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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 28, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> berkeley's mayor joins us live onset after a day of mostly peaceful protests. >> plus, ktvu's sports director mark ibanez joins us to break down day one of the nfl draft. ♪[music] >> welcome to the 9. what a gorgeous day. so much sunshine. i cannot even stand t it is april 28th. yes, it is friday but also national superhero day as we hear the wonder woman theme. i turn to you, if you could have one -- >> i didn't know that's what it was. >> i didn't either. >> if you had to pick one superhero power, what would it be. >> i would say -- >> i have a good one. >> x-ray vision. >> see through anything.
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>> i don't know. >> mike. >> i'm not a big superhero guy. i don't know. >> this is your big chance. >> fly. travel around the world. i want to get there as soon as i can. >> thanks, sal. >> i thought of invisibility so you could eaves drop. that is a little personal. >> that's why i picked it. >> i would like to stop time. wouldn't you like to take a pause. what should i say next. hit the pause button. >> i'm going to go back and buy all of that apple stock. >> right. >> back to the future 2. >> yeah. you hang with your parents forever. so that would be my choice. we are not superheros. we are news reporters. we will talk about the fact that we are marching toward the 100 day mark for the presidency. we begin with developing news that has been going on for 14 hours now in the east bay. developing news about that standoff is still happening right now. >> that's right. police say a homicide suspect in a deadly shooting in the city of walnut creek still holed up inside of a car in
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martinez. >> reporter: leigh martinez joins us live from the scene with the update. >> reporter: the suspect is still in the car. we have seen the s.w.a.t. team move around and change positions quite a bit. we saw the suspect throw garbage out of the window. that is pretty much it. we heard from controversy copt county that douglas drive is closed. there are county offices there and they say if you have any kind of businesses at the office of child support, veterans service, probation, you won't be able to get in because the offices will be closed. as of right now, police say the suspect is in the driver's cede of the silver mercedes. s.w.a.t. members have gone close to the car. we have seen a robot on the road as well. the suspect has -- appears to be using a cell phone. we do not have any other update as to what else he might have the car with him. the manhunt took place in walnut creek yesterday after a woman was shot and killed yesterday afternoon on the 1900 block of first avenue. walnut creek police believe the
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suspect picked up a silver mercedes and fled to martinez. the police surrounded the suspect add 7:00 yesterday afternoon on howell road and are still in a standoff with the suspect. this video from earlier this morning appears to show a shots fired. it is unclear who fired, the suspect or the police. a robot was deployed and seen approaching the suspect. subpoena something may have been passed between the suspect and the robot. nearby neighborhoods are told to shelter in place. three people say they have been stuck in the starbucks parking lot all morning. >> i spent the night with a friend. and then that friend went to work. and i've been in this parking lot since 4:00 this morning. i just want to go home. >> there were helicopters all night, which was really annoying because it was obviously bothersome to the whole neighborhood. it was all around martinez. the lights and stuff you could see it happening.
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starbucks is definitely slower today. because of the -- the blockage. people have to take detours. i have customers coming in and telling me that they have to take detours to get to starbucks. >> now, howell road is still closed between vista way and pine street, which is where we are stationed. at this point, we do not have any more updates from walnut creek police. we have placed several calls in for updates but have not received any this morning. we do not know the suspect's identity. they have not released that. they also have not released the identity of the woman who was shot and killed in walnut creek yesterday. >> so we're 14 hours into the standoff. police are not talking to you. can you tell from their motion, are they planning to move in or is this as long as it takes type of situation. >> reporter: it looks like it is as long as it takes. we have seen the s.w.a.t. team change positions. it almost looks like they are relieving each other from
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certain standarding positions they're in -- standing positions they're in. they just changed the formation in the last half hour. again, we haven't seen a whole lot approach to the suspect and we haven't seen that robot out whyet. >> leigh martinez, thank you. tensions continue between the u.s. and north korea. we have new video from north korea showing north korean leader kim jong-un supervising military drills. in an interview, president trump warned of the possibility of a major conflict with north korea. rex tillerson is at the united nations this morning for a security council meeting on north korea. as president trump marks 100 days in office tomorrow, here are some of his actions since taking office on january 20th. one of the president's first moves was to sign an executive order directing the building of the wall along the border with mexico. the debate over how to pay for the wall continues today. he also signed an executive order blocking citizens of 7 muslim majority countries from entering the united states for the 0 days-- 90 days.
