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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 26, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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marine corps delayed entry program as a recruit specializing in field artillery, he was just beginning to work out with fellow recruits at veterans park when police say he collapsed. >> one of the recruits ran to a nearby water park where one of our own city employees jumped into action and started cpr.>> floyd did not make it, news came as a shock to fellow students at pittsburgh high. >> this morning in class, my teacher told us he had an asthma attack during training. >> floyd was an honor student set to graduate in june and start training in august. >> i have no doubt this was an aspiring young man with a bright future ahead of him and was obviously committed to serving our country. >> nearly 2 weeks go the
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brentwood marines posted this photo on instagram. floyd was quoted saying i want to join the marines because they hold themselves to the highest standard, the pride and professionalism is something i want, i also wanted a challenge. >> reporter: according to the pittsburg unified school district, grief counselors are on hand for students at the high school needing help to cope with this sudden loss and i reached out to the corners office to find the results of the autopsy they say it has been completed but it is pending further testing. new details from the cal campus where today it was official conservative commentator ann coulter will not be speaking tomorrow. >> this after the student groups decided to call off the planned event the problem, they were concerned about their safety due to the planned protest, ann coulter took to
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twitter to express disappointment saying it is sickening when a radical thuggish institution like berkeley can easily snuff out the cherished american right to free speech, more on this from rob roth. >> whether it is free speech or hate speech in the end there will be no speech tomorrow, ann coulter is no longer coming to the campus. >> if we can't have her speak without guaranteeing the safety of the attendees, then that is a move we cannot take. are free speech has been stifled. >> berklee college of republicans were one organization that invited ann coulter to speak about immigration tomorrow inflaming many on the far left in the wake of recent violent protests concerns over safety became paramount and the organization no longer supported holding the speech tomorrow, without support on campus ann coulter
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announced she is not coming tweeting it is a dark day for free speech, the attorney for the drc says she spoke with ann coulter today. >> she wanted to deliver the speech she is disappointed, she is not here because of the actions of the university. >> if only there were a safe way for her to speak without everyone losing their mind. >> police were planning to ramp up for the speech hundreds of officers were planning to come as backup and police sources say unlike previous recent protests they were going to have a hands-on approach they say that even with ann coulter not coming they expect protest tomorrow on campus perhaps even riots. >> on campus tomorrow you will see a high number, a highly visible presence of law enforcement, i will also say
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that tomorrow we will have a very very low tolerance for any sort of violence. >> a spokesman says ann coulter is welcome to speak just as long as it is in the proper venue. from uc berkeley, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news the uc chancellor says cal continues to plan for possible demonstrations tomorrow. he added the campus will not tolerate acts of violence or the destruction of property in our community and police will investigate arrest and prosecute anyone who commits crimes on our campus, the statement asks anyone who takes part in a protest tomorrow to stay out of harm's way. >> ann coulter will appear at an event in modesto on friday, scheduled to speak at a private fundraiser for the republican party of stanislaus county, 600 people are expected to attend, police are preparing to keep
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the peace but have plans in place should a large disruption breakout. since ann coulter signed the contract for the dinner in november organizers say that security has been a concern. >> it is at the top of our consciousness we have 600 people to keep safe you might not always know police are there but they will be there. >> organizers of the event are working closely with the modesto police department and other agencies to ensure the event is safe. on we have posted more on the controversy surrounding ann coulter and on youtube you can find the full interview from earlier this week. president trump signs an executive order calling into question the future of two dozen national monuments calling for a review of national monuments larger than 100,000 acres established over the past two decades one of them designated by president obama in northern california,
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the snow mountain covers 330,000 acres from the town of winters to snow mountain, five other monuments are in southern california. >> it is time we ended this abusive practice. i have spoken with many leaders a number of them here today who care very much about preserving our land and who are gravely concerned about this massive federal land grab. >> the first review is in utah where the bears here national monument starts the debate between environmentalists and native americans. no president has ever tried to overturn a monument designation. any effort to do so would probably wind up in court. tonight at 6:30 details on president trump's plan for tax reform also analysis on what the reform could mean for you.
