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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 10, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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next on mornings on two. >> it is kutv mornings on two. >> i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave. let's get to weather. >> this time of year, with the wind, it will be cooler all the way out to sacramento valley. that is turbo charged and the fog as we talked about when the water is cold and tgs very cold, just needs a little energy and that's what we're getting. this is a very cool pattern for santa rosa and santa cruz, they'll drop. 40s and 50s, this is a day where the temps really take a tumble.
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and 40s for some, 50s xr for others and the front that is moving slow, this is the time when the front is moving into the picture, today is the transition today. cooler. lower temps, windy and cooler. at 4:01. good morning, sal. >> when windy and cooler. they used to be on the morning show. >> thank you, steve. 4:01 and we're going to start looking at the tray see -- tracy super commute, didn't have a good one yesterday as you might know, especially if you came through later. liver more to dublin and hayward. and 880, traffic is moving well in both traeks directions here as you can see and at the tole
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plaza, traffic is light. back to the desk. >> the shock waves still rolling through washington, d.c. after president donald trump abruptly fired fbi director james comey, and took comey and everybody else by surprise. >> and democrats are now calling for an independent prosecutors to take over the investigation for the potential ties between the trump campaign and russia. >> this was a bomb shell. the fbi is now being run by comey's deputy. and the fbi has angers the democrats and republicans alike over the years, but this is a surprise. >> what a ride for fbi director james comey. surreal moments as the helicopter followed his motorcade to the airport, boarding the plane shortly after being fired by president donald trump. >> a loss of confidence in the
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team. >> the question to fire by attorney general and deputy attorney general -- -- recommended -- removed from office effective immediately. the reaction from democrats was swift. >> i said to him, mr. president, in all due respect, you are making a mistake. >> and the investigation taken over by the ties between the trump campaign and russia. >> are people going to suspect cover oom oop? absolutely. with an independent prosecutor, there would still be some faith that we can get to the bottom of it. >> and schumer said, i do not have confidence in comey anymore.
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and he has been a lightning rod and controversial. comey vastly overstated the number of e-mails that had been mishandled. what's next for comey and the fbi is still unclear. in fact, comey was set to testify before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow. in washington, doug lezader , foouz. >> and new mexico senator tweeted, president donald trump's dismissal of fbi director james comey smacks of president nixon's saturday night massacre, that's the firing of arj bald cox which led to the attorney general and deputy attorney general in the white waur scandal. >> and also said, not what an
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innocent person would do, firing the person investigating the russian hacking without cause is consciousness of guilt and that was on twitter. >> and harris tweeted, we cannot wait any longer to have a special prosecutor to oversee the fbi russian na tie investigation. >> and the democrat comments on comey, quote, democrats were against comey before they were for him. >> the announcement announcement of the firing was one of the big topics last night in a meeting with jared huffman. that meeting in san ra female was -- raf yale was ch -- a special prosecutor to take over the investigation of any possible links between the president donald trump campaign and russia and that received applause from the mostly
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democrat audience. >> the investigation was getting a little close to home in these russian investigations. we will see what happens, but at the minimum, this very political act by president donald trump has slowed down that investigation. >> the original reason for the meeting is, quote, holding the president accountable. and joined by three attorneys. one of them was the attempt to withhold funding from sanctuary cities. the sierra lamar case, the penalty phase begins after a jury convicted a man of killing a morgan hill teenager. convicted on all counts, including first-degree murder, and also found guilty of attacking three other women in 2009. sierra lamar's parents say the verdict brings some relief after she disappeared five
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years ago. >> just glad the jury came up with the verdict they did and it's going to be a safer world because of them. >> sierra lamar vanished in march 2nd, '01 and prosecutors say the dna was found in his kaer and her dna was found in his clothing found abandoned. sierra lamar's body has not been found. >> always be grief like this. just will never go away. showed just knowing that, you know, there can't be closure, not until we find sierra. >> and showed no emotion, no reaction when the verdict was read. and his family and lawyer refused to talk to reporters and a discussion if he should get the death penalty of life in prison without patrol.
