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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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a deadly police shooting closes down highway 101 on the peninsula during the height of the evening commute creating a nightmare, traffic jam for countless drivers. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the northbound lanes of highway 101 in san mateo are closed at this hour just before the highway 92 inner change. to get the latest on this developing news on ktvu jana katsuyama live on the scene. jana, what have you learned? >> reporter: well just a few minutes ago julie and frank, i got an update from the police captain who says they still have not identified the suspect. they're only saying he is an adult male. if you take a look behind me, i'm step out of the way so you can see why highway 101 is closed. this is the scene. they have brought out a big light because it is very dark out here.
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we have seen going through the san mateo police department, the district attorney's office investigators and the county coroner's office, all out here where they say three chp officers in three different vehicles pulled up and ended up firing their weapons. san mateo police cars and chp vehicles blocked all lanes of highway 101 north surrounding a dark pickup truck. a yellow tarp was nearby on the ground. one suspect dead. in what police said was an officer-involved shooting that happened just after 5:30 p.m. friday. >> the suspect was fatally wounded in the officer-involved shooting. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect was armed with a handgun and got into a confrontation with three chp officers from the redwood city office. >> all three discharged their firearms. this occurred right here on the shoulder. >> reporter: traffic friday evening came to a halt as police shut down all northbound lanes of highway 101 south of
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92 and diverted vehicle onto hillsdale boulevard while investigators try to piece together what happened. >> there is an investigation into the legality of the shooting that's handled by the san mateo district attorney's office. there's an investigation into the criminal act of the suspect that led to the shooting that's being handled by san mateo police department. there is is an administrativehandling of the shooting. >> reporter: back here live i did ask the police captain what led up to this, why the person was fired upon. they are still investigating that and do not know. i asked if there was any video tape or witnesses here who might have had cell phone footage or anything like that. again one of the things they said they're not releasing any information right now. they want to make sure they're being very careful step by step in this investigation and actually three investigations you heard earlier and they want to make sure they are getting all of the evidence they need
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right now before they open this road back up to the public. >> at this point we don't know if it is some sort of a chase that openedded up there. do we know if the suspect openedded up firing his gun? >> fire -- ended up firing that gun? >> sometimes you get a little bit of the information. they will give us more details. >> the freeway has been shut down for hours. do we know how much longer it will be closed? >> reporter: julie, you know, earlier i asked them and they said a couple of hours, then they said it might be longer. at this point when i asked a short while ago if we would be here for our 11:00 news they said they think they might. so obviously they're taking their time. they want to make sure they do this right, but they also said they are aware of the inconvenience to the public, so they're working as fast as they can to try to get 101 open. >> all right, we'll get an update with you from you in the
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next hour. jana, thank you. new details now in the long police standoff that finally came to an end this afternoon in martinez. after spending 19 hours in a car, a murder suspect finally gave up and was taken into custody. tonight police have identified the man was 38-year-old gregory policarpio. he's accused of killing a woman near the lindsay wildlife experience. our crime reporter henry lee tonight on how police ended the standoff without any further bloodshed. >> reporter: just after 2:00 p.m. a swat team fired tear gas at this mercedes parked near pint street in martinez. a short while later the 38-year- old suspect gregory policarpio came out of the car with his hands up taken into custody for allegedly killing a woman he had been dating. they decided to wait until they safely disarmed him of a gun and two knives before moving
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in. >> negotiations went on about 19 hours with him. some might ask why so long and the reason is preservation of life. we're here to precertain everybody's life no matter what they do and we want him in custody with no one injured or hurt or killed. >> reporter: a day earlier the man shot and killed 47-year-old roselyn policarpio on first avenue in walnut creek near the lindsay wildlife experience. >> shots fired on buena vista avenue in walnut creek. >> reporter: police said the two were in a dating relationship. when police first stopped the mercedes at about 7:00 last night they say the suspect was in the passenger seat. the driver, his friend exited the car and was detained, questioned, released by police. the suspect stayed in the car overnight. earlier friday morning the suspect accidentally fired his handgun blowing out his -- his