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tenants who survived an apartment building fire in west oakland are taking legal action, four people died in the fire and it forced 80 people out of their homes. >> a group of 15 tenants announced a lawsuit against the building owner and the agency that ran a halfway house on the property, candice nguyen is here with more. >> the tenants are seeking nearly $2 million in damages and it is detailed in this complaint they say they reported dangerous conditions long before the fire but neither the owner or management listened. cell phone video shows the rundown conditions in 2551 san pablo avenue before the deadly fire in march. >> broken pipes water leaks coming from the ceiling.>> harland smith is one of hundreds of tenants displaced after flames tore through the building killing four and
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injuring six. he joined his neighbors as they announced 15 tenants filed a complaint wednesday against the landlord's keith kim and the master tenants identified in documents as the community center house of change and dignity house west. court documents also show the tenants are seeking nearly $2 million in damages. >> that is to punish and deter misconduct so it will never happen again so these defendants won't allow a property to become this substandard.>> we would have died, the fire was on the hallway. >> eliza anderson describes the decrepit state of the building. >> if my auntie wouldn't have kicked my door open due to the lack of wood being so old she could kick it open she is an old lady. >> city records show a decade of code compliance issues which
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include eight fire code violations issued three days before the fire, a spokesperson for the landlord says kim and the community center and the city knew of the problems involving the fire alarm system and sprinklers. >> we did not hear any alarms there was no sprinklers or wetness. nothing. it was pitch black like a barbecue grill. >> we also learned other facilities have a code enforcement problem history, the attorney for the nonprofit says. >> the only floor plan that is four out of 50 the liability goes back to keith kim. >> in a statement an attorney for keith kim says it was kim's understanding that the organization would maintain the building he added meet avenue had operated without incident for 20 years despite this in the weeks refer the fire mr.
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kim has been unfairly criticized in the media for the actions of the current master tenants. as the landlord and master tenants dispute liability the tenants say both are responsible and the city of oakland needs to pay attention. >> they need to come out and do their inspection work and see what is going on it is not what they are saying.'s >> we asked whether city wasn't named as a defendant the attorney for the tenants as it was more landlord and management who failed to tend to the building. >> a lot of people are asking why isn't the city being held accountable? they said there were numerous citations and violations days before the fire why wouldn't the city be held accountable?>> i asked the attorney if the city has liability and he did not respond directly saying that there were laws protecting the city and at the end of the
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day he said he feels it was mostly the landlord and management responsible for fixing the property the city told them to fix things up. >> we talked about how four people died and 80 others are left homeless what is the situation there? >> there were only about five tenants at the press conference they said they are staying in temporary housing that is why they are relying on the lawsuit. it is punitive damages they are trying to send a message and also help pick up their lives. coming up, caught on camera, a woman attacked by a group of women near a bay university campus, in 15 minutes a look at the surveillance video. there were a few life showers, but now it is warming up tomorrow it will be mostly sunny and significantly warmer. new developments in a
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terrifying takeover robbery on a bart traina several suspects have been identified. >> we have working cameras on the train providing clear images of the suspects.
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new details involving that frightening bart robbery at the coliseum station last weekend , dozens of teenagers swarmed a train car terrorizing passengers and stealing property, police announced they have identified
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several suspects from surveillance video, heather holmes joins us from the newsroom with how witness reports is helping with the investigation. >> police have been looking over the video that was taken from inside the bart car where those passengers were robbed saturday night. >> 30 kids boarded the train beat up someone and ran off the train. >> officials say teenagers swarmed the gate robbing passengers in seconds mostly taking cell phones, investigators obtain high- quality video from inside the car and have been identical -- able to identify several suspects. >> we have positively identified some of the suspects that is because we had working cameras on the train which provided clear images of the suspect's
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faces we will be working with the district attorney's office on how to move forward also working with the witnesses. >> after a man was murdered on bart last year, it was discovered many of the cameras in the cars were decoys and not working surveillance cameras, since then bart has begun installing real working cameras on their cars the transit agency says the entire fleet will be equipped with operational cameras by july, most if not all of the suspect our teenager so they will not release photos in the meantime they have increased police patrols at stations in oakland, thank you. said prosecutors have dropped most of the charges against a man who was shot by a san francisco police officer, the public defender's office will be providing an update after a superior court judge dismissed eight of the 10 charges against
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sean moore on january 6 police were called to a home on capitol avenue a man told them that moore was banking on a wall and violated a restraining order, when police arrived there was a struggle and moore was shot twice. >> mr. moore was in his rights when he asked the officers over 40 times to leave him alone, when the officers approached him, they were trespassing. they had no legal right to do what they did. >> officials say that moore suffered from mental illness, he was shot in the stomach, two officers were also injured. a man accused of trying to kidnap a woman in san francisco made his first court appearance today, here is the booking photo of darrin bravo, tara moriarty found out he was already on the run from sonoma county authorities.
