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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 9, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> today santa clara county convicted antolin garcia-torres for the kidnap and murder of sierra lamar. >> we have been praying for the chapter to have this type of ending. justice. >> justice is served here for us today. justice for sierra. good afternoon. i'm gasia makaelian. >> i'm mike mibach. or than five years after sierra lamar disappeared on her way to school in morgan hill, a south bay jury convicted antolin garcia-torres of her kidnapping and murder. >> we have team coverage at noon with alex savidge gathering reaction. let's begin with justin -- jesse gary. >> reporter: i was in an overflow courtroom inside this department 27 on the third floor where the trial is taking place. it was completely packed. there was an audible gasp
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followed by cheers and clapping as jurors returned a guilty verdict on the most serious charge, the kidnapping and murder charge. and subsequent charges after that. let's look at our video. antolin garcia-torres sat motionless and expressionless at the charges and the verdicts were read. the panel of seven women and five men said the mountain of circumstantial evidence proved the 25-year-old kidnapped and murdered sierra lamar. morgan hill teenager disappeared more than five years ago as she headed to a bus stop. prosecutors prove beyond a reasonable doubt that lamar's dna on a rope inside the suspect's car it is previous attempts to carjack and kidnapped three other victims added up to a guilty verdict. the defense attorneys declined comments as they left the hall of justice. david boyd, the assistant da says the complete package of evidence led to the conviction. >> that same jury held him responsible for the attacks on three women in a safeway parking lots in 2009. cynthia lundy, annette walters,
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and ava suarez. we now move immediately into the next phase, the penalty phase where the jury will decide whether the defendant gets the death penalty or life without the possibility of parole. >> reporter: the penalty phase begins at 9 am on may 16. again, it could be a death penalty or life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. alex savidge was also in court and joins us live with more on how sierra's family react did to the verdict. >> reporter: good afternoon. for sierra lamar's family, justice was finally served today. five years after sierra lamar disappeared. her parents are today outside the courtroom that is guilty verdict, they were grateful for it although they pointed out that for them, this is far from closure. her mother and father were
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inside the courtroom today, along with a number of other relatives and friends and members of this community to hear the verdict being read. as it was read, you get here family members let out a sigh of relief in the packed courtroom. zero's mother and father said they are relieved that antolin garcia-torres will never walk the streets again after he was found guilty of kidnapping and murdering their daughter as she was walking to school in 2012. they also say that in the end, nothing will bring back sierra. >> there will always be grief. grief like this will never go away. just knowing that, you know, no closure until we would find sierra. >> i know sierra vista with you and so many raise -- so many ways does >> i don't know what she would say but i would say that she would have a comment like -- mom, the right thing happened.
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justice did come through and i'm so grateful and thankful for everybody to have supported me and believed me that i wasn't a run away and that i love my family and friends. and i think that was definitely affirmation that she is looking down on us. >> reporter: this was always the case that struck a nerve with so many people in the community. the courtroom today was also packed with dozens of volunteers, people who have continue to search for sierra lamar ever since she vanished in 2012. one of those people is doug toles who spearheaded the search evan -- effort over the past few years. he told me after hearing the verdict, he broke down. >> this is he gets just as her. pinots a. everyone has known it all this time. we felt it in our hearts.
