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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  May 5, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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smoke into the air which prompted an evacuation order and a shelter in place for two elementary schools. within the last hour, the evacuation orders and shelter in place orders have been lifted. crews don't know what caused a large sinkhole. the driver of the truck you saw was delivering cement just before 5:30 pm. the pavement collapsed under the wheels. the driver was able to climb out through the window. crews will return on monday to finish the repairs on the street. you're watching ktvu fox 2 at 630. 13 years there is an arrest and the killing of a young couple shot to death as they were sitting on a beach. the suspect knows things only the killer would no. he was in jail after accused of failing shooting his own brother.
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henry lee has the developments. 2004 lindsay cutshall, 22, and fiance jason allen, 26, were found shot to death in their sleeping bags on the beach they were counselors at a youth camp and el dorado county. they were said to be married. they were shot in the head with a rifle. the case with cold but a break in the investigation happened when this man 38-year-old shaun gallon was arrested on suspicion of shooting his brother with a different rifle at their home. authority said the suspect had been a person of interest since the beginning. he was arrested and his brothers killing any opened up giving the investigators new information.>> he had information about the killings that no other person could have known and we have located ever since -- evidence that cooperates his statement. based on what the texas have learned, we full confidence we have the killer in custody.>>
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investigators don't know whether couple was killed.>> we don't know of any connection between 38-year-old shaun gallon and jason and lindsay.>> this is his facebook page. he is a survivalist with a fascination with weapons. he posted a picture in camouflage and wrote, check out this nice spirit made.>> 2009, he was convicted for shooting a man with an arrow as the victim stand -- sat in his car. nobody answered the door. a neighbor said she believed the suspect was mentally on stable.>> the suspect was being linked to three killings.>> how old when he did the first murders? does not look to be very old. it is shocking. >> it is very shocking to have him here in a little town like farce to fill. especially because this is your
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neighbor.>> the families of the couple killed were released a statement and said that we are extremely pleased that the murder is in customer -- custody where he belongs. we trust in the due process of the law. henry lee, ktvu, fox tutors. the mother of a young man shot to death last august privately watched surveillance shooting. the mother said she is looking for answers. >> it is a day in a says been asking for and waiting for. the district attorney's office is allowing her to view the surveillance video were her 30- year-old son colby friday was shot and killed by his -- a police officer.>> finally today we are getting what we asked for expect the shooting
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happened in august and in the police differ part -- report he said he matched a description of a robbery suspect. it turns out he wasn't the suspect. he was shot after an officer told him not to reach for his gun but some witnesses reported a different story.>> the gun was on the other side expect the officer did not turn on his body camera which is against protocol. he has been disciplined the protesters have been demanded to see the surveillance video.>> they knew there was video from the complex and they're hoping the video will clear up unanswered questions.>> no justice, no peace.>> supporters have been intending meetings demanding answers and some meetings ended in violence and arrests. today the mother did not wish to speak on, after
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viewing the video but the attorney did.>> i am deeply upset. >> the uncle said today's meeting is the first step to answers.>> i appreciate being here and at least beginning to work with the district attorneys office because i hope that anytime anybody loses their life that it is taken seriously. a man who was shot and killed at a taco bell parking lot a man tikka has been identified as an attorney. the six-year-old was a personal injury attorney specializing in car accidents. police have arrested in 19-year- old suspect in connection with the shooting. they have not determined a motive. he is being remembered as friends and colleagues for his generosity. >> as someone who is willing to give it back, he felt like he was blessed and in turn he
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wanted to bless other people. >> it is unclear if the teenager knew him or if the shooting was a random attack. coming up, a peanut free zone for fans with allergies. a cease-fire tonight but will be russian led effort work? i will have the story coming up.