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>> cameras were not allowed in the courtroom but darrin bravo appeared intense as he went before the judge we have learned he not only faces attempted kidnapping charges in san francisco, but in sonoma county five felonies including child endangerment and assault with a deadly weapon. >> he is taking it serious. >> the attorney for darrin bravo says his client is innocent the father of two is accused of putting a bag over a woman's head on a sidewalk saturday night in an attempt to kidnap her. >> i'm going to see him right now, we will talk about the cases but he is adamant he is not guilty. >> it is concerning an alarming anytime there is an attempted kidnapping, we have had two in recent times. >> the victim in this case a 31- year-old woman walking from work saved by good samaritans who stepped in to help, bravo was caught the next day after
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crashing his car during a chp pursuit. >> i know that he has a family. he does ad agency work, he has done sales work. >> facebook shows a darker side to bravo several profanity laced anti-women rants, one says sonoma county prostitutes are all married with her husband at work another angry poster shows pumpkins stabbed with knives, on april 2 during a child custody exchange in santa rosa bravo try to run over his ex-wife's fianci who was standing next to his own son. >> allegedly he accelerated his vehicle toward mr. long and his son in which they both had to dive out of the way. >> that led to a restraining order and bravo went into hiding. >> at that time we put out a stop and hold for his arrest, contacted the agency's and put
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out a bulletin statewide. >> authorities did not make contact until three weeks later the sonoma county district attorney says he will later face the assault and child endangerment charges. his next court appearance is set for may 18, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news we had a little bit of rain a little bit of drizzle this morning and it amounted to this, not much, .02 in santa rosa and oakland, the roads were wet in pacifica and in most places but there was a little water running in pacifica most of the activity was to the north. the dynamics are weaker here so we are seeing a lot of clouds the dynamics being the jet stream and the lift right now we have moisture slamming into the coastal hills and that will get you drizzle especially along mount diablo,
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temperatures are mild with sun breaking through tomorrow the highs will be warmer, the high- pressure you normally see the high-pressure dome sort of a symbolic of high-pressure building as it builds it will create wind, so we have breezy conditions tomorrow along the coast and in the hills, mostly along the coast you will notice it is one of those days at ocean beach where the sand will be blowing, and then we warm-up tomorrow and really on friday and saturday, tomorrow is the transition day, it will be breezy but warmer 5 to 80 degrees warmer. in san jose you are already at 64 at lunchtime and later in the day mostly sunny at 70 degrees, that is thursday, friday is even warmer. coming up, a brutal attack steps from the campus of san jose state. >> we are lucky this is not a homicide. >> details on the assault caught on camera and the search
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for the women responsible. the raiders seal the deal with marshawn lynch. we will look at what marshawn lynch had to say. controversy at the state capital over a plan to guarantee health care for all californians, those legislation that cleared a major hurdle today.
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a group of young women
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caught on camera attacking another woman or the campus of san jose state, no police are asking for help to find the people responsible, as jesse gary tells us investigators are trying to figure out if the victim was targeted.>> early this week security cameras captured this melee feet from the san jose state campus a group of women beating and kicking a single victim who was also able -- a woman the attack stretches over several minutes. >> we put in a new surveillance system because there is a lot of violence going on. >> this man owns the restaurant sitting next to the parking lot many of his hours are spent inside this video room reviewing images of violent crimes captured by his 20 cameras, he upgraded the system shortly after the second of two shootings here last month.
