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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 11, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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meddling. >> there is growing pressure in congress to determine the extent of russian meddling. good evening. >> during testimony the acting director of the fbi contradicted the white house on two issues. the latest developments from capital hill. rs. >> reporter: after the firing of james comey, democrat and some republicans have called for a special prosecutor to take over the russia investigation. the critics say the white house is trying to hurt that investigation. >> there has been no effort to impede our investigation. >> claims that the white house is trying to slow down the investigation into russian ties into the 2016 campaign. an interview with nbc, comey firing had nothing to do with it. >> was it because of russia if
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? >> i love the fbi. i want someone competent. >> the former director was disliked inside and outside the bureau. in a rare admission, some said morale was down. the reason, the president said he removed comey. >> there were folks in the agency frustrated with the outcome of the hillary clinton case. some were very vocal about that. >> they asked if it would impede then vestigation. >> do you need someone else to do it? >> no. you can't stop the men and women of the fbi from doing the right thing.
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>> they waived the president from visiting the fbi. fox news. there are new details about a shooting on highway 101 in hillsburg. it may have led to a car to car shooting on southbound lanes of highway 101. the victims were in a white honda a cord. the chp said there was a verbal argument at the truck before the victims got in their car. >> approaching west side road. they began firing at the victim's car. the victim and the male passenger were hit. >> the driver and passenger are listed in serious condition. the chp says the shooter was in
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a truck. investigators would like to talk to anyone who witnessed what happened. >> a concern about a serial arsonist after 2 more parked cars were set on fire. there have been 5 car fires this week in contra costa county. the fire marshall said there have been 10 incidents with common factors since the start of the year. >> that is so true. i asked the fire marshal. the 5 this week and leads on 5 more, a total of 10 are linked since january of this year. a charred pick up in brentwood. >> it could be worse. i am frustrated.
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i don't understand how anyone would choose to do that. >> it was early thursday morning. two fires were 15 minutes apart. >> we believe the fires are not accidental. they are intentionally set. >> another vehicle was torched earlier this week. the two in brentwood with one in lafayette brings it to 5 vehicle fires just this week. investigators there may be even more. >> the exact number of fires with common factors. this is going back through the first of the year. >> it is the same thing. >> this homeowner says news of the recent fire is all too familiar. his cars were set on fire in
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the driveway way. >> we looked outside. my car next to it was on fire. >> people said they will be extra vigilent. they don't want to be the next victim. >> i will keep looking for them. >> we don't know if it is one person setting these fires or multiple people setting them. we need the public's help. >> reporter: investigators say they have video that will help. with the fires dating back to january of this year, if you know, look at video and give them a call. they don't want to give specific details for a copy cat. >> thank you. san francisco police are investigating a homicide after a man was shot to death in a
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home on treasure island last night on avenue b. this is typically a quiet area. they were shocked when they saw the crime tape. >> i am from a smaller town and not used to this. >> san francisco is a big city. these things happen. >> the victim was a man in his 30s. his identity has not been released. >> san francisco police have arrested a ucsf psychiatrist and his roommate on child pornography charges. ben martin was arrested. lockhart was using the wifi to upload child pornography. police issued a search warrant. there were hundreds of videos and pictures of child porn.
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>> in southern california, a 6- year-old boy is in the hospital after being seriously injured in a drunk driving accident. the suspect is an undocumented immigrant who has been deported 15 times. authorities say his car slammed into a family returning home from disneyland. the 6-year-old is in the hospital with multiple skull fractures. the family hadn't thought about immigration until now. >> he doesn't representative all illegals but they shouldn't be finding ways back into the country. >> customs officials say he will be deported again after he serves prison time, up to 8 years. a may revision of the state
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budget increases spending from last year. most would go do k-12 education. the governor is with holding $50 million after an audit found the system hid 10s of millions in reserve accounts. they declined to credit janet napoliano. >> most people think she is doing a good job. that is the video of the regents. >> governor brown will release the money whether they comply with the audit. east bay hosted an event to bring students from a wide range of backgrounds. ktvu shows us how soccer can be
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a unifying force. >> this mini tournament invites immigrants into a largely unfamiliar world. they came to play soccer. putting on cleats and a jersey is a game changer. they come from 10 different countries, afghanistan, mexico, burma. but when they play soccer, they can communicate. >> soccer is a language. we all speak soccer. that's how we got long. >> a sophomore computer science major is from congo. soccer without borders made a
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difference. a professor came up with the idea during this political climate. >> it is about the educational aspect. feeling socially networked and connected with people. >> i love the freedom. everybody is afraid. >> it is like it made me a new person. >> when this person immigrated from thailand, it brought him out of his shell. >> i am the first one to graduate from high school and go to college. >> organizers say it is more than a soccer game. it is about building a community of inclusion. in hayward, amber lee, fox 2 news. san francisco takes aim at uber.
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the lawsuit over data. >> how a community is paying tribute to a 16-year-old girl. her favorite player is involved. the weekend is around the corner. forecast lined and up ready to go. see you after the break.
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a special tribute for a student athlete in cupertino.