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that was blocked by a cord. a second executive order was blocked again by the clock. clock-- by the court. as president trump prepares to mark 100 days in office, our question of the day is how do you think he is doing? better than expected, about what you expected or worse than expected. we asked you the same question when he marked two months in office. 60% said better than expected. we're asking you to see if your feelings have changed. looking at the poll results, 17% say better than expected. 28 say worse than expected. 55% say about what you expected. one viewer writes, i expected him to be an absolute horror show and he is living up to that expectation. anybody surprised by that wasn't paying attention. >> can't put my finger on this one. some things with good and the rest is terribly wrong. it is all expected. >> dark sky chimed in saying these results are expected from
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california. >> we will keep checking your responses throughout the day and share them at 9:30. thanks for using #ktvu. people who oppose president trump's views on climate change are planning protests tomorrow. there are some concerns about turnout due to protest fatigue. last saturday thousands of people took to the streets in the bay area and around the country for the science marches on earth day. some of the same people would likely turn out for tomorrow's climate change demonstrations. organizers say earth day marches weren't planned to be month lit -- planned to be political but that's how they turned out. there will be a march at civic center. in oakland there is one at 11:00 in lake merritt. and san jose starting at 10:00 a.m. at city hall. yesterday san francisco chronicle writer joe garofoli looked at the trump
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administration and how they're moving forward 100 days in. he joins us live in studio. i want to ask you about his swings and misses on the campaign promises and the reason behind that. lack of party unity or is it the lack of planning from the president specifically during that transition period from the election to when he was sworn? >> all of the above. >> all of it mixed together. >> all of the above. you don't go and take a vote on health care if you don't have the votes. that's politics 101. that's his -- that's on him. that's on his chief of staff. that's on paul ryan. that's a swing and a miss there. in terms of the campaign promises, the ones that you listed there, he lifted on a lot of stuff. of the 103 campaign promises, he only kept six. it is only 100 days. it is early. he is yet to show a cohesive -- that he knows how to govern yet. he knows how to campaign. a fabulous campaigner. >> he likes to win. >> he likes to win. >> does he want to govern.
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>> he hasn't figured it out. >> this is politics 101. >> it is. he has both houses of congress. republican hands. he should be winning more. >> why would he come out and say, oh, gosh, this job is harder than i expected, harder than my whole life. you might feel that way. you don't say that, right? doesn't he have someone saying don't come out and say this. >> he has many people who have said that. he is getting a lot of advice and he is not listening to it. that's what we're hearing from all kinds of folks inside and outside of the white house. people previously in the administration who -- andy card, bush's chief of staff said he tried to impress that upon him. >> he came in as a disruptor. you can disrupt but what's the plan? just like in syria. he reacted. and that was a disruptive move. what is the policy in syria. >> now what. >> we know what is going in
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north korea. there is gamesmanship there. what is the plan? he is saying something, the secretary of state saying something else. what is the policy. >> i wanted to go back to the '80s and president reagan. there are similarities. hollywood actor. he was a governor before. he came in and wanted to cut taxes. he went forward with that. everything else was on the side. >> uh-huh. >> is there something to say not just president trump but presidents that focus on too much in the first 100 days. pick one and go get it. >> pick an easy win first. >> right. >> you don't pick the most complicated topic there is, health care, as your first swing. he needs -- he needs a better chief of staff to guide him on that and he needs to listen to the chief of staff. he could have gone for the tax cut first. it's not tax reform. it is a tax cut. tax reform is changing the whole system. he proposed a tax cut.