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windshield, no one was hurt. he got out of the car, but refused to surrender. police shot him with non-lethal sponge rounds, but went back into the mercedes. and only then did the swat team move in, firing tear gas into the car, forcing him out. during the standoff, the suspect apparently suffered dilutions. i learned the suspect had been named in domestic violence filed by people other than the homicide victim. in martinez henry lee ktvu fox 2 news. north korea is wrestling up with another test of medium range missiles today. the u.s. and south korea said they broke apart minutes after launching a third test just this month. the test firing came just hours after the u.s. secretary rex tillerson appeared in a special
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meeting at the security council. tillerson says the u.s. and its allies must step up the pressure on north korea and before the regime develops a nuclear warhead. and the threat of the north korean nuclear attack or tokyo, it is real. and it will be likely only a matter of time before they create that capability to strike the u.s. mainland. >> and the u.s. is hoping china will join in pressuring north korea, their primary trade partner. but today they did not suggest any sanctions. china called on the u.s. and south korea to end their military exercises in the region. as a bargaining chip and an idea that both nations rejected. today president trump signed a new executive order to consider reopening offshore areas to oil and gas drilling. the order repeals most of former president trump's ban on drilling in large part -- president obama's ban on drilling in large areas of alaska. california will fight any
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attempts to allow new oil drilling along our coast. state lawmakers are already taking action. introducing legislation to ban new oil and gas pipelines in state waters and off the coastline. governor brown also signed his controversial gas tax legislation today. the $0.12 increase is set to take in effect in november. vehicle registration fees are also going up. taxes are projected to raise $52 billion over 10 years to pay for repairs to california's roads and transportation systems. new at 10:00, a store burglary caught on video and the thieves caught minutes later after a chase. sonoma county authorities say it may be a major break in a spree of tool thefts that had been plaguing businesses for years. ktvu debora villalon is live now in santa rosa with what made the difference this time. debora? >> reporter: well julie, this tractor dealership had not been hit and the manager thinks it is because it has this outer locked gate. plus reenforced doors. but the thieves took the chance and they lost.
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all of this is gone. >> reporter: dozens of high-end tools, from $200 to $700 each are on their shelves. after a heist thursday before dawn, six or seven masked men grabbed a $15,000 worth of tools in under three minutes using a grinder to break the door locks. >> and so these go across. >> reporter: john deere manager chris hale. >> they blocked this off. they took an ax to the windows. >> reporter: leaving shattered glass and suspects gone. but since his alarm system sent a thief to his phone, he could guide law enforcement with a description while this was happening. and they only got a few miles away when a watchful cop spotted them. >> this is awesome. i think it was a big deal. i mean there's a lot of them getting hit for a long time. >> you can see they are real organized in the way they move
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and they know exactly what they're looking for. >> reporter: these burglars have had lots of practice using the same methods and going after the same steel merchandise at dealers up and down california. another santa rosa retailer was ripped off last summer bay crew with the same mo. even driving a stolen white van just like this time. they didn't give up easily. >> the driver opened his -- his door and he ended up landing on the ground. >> reporter: two more men inside caught when spike strips flattened their tires. >> there's two to three people that got away. they might have been dropped off or ran off on foot somewhere, but we caught three of them. >> are they talking? >> we had nice conversations with them. >> reporter: someone else who cases stores and sells goods calls the shots. >> these are the guys on the criminal scale. >> reporter: to go from stripped shelves to everything
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completely recovered and returned before noon have other vendors buzzing hoping the plague of burglaries is over. >> we get a lot of calls, thumbs up. everyone is excited we caught them. these are the guys all hit before around the area. >> reporter: the real-time camera feed and the alarm system really made a difference this time. the three men in custody at the sonoma county jail are it in their 20s and 30s and they are all from the fresno area. the van was also stolen from outside the bay area. julie, each man is being held on multiple felonies, bail set at $300,000. >> yeah, it's good they caught them, debora, but where would they sell this type of stuff? is there a black market, do they sell it on craigslist? >> reporter: that's the presumption. we were wondering why they would be from the central valley because these vehicles have been traced to that area. law enforcement police believe maybe they could put the stuff on craigslist in that area and
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it's not as visible to those who lost it here in the north bay and in the bay area, so it is a way to try to take it away geographically and try to sell it that way. but the steel merchandise is very much in demand. it appears to be a market for it, a black market. >> they knew exactly what they were going after. thank you. a prom dress -- a prom dress for everyone. how every girl from oakland can go to prom this year dressed to the nine. >> they call me the fairy god mother of the prom because they were canceling. nobody could afford to go. we are tracking the bay area weekend. it's warming up. you'll really notice this tomorrow. we'll see you back here after the break. up next ann coulter in modesto. her appearance there tonight after yesterday's cancellation in berkeley.