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>> reporter: relatives of antolin garcia-torres, the defendant, they were also in the courtroom this morning to hear the verdict. they walked out of the courthouse without saying anything to reporters. sierra lamar's mother said she believes the jury today sent a message that you cannot get away with murder no matter how hard you try to cover up your tracks. well this guilty verdict is important for sierra lamar's family, they say it does not take away the pain that they feel. sierra lamar's mother said it's a pain she will feel for the rest of her life. i should also point out, i did ask sierra lamar's parents what their thoughts are moving forward on the penalty phase. what their hopes are for the penalty phase of this trial where a jury will decide whether antolin garcia-torres, the man who killed their daughter, they will decide whether he lives or dies. they politely declined to comment on the penalty phase of the trial which will be coming up one week from today. >> thank you. where joined by legal analyst michael cardoza. do you think in this penalty phase, the family, the public,
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may finally learn were sierra lamar's body is? >> no. that will not be part of the penalty phase. >> is maybe an agreement between defense attorneys in an attempt to save his life? >> it could be. the defense could go to the prosecutor and say, look, let's bypass the penalty phase. take the death penalty off the table. give us life without possibility or they may say give us a first-degree murder and if you do that, he will tell you where the body is. they may do that but what they have to do first, of course, is go to the family. and ask them permission. is this something you want? do you want the answer to this? or do you want to see him put to death. >> we have the d.a., jeff rosen, in a nobody trial going after the death penalty. to me it seems very aggressive and they were there confident in the evidence they had to go out and get that conviction. deleted that way? is a rare oryza not rare to
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have nobody trial and go after the death penalty? for there have been nobody charles before and they brought back to guilty verdicts. there have been cases where there are death penalties involved in a nobody trial. but, jurors have a difficult time with that because always in the back of a juror's mind, it's like, i believe it beyond a reasonable doubt but what if? what if she is alive? and we put the sky to death? we can't undo that. it makes it harder for a jury to bring back the death penalty. but what tells me they are heading toward the death penalty is this verdict came back very quickly. i can just imagine the jurors. wire was sitting here talking. look at what we have. the dna. the dna and the women who were kidnapped. guilty. let's move on. let's get to the guilt. that tells me there is a good chance he may get death in this case. >> even if he doesn't, that's not a quick process.
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an automatic appeal. most prisoners die on death row old a's -- old age or illness. >> i laugh and i don't mean to but you are right. i worked 25 years out. arkansas just got their loss straightened out and they put three people to death within a couple of days? california is not like that and we should not be. we should take our time. obviously there is no greater penalty. the wheels of justice should grind slowly towards that death and we should exhaust every avenue. some think we take too long. i say when there is a life involved, when you can't undo a mistake like that. >> thank you. >> see you back here later. from her on today's verdict including legal analysis and reaction from the family, go to . it's there on our homepage. right now, a major road closure in richmond where an amtrak train has crashed into a big rig. this is at cutting and carlson boulevard. involving train 711 which runs
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from bakersfield to oakland. there were 123 passengers on board. some reported minor injuries but no one was actually transported to the hospital. cutting boulevard is closed because of this crash. skyfox giving us these pictures. the boulevard is expected to stay closed for the next several hours. and use of funds for freeway cameras. we will tell you about a commitment to build a surveillance network and who is paying for. warmer temperatures around the bay area today but how long will they last? rosemary orozco will be here to tell you when you can expect the cool down. firefighters have responded to hundreds of wildfires this year. now they are warning homeowners this fire season could be more dangerous than usual.
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danville police have released the identity of a man arrested in connection with a smash and grab robbery at a cosco. keyshawn edwards of oakland was tackled and held to the ground by employees until police arrived. the search is still on for his two alleged accomplices. this happened on the story away around 9 pm. police say the three men walked into the store and edwards smashed a jewelry display with a hammer. the other suspects ran out of the store. one got into a car and drove off. police are looking a surveillance video from the
