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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  April 28, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and two nights before moving in. >> the negotiations went on for 19 hours with him. some might ask why so long but the reason is preservation of life. we are here to preserve everybody's life we wanted him in custody with no one injured or hurt or killed. >> police say a day earlier the man shot and killed rosalynn paula carpio of first avenue and walnut creek near the lindsay wildlife experience. here is some dispatch audio of the incident. >> shots fired on one of is the avenue and walnut creek. a man shot a woman at a park.>> reporter: police say the two were in a dating relationship. when police first off the mercedes at 7:00 past -- last night they say the suspect was in the passenger street --
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passenger seat. the suspect stayed in the car overnight. this morning police say the suspect fired his handgun blowing out his windshield. the suspect held a gun to his head often not -- off and on and after he asked for a bottle water he got out of the car but refused to surrender. you were shot with a nonlethal sponge round the went back into the mercedes. this afternoon he dropped the gun out of her car window and later two nights. and then the swat team moved in firing tear gas into the car and forcing him out. police say that during this incident he was suffering from delusions because he had apparently ingested illegal drugs. he has been named in restraining orders and some alleging domestic violence in which the victims were someone else other than this homicide victim. for now, that is the latest from martinez. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news . we just learn the name of
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the victim. do we know anything more about her like where she is from her anything? >> not yet. i looked her up in the superior court but other relatives and women he have been involved with including a possible ex- wife have accused him of domestic violence. this homicide victim apparently he had been dating her but it's unclear for how long and or any details of the relationship. >> things, henry. happening now, and coulter speaking in the central valley. people are receiving her much differently than she was received in berkeley. she is appearing at a republican dinner at the doubletree hotel in modesto one day after she was scheduled to speak at cal. rob malcolm is in modesto. rob organizers took extra precautions tonight. >> reporter: the event is well
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underway. it's started at 5 pm and it runs until 7 pm. take a look at this scene in front of the doubletree hotel right now. it change from about one hour ago. the number of protesters has grown in numbers. it has been relatively peaceful. we have seen modesto police setting up cones and barricades and blocking off some streets. and coulter is in a secure environment on the upper floors and security is being held by a private security firm. organizers here are telling us they do not expect any problems here tonight and agree with everyone's right to protest.>> reporter: unlike events of the past the discourse on the sidewalk was peaceful and friendly. people speaking with modesto police. security is tight with the perimeter around the hotel secured and parking restricted.
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coulter was invited by the republican party. tickets ranging from $125 republican party. tickets ranging from $125- $10,000. donations should help the local chapter of the gop. coulter will talk about her new book and trump we trust and also free speech. her controversy help sellout the event and her supporters say that something that shouldn't be taking place. >> the controversy is a thing that should not be happening. freedom of speech applies to all sides. to try to snuff out one side because another side doesn't agree with it is going against everything this country was founded on. that people may not agree with what and coulter has to say and other people might not agree with some of the left public speakers. people still have a right to speak and the right to invite
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people in. >> back your life, about 60 protesters in front of the hotel. i did speak with modesto police this afternoon and they tell me they have a contingency plan in place the call and outside forces in case help is needed but they don't expect anything to go awry tonight. very much a peaceful event so far. we are live from modesto. ktvu fox2 news. rob, we've seen so many pictures of the two sides yelling and screaming at each other . have you seen anyone down there just having a conversation and actually listening to each other's perspectives>> that's a good question, frank. it was a much younger crowd of berkeley. this is an older crowd and more mature. everyone is having a friendly discourse and trading barbs and jokes and letting their signs speak for their point of view. again, what the organizers wanted to happen here tonight.