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conservative author ann coulter faced a friendly crowd tonight at a republican dinner in modesto. this comes one day after she was suppose to speak at uc berkeley, but had to cancel because of a threat of violence. rob malcolm reports from modesto about the the extra precautions taken for tonight's event. >> reporter: those for and against donald trump and ann coulter gathered outside me december toe's double -- modesto's doubletree hotel. unlike recent protests in berkeley, here it was civil. modesto police getting ahead of
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any violence with an increased presence of mounted patrols, blocked streets, and spotters on rooftops. they weren't taking chances, neither was organizer janice keely. >> as soon as we realized ann -- realized ann coulter was coming and creating outside groups that started chatting on social media, we knew we needed to let them know this is what's happening, this is who we're bringing, and these are the concerns we have. >> reporter: the controversial unapologetic recent battle around the cancellation of the berkeley event helped sell tickets for this republican party fundraiser. supporters like terry coster say it should have never happened. >> you know the controversy is a thing that should not be happening. freedom of speech applies to all sides. to try to snuff out one side because another side doesn't agree with it is going against everything on this country is
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founded with. >> she stirs the pot. and even though she has a right, you know, she has the right to say what he wants, free speech. you know, i also have the right to come out here and say enough stirring the pot. it's like stirring the pot of rotten food. >> reporter: the pot has been stirring for months with donald trump's election with his first 100 days in office now on the books. it'll likely continue. >> i follow with a lot of what she says, but not everything. i don't agree with everything she says, but most everything. >> reporter: and tonight everything was relatively peaceful, which is what organizers were hoping for. making her visit to california and just under an hour and a half out on the berkeley audience she was hoping to reach. rob malcolm ktvu fox 2 news. tomorrow is president trump's 100th day in office. today he sat down with fox news to reflect on the milestone and what's been accomplished. lauren blanchard joins us live from washington where the
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president expressed frustration despite republican control of the house and senate. lauren? >> reporter: hi, julie. well saturday does mark the president's 100th day in office. in an interview, he admits he thought it it would be easier. >> and these are 100 days of broken promises to working people. we have not seen a job spell and we have not seen an infrastructure bill. >> reporter: president trump thinks friday he's very happy with his first 100 days. >> i don't think anybody has done what we have done. >> reporter: in a new fox interview he expresses frustration when asked about not being able to get healthcare or tax reform done. >> in terms of legislation you're going to see everywhere on saturday there was no major legislation passed in the first 100 days. you have a republican congress. >> you know, that's been wrong, that's very wrong. first of all we've had 28
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bills. >> are you disappointed with how the republicans have handled these big issues? and >> it is a very tough system. >> reporter: congress did avoid a crisis in washington friday passing stock gap legislation to avoid a government shutdown giving lawmakers another week to reach a spending deal. meanwhile the president traveling to atlanta to speak to the national rifle association. >> the eight-year assault on your second amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end. [ cheering ] >> reporter: during his speech president trump railing against massachusetts senator elizabeth warren calling her pocahontas saying she may run against him in the next presidential election. george h.w. bush is back home after spending two weeks in the hospital in houston. the 92-year-old former president was treated for a mild case of pneumonia and
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chronic bronchitis. mr. bush is please today be home. the third time he's been taken to the hospital and passed for months. back in january he was in the hospital for 16 days while being treated for pneumonia. mr. bush returned to the hospital in february because of the flu. a nice day out there today and a nice start to the weekend. we are it in for a nice bay area saturday and sunday. you see the big ridge of high pressure behind me and everything going up over the top. earlier this week this thing was just pointed this way, indicative of the high pressure setting us up with a very nice day tomorrow and with temperatures that will easily get into the 70s, even some low 80s tomorrow with a nice looking day. temperatures today, they got up to about 77, 78 the warmest spot. overnight lows, 61 in napa, 64 in walnut creek and the current temperatures. those current ambient temperature. fairfield is 12 degrees warmer last night at this time. and it will be warmer, you wake
