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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  April 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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where the standoff lasted for nearly 20 hours. really is and martinez and tells us how the standoff finally came to an end a couple of hours ago. >> reporter: traffic is now flowing behind me on the corner of howell and pine in martinez. it took 19 hours but police finally got their man peacefully without any shots fired. take a look at video from a couple of hours ago. just after 2 pm a swat team fired tear gas at this mercedes part karen martinez. a 38-year-old suspect came out of the car with his hands up and was taken into custody. police said they waited until they had safely disarmed him of a gun into knives before moving in.>> the negotiations went on fourth 19 hours with him. some might ask why so long and the reason is preservation of life. we are here to preserve everybody's life no matter what
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they do and we want to get him in custody with no one injured or hurt or killed. >> police say a day earlier the man shot and killed a 47-year- old woman on first avenue in walnut creek near the lindsay wildlife experience. police say the suspect and the homicide victim were in a dating relationship with police first saw the mercedes they say the suspect was in the passenger seat. the driver was a friend who exited the car and with the team, question and release by police. the suspect stayed in the car overnight. this morning police say the suspect fired his handgun blowing out the windshield of the mercedes. no one was hurt. the suspect at times held a gun to his head and police shot him with non-lethal sponge round 20 try to get a bottle of water. it wasn't until later this afternoon that he dropped the gun out of the window.
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police used a robot to pick it up. the suspect throughout 29's and only then did the swat team fired tear gas which/them away from the car and he was taken into custody. police told us that during the standoff the suspect suffered from delusions apparently because he had ingested illegal drugs. the suspect had also been named in some restraining orders allegedly threatening -- alleging threatening behavior. the victim's name is not been released. that's the latest. ktvu fox2 news. we just received a mug shot of the suspect. his name is gregory papa was. he is 38 years old the police say he had been in a relationship with the woman killed extract five people were arrested during yesterday's free-speech protest. the charges rain from resisting arrest for possession of a controlled substance. police say there were no reports of injuries or property
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damage during those demonstrations. hundreds of people sounded off over a canceled speech by ann coulter. berkeley's mayor told ktvu a large police presence help keep the police. >> what we saw were people in the park speaking out. there are lots of discussions and debates that happened and that's what we want to facilitate. when it crosses a line of violence, that is where we draw the line. >> the mayor said the expense of that large police presence is falling on the city. ann coulter is in modesto tonight. to republican groups invited her to speak. organizers have taken extra precautions to make sure of the safety of everyone involved. here is more on this evening's events. rob?>> reporter: i just want to give you a scene set are here. security insight in front of the doubletree hotel. this group of protesters have just gathered within the past
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hour many of them was signs that say no to hate and stop attending your racism is patriotism. you can see police spotters on the roof of the hotel. this group has been having amicable conversation with police officers. security is tight at the hotel with an coulter in a secure environment on the upper floors and security insight being taken care of by a private firm while modesto police are on standby. >> reporter: modesto police have secured the perimeter around the hotel. an coulter is a special guest of a republican party. tickets are ranging from $125- $10,000. coulter will push her block -- her book in trump we trust. the topic no doubt will cover
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free-speech. controversy has helped sell the event. it has also brought extra security. organizers say it is no accident. >> as soon as we realize that ann coulter was coming and it was creating a divisive attitude in the media and outside groups started chatting on social media, we knew we needed to let them know that this is what's happening and this is who we are bringing and here's the concerns we have. we have been working for over two months to make sure that everyone including my guest will be safe and anyone who wants to protest and express their rights in that way are safe to do so also. there is no accident that this is happening and berkeley unfortunately ramped it up. >> reporter: we did speak with organizers who told us that ann coulter's event tonight at the hotel was plan two months in
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advance. we spoke with heather gray from modesto police and she told us they have a contingency plan in place and they have outside agencies willing to step in if things take a nasty turn tonight. they do not expect anything to happen here tonight. ktvu fox2 news. let's send it back to you. >> what time is she supposed to start speaking?>> reporter: the event runs from five to seven. we don't have an itinerary here. there is a short dinner and there will be a meet and greet and they will talk to the upper echelon of the local chapter of the republican party. dinner should be on the table by 6:00 and she will speak for 30 minutes pushing that book in trump we trust. the hot tropic will be free- speech.>> rob, thank you. the eight-year result on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end.
