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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  May 11, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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christina rendon ktvu fox 2 news. two car fires having overnight in brentwood in the driveway of homes and investigators are looking into what happened if they are connected to suspicious car fires across contra costa county. interim chief about to testify at an intelligence hearing what we could find out two days after the firing of james comey on mornings on 2 7:00 thursday, may 11 i'm gasia mikaelian . >> i'm dave clark. cool morning in the bay area steve has the forecast. >> very cool for us and there's light rain reported stabbing that steady rain northward and reports are coming in cloverdale and shelter cove. low clouds over us wet, wet i
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don't know that's drizzle or rain because i cannot find it on the radar. it is below this so it's low- level stuff but it is there. not the price we talked about it. there's enhancements taking place along the line from bodega bay santa rosa north cloudy and cool breeze and light rain and drizzle sun i should say but cooler and winds are at times below average temperatures into the weekend. san jose i penciled in 7:00 because of a south breeze but 70, 55 is below average which is 70 for this time of year. 1934 and 1996, 41 for the low 1894. low that's a low clouds every station says cottage mostly cloudy breeze already not is windy but blustery at times with gusting to 35, 40. 50s on the temperatures will be slow to recover. cool pattern and enhancements taking plate that's taking place up north about bodega bay
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cloverdale north looking for precipitation. 50s, 60s, low 70s. is traffic getting worse or the same? >> getting busier, steve. it's getting to the peak of the commute. 80 has low traffic usually coming in from carquinez bridge to macarthur mesa 32 minutes between those spots. not bad and as you drive to macarthur maze it looks good. bay bridge is backed up 15-20 minutes and traffic is going to be moderate. no major problems once you make it onto the span. 880 is filling in, you will notice slow traffic downtown oakland and 580 has good opportunities to get around the traffic from san leandro to white short curve. highway 4, slow it is no different especially through pittsburgh, stop and go and the
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speeds look low and you can see westbound 11 miles an hour near the bart station. give yourself time bart is free of delays after earlier minor ones big system reported on time. 7:03. back to the desk. investigations into car fires and contra costa county. there's been at least five car fires since monday. the most recent happened overnight. officials say it's too early to determine if all fires are related. investigators are suspicious. allie rasmus is live with -- live at the scene in brentwood.>> reporter: you can see the damage behind us in the driveway of this home is the shell of an avalanche. the fire started in the truck and spread to part of the garage and the homeowner called in work crews who boarded up the garage so you cannot see
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the damage. the fire did not spread any further and the family got out safely thanks to the neighbor who happen to be awake at 3:30 this morning. >> i came outside and the car was on fire so i went back in the house and said call 911 and came outside. >> frustrating there's no reason to put lives at risk. >> reporter: 10 minutes before the cook --- truck caught fire there was another vehicle bar on highway braidwood 1 mile away these car fires 1 mile apart, they happened within 10 minutes. highland way, maybe her coming back from work around 3:30 this morning spotted the fire and called 911 and the family was out of town and no one hurt. >> deeming suspicious we had two vehicle fires at the same time in close proximity to each other and i the time of night we deem this suspicious until
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proven otherwise. >> reporter: if you include the two fires in brentwood, there's been five vehicle fires and driveways of homes and contra costa county since monday morning from martinez- lafayette, walnut creek and brenda it. the chief in brentwood says they are sharing the information and they have gathered the fires that's that they have gathered with the fire investigation but too to soon to tell if the fires are connected and they are looking into the possibility and gathering the information for the larger investigation back to you. >> thank you 705 a it. search for a new fbi director continues as the white house defends president trump's decision to fire director james comey. >> dog is live in washington. temporary replacement -- doug luzader is in washington. >> reporter: shockwaves rippling through dc after the surprise move this week there's a senate intelligence hearing .
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it begins to get underway, should start in a few minutes. among those testifying, the acting director of the epley -- f.b.i. andrew mccabe initially it was supposed to be james comey before he was suddenly fired . >> he wasn't doing is that's a good job simply he was not doing a good job. >> president defending his decision to fire fbi director james comey and this morning reports that he may visit fbi headquarters tomorrow to voice his support for the bureau. comey, spotted outside of his home sent a letter to colleagues and friends. i long believed a president can fire and fbi director for any reason or for no reason at all. i'm not going to spend time on the decision or the way it was executed. i hope you won't either. democrats are using the firing to renew their calls for a special prosecutor to take over the fbi investigation into alleged ties between the
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kremlin and trump campaign. >> special prosecutor will have much greater latitude in who he can subpoena which questions, they asked, how to conduct and investigate and. >> the president met in the oval office with russia's foreign minister took to twitter. democrats complaining for months and months about director coming and now that he's been fired, they pretend to be aggrieved. phony hypocrites. holding firm against the appointment of a special prosecutor . >> i don't think that is a good idea i think the intelligence community the ones that should do this. >> among questions, who will replace comey among some names surfacing yesterday, south carolina congressman trey gowdy former new hampshire senator ka that kelly ayotte and former commissioner ray kelly. >> but until we get a name, congress will not have or the senate will not have anyone to consider for the nomination and in the meantime, if andrew mccabe will be sitting there in that hearing this morning for
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the senate intelligence committee hearing. he will be joined by about every other intelligence leader and the u. s. government. defense intelligence agency, central intelligence agency, an essay, you name it, they will be there to talk about the worldwide threat then it will be the element in the room the fact comey was suddenly fired. back to you. time is 7:08. nationwide protests planned for june 3 calling for an independent investigation into russia's alleged interference in the u. s. presidential election. protest organizers are calling for an urgent, impartial investigation into alleged ties between russia and the trop presidential campaign and russia's alleged interference in last year's election. yesterday demonstrators marched around the country protesting the firing of fbi director james comey and sky fox and san francisco flew over this rally outside of senator
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feinstein's office. dozens of protesters demanded she take action. senator feinstein was a washington where she called for a prosecutor to oversee the russia's that's russian investigation. protest in new york city outside of trump tower in manhattan and in chicago outside of the trump international hotel and tower. coalition of liberal groups including took part in the demonstrations where there were signs that read drive out trump pence regime. safe return of a man. 71-year-old robert ridge is a beard at 5:00 last night. he is and wife had gone to the mall and he disappeared while she shopped. that launched a search including dog teams focusing on san rafael he's familiar with the area. an suv found last night near san rafael city hall. there was a special concern for his safety because he suffered from dementia. ---. >> given that he has cognitive
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issues and we didn't know what happened. we wanted to make sure we located him as soon as possible. >> reports he hitchhiked to his home where he was found at 5:30 this morning. deputies will talk with him later to see if they can fill in what happened during the hours he was missing. 7:10 am. warning issued by oakland police after a report of an attempted kidnapping this week. 10-year-old boy says he was outside of his home on tuesday night 45th near broadway when a stranger grabbed him. investigators say the child was able to break away and run home and so far, no descriptions of the suspects. police and eastern contra costa county looking for help trying to find a hit-and-run driver who injured a young boy. it happened in the city of oakley before 5:00 last night. witnesses told police the boy was crossing the street in the crosswalk two cars had stopped for him but they say a white pick up truck passed around the
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stopped cars and hit the child in the leg. the driver of the truck drove away, running a red light. when is the saber pick up appear to be a ford ranger carrying a heavy load in the back. the child was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. look at this photo if you recognize the truck, call oakley police. i sat down with the mayor of san francisco yesterday in city hall and he gave me a first look at a new program in san francisco expected to help dozens of families with children. more on that and other top righties he's working on. if you think your allergies are bad, it's not your imagination. we tell you how bad pollen levels are this year and why the worst may not be over yet . good morning, we can see the traffic will be okay on 80 westbound heading out to the macarthur maze. mostly cloudy skies and a
