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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 12, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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shuttle bus full of tesla employees. we'll hear from the california highway patrol on the possible cause of that morning. more cars set on fire in the east bay overnight. the search for serial arsonists now underway. a call to remove the top prosecutor in contra costa county from office. the response after that recommendation from a civil grand jury. good afternoon, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm frank mallicoat. the body of an alameda county sheriff's deputy draped in an american flag arrived at the coroner's office. the officer was killed in a crash on eastbound interstate 580. we see fellow officers saluting as the body was taken inside. the offduty sheriff's deputy is dead after that crash on eastbound 508 near the altamont pass this morning. >> shutting down a section of
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the freeway. alex savidge live at the scene of the accident as we wait to hear from the chp with more information. alex. >> reporter: good afternoon to both of you. this deadly crash that claimed the life of that offduty deputy has backed up traffic for miles here headed east. you can see behind us here, you have the three left lanes of the freeway shut down for what is going to be a very extensive investigation that will last into the afternoon hours here. those three left lanes are shut down just past grant line road for this investigation by the chp. now that charter bus you see there on the left was carrying more than 50 tesla employees and it slammed into that white vw beetle that you can see is just mangled on the side of the freeway. for some reason that beetle was stopped in the middle of lanes, according to investigators. the alameda county sheriff's deputy riding in that beetle was killed and the chp captain
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i spoke with a short time ago here at the scene told me that for him and if for other members of the law enforcement community this deadly crash really hits home. >> it affects the whole community. law enforcement community and the people passing by. they saw an american flag and they're seeing it on the news. a part of everybody died today. >> reporter: now this accident happened about 7:00 this morning as that charter bus was headed from tesla's headquarters in freemont out to stockton. the tesla employees who were on board had apparently just finished working their overnight shift and they were headed home for the day back to the stockton area on board that bus. now according to the chp the driver of that bus may have been blinded by the early morning sun. again, remember the bus was headed east and directly toward where the sun would be rising and it's possible the driver didn't see the car in the roadway until it was too late. now the owner of that bus is a company called sfo airporters,
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that's the company that owns that charter bus. i spoke with the owner of that company and he temperatures me the driver in this case feels terrible about what happened. >> obviously he's distraught. obviously he's very distraught when there's a fatality. other than that he's doing okay. most of all our hearts go out to this family. very unfortunate accident. >> only one person on board that tesla bus suffered minor injuries. that person treated for minor injuries. everyone else was okay. tesla put out a statement this morning expressing deep sadness for that offduty deputy who was killed in this morning's crash. now the driver of that charter bus who has been with the company for at least ten years is cooperating with chp investigators and right now i'm told is undergoing a routine blood test to make sure he wasn't under the influence.
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clp investigators have no reason to believe that in fact he was. that is simply a routine test they could do in this sort of investigation. the traffic impact from all of this is going to be extensive. you can probably see down there just an incredible backup headed east along 580 coming over the altamont pass. traffic is backed up for miles. all of these lanes, the three left lanes likely will be closed until at least 3:00 this afternoon. back to you guys. >> alex, thank you. just so you know we are expecting to hear from the alameda county sheriff's department and chp in the coming minutes around 12:30. when that happens we'll bring that to you. also henry lee is following the investigation into what happened. >> standing by in dublin. okay. there are new troubles for contra costa county's district attorney. >> his own attorneys are
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speaking out against him. christien kafton reports. >> reporter: voted no confidence this morning. now they're asking their members to do the same. district attorney michael peterson admitted in december he had spent more than $66,000 in campaign funds on personal expenses. in january he was fined $45,000 by the state. then just yesterday a civil grand jury recommend that he be removed from office. now the leaders of the contra costa county deputy district attorney's association say morale is at an all time low and that it's difficult to conduct the business of upholding justice with a criminal at the helm. >> his actions affect on going trials in this way. jurors read the paper and jurors have brought up in jury selection that has happened since this has occurred what's going on with mr. peterson. obviously that's important. that matters. our credibility as attorneys is important. >> the board members of the district attorney's union is
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calling for the approximately 90 deputy district attorneys to issue a vote of no confidence in the district attorney in the next ten days. now we have reached out to michael peterson asking for his response to the grand jury. so far we've had no response subpoena in martinez, christien kafton, ktvu, fox news. investigators say a firebug in contra costa county likely struck twice overnight. someone intentionally set fires to two parked cars. the first on juanita drive. the other on crescenta court. the lafayette blaze followed 11 minutes later. both scenes were just off highway 24. authorities say these fires are connected to about ten other suspicious car fires recently in contra costa county. >> we don't really know if this is one individual or if it's multiple individuals or anything like that. that's part of the reason that we need the help of the public