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[cheering]>> you have a true friend and champion in the white house.>> president trump addresses the annual nra conference and gave the keynote address becoming the first president since ronald reagan to address that meeting. federal agencies will no longer be coming after law-abiding gun owners. the president said his administration will work with gun owners and be by their side. lauren blanchard is in washington dc with more on this. >> reporter: saturday march the presidents 100 day in office. the president admits he thought it would be easier. >> 100 days of broken promises to working people. we haven't seen a job or infrastructure bill. >> reporter: president trump is saying that he is very happy
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with his first 100 days. >> i don't think anybody has done what we have been able to do in 100 days>> reporter: in a new interview he expresses frustration when asked about not being able to get healthcare and tax reform done>> reporter: in terms of legislation you will see on saturday there was no major legislation passed in the first 100 days. you have a republican congress -- >> that has been wrong. first of all, we have 28 bells. >> reporter: are you disappointed with how republicans have -- >> it is a very tough system.  >> reporter: he did avoid a crisis passing stopgap legislation to avoid a government shutdown and giving lawmakers another week to reach a spending deal. the president traveling to atlanta to speak to the national rifle association. >> the eight-year was -- assault on your amendment freedoms has come to an end -- a crashing end. >> [cheering]>> reporter: during his speech the president
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railing against elizabeth warren referring to her as pocahontas and warning his supporters she may run against him in the next presidential election. lauren blanchard, fox news. george hw bush is back home tonight. the 92-year-old former president was released from a houston hospital after a two- week stay. he was being treated for pneumonia and bronchitis. a spokesperson says he is pleased to be back home. on the biggest night of his life, the nfl draft at a young man from the bay area fulfills the promise to his grandmother. the amazing story coming up developing news from the korean peninsula as north korea launches another ballistic missile. what the uss happen moments after that launch.
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a by train causes big delays for commuters this morning. temperatures are up there and winds are so blowing. is going to get hot around here as we head towards the weekend .
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two new developments from the north korean peninsula where north korea testfired what is believed to be a medium- range ballistic vessel. us officials say it broke off -- broke up after launch. this comes after the us appeared to be stepping back from its harshest rhetoric. us secretary of state rex tillerson emphasize diplomacy. the us wants to tighten sanctions and put pressure on the north to end this nuclear
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program. he did not rule out military action against the regime. major delays for bar commuters after a nutrient stalled near the lake merritt station. crews caught the disabled train being pushed by an older trade to the maintenance yard. the trains had the single truck around it. this is the first time this is happened with one of the new trains and they're not sure what caused it. >> until we actually know what caused the train to not be able to move, i'm not going to speculate on whether it's a major or minor issue. we will have to wait and see what the engineers find out about what happened this morning. >> bar has been testing new cars overnight for a few months and they will continue doing that until the confident the trains are working properly. by police have arrested one
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juvenile in the case of the takeover robbery we told you about at the coliseum station. dozens of teenagers hopped the. gates and swarm the train. >> this comes as an overall spike in crimes systemwide. crime is up more than 22% in the. -- first few months of the year>> robberies, cell phones and other electronics have spiked in the past few months along with assaults with those staffs. the police department has seen a 22% increase in crime. >> i'm not young anymore so i can't fight. >> we will have increased security.>> reporter: police have been making extra patrol since then. >> since march we have arrested 19 individuals involved in group robberies. >> reporter: those extra patrols didn't stop a group of
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juveniles last saturday. there are multiple warrants in the system for juveniles to be arrested in connection with the crime. those juveniles are known to police and neighboring agencies>> we have taken one into custody. >> we are developing and working with other agencies for the hot spots for same where the juveniles are committing crimes in groups.>> reporter: officers are working emergency staffing levels with five days on it two days off versus four days on it three days off. >> it's crazy. so many people rely on bart because of the traffic and now you don't even want to use part because you're worried about somebody robbing you or jumping you. >> reporter: the juveniles are evading an act car thefts and break-ins and bike staffs are down.