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store. in oakland, i man was arrested in connection with the stabbing that happened around 2 pm yesterday on san leandro street. paramedics found the victim and took him to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. two hours later a suspect was arrested. investigators have yet to release any information about what led to the arrest. police are looking for a man wanted in connection with a hate crime attack at a san francisco bart station. according to police, the suspect walked up to the victim on the plate -- train platform, shouted homophobic slurs and punched him in the face. this happened at the powell street station. the victims of the suspect was wearing a security uniform. he ran off and boarded a pittsburg-baypoint train. police stop the train at the macarthur bart station in oakland but were unable to locate the attacker. the state of california is making a big commitment to bay
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area driver safer after a string of shootings along a pair of busy freeways. >> henry lee has learned the state's agreed to fund in a surveillance system along interstate 80 and highway 4. >> reporter: been more than 80 relations across the bay area  since 2015 and for a year, contra costa county officials have been demanding that the state pay for cameras. they have not gotten their wish. >> funding has been made available for their freeway camera project. >> reporter: mary knox is a contra costa county prosecutor who sits on a task force of local law enforcement that's been working to get cameras installed on the freeways. she said the state will pay for new cameras on both interstate 80 and highway 4, were most of the bay area shootings have taken place. >> basically running from cutting boulevard in richmond after antioch. >> reporter: will not just be cameras. >> the wireless backbone and all the hardware. the license plate readers, and hopefully incorporating shotspotter. >> reporter: but how much will all of this cost the state? >> approximately $1.5 million. basically, show us the need and show us exactly where all of
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the systems will be installed and exactly what will be involved and it will be funded. >> reporter: there are already freeway cameras in san pablo and pittsburg. the pittsburg police department has agreed to host the expanded camera system for both i-580 and highway 4. >> government is low. >> reporter: hercules city councilmember says he is grateful the state is paying for cameras but he says that should have been done earlier. >> the state actually coming through with funny, i'm happy to hear this. this is what we've been working for for the last year. but, i don't want it to be forgotten that we've had citizens that have been killed. we've had citizens that were shot and been injured. and we've had citizens driving along interstate 80 and west contra costa county that have traveled in fair for the last 18 months. >> reporter: local law enforcement will meet this week to identify exactly where cameras and other technology should be placed. along highway 4 and contra costa county, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. let's check in with meteorologist rosemary orozco
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on this beautiful tuesday afternoon. >> yes. enjoy the warmer weather. it out today because things are changing. today is expected to be the warmest day of the week. here is a view across the oakland estuary looking toward san francisco. 67 degrees. santa rosa, 76. oakland, 70. san jose, mid-seventies for your lunch hour. temperatures for muster up about 6 degrees in livermore. 5 in oakland. 3 and mountain view where we have some cooling along the coastline. we are dealing with patchy fog again at this hour. here is a view of the fog. it has managed to move away over portions of pacifica and half moon bay. the winds are generally light. we do have a bit of an onshore breeze around half moon bay.
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because of that, half moon bay is cool at this hour, upper 50s and low 60s. hayward reporting an onshore breeze as well in hayward reporting and southwest wind at 5 miles an hour. a little bit of fog this morning and into the afternoon. you can see it is peeling away for the afternoon. 60s on the coast, 70s around the bay. mid to upper 80s for the warmer locations as we get into the second part of the afternoon. here are some of those numbers. in the north bay, 80 degrees, nowata. 83, sonoma. 74 sausalito. the east bay shore, mid- seventies in oakland. upper 80s for the inner east bay. 88, antioch and brentwood. in the south bay, nice and warm this afternoon. 81, san jose. along the peninsula, 81 for redwood city. 76, san mateo. 68 in the city of san francisco. mid- to upper- 60s for the coastline for the afternoon. as you get into the evening hours, things will cool down. if you're going to see the a's play, 7:05 pm game time, 64
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degrees with a 15 mile per hour wind. mostly clear, partly cloudy. slipping into the upper 50s by the end of the game. here's a look door extended forecast. a huge drop off as early as tomorrow. anywhere from 10-15 degrees, especially for inland folks. the fog comes back in the cool down continues as we get into thursday, friday and into the weekend which also happens to be mother's day weekend. it will be cool and breezy. inland folks, generally mild. around the bay, mid- to upper- 60s. low 60s at the coast. wildfire season is underway. that's the one from cal fire. >> this morning they urge residents to be prepared. >> reporter: cal fire estimates there are more than 100 million dead trees across the state.
