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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 2, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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hitch but in other cities, violence broke out. the arrest and the violence left behind. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu , mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it is tuesday, may 2. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. your tuesday morning weather, who knows. it's pretty warm out there. we have high clouds out there. it's holding the lows of. it will be warm to hot today. if you enjoyed yesterday, then you will love today. i didn't, it was okay. it's not going to last much longer but it will last today. 70s, 80s and 90s. there they are, clouds will clear out fast. it is holding the lows way up for some. 50s for a few, upper 50s, 60s. nevada, 67. san jose, 63. fairfield, 64. we will have sunshine today. there is a band right there.
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that's really the only fly in the. 70s, 80s and 90s again. sunny and hot inland. not like the edge of the sun hot but hot. >> the kind of hardware you may need air conditioning. >> i would concur. i think people kicked it on yesterday. good morning, steve pickett morning to you at home. let's start with the tracy commute. traffic is going to be busy on 580 but not stop and go. i don't see any stop and go traffic. if you've ever wondered how are the is early enough to beat the crowd, right now qualifies. to a five, 580 through livermore looks good. no major issues. if you looking at interstate 880 in oakland, traffic looks good. a little bit of roadwork on the side or something that's not causing traffic delays but you will see flashing lights. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light getting into san
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francisco. at 4:01 am, let's go back to the desk. san francisco police are investigating the deadly shooting of a 15-year-old boy. this happened in the outer sunset neighborhood on sunset boulevard and kirkham street investigators say the teenager was driving a white pontiac earlier yesterday afternoon. one witness told us another car pulled up next to the teenager and someone in the front passenger seat of the car pulled out a gun and fired. the 15-year-old driving the pontiac died at the hospital. police said this does not appear to be a random shooting. >> we don't know if there's any other vehicle involved. we do understand that he may have been targeted and so we don't see this as a random act. >> police say the victim did not live in san francisco. they are not releasing his name or saying i had a drivers license. no information about any possible suspects.
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a second teenager has been arrested in connection with last month's takeover robbery on the bart train in oakland. investigators say the 15 orders among the 50-60 teenagers who hopped over the fare gates at the coliseum bart station and robbed seven passengers. oakland police say he was spot on friday during another robbery and east oakland. he was arrested after a short car chase. that's when police connected him to the bart takeover robbery. last week another teenage suspect was arrested at san leandro high school. the fate of the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar will be in the hands of a jury. later today closing arguments the trial of antolin garcia torres is set to begin after a three-month trial. >> reporter: five years after sierra lamar disappeared jurors could decide this week if antolin garcia torres kidnapped and killed the 15-year-old who vanished in morgan hill on her way to school in 2012. >> the first big decision the jury will have to make is
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whether sierra lamar could still be alive. >> reporter: legal analyst steven clark said neither the prosecution or the defense has left any stone unturned. without a body nor a crime scene, prosecutors from the start building its forensic evidence that included garcia torres's dna on her clothing for her hair found on a rope in the trunk of his car. spending each singular piece of evidence can be explained but when you look at it in totality, the only reasonable explanation from the prosecution's perspective is that mr. garcia torres is responsible for her death. >> reporter: the defense attacking the handling of that evidence, going after sierra lamar's character suggesting she ran away. >> we know she did not run away. we've had evidence to prove that.>> reporter: she is among the hundreds of volunteers who spent years looking for sierra. she feels confident the jury will find garcia torres guilty. just because we have not found her body does not prove the he did not kidnap and murder her.