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that's where the republicans are behind him. he should have come out on that first and get a win and then he has momentum. >> what gasia said is true. a lot of people like him for this. he is shaking up washington. >> i have so many tweets saying do you approve of what he did in syria. he said this is why i voted for him. he is doing exactly what i wanted him to do. >> the polls are saying the people who voted for him are almost 96% with him. >> approval rating is down since the inauguration. >> overall. these are the independents who says this isn't what i asked for. they are dropping off. his base voters are with him. even with him if he doesn't get health care passed. this is early polls in swing states. they're even with him if they don't get health care and if they don't get a tax cut. these folks are just ticked off at the system and they like his attitude. >> it seems to me though that just republican and the party in general are still learning
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to be the governing party. that they have both with the house and the senate and the white house and trying to figure it out. >> absolutely. the proof is before us. not one significant piece of legislation has been passed under him so far. and we -- he's not close on anything else. >> back to the resistance in just a few seconds. democrats say they are energized. they are motivated more than ever before. >> that is true. but now that has to evolve into something else. >> what is your plan. >> right. >> what is your plan and what is your plan next year to try to flip the house. that's what they -- they have to take all of the street energy and transform it into electoral wins. >> it is a good read in the chronicle, as they all are. joe garofoli, thank you for joining us on the 9 this morning. coming up, controversy over whether or not ann coulter will speak at uc berkeley. up next we welcome back to the 9 berkeley's mayor to talk about what happened yesterday. he will join us live in a moment.
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>> protesters showed up for rallies responding to the decision of uc berkeley not to accommodate the speech by ann coulter because of safety concerns. other rallies earlier this year ended in violent clashes. yesterday people were engaged in verbal arguments, not physical. >> the vast majority of berkeley lefties support free speech. support the right of someone like ann coulter to speak. >> who is the arbitrator of hate speech. there is no such thing as hate speech. hate speech is free speech. >> by the day's end five arrests were made for drugs, resisting arrest and trying to
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incite a riot. berkeley's mayor joins us on the 9. >> we wanted to make sure that we had enough police to respond to whatever happened. having the large policemen deterred violence. >> is this the tactic going forward to have adequate police protection. >> yes. >> you would do it again. the city is paying for what happened at civic center park. cal handled its own police costs. we asked the viewers who should pay for security and resulting damage? the biggest group said it should be the host group. any thought making that a requirement? >> well, it depends where the actual damage or where the police are deployed. this was a university event.
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they invited ann coulter. and so they took on the responsibility of paying for calling in mutual aid and coordinating with the city the police response. >> we have within reporting that milo yiannopoulos wants to come back to campus next friday. what is your reaction to that. >> we welcome any speaker regardless of their political views to our city. we will be prepared to, just like yesterday to facilitate freedom of speech. but our top priority is safety. >> that has become a national story. i'm sure that your offices had the phones ringing. you've had threats. >> yes. >> do you feel that the city is being used at all? >> well certainly we're the focus of conflict between both sides. and i definitely think that milo yiannopoulos and ann coulter were trying to attract attention. right wing groups and left wing groups have come into berkeley
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to try to attract attention. >> unfairly. >> they have a right to come and speak. they have a right to debate. they have a right to protest. they don't have a right to damage property. they don't have the right to beat people up. they don't have the right to commit violence. we're firm. we will protect people's right to freedom to speech. violence is not free speech. >> does the city council feel the same way that you do. >> absolutely. >> okay. >> how much of a hand did you have in directing the different police response, probably not on cal campus but in civic center park. >> i had contact with the chief of police throughout the day. there were a lot of conversations leading up to yesterday around the tactics that we would be deploying to keep the city safe. >> you said put more men and women out there and i'll pay for it. >> it was a university event so they made the decision to call in aid ahead of time.