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in oakland, ktvu fox2 news. governor brown signed a tax bill today raising 52 billions -- $52 billion which includes a $0.12 per gallon tax base. vehicle registration fees are set to jump and opponents say the money won't be enough from point to almost $1 billion earmarked for special projects in order to get the votes needed to pass the bill. shock what a day we had today. it's windy out there today. traffic is kind of harry out there . not the best on the traffic world. a warmer day. we will continue with this slight warm-up through tomorrow. tomorrow will get up. sunday drops off a little bit. look what happens as we get out here towards your tuesday, your monday and tuesday. is going to get hot.
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temperatures back into the 90s by monday and tuesday of the following week. the weekend is going to be nice also. here's our ridge of high pressure. we have a rich here like this and you generally get a trough like that. the trough is where you get that bad weather. so travel in the middle part of the country will not be so great this weekend. a lot of rain for them and even some severe weather. forest, no clouds or fog and we've got a warm sunny day with clear skies everywhere. 74, livermore. 76, concorde. these are the current temperatures. 8 degrees warmer in napa today. 7 degrees warmer in mountain view. there is a wind. it is still out there. look at the direction. they are clocking around a little bit. you can see that little curvature which is a northeast wind . what i'm saying is when
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you see that wind direction and that is a high pressure signature. it is north, north east right now in some places. that is a warm-up pattern. when you see that, you don't need me to tell you is going to be warm tomorrow. it is windy out there right now but you can see that it's glassy here. if the wind was out of the west, that's an indication that the winds are coming from a different location. so for the forecast tomorrow, no clouds or fog. sunny when you wake up. 80s. no oranges -- we have some oranges. temperatures in the 80s.
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80, fairfield. this is tomorrow. sunday will be slightly cooler and then we begin to warm up early next week.>> only in the 60s along the coast quick >> upper 60s. >> no coastal fog. upper 60s for the most part. is going to be a beautiful weekend. welcome party for the newest 49ers. here from the teams top two picks in the draft pick california lawmakers are ready to take on president trump over his new executive order to expand offshore drilling. >> it's bad for our economy and our environment. >>
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life-changing night for two new 49ers. solomon thomas from samford on the right with the third overall. and ruben foster from alabama with the 31st overall pick. both of them got their jerseys and got to meet with members of the organization. scott reese was there as they introduced their new players. >> good times in santa clara. this was 49er general manager a drafting players. you wouldn't know of from the results. he was terrific yesterday and wound up with two top 10 caliber guys trading down to get thomas and up to get foster and winds up with extra draft picks in the process. the two newest 49ers in santa clarita today to meet the media
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and they are all ready becoming best friends. >> we haven't met before. that's been about 10 minutes with him and i all ready feel like it's my brother. [laughter]>> he's right about that. [laughter]>> it's a great defense. major players all around. it's going to be a lot of fun and working with ruben is a dream come true. i can't wait. >> it's all about love and trust, man. what i have learned about him is the love. i love the 49ers and i grew up loving the 49ers. all of the greats. i want to come here and be one of the grades. i know i have to wait my turn and do it a step at a time, but i'm willing to do that and i'm going to do that.>> it's great to be staying in that area --
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in the area. i mentioned foster, he's had some off field questions but the shoulder feels great and he will not need additional surgery. that's good news. >> you went to stanford a new cover basketball and football. i just love that guy. he is so amped up and so passionate. >> he is a terrific football player and an even better person. he was the team captain and there's a reason you're a team captain. all of the talent and charisma to match. he had to work is behind off to get into stanford academically. this is a guy who a year ago at this time we thought, he might be a second or third round pick and he's number three overall and he earned it. >> so 10 minutes with the sky and all ready feeling like a brother. a great opportunity. sometimes the team is not a
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good fit but in this case, the the -- they really fit the team. >> ruben foster does have a couple of red flags. positive drug class and diluted urine sample and it incident where he got sent home because of a dispute with the hospital worker. you have to assume they did their due diligence. there is no questioning the talent in our questioning that from 24 hours ago to right now a big-time arrow up on this franchise. >> it's risk and reward. what's funny is the saints were going to take him at 32 before lynch traded up to 31. foster confirm that today. the saints called him and said we are taking you would 32 and then the 49ers called and said we are taking you would 39. >> we just traded up. we're getting you. so that makes john lynch look like even more of a genius. >> they will be fun to watch.