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police in berkeley say five people were arrested during yesterday's priest beach protest downtown. charges range from assisting arrest to possession of a controlled substance. police say there were no reports of injuries or property damage during the demonstration. hundreds of people sounded off over a canceled speech by ann coulter. berkeley's mayor told ktvu a large police present -- presents help keep peace per >> we heard people speaking out and there were lots of discussions and debates that happened and that's what we want to facilitate. we don't want to turn our city into a fight club. the cost of that large police presence is falling onto the city. the trump administration says it has no immediate plans to go to court to try to reinstate trump's executive order withholding funding from
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sanctuary cities. a federal judge in san francisco block the order saying the president cannot set new conditions on congressional spending. trump called the ruling ridiculous. in the meantime california's attorney general is bowing to stop the president's proposed border wall. he called it mid-evil. >> in california we want to be inclusive and nonexclusive. we want to incorporate and not kick out and we want to keep families together and not separate. once again, we are on a collision course sometimes with the trump administration. we will keep moving. >> he says he doesn't believe trump has legal grounds to build the wall on california land without the consent of the state government. resident trump sat down with fox news to reflect on his first 100 days in the white house. lauren blanchard joins us live from washington with some of what the president had to say. lauren? >> reporter: saturday march the presidents 100 day in office. in an interview the president
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admits he thought it would be easier. >> 100 days of broken promises to working people. we haven't seen a jobs bill and we haven't seen an infrastructure bill>> reporter: present trump is saying friday he's happy with his first 100 days. >> i do think anybody has done what we've been able to do in 100 days. >> reporter: in a new interview he expresses frustration when asked about not being able to get healthcare and tax reform done.>> reporter: in terms of legislation you will see everywhere on saturday there was no major legislation passed in the first hundred days. you have a republican congress. >> that's very wrong. first of all we had 28 bills. >> reporter: are you disappointed with how the republicans have handled these big issues?>> it is a very tough system. >> reporter: congress did avoid a crisis passing stopped
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legislation to avoid a government shutdown giving lawmakers another week to reach a spending deal. the president traveling to atlanta to speak to the national rifle association. >> the eight-year assault on your second of mid--- amendment freedoms has come to an end.[cheering] >> reporter: during his speech the president reeling against elizabeth warren calling her pocahontas and warning his supporters she may run against him in the next presidential election. we have posted a timeline of trump's first 100 days in office. you can find it under web links. some california gunowners have fallen -- filed a federal lawsuit in hopes of turning over the ban on large magazines. magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. as of july 1 anyone who owns a large capacity magazine must dispose of it. the suit was filed in fresno.
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the band via lights their constitutional rights. president trump signed an executive order to consider reopening offshore areas the oil and gas drilling. jerry brown said the state of california will fight any attempts to allow new oil drilling off the coast. state lawmakers are taking action introducing legislation to ban the oil and gas pipelines in state waters and along the coast. only seven years ago we had a disastrous spill with millions and millions of gallons of crude oil and we cannot afford a mistake like that off of the coast of california.>> environmental group say they expect climate change marcus to us band -- to expand to include these. we're tracking the
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weekend forecast. i think you're going to like it. new developments in that takeover sorrow robbery on the bart train as police announced their first arrest. a live look right now at the bay bridge. traffic on this friday night is slow going as you head into the city.
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we have breaking news happening on highway 101 near highway 92 in san mateo.
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here is live pictures from sky foxes we pull out you can see the scene. we have very little information but some northbound lanes are closed after an accident there has led to a shooting. it appears to involve of totality. we happen to know that one lane of traffic appears to be getting by. if you look closely in the middle of your screen you can see the fire truck and ambulance and what appears to be a yellow type indicating possibly there has been a fatality but we have no confirmation on that. this is happening on highway 101 near highway 92 in san mateo. as you can imagine, the traffic here on a friday evening is going to be very backed up as investigators it looks like we'll have this blocked off for some time. you can see the extent of the backup here on northbound 101 in san mateo. the backup stretches along way
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and it will be a long time as police appear to be working are crime scene on a fatality. an accident that led to a shooting. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. an update on last weekend's mob attack on passengers at the coliseum station in oakland. bart police have made an arrest. they were able to identify a juvenile through surveillance video and they hold more arrests will follow. there has been a spike this year after three years of decline. a task force will draw on the research of surrounding agencies. >> robberies and cell phones and other electronics apart stations has spiked in the past few months along with assaults associated with those that's. the police department has seen a 22% increase in crime in the first quarter>> when i was young i used to fight those guys, but i'm not young anymore.>> we will have