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a russian led effort to reduce violence goes into effect but comes with uncertainty for the us and its allies.>> the details have not been released but russian representatives say the zones will be closed to military flights. lauren blanchard's life in washington with more. good evening, lauren. trick an effort by russia and the few allies the syrian resident has to reduce violence between government and rebel fighters in some of the heavenly populated parts of the country. >> the memorandum comes into force tomorrow at midnight.>> the cease-fire plan initiated by russia along with iran and turkey calls for four de- escalation zones.>> they will be forced to false -- halt flights. the representatives are skeptical the agreement will
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work because the allies are the enforcers. a notion dismissed by russians military.>> checkpoints and observation post and management of security zones will be carried out by the personnel and formations of russia, turkey and iran.>> rusher wants to reestablish ordination between themselves and coalition partners when it comes to patrolling isis held areas inside syria. white house deputy sarah huckabee sanders repeated -- appeared cautious. a desire to achieve peace in syria. that is the broader mission. we are looking at always in order to achieve that and we have not laid out any specifics further than that but this point. >> russia's military said the zones could be expanded and enforcement could be opened up to other nations as well as -- long as the three countries all had unanimous consent.
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coming up, the winchester mystery house is one of the most is our homes in the bay area and the story of the winchester house is being turned into a major motion picture. in minutes, we explained by they found most of it in a field in australia. in san francisco with -- at the four seasons. environmental groups are raising up to 1 million -- $1 million for this one event. the weather forecast coming up.
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one of the strangest story and history is about to make its way to the big screen.>> snake on the set of the movie winchester that tells the story of sarah winchester and the bizarre house that she built. >> we are having trouble. they are filming a new movie. helen mirren is playing sarah winchester and they built a complete mockup of the house in australia. that is where they filmed it of the movie. have you ever been to the mystery house? >> i was looking forward to see
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where it was so i can take a visit. >> it is so bizarre when you walk through. stairways that go nowhere and all of these rooms for no apparent reason. a fun place to go and see. let's go back to san francisco. bill mountain and the annual fundraiser. they are expecting to see a lot of money to restore the salmon trout and steelhead population.>> are we on? >> yes. you are on >> reporter: i am with richard who founded tell trout in 1972. stickers on the backs of cars on the 70's and 80 and richard was one of the projects that put you onto the map.>> it was to save the lake.
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what we did was say the tributaries because of the interest. it happened to do a lot of good for the birds and the lake. it was a two-part victory.>> they have a guy like you and a  lot of people but california is important to all of us. the things that you guys have done it when you look around the room and how much money you'll raise for the environment and how much -- does that make you feel? >> we started small. i held it together for 20 years. since i retired 25 years ago, things have happened. my successors have done a marvelous job of advancing wild trout advancement.>> you guys were at the very forefront of this environmental movement and now look what has happened.
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look what it has become.>> they interfaced with reagan. it was largely with the scenic rivers act. the north coast river and they still had an salmon. he is the one that signed the bill that was sponsored by the senator.>> it is an honor. your father would be thrilled to meet you. i hope you had good fishing. thanks, richard. there is the forecast. windy conditions out there. sorry for missing that too. there is the wind advisory that stays in effect through tomorrow. temperatures will take a hit. there is so much wind and a few clouds. sunday will be the best day with the winds motoring through. here comes the five-day. here comes tomorrow. there is the five-day.