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we had police from other departments in the area. and the university is actually bearing the responsibility of that. >> let's say there is another anti-trump protest at the civic center park. that would be on you. >> yes. >> earlier in the month with the 11 arrests and multiple injuries compared to what we saw yesterday. >> we have made 30 arrests in all of the events that happened in civic center park. we are continuing to identify and to arrest those people that committed felony violence. i think having ailment large police presence definitely helped yesterday. >> that was the main point of yesterday. >> also for whatever reason the very extremist left wing groups didn't show up either in large numbers. there wasn't a violent confrontation that happened. what we saw were people in the park speaking out. there were lots of discussions
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and debates that happened. that's what we want to facilitate. but when it crosses the line of violence, that's where we draw the line. we don't want to turn our city into a fight club. >> are you hearing from your constituents on this? what are the people of berkeley saying. >> i'm hearing a great deal of appreciation to the work that the police department is doing and handling a complex situation. >> okay. complex for sure. all right. the mayor of berkeley. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> coming up next on the 9, ktvu's sports director mark ibanez is joining us to talk about the 49ers and raiders draft picks and there are already some injury concerns. how your clothes smell can say at lot about you.
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that's why new downy protect and refresh conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you. lock out odors with new downy protect and refresh. >> the cleveland browns select miles garrett.
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>> the 2017 nfl draft kicked off yesterday with the cleveland browns selecting defensive mild garrett from texas a&m. >> the 49ers took thomas with the overall number three pick in the draft. he is the first pick under john lynch. >> oakland raiders had the 24th pick overall in the draft. the silver and black selected corner back connelly. >> joining us on the phone this morning is ktvu's sports director mark ibanez. hopefully a cup of coffee in your hand ready to go here, mark. >> i am ready for you guys. any time that i get to hear gasia talk football in the morning. >> right [laughter] >> a judge i to have -- a joy to have you. >> did the 49ers really want mitch and that's why they made the trade. >> i think they made nice maneuvers there. i think they got the optimum
9:24 am
for the trade in that situation. you know, i think what you really got was the perception of john lynch being this green horn general manager and the 49ers kind of new regime. do these guys know what they're doing? i think they made a definitive statement that they are ready to rock and roll and make things happen. and i think the 49ers pulled one over on the bears. and they absolutely got the most they could have out of the situation. >> you know what, mark, i've learned not to second guess mckenzie with the raiders. he has been doing a good job building up the team. last night he went for connelly who may or may not have legal issues off the field. other than that, he is a corner back. why are the raiders so in love with corner backs? is that something that they need. >> it is a two-part answer in that number one i think their
9:25 am
biggest need was an inside linebacker. and he is in love with corner backs. the first selection he ever made as a raider general manager was a corner back. and when i say two fold answer, you know, the best linebacker available was rubin foster, who the 49ers wound up getting out of alabama. and that's the question mark about the 49ers. this is a guy had rotator cuff surgery after his senior year. he is a guy who also had a dirty drug test. and he also was sent home from the combine. so the raiders, not going after rubin foster when he was available at their number one need, is a huge question mark in that situation. so you have to wonder why the raiders passed on foster and the 49ers went for him. and then another risk taken by the raiders in this connelly
9:26 am
because it is a horrible situation. either you have a woman accusing him of something that he didn't do or you have at agregous situation where he did do it. and one way or the other, it has to be clarified in an expedient manner or the raiders really have put themselves on the line here. >> mark, certainly it seems that off the field behavior counts more and more every year with these somewhat last-minute things popping up that the men may or may not have done that affect their own standings and the face of the team that picks them up. >> you're absolutely right. as is should be an important thing. and both the 49 exercise raiders have had issues in that -- 49ers and raiders have issues in that regard. you could make an argument. two very different situations in what reuben foster has been involved with and then connelly. but it is one of those situations so much money is on
9:27 am
the line. and we had so many issues with these -- these so-called red flags coming up. at the last minute. and you wonder, is this something that is going to happen more and more? where all of a sudden the stories come up at the last second. and ruin the chance for these young kids to make huge money and really take a great step forward with their careers or is it something that they really did and should be called on? and i think it's becoming a bigger and bigger issue because there is so much money at stake and organizations are finally being put to the fire about the kind of characters that they're drafting. so it's a real provocative situation going on right now in the nfl. >> mark, we appreciate your time. and i hope you have a great friday morning. >> okay. and, you know, gasia. >> yes. >> i'm sure you were okay with the selections, right?
