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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 8, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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clark. >> i am pam cook and thank you for waking up with us. it is for 29 -- 4:29 am and chilly out there. the wind is killing my allergies though. >> the wind is not good for the allergies. today we should have a little bit less the wind and warmer temperatures. the water temperatures are unbelievably cold with upper 40s. that means that the fog is having no problem for being able to form and 48 in bodega bay. this would not be the morning to go for a swim. 40s for many and 50s, cool but rebounding with the little northerly breeze. 45 at woodside, 48 at menlo park, 48 in atherton and pacifica at 47 so it is not
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only inland but also along the coast. in southern california they have rain and working its way to the south with this high pressure coming in for two days before we go into the cool again with 60s and 70s along with some very low 80s. it is 4:31 am. we are making it little by little and we hope it is quiet.>> it is quiet right now, thank you very much. let's dial it up to look at solano county on 80 westbound from back to build, fairfield and vallejo, traffic moving nicely if you're driving from fairfield to vallejo and into the carquinez bridge area, looking good with no major issues. the traffic at the toll plaza is not bad, very nice. it is also nice all the way into san francisco. we are looking at 280 and san jose which continues to be good.
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we hope to have a nice and quiet monday morning at 4:31 am. the jury expected to continue deliberations in the murder trial of antoine garcia torres who is charged of killing sarah lamar of morgan hill even though her body has never been found and she disappeared five years ago while on her way to school and he is pleading not guilty but if convicted he could get the death penalty. the witness testimony continues. in the trial of three county deputies charged with killing a man in 2015, and they are accused of beating tyree to death in his jail cell all pleading not guilty to second-degree murder and if convicted they could all get life in prison. the marine county coroner's office is expected to face the
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judge today after being arrested for child molestation suspicion and arrested in eureka, and daryl harris is suspected with girls between the age of 14 and 17 years old. the cases are being investigated by the santa rosa police department due to his professional ties in marin county. one to stay on high alert after three incidents on campus and the first is a battery on campus early sunday morning. the suspect was being escorted out of a party when the suspect punched the victim and then the suspect ran away and described as an unshaven man about 20 years old, about 6'1" and last seen wearing a cleveland cavaliers jersey. if you have any information call the police.
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>> last night the campus police say there was a suspicious incident that occurred at the robel hall be playing and possibly holding a chain with the second person standing nearby. the suspects then ran away in the stanford police department are reminding students to lock the windows and doors, and also to report any suspicious activity. there was another incident at the roble hall been laying when someone tried to break into the dorm through a window on the first floor, but the suspect ran away when the resident was inside the room, described as latino in his 30s. the stanford police department reminding all the students to lock the windows and doors, and also to report anything suspicious. the fremont police are looking for a suspicious band to help disabled people get
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around this 2014 white chrysler van was stolen saturday, it has a lift for passengers in wheelchairs, dp197hm is the plate number and if you see it call the police. a fire happened yesterday afternoon on martin luther king jr. way and smoke could be seen for miles. the homeowner had a prize wine collection that was destroyed but no one was injured. the oakland fire department is working on getting some of the fire inspectors properly certified. the oakland mayor was in the studio on mornings on 2 and we ask her about reports that several city fire inspectors do not have the required certification. >> this is something that does not worry me because we will absolutely correct it but i'm
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thinking more about all of the fire services, and since the fire in december we have been working diligently to ensure that we provide the best fire service of any city in the country. >> the inspectors will have until friday to complete the required certification and the mayor said that the city will increase the number fire inspectors from 6 two 20 -- from 6-20 in the next two years. an uber driver and stopped at a gas station to use the restroom saturday night when two men jumped in his car and told him to drive to pier 39 and that pulled a gun and forced him to drive to san francisco and they forced him to withdraw money from the atm. the driver ran off and the suspect took off in his car and the police are looking for the vehicle, a 2015 white toyota camry with that license plate
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on your screen, 7hqw692. the national park officials are asking for help and want to find a 24-year-old man missing in yosemite park, last seen in the housekeeping camp a week ago and he may have gone hiking outside of yosemite valley and here's his photo, 5'6", 128 pounds with black hair and brown eyes, and he may have been wearing abercrombie style clothing and if you see him in the yosemite valley area or if you saw him on may 1 getting contact with officials. the police have arrested a man that pretended to be a landlord and offering housing in exchange for sex, and miles an auto -- mazanado preying on
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the immigrant community because he thought he would not be reported, and after being arrested he admitted that he did not have access to any apartments and was not affiliated with the real estate company. it is 4:38 am. the sacramento county health officials may have found the source of the botulism outbreak and linked to an gas station in walnut grove and the people a prepared food from that gas station. there warning people that may have gone to this gas station over the last three weeks to watch out. outbreaks of botulism are rare and it is a dangerous form of food poisoning that can be deadly, and causing paralysis, blurred vision and muscle weakness. the cal athletic department celebrating excellence for work done in the classroom, the ncaa
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notifying berkeley that seven of the teams are in the top 10% of the academic level for those in sports. being recognized for seven consecutive years and they also have the women's teams in volleyball, lacrosse, golf and gymnastics along with the means water polo team. a whipping cutting -- ribbon-cutting ceremony happening at 11 am to celebrate the first protected bike lane in oakland running from the broadway on-ramp between highway 24 between keith and brookside avenue. the lanes run in both directions and separated from the traffic by concrete median and the river cutting again set for 11 am this morning. the teachers and students in oakland are fighting keep the reading clinic alive and they will gather tonight at a meeting by the school district to express their concerns about closing the program.