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i was sort of -- you meet people and -- president obama and i was nervous. in my world growing up in the mountains it was -- he was the guy and i got nervous and i hope i did not stumble. i can't hear you. we will see you back at 10 pm.>> it looks like you are having a fun time and they will raise a lot of money. the story out of san jose where the winchester house is on the set of a movie.>> here's a sneak peek at the elaborate house and the movie about it built by sarah winchester.>> the truth is often stranger than fiction. just ask the cast. they had been filling inside the mystery house in san jose. some describe it as haunted and others call odd. features 10,000 windows, secret
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spot for siances and strange staircases that lead nowhere.>> it is much more benign than i would imagined. this reputation of a haunted house and all the rest of it and there is a lightness to it and a sweetness to it that surprised me.>> the landmark was under construction 24 hours a day seven days a week for 38 years. its owner, sarah winchester felt that putting a home for the ghost that haunted her was the only way to appease them.>> she believes that she was haunted by the ghost and the spirits that died at the hands of the winchester rifle.>> they reported a ghost photographed in the window of the house and this is the only known photo of sarah winchester. helen mirren re-created the picture on the first day of filming and the house was re- created in australia for much of the shoot.>> i spent two months jumping into closets and
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hiding and running and making my way to the stairs to nowhere. it is a weird sense of dij@ vu.>> the mayor who stopped by said he is pleased to see a unique san jose story make its way to the big screen.>> it is wonderful. we have a great history. this is part of our history and we want the world to see a.>> don't call this a horror movie. they say it is much more than that.>> most people are trying to do with their lives and what they have lost.>> is more complex than a horror form -- film sort of thanks. >> this is the last day of filming at the house. the movie is set to open in early 2018 and san jose. oakland a fans can enjoy a
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new peanut free area for all of the teams home games. the peanut free zone is located in load 66 on the left field inside of the coliseum. it will get special cleaning and special inspections pick the team is the first to offer people with peanut allergies a place of their own. the giants and reds are underway after a rain stoppage. we will have details on that and how they are doing coming up next in sports.
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new information about steve kerr and his health problems.>> at some time we have to stop bringing it up. you have to feel so -- bid for mike brown but every single time he meets the media he gets asked about the coach. today the reason we are bringing up is because there is new information and he may be looking for help in another place. there is no information regarding his health but the coach has decided to leave the treatment that he was getting and go to duke university
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medical center back east to see a specialist relating to the issues that stem from the back surgery that went wrong a couple of years ago. not only is steve kerr not in utah, he is on the complete other side of the country right now. he will not be with the team in the foreseeable future. meanwhile the team is doing ever so well. contrary to what is going on with their coach. they have not trout for a single second against the utah jazz. here's some shots of them. heading for salt lake city where they don't have a whole lot of nightlife. should not care about that because they have other things to focus on. if you want to get nitpicky they put up a 20 point lead. they lead for 15 points at a time but several times utah was able to put together runs and
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cut the deficit. the veteran has been through this stuff and has a summation of things going on with this team.>> our intentions are good but we have to have two want to be like a machine and destroy everything. we have to compete against ourselves. we can't compete against the sport. i think that was one of our weaknesses. >> that is a weakness. he is stretching it. they are like a machine. can we fast-forward press the cavaliers and the raptors. the cavaliers are doing everything they can to get through it. how about physicality? not many guys can throw him around. the seven footer and 300 pounder could not do it to know about because lebron makes the drive.
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he had 35 points tonight. 20-3 run and close going into the fourth quarter. more of lebron but this time passing for tristan thompson. they outscored toronto 36-17 in the fourth quarter in a 30 -- 3- 0 lead. it was raining and measurable and cincinnati and once they started playing it did not get better. they went to the same high school in florida. that's the third home run. the few bright strop -- spots. a two run single. it is not good for the giants. >> have a great night. businessman 2: we've gone over the numbers several times, and...
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kites, ho! kites, ho! kites, ho! all: kites, ho! excuse me. you're misusing the word "ho." it's an interjection used to call attention to a destination, not an object, as in, uh, "land, ho!" or, uh, "westward, ho!" all: kites, ho! hey, guys. whatcha doin'? going out to discover electricity? if you're referring to the work of benjamin franklin, he did not "discover electricity," he merely used a kite to determine that lightning "consists" of electricity. he also invented the franklin stove, bifocals and the flexible urinary catheter. kites, ho. we're heading out for some kite fighting. "kite fighting"? oh, yeah. it's an extremely competitive, cutthroat sport. well, actually, the risk of throat cutting is very low. on the other hand, severe string burn is a real and ever-present danger.


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