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surveillance video showed deputies hitting him 40 times with their batons. today that man received a multimillion dollar settlement. >> he made a promise to his grandmother on her deathbed and this young man made good i could've given up and gone with the gains in the drugs but i stuck with it. like i said, i did it for her. >> it's a story that goes so far beyond football. a young man that you will not soon forget coming up next.
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the surveillance video shows a man being beaten by two alameda county sheriff's deputies in san francisco. that beaten man has been awarded more than $5 million. the video captured the brutal beating after he led authorities on a 40 minute high- speed chase. we spoke with his attorney and the alameda county sheriff about today's settlement.>> reporter: you can hear the baton strikes in this surveillance video more than 40 of them striking then 29-year- old stanislaus petroff.
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>> this was eye-opening for so many people. sickening to see and hear what happened on that video>> paternity -- his attorney saying the $5.5 million settlement from the county of alameda. >> the money will be carefully structured so that he will receive it over the course of his lifetime. he has a child and family responsibilities in the money will help them meet those responsibilities. >> reporter: the two deputies involved in the beating were fired and currently face criminal charges. another deputy has been terminated. we found a homeless couple that were witnesses to the beating that said osborne gave them items as harsh money. we uncovered video that showed osborne twirling the necklace at the scene. other deputies were disciplined. the sheriff told me he took this incident personally>> when something goes bad it reflects on me. it's been a long and terrible road for us and a blemish on
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our agency. we didn't have a professional response in a cause a lot of grief. >> reporter: he implemented a new policy the body cameras are to be worn and turned on at all times. >> we've taken a good look at ourselves and the sheriff has worked hard to make sure that what happened that night never happens again. >> reporter: that includes a sweeping review of ethics and conduct and changes the use of force policies with regards to pursuits, reports, and hiring and training. >> at the end of the day we know what the right thing to do is. that one incident was not reflective of what this apartment is about. >> petroff is facing his hands was course during the beating making him disabled. he said he is determined to work and turn his life around when released. >> a lot of people would say we
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got the $5.5 million and was at just about the money?>> insiders tell me he has a young daughter and most likely some of the money will be set aside for her. they say that petroff is expected to receive a five year sentence for those gun and drug charges. in the newsroom, ktvu fox2 news. a teenager is behind bars charged with an unimaginable crime. he appeared in court today and was all ready in custody for an unrelated attack on a 92-year- old woman. on wednesday the teen attacked and sexually assaulted two women as they walked around the high school track. and 86-year-old woman was rushing into saber 61-year-old friend from the attacker. butler turned out both women. her friend was taken to a hospital and is recovering at home.
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butler was arrested hours later at a senior healthcare center. her classmates spoke about his arrest. >> everyone made fun of him but no one wanted to help him. he had anger issues. he's ill. that's not nevin. nevin dozen, that's not what he does. i'm hurt. >> the teenager is charged with attacking a 92-year-old woman who is recovering from injuries. that attack happened hours before petrus was killed and her friend attacked. butler appeared in court today for the first attack and he is expected back in court to be arraigned on murder charges. shock a man faces hate crime charges in connection with three fire bomb attacks around the city. matthew scott jones was booked into solano county jail. he was taken into custody near the first crime scene where someone through a propane tank through a kitchen window at an
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apartment complex. one hour later a car was firebombed. early this morning the fairfield police department was targeted. a propane cylinder was set off about 1 am in front of the building. fortunately no one was hurt in any of the attacks.>> the officers had an idea of who they were looking for. at about 1:40 in the morning, officers actually located the person of interest and took him into custody. >> jones had been using racial slurs directed at his neighbors. this morning fairfield police found an additional device in a warehouse in an industrial area which was neutralized by the bomb squad. why the one month after an east bay high school was rocked by racial per -- post, the schools in rome principal said the school discovered and instagram account that contained quote sexually explicit pictures of students.