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she collapsed suddenly monday during a basketball game and later died. kim was a huge warriors fan especially steph curry. she wore his number. he signed a pair of his shoes. >> speaking with students and teachers, they are in a state of grief and shock. >> a temporary memorial of pictures, flowers, candles, students and well wishers continue leaving messages and paying respects to kim. >> it is nice for the school to pay respects to her. i wanted to make sure i do so as well. >> cool officials say the 16- year-old was captain of the j.v. team. she collapsed and died later at the hospital. >> she made me try out for the basketball team when i wanted
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to quit. she pushed me up. >> the love of the sport stretched from the south bay to the east. she wor wore 30 on her jersey. warriors could sign them in her honor. curry talked about reaching out. >> a small token for her family. we are thinking about them. >> we are lucky to be in this area where we have connections to the warriors. >> becky says the team will honor their fallen star next season. a night will be planned and her legacy moves on. >> it hasn't hit. i feel like i have trouble accepting it. >> there will be a candle light vigil tuesday between 6:00 and 8:00 at the gym here on campus.
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in cupertino, ktvu, fox 2 news. a mormon church is severing ties with the boy scouts. it is part of their effort to start their own scouting program. it was not triggered by allowing gay troop leaders. boys 8 to 13 will participate with the boy scouts. a judge approved a $1.2 billion settlement over the volkswagen cheating scandal. 88,000 cars with 3-liter engines. owners will be in line for compensation up to $16,000. they will have repairs or buy backs. >> time for uber to quit
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thumbing its nose at the law. turning over driver information. drivers are supposed to obtain business licenses. the city says uber has stopped turning over that information. uber is trying to protect its drivers. >> plans called for 3 new ferry docks to begin operating in to 19 from san francisco to treasure island. the a's have a new way for fans to get tickets, ball park pass, fans can go to a home game for $19.99 a month. choose which gam they want to
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go to. a bar code would be sent. the 2017 amg en tour kicked off. they started with 72 miles around lake tahoe. they started planning it 18 months ago. >> it is part of the world tour, which is the highest level of racing. the best riders are here and it is remarkable. >> they will end at big bear may 19th. the men start sunday. a little cold weather at lake tahoe today. cold morning. lows down around freezing. i mentioned that the skiing has been pretty good.
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squaw is still open. a little ice melt. these were the highs from today. tomorrow will be right there, maybe a little warmer. a little sunshine. 60s, 70s, that's how we roll through the weekend. 69, 71, 72. that's it. it is all because of this feature. these big low pressure centers. early march pattern. in this case we are in the middle of june or may. we have a pattern that has allowed us. we will continue to be cool through the weekend. 40s, 50s, winds blowing out there. not like the other night. it will be one of those days. because of that cold air north of us, not a bad day. just not what it was a couple
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days ago. not so cool if you are liking with the kids. it will be okay. it won't be 90 or 85, which is fine. if you have been suffering from hey fever, what we have is a cool pattern that takes the pressure off. the pollen lays down. tomorrow a cool day. greens are 60s. it will be beautiful, clear skies, some fog each night for the next 3 or 4 nights. 40s, mid-60s and there is the 5- day forecast. we have a chance of a sprinkle.
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tomorrow is friday. we are looking at those two days there. >> thank you. there was a prayer service on the uc berkeley campus for an injured player on the rugby team. he was injured during the national championship victory. the 20-year-old suffered a spinal injury that has left him paralyzed from the waist down. it has devastated his teammate and coach. >> this is new territory. i have never been involved in  anything like this and neither has the rugby program. been coaching a long time. nothing close to this. >> the young rugby player has under gone one procedure to stabilize his spine. there is a go fund me page with
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a goal of one million dollars. >> they have 400,000. sports next. reds at at&t park. >> a live look at downtown and the airport on this thursday night. thanks for staying up late with us. we continue in 2 minutes.
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mark is back talk about the giants. >> what do you want to say? >> it is like it is getting in their head. >> they pulled out a game in new york. now they can't get it going.
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on a bright note, celebrating willie mayes day. the long ball, brandon bell with 5 including this one. 1-0 of the reds. now we go to the 5th. he had a good night offensively. a couple of signals. that leaves the yard.  the giants have a 2-1 lead briefly. the reds pull even. it is not willie mayes like. center fielder handles the ball. 0-2 again. this is to cosart. the gap in left center with an
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rbi double. bright spot, 7 innings giving up 2 runs and 5 hits. what a way to spend mother's day, watching the warriors take on the san antonio spurs who trashed houston. or houston didn't show up. biggest game of their year. on their home court, didn't matter. 18 and a fill in for kawhi. taking it the other way, harden with 6 turn overs. just brutal. 34 points, 12 rebounds, later playing catch with they couple rather unknown players. murphy on the other end,
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spectacular. the spurs headed to the bay area. the nfl has a little explaining to do. colin kaepernick is still without a job. blaine has a contract with arizona. a lot of questions. how can the guy who beat him out and more inclined to get it done doesn't have a job. many don't want the circus. and there was an opinion too. >> the thing is the nfl is too coward to admit it. blaine had more than colin kaepernick did. he has the job. >> meanwhile back to baseball,
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3-1, new york. runners at 2nd and 3rd. then comes the play of the day. check it out. >> base hit. left field. here is the throw. he is out. that's the ball game. marisnick with a big throw. trying to score the tying run. the yankees lose 3-2. >> marisnick with a great throw. look at the umpire, out, game over. there you go. we take you to south africa for that python again, 24 feet on a golf course. that's not advise ible. >> yikes. >> that's a big python. >> yeah. >> good night.
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