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increased staffing. >> bart police have been making extra patrols since then. >> since march we have arrested 19 individuals that were involved in group robberies.>> reporter: those extra patrols didn't stop a group of juveniles from robbing and assaulting writers last saturday. bart says there were multiple warrants in the system for juveniles to be arrested in connection with the crime. those juveniles are known to bart police and neighboring agencies. >> we have taken one of those into custody. >> our acting chief call for a task force. hotspots where were seeing juveniles committing crimes. >> as of thursday officers are working emergency staffing levels will five days on a two days off versus four days on it three days off. >> so many people rely on bart
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because of the traffic in the bay area. and now you don't want to use bart because you're worried about somebody robbing you or jumping you. >> reporter: bart says the juveniles are -- in oakland, ktvu fox2 news . the commute was slowed on bart early this morning after a bart train stalled during a test run. crews caught the disabled trade being pushed by an older train to the hayward maintenance yard. other bart trains had to singletrack around the causing delays for commuters. this has not happen with our new trains before and it's not clear what caused that trained to stall. >> it's all part of the testing process and until we know what caused the train to not be able to move, i'm not going to speculate whether it's a major
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issue or a minor issue. we will have to wait and see what the engineers find out about what happened this morning. >> reporter: bart has been testing these new cars overnight for a few months now. they say they will continue until they are confident the cars are working properly extract jerry brown signed his gas tax legislation today. the $0.12 per gallon increase is set to take effect in november. vehicle registration fees are going up. the tax is expected to raise $52 billion over 10 years to pay for repairs to california's roads and transportation systems. critics say a cost almost $1 billion for lawmakers special projects to get them to pass the bill in the first place extract the sheriff's department has reached a settlement with the man beaten by two sheriff's deputies during a pursuit. that beating was caught on camera. tara moriarty reports that the suspect is getting $5 million. >> reporter: you can hear the
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baton strikes. in the surveillance video more than 40 of them striking petroff. >> this was eye-opening for so many people and sickening to see and hear what happened on that video.>> reporter: his attorney announcing he will receive a $5.5 million settlement from the county of alameda. >> the money will be carefully structured so that mr. petroff will receive it over the course of his lifetime. he has a child and family responsibilities and that money will help them eat those responsibilities. >> reporter: the two deputies involved in that beating were fired. they currently face criminal charges. another deputy has been terminated. we found the homeless couple witnesses to the beating that set off for gave them the victims necklaces hush money. we uncovered video showing osborne twirling the necklace at the scene. other deputies were also
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discipline. >> reporter: the sheriff told me he took this incident very personally >> when something goes bad it reflects on me and this is been a long and terrible road and this is been a blemish on our agency. we didn't have a confessional response. >> reporter: he implemented a new policy that body cameras are to be worn and turned on at all times. >> we've taken a good look at ourselves and what transpired from that incident. the sheriff has worked really hard to make sure the what happened that night never happens again. >> reporter: that includes a sweeping review of ethics and conduct and changes use of force policies, procedures with pursuits, reports and recruiting, hiring and training. >> at the end of the day we know what the right thing to do is. that one incident was not reflective of what this department is about.>> reporter: for petroff he's currently in jail.
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his hand was crushed during the beating making him disabled but he says he is determined to work and turn his life around when released. >> reporter: a lot of people would say we got the $5.5 million but was at just about the money?>> it was about accountability. >> reporter: he has a young daughter and some of the money will be set aside for her. they say that petroff is expected to receive a five-year sentence for those got a drug charges with credit for time served that means he will be out within four years. tara moriarty, ktvu fox2 news . your weekend is here and we've got some nice weather to talk about. this ridge of high pressure with clouds coming up over it and just a nice-looking weekend. winds will continue through tonight and then they will come more north northeasterly so it won't feel as windy . they will be coming as aggressively
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strong. we had gusts up to 44 mile -- miles per hour. tomorrow, maybe 15 miles per hour. you can see -- typically you would see a lot of whitecaps. but when the bay is calm, -- as we get into the afternoon 75. oakland, 77. san jose, 80 degrees. a nice and warm day even at the beaches. check it out. everywhere around the bay area will be stunning. tomorrow it will warm up nicely but sunday temperatures are down a little bit. by early next week we could see 90s.
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i will see you back here. a teenager charged in a deadly attack on an 86-year-old woman.>> the dude has anger issues.>> what we're learning about the suspect as he faced a judge today on several charges. the 49ers brought their two first round draft picks to meet the media. will have the introductions a little later in sports. more on that breaking news were an accident of what appears to be a deadly shooting have shut down lanes and created a huge traffic jam on highway 101. life pictures here from sky fox and we are continuing to gather information. more of what we know coming up throughout this newscast.