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the message said school officials reported the incident to police. last month administrators suspended 11 students after finding raises posts on instagram. the atlanta falcons select to cart mckinley. linebacker ucla. >> he stole the show last night of the nfl draft and its story go viral. he carried a picture of his grandmother on stage when he was dropped the but the falcons. he gave an emotional speech about how he promised her he would make it to the nfl and better his life to get away from the mean streets of richmond in oakland. he played at kennedy high school admits video showing their support. we are at kennedy high tonight. have you had a chance to talk to some of his former classmates? >> reporter: the entire school of the blows.
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we also talk to one of his former teammates.>> a school let out at richmond kennedy high there were smiles knowing one of their own made it to the nfl>> he wasn't the best student but he had a great personality. he didn't let anything hold him back. >> it was with that announcement he made the entire city of richmond proud. >> it's a great day to be an eagle and be from the city. i sat there with a gigantic smile on my face. >> he played alongside him at jfk. lies that's like most people he watched the nfl with an abundance of pride after tak was drafted he probably --
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probably brought this picture of his grandmother along saying he made a promise to his grandmother on her death bed that he would get out of there. >> but tak is doing it for them. tak played on this field at contra costa college>> you gave me motivation every day.>> reporter: tears of joy but no one more than those students at kennedy who now have their own goals to strive for and know that they too can attain their dreams. >> every conversation on campus has been did you see what tak did another question is who is next and everyone is raising their hand . >> reporter: everyone here at jfk are excited about that and raising their hand after the good football season they had. they won the division title and all the players here are excited about tak but hoping that they could be next.>> it is so nice to see someone
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living their dream. he is proof that dreams can happen and all the young players are people you talk to seem very inspired by him. >> reporter: they say he's a great player. he gives back to the community and the students who come and watch the game with him. he's excited to see him -- they are excited to see him. >> so cool to see him with that picture of his grandmother and how he promised her and then she passed away. it is a shame she didn't live long enough to see him reach his goal and dream. >> you are so correct about bad. a lot of people i talked to can relate. to see him relate when odds were against him makes them know that they also can strive and have that same success>> you got to have those role models. paul, thank you.
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they survived but for many victims in san jose they are cleaning up. the groups working to make sure flooding such as this never happens again extract the trump administration's next step in the battle over sanctuary cities. businessman 2: we've gone over the numbers several times, and...