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the reading clinic gives special needs students one-on- one instruction with an experienced reading specialist that will develop individually tailored plans to match the needs of each student and their learning style. the meeting is at 5:30 pm at the coal school on union street in oakland. the nonprofit organization is placing $1 million to fight homelessness in san francisco and making the pledge and wants to reduce the chronic homelessness in the city by 50% in the next five years, the largest donation of its kind made to san francisco and that will create new housing, services and support the programs that adjust homelessness. affordable housing could be getting easier and coming up, the new online system that is designed to simplify the application process and san francisco. the challenges of getting
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into the uc school and what janet napolitano says about the school acceptance rate and the high cost of tuition. traffic off to a nice start on this monday without a lot going on. now is the opportunity to get out on the east bay road and get a nice commute. sunny and warmer today. "gs 6?h.ñqjni
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welcome back to mornings on 2. many that have applied for colleges are disappointed, especially getting into the uc school with the acceptance
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rate of 17-35% with the profile of the average student at 4.0 or higher. but then you have to figure out how to pay for and janet napolitano said that 57% of the undergraduates get financial aid without paying anything intuition but with the housing, books and other expenses that still is $20,000-$30,000 a year at uc. >> the board is looking at the total cost of attendance right now and if we are calculating the amount of financial aid that the families need in the best way.>> we asked about the recent protests over the speakers, and how the university plans on handling similar events in the future.>> we do have an atmosphere where all speakers with all views, even those we find objectionable, can come to the campus and speak.
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the trick is to be able to do it safely and with the safety of the students and the university community in mind. that is the balance we are struggling with right now. >> berkeley is known for protests, that is what makes it such a lively place and i think we can do this.>> as far as the ongoing situation for the speakers, she says she believes that the office handle things appropriately and that it is an ongoing discussion. she was very entertaining at the graduate event and i was fortunate enough to help to judge the graduate school speeches of the best of the best of the uc students. clearly you can see why it is hard to get him because more people want to go with the uc system which is part of the problem. >> that is how sal got in.
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>> we were talking about this and you never know because pam and i were very competitive students, and who is to say that if we were young people now we would be up there competing with everyone else. >> i would just have to try a little bit harder. >> you have to compete to the level of your competition. good morning everyone. taking a look at 580 westbound, volume has picked up on 205 and 580. this construction work is helping 580 westbound since it is not there. a little bit further past the altamont pass and into dublin not looking bad. driving through castro valley looking good on 580 and the volume on the inner east bay is not quite where it will be later. here is a look at 880
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northbound and southbound in front of the coliseum, looking good. no problems on the bay bridge approach and it is 4:46 am with no issues on the span into san francisco. if i was a student now i don't think i could even get into chico, they have seriously made it hard. >> i would not bet against you, you are a smart guy. a smart guy would look at the satellite and say there is a little bit of fog on the san mateo and santa cruz coast. it is cool out but the water temperatures are bone chilling with a little bit of fog. inland did not so much a factor but you can see this coming in from santa cruz and a little bit of fog get half moon bay but this breeze will wipe it out. when you have water temperatures at 48 to 51, as cold as i have seen in a long time and if that maintains it will be june gloom.