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>> reporter: garcia torres did not testify. experts say that is expected since he would have likely had to answer to three other attempted kidnapping charges he faces from 2009. pivotal cuts when it came from sierra lamar's mother who said the 15-year-old would never run away and no means to support herself. >> i cannot imagine the pain for the family come up for sierra's friends, for their extended family. >> reporter: the legal expert i spoke to expects a long deliberation process if jurors find garcia torres guilty it will move into the penalty phase and that could take weeks since garcia torres is facing the death penalty. mazza smith, ktvu fox 2. may day rallies were held around the bay area, the country and around the world. most were peaceful but several protests in the pacific northwest turned violent. police in oregon arrested more than 20 demonstrators, arrested for starting fires in the streets and throwing molotov
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cocktails and smoke bombs at police. some store windows were also broken. police in seattle and olympia, washington, reported violence. about 14 people were arrested in those cities. no serious injuries are reported at any of the rallies. tens of thousands of people joined may day marches in the bay area but no serious violence was reported. in san jose, demonstrators rallied around the theme of building bridges, not walls. for more than 10 years, local may day events have focused on immigration. this year marchers said silicon valley and america cannot function if all immigrant workers were deported. and other crowd gathered at the plaza san francisco. people carried signs showing support for immigration red lights and their apposition to deportation efforts by federal agencies. >> the crowd marched up market street for rally at civic center plaza. tara moriarty was there and
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said talks about the message they sent along the way. >> reporter: this may day to a fees all the -- to a beat other in, about 3000 people marched up market street. they are honoring workers rights worldwide. i'm here to support everybody who's an immigrant. >> reporter: karen sanchez skipped school to be her. >> without them, is going to pick crops, who's going to pick fruits? without them america's not going to be great. >> reporter: all the may day traditionally celebrates gains made by labor advocates, this year the focus was clearly on working immigrants. >> says the trumpet bench -- trump administration took off, people are scared. they don't want to talk or come out to these protests. they are worried they will be criminalized by the police are by immigration. >> reporter: protesters held signs that read, no ban and no wall. into what they perceive as the
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president's into immigration policies. >> we are organized. >> the most important thing is that we are accepted. i come from a family of immigrants. >> reporter: he was born in the u.s. but his seven brothers are from mexico he said they studied hard and all have successful careers >> our families came to this country to make a difference and make something for ourselves. there are many of us here that are proving that. >> reporter: he and other immigrants respect to said together, unida, they can make a difference and affect change with regards to immigration policy with the united states, especially for future generations. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. advocate sounding the alarm about two recent deaths on san francisco streets. on saturday, i-77 old woman was hit by pickup truck crossing lake merced boulevard. then early yesterday morning, a
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56-year-old man was hit and killed on octavia street on the on ramp to highway 101. both drivers are cooperating with police. they did not leave the scene. pedestrian advocates say both crashes were preventable because they happened on some of the city's most dangerous streets. both california and the bay area having a population boom. the latest figures show that in the past year, california grew by 335,000 people. now it has reached 39.5 million people statewide. los angeles is still the largest city in california. more than 4 million people in that city. the bay area has three cities in the top 10. san jose ranks number three with more than 1 million residents. san francisco, 4 with 874,000. both cities grew by 10,000 people. the city of oakland, number 8 on the list, 426,000 people adding 3000 in the past year.
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4:09 am. the highest paid state employee, may surprise you. coming up, the reason there are a few questions now that the report shows just how much one oakland city planner earned last year. is if the price we are paying for gas isn't high enough, now there is talk about raising the gas tax. i'm doug luzader in washington. we will have more on that just ahead. good morning, traffic is going to be busy if you are driving in many areas but it is not stop and go. people are out there but we do not have any big slowdowns. we will tell you more coming up. temperatures warmed up yesterday. they will settle into a pattern that will be hot. 90s through the interior, 80s through the bay.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. i have colbert is back on the agenda but it's not clear if it has enough votes to pass the congress. vice president mike pence had to capitol hill today to try to get more republican support for the bill. the text of the latest bill has not and released and there's debate over what will be covered. president trump said it will provide coverage for pre- existing conditions. the president is calling on house lawmakers to vote on the bill before they leave for a week long break on friday but it's not clear if that will happen. 4:13 am. philippine president rodrigo duterte should hesitation about accepting an invitation to visit the white house. he even brought up the tension between the u.s. and north korea.