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businessman 1: yea, yea, know what i'm craving right now? businessman 1: (over speaker) --guacamole and bacon. audio tech: we got a craving! go go go!!! music: crashing cravings in the crave van. jack's gonna crash your crave! jack: hey guys, try my guacamole and bacon chicken sandwich
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with all white meat chicken, guacamole and pepperjack cheese. businessman 1: thanks jack.... wait. we're on the 18th floor. how did you get here? jack: hard work. jack vo: you crave it, we serve it. try my new guacamole and bacon chicken sandwich. music: crave van! the trump administration says it has no immediate plans to seek a court ruling reinstating the executive order to withhold funding from
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sanctuary cities. they seek to give the administration more time to respond to lawsuits filed by santa clara and seven disco. a judge blocked the executive order targeting stationary cities on tuesday saying the president could not set new conditions on congressional spending. president trump called the ruling ridiculous and vowed to go to the us supreme court. jeff sessions was on long island where he bowed to make good on the promise to wipe talking violence. sessions visited a community that by a series of gang related deaths. last week the bodies of four young men were found in a park not far from where sessions was speaking. the killings were likely carried out by the ms 13 game. ms 13 is believed to have been founded in los angeles by immigrants from el salvador. >> i have a message for the games to target our young people. we are targeting you. we will prosecute gang members who commit crimes to the
5:43 pm
fullest extent of the law and after they have been convicted if they are not here lawfully they will be deported.>> during his visit he also met with the parents of two long island teenage friends who were killed last year by suspected ms 13 gang members pope francis is in egypt to touchdown -- for a historic today visit. he's presenting a united christian muslim front which renounces violence committed in god's name.'s visit comes weeks after militants carried out to palm sunday church attacks in the country killing at least 44 people. during his day pope francis will hold the public mass were more than 50,000 people are expected to attend. >> we christians, muslims and all believers are called to offer a specific contribution. we live under the son of the one merciful god. we can call one another brothers and sisters. --. >> this is the first time a
5:44 pm
pope has visited egypt in 17 years. there are several parades and festivals going on around the bay area this weekend. here is our weekend watch. >> it is the final weekend of april and here's what's happening. in san francisco you can partake in the cesar chavez holiday parade and festival. and will begin at 11:00 join in the fun of fun in the tenderloin district. there will be free activities for the entire family. on the peninsula you will find the new living expo with lectures on health and spirituality. services will be held as well at the expo in san mateo events center. head over to the 50th anniversary of the summer of love in berkeley. four blocks of telegraph avenue
5:45 pm
from bancroft will be filled with a concert of 60s cover bands, food, art, and the kids activity corner. shock in the north bay, downtown petaluma will have the 36th annual butter in a day festival and parade. the cutest little check contest and the parade begins at noon followed by an afternoon of music, food and family fun. it is a final days a bay area dance week. the 10 day event will feature over 400 free events throughout the bay area. log onto bay area for details. in sports giants adult display at home. jason? on the road and warriors consider their that's continued their postseason run. dog after dog pulled out of this home. more than 80 and all. coming up, what brought police there in the first place.
5:46 pm
>> she was terrified.>> for those rescued from floodwaters in san jose, these next steps are so important. the fight for moneyed to make sure the flooding along coyote creek never happens again. 90s are in the forecast them we will see you back here.
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the major flooding along coyote creek forced 14,000
5:49 pm
people from their homes back in february. months later people are still claiming up. members of the santa clara valley water board met with san jose leaders to come up with a plan to prevent severe flooding like that in the future. >> this meeting was personal for ted smith whose granddaughter had to be rescued from the floodwaters>> she was terrified and she came running out of the house with a couple of dogs and a bag>> how would they keep coyote creek from flooding again? the answer is it won't be easy. officials at the washington to meet with regulators who could approve funding. >> 20 years ago they denied the project so we're going back to them again and were being encouraged that the listening this time. >> out of this meeting came a joint resolution for an action plan and an agreement a look at fixes like blood barriers and vegetation removal.
5:50 pm
>> well aware of the barriers. are we going to start? you can only get there by taking the first step. it is critical that the water district with the city take that first step. >> it is a step both sides meditate together. officials stated publicly they will not to the water district. the attorney the water district hired said he's pleased to see and into the finger-pointing. >> residents say they want more than plans, they one action. >> unless we can continue to get real oversight from the community that they may slip back into the roadways. >> the emergency action plan be completed by october and implemented by mid-december before the next rainy season begins. in san jose, and we've been, ktvu fox2 news. warmer today and warmer
5:51 pm
tomorrow and warmer as we head into the bay area sunday, monday, and tuesday. we could see some low 90s. 78, filet whole. 74, antioch. a nice day out there with lots of sunshine. the winds are still blowing. they're coming out of the north northwest and were seeing more of an offshore flow which will increase temperatures tomorrow. you can see that ridge of high pressure extending from the hawaiian islands. that's a set up right now. they're getting some wet weather and severe weather but for us, good weather all the way around with warmer than average temperatures especially as we head into the beginning of next week. 74, livermore. a live camera shot with no fog.
