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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  April 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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employees part of the sunnyvale employee association, to bring a strike that could bring nonemergency city services to a halt. >> we're not asking for hand outs, you know, we're asking for what is fair and we're asking for what i feel we deserve. >> velasquez has worked for the water department for 13 years. unable to live in silicon valley, he drives 79 miles every day one way to his home near modesto. >> if we can't get it, especially, we're never going to get a raise. >> reporter: velasquez is among the blue collar workers who passed the the city's offer is
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10%. the workers have not had a raise in five years. >> it doesn't keep up with the cost of living, doesn't keep up with surrounding agency, not a fair and equitable deal. >> the city has a very fair and competitive offer on the table. >> reporter: sunnyvale's mayor says it's not fiscally viable despite the union ruling in the favor and forced to cut services. >> we have a $300 million calpers hit, and it's $82 million above what the city is proposing. >> reporter: if city employees do strike, it could be felt in the libraries, parks, and city departments to the 140,000 sun have avale residents. >> i think it could be rash to think about planning a strike. >> we're finding out that even with our salary combined it's still hard to live in this area so i understand. >> reporter: essential services like police and fire will not be
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impacted. the union plans to notify city leaders about this potential strike tomorrow, giving them reasonable notice. and he told me this strike could happen in the next two days, we'll of course keep you posted. back to you. >> so where do we stand with negotiations? any plan to get back to the bargaining table any time soon? >> reporter: they are going to talk to city leaders tomorrow, and as i mentioned in the piece, a 14% increase over the period. the city isn't budging. the mayor says the city must be fiscally responsible so they're proposing a 10% increase and of course, there's that difference right there where they're not meeting and so, this strike could happen, we'll of course let you know what happens tomorrow and in the days ahead. >> all right. thank you so much. the city auditor released a scathing report accusing university of california administrators of hiding
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millions of dollars from the public. michael lowry has our report. >> reporter: janet napolitano on the hot street, following a report on the auditor, the president hid a hidden reserve fund of $175 million. >> had this reserve was not disclosed to the public, nolt disclose -- not disclosed to the legislature or the board of regents. >> reporter: it also found $32 million in unspent funds that could've been spent on students. and the office of the president intentionally interfered with the audit process. an audit first requested by assembly members xing and mccarty. >> obstruction, cover ups, all those things are damaging, even one or two of them are. we're going to be holding a hearing next week looking in to that. >> reporter: in response, the uc office of the president says the report unfairly mischaracterizes ucop's budget process. the audit wrongly states that ucop holds $175 million in
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reserves. the true amount napolitano says is actually $38 million. as for the charge of interfering with the audit, there is this response: >> no, we did not interfere with the audit process. >> reporter: the state auditor told us the interference came from survey questions sent directly to uc campuses across the state, but then altered by the president's office. >> we found that some of them had actually been changed. >> we wanted to make sure that the individuals who were most informed and best positioned to respond to those questions would be able to and that it would yield the most accurate information for the auditors. >> reporter: in sacramento, mike louis for ktvu fox 2 news. it is unjust to force tuition hikes while the uc hides secret funds. the board must reverse its tuition decision. well new details tonight on the expected tests of free speech riots at uc berkeley on thursday. the commentator ann coulter says she's coming to give a speech
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even though the university says it cannot guarantee security. the college republican group that invited coulter say the speech will take place at 2:00 thursday at the plaza. police are expecting protesters from the far left will try to disrupt the speech. police say they'll do what is necessary to provide safety but that officers will need to be judicious in their use of force. >> always be somebody who thinks you should've used more force and those who think you used too much. >> one of the two groups that invited coulter is now bowing out because of security concerns, the nonpartisan young america's foundation released a statement citing a lack of assurances from protections for foreseeable violence from unrestrainted leftist agitators. the deadly fire in west oakland, investigators say it was a candle that started the fire on san pablo avenue. four people killed and more than