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up warmer, then you end up warmer. the winds are blowing, look at direction here too and the north northeast direction. you see that and there is no way it will not warm up, but a high pressure signature at the surface. that's why it will be so mild outside and those winds will need to continue through tomorrow. that's why it will be a warmer day. check it out. today is is 77 it in santa rosa. tomorrow they go 84 degrees. concord 77 today. 83 degrees tomorrow. when i come back this is tomorrow. we'll look at your bay area sunday and then these 90s that want to pop into the forecast early next week. still ahead tonight a first arrest in that violent takeover robbery on board a bart train. what bart is revealing about an increase in climates this year and the steps they're taking to protect passengers. the giant's new rookie is showing the veterans how to get the job done. mark has his game winning home run later in sports. hundreds of teams in oakland will be getting free
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prom dresses. she happens to be the wife, the new member of the golden state warriors. we will give you a sneak peek of the event.
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new at 10:00 tonight a special event is taking place tomorrow for hundreds of teenage girls in oakland's public school all thanks to one woman. >> her name is leslie west. her husband is david west playing for the warriors. tonight she gave ktvu amber lee an advanced look at the event she calls dressed by west. >> reporter: leslie west is passion about her mission to help girls. she partnered with the warriors and a non-profit that supports schools. her inspiration came after experiencing a major disaster. it takes a truck to haul more than 1,000 dresses to oakland
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high where the dress by west event is held. the setup is elaborate. in turning the high school gym into a boutique. behind the scramble to get ready for the giveaway is leslie west. >> i had over 1,000 dresses to give away. no good being done in stores. >> reporter: dresses she brought with her when they moved from texas just eight months ago when her husband david west joined the warriors. just as that was a part of an annual giveaway when she was living in new orleans as her husband played for the hornets. hurricane katrina struck. >> nobody could really afford anything. so there were $200 dresses on a 90% rack. i ended up buying 800 dresses from dill lards for -- dillards for $12 a piece. nobody could afford to go. >> reporter: she also sees a need in the east bay. hundreds of girls have signed up for the dress giveaway to be
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held on saturday. the only requirement is the team living in oakland. >> it's a party. but one you can dress up and be able to show off yourself. >> i've always wanted to go to prom, just looking forward to the big day and the big night where you get to look fancy and nice and to look at yourself. >> reporter: one girl was able to give herself a day early because of the family emergency. >> that's the best experience you've seen in high school because high school will be over soon. it's important. due to experience and the dresses are a big part of it. if i could help you, then enjoy the prom and make it a night to remember. >> once the girl was finished with her dress to give it to someone else who needs it or to donate it. the dress by west event is being held from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow and west is usualing girls who want to dress to sign up online and registration is open until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow and go to on the top of the home page.
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>> ever more spots if someone wants to register? >> so far 550 girls have signed up, definitely room for more. she doesn't want to have to turn anyone away. >> is she really that passionate? you could just feel the passion for this. >> well, she has done it with every team her husband has played for and says it is just feeling good for her and by helping someone who really needs it and prom is such a special event she wants to do all she can to help. >> it it could be expensive too. thank you. well a potentially life saving drug for thousands of lieu chemothat patients. still ahead tonight the first of the kind treatment just approved by the fda. >> they agree to pay millions of dollars to a suspect beaten by sheriff deputies. the case that led to firings and changes in procedures and policies. and then on the 11:00 news, keeping san jose's coyote creek from flooding again. the efforts underway to prevent
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another disaster.