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few breaks but cool, breezy light rain to the north. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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welcome back to . hot ipo has gone cold with investors after disappointing earnings report. >> signs of trouble for retailers pam cook with the money business. >> not great news this morning picked quarterly earnings way below what analysts expected, sales down twice as much as forecasted one analyst is morning says macy's needs to close 100 stores to save money. and ipo rang in the bell this morning, kkr real estate finance trust went public on friday stocks have done well. real estate investments are heating up . checking in on the
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numbers, stock maybe down 30% on that disappointing reports. broader market down as well. earnings weigh heavily on all three of our indexes. live look at the dow up 112 points, 20,008 31 . nasdaq below 6100, 6089, s&p 500 slipping half percent this morning. start hurting things this morning, snap. we checked the price of snap stock 21% down, five dollars per share, $18 per share at this point after reporting disappointing numbers as well after the closing bell yesterday . maker behind instant messenger snapchat announced first quarterly earnings missing expectations but snapped first-quarter revenue $149 million, down 1 million from what analysts were expecting. insurer aetna pulling out
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affordable healthcare act exchanges by next year . company announced it is pulling out of the delaware nebraska in 2018 and and that is last two states slated to provide coverage under obamacare. aetna's exit is the latest in the series of insurers leaving affordable care exchanges citing financial reasons. one ensure offering to help people, blue cross blue shield teaming up with lyft to offer policyholders free rides to get to their doctors appointments. you don't need the lyft app can call the doctor's office to arrange pick up. program is available for blue cross blue shield members who get insurance through their employer and who live in areas without reliable public transportation . retailer suffering abercrombie and fitch has started talks to sell after years of slumping sales. the clothing store targeting teenagers says it receives several expressions of interest
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from arrival to making a deal to retailers for teenagers have been especially hard-hit in the past year. fewer teenagers are going to the mall to shop. earlier this year, company said it will allow leases at 60 u. s. stores to expire after a close several locations around the country and analysts say american eagle outfitters may be interested in purchasing abercrombie. interesting. it's ongoing conversation, teenagers going to the mall, from my own experience with teenagers and their friends, a lot go to the mall to hang out. they try things on and they purchase online where they can save money ask i like to save pennies. you talk about macy's. they started with the last chance department. marked up 70, 80% jammed into one corner of the store. i like to dig through and find bargains but if i purchase
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address written -- $20 i can't it is good for macy's bottom line. >> not everyone likes to dig through. >> i know. thank you 7:18 am sal's watching highway 24 how do we look? >> you said something and i didn't hear you. >> i wanted to say hello. checking in on the commute. >> okay. gasia's sittting not knowing what to say 35 minutes between carquinez bridge and macarthur maze, descents commute for this time of morning. decent commute, yesterday we had 50 minutes of those 15 minutes, 15 minutes better than yesterday at the bay bridge, it's about 10-15 minute maybe 20 minute delay at the toll plaza . moderate on the commute . looking at interstate 880, it's filling up at highway 24,
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it's slow in lafayette. by the time you make it to the tunnel, things have evened out driving into oakland. highway 4 has become a normal commute. very slow. it's become concentrated used to be longer but now it is shorter and slower if that makes sense. 680 slope from concord to walnut creek and looking at the san mateo, dumbarton bridge, the commutes are filling in. silicon valley commute, checking that out next time in a few minutes 7:19 . steve with the weather. >> the weather today mostly cloudy and cool pattern light rain has mated in northern sonoma drizzle and points north. looking for low cloud deck pushed in from the system coming in on the north coast and i will show you that. the pattern is cool and it will stay this way for one week, fort bragg, ukiah, cloverdale north looks to see that and
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light rain possible opportunity next monday night and tuesday. low clouds, cool, breezy for many today. 50s, 60s, upper 60s because of a soft breeze and locations may get near 70 but snow water equivalents from the sierra snow index, as you know snow up there. it was rapid snowmelt for a while but now putting on the brakes because cool air has come in. these are slowing it down but a lot of liquid. norman sierra is shy of 30 inches, central sierra 40 and southern, 31. snowmelt slows down but it's a long way to go. sierra may get more snow monday and tuesday looks like it. for us, probably not much in the way of rain but we have a fresh breeze west, hayward says -- delta breeze which was cranked up yesterday has tailed
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off and low clouds made it up to travis. 50s on the temperatures, stuck all morning. a few 40s, kelseyville 48, 49 -- low 50s hillsboro and great and san rafael napa, 52 . if it feels cool, it is. 36 truckee. 51 ukiah, cool pattern and you can see the enhancement. that is where it will be to the north. jet stream energy coming there. again, sonoma coast, looks to be the best opportunity with drizzle not surprising and cool air filters and not only tomorrow and maybe bumping up saturday and this system drops into said. mostly cloudy, drizzle, breezy, 60s near 70 . clear -like ukiah 64 if that. in may, that is a cool pattern. upper 60s to very low 70s for some, san jose, 70 degrees
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there and santa clara, sunnyvale, cupertino, closer others. not on the coast, 50s, 60s peninsula 60s menlo park 68. cool friday some sun saturday cool sat -- pattern not much change sunday into monday. >> wow. 7:22 am. if you don't have allergy problems now like sneezing and watery eyes, you probably know people who do technology experts say bay area pollen counts are 3-4 times above normal to blame the rain. god bless you. the rain can be blamed for making more trees and flowers and grasses grow and bloom and allergy problems may get worse the later blowing flowers and trees start to produce pollen. doctors say officers are filled with people looking for relief but expect to wait even people with never suffering from allergies before, they feel the misery this year. some penitent san francisco
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may have to pay more for afterschool childcare. in minutes fees being considered by the school district. new video of a fight last month or two davis police officers were hurt. some say it tells a different story from the police accounts. quin was crazy about curls. but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find,
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but you know you're gonna love it. ♪
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san francisco police released
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video shooting involving san francisco police officers it happened in the subway sandwich shop market street they release the video yesterday during a town hall meeting. police say the man in the camouflage is 26-year-old transient nicholas flusche who ordered a sandwich refused to pay for it and he went behind the counter and attacked an employee with a knife. three bystanders tried to intervene. >> the victim and witness began to flee from behind the counter and mr. nicholas flusche followed the victim and witness with a knife in his hand. >> police arrived and video from body camera shows the officer shooting the transient in the back as he goes after the store employee. the victim was wounded and survived the attack. in the meantime all charges have been dropped against a man who was shot and wounded by san francisco police in january. the police investigated a noise
7:27 am
complaint in the oceanview neighborhoods. there was a confrontation and police shot 43-year-old son moore on the front steps of his own. moore was unarmed. public defenders office as moore is mentally ill and has had several surgeries since the shooting. yolo county, davis police department investigates three officers involved in a street brawl last month. a man drove up to the scene and recorded the fight on his camera and that's the video we are sharing showing an unmarked police minivan pulling up to a crowd of people blocking the intersection and there appears to be an argument between the crowd and the plainclothes officers, punches thrown and a fight breaks out and in the and three people were arrested two police officers were injured. >> one of them takes repeated heads to the head and kicked in the head and that's difficult to watch. >> video evidence is persuasive but it's really needs to be buttressed by context and by
7:28 am
information that goes along with it showing what took place. >> the officers accused the crowd of yelling on them and one person gestured as if he was pulling a gun pit people claimed it was the officers who instigated the brawl and it was racial bias and excessive force used. three months since devastating flooding in san jose and many are out of their homes even though their homes have been fixed. >> reporter: people ditching cars hopping on bikes. it's bike to work in the bay area. busy add in energizer station near the golden gate. we will talk with the sports medicine specialist about health benefits of it.