5:52 pm
i think fog will show up next week. a classic spring pattern. the temperatures are not that cold but it has been windy. no coastal fog this weekend and no valley fog. dry with a warming trend that takes you right into the bay area. this weekend looks good. sunday will be slightly cooler. tomorrow we will see low 80s possible. 79 or 80 degrees. sunday will be a little cooler, mid-70s. and then monday and tuesday it really cranks up. we could see low 90s. clear lake, 84. these our forecast highs in for saturday. the tree pollen and and the grasses are a little early. the sun has been out and we've had sunny days. tree pollen is high. you will notice it tomorrow.
5:53 pm
saturday, we could get back into the upper 80s and low 90s. a nice five day forecast with the drive for their -- with a dry pattern that sticks with this all week. i've got to get my yard in order. >> are you? >> what do you need to do?>> fix the sprinklers. then i've got to clean the furniture. put some plants back in. just stuff we been putting off. nothing exciting. >> it will be nice. dog after dog pulled out of her home in northern california. four hours neighbors watched these animals getting taken away. shock lawmakers are ready to take on president trump over his new executive order to expand offshore drilling
5:54 pm
california because of this united opposition is going to have to take a strong stand until the president we don't want oil drilling.
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in stockton of doherty's found more than 80 dogs, dozens of cats and a turtle inside a home.>> reporter: a never ending line of dogs removed from the stockton home and ledgewood avenue. >> i didn't think it was that
5:57 pm
bad. >> a hoarding case neighbor an animal service officials consider highly official>> this is rare for our area. >> reporter: police were called to the's home around 4 am on friday for a medical call. a 51-year-old woman and a man were taken to the hospital where the woman died. her death led to an investigation. >> one thing we noticed was it sounded like three or four dogs inside the house. it didn't sound like 50+ dogs.>> reporter: they found more than 80 dogs. mostly carriers which are wall was. dozens of cats and the turtle. >> the conditions are not ideal for animals and not for this amount of animals. >> reporter: the animals were examined and vaccinated and given a lot of love before they were placed in vehicles. >> they do appear to be healthy and well fed.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: despite conditions zimmerman said they're not looking decide the man who lives here. they hope to help him. >> we have all ready spoken with the animal owner and it appears to be a case of trying to do the right thing that got out of hand. >> reporter: after the animals will be getting their homes.>> reporter: most of these animals will have a chance at a better life. in stockton, fox 40 news. a tense standoff in the east bay finally comes to an end after 19 hours with an armed homicide suspect under arrest. we are learning more about that suspect. good evening everyone, i am frank zimmerman. on the creek police released this photo of a 38-year-old. they say this photo was taken
5:59 pm
from a prior arrest in 2014. investigators say he killed a woman near a park in walnut creek yesterday afternoon before police caught up with him in a call of martinez a few hours later. a standoff at that location lasted 20 hours we get new details from henry lee. police say the suspect had several weapons in that car with him. >> that's right. traffic is flowing behind me after 19 hours police have brought the standout to an end. take a look at video we shot a few hours ago. the swat team fired tear gas at this mercedes parked near .3 and howell road in martinez. a 38-year-old suspect came out of the car with his hands up and was taken into custody for allegedly killing a woman he had been dating. they waited until they could safely disarm him with a gun
6:00 pm
and two nights before moving in. >> the negotiations went on for 19 hours with him. some might ask why so long but the reason is preservation of life. we are here to preserve everybody's life we wanted him in custody with no one injured or hurt or killed. >> police say a day earlier the man shot and killed rosalynn paula carpio of first avenue and walnut creek near the lindsay wildlife experience. here is some dispatch audio of the incident. >> shots fired on one of is the avenue and walnut creek. a man shot a woman at a park.>> reporter: police say the two were in a dating relationship. when police first off the mercedes at 7:00 past -- last night they say the suspect was in the passenger street --


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