9:28 am
>> if you approve, i approve. >> she was taping during the commercial leading up to you. i don't know. >> i saw gasia's mock draft and i knew that we were in good shape. >> she knew that trade was coming. >> thank you, mark. mark and i were news room neighbors for my first ten years here at ktvu. a joy to have him on the. >> 49ers still don't have a quarterback. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9 new information to share with you about crime on bart. just how much crime increased before the mob of teenagers robbed passengers last weekend. the political rhetoric that some people think are to blame and how law enforcement is now responding.
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>> 9:30. this is technically day 99 of president trump's time in office. our question of the day is this, how do you think he is doing? most of you, the majority say worse than expected. you have been giving us comments as well as the tweets. i will read quickly chris' comment that writes about what apex accounted. he has addressed many issues he campaigned about. i believe without resistance he would have done more. the thumbs up emoji. >> some days i get a lot of pro tweets. today mostly con. he is on the verge of eliminating program that's are basic needs for people. today the people responding are not really saying he is doing a good job. >> so much focused on the 100 days too. george h.w. bush struggled with how to follow a popular two-term president. clinton failed to pass a major
9:32 am
bill during his first 100 days. all of these campaign promises out there not obviously can be accomplished in the first 100 days. >> and all presidents get criticism. >> they do. >> there is so much build-up to the 100 days. when it is 102, nobody cares. >> it will be different this time around. >> everything is different this time around. >> yeah. >> someone who was in business before and all of a sudden in politics. let's bring in rosemary orozco right now. >> a welcome site the last couple of days here. >> it is sunny and warm. we have great weather in store for the weekend. it's going to be very nice out there. at some point we will start sweating. i'll show you that in the extended forecast. let's look what is going on here as you take a view of the beautiful and iconic golden gate bridge. we have mostly clear skies even at the coast for the weekend with an off shore breeze in place. let's talk about the wind
9:33 am
first. a bit windy along the coast and in the hills. half moon bay reporting a gust of 23 miles per hour. so today not as bad as yesterday. so -- but still very breezy. the winds will continue to die down getting into your weekend. let's talk about the numbers. temperatures are rebounding at this time. as we get into the afternoon, we will be warmer than yesterday. 61 in novato. 60s for the east bay shoreline. 61 hayward. and into the south bay, san jose checking in at 59. for your afternoon, mid-60s to mid-70s. a few upper 70s expected. 77 for santa rosa. 77 antioch. in the south bay, 75 san jose. 77 morgan hill. upper 60s in san francisco with a beautiful evening for the giants game. there is a look at the extended forecast. into the 80s for the warmer locations saturday and sunday. and the warmup will continue as we get back to work on monday and into tuesday nearing 90 degrees. >> what a change. >> a quick transition. but still will be nice. >> any rain on the horizon.
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>> not for the next several days. >> thanks, rosemary. a body was pulled from the oakland estuary near the best western bayside hotel along the embarcadero. we're not sure of the circumstances and police are not willing to provide information at this point. police have the area taped off right now. we're told by one of our reporters who was passing by that the body was pulled from the water just about 8:00 this morning. as soon as we get details on the story as we give you a live picture of the motel, we will bring it to you during the newscast. if you were taking bart this morning, you may have experienced residual delays. due to a disabled new bart train. the disabled train was brought to the bay fair station. it stalled out this morning at the lake merritt station during a test run. we spotted it as an older train was pushing it out of the way. regular service trains were single tracking around it, causing delays for commuters. bart says this has not happened
9:35 am
with the new trains before and it is unclear what caused the train to stall. >> well, it is part of the testing process. until we actually know what caused the train to not be able to move, you know, i'm not going to speculate whether it is concerning or not, whether it is a major or minor issue. we will have to wait and see what the engineers find out about what happened this morning. >> bart has been testing these new cars overnight for a few months now and will continue to do that until it is confident that the trains are working properly. that's what they say anyway. bart's chief of police say crime was up on bart by more than 20% this year, even before a mob of teenagers robbed passengers last weekend. at the board of directors meeting last night, bart's interim police chief jennings says the rise in crime involved cell phones and electronic devices. the spike on bart follows three years of decreases.