12:19 pm
casualties from several years of drought. >> all this is feel ready to ignite when the conditions in the weather are in alignment. >> reporter: today, the fire chief urged the public to be prepared. >> it is fire season tickets fire season year-round in california. >> reporter: so far this year, cal fire has responded to more than 480 wildfires that have burned more than 7000 acres. compare that to last year when the responded to 550 wildfires but those fires covered a smaller area, about 800 acres total. the difference is this year after a weenie winter and spring, firefighters have responded to my grass fires. in this field were abstaining, the grass comes up to my shoulder. grass fires can spread quickly and cover a lot of ground. >> we have it over six feet in some places. the altimont has a huge amount of grass. a lot of the cattle was moved out during the drought and other back and doing what they can along with goats but we do have a lot of vegetation
12:20 pm
growing their homes right now. >> reporter: cal fire said now is the time for residents to create defensible space around their property between 30 and 100 feet. keep grass mowed the taller than four inches. rid of all weeds. clear the grass and weeds growing under decks and clean out all the dead leaves and dry pine needles in the gutters. >> people think that i just need to clear my gutter so the rain can get through. better cleaning needs to be done 2 or three digit times a year. >> reporter: he said cutting and pruning tools like this weed whacking sickle are selling better than they did a year ago. >> what i'm doing deliveries and dropping of barbecues and things like that, i see a lot of told brush. anywhere from 2-4 feet high. >> reporter: firefighter see it also. they have the public will happen clear that grass and brush out of the way before he creates the next wildfire disaster. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, cyber warfare the latest on the washington investigation into russian spying and meddling with the election.
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we can see at 12:23 pm the dow jones is down by 20. socks been described as a listless today. no major movement. cyber warfare is a growing concern in washington, especially in letter russia's attempts to influence the 2016 election. >> today senators on the armed services committee her from the man in charge of combating those threats. kris jenkins has more.
12:24 pm
>> reporter: cyberattacks a been a major concern for civilian and military leaders for years. in testimony before the senate armed services committee today, admiral mike rogers updated lawmakers on the cyber security posture of the u.s. government and expressed his concern for the apparent vulnerability of the system to outside threats. >> what happens when nonstate act does decide that cyber is an attractive weapon and an out there's a lesson to discuss -- destroy the status quo? that's the worst and, if you will. >> reporter: changing or manipulative information remotely through computers rather than merely extracting our gathering information for the purposes of spying is the new concern for intelligence officials, especially in light of russia's attempt to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential race.
12:25 pm
and another senate hearing yesterday, the former director of national intelligence, james clapper, discussed the process known inside the intelligence community is, unmasking, that is, revealing the identity of an american citizen who may have incidental contact with an investigative target. clapper admitted he made request to unmask trump associates in the lead up to the election. >> did either of you ever review classified documents in which mr. trump, his associates are members of congress had been >> you have give us details here? two no i cannot. >> reporter: in an interview, house speaker paul ryan expressed concern that on asking has become increasingly political, noting it's a crime to unmask someone and leak that person's identity to the media. administration officials are recommending sending several additional members of the was military to afghanistan therefore has been going on, visors could work with a greater number of afghan forces
12:26 pm
and closer to the front lines. top american officials say 5000 additional forces including hundreds of special ops forces could be sent. president trump has not yet said whether he will approve the recommendation to send for you forces south korea has a new president. people voted in a presidential election today a short time ago. liberal candidate, moon jae-in, claimed victory. moon jae-in features -- favors greater dialogue with north korea. during his campaign he said that if elected he would review whether the deployment of the american missile defense system was in south korea's best interest. the last president was impeached and removed from office because of the corruption scandal. updating the plan to have free tuition at san francisco city college. we now know if it will be tied to a student's academic standing. we will tell you if that still