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this is the day you are encouraged to ditch four wheels in favor two . back toward day. there's groups making it easier to put on your helmet and backpack and had to work. this is an energizer station, drinks and snacks and you are on your way to work. it is dark when we come into the office. i would like to say i love a
7:32 am
bike ride. talk about a pretty place to do it across the golden gate bridge. alex savidge will talk about what's happening and throughout the bay area as we celebrate bike to work day this thursday morning may 11. i'm gasia mikaelian . >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather for the bike to work day. >> steve? >> it's pretty gloomy. >> probably feels good, yes it i would imagine if you like cool weather. i cannot do much better than this if you want sunshine, warmer temperatures but it will not be here for a week. low clouds and drizzle. impressive to see this pattern. tuesday we had 80s near 90s. this is from miss price the marine wear -- marine layer made it into vacaville and i can see it from my driveway wind and fog and vacaville
7:33 am
impressive made it to sacramento. rain in the north coast and bodega bay, santa rosa north cloverdale, lake county mendocino, cloudy mostly cloudy pattern cool and breezy and more sun tomorrow and the afternoon highs inland will be cooler . windy at times into the week and below average temperatures for the foreseeable future big low clouds probably will max out . westerly breeze and not as howling as yesterday but 50s have been stuck on one of these bay temperatures, low 50s mid 50s . 54 concord pavilion san ramon 54 vallejo. you see a difference and that's not the case today. light rain to the north and enhancements taking place, a jet stream energy and cold air working in. it will stay north. 50s and 60s to maybe low 70s. if i biked in i would be in a rental. >> you know how it goes.
7:34 am
very dark when we get up. maybe i will bike on the weekend which is my compromise. silicon valley let's help you . to 80 is low into cupertino, sunnyvale. 101 85 are crowded and i can show you by looking at a map of the area that we are looking at 85 slow from 87, 280s low to cupertino. it is not the worst south bay commute but we have slow traffic to be sure . it's not a light day. 880 southbound will be slow as you drive from 2:30 from 2:3238 to 3 month san mateo dumbarton bridge okay northbound 101 from south city airport area into san francisco past the old candle still exit mostly so southbound to eddie so between a daly city and san bruno it becomes okay and highway four, it is slow between pittsburgh. it's not changed at all.
7:35 am
into east bay near oakland, it's slowing down and when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, that's 25 minute delay. 7:35 back to the desk. happening now, a hearing in washington by the senate intelligence committee is underway right now could be so live pictures. we are watching as the testimonies take place. former fbi director james comey was scheduled to testify before this committee about the fbi's investigation into alleged russian interference in the u. s. presidential election. since he was fired by president trump on tuesday, acting fbi director andrew mccabe is there in his place. at the beginning of the hearing this morning, the committee's chairman says the focus of the hearing is worldwide threats and that he intends to keep that focus despite the recent developments in the past few days. we will check on the committee hearings and bring you details throughout the morning.
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i sat down with san francisco mail -- mayor talk about the progress and top priority identified at the beginning of this year. as you are about to see, we discussed the economic forces that have made san francisco one of the most expensive places to live in the country and the world. >> mayor ed lee invited me to city hall to talk about his next steps in helping some of san francisco's most vulnerable residents and he said there's 1800 homeless families in the city right now and with the new expansion of existing services, those parents will have the child care they need to work toward a better life. >> with a $2.1 million contribution from the city, we can add about 140 slots to take care of the kids on the waiting list and basically have a no waiting list for childcare services for homeless families. >> this means freedom for those parents. >> absolutely.
7:37 am
i think when we announced it this friday you will see a lot of smiles because finally, when you have that direct childcare access, basically, this is universal childcare for homeless families. >> the push to end homelessness comes at a time even those making six figures may find themselves struggling. >> up report came out a family four making 105,000 per year is considered low income and san francisco. it sounds almost absurd . >> it is . that's why we have to do a lot more around the discussion and debate about affordable housing. i am building 30,000 units of heisley by 2020 -- of housing by 2020. i'm more than halfway there and that's making a difference gasia. >> affordable housing far cry from typical housing in the city . the san francisco rental market is home to the highest price per square foot in the world. >> housing, homelessness are the two biggest challenges of any major city in the country today. >> is the mayor took office in
7:38 am
2011, the unemployment rate has dropped from double digits to now below 3%. all of the jobs coupled with san francisco's beauty and climate, the mayor says it's no wonder san francisco is so hot . >> that intense willingness to want to live in an urban setting like san francisco with the culture , it dries up the cost and what we have to do is the right thing to make sure that all the people that are here can stay here and we preserve the housing and make sure there's good reason for small businesses to go through the red tape to survive and succeed and we are doing everything we can on all fronts to make sure it happens. >> you don't sound apologetic at all. >> we take reality for what it is and we try to give everybody an opportunity to grasp and be part of the reality asked the mayor says he could not have predicted the speed with which certain parts of san francisco such as midmarket quarter or have changed the there's many places where people panhandle
7:39 am
on the street are steps away from others in office buildings making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. >> it was my job as mayor to make sure we covered and we have with flying colors and that success we have to deal with the attributes of that success. >> childcare program for homeless families used to serve children only until age 3 but now children up to age 5 are included. giving children and families stability until they go to kindergarten. you know it's apparent. >> yes. >> when children are young you have to pay a lot for childcare and you have to dedicate the second parent to stay home so there are many economic forces working to make it hard for many ex-economic and stressful too. >> right. >> there's a lot involved. you said it. >> peace of mind for the little one and mom and dad during the conversation we did talk about with the mayor, he mentioned housing and homelessness the to 2 biggest challenges facing
7:40 am
cities in the country . what do you think is the biggest challenge cities face? housing, school, homelessness, crime or infrastructure. let us know what you think boat on our twitter page or ktvu .com. if you have a topic you want to let us know about lettuce to know on our facebook page san francisco unified school district plans to charge parents a fee for afterschool and summer programs starting next school year. according to examiner families will be charged between 50-$500 based on family income when the new year starts in august. that's after the district lost more than $3 million of federal funding for the program. officials say families qualify for free or reduced lunch, they will not be charged in most cases. all around the bay area, bike to work day. >> i am pumped up. thousands are leaving the cars
7:41 am
home and biking to work. ktvu's alex savidge is at work. on the north end with more and you are on a bike. >> where's your helmet? >> reporter: joe gaetti in trouble, gasia . -- don't get me in trouble, gasia. i'm sitting like on a prop. this is an electric bike. it is filled with protein bars which is what they are passing out. george, give them back. biking to work passing through the energizer station at the north end of the golden gate. it is packed . look at the folks who decided to ditch cars today and pedal to the office.