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more the breaking news from san mateo where there has been a shooting possibly a deadly shooting on highway 101. here's what we know. there was some type of accident there on highway 101 and that led to the shooting. we did see a yellow tarp on the ground but we don't know for a fact yet that someone was killed. we believe that that may have been the case. here's the situation on one-on- one. to lanes are closed. as we pan the camera over, you will get a chance to see an enormous backup. traffic is being diverted on the hillsdale exit. there you see what happened. of the camera can go a little farther, you will see this backup stretches all the way
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down one-on-one. these are the northbound lanes of one-on-one and san mateo. an enormous traffic jam their as traffic is being diverted on the hillsdale exit. again, the headland right now is that there has been some type of shooting on highway 101 after there was an accident. we do not know the extent of the injuries but we believe it may have been a fatal shooting. we are working to get more information and as we do we will bring it to you. that is where the shooting happened. you can see the ambulance in the fire crews to free two men, they had a yellow type down before but i don't see that now. again, we are working to get more information on the extent of the injuries and we will let you know as soon as we find out more information. an 18-year-old man is behind bars in sacramento county charged with raping and beating a woman to death.
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vicki gonzalez tells us one person who knows the suspect says that young man had difficulties controlling his anger. >> reporter: a teenaged charged in random attacks against women. nevin butler accused of sexual assault and murder. violently attacking 86-year-old petra and injuring her 61-year- old neighbor on wednesday morning while going for a morning walk around the highlands high school track. hours later butler was arrested at woodside healthcare center after investigators say he attacked a 91-year-old woman. the school district confirming the 18-year-old is a former student with -- where the murder occurred. carlos moore rio called him a classmate both high school juniors>> it has been weird. there are a lot of people, especially the sports people don't want to practice her
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anymore. >> reporter: do you think you will look at that tracked the same way? >> no. never again. >> reporter: with teammates just learning of the charges. >> he did always have anger issues. you can say something to him and he will get mad and try to fight you. >> reporter: emotionally torn after calling him a friend. >> he had problems and everyone made fun of him. he had anger issues. he's they'll. like he's sick. that's not what he does. i'm hurt. >> reporter: a high school student now facing murder charges.>> a rise in the number of reported hate crimes nationwide.>> we will not let anyone turn our country into a racist or white supremacist. >> why experts say today's political climate could be a
6:30 pm
factor. warren that breaking news we told you about on the peninsula. an accident on a shooting and as i lanes on highway 101 and created an enormous backup. shock and east bay athletes steals the show at the nfl draft.>>
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we have new information on that breaking news we've been following out of san mateo. it appears there was some type of accident on highway 101 just before 5:30 and that led to a shooting. we have just confirmed that this was a police shooting. there is a yellow tarp on the side of the road and we believe it is covering our body. it would appear that at least one person was killed here. traffic is backed up big time on the northbound side of one- on-one. >> the highway is quoted hillsdale and vehicles are being developed -- detoured there. we we'll show you a traffic map where you can see the backup. you can see the read there on northbound one-on-one. northbound lanes are all close and drivers are being diverted at hillsdale. this is near highway 92 and san
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mateo. an active investigation is ongoing on the side of the highway. >> we just learned this was a police shooting. we are working to get more details and we will bring them to you. you are watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30. there is been a stark increase in reported hate crimes. experts are linking it to the current political climate. what law enforcement is doing in response. >> reporter: a woman wearing a headscarf gets mistaken for has her window shattered in fremont. a high school in danville someone wrote whites and colored over urinals in the bathroom. swastikas were spray painted on her garage door in san francisco. these cases are part of verizon hate crimes reported in the bay area and across the country. the uptick can be linked to the anti-immigrant rhetoric associated with donald trump's presidential campaign. >> right after the presidential election we saw throughout the country, state and locally a
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surgeon hate -related speech and hate -related actions towards community members. >> reporter: a la center which tracks take crimes says it has documented more than 1000 hate crimes after the election. the anti-defamation league has seen a massive increase in anti- somatic incidents. in 2016 there was a 34% increase in us all, vandalism and harassment. 30% of those cases happened in november and december>> our concern is that it is rhetoric of elected officials and politicians and contribute to heed in our country. >> reporter: california department of justice says there was a nearly 50% increase in hate crimes based on religion from 2014 to 2015. during that time anti-muslim cases jump from 18 cases to 40>> we are seeing that people are feeling emboldened to be able to say and act upon these views. it's wanting to hold the point of view but it's another thing
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to act out on it and to use that as inspiration for criminal activity. >> reporter: well anecdotally there has been a rise in hate crimes these are often underreported. some victims are scared of retaliation and others may not be in the country legally>> we're not concerned with their immigration status. if someone is being victimized, we want to know about it. >> reporter: the da has set up hotlines to report hate crimes. >> we are here to listen and to prosecute a case is necessary and to refer to the appropriate law enforcement agency if that's the route that needs to be taken. >> reporter: the charges are filed they don't always stick. >> your mind is been taken over and brainwashed and you have nothing but hate.>> reporter: denise later took a plea deal for getting a muslim man had an east bay park. in exchange for her plea a hate crime charge was dismissed.