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>> the police are so busy they don't have time to keep coming all the time and that is understandable. that is why we took this step. >> detectives don't know if the attack was planned or if the victim was chosen at random. >> it is surprising it was a group of women. >> it happens it was just captured on tape but it does happen. >> the victim was taken to the hospital treated for non-life- threatening injuries from an assault that started with a bottle ending with fists and feet. the suspects all scattered leaving behind blood bruises and the question why. >> we can't prevent it but we can at least help them catch the person. >> we will put a link to the video on our home webpage, so you can take a closer look and see if you recognize the women who are now
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suspects. outside san jose police headquarters, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with president trump's controversial tax plan. >> this will pay for itself with reduced growth and different deductions. >> next, details and analysis. the letters [null] etched on the side of a gutted car details on the situation. a sheriff pushing a plan for on-site child care, stay with us, "ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30" is next. hey allergy muddlers
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a group of 15 people who lived in an apartment building that burned in west oakland are suing for $2 million in damages, the tenants say they warned the owner and managers about dangerous living conditions inside the building. four people were killed and six others were hurt in the fire. a 17-year-old us marine corps recruit died while exercising in the east bay, floyd burrell collapsed and died from an unexpected medical problem while working out with other recruits at a park in brentwood yesterday. floyd was an honor student at
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pittsburg high set to graduate in june and begin marine corps training in the summer. the berklee college of republicans announced they are canceling the speech from ann coulter due to safety concerns, initially they wanted to postpone the speech to provide better security but the student group insisted the speech would go on. now in the face of planned protests they have scratched the event. you are watching "ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30", the white house formally unveiled the trump administration tax cut plan today calling for sharp reductions in corporate taxes but individual taxpayers may not realize the same benefits. >> ellison barber has more on the proposal and how leaders are responding. >> the trop administration unveiling a proposal to cut taxes when it comes to individuals the trump plan aims to bring down rates eliminating some deductions simplifying the personal tax code. >> taking the current tax
6:32 pm
brackets we have today reducing them to only three brackets. 10%, 25% and 35%. >> the white house wants the top personal tax rate cut down to 35%. the president also wants to double current standard deduction and keep deduction for mortgage interest payments and charitable giving. >> we will double the standard deduction, so a married couple won't pay taxes on the first $24,000 of income that they earn. >> in the meantime the plan calls for a 15% corporate tax rate down from the current 35%, a cut rate the administration says would be available to small businesses. >> we will have a one-time tax on overseas profits which will bring back trillions of dollars that are offshore to be invested here in the united states. >> so far republicans and wall street appear pleased, leaders
6:33 pm
say the plan principles will serve as a guide when congress negotiates tax reform but democrats argue the plan does not play -- pay for itself. >> this will pay for itself with growth and with reduced, reduction of different deductions. and will post. >> so far there is no official cost estimate for the plan, from washington ellison barber, foxnews. joining us now is financial adviser and president of wilsey asset management, the administration plan was really a broad outline, not a lot of details what is your take? >> what he is trying to do, he is trying to grow the economy, one thing people forget about they are picking on corporations and the smaller businesses, they are not taking the next step, they have to realize, i
6:34 pm
have never met a small business person that did not want to grow his business so that means hiring more employees. >> the plan calls for big reductions in individual and corporate taxes and also sympathize the tax code what do you like about the proposal and what do you not like?>> what i like about it is the money from overseas, there is over $2 trillion overseas, if that is taxed and only half comes back that is $150 billion in taxes that will grow the economy because money gross things and what is concerned about the plan is with the bum economy we will have inflation and rising prices . >> the white house says the plan will pay for itself by creating jobs and economic growth but democrats disagree they say it will add to the
6:35 pm
deficit.>> i don't think they are taking it to the next level, when you do an investment it takes a while to benefit and when you put the money out it takes time for the small businesses to grow and hire people, we can't forget we have a low unemployment rate under 5% which means if i want to add two or three employees to my small business i will have to pay more to get them and they will pay more in taxes and when the business grows you hire someone at a higher level they will go to dinner they didn't go to before or the movies, you have a multiplier effect but it takes time. >> democrats are calling the plan a massive tax giveaway to millionaires, billionaires and big corporations at the expense of middle-class families. do you agree? >> the wealthy will benefit but the wealthy will spend the money as well to grow the business is, that is what we have to look at people with the
6:36 pm
money, the wealthy when they get tax cut and they grow the business they will hire more people they purchase plants and equipment i know president trump is getting beat up on with canada but he is trying to keep business growing in the united states, apparently it looks bad for the small gain the beginning but the small guy will benefit as time goes on. >> thank you so much for your time today. president trump lashing out on twitter about the injunction issued yesterday on his century city order the president wrote first the ninth circuit rules against the ban now it hits again ridiculous rulings see you in the supreme court. it was a federal judge from a lower court that put the executive order on hold, us district judge from california rules the president has no authority to put conditions of his own on spending approved by
6:37 pm
congress, any appeal of the ruling would then go through the ninth circuit. coming up, developments from a central valley courtroom as the man accused in a racially motivated shooting rampage faces a judge. and the controversial plan to guarantee health care to all californians now moving forward at the state capital. yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles.