7:42 am
what a better day to get to work. stopping for coffee, bagels, free giveaways and the bike to work bags. i want to talk about the health benefits of biking to work. to do that, i want to bring in dr. todd out of kaiser person -- kaiser permanente sports medicine specialist that does all kinds of biking acts maybe those are starting to bike to work, why would you encourage them? >> biking to work is a great way to get in your daily dose of exercise and you know exercise is medicine it makes you healthy you live longer you are happier so it's a great way not only to help the community and environment, but help yourself. for those who like to ride a bike, it's great but if you don't, we encourage everybody to just exercise and walk, hike, swim, find your thing.
7:43 am
if you exercise you are going to be healthier and happier. >> are you amazed at the crowd? i've been here many times in years past. it seems we see more and more people getting out of their cars and hopping on a bike. >> seems to be getting bigger every year. kaiser permanente is proud to sponsor the event and helping out but really, it's a great way to reach out to the committee and it's exciting for me to see more and more people every year out on bikes. >> reporter: before we go, i appreciate that. can i borrow your helmet otherwise i will get in trouble with gasia. >> [laughter]. >> good. alex, i don't know if it is adults but for little ones it is law for them to put on helmets . >> true. >> it's important to model good behavior. >> i want to set a good example . >> for your two little ones. thank you alex. time 7:43 am. two more car fires overnight
7:44 am
east bay. coming up, the latest investigations where they are having now and whether or not it may be tied to a string of car fires in contra costa county. what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life ending in violence. investigation into a fight at a wedding and the east bay that left two people in critical condition. it is low highway 24. as you try to make your way into work this morning, you can see 24 is low near the bart station. if you love cool weather, and you bike to work, you will not get tired of this weather .cool pattern for a while.
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well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else?
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quibec two people in critical condition after a wedding saturday in fremont turns violent . that was at the royal palace banquet hall with 700 by the guests and things quickly turned violent . 70 people started finding and this video was given to ktvu showing people kicking and punching each other midnight saturday. a man from missouri was arrested on charges of battery and the bride is angry with the venue for only having two security guards even though she was charged for seven. the investigation continues. groundbreaking separate 10:00 on the expansion of the san francisco ferry terminal. three birds will be added behind the building including two at the side of the former sinbad's restaurant. big expense comes with a new ferry service from san francisco to treasure island and richmond . it includes a
7:48 am
plaza area and pedestrian promenade. and leads us to sal everything flowing okay? >> some areas are better than others. starting with the golden gate bridge traffic lose good it's overcast fog is not an issue for drivers in southern marin it's cloudy but not affecting traffic as you head south to the golden gate bridge area. no problems in southern marin and at the bay bridge, there's a slowdown here, 15-20 minutes but if you're driving into san francisco, it's about what you normally experience . 880 northbound slow past the coliseum into downtown oakland and westmount 24, traffic is slow as we mentioned in lafayette and arendt up in san mateo bridge looks moderate most of the slow traffic is gone by the time you reach 101 and some slow traffic continues to be without accidents, just low traffic highway 4 west as you drive
7:49 am
through pittsburgh . the commute is slightly changed instead of being slow in antioch it's so at bay point. 749 am. steve with the weather. >> thank you. low clouds gray pattern, cool, breezy light rain from calistoga santa rosa, cambridge, good morning chilly kelseyville. lake county will have a bottle of wine and scones fit based on when i was sent a picture from clear lake. inviting her for tea and crumpets. but said, for wine and scones. i appreciate the love. you are kind. i'm so busy now but i would love to come up. 50s on the temperatures 40s for some, kelseyville, speaking of, 48 cool degrees. calistoga gary in the hills said a combination of mist and
7:50 am
drizzle and upper 40s and low 50s bodega bay san rafael mill valley napa glenallen take it. santa rosa 57, 16 below average. i cannot, it does not pick it up but you may have low-level stuff. this is western u. s. water vapor satellite image this morning two cool big lows one here in the texas panhandle and here comes the next, that low came over us developed on the weekend and broad rain, hail to southern california and below normal temperatures to arizona it's kicked out because it has a kicker putting it into motion. 48 hours, there it is southern nevada arizona next system comes then bumping it out of the picture. that will settle in on the west coast and be here for a while. if you like this weather, i
7:51 am
cannot do better than this if he wants us china want to have durst, it will come back just not now. west sfo west at oakland yesterday it was about howling it still there but nothing appeared to yesterday water temperatures are cold they have come up except bodega bay 43, 54 san francisco water temperatures go down to santa barbara. it's here for a while 50s on the temperatures east bay 50s still load that still low, cool one in place nothing much a change. the best system for rain is tuesday. 60s for many, low 70s. looking at temperatures about 4- 5 below average around the bay. about 10 for inland locations. except for san jose, everyone is below average. not much change in the next week, dave thank you. rugby player paralyzed during the team's national championship game. >> he has tremendous heart,
7:52 am
tremendous drive and if someone can handle it it is robert. >> we have an update on his condition and how the community is coming together to show support picklist rebates for red light tickets. why one city is giving violators their money back.