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bart police made an arrest on the mob attack last weekend at the coliseum station in oakland. bart also said crime is up 22% in the first three months of this year after declining for the past three years. bart police say they have stepped up patrols in response to this spike.
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>> since march we've arrested 19 individuals that were involved in group robberies. >> it's like you don't even want to use bart because you're worried about somebody robbing you or jumping you. >> bart says several warrants have been issued for additional juveniles seen on the surveillance video during the takeover robbery of the bart car last saturday. investigators shared that video with other law enforcement agencies and say more arrests are expected. bart says they are taking other steps including stepping up police staffing to what they call emergency levels. they've also promised more officers at the coliseum, fruitvale, and bay fair stations. they're working with other agencies to set up task forces to deal with the increasing crimes. the alameda sheriff's department has reached a huge settlement by a man who was beaten by two deputies. tara moriarty tells us that man is now getting more than $5 million. >> reporter: you can hear the baton strikes.
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in this surveillance video more than 40 of them striking then 29-year-old stanislav petrov. >> this incident was eye opening for so many people and really shocking. it's sickening to see and hear what happened on that video. >> reporter: attorney mike haddad announcing today petrov receive add $5.5 million settlement from the county of alameda. >> the money will be carefully structured so mr. petrov will receive it over the course of his lifetime. he has a child, he's got family responsibilities, so the money will help him be able to meet those responsibilities. >> reporter: the two deputies involved in the beatings luis santamaria and paul wieber were fired. ktvu found a homeless couple witnessed the beating who said osborn gave petrov his gold necklace as hush money exalt first to uncover video showing him twirling the necklace at the scene.
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a dozen other officers were disciplined. the sheriff takes this personally. >> if something goes bad it reflects on me. it's been a long terrible road for us. a blemish on our agency. we didn't have a professional response that caused a lot of grief. >> reporter: the sheriff immediately implemented a new policy that body cameras are to be worn and turned on at all times. >> we have taken a good look at ourselves and what transpired from incident. the sheriff has worked hard to make sure what happened that night never happens again. >> reporter: including a sweeping review of the code of ethics misconduct and change on use of force policy in regards to pursuits, writing reports, and recruiting hiring and training. >> at the end of the day we know what the right thing to do is. we do an outstanding job. that one incident was not reflective of what this department is about. >> reporter: as for petrov he's in jail facing federal and gun charges stemming from a raid on
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his visitation valley home one year ago. his hand was crushed during the beating making him disabled, but he's determined to work and turn his life around when released. a lot of people would say we've got the $5.5 million. was it just about the money? >> no, it was never just about the money, but accountability. >> reporter: insiders tell me petrov has a young daughter and most likely some of the money will be set aside for her. they also say he is expected to receive a five-year sentence for those gun and drug charges. with credit for time served, that means he'll be out within four years. in the newsroom tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. state regulators are looking into how to deal with what is expect today be a sudden boom in the pot industry. the state bureau of marijuana control issued draft regulations today for medical marijuana. the suggested rules deal with growing testing and transporting and selling medical marijuana. similar rules are expected for recreational pot, which becomes
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illegal. after the proposition passes last november, marijuana is still illegal under federal law. the fda today approves a first targeted drug for certain patients with an aggressive form of leukemia. intended to treat adults that have been diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. about 10,000 people die from the disease in the united states each year. the leukemia drug is manufactured and the company says a four-week supply of the drug will cost about $15,000 without insurance. on wall street the market slipped a bit to end the week falling 40 points. nasdaq was down by one and s&p closed down four points. the markets did have big games earlier in the week and the dow is now up 14% since the trump election back in november. from travel bands and a border wall to health scare and tax reform, president trump first 100 days and the response here in the bay area. another warm one tomorrow.