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100 left homeless. an attorney seeking 10 tenants, saying it was a dangerous fire trap. the suit says the building this electrical defects, broken fire alarms and blocked fire exits. other lawsuits are expected to follow. officials at bart surveillance video following a takeover robbery of a bart car this past weekend. >> had maybe 30, 30 kids board my train, beat up someone robbed them and then run off the train. >> it happened saturday night when it stopped at the coliseum station, several dozen teenagers stormed out demanding bags and cell phones. it provides high quality pictures of the train. the replacement project should be completed by july. at least two people were injured in the it robbery on saturday, so far no one has been arrested. president trump's immigration policy suffered
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another set back today. a federal judge in san francisco blocked his executive order on sanction wary cities. -- sanctuary cities. tonight the city issued a statement, once again, a single district judge in san francisco has ignored federal immigration law to set a new immigration policy for the new country. we have more from ktvu's amber lee. >> we're a nation of immigrants and we have been since our country was founded. >> reporter: san francisco joins santa clara county in the legal challenge against president trump's executive order. the temporary injunction issued by u.s. district court judge or lick iii will encompass all sanctuary cities nationwide. >> this is why we have courts, to halt the overage of a president and attorney general who either don't understand the constitution or choose to ignore it. this is why san francisco has to stand up on behalf of people everywhere be they immigrants or native ones. >> reporter: sanctuary cities
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generally offer safe harbor to illegal immigrants and often do not use municipal funds or resources to enforce immigration laws. the trump administration contends that local authorities endanger public safety when they don't turn over il lem immigrants who -- illegal immigrants who have committed crimes so they can be deported. >> my initial reaction is that maybe the judge was off base because my impression was that the executive order was pretty narrow and narrow enough to be okay legally. >> reporter: uc berkeley law professor farber says if president trump had refrained from speaking against sanctuary cities on the broad impact of his executive order, it may not have been blocked by the judge. >> trump and spicer made statements that make it sound like it's a big deal and not narrow and a change and they're traeng toward the -- threatening toward the cities and so the judge in a way is taking them at their word. >> the politics of fear suffered a major set back today.
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>> reporter: in santa clara county, officials say $1.7 billion in federal funds was at stake. >> the federal government cannot trample on state and local policies by using federal funding as their weapon. >> reporter: the white house did respond saying that it will pursue all legal remedies. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. police officers in san jose state university arrested a man today who was accused of sexual battery on two women near campus. place say it happened about 1:15 this afternoon near the spartan memorial. the man allegedly slapped the buttocks of two women as he rode by on a bicycle. neither was injured the suspect's name hasn't been released. an employee at a boys and girls club in the north bay faces child endangerment charges because of what he posted in an internet chat room. ben gorge was arrested he worked as a program director at the
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boys and girls club of petaluma. moreno park say he posted a picture of a girl in a chat room that hosts child pornography. it wasn't pornographic but it did include the girl's name, phone number, and home address. >> we arrested mr. gorge for child endangerment because he not only posted the photo of the victim but also was able to access the boys and girls club server, if you will, remotely and posted personal information regarding the victim. >> the department of homeland security spotted that photo and traced it to gorgei's ip address. live wires in mission boulevard in fremont this afternoon, happening just after 3:00 near calorie court, you can
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see from sky fox here, traffic was shut down in both directions for about 90 minutes while pg and e crews made repairs. officers looking for a gray four door sedan that will have front end damage. the santa clara water district beginning abatement work on waterways and trying to prevent more flooding. days of rain and runoff on the anderson reservoir culminated in the flooding of coyote creek. all the brush that grew caused the water to rise faster than expected. several surrounding neighborhoods were inundated were flood water five feet deep. water district officials have now submitted a plan to regulate yrs. want -- regulators. wanting to move the debris that could lead to more next winter. >> a lot of dead vegetation, trees and other organic material that was in the creeks and that's been uprooted and moved around by the big winter storms, big debris jams and things like that that will be trying to
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locate and remove. >> an abatement work is set to begin in mid june and continue until the middle of october. a campaign against fake news online, we'll tell you about two new efforts now underway. at first a mercedes sent on fire and racist graffiti found, the hate crime investigation underway tonight. talking about the bay area, warm up is just around the corner. i'll see you back here. re.