7:53 am
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but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪ welcome back to mornings on 2. many in san jose forced to evacuate one coyote creek
7:55 am
flooded has no place to go. even when the apartments and rented homes were fixed again they cannot go back because either they received eviction notices or hit with huge rent increases big many homes damaged by floodwaters were wrecked controlled. the landlords can only raise rent one time per year and by no more than 5% but evicting those tenants means landlords can charge more for rent . the foundations trying to help the tenants helping with an unusual possibility. >> there's you that's municipal code that may protect them that has not been tested in court but we advise clients they have a right to go back into the property. >> city of san jose has an ordinance that does not allow renters to be effective without just cause . that doesn't
7:56 am
necessarily help those receiving eviction notices before the week. city of fremont says it will give money back after it reduced the length of yellow lights at two major intersections. intersections are maui and blacow and mari and farwell. they recognize some tickets handed out may have been unfair. between february and october last year, the yellow light time at the intersections was shortened from 4.7 seconds, down to 4 seconds. it was done to help improve the traffic flow and signal coordination. those red light tickets cost $490 and fremont offers $147 rebate, that is its share of the ticket. the other 70% goes to the state and county out of fremont control. the warriors are encouraged , showing support by flying a car flag on the car. tomorrow. this lady, klay thompson,
7:57 am
showing warriors pride flying two flags on the carpet you can get one free at the team stores oracle arena and main street downtown walnut creek. they will give away a dunk contest and warriors broadcast jim barnett will join us to talk about the western conference finals and new playoff shirts. 7:57 am. time to check in with mike. >> i look forward to the conversation. burning cars contra costa county, investigators looking to see if two car fires from overnight are connected to a string of suspicious fires this week. could be oakland a's be closer to picking a location for the new ballpark. two possible sights.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
two car fires investigators look to see if what happened here is connected to car fires across contra costa county. president trump defending his decision to fire a pr director james comey and search for a replacement hearing underway now. mornings on 2 continues. good morning welcome back to mornings on 2 monday -- thursday, may 11. >> i'm mike, >> i'm gasia mikaelian . >> comfortable weather for many. >> for many it is too cold so depends on what you like so no
8:01 am
doubt, cool staying cool. below average on all the temperatures biggest drop is inland. from tuesday it was hot. britney, she's in california, because he's in and -- it. a season and stay with it. santa rosa calistoga north is the focus and friend 59, 52 is average. close on the low low and high temperature 89, 1980 -- systems pushing in west wind, west wind not as windy as yesterday blustery. 52 sent carlos 56 stanford:pacifica. mostly cloudy temperatures cool one lows kicked out another drops in and will continue to deepen sending in systems some
8:02 am
may produce light rain to the north best bet is tuesday, 50s and 60s almost temperatures or low 70s. 8:02 sal. >> interstate 280 northbound. not bad if you're driving northbound on the right, it's cleared out and things are getting better which thursday has been slightly better than other days. i do not want to mislead you. there's a slow traffic driving to sunnyvale mountain view or cupertino and highway 85. it is not as bad as it was yesterday. and the commute heading south from the east bay into the silicon valley, slow in hayward and down to stephenson, fremont and he breaks free. 680 is slow as you drive out of pleasant and that is becoming normal to be slow. and northbound 101, another
8:03 am
slow down from about the airport to san francisco. highway four, it does not improve this days this wait until 5:00-10:00 it's one of those things that has become the normal. 880 northbound, slowing down past the coliseum and bay bridge, 25 minute delay. 8:03, back to the desk. investigation underway into two suspicious car fires and contra costa county overnight 1 mile from each other . 1 highland way, the other on hollow brook court east of highway four. allie rasmus shows us the damage and if they are linked to other car fires. >> reporter: the two car fires happened 1 mile apart from each other during a 10 minute window in the overnight hours. because of that fire investigators are considering the two fires suspicious but you can see the damage from one overnight fire on hollow record brentwood behind us the
8:04 am
shell of what used to be a chevy avalanche pick up truck. fire happened at 3:30 this morning and spread through the garage which has been board it. homeowner says that the family and two young kids whose bedrooms are about the garage got out safely thanks to their neighbor who happened to be getting ready to go to work at 3 am. the homeowner says it's upsetting to think of what might have happened had a neighbor not step in. >> we would be in the hospital or worse. simple as that. that's why i don't understand how anyone would choose to do that. >> scared, it's pretty scary. >> 10 minutes before the truck was on fire there was another vehicle fire reported in the driver of a home highland way, brentwood. a neighbor who happened to be coming back from work spotted the fire and called 911 the family was out of town so no one was hurt. including these two fires in brentwood, there's been at least five vehicle fires in
8:05 am
the driveways of home and contra costa county since monday morning from cortina's lafayette walnut creek and brentwood. battalion chief on scene and brentwood says they are sharing the information they gathered on the fires with county fire investigators to see if there's a definite connection between the car fires that have happened over the past week. and brentwood allie rasmus ktvu news. happening right now, acting director of the fbi is taking part in the senate intelligence committee hearing and andrew mccabe is talking in front of former fbi director james comey who is testifying instead of comey , he was set to testify but he was fired tuesday by president trump. there's more tension on the hearing this morning as a result of that. the committee chairman says the focus of the hearing was intended to be worldwide threats and he would push to keep that focus but it may prove difficult with democrats on the committee including vice
8:06 am
chairman saint comey's firing is simply too important to ignore.. >> the president's firing of fbi director comey tuesday night was a shocking development . the timing of director comey's dismissal , to be a many members on the committee on both sides of the aisle is especially troubling. >> senator warren and andrew mccabe asked if he would commit to inform the committee if he comes under pressure from anyone in the trump administration as he carries out the investigation into rush and it intervenes in the election. he said he would. nationwide protest planned for june 3 calling for an independent investigation into allegations of russian interference in the u. s. presidential election. protest organizers are calling for an urgent and impartial investigation into possible ties between moscow and the trunk campaign. yesterday demonstrators took to the streets across the country protesting the firing of james comey.
8:07 am
senator feinstein was a washington and called for special prosecutor to oversee the russian investigation. protest outside trump tower in new york city and the trump international hotel and tower in chicago. coalition of liberal groups including to park. protesters held signs that read drive out the trump pence regime. president trump is expected to sign an executive order today lodging a commission to review alleged voter fraud and voter suppression in the u. s. election system. that's according to white house officials. one says vice president mike at pence -- leading looking into allegations of improper voting and the fraudulent voter registration the president alleges 3-5 million people voted illegally in the last election. aetna exit all affordable care act exchanges by next year. ebony announced it's pulling out of delaware and nebraska in 2018. the last two states slated to
8:08 am
provide coverage on their the a photo contract the latest in a series of measures leaving affordable care act exchanges citing financial reasons. another insurer getting people to get to the doctor blue cross blue shield teams up with lyft to offer policyholders free rides to their doctor appointments but you don't need the lyft app. call the doctor's office to arrange pick up. is available for blue cross blue shield members who get insurance through employers and live in areas without reliable public transportation. governor brown will release revised a budget taking of one month of negotiations with legislature. in january they proposed a budget including more than $3 billion in cuts. that is because of lower-than- expected tax revenues and uncertainty about future federal spending on healthcare. state lawmakers say do 15 deadline to pass a budget or forfeit the paper every day the budget is not approved past the deadline. appears the letter a may
8:09 am
be leaning toward building their park near the water. daily blog on the open magazine website reports the a's zeroed in on two possibilities. near lake merritt and howard terminal next to jack london square. sosa tell us laney college is a preferred location that sources tell us, coliseum side distant third. they conducted a number of public opinion polls asking residents specifically about the laney location which by the way would be next to lake mary . as we have been reporting letter a will announce the site of their future home later this season. a fight at a bay area wedding with such an. why the -- wedding reception. bride is upset about security provided. rugby player left paralyzed following an accident on the field. an update on his condition and show support from teammates and family.