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before moving to the area -- one of her classmates wurz watching, the student activity director and remembers comforting her friends when she disappeared in 2012. the story touched many of the students even if they didn't know her permly. >> had eight cheerleaders and said is it done? it's done. and when when this happened, it was part of a legacy. >> relieved by the guilty verdict and a bench at the high school dedicated to sierra's memory. the investigation continues today about the body of a missing college student was found in the river. found on sunday and yesterday, authorities identified her as
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20-year-old alley yeoman, found mere the feather river, the pickup truck was found not far from where hi body was eventually found. her friends and family were devastating. >> it's heartbreaking. you grow up with that person. you share memories and end up loving that person as part of your own family and my family love ily loved her. >> no word on foul play. two people at a bus shelter in olive street in the outer district saturday morning. and police say this surveillance video shows the car heading the wrong direction in the lanes closest to the bus stop. this was about 3:00 in the morning and you can see, at the top, the people waiting at the
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bus stop and moments later, the car runs into them and hit with metal siding in the bus stop and sent flames flying. >> one girl with the head stuck in the windshield. >> the two victims in this incident were immediately transported to the hospital for treatment of the injuries. >> we learn that one person is suffering from life-threatening injuries. the 19-year-old driver is facing several charges, including driving under the influence and driving without a license. >> our time is 4:ten. cracking down on fraud on parking. several drivers found abusing the system and now a new bill to make sure the disabled spaces go to the people who really need them. president donald trump is expected to meet with a high- ranking official from russia at the white house. coming up, what the two are expected to discuss.
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two. new signs that relations between the u.s. and rush why are improving after the president said they were at an all time low. going to meet with a representative from russia today at the white house. the highest official since president donald trump took office. going to meet to talk about stabilizing syria. the decision to give weapons to curdish fighters in sere is unacceptable. going to give the weapons to the fighters to recapture the isis stronghold. some accuse of the terrorist force and want to create another state within turkey. the u.s. seeing the curds as the most effective fighting isis in syria.
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prepare for an expanded ban on electronic devices on planes. right now, passengers traveling from ten countries from the middle east and africa are not allowed those devices. found plots to smuggle comploif explosives in the electronics. and that ban could expand to several european countries. >> to me, it's a little ridiculous. there are so many rayways you can put explosives and things in other gadgets. >> i think it's rubbish. i don't understand why. >> i think it's a good idea in a bad situation, lons honestly. somebody tries to put bombs in that, we can't let it happen. >> the new policy could be announced by the end of this month before the big travel rush. >> all right. let's check in with sal and see if there's a rush in our
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traffic. >> it's quiet today. don't want a lot going on out there at this early hour. if you're driving in from far away, going to start with the gill roy commute, san jose and morgan hill, it does look good, looking at highway 52 and some other highways getting into silicon flee on the commute, it getting up early does have its rewards. the green on the traffic map, not a lot going on here. and 280 in san jose is looking nice, moving nicely and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light and it is not expected to stay this way, but getting on the road soon, you see some good conditions. let's get to weather and steve. >> as you mentioned on the roads, windy out there for some. 35 for some, 40 near fairfield.
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>> exactly. altamont pass. >> thank you. you watch. >> i do. >> thank you, sir. warmed up yesterday. today, back down. i don't favor anything f, just tell you what i see. fairfield, that's travis, 30 sustained. gusts to 39, 40. they're done. by that i mane, travis may not hit 70 today when that kind of a pattern toldholds. fog and falling temperatures. 40s 40s, 51 to 52, but it's a prime recipe for that to get going with the low pressure. that's what is happening. west-southwest at oakland. this will be a very cool pattern for santa cruz and ma
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rin county. 50s on the temps. we have dropped pretty fast. 54 by the concord pavilion. walnut creek, 5453346752 -- 54 in monterey and the wind coming up. the combination of the two high pressures, toppled over and that's what faif us that northerly breeze. the next front is coming in, carving out over the north and stick around for a week. precipitation, some drizzle, ob okay in the weekend. could change on tuesday when the forecast models bring some rain in here. the point being, this system is going to last for a while.