12:27 pm
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and is has been found to kidnapping and first part of the death of sierra lamar. he was also can acted of attempted carjacking stemming
12:30 pm
from three separate incidents at safeway stores in morgan hill. the jury made their decision after getting the case thursday. they deliberated for just about 2 days the san jose courtroom was packed with family and friends who had long sought justice for the teenager whose body still has not been found. >> it's been a journey. it's been difficult and the angst, i will tell you, it's like reliving the nightmare going through this trial but much worse with all the gory details you have to here. it's something that i am grateful that another parent will never have to go through. >> the same jury that found garcia torres will begin the penalty phase on may 16. he could be sentenced to death or life without parole. here's a look back at the timeline of sierra lamar's disappearance and the murder trial. seer was last seen march 16 of 2012. she's on her way to her bus
12:31 pm
stop north of morgan hill. her disappearance sparked massive searches. two months later, on may 21 of 2012, antolin garcia-torres was arrested after evidence from a bag was linked to him and his dna was found on sierra lamar's belongings. antolin garcia-torres was charged with kidnapping and murder even though lamar's body or crime scene have never been found. two years after that, a criminal grand jury indictment move the case forward and garcia-torres entered a plea of not guilty on february 13, 2014. after a delay of nine months while defense attorney filed a number of motions for more time to examine evidence, the trial began on january 30 of this year. >> for more on the verdict including legal analysis and reaction from the family go to and look on the main page. and santa cruz county, the fbi has arrested a 19-year-old man with charges of gathering and sharing child pornography. investigators say brian spencer was around children in his
12:32 pm
different jobs ranging from a babysitter to an assistant at an afterschool program at marr vista elementary and a science camp cabin leader. authorities say he confessed to taking nude photos and videos of young boys he was babysitting and treating those images. he was arrested last week and is now in federal custody. the man accused of shooting and killing a police sergeant during a traffic stop two years ago has been ordered to stand trial. a judge said there is "powerful evidence against the suspect, marcus estrada" one of the people testifying at the hearing was an officer who witnessed the shooting of sergeant scott lunger. estrada is charged with the murder of a peace officer with special circumstances. prosecutors are not saying if they will seek the death penalty for estrada if found guilty. and a report from the san francisco police department shows officers are using force less often but there is a racial gap when it comes to who
12:33 pm
is involved in such incidents. the department that cases of use of force which include striking a person, using pepper spray are pointing a gun at someone are down almost 16% during the first three months of this year compared to the same time yesterday. there were also 44 assaults against officers during that time period. that figure is down 45% from last year. the report shows more than 40% of the people involved in use of force incidents were african- americans. 23% were latinos. we are learning more about the men killed in a plane crash yesterday at lake berryessa and napa county. >> both men worked for the company that made the plane. debora villalon reports that explains why the test -- why the investigation is expected to be long and difficult >> reporter: from skyfox, the wreckage of a single and in sport plane, mostly intact but the tail in a wing partially submerged in lake berryessa. the plane operable on water and land crashed monday morning killing both men on board. >> right now even the person who called it in, we are trying to get a hold of them. a fisherman but we don't know
12:34 pm
whether he saw it or not. other than that we have no eyewitnesses. >> reporter: the victims, jon karkow , lead engineer at icon aircraft. piloting the plane. and his passenger, tran45 -- trend 25. also an employee. >> it's been a tough day for us. we had two of our employees, two of our family members die in an accident in an airplane that we've waited on for 10 years. close to 2000 people have placed orders for the plane which promises to democratize flying. a plane with foldable wings so it can be stored and towed and sport pilots can earn their license with about 20 hours in the cockpit. >> it's a very stable airplane and easy to fly. >> reporter: those working at the airport are surprised by the fatal crash. icon's arrival has been a boon for flight operations. >> icon is near and dear to almost everybody's heart on the field because they are introducing new type aircraft and it's new to the industry and it's exciting.