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temperatures will be equally into the upper 70s, but warmer still for early next week. 90s in your five-day forecast. up next the bay area elementary school facing closure. the risk that lies beneath hundreds of students and why they'll likely have to go to school elsewhere.
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families who children attend one alameda school are learning they probably have to go to another school next year. during planning for a new classroom they discovered the soil under donald lum elementary school on sand creek way could liquefy during a strong earthquake. that's prompted school officials to recommend closing the campus and ending its students to other schools this fall for safety reasons. at a special meeting tonight, many parents and staffers say they are upset. >> and all we ask is for the chance to continue to be a family without dysfunction or chaos. we are willing to try options that will keep this beautiful place we call our second home open. >> a final decision is expected by the end of may. the district says they will be exploring options on where to send more than 400 students in the fall. new problems tonight at albany high school. a little more than a month after the school was rocked by racist posts on social media.
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the school's interim principal has sent parents a message saying the school discovered an instagram account to contain sexually explicit pictures of students. school officials reported the incident to albany police. you'll recall last month administrators suspended 11 students after finding racist posts on instagram. new information tonight about two u.s. soldiers who were killed wednesday during an assault against isis fighters in afghanistan. both men were decorated army rangers. they are identified as 22-year- old sergeant joshua rogers of bloomington, illinois. he's on the left of your screen. and 23-year-old sergeant cameron thomas of kettering, ohio on the right. the defense department said today the men may have been hit by friendly fire. both were deployed from fort benning, georgia. the u.s. army rangers were accompanying afghan rooms on the raid when they came -- afghan troops on the raid when they were killed in the fire fight. pope francis is in egypt
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for a historic two-day visit. the pope arrived in cairo today there to promote a united christian and muslim front to announce violence committed in god's name. his visit comes just weeks after islamic militants carried out an attack on palm sunday in egypt 467894 people were kill -- egypt where 44 people were killed. more than 50,000 people are expected to attend his mass. up next tonight, reviewing president trump's first 100 days. his achievements and failures and the scrutiny his administration has gotten from bay area voters and activists. chief meteorologist bill martin dialing in on his weekend forecast. it's definitely worth sticking around for.
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the first 100 days in the white house is often seen as a benchmark for how a new president is doing in for president donald trump. the milestone comes with successes including a new supreme court justice and challenges including a health care plan that congress can support. >> tonight claudine wong on how the president's actions compared to his campaign promises and how the bay area has responded. >> reporter: fireworks touched off what was dubbed as the make america great welcome celebration at the lincoln memorial on the eve of president trump's inauguration.
10:44 pm
>> so this journey began 18 months ago. i had something to do with it, but you had much more to do with it than i did. i'm the messenger. >> reporter: the next day the inauguration ceremony would prompt controversy over attendance and alternative facts. but that day would bring many protests to come across the bay area. >> you note storm is here, let's be the storm. come rain or shine we're still the citizens of the united states of america. >> reporter: one day later and half a million people gathered it in dc for the women's march. >> even if you are not sitting in the white house, even if you are not a member of the united states congress. even if you don't run a big corporate super pack, you have the power. >> reporter: here in the bay area tens of thousands of people flooded the streets. then came the president's first
10:45 pm
round of executive orders. >> we've been talking about this for a long time. >> reporter: from a border wall those orders would also prompt people to take to the streets. >> this is a regime where we are determine today come into the streets and call others into the streets until the regime is straightened out. >> reporter: the the travel band brought crowds to sfo and airports across the country. >> it really moved me to tears to see how many people could come out from all backgrounds. all ethnicities, religions, everyone here supporting each other and reminding us this is not what this country stands for. >> reporter: the fight over the affordable care act led to packed town halls. the president's stance on climate change. >> prayer and mortification and both are needed to deal with trump. [ laughter ] >> reporter: san francisco was the first city in the country to sue the president over