9:36 am
the interim chief says bart has assigned more officers to bart stations and since march 11th, 19 people have been arrested for robberies. bart wants to crack down on people who don't pay fares. at oakland's lake merritt bart station, it didn't take long at all to find people going through the swinging gates without paying. it estimates it loses 15 to $25 million on fare cheats. experts are linking it to the political current climate. >> henrily has been looking into the latest statistics and what law enforcement is doing in response. >> reporter: a woman wearing a head scarf that is mistaken for
9:37 am
is attacked. these cases are part of a rise in hate crimes reported in the bay area and across the country. the uptick authorities say can at least in part be linked to the rhetoric of the trump campaign. >> right after the presidential election we saw throughout the country, the state and also locally a surge in hate related speech and hate related action towards community members. >> the southern poverty law center which tracks hate crimes has documented more than a thousand hate crimes after the election. the antidefamation league has see an increase in anti-semitic incidents. there was a 34% increase in assaults, vandalism and harassment. almost 30 pes of the cases happened in november and december. >> our concern is that it is the rhetoric of elected officials, politicians, and others that contributes to hate
9:38 am
in our country. >> reporter: even before election day, california's department of justice says there was a nearly 50% increase in hate crimes based on religion from 2014 to 2015. and during that time, anti- muslim cases jumped from 18 cases to 40. >> we're seeing that people are, again, feeling that they can act out on the hate and use it for an inspiration for criminal activity. >> reporter: these incidents are often underreported. some victims are scared of retaliation. others may not be in the country legally. >> we are not concerned with their immigration status. if they are victimized, if they know someone who is being victimized, we want to know about it. >> reporter: the d.a. has set up hotlines to report hate crimes. >> we are here to listen, to
9:39 am
prosecute a case if necessary, to refer it to the appropriate law enforcement agency if that's the route that needs to be taken. >> reporter: but when hate crime charges are filed, they don't always stick. >> your mind has been taken over, brain washed. and you have nothing but hate. >> reporter: denise slater took a plea deal for throwing coffee and hitting a muslim man at an east bay park. in exchange for the plea, a hate crime charge was dismissed. these three men were awaiting trial for a murder. prosecutors originally filed a hate crime charge but a grand jury did not include that in the more recent indictment. colin cooper is the attorney for one of the men. >> it is important for people not to jump to conclusions about anything. especially something as prejudice as a hate crime accusation. >> reporter: advocates agree it will take a lot to bush back from hatred. >> we will not let anyone turn our country into a racist white
9:40 am
supremacist heaven for people who outcast lgbt individuals, immigrants, muslims, blacks and others. >> henry joins us in the studio this morning. i'm more curious about why hate crime charges don't tend to stick as much as maybe they should. >> yeah. as you know, sometimes when you have let's say unfortunately a murder. >> yeah. >> sometimes the underlying charge, that is pretty serious in and of itself. >> yeah. >> you have enhancements that the prosecution has to prove. the grand jury didn't see enough evidence that this was a racially motivated killing. sometimes a bar is a little higher to prove that there's a hate crime. >> when police speak, assuming that these suspects speak to the police afterwards what do they say? i just wanted to do what? why are they doing this? has a link been made to the political climate. >> in the el sobrante case, the d.a. overreached because it happened
9:41 am
four days after president trump officially came into power. but they have to look at the witness statements. if there's no evidence of hate then they will look at the standard evidence of the case. >> can you talk about the idea that perhaps people are reporting crimes as hate crimes. if the same thing happened to me two years ago, i would have just considered it a crime without the specific language that i'm seeing in some notes or spray painted on walls and in vehicles. >> yeah. it is still there. whether or not there's any political climate or rhetoric involved. if you feel like you were singled out against and the victim of a crime based on religion, your gender, sexual orientation, that's what the cops and prosecutors will look at. can we go beyond the initial crime and say that the person was motivated by hate. >> is a hate crime -- i think what prosecutors are trying to do is make a hate crime a deterrent. so if you do a crime and it is a hate crime, it adds time. do you know if this has been a
9:42 am
deterrent to people. >> well, you would hope. but minutes ago before air time, police in solano county arrested a person for pier bombing two of their neighbors and actually fire bombed the outside of the police department. this happens day after day, week after week. >> what is the penalty? i mean so say i'm charged with a hate crime and i'm convicted. i mean, how serious of a sentence would you receive. >> in california the hate crime is an enhancement that would add one to three extra years. you have to look at the underlying charges. >> i see what you're saying. >> that would have much more of a serious time in prison if convicted. >> the weight is really on the crime itself and then the hate crime is tacked on. >> i wonder if lawmakers would ever change that. make it more strict or change the wording of it to prevent it. >> it is possible. >> thank you for joining us on
9:43 am
the 9. coming up on the 9, tickets will go on sale for a pop-up show for comedian dave chappell. a bizarre food to encourage children to try new things. this is what my kids need. what is being served up at the elementary school in pittsburgh.