12:35 pm
>> reporter: this maintenance shop owner has done work for lead engineer who was a veteran test pilot and rated to fly numerous aircraft. >> definitely loved flying. he did all their test flying on concept airplanes. >> reporter: the wreckage can only be reached by boat and must be hauled out for analysis. >> right now it's a challenge. the airplane is partially submerged and on a very steep inclines. >> reporter: the plane was in the air about 20 minutes before it crashed. >> it is a tremendous hit. is very devastating to the industry and the company. we do offer our condolences. >> reporter: this plane makes demonstration and teaching flights to lake berryessa routinely but icon will not discuss the nature of monday's flight. >> i'm not going to into specifics about the airplane or safety. there are a lot we can talk about their but given the event, that is what we are focused on. debora villalon, ktvu fox 2
12:36 pm
news. the san jose city council is scheduled to discuss the response times of its medical emergency crews. the county close the city's first responders are failing to arrive within seven minutes as called for under the terms of their contract. the county is withholding $8 million in payments as a result. the city said it has improved response times and wants the money to continue upgrades. council members are asking staff to look for ways to collect the money and improve emergency medical services. people in san jose make it immediate eviction protection. the city council is expected to vote on a no cause eviction urgency ordinance which would put protections in place right away. it needs eight votes to pass. the policy was approved last month but is not gone into effect. housing advocates say they are seeing a spike in no cause eviction's and landlords anticipating the law. >> in the 10 days after the vote, there were nine more families that were evict did. in terms of evictions reported to the city. likely this is the tip of the iceberg. to see that carried out over the next few weeks, 40 or 50 more families will be pushed
12:37 pm
out. >> is off a lot from that represents tenants and eviction cases says it has 23 new cases since the beginning of april. joe montana, the latest person to file a lawsuit of the trouble millennium tower in san francisco. the 58 story luxury high-rise has sunk more than a foot and is tilting at the base. tmz is reported that montana is suing the developers for breach of contract and is seeking damages of more than $1 million. montana apparently paid $2.7 million for the condo in 2013. millennium partners blames trans bay terminal definition -- excavation for destabilizing the base. the problem is that it was not anchored to bedrock. an agreement has been reached at san francisco for the college for free tuition. according to the agreement, students can go to the school for free regardless of their academic standing. in the past, students would
12:38 pm
have to maintain a 2.0 gpa and complete half of their units. free tuition begins with classes next semester. registration for continuing students opened last wednesday. new students can enroll starting may 24. there are plans for a new starbucks store but it is expected to do more than just serve coffee in the east bay. >> supporters hope it will revitalize the neighborhood. >> reporter: green grass grows sporadically on this east oakland lot. now, for some, the prospect of a new starbucks rising here signals a rebirth of commerce in east oakland. >> i think starbucks is going to be the first thing to happen for the community. and then other companies will see how great starbucks will do. i think they will follow suit. >> reporter: it's just over an acre. the firestone tire store that stood here was demolished in 2010. proposals including a
12:39 pm
library and other retail have all failed to materialize. but last month, the city council approved the starbucks project. >> it's been a process that i've been working on for many years and now all of this is coming to fruition. >> reporter: city councilmember said the city has entered into a 12-18 month exclusive negotiating agreement with starbucks. to either purchase or lease the property. >> it's a big deal. this is my neighborhood. >> reporter: a big deal she says because it's a different kind of starbucks. one within urban focus. she showed us artist renderings of what it will look like inside the coffee shop. >> this is a starbucks that will have a community room that the community can use. it will be part of the training program. they will hire people from the community and it's a place where you can come and create community. >> reporter: starbucks is promising to hire and buy locally. the employees will receive full benefits whether they are full- time or part-time. the store will be larger than the average starbucks because it will offer youth training programs and a community room for use by nonprofits. >> a lot of the violence is not here like there used to be. it's cool. it'll help the community out. >> reporter: starbucks opened a
12:40 pm
similar community-oriented store in ferguson, missouri, about a year ago. oakland would be second. starbucks plans to open a total of 15 such stores nationwide by next year. >> we don't have a lot of job opportunities in east oakland. it'll give the young people something to do. >> is a community for a long time has been looking to get revitalized, this is just one more step in that direction. >> reporter: sum critics say they'd rather see affordable housing built instead. >> many jobs. we can't buy a job a house -- we can't by house we don't have any money. >> reporter: people who lived the ayrsley starbucks is reason for hope. >> i think it's wonderful for the area. it's about time. they should have did it years ago. i think it's going to be good for the community. >> the new starbucks will be 3600 square feet with a drive through window. the target opening date, sometime next year. in east oakland, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead, the golden
12:41 pm
state warriors are headed to the western conference finals. after the break, a look at last night's big win and what the acting head coach said when reporters asked him about the other team, the one in cleveland. a warm up around the bay today but get your sunshine in while you can. there are big changes in your forecast. meteorologist rosemary orozco is next after the break.