10:46 pm
sanctuary spending cities. >> recently as 2012 the supreme court said the federal government can't out be a financial gun to the head of local and state governments. >> everybody is shocked, going nuts. you know, get over it. get used to it, it will be that way for four years and probably eight years. >> reporter: and california would also like to begin the process of becoming a sanctuary state. >> we will cooperate with our friends with serious and violent felons. but we won't cooperate a single cent when we are talking about separating children from their mothers and mothers from their children. that's not who we are as a great state. >> becoming the first city in the nation to take a position against president trump's border wall. the city voting not to do company on the wall. >> i knew we had an opportunity to use our leverage, however small it may be to at least make a stand. >> any boycott movement the
10:47 pm
stronger message we will send. >> i was happy about it because we need action, but at the same time i was afraid because it's never an easy thing to tell somebody to please come bomb my country. i mean it's not what you would want every. >> reporter: so did our lawmakers. >> for these things to be coming and now congress is a part of this debate raising a series amount of justification question answers and the results that are what it is all about. >> there have been violence. this year a number of protests have served in these 100 days for tax day. >> hundreds of thousands of americans are taking to the streets from the diving sea. and strong cities across this nation, donald trump releases his tax return. >> reporter: to the first ever
10:48 pm
march for science. the bay area has not spent these first 100 days quietly. you can join claudine wong this weekend for a bay area people on president trump's first 100 days. you can catch bay area people tomorrow morning on ktvu or sunday at 9:00 a.m. on ktvu plus. a nice warm day today. temperatures came up a few degrees. we will ratchet up a few more degrees tomorrow. these are your highs from friday. 78 in nasa and vallejo, pretty darn warm. they will get into the upper 70s and the lower 80s. sunday is nothing to sneeze at. on monday and tuesday it'll really warm up with some low 90s. this pattern this ridge and the jet stream, right? and the trough, this trough right out here will cause a lot of problems for folks out in
10:49 pm
the plains and out in the mississippi valley. severe weather over the next couple of days with tornadic activity and no word of that ridge of high pressure. we set up this pattern that will keep us quite warm and quite nice and quite dry, quite cloud free. 63 at walnut creek right now. 64 fairfield. the winds are coming out of the north, northeast right now. that's how you know it will be warm tomorrow. the air is sinking. the air sinks and then warms, it rises and cools and expands. it sinks and compresses and warms 5 degrees per 1,000 feet. so if the air sinks down the lowest elevation for places like oakland, sea-level places are going to be the warmest spots tomorrow. probably on sunday too. there's that high pressure that's making the air sink or causing that air to sink. that warming trend is not just for tomorrow or today, but really early into next week as you can see monday and tuesday and wednesday and the upper 80s and the 90s. the forecast, what you're looking for here are no clouds and then you'll be looking for
10:50 pm
the temperature representing colors. so oranges are 80s. you're seeing a lot pop up. >> 83 in sonoma and novato and 83 in walnut -- walnut creek. 83 in brentley with your five- day forecast. it's a good one. one of the better five-day forecasts we have seen in a while and one of the best weekends we've seen in a while. probably all year. i've got minor cooling on sunday, but i'm talking about dropping a degree, whatever. >> every time i see that, all i can think is the beach board walk at santa cruz. >> that's right. it could be a perfect weekend for that. >> there is nowhere to go in the bay area that will not be perfect this weekend. beach port walk, danville, i mean everywhere is going to pop. >> we've been waiting for it. hanks, bill. we are continuing to follow developing news tonight. a deadly police shooting on highway 101.
10:51 pm
coming up on the 11:00 news, the new developments in the past hour and an update on when the highway might reopen. but first and sports did the warriors find out tonight who they will play? mark has the highlights tonight. it's win or go home to them.