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a car fire led to a hate investigation crime investigation. in downtown vacaville, they then discovered the gutted car was covered with graffiti reading kkk. authorities say the car's owner was nearby but didn't see what happened. a gas station also had kkk spray painted on it. many long time residents in vak kaville -- vacaville say they're stunned. >> that's it eshl. i can't believe it -- that's terrible. i can't believe it. not here in vacaville. >> people are in shock that talked about it because you don't see that kind of thing in vacaville. you just don't. >> police are still looking for suspects and witnesses. officers want to talk to anyone who has information about this hate crime case. and a report out tonight shows an 86% increase in
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anti-semitic incidents nationwide this year. more on the antidefamation league and why people aren't surprised by the findings. >> reporter: some say they've heard of recent anti-semitic incidents in marin county. >> it's shocking to think about this happening but it's happening >> reporter: one educator who lives in san rafael heard from fellow teachers and parents about children being targeted. >> swastikas on the lockers and kids going in the hallway and somebody going heil hitler, things like that. all those kinds of things, it's, that's how it starts with words. >> reporter: a new report by the anti-defamation league shows that in 2016, 1,266 incidents were reported nationwide. a 34% increase over 2015. in the first quarter this year, the upward trend has continued with 541 incidents reported so far. >> the purpose we're tracking this is to provide information and that will help to inform policy. >> reporter: the adl's pacific
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region director says some incidents appear linked to the election. >> president's name or references to rhetoric on the campaign, other things like that where it clearly indicated to us that the campaign was having an impact. >> reporter: the report cites one example of a person in florida accosted by someone saying trump is going to finish what hitler started. president trump whose son-in-law kushner is jewish tried to distance himself from the hate speech. the president delivered a speech for holocaust remembrance day. >> those who deny the holocaust are an accomplice to this horrible evil. we will stamp out prejudice, we will condemn hatred. >> reporter: last year, california had the most incidents, 211, something that troubles many in the bay area. >> incumbent on all of us, if we see anything inappropriate, we speak out. >> reporter: along with education, they hope for legislation and he says there
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are two proposed bills in the state that would improve the tracking and reporting of hate crimes. in san rafael, jana katsuyama, ktvu news. >> we posted a link to the full report on our website, go to and look for the web links section. google is making changes to try to root out fake news. the internet giant says their search engine, they've changed their search engine in an effort to prevent fake information from showing up in search results. google says they're committed to doing everything possible to avoid spreading misinformation, conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and offensive content. google is also adding a feedback option that will allow users to complain about questionable and objectionable stories. the founder of wikipedia against fake news, wiki tribune. the goal is to have journalists
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file factual and news stories to combat fake news, volunteers would fact check the stories. so we look at the temperatures from yesterday, they were cooler than today by a good five, eight degrees. these were the highs today. today was warmer, tomorrow will be cooler. that's the trend with the clouds running in. and that's how it's going to be tomorrow. we're going to see a lot of cloud cover throughout the area. as we did today, but more tomorrow. so filter sunshine, going to drop it down a little bit. that's the cloudiness out there right now, up here, that's where the rain is and that's pretty much where the real rain stays. we'll get light sprinkles possible between tonight and tomorrow lunch time. again, don't change your plans, not going to be enough really to water the lawns. but it is definitely going to be cloudy tomorrow and cooler. so this model says look, it's raining a little bit up there near napa, 7:00 a.m. and when i say rain, that term i'm using loosely, like a sprinkle. not a big deal. lunch time, vacaville, out