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to help us identify some of those things if they have cameras or that kind of thing.  >> these were the sixth and seventh suspicious car fires this week alone. all the blazes have occurred in the east bay, including lafayette, walnut creek, brentwood and martinez. damage has been confined to just vehicles. authorities worry the serial arsonist could get bolder. this morning president trump tweeted a public warning to former fbi director james comey. this comes on the heels after television interview in which the president called comey is a show boat and a grand stander and said those qualities were what led him in part to fire comey on tuesday. the latest now out of washington. >> reporter: president donald trump unleashing this morning on social media. first going after the press, which he calls the fake media. and then setting his sights on what has become a maiming thorn in his side this week, former
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fbi director james comey. in what can only be viewed as a threat, president trump tweeted this morning quote james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press. in both comey's dismissal letter, mr. trump asserted that comey stated the president was not under investigation. prompting questions over how that conversation even came up and whether it raises legal questions for either the president or the former fbi director. >> disruptive to say the least as his team tries to put back together what he tore asunder and maybe he was right, maybe it was the only choice he had to fire james comey. her to it all asunder. >> that tweet just the latest in a string of often personal attacks the president has leveled since tuesday evening. setting off a little fire storm in congress. democrats in particular question if the president's decision is linked to the on
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going investigation into his campaign team's possible ties to russia. >> the dismissal of james comey was about the russian investigation. it was never about standing up for hillary clinton. that was a laughable assertion earlier in the week. >> comey has been invited to testify before the senate intelligence committee next week behind closed doors. so far it's unclear if he's accepted the invitation. in washington, i'm give jenkins, fox news. a safety warning in the south bay. the reason the bpa is going door to door to warn people about bart's new extension in silicon valley. we're going to take a live look outside right now where it's mostly sunny on this friday. it's beautiful out there. up next, rosemary has your weekend forecast. >> great weekend to check out the grand reopening of the hard rock cafe. a sneak peek inside and tell you how the new look really does honor the bay area.
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a gunman shot and killed a police chief in ohio this afternoon. about 20 miles from columbus. the last radio communication said he had the gunman in sight. when other officers arrived they found the chief, two nursing home workers and the
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gunman dead. some patients at the care home barricaded themselves inside rooms when they heard the gunshots. they were all taken to nearby hospitals. they are okay. at this point investigators are trying to determine what, if any relationship the gunman had with the nursing home. an early morning house fire killed three children and left six others in conroe, texas hurt. this is an area north of houston. the children were believed to be trapped on the second floor. four other people were rescue. firefighters tried to get the three children out but officials say the house collapsed. here you see all the damage that was done. three police officers were also hurt. new at noon, the justice department says it has carried out the biggest crackdown it has attempted and is calling it a major success. agents arrested more than 1300 people across the united states in recent weeks. of those arrested, 21 will face murder-related allegations. seven were arrested on charges of rape and sexual assault. 280 are facing deportation for
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their aled gang recommendations. the operations centered on four cities. houston, new york, atlantic and newark. the crackdown mainly targeted transnational gangs. >> gang members are involved in a broad range of criminal activity including drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, extortion and other crimes with a nexus to our border. >> the justice department says there were no politics involved in the operation but the trump administration is linking it to the president's hard line stance on illegal immigration. the marine corps is expanding its efforts to recruit more women. right now the marine corps has the lowest percentage of women of all the military branches. it it wants at least 10% representation. the marines are releasing a new ad titled battle up. the commercial shows a young schoolgirl intercreeding when students bully another girl. the marine corps says it
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doesn't expect instant results because of low unemployment rates and competition with other employers. the pope is in portugal. he will mark the 100th anniversary of an event that changed the catholic church. can no news two children. about a million people are expected to gather tomorrow as the pope grants sainthood. a lot of mothers hoping if for nice weather on sunday. looks kind of doubtful. >> well, it won't be too bad. i think it's going to be cool in some areas. it's going to be breezy. as we get into the rest of your weekend, yeah, it's not going to change as we move through the next several days. here's a look across the oakland estuary. it's a good looking day. temperatures aren't so bad. could be a little breezy in some areas. that will make a difference.