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the ambitious proposal to
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overhaul the state healthcare system has passed its first hurdle in sacramento hundreds of nurses dressed in red rallied in support at the state capital the senate health committee approved the measure guaranteeing coverage for everyone in california. supporters say that california should create a national model for universal healthcare in the united states but there are concerned about the cost of the program. >> so many californians get health care coverage through their employer and that would end and they would receive coverage to the government.>> critics say that could lead to a lot of problems including longer wait times to see a doctor. a man suspected in a racially motivated shooting rampage in fresno was charged with three counts of first- degree murder. kori ali muhammad reportedly told police he wanted to kill as many white people as possible. investigators say that he has a
6:41 pm
long criminal record and a history of mental illness, he has been charged with murder in the shooting death of a security guard in fresno this month. new video of a car fire that turned into a hate crime investigation in vacaville the video shows a white mercedes going up in flames outside of a gas station monday night, the flames raced up a power pole coming within a few feet of the gas pumps, firefighters noticed the letters [null] written on both sides of the car. the owner of the gas station says there's. >> first they spray-painted and then they lit it on fire. >> the gas station owner says this is the second time hate driven graffiti has been discovered at his business he thinks the same people are responsible. police are asking for the public to help identify the hate crimes suspects. a great perk for working
6:42 pm
parents, day care provided at your job site. >> i am so excited about it. >> coming up, the sheriff hoping to make it happen. >> a few sprinkles this afternoon and this morning but now they are gone, the sun is writing -- ready to come out tomorrow you will like the temperatures.
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for working parents finding childcare can be difficult and expensive, when you work the
6:45 pm
graveyard shift it is even tougher. >> the santa clara county sheriff wants to ease that burden for her employees, ann rubin says the sheriff wants to offer 24 hour on-site day care service finding childcare can be a challenge. >> just asked deputies who see this with the newcomers and with her own family. >> it is stressful, it adds concern to the job it is something you have to take into account. >> the sheriff would like to change that, anybody meeting today she outlined her vision to offer deputies 24 hour on- site childcare. >> try to find childcare for an infant overnight and when you are new you will work nights we want to make sure people come into law enforcement. >> the sheriff thinks more
6:46 pm
people would apply for law enforcement jobs if day care wasn't an issue, those who spoke today agreed. >> many local companies provide or subsidized childcare to attract top-tier employees, we want to uphold the standard as well. >> in this case a sheriff would hire a nonprofit to run the day care like these department headquarters. the budget proposal calls for $200,000 to prepare the site and $500,000 annually to run the program. >> i am so excited about it i think it will be a huge benefit , we can do it at a reduced cost. >> if successful, the program could expand to other county employees like nurses, the deputy would love to see that happen. >> if you have that day care provider that would enable you to take a little stressed off your job and a little stress
6:47 pm
off your family. it would be great. >> the budget is being drafted and goes for a final vote in june the sheriff would like to see the program up and running within six months, from san jose ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. a fuel light sprinkles out there mostly over but there could be some stray rain this evening so if you are at practice you might get a little bit of that, we knew that was coming with the cloudiness and a sprinkle opportunity, now it will start to turn around we have wind going the right way a little bit of a break in santa rosa, more sunshine tomorrow significantly more sunshine, the wind from the west northwest , generally they are more northwesterly, into tomorrow they will become north northwest and they will be blowing the