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50s and 60s and maybe low 70s with cooling into thursday and level off and stay there. we'll see a little bit more sun, but we are well-below average today. >> you can feel it. >> you can. >> i got to my car, i thought there were critters, but just the wind around. >> in the car, see it blowing across the road. >> big changes. thank you, steve. 4:19 right now. many in the area could see the water bill going up. >> raising the rates 19%. college students protest against the graduation speaker. the keynote speaker speaking at a historical all black college speaking despite the controversy.
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. welcome back to mornings on two. there's a push for a tax on flavored tobacco products. two representatives say they are meant to appeal to young people since they're packaged like candy. several counties already have similar regulations in place. san francisco is considering a similar measure as well. the speaker at bethun
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cookman in florida. invited betsy devos, the education secretary to speak. many -- doesn't understand the importance and significance of black colleges. earlier this year, devos praise praised historical black colleges and universities as pioneers of school choice, but some say it was not started as choice, but because many schools wouldn't accept black students. she said she is focusing on celebrating the students. traveling to texas, athe governor allowing police officers to ask anyone during a routine stop if they are legally in tus or not. the aclu attorney told our
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reporter that they are concerned about civil rights abuses against them. >> it's important that texas is becoming a show me your papers state, and travelers could be subject to racial profiling and question them on how they look and what they look like about the immigration status status, pooeven if they have no probably cause. >>. time now, 4:24. leopard sharks and other kinds of sharks are die not guilty california, washing up on the shoreline. talked to experts about what causes this to happen. >> suffering the worst losses, but not the only ones. >> leopard sharks, bat rays, some thin fish like halibut. >> here at pier 39 as
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observation tunnels to show visitors what can be seen in the turbid murky water. the tocsins is -- toxins is killing them in the bay. >> thousands of the animals dying. we're just seeing the ones on the surface that are stranded on the beaches. >> started in the san mateo area and spread from there. >> right now, lap hard shark and ray mating season, when they're most vulnerable. >> toxic there. >> a storm runoff issues and complicated by the gates and waterways that would prevent the sharks and fishes from egressing or exiting the waterways, filled with storm runoff. >> a lot washed away by the
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relentless rains and made worse by the absence of reeds and plants that filtered the water. >> 2006 was another year. >> the sharks and other animals are being necropsied to see if there could be prosecute protocols that it doesn't happen again and restoring the tidal areas around the area, the toxic areas. hopefully coming up, that will be less of a problem. >> it is 4:26. a doctor arrested at his walnut creek office. what he is accused of and what police are now looking for. >> plus, a late night fire in pleasant hill. the investigation that continues this morning after a strip mall went up in flames.
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>> the morning commute is off to a nice start for the most part and a nice drive on highway 24 heading up to the tunnel. >> what a drop in temperatures we expect. 15 maybe 20 degrees. a rip roaring delta breeze.
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. this is ktvu mornings on 2. gs on 2. . downtown. >> of course. >> not exactly downtown we're looking at. >> what is that? >> sfo. >> i thought that was sfo. >> yeah. upbeat, jazzy. >> can't be dancing. this is sfo.
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this is how your morning is beginning. thank you for joining us. welcome to mornings on 2. the middle of the week already. wednesday, may ten. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. it is drizzling? >> fog and drizzling. >> sometimes they have to take off and land in different directions. >> cooler. and if you don't have the breeze, be fortunate. for some, it is extra hold on the hair spray and blew for me today. fog and clouds screaming up the koegs. after zooming offshore, the north-northeast breeze. and after that, everybody cools down. when you get the delta breeze, this is the key here, i have been doing this a long time.


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