10:52 pm
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all right, mark. mark is here now. oh my goodness he is on fire. this young new giant. >> just call him the kid. everybody by now, they should know who we are talking about. what an infusion of youth and energy as brought to the giants. here's a look at something you won't see on their broadcast. christian royal hasn't been in the major leagues for a week with four rbis. buster posey has three. pacman in the park ready to check out the giants to go to work for a change in their first inning. connor gillaspie with a line drive to center and they score another run on an error. scoring only four runs all year prior to that in the 8th tied game ball three. lead off the 8th inning with a game-winning home run and i
10:55 pm
think bruce bouchi just smiled right there. bring in mark mel con to save -- melacan to save it with a great catch. melancon with his fifth save. 4-3 to want over the padres. win a few in the -- on the road and the losing streak has reached five. i don't know who those guys are, but i like them. they looked like they were having a pretty good time back there. and khris davis, he's a likable guy if you are an a's fan. he has got nine hitting another one in this ball game. however he did not have them. the base hit through shortstop. in comes the go ahead run, 5-4. you've got to see this in the 8th inning down 7-4. now
10:56 pm
remember josh reddick? yeah gold glove right fielder doing it these days in a houston astro uniform. that is a great catch. might have saved the game. and hunting his old squad right there 9-4 final. five straight losses for the a's. you know the last couple of years have been a bummer for the 49ers. can't blame them at all for seeing what went down on draft day. it looks like on paper, we won't know until the fall. but man a couple of good picks. solomon thomas from stanford on your right. on your left the linebacker reuben foster out of alabama. both have great potential to bring in a defense to san francisco for a change in the last couple of years. and today obviously very happy to be in a 49ers uniform. >> i'm definitely excited to be a part of this great defense. with some of the walks on. it is a dream come true.
10:57 pm
so back here we would see this. >> i grew up with all the great. i want to become one -- one of the greatest. i'm willing to do that. >> all right, draft day continues. today 66th pick they use it to get ahkello witherspoon. you might remember c.j. beathard's grandfather who was a quarterback in the nfl. this is a quarterback out of iowa. c.j. beathard. in the meantime the raiders also have some wares to show off as they bring in a cornerback drafted in the first round last night out of ohio state. he has some off-field issues that need to be dealt with and if they get taken care of this kid could definitely bring in some defensive energy on the corner as they talk about him today and he talked about the phone calls he gets last night.
10:58 pm
>> i couldn't even hear the phone call. as soon as i put the phone to my error and i've got to say i have been shaking ever since, like it's unreal. it is the most proud i have ever been in my life. >> also drafted by the raiders today a big hard hitting safety out of uconn. obi melifaonwu. the defensive tackle out of ucla, interesting to note cal's quarterback davis webb gets selected with the 87th pick by the new york giants. well, we don't know who and we don't know when, but the golden state warriors could be playing either the clippers or the utah jazz. definitely blew a chance tonight to close out their series with the clippers. austin rivers the coach's son bangs a three and they had a 14- point lead. the owner just a little
10:59 pm
excited. about four minutes left they blow it. the jazz storm back. they give it to their clutch man joe johnson who works for a three to tie it up, didn't go with a couple of free throws that end it. series tied 3-3. game seven on sunday in l.a. so we know the warriors won't be playing. also in the nba playoffs tonight, the celtics. they finish up the bulls after losing the first two games in the series. boston bounces back and they will now play the wizards who takes out atlanta at 11:to 99. so the warriors, they have probably played tuesday or wednesday against either side of the clippers or the jazz. that's sports for friday night. more news with frank and julie at 11:00. >> thank you. next at 11:00, continuing coverage of a deadly police area shooting on a freeway. we are live on the scene on highway 101 with the latest information on the confrontation and when the
11:00 pm
highway might reopen. gunfire on the side of a bay area freeway. hello again everyone i'm -- i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. highway 101 in san mateo is closed today after three officers fired on one suspect. it closes all northbound lanes of 101 just south of the highway 92 inner change where they shot and killed the suspect around 5:30 tonight. ktvu jana katsuyama is live with more information for us. jana? >> reporter: frank and julie, i checked in and we still are not getting any information as to when this highway is going to reopen. i called the coroner's office to find out if they would make any defecation. they are still out here trying to finish up this investigation. so we do not know who that suspect is who is killed in this officer-involved shooting. three chp officers arrived here in three different vehicles, they fir


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