6:37 pm
these three men are awaiting trial for murder in the shooting that killed william sims. prosecutors originally filed a hate crime charge but a grand jury did not include that in the more recent indictment.: cooper is the attorney for one of the men. >> it's important for people not to jump to conclusions but especially something as volatile as i hate crime accusation>> reporter: it will take a lot of work to push back against hatred. >> we will not let anyone turn our country into a racist, white supremacist haven for people that are case of gbm it does individuals, muslims, blacks and others. coming up, tensions rising overseas as north korea test fires another missile. on the us is reacted tonight. continuing coverage on breaking news. an accident and police shooting on highway 101 and san mateo.
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we will be back with the latest.
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more on that breaking news on highway 101 and san mateo. live pictures from sky fox. there has been a deadly shooting and we have confirmed this was a police officer involved in this deadly shooting. if you look on the left-hand side where the ambulances, you can see a yellow tarp over the body of the person killed.
6:41 pm
we have no information on why this person was shot. all we do know is that this was an officer involved shooting. as we mentioned on highway 101 and as you can tell from this picture all of the north found lanes are closed. of we've been over here, you will see that traffic is being diverted on the hillsdale exit. all of the cars on one-to-one are being sent onto surface streets. you can get some ideas here of the immense traffic jam this is causing. all of those cars are backed up and trying to get off the freeway and onto city streets. all of this is happening and san mateo. it's rush-hour right now and that area is all ready crowded. you can get a good idea of how bad the traffic is. one person killed today on one- to-one and san mateo in a police shooting. we are working to get more information. you can see the area and read
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is highway 101 the northbound lanes that are closed. this is as a result of the shooting. as we get more information we will bring it to you. a serious situation there on highway 92 and highway 101 extract two new developments from north korea. the regime testfired was believed to be a medium-range ballistic missile. and broke up minutes after launch and fell into the sea of japan. this comes as the us in the be pulling back from some of us are just rhetoric. in a statement today rex tillerson emphasize diplomacy telling -- the us wants to tighten sanctions and put pressure on the north to end this nuclear program. he did not rule out the possibility of military action. coming up, and east bay athletes steals the show at the nfl draft. how his community is showing support tonight. definitely warming up that -- out there.
6:43 pm
i will let you know what you can expect this weekend.
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boy did he steal the show at the nfl draft last night and since then his story has gone viral. tak mckinley. you saw the picture there where he carried a picture of his late grandmother on stage as his name was announced. the 21-year-old favorite emotional speech about the promise he gave to his grandmother right before she passed away. we learned more about tak
6:46 pm
mckinley park >> is school let out there were smiles on the faces of many knowing that tak made it to the nfl . >> he was in the best student but he had a great personality and he didn't let anything hold them back. >> the atlantic falcons select takkarist mckinley . >> he made his entire city of richmond proud . >> it's a great day to be an eagle and be from the city. i just sat there with the gigantic smile on my face. >> he played alongside tak at jfk. he watched the draft on thursday night with pride. he knew the one of their own has made it. >> after he was drafted by the atlanta falcons he probably brought the picture of his grandmother along saying he made a promise or her that he would get out of richmond and make a big.