8:10 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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8:12 am
music: crave van! yolo county, davis police department investigates three officers involved in a street right they recorded this video you can see the fight taken by camera. unmarked police minivan pulled up to the crowd of people blocking and intersection. it starts an argument between
8:13 am
the crowd turning out to be plainclothes officers. people are throwing punches. three in the crowd arrested in two police officers were injured -- and two police officers were injured. >> one is kicked in the head and it's tough to watch. >> video evidence is persuasive but it needs to be buttressed by context and information that goes along with it that shows what took place. >> the officers accused the crowd of yelling at them and one gesturing as if pulling a gun . the crowd claimed it was officers who instigated the brawl and there was bias and excessive force. san francisco police released video of the shooting involving san francisco police officers and a subway sandwich shop market street. they release the video yesterday during a meeting. the men and at camouflage shirt, 26 transient nicholas flusche. he ordered a sandwich and
8:14 am
refused to pay for it and flew she goes behind the -- nicholas flusche goes behind the counter and attacked the employee with a knife. three people try to intervene. >> the victim and witness began to flee from behind the counter and mr. nicholas lucy follow the victim and witness with a knife. >> video from a police body camera shows the officer shooting nicholas flusche in the back. he died and the victim was wounded and survived all charges dropped against a man shot and wounded by san francisco police in january. officers were investigating a noise complaint in oceanview there was a confrontation eppley shot 43-year-old shawn moore he was unarmed and is mentally ill and has undergone --. napa couple accused of
8:15 am
killing a three-year-old girl she was found dead during a welfare check in february 2014. prosecutors played a recording for jurors of her mother admitting she and her boyfriend warner used drugs daily before her death. in the recording sarah lynn kruger tells detective she did not get medical help for kaylee because she was using meth. authorities, she was they would find out they were tried at the same time if convicted they will face life in prison without possibility of parole. show support for 20-year- old robert paylor rugby player heard during a victory at the national attention game last saturday. -- national championship game last saturday. his head and neck forced into an odd angle. friends and athletic director from an old high school says he will fight hard for recovery act he has tremendous heart and
8:16 am
drive. >> if someone can handle it, it is robert. >> his spirits remain high he is working as hard as he can to get out of icu into rehab. >> rally for robert is held tonight and the public is invited friends have set up a gofundme account to help with medical bills. they hope to raise $1 million. we checked, one third on the way there. sal and the commute. >> hello, mike and gasia, south bay commute is getting better and we like to see improvements and we are looking at other freeways in the south bay if you are driving along 85 seems to be the slowest to cupertino. 101 is low but not solid. there's a spots where it goes
8:17 am
up and traffic to 80, better than the other freeways. 85 is slow into sunnyvale you can see how slow it is to mountain view 880 southbound, peninsula. so traffic on northbound 101 from south city, southbound 280 has not been bad into the san bruno area. we see traffic continues to move along well. we see highway 4, continuing to slope 680 moderate, 24, better. this has caught my eye balls, 580, 13 are slow from san leandro oakland boundary to lakeshore area. let's bring stephen. >> cool pattern kicked in sticking around through next week maybe warmer next week.
8:18 am
light rain up north and cool pattern next five days. below average temperatures for everybody. today mostly cloudy, drizzle, light rain breeze not his windy and cool. hello, current conditions and vallejo 58 keep up the great forecast. some want sunshine and warmer temperatures. i can i deliver that for five days. gray, low clouds and i do not think they are going anywhere anytime. san jose south breeze tending to warm it up. 70 and below average, 74, 9619 34 is a record high low clouds maxed out. when temperatures went fog makes it to backtrack -- vacaville and sacramento it maxes out because you lose support for due west, sfo 50s cracking yet to correct 60 degree to mark. 56 morgan hill, gilroy santa
8:19 am
cruz cupertino everyone, santa clara 51 not much at a difference. 40 a truck a slow melt cool down with cool air mass the first of a couple of systems. one system kicked out of the weekend. the next diggs and sending two systems in one sunday and another tuesday light rain 60s and 50s on the coast. sold out. low 60s upper 60s some should be mid-70s upper 70s is not happening warmer temperatures around santa clara san jose gilroy chilly 68 50s and a ghost city redwood city 67, another system sunday into monday. warning in southern california. how many sharks were spotted
8:20 am
this week and a warning for swimmers beaches are open how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source.
8:21 am
8:22 am
how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. 10 feet away from the shoreline. there was one more. >> beach-goers in southern california on alert after great white sharks responded off the coast yesterday the sheriff's helicopter warning paddleboards
8:23 am
to get out of the water. beaches will remain open. swimming the law. they are asking beach-goers to be aware of surroundings. 35-year-old woman bitten by a shark off a state beach and she's out of a san diego hospital being treated with wounds. wetherill are in a lie becomes an adventure in paradise for a family. they were on a tour on the island of hawaii who and trapped in waters. following a guide in the rain and it started pouring and conditions were heavier before they knew it, they were trapped in rising waters and they were stranded for one hour before being rescued. coyote creek flood in san jose forced thousands from their homes but now the situation is getting worse for some. ktvu's ann rubin reports some victims were receiving eviction notices. advocates were scrambling to
8:24 am
help. >> reporter: everything he owns it sitting in a motel room. the rest of belongings destroyed in the coyote creek flood. even when his apartment is fixed he will not go back. he received a 90 day notice and he's being evicted. he admits he had been cramming a family every into a small studio. >> almost 8 years i lived there. and he told me that. i don't think it's right. >> his landlord said he wishes him the best but the eviction was necessary and justified. he declined to elaborate. officials say he's not alone. there's other victims being pushed out of the home. >> there are some tenants who have been experiencing evictions after the flight. what we have been doing is referring them to the law foundation >> reporter: the law foundation of silicon valley have handled one dozen cases for coyote creek flood victims so far. everything from significant rent increases to verbal, written eviction notices.
8:25 am
>> we have had a couple get written notice and the written notices are (inaudible) they want to raise the right. >> reporter: in the flood zone it happened to be rent control meaning landlord can raise it right once per year at 5%. the law foundation believes the flood victims may have further recourse. >> there's municipal code that may protect them. it has not been tested in court yet but we have advised clients they have a right to go into the property and they cannot get a no (inaudible) notice thanks to a new ordinance no renters can be effective without just cause but that does not help alberto who has been looking for a new apartment for weeks. >> i have not heard -- i have to leave. 8:25 am. chance to sit down with san
8:26 am
francisco mail -- san francisco mayor we talked about rapid growth san francisco has seen and the high cost of living in the bay area and housing and homelessness are the two biggest challenges facing his and nearly any city in the country. seymour -- you will see more coming up later. what do you think are the biggest challenges facing cities housing and schools, homelessness, crime or infrastructure. we will look at the results. 36% say housing, schools. 29% homelessness, 20% chronic, 15% infrastructure. vote on the ktvu twitter page . if you have other thoughts, we would love to hear them leave the comments on our facebook page. warning for parents in oakland, attempted kidnapping outside of a home. they have hopped on getting
8:27 am
to work like to work day at an energizer station some folks have pedaled to the office slowing areas. we see improvements as you drive into the city. not much improvement in the weather, cool pattern mostly cloudy in the next couple of days
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back to mornings on 28 29 may 11 i gasia mikaelian jack's i am mike miback
8:30 am
the coast be and inland below average temperatures santa rosa 57 16 below average there's cloud coverage in place in the locations will be hard- pressed to get 78 degree maybe drizzle san francisco 59, 52 average 64, 51 below average in the city. in linntown's below average 46 the record low clouds maxing out. made out to sacramento was brees behind the cloud cover ocean temperatures are cold 160 that is one day of 60. some areas in the low 60s at best 52 or every location low to mid 50s and rain in the north where enhancements are
8:31 am
taking place even though there is a much big lightning to the north the system hanging around through tuesday, wednesday. 50s, 60s, upper 60s and low 70s. sal, southbay? what? >> we've seen improvement which is always good and today's commute has not been as bad at -- as tuesday or wednesday but we have slow traffic i don't want to mislead you and expect it to be light. there's a backup of 20 minutes before the bridge and slow traffic as you drive through. interstate 880, into oakland, slowing as you drive past the coliseum especially here into downtown oakland. this is the san mateo bridge. fog has not been low enough to affect driving.