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yes, the fuel is complimentary for up to three years. yes, it has an epa-estimated range of 312 miles. yes, you will probably have to answer lots of silly questions from strangers. yes, this is a mind-blowing marvel of technology. and, yes, you can buy it today- because the future doesn't start next week, next month or next year... the future starts now. in the hydrogen-fueled toyota mirai. >> all right. some student are taking part in a fruit tasting event in the east bay. not with fruit that children are usually familiar with. the fruit selection includes unusual fruits. this is the third year for the taste test. students at pittsburgh heights elementary school are getting
9:46 am
the chance to taste them all. >> we're exposing the children and letting them understand how delicious it can be. >> the first one was pretty sour. but once i -- once i chewed it, it was sweet and good. it tasted like a normal orange with salt. it was cool on the inside it was actually red. >> the majority of the fruit that students are tasting today comes from southeast asia and central america. if you're a wine and food lover looking for something to do tomorrow, we have a suggestion. the 8th annual cookoff is tomorrow and they have tickets still available. >> for more on that and how the harvest is shaping up as we head into the warmer weather, we're joined by jennifer brown. >> thank you for joining us. >> we're loving the sunshine around here but we got hammered this winter. what are you expecting when it comes to the grapes come harvest time. >> thanks for having me first
9:47 am
of all. >> sure. >> the rains are in general good. it is depleting all of our -- it is filling up all of our reservoirs that were depleted. one of the problems that can happen is it can cause mildew on the grapes that results in poor quality of wine if it is not checked which basically means the wine tastes terrible if it isn't checked. we do organic sprays to combat the mildew and prevent it. >> is that happening right now. >> they don't add a taste to the wine. >> no. we're starting to do that right now. it really helps if you start that as early as possible to prevent. the other issue with rainfall is it causes the harvest to be later than normal. it grows lower than it normally would. we usually do early august. we're looking at late august this year. >> i'm a seasonal drinker. when it is spring i drink lighter wines. >> they want to drink a chilled
9:48 am
wine. >> our first wine is one of my favorite summer wines. it is a lighter wine. it goes well with light foods. if you're going to a picnic, you might want to bring a fresh fruit salad. this has white peach nodes in it and would go great with a peach salad for the summer. >> i like peach salad too. >> this is our sonoma chardonnay. it is more complex. the flavors change in your mouth. they start out with one flavor and change. they go with more complex foods. >> like grilled foods? if you're having a barbecue, you could certain this. >> grilled chicken or grilled fish would go well with this shard nay. >> that is good. >> thank you. >> by the way, i taste the peach in that. >> good. >> what is this? >> this is a rosea it is one of my all-time favorites. >> it is not one of my favorites. >> i used to not like it until i was introduced to a good
9:49 am
rosea. >> maybe that's my problem. >> so rosea is a fine wine and it goes well with summer picnic, say cheeses on a baguette. >> your picnics are great, by the way. that is pretty good. >> what do you find is the most common question that you get about pairing wines? a lot of people are nervous about what they're going to serve. they're not wine experts. what questions do you get. >> i get exactly that, what do i pair with this. what i always say is if you can find the tasting notes for a wine. say you took one of our wines and looked it up online, you can look at the tasting notes. white peach, think about a food that has white peach in it and it pulls it together. that is one of the easier ways to pair wines. >> you can also drink whatever wine you want with whatever
9:50 am
thing too. >> yeah. >> talk about the cookoff. >> it goes well with meats. our summer event this year is the annual charity. we have a great food and wine pairing challenge with bay area chefs and they compete to have the best dishes to compare with our cabernet. >> do they love the competition. >> they do. >> i think they like the wine. >> thank you very much. they love that too. this is their eighth year come. all of the proceeds go to charity. >> any particular charity or spread out. >> every chef chooses their own charity. they're all in napa valley. whatever they want to pair up with that year. >> jennifer, we appreciate it. there are day of tickets still available. >> yes. >> for tomorrow's big cabernet cookoff. we have information on look for it in the web links section right there under the mornings on 2 tab and find it
9:51 am
on the ktvu mobile app. jennifer brown, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> you picked up the chardonnay. >> cheers to you. >> cheers.