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santa rosa, 65 degrees. san francisco, checking in at 59. oakland, 65. livermore, 64. san jose, 62. settling into this pattern over the last couple of days. we're going to remain here for the next few days. giving you a view at the wind on shore in oakland. 16 miles per hour. napa gusting to 25. concord reporting a sustained wind at 1. that west and northwest breeze is going to continue to be with us for friday, saturday, sunday. 24 hour temperature change will show you. a few degrees cooler along the peninsula. you go to the north bay, we have more sunshine and temperatures are up by 6 degrees in santa rosa. with each passing day, only subtle changes expected. we do have that system right off the coastline off the washington and oregon coastline. we just continue to have the on shore breeze with the cool temperatures and clouds at times. here's a look at your future cast models as we get into friday afternoon and evening hours. we remain partly cloudy, mostly clear.
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going to see the giants play, it's going to be a cool one. into saturday, northern california picking up a few scattered showers. likely to remain dry. now into sunday. mother's day here. and still, not a lot of change going on. if you're going to the sierra, we are expecting showers there. especially on sunday. so be prepared. a little bit of a rain and snow mix a possibility on sunday in the sierra. temperatures here at home for the afternoon, 66. 65 in berkeley. san francisco, you're going to check in about 62 for the afternoon. 64 in hayward. upper 60s to near 70 degrees for the inner east bay. san jose, you'll go to 68. 67 los gatos. here's a look at your giants forecast. going to be a cool one. mostly clear out there. 56 degrees at game time. that northwesterly breeze to about 20 miles per hour. getting in and out of the ballpark going to be a little blustery. not so bad inside the ballpark. here's a look at your forecast if you are headed to tahoe.
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mostly sunny on saturday. on sunday that chance for showers. notice the temperatures. below freezing to start the morning and into the afternoon, only mid40s to upper 40s expected there. here's a look at your bay area weekend. temperatures won't be changing either. low 60s at the coast. mid60s around the bay. upper 60s expected inland. we do a tad better on monday. cooler on tuesday. >> remember a couple weeks ago we were in the 80s? >> yes, hitting 90. >> let's bring them back. >> eventually. i promise. >> thank you. the hard rock cafe in pier 39 just got a makeover. >> it sure did. sal castaneda gives us a preview of a new look before tomorrow's big grand reopening. >> they have completely revamped the place here at the hard rock cafe. it's easy to see when you walk in. they've redone the bar. they have opened up the dining room. it used to be more of a 90s feel because that's when they first built it. they've brought it up to modern
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times. they still have some of the great memorabilia. they've added a few new pieces. if you come down this weekend, they're doing what they call their grand reopening. and that's at 10:00 on saturday. but there's going to be bands on the outside here on the stage at pier 39. really a weekend event. let's bring in ryan. you must be excited after six months of basically closing place down, gutting it and redoing it. how do you feel about it reopening? >> we're very pleased with the results. we redid the facility. the facade outside, all the decor inside. constructed a new private dining facility. we are just blown away by the result. it's beautiful. >> you've updated the menu. san francisco has some high standards when it comes to eating. you can still get a good burger here. what else can you get? >> yeah. you hit the nail on the head.