8:32 am
it is dreary. hasn't been any problems on san mateo bridge except slow traffic highway 4, last-minute problems when the commute was beginning to get better. highway 20 seems to be getting slower, highway 24 from lafayette to oakland. let's go back to the desk. across the bay area thousands of people are leaving cars behind and biking to work. >> it is bike to work day. joining us from the golden gate bridge, mike savage more on the event works -- >> reporter: healthy way to get to work and environmentally friendly. you get those people out of their cars off of roads and hopping on bikes and riding to the office. taking part in a bike to work. this energizer station set up
8:33 am
on the north end of the golden gate bridge several set up along the bay area along the bike paths. 23rd year for bike to work day in the bay area we talked to some folks take apart, why it's important and wonderful to hop on your bike. >> it's the most fun day of the year great to see people i have not seen for a while. we have been riding for a long time. next favorite day of the year benefiting the environment and your health and put everybody in a good mood. >> reporter: that is what we hear over and over. it's wonderful to be in the open, cool breeze against your face. puts everyone in a fantastic mood. the goal is to get everyone out of their cars on a regular basis and take bikes to work. jim with the marin county bicycle coalition. good morning.
8:34 am
how do you convince people to ditch their cars and get on a bike and use it to get to work? >> look at the mood and the excitement and the freeway, people sitting in traffic. the contrast is obvious. which would you rather do. it is progressive trend between 2000-2013, 62% more people commute to work than they did before. littering the 40% of the trips we take in the u. s. is 4 miles, bicycle is a practical form of transportation for more people will bike to work if it's convenient and safe. >> you build infrastructure. >> correct. safety and convenience accessibility it comes down to the combination of infrastructure and education. >> reporter: executive director of marin county bike coalition.
8:35 am
thank you. big day for you guys. we are at a popular energizer station north end of the golden gate bridge. there's an energizer station near you. on a day like today where you have many more people on their bikes on the road, put out the word of caution for those if you are driving to work, keep an eye out for bicyclists on the road to make sure you are doing everything safely when it comes to that. >> excellent point. thank you. warning issued by oakland police after a report of an attempted kidnapping this week. 10-year-old boy says it was outside of his home on tuesday night 45th street near broadway when a stranger grabbed him. the child was able to break away and one home. no description of the person who tried to grab the boy. police in eastern contra costa county are looking for help to find a hit-and-run driver who injured a boy in
8:36 am
oakley at the intersection of ohara, francisco via drive. when is to say the boy was crossing in the crosswalk and two cars stopped for him. they say a white pick up truck passed the stopped cars and hit the child in the leg. he drove off and the witnesses say it appeared to be a board ranger carrying a heavy load. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. anyone who recognizes the truck, call oakley police. bay area couple at a wedding reception, they had a reception gets won't soon forget. 70 people fight broke out. the venue did not have enough security guards. >> [ screaming ] permit chaos, on camera. a source provides this video showing people kicking and punching each other outside of a wedding reception saturday.
8:37 am
70 people were involved in the fight outside the royal palace banquet hall for roughly 700 guests attending the reception. he was hired as a photographer. >> an argument in the hall on the down floor and i see everybody rushing outside. >> he spoke at a business saying he did not photograph the fight but taped the brawl broke out. >> a bunch of people hitting each other. i don't know anybody personally. >> reporter: he estimates it lasted 20 minutes before people heard sirens and scattered. a bride is spoke with us think she's upset with the venue for providing only two security guards even though they were charged for seven. she says the instigators were outsiders who got kicked out and when things got out of hand, security did nothing. >> i saw a couple security guards, probably 23 but they didn't look like security
8:38 am
guards. it wasn't a good security company. two men wait on one got hit parts free monthly say one arrested on charges of battery. the photographer says he feels bad for the bride and groom. >> i've been doing this for 15 years and have never seen anything like that, it was chaos. >> reporter: we left a message at the royal palace asking the owner about security but he has not gotten back to us. fremont police continue to investigate and it will take time to interview all witnesses. christina rendon ktvu fox 2 news. drought free. side-by-side comparison from the government-funded u. s. drought monitor. on the left, situation from november. on the left, situation from november 2014. most of the state is in a red meaning exceptional drought. on the right it shows california in the clear. areas in central and southern california are in yellow.
8:39 am
yellow means abnormally dry. some areas are tanned, moderate drought, one small section of the california mexico border is still facing severe drought conditions. if you're not feeling the effects of allergies, watery eyes, you probably know someone who is. pollen counts three times above normal, blame the rain from last winter to make more trees and flowers and grass bloom and allergy problems may get worse as later blooming flowers produce pollens for doctors say there are some people who have never suffered before who are feeling the misery this year. caffeine fix for free. major chain handing out free coffee. >> you sold me >> double cappuccino dry. >> yes.