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> we hope you enter for a chance to win one earthquake preparedness kit. you need this. >> i have one. >> you work here. >> we had it onset. they let me have one. >> this is the grandmother of them all.
9:54 am
everything that you need. to enter, go to our facebook and fill out the entry form. entries are accepted until 11:59 tonight. you have to be 18 or older. it has an approximate value of $50. it is provided by the california earthquake authority. you can see the official rules by heading over to and clicking on contests. giants and padres tonight. the giants lost to the dodgers 5-1 in extra frames yesterday for the matinee. kevin durant enjoying his day off. >> look how relaxed he looks. >> very relaxed. the giants trailed until the 6th. unfortunately in the 10th, the giants just fella part, allowing four runs and three hits, a walk. justin takes the mound tonight. check this out. giants mascot lucille brought durant a plate of cupcakes during the game and wished him
9:55 am
luck in the post season. they are waiting for the winner of the jazz-clippers series. they play tonight and the jazz are up 3-2 there. they could wrap it up. >> i think what the experts say is that the jazz might match up better against the warriors. the warriors own the clippers. >> they like to play the clippers. >> the a's play in houston after being swept by the angels in anaheim 2-1. the two runs came on three straight hits in the 1st inning. unfortunately the a's couldn't get run support for the win. cotton takes the mound tonight against the astros. you have been celebrating this week's warm weather with the songs of the '80s. now we turn to love for the '90s. ♪[music] >> the boys are dancing and i'm standing still. >> i'm not dancing. >> i am. >> sal. >> i am. >> dancing and snapping.
9:56 am
>> i'm cutting a rug, mike. >> yes. >> head to vegas. >> that is still going on. >> they are back in the studio working on two new albums. they may be in their 40s but performing will never get old. >> it is like riding a bike. something that we enjoy doing. it keeps us in shape. and it keeps us wanting to do it. the fans drive you, the music drives you. who wouldn't want to do this for a living? >> the back street boys have sold more than 130 million albums with everything they released making the top 10. they are playing at planet hollywood through july. >> cutting a rug? what are you, 80. >> i'm not cutting a rug right now. dave shaped and john mayor will be performing this weekend in san francisco. >> surprise, it's me. >> they announced the comedy and music hybrid event tonight
9:57 am
and tomorrow at the fillmore. controlled danger. saying you will laugh, cry and have bragging rights among your friends, groups for weeks to come. there is a strict no cell phone policy. they will be secured in a pouch that can be unlocked after the show. tickets go on sale in just about two minutes. >> i don't know how i feel about that. >> no cell phones. >> no access to your phone for emergency. >> preserving his art. thank you for joining us. we will see you back here at noon for more news of the day. >> i'm with you, sal. >> of course. to a cozy bed, can be yours for less. save up to 20% at the ikea bedroom event.
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at ikea, we believe that your dream bedroom, from a personalized closet, to a well-organized chest of drawers, to a cozy bed, can be yours for less. save up to 20% at the ikea bedroom event.
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy! >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] [ applause ] >> wendy: we're back! thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, the studio audienc


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