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toward the northeast, you see a sprinkle, that's in the model. daytime san francisco, highs mid 60s and lower. so here's the lower forecast model, another model, that was a three dimensional model. that's a drizzle event sure, along the coast, highway one. and then there's the afternoon. the mountains are snow, higher elevations but low rain, a little bit of snow. and then tomorrow, thursday morning that's when the warm up begins thursday afternoon, temperatures already getting up in the upper 70s by friday we're coming close to 80 degrees and by the weekend i think we will see low 80s. so tomorrow's forecast highs are going to be a lot like these. you're going to see temperatures in the warmest spots in upper 60s most spots will be in the mid 60s and lower, that's wednesday. but by thursday the temperatures come up rapidly and they just warm right up in the bay area weekend. nice looking forecast, don't sweat the chance of raindrops, even if you're painting or pouring concrete tomorrow, not
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going to be enough to shut you down. it's just really a nuisance shower at best and very short-lived. >> and it just keeps getting better and better. thank you. a car company has donated a lot of money to help math students in oakland. today, hyundai donated $350,000 to the oakland school district. it will go toward improving the district's math program. one student already using new visually based math equipment had his mind on money. >> i'm doing, right now i'm on a level where it's money. >> the district hosted an event at burkeholter elementary to preview the program made possible by the donation. extra innings in anaheim plus it was a pitcher's dual at at&t park. the giants had a rookie on the mound against the dodgers. and on our instagram page
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tonight, evidence that bears are coming out of hibernation. see what firefighters found after they were called to a home in south lake tahoe. and a reminder you can follow ktvu on instagram. ra yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years.
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mark's here now with a big night for a rookie. >> the giants are off to a bad start, no question about it.
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but arroyo, a rookie pitcher by the name of black saw a little action at the end of last year they're looking pretty good. all things considered, however. tonight, lock happened to get thrown in by a name of kershaw. that didn't seem to mind, it wasn't bumming his trip. he was going to have a good time no matter what. and crawford did what he could to support the block with a nice catch, gonzalez by the way crawford later left with a groin strain and there's kershaw. probably the best in the game but the giants get to hill in the 3rd inning. not hitting the ball particularly hard, his third rbi of the year but the single makes it a 1-0 lead, he scored. puig however, single to center, score run scored another on the rbi grounder, 2-1 lead and they held up. kershaw, he went seven innings allowing only one run. the a's looked like all the world like they were going to pull off a great one in anaheim
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against the angels. they took an extra inning lead. and it didn't work out. josh is the one who provided that lead after jumping on, eight innings of one hit scoreless ball, pinch hitting. he's with the homerun, making it 1-0. santiago as he tries to save it, mike trout, talking about one of the best in the game, he takes it deep to right, 1-1 game, bottom of the 11th, madsen's turn, cool human, in comes he is d espinoza and it's a walk off win. utah gets served up as the
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clippers don't have enough without that blake griffin out. hayward at the rim for the buzzer. you don't have to see a jam to conclude it. jazz up six to start the 4th, they continue and it's joe johnson, the veteran, the jumper, 287 with 19 seconds left and the jazz go up a game in the series, three games to two. and on the scoreboard, the spurs take a 3-2 lead over the grizzlies and the thunder, they're out despite 47 points from westbrook, harden had 34. okc, summer vacation four games to one. and we do have time, we showed it to you on the 10:00 news, it is worth seeing again. if you missed it, check this out. got to be the lay of the year so far, kevin pillar of toronto hits it deep right, the stanford man goes after it, can't get it himself and watch coughlin,
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that's coughlin, that's just extreme alert athleticism! >> that's a highlight reel all the time. >> that's one of the all-time plays. >> that's pretty impressive. >> i think it happen and one of the major league movies, it looked fake. that guy brought it to reality. as i said, early in the season but that's got to be your play of the year so far. >> great way to end the newscast. see you later everyone. good night. >> good night. >> brought to you by bank of the west. go west. bank of the west.
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