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track for the, told the western conference final they completed a second-round sweep of the jazz in the g1-95 last >> goes by green, getting up for you! just like that. lightning strikes for the golden state warriors. >> draymond green made it postseason triple-double. steph curry put up 30 point. he helped control the tempo throughout the >> it's a lot of energy. that's really all it is. we have a lot of versatile guys that can go to different positions. if you don't do with energy, it doesn't matter. with the time that we've had, the expense we have, it will be tough to. >> i'm not really looking at
12:45 pm
the team they will do with they are going to do but for us, we just want to go out and play the right way and get better every series. for us, we feel if we do things the right way, we are going to win most ballgames and, so, for us to go out and play the right way and the sweep gives us a few extra days off right here and then we get ready for our next opponent. but we don't really care what anybody else out there does. >> the warriors had a few days off until the conference finals when they face the winner of the series between the san antonio spurs of the houston rockets. that there is is currently tied. the oakland a's found a very exciting way to win recently, walkoff home run last night they beat the angels in extra innings. they trailed into the fifth until trevor pluta tied it up at 2-2. it stayed that way, going into extra frames until the 11th. that's when jed lowrie stepped into the box and hit his second home run of the game to give the a's the walkoff victory.
12:46 pm
the series continues tonight at the coliseum. a different story for the giants who have lost to the mets. san francisco started strong with a two run home run by hunter pence in the first inning the mets were able to tie it up and buster posey hit his third home run of the season. new york tied it up again it was 3-3 heading into the night. the giants could not get a run across but the mets ran into the giants bullpen and its support for that walkoff wind sending the giants to their fifth loss in games. the same go at it tonight. get that vitamin d in today while you can because we are in for a fix swing the other way. our temperatures are going to fall dramatic lead by tomorrow. i will have that and the extended forecast. get out there and soak up the sun today. we have sunshine around the bay area. a little bit of patchy fog along the coast air quality is good to moderate and
12:47 pm
temperatures are climbing above yesterday's high we are expected to determine 4, a beef 6 degrees of warming for the pairs from yesterday and today. napa, the afternoon hi today is 82. oakland, 75. livermore, 85. storm tracker 2 will show you a ridge of high pressure in place. you can see the circulation having around it and how the wind is coming down the coastline mac a few high clouds billing later in the day. that should be about it in addition to the patchy fog we are watching around santa cruz at this time. is we get into the evening hours, thing start to change. there will be a sign of that cooling trend by tonight. you can see the fog begins to reform all of the san mateo county coastline into monterey. by tomorrow morning, it fills in pretty good, north bay, central and south bay and moves into the east bay is like oakland and berkeley, alameda, could leak it with partly cloudy and mostly cloudy skies.