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great highway will have some sand blowing across it, there is san rafael right now looking at the clouds with blue skies overhead, tomorrow morning clouds vaporize a little bit and we are mostly sunny when we wake up, it will be warmer tomorrow then today by 5 to 80 degrees, today was mid-60s, san francisco forget the showers mostly cloudy when you wake up but then it will clear out quickly partly cloudy, partly sunny this is san francisco oakland and san rafael. and later in the day mostly sunny, clear skies and mid-60s in san francisco. if you get to castle valley and us 68 it will be about 67. a warming trend is on, tomorrow warmer, friday warmer started -- saturday we are warmer. when i see 83 in santa rosa we will
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probably see mid-80s, san francisco downtown 73 and concord 82, so a much nicer day tomorrow the wetness on the roadways that was here this morning won't be there tomorrow morning, and you have a nice easy commute. well, there is no such thing as an easy commute around here. it won't blow you away so to speak but it will be breezy along the coast which is typical for this time of year in this pattern, and then there is the five-day forecast, for the first time in a while we had a five-day forecast without any chance of sprinkles. it has been a while. so, notice the weekend really significant warming up to the 80s. warriors superstar steph curry and his wife are dropping the price for their former home in walnut creek the couple has agreed to drop the
6:50 pm
original asking price by $100,000 down to $3.6 million there been trying to sell their villa south of downtown walnut creek since october, the 7500 square foot home features five bedrooms, four bathrooms and sweeping views the couple moved into a recently purchased 10,000 square foot home in alamo. coming up the raiders pulled the trigger on the trade to bring an oakland made it back home, the return of marshawn lynch in sports. who are these people?
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going beast mode, if ever there was a guy that was born to where the silver and black. he played high school at oakland tech, he played at cal is coming back to the east bay to play for the oakland raiders, marshawn lynch one of the finest running backs in the nfl if everything is going good, he is 31 and did not play last year as you see him meet his coat -- coach.
6:54 pm
it look like a friendly competition, lynch will come to the raiders and a sixth round draft pick goes to oakland in exchange for a fifth-round pick going to seattle in 2018. all looks well, if he has anything left it makes the raider offense look even better, if there has been any silver lining over the last couple of weeks for the giants it is them bringing up their top prospect this exuberant young kid i had a chance to interview him, he is just the real deal there is not a phony bone in his body look at him, looks like he is about 16 but he is 21 making his major league debut against the dodgers he made a nice play at third base to help out matt cain and he talked about getting the call in sacramento from his aaa manager. >> as i am walking out of his
6:55 pm
office he says you are starting third but not in sacramento and i didn't understand he tells me in san francisco. it took me a second i thought he was joking and then sure enough he said i'm being serious congratulations. and that was a whirlwind of emotions. >> on the first pitch he has his first hit. first big-league hit how about that? >> i envisioned getting one i did not think it would be off of kershaw. some of the guys were saying that is a good guy to get your first one on hopefully plenty more where that came from. >> he was hitting 446 in sacramento you just have to feel for steve kerr this should
6:56 pm
be the best time of his life writing -- riding high as the coach of the warriors they will have a break, they won't play in any case before sunday but steve kerr is still suffering from headaches related to the back surgery from a couple of years ago, in his spot is mike brown today, there he is, a great rapport between the two that is a great bright spot. constant communication. >> really if i do anything i will consult with him. the only time i wouldn't consult with him is during the game. i don't want the nba to know i have a chip right here to communicate with him. >> frank was asking what does he have to do with the way the warriors are playing?
6:57 pm
but come on it is harder than it looks but he is very capable, we have to show you this. it is from my alma mater it is the girls softball team, a sensational play by young chandler, she is a junior at the high school making a game saving catch because the mighty trojans won the game 1-zero over sonoma valley and she is also a cheerleader in her off time.>> see how proud she was. >> i love that story about how he got called up. >> he is the real thing, his enthusiasm and i know this will sound crazy but he reminded me of pete rose when he first started that enthusiasm and if he has a career close to that, watch out. >> thank you for joining us,
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good night. okay. are you from
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