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40s on the temperatures in 50s for some, 48 at saratoga, and gilroy at 45. it is a cool 43 in boulder creek with cupertino at 47. 38 in truckee and they had sunshine one temperatures on thursday and snow on friday and saturday. ukiah at 49 in monterey at 50. we have this cloud cover from saturday and diving down into southern california to give them rain. in southern california it is sweater weather. the high today in palm springs in the low 80s. tomorrow in phoenix it will be 70 degrees and the averages 92. -- the average is usually 92, and this is a very cool pattern as we take a look at that low. a warm up today and tomorrow
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with this high pressure building in, and another system will dig and to stick around for a while. today and tomorrow except for parts of the coast at san mateo and santa cruz, warmer for about everybody with that fog. wednesday into sunday we have cooler forecast with wind at times and we will tackle that later in the week. 60s, 70s and very low 80s. tomorrow we get a bump up and that will be the warmest day for a while as temperatures go right back down and staying there for a while.>> okay, very cool weather for the springtime. it is 4:49 am. there were plenty of celebrities at the mtv movie and tv awards in la with bad weather is well. look at this, what was expected to be the star-studded red carpet was deserted for a while due to the hail chasing
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everybody inside the shrine auditorium. the celebrities moved inside and the hailstorm lasted for about 10 minutes. >> this turns me on. i have never seen this. the red carpet in la and the skies open up with hail, and look at this. that does not happen. it is beautiful, the power of the moment. >> i am excited now and that was billy ray cyrus. even though the weather improved after the hailstorm was over, the red carpet area did not reopen. honoring 50 years since the summer of love and up next we have the event that took over part of san francisco to celebrate love, peace and everything weird. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:53 am. this brown, two-story shingle house in berkeley was on the move and taking out most of university avenue as they move into the new location just down the street. we are not sure what this house will be used for, whether it
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will be a business or a home, or maybe even student housing. the new location is near the uc berkeley campus. san francisco honoring the 50th anniversary of the summer of love this weekend with people celebrating peace and love. back in 1967 they celebrated but this is the summer of weird as people show up in the best tie-dye outfits to mingle and dance, expressing themselves artistically. they had the grateful dead throwbacks, and they had music on 11 stages for the 18th annual "how weird" street fair. ending the series with the dramatic victory, and oakland scoring twice making it a 2-1 game, and alonzo gets the two run shot and the tigers tying it up in the fifth inning but that was temporary and days go
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ahead at 5-4, and the a's get the win, and they host the angels tonight. the giants lost, 4-0, and the lack of offense is the problem, johnny cueto getting off to a good start and hitting the single that brings home hamilton and scooter hits the line drive and joey scores and now it is 2-0 cincinnati. the red score on the solo home run's in the third and the fifth having the reds that 4-0 win, outscoring the giants artie 1-5 in the three-game series -- giants by 31-five in the three-game series. the warriors of 3-0 on utah
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and they have a chance for the sweet -- sweep tonight, and kevin durant steps in to take the game. >> i think we did a good job of matching it and it will be the same story in the fourth game, they will give us the best punch and we have two take it and deliver the first punch. i think we have done a good job of taking the punches throughout this series to counterpunch and play our game. >> the warriors have won the franchise bet for the seven straight postseason games for this point, and the next game will start at 6:00. new information about the secret farm that the university of california has uncovered and what the $175 million reportedly is being used for. another shooting involving
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the san jose police and what the chief of police as the say about this third incident in one week. not a bad commute so far and looking at interstate 880, looking pretty good with no major problems getting up to the bay bridge. if you are on the san mateo-santa cruz coastline, the fog and warmer temperatures coming up.
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good morning. there are several reports of attempted crimes in stanford, some close calls and with the university is doing to keep the students safe.>> healthcare reform shifts to the senate as one president takes on another, more coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2 . [ music playing ] >> "manic monday." look at this full moon. [ music playing ] >> it is a manic monday on this may 8, i am pam cook.
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>> good morning, i am pam clark. i can look at that moon all morning, beautiful. the moon will be full on wednesday at 2:42 pm. >> i knew he would know that [ laughter ] it is a cool morning, and the water tender's are extremely cold with the lows cool, so we get the fog in the sun. most of the locations warming up and if you near 80 degrees. vallejo has current conditions at 50, clear and no breeze, up to 74 yesterday. that is very nice. some of the fog is coming back with half moon bay having fog and also santa cruz and moving into monterey bay.


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