8:40 am
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stocks are down. >> pam cook to explain in money business. >> not doing well snap parent company of snapchat and macy's reported quarterly earnings, way below what analysts expected sales down twice as much as forecasted. one analyst says macy's needs to close an additional 10 stores to save money to stay
8:43 am
competitive -- 100 stores to stay competitive. stock dropped. it's down 13%, $25 per share trading at $70 per share this time last year, last summer. company going public kkr real estate that industries doing well lately. checking in on the broader markets, down since the bell rang. live look at the dough, off 85 points, 20,008 57. nasdaq below that 6100 level today. s&p 500 down half percent. parent company of snapchat drags stocks down. down 80%, back to where it went public 18% $18 per share snap reports revenues growing in triple digits compared to last year snapchat app adds fewer
8:44 am
users. not doing as well as facebook, twitter. it had to pay money for going public in the way of employee compensation packages because of the ipo. ceo donna $750 million bonus for taking the company public apple expands operations cupertino-based company announced one billion-dollar expansion in reno. it plans to add 100 permanent jobs doubling the size of the current workforce. second phase of the arizona data center under construction. there's reports phase 3 is about to begin. as usual apple is not commenting on the report. u. s. post office wants to raise the price of stamps by one penny or more despite upticks and delivery the postal service is reporting an overall loss blaming that on a drop in
8:45 am
the use of first-class mail and excesses for retiree healthcare costs. current costs of first-class stamp $.49. congress will have to improve that approve an increase. 3 cups of coffee, fee any size for free promotion runs for two hours starting at 1:00 at the time you need a pick me up. get people in try new drinks. scaled-back version goes to -- pete's buy 1 get 1 free. happy hour deal starbucks half- price frappuccinos 3 pm 6 pm until monday. friday afternoon good time for me to have an extra boost of
8:46 am
caffeine. >> i'm with you. >> sometimes every day pete's competing with starbucks. with or without your coffee. >> some take coffee to go. now i recommend to get out as early as you can. get a handle on the commute. take a look at east bay computes commutes 680 all of a sudden highway 468, so traffic highway 4 late morning accidents so unfortunately when things are getting better than that happened slow traffic on the peninsula with a northbound 101 and driving toward south city 280 slow late commutes to get going late and all of the south bay and we have slow traffic getting into the valley. give yourself extra time as you drive through and things are
8:47 am
getting better on the nimitz. empty spots are beginning but you have work to do steve with the weather. >> good morning cool morning under mostly cloudy skies mist and drizzle santa rosa, not much but cloverdale north breaks in the clouds and a combination of low clouds and high clouds makes for a cloudy morning low in the 50s, some 40s and for the month of may it's a cool pattern. then the next five days it's showing continuations of the cool pattern with two systems, one sunday, another tuesday. tuesday, could be good for snow toward the shasta lasting and low clouds and drizzle low clouds will get chewed up. when a makes it to vacaville and sacramento that's a good surge and assigned there will not be as extensive tomorrow because the support is gone. combination of low and high clouds.
8:48 am
half moon bay is an outlier southeast. hayward, san francisco sfo oakland west wind picking up tour the delta vacaville fairfield show 20 plus mile an hour gusts. napa, 60 brentwood 60 napa, 60 brentwood 6050s and for most locations cool. in the 50s livermore 54, concord pavilion 55 weak system pushing in the low cloud deck producing light rain most far north. it will work its way in now into next week. keeping us and a cool pattern. 50s, 60s, near 70 degrees otherwise more sun tomorrow but not warm inland temperatures may come down. should start saturday and sunday into monday i say mom, if you take her to brunch, put on a jacket or sweater. cool sunday. you're welcome. >> police detective undergoing
8:49 am
chemotherapy. friends and officers try to keep her spirits up. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx
8:50 am
pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e
8:51 am
the safest energy company in the nation. california lieut. governor newsom ramping up but campaign for governor visiting regions of the state for what's described as a meet and greet. >> gavin newsom spoke to a crowd of 80 people, mostly registered democrats. >> just got sport imports touting experience as the mayor of san francisco tackling social justice issues such as income inequality and homelessness. >> there's no greater training ground for trying to address some of these issues than having the ability to address them at the local level. >> reporter: one month after taking office, he promised to rebuild public housing in
8:52 am
hunters point, a project called hope. years later is done and he calls this his accomplishment along with equality. >> my record demonstrates i call balls and strikes. >> folks who live in stockton and lodi, many say they used to live in the bay area. >> i left san francisco and moved to alameda and was priced out of the area. >> reporter: one commutes to san francisco for work and lived in the city when he was mayor and he has her vote for governor. >> despite what's going on nationally and what's going on in dc, we have a fighting chance to have a viable to society in california. >> he has a pressure approached everything. >> reporter: others including the mayor of stockton, a democrat, say they are not
8:53 am
ready to reveal who their choice for governor is. >> i asked lieut. governor newsom why should people vote for him. >> at the end of the day we are desperate for leadership love or hate, i have shown that in the past on tough issues i want to continue the most difficult social mobility. >> reporter: santa barbara -- one campaign staff member describes one city as a time -- winning one time amber lee ktvu fox number two news. if you see police officer in san my file may look different. many shaving heads yesterday, rallying in solidarity for one of their own 40 road leslie o'toole has breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy scheduled to have surgery soon. as for her colleagues, they are wearing a new look as a badge of honor. >> if people ask it will be a nice way to tell them about leslie and what we are asking to do. >> i love the support i have
8:54 am
gotten. i cannot believe some people who did it because they were very proud of their hair. >> she's probably one of the strongest people i know. she's facing a tough battle right now. we want to get together as a group and let her know she would not face alone. >> san rafael police raising money, there's a facebook page dedicated to officer o'toole's journey called warrior 5 to 9. -- "warrior 529". golden state warriors asking folks to fly car flags. thompson showing pride by flying two flags on his vehicle. today get a flag for free available at the team stores at oracle arena and main street downtown walnut creek. they will give away some added dunk contest store in burlingame and san mateo and in the next hour, broadcaster jim
8:55 am
barnett is live in the studio to talk about the western conference finals and new playoff shirts. steph curry is doing something special for fans wild helping his wife and her new business. he announces giving away a special pair of shoes and signed copy of his wife's cookbook. to qualify, order a meal kit from aisha curry's business enter promo code steph curry get free shipping. best prices to raise children. spots to settle down with your family.
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city of new orleans takes down confederate statues. cranes removed the jefferson davis statue. people gathered to watch and i was in protest. there's a second one out a four said to be removed.
8:58 am
judge denied a request to block from removing the bogart statue. he was the first prominent confederate state general of the civil war. mormon church moving against the boy scouts. it's pulling older teams from boy scout troops taken steps toward developing its own scouting program. the move means some 130 thousand mormon teenagers will no longer participate next year. the church does not say wise developing the program. the decision was not triggered by the boy scouts of policy change at 150 to allow gay two leaders. not a warm welcome for betsy devos in the tom koch university. >> it's a privilege to be with you as we celebrate at bethune cookman university 2017. >> students at the historically black university turned their backs on the triangle. students and alumni petition to block her from speaking. she's been under fire for
8:59 am
calling black colleges examples of school choice when they were the result of segregation. san francisco unified school district planning to charge fees next school year. according to the examiner they will be charged between $50 and $500 based on family income when the new academic year starts in august after the district lost more than $3 million in federal funding for the programs. the district says families qualify for free or reduced lunch will not be charged. in most cases. best place to raise a family covenant and a study by smart asset found some of the top places are in the bay area. roseville number two fremont one of the safest cities in the country. third, torrance outside of la, number four, livermore, fifth next door pleasanton. tattoo artist helping women
9:00 am
regain confidence after childbirth. she offers free tattoos for women who want to hide c- section scars. inspired by a brazilian artist and this woman says she wants to give new moms a boost. the future of the pay technology and how sunglasses or jewelry could pay bills. tv analyst jim barnett joins us live as they prepare for the next round of the playoffs. san francisco's mayor ed lee gives me a first look at details at his plans to help homeless families. universal childcare for homeless families. may not be blue skies are 90 degrees but i'm looking forward to the weekend. saturday, sunday, live look san francisco international.


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