6:47 pm
>> i made that promise or man and 30 minutes later she passed away.>> reporter: he's doing it for them in the next athletes. he played on this field at contra costa callers. >> he gives me motivation every day.>> reporter: those students have their own goals to strive for and know now that they can attain their dreams. >> every conversation on campus has been did you see what tak did . the question is, who's next and everyone is raising their hand>> reporter: many are members of jfk's football team who won their this season. temperatures today on the warm side. temperatures tomorrow warmer and that warmer still as we head through the bay area weekend. early next weekend, upper 80s
6:48 pm
low 90s by next week. 77, concorde. 75, morgan hill. we will see lots of upper 70s tomorrow and a few low 80s. sunday will be cooler but we are splitting hairs. not substantially cooler. both days will be nice. we will have more of a pronounced offshore flow and so with that you will get that pattern.>> it's interesting, this indicates a north winds. the headlands are blocking it. that tells you that the winds are shifting around and that's when temperatures warm up. your forecast for oakland tomorrow morning in the 50s. by lunchtime, 72 degrees. sunny and warm in oakland and in fremont, beautiful. late in the day, sunny and
6:49 pm
warm. 76 degrees. 77, 78 and hayward. san jose, upper 70s are low 80s. the oranges are 80s. so that looks about right for a temperature footprint. look at all of the 80s in the sacramento valley. i wouldn't be surprised by monday or tuesday to see some reds which would indicate possible 90s. >> there are the highs. 82, san jose. 74, san bruno. a nice looking forecast. minor cooling on sunday. not a big deal. temperatures that will be as warm as we have seen all year and no rain. >> that is a good looking forecast. we want to take you back to that breaking news on the
6:50 pm
peninsula happening and san mateo. skyfox flew apply pictures now. you can see the patrol cars there. this is an officer involved shooting that has shut down all lanes of highway 101. the incident began a was reported as a collision between two cars at 5:30 on highway 101 there highway 92. we learned that one person has been killed. we have learned that no officers have been hurt. the traffic backup resulting from that incident stretches all the way down and as we've been out you can see the cars heading northbound and traffic backed up for miles. they are being diverted off of the hillsdale avenue exit. >> we will put up a traffic map to give you a better sense of where this is happening. you can see the read there highway 92. those are the northbound lanes and that's where this happened near hillsdale. all lanes northbound right now are shut and traffic is being diverted off of hillsdale. that is creating a huge traffic
6:51 pm
jam. >> police have also close the westbound lanes from 92 to highway 101. we are working to get more information on what happened. one person has been killed on highway 101 enter northbound direction. sports is next. we will be right back.
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nl draft is still going on a we met some of the 49ers top picks. that kid from stanford, i like that guy. >> both youngsters gave a very good impression. the 49ers are basking in the glow of what appears to be a very good draft day. today the 49ers in the general manager john lynch are busy again. he traded one of his pics for a second rounder. and then for you drafts who know these guys witherspoon is a quarterback out of the university of colorado. he was selected by the 49ers. yesterday's events and those are the new guys, out of stanford. ruben foster out of the university of alabama. they showed off their new uniforms and thomas the number
6:55 pm
three. his squeaky clean. some question marks about his shoulder and whether or not he may need another surgery on it. both are keeping a positive today. >> we have a met before. i spent about 10 minutes with him and he feels like my brother. >> he's right about that. [laughter] >> i'm excited to be part of this defense. amazing players all around. it's a dream come true. what i've learned about him is love. i love the 49ers. all of the greats. i want to become one of the grades. i know it got to wait my turn into a step at a time but i'm willing to do that. >> the way those guys acted today gives off the vibe. it just seems like a brand-new day for the 49ers.
6:56 pm
not only the fans but you can see the enthusiasm of the youngsters being infused onto this roster. let's take a look at the reader spec from yesterday. he's out of ohio state and his name is conley. is got potential legal problems but they haven't been proven and the raiders say they've done their due diligence and they're not concerned about it. he is a very talented defensive back and he was very happy when he got the news last night. >> i couldn't even hear the phone call because my family tackled as soon as i put my phones one year. like i said, i have been shaking ever since. it is unreal. it is the most proud i have ever been in my life. this is like a once-in-a- lifetime opportunity.>> we are going to know when and who the golden state warriors play in the next round of the playoffs
6:57 pm
as utah is hosting the clippers and if the jazz went they will face a warriors on sunday. in the meantime, the warriors getting a chance to rest and practice as they polished up. skills that he is develop nicely. the best part of life of the nba and particularly so in the playoffs. kevin durrant learned it and he learned it starting on his first night in the nba. >> those guys taught that to me is a ricky. i was 19. it was a fun exchange. that's what it is about. he's really good at it. i love it. when you play against him it's even better as well. >> thank you for joining us.
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goodnight. april showers
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