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seasonal fresh catch. focus on freshness. localizing that menu. a seared ahi tuna burger. jason constructed a new dessert for us. which is something you can experience during the relaunch. 11:00 to 2:00 we'll open the cafe to the public. we'll give you one of the desserts on us. something we want to give back to the community. >> a lot of tourists come by. they're trying to make the effort to have san francisco memorabilia tied into the local community. don't feel as if you have to come down here every once in a while. bring your friends. it's going to be open again. i think you'll like the place. sal castaneda, ktvu fox 2 news. if you want to head out to the hard rock. maybe you're looking for something to do this mother's day weekend. from live performances to
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just about half an hour to go before the close here on the new york stock exchange. the dow has been in the red throughout the session. here we are about half an hour to go. still down by about 30 points. s&p also down very slightly. nasdaq ever so slightly on the up side. it's been tough.
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jc penney released its earnings report. reporting a loss of $180 million. many retail chains have been falling on tough times as shoppers shift to online stores and away from brick and mortar. jc penney has been pushing athletic wear and other new products. it's also facing competitions. macy's released its earnings report for its first quarter yesterday. profits dropped 38% from last year. amounting to a $160 million loss. satisfaction is suing uber to show proof that its drivers are registered with the city. the city attorney said no one is above the law. they have to follow the same business rules as any other san francisco company.
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the city says uber has not provided data on its drivers since december. officials say uber refused to comply to a subpoena issued in january, prompting the lawsuit. uber says it is protecting its drivers privacy. if your plans are still up in the air for mother's day this sunday, do not worry. we have ideas. >> yeah, we have you covered. from live performances to festivals and fashion. ktvu's rosemary orozco has more. >> it's mother's day weekend. here's what's happening around the bay area. in san francisco, enjoy delicacies, live performances and more. or hop over to san francisco's wine festival and expo for wine tasting. seminars, cooking demos, food vendors and live music. also on saturday. in the east bay, oakland fashion week is underway. events are being held every night through saturday. for more information, log on to
12:26 pm the taste of oakland festival this saturday with food, activities and entertainment. including a special performance. you can celebrate mother's day at the alameda spring festival this weekend. live music, food, vendors, food, beer and wine will be in downtown that saturday and sunday on park street. enjoy an afternoon of beer tasting at livermore's craft beer festival to benefit shriners hospital. the event includes fife bands on two stages. a hawaiian festival is happening. on the peninsula, experience the 46th annual stanford camping weekend. the dance and music fest is saturday. in the south bay, the silicon valley irish feast 2017 festival takes place saturday and sunday. in sports, giants are home. a's and quakes are on the road. warriors continue their post
12:27 pm
season run. that is your weekend watch. a new perk for people flying out of oakland international airport. the destinations that will get you qualified for free parking at that airport. >> she was the one that made me try out for the basketball team. when i wanted to quit. she pushed me up and told me to keep going. >> a south bay high school shocked by the sudden death of a popular student athlete. we have more on the special tribute in her honor coming up.
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welcome back. students are mourning the loss of one of their classmates. student athlete was a huge warrior fan and a big steph curry fan. she wore his number when she competed on the basketball floor. now curry has reached out to that family. jesse gary has more on how she's being remembered. >> reporter: a temporary memorial made of pictures, flowers and candles sits near the quad at homestead high. students and well wishers continue leaving messages of support and continue paying their respects. >> it's very nice for the school to pay respects to her. i want to take some time off today to make sure i do so as well. >> the 16-year-old was captain of the jv basketball team. she collapsed during a nonschool affiliated gail and died later at an area hospital.