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>> they said the president -- i do not think that you can scare kim jong on with that power. >> the president said he is not accepted president trump's invitation because his schedule is too busy. president trump's invitation has been criticized because of rodrigo duterte reported human rights violations in the philippines. president trump appears to be borrowing an idea from california governor jerry brown. raise the federal gas tax to pay for highway construction and road repair. >> last week governor brown signed a law that would increase california's gas tax by $.12 a gallon beginning in november to pay for road repairs. for us in california, a federal gas tax hike would be on top of the california gas tax hike. doug luzader has more on the president's plan. >> reporter: the federal gas tax is not changed since 1993
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and the president sees it as a possible means to help fix the nation's crumbling highways and bridges. how much more would you be willing to pay here for better roads and highways out here? president trump told bloomberg news that after meeting with trucking groups at the white house back in march, he'd consider a hike in the gas tax. >> the truckers have said that they want me to do something as long as that money is earmarked to highways. >> reporter: a white house spokesman was questioned about the remark and try to downplay it. >> b had expressed a willingness to see something like that as a way to help pay for and repair the roads and bridges and he said out of respect would listen to them and consider. >> reporter: gas prices have been rising somewhat. averaging $2.38 per gallon nationally, up a bit from last month but up about $.16 from last year. the president has talked about a huge infrastructure program, perhaps $1 trillion and a gas tax hike could make that happen. but it also jumbles ideological
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minds. environmentalists like the idea but some conservatives think it would unfairly target the poor. while many conservatives loathe the idea of higher taxes, some like the notion of a consumption tax. >> every other country, the europeans have like six dollars a gallon or something, huge gas taxes. we have essentially nothing and it's out there, is ready to be used. >> reporter: the big question -- if the gas tax goes up -- by how much? the federal government tells us he is an average of 392 million gallons of gas last year each day. it may not take a big hike to raise a lots of revenue. doug luzader, fox news. 4:16 am. sal, everyone will be searching for that cheap gas station. >> after the state raising the gas tax, i bet you some of my -- our viewers -- have an
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opinion on the federal gas tax race. >> i see the question coming. >> good morning. let's go out and take a look at the gilroy commute. gilroy to hit san jose. driving is moving along -- traffic is moving along well from gilroy to morgan hill to san jose. one of the ways to economize gas mileage is not to be in stop and go traffic. of course you know that and sometimes you can't avoid a. people who up this early maybe thinking about that. get up early so i don't have to deal with traffic this is a look at 280 in downtown san jose. it looks pretty good. look at the bright side, most likely your gas mileage is good if you drive to work at this hour. right now at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light and there are no major problems. sal, it wasn't that long ago, my station had two dollars sal, it wasn't that long ago, my station had $2.09 , $2.19 --
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>> i remember that. may be a year ago? times have changed, my friend. >> that's what they keep telling me. and the weather is change. it will probably be warmer today, inland that is. it's a hot tuesday. 70s, 80s, some 90s through the interior. i try to show different areas -- someone wrote me and said how come you don't show oakland? oakland's data is missing. it's not that we can't find it. there is a transmitter problem with the national weather service. downtown oakland, i do not get a current temperature or a high and low. i have to use the airport. oakland airport, 87, i went 88. probably close to that downtown. 94 in concord and 90 in palo alto.
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temperatures will bump up a few degrees compared to yesterday. the fog is trying to get its act together but it still runs into resistance. 50s, 60s maybe wednesday night. a southerly search may kick in was the night into thursday. that will come up from monterey first. santa cruz is usually one of the first to see that happen. 50s and 60s on the thames. no water, 67. a north wind, wested oakland airport. north in fairfield. east/southeast at napa airport. it's all over the place. almost 70 in las vegas. 70 in bakersfield. sex -- 68 in sacramento. these high clouds will clear out and it will be sunny today. i don't think it will take long to warm up. high pressure dominates the west until the system breaks out. we will have system coming in toward the end of the week around thursday or friday. 70s and upper 80s and 90s through the interior.