12:48 pm
this will be the trend we see into the rest of the week temperatures right now, 79, concord. 77, livermore. 78 in nevada. 75, san jose. on the peninsula, we have a lit up of an onshore breeze. it's not too warm or too cool. 61 in half moon bay. 75, foster city. a beautiful day in the inner east bay. a warm one in antioch at 84. 83 in danville. the temperature change is showing anywhere from 2-5 degrees warmer at this hour and then yesterday. for the afternoon, 83, sonoma. 68 at the coast at and the is. 73, alameda. walnut creek, upper 80s. south bay, 82 in morgan hill. 84 sunnyvale. along the peninsula, 81 in
12:49 pm
redwood city. and matteo, 76. upper 60s for san francisco. axes at the coast. there is the cool down. it begins tomorrow especially for inland areas. it could drop anywhere from 10- 15 degrees. is we get into the rest of the week, subtle changes. upper 60s and low 70s for inland cities. mid-sixties along at around to be. upper 50s and low 60s of the coast. it could be breezy at times. also be cloudy. a cool pattern for this time of year. the future of the mavericks surf competition could be is turbulent as its waves. the los angeles company that owns the brand filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in january. the company plans to hold an auction next month in which the minimum opening fit would be $1 million. the san mateo harbor district filed a motion yesterday opposing the option. the district wants to make sure the winning it or can the district requirements and conditions such as the ability to financially hold successful
12:50 pm
events in the future. and animal rescue group has come to the aid of a pack of coyote pups. wildlife emergency services posted pictures the group that's been monitoring the mother coyote and newborns but the mother was hit by a vehicle and killed last thursday. without her the pups were left to fend for themselves for the group went to the dead, coffee pups and have been nursing them back to good health. they were suffering from dehydration. the puppies will be released into the wild when they are able to survive on their own. many people have cut the cord with cable and have switched to streaming services. we will tell you why this could cost more for services such as netflix and hulu. i have asthma...
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asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at now the first one is convicted, we examine what >> the legal wrangling is his defense attorneys try to avoid the -- the death penalty.
12:53 pm
streaming services are changing the way many of us watch television. >> this is a trend that has considering new taxes on services such as netflix and consumer groups are taking notice. >> reporter: government of visuals don't produce shows for hulu, netflix, amazon and other streaming services but that's not stopping some looking at ways to tax them. two local governments in their power to tax a like an amoeba. squeezing from one place may pop out someplace else. >> reporter: consumer watchdogs are weary as cities argue they
12:54 pm
are losing money and need to get creative. according to analyst from, moffat nathanson, cable and satellite companies lost more than three quarters of 1 million subscribers in the first three months of this five times more than during the same period last year. a trend that's meant to drop in utility taxes attached to cable bills. glendale california is among those considering increasing utility user taxes which covered gas, electric and telecom services to make up for hundreds of thousands in lost revenue. >> not to tax you twice but to others a consistent flow of revenue that pays for the services that you as a resident of the business and a visitor expect from that local government. >> reporter: glendale is enlisting the help of cable and satellite providers to determine how such a streaming video tax might work but critics fear a slippery slope when streaming video services are taxed like a gas or water bill.
12:55 pm
>> if you allow a city to do that, you're setting a president were almost anything on the internet or maybe off the internet could be considered a taxable under utility tax and that's been problematic for consumers. >> reporter: chicago learned that lesson after blazing the netflix tax trail in 2015, imposing a 9% levee on digital entertainment and prompting a consumer upper. last year, pennsylvania added a 6% tax on digital downloads to help close a $1.3 billion budget gap. and alabama, illinois and louisiana are considered the idea. is are many cities including a dozen in california looking to find new sources of revenue amid the cord cutting trend but consumer groups are threatening to sue claiming this is a new tax that did not get voter approval is required by law. stay tuned. facebook is reportedly planning to launch its facebook tv next month. according to business insider, facebook will launch two dozen programs in june.
12:56 pm
the shows are expected to be mostly comedies last between 5 and 30 minutes for executives are reportedly looking into producing high-quality, dramatic content as well. we will have more for you on the guilty verdict reached this morning in the antolin garcia-torres murder trial including speaking one-on-one with sierra lamar's father. >> plus the aclu issues a travel 12 people heading to texas what prompted that warning today on the 4 on 2. we see the dell has fallen almost 40 points. not a lot of major movements to report on stocks overall today. former president bill clinton teaming up with one of the most successful authors in the world to write a novel. the former president is collaborating with james patterson on a new book. according to the publisher, it will include "injury, suspense and behind-the-scenes global drama from the highest corridors of power was put president clinton has been a fan of patterson for years and has enjoyed working with him.
12:57 pm
novel will be titled, "the president is missing." and is expected to be published in june of next year. thank you for joining us today at noon. we are always on for you at we are also on twitter and facebook get out there and enjoy some sunshine. the weather is about to change.
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