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if today is the hottest day, it will be tomorrow for some. the coast and bay begin a cool down tomorrow and everyone gets in on that as temperatures get back to near normal. but not until friday. i don't think there will be much rain this weekend but it will be windy and cooler. there will be rain in southern california more so than here. 4:20 am. i want to show you this. a car crashed into a pet store in a santa rosa strip mall last night. santa rosa fire department posted this picture on their twitter page. crews helped clear the area and board of the smashed storefront. this is on montgomery street and summerfield road. a busy area. luckily, no injuries. no animals were hurt. 4:20 am. getting grilled on the hell. the ceo of united airlines will testify before a congressional committee. the answers they may be looking for after last month's debacle.
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next, rising floodwaters are threatening more homes in the midwest and southwest. how people in those areas are coping with the deadly storms as more rain is on the way. this is violet. she's been waiting for
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this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. across the u.s., which of the midwest and southwest is underwater this morning. days of heavy rain caused flooding along rivers from missouri to oklahoma. homes and businesses have been destroyed. people have been trapped by the
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floods, keeping rescue crews busy. >> these guys have their assets, the boats and rafts and everything they need to go out and rescue people. we've had some amazing water rescues already over the past 48 hours. >> hundreds of volunteers in saint it was are filling sandbags as they try to protect their neighborhoods from rising water. classes will resume today at the university of texas in austin after a student fatally stabbed another student and wounded three others. and unprovoked 21 yield student suddenly started attacking students with a long knife. the suspect was arrested at the scene. witnesses say he had been walking around call millie during the rampage. investigators still looking for a motive. reportedly he told authorities he was taking "happy pills." san diego police say they do not leave race was the motive behind the mass shooting over the weekend. instead they said the gunman was distraught over her breakup with his girlfriend.
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one person was killed, six wounded when peter selis opened fire during a poolside birthday party at an apartment complex. most of the victims were black, one was latino and one was white. a partygoers said selis allowed a white woman to escape but police are the evidence does not point to a hate crime. they say selis was upset about the breakup and even called his ex-girlfriend while he was shooting . >> selis stidd on the phone talking to his girlfriend as he continued to fire. it is apparent that seles wanted his ex-girlfriend to listen in as he carried out his rampage. >> police say they shot and killed selis when he pointed his gun at officers. he lived at the complex. two of the victims are in critical condition. one man celebrating his 50th birthday they was among those shot. he is listed in stable condition. the city of new orleans continues to take down and
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remove some confederate statues. people who want the statues to stay are not giving up without a fight hundreds gathered last night at the jefferson davis monument. at least two people were arrested. is called the statues symbols of racism and intolerance. supporters say they are historically important. crews began taking down some of the monuments last week. the desire to deconstruct the monuments came as the city began rebuilding after hurricane katrina hit in 2005. 4:26 am. changes to federal standards for school nutrition. the reason rosenmund to provide children with healthier food are now being rolled back by the trump administration. the climate change proposal that, put more money in your wallet. and the surprising source of that cash. highway 24 off to a nice start if you are driving toward the tunnel. right now it's not bad as you head over to the tunnel.
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it's rather warm at their this morning. a bit of high clouds coming by which is holding our temperatures up. we will look at those tuesday temperatures. will there be as warm?
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good morning. here is your beauty shot for tuesday morning. and it's already warm. you don't believe me -- just watch pam. pair will tell you it's warm but that is still a beauty shot looking at the bay bridge as we get our day moving. i want to give you a reason to smile as you begin this new day. thank you for joining us. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday, may 2. i'm dave clark. >> good morning . tran eight. it's just about 4:30 am. it's very clear he -- very pretty and clear.
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and already warm. >> today will be a warm day. very warm. i think anyone over 80 is getting up there. for some it will be in the low to mid 90s. other locations will be in the 80s. we are looking for, if not today, we will see a change. sometimes it can be a slow process but the higher clouds are coming by right now and that is keeping a lot of these lows up. wears the fog? there it is in southern california. it is not taken the turn past southern california but that will work its way and probably tomorrow night. that will be very shallow. it will make any difference at all today. 50s and 60s. it would said 76. pittsburg, 72. they are not cooling off at all. want to creek, 58. 67, martinez. very warm conditions. these higher clouds are helping but they will clear out fast. high pressure will kick in. 70s, 80s and 90s. 82 in the


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