12:31 pm
>> aisle really hurt. she was the one that made me try out for the basketball team. when i wanted to quit she pushed me up and told me to keep going. >> her love of this sport stretched from the south bay to the east. she wore number 30 on her jersey monday. tuesday her family sent the pair of her shoes to oracle arena so the warriors star could sign them in her honor. >> a small token for her family. there's a lot of people thinking about them. >> we're lucky to be in this area where we have so many connections to the warriors. >> the team will honor their fallen star next season. a night dedicated to her is planned. as the sophomore's legacyl lives on. >> i know she's gone, but i feel like i still have trouble accepting that sometimes. >> and that was jesse gary
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reporting. a candle light vigil will be held at 6:00 tuesday night at the gym at homestead high school. san francisco mayor ed lee announced the expansion of quality child care services for homeless families in the city. the mayor told me about the plan earlier this week. he said just more than $2 million will be invested in providing child care services for 140 homeless children under the age of 5. with that funding the children will receive continuity of quality care. san francisco's mayor ed lee also says the city plans to spend $44 million to build affordable housing for teachers. many teachers have been priced out of the city. the mayor announced 135 affordable housing units will be built for middle income teachers at the site of the former francis scott key elementary school. the project and the site still have to be approved. once the details are finalized it could take four years before teachers can actually move in.
12:33 pm
governor jerry brown's state budget includes withholding $50 million from the university of california. an audit found the uc system was hiding millions in reserve accounts. governor brown will release the money when uc complies with the audit. the state legislature has until june 15th to approve the budget. starting this fall public schools in san francisco will begin asking parents to pay for after school programs that are usually free. this comes after the san francisco unified school district lost $3 million federal grant. the money helped pay for the afterschool programs at 35 different schools in the city. but now it will be parents who will have to pick up the tab. >> it's a little disconcerting what that's going to mean to us and to other families that are already just trying to make it in san francisco. >> families will have to pay anywhere between 50 to $500 to enroll in these after school programs. students at the have lowest economic levels will not have to pay. back now to our top story. the death of an offduty alameda
12:34 pm
county sheriff's deputy killed this morning when his volkswagen was struck by a bus on interstate 580 eastbound. he was the only person in the car. the bus was carrying 55 tesla employees. one person on the bus was treated for a minor injury. at this point 580 eastbound is extremely backed up. well into livermore and beyond. a lot of traffic there. we have a reporter at the chp office in dublin. that's where we're expecting to get an update on what happened this morning. we'll bring it to you live during the course of this newscast. we will bring it to you on ktvu plus live if it happens after 1:00. transportation officials are going door to door in the south bay today sending out an important safety warning about bart's silicon valley extension. trains aren't running on the line just yet. the tracks are now energized with about 1000-volts of electricity and they pose a serious threat. the ten mile stretch of track
12:35 pm
runs between interstate 680 and 880. >> our team is going to be going into the neighborhood to try to contact tens of thousands of people to let them know. residents, businesses, schools, to let people know to take this seriously and not go near the tracks. >> there is fencing up and warning signs around the stretch of track, officials are worried about people trespassing. officials are bart are trying to help a growing number of homeless people at bart stations. according to the san francisco chronicle, bart is working with social services agencies to help find shelter for the homeless people who sleep and panhandle. the ridership is down on the bart system and that bart has been getting more and more complaints about people panhandling, use canning drugs in the open and dirty stations in general. the agency says it plans to add more staff to clean stations. specifically in downtown san francisco.
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a dispute yesterday at a food truck led to a freeway shooting where two men were wounded. happened in the southbound lanes of highway 101 near west side road. investigators say the men had stopped at a food truck parked just off the highway. there was an argument of sorts with another person at that food truck. chp says the two men went back into their honda accord and drove southbound. a short time later a truck pulled alongside their car. >> an unknown vehicle pulled alongside. began firing at the driver's side of the victim's car. both the victim and the male passenger were hit. he was able to pull to the right shoulder and stop. >> driver and the passenger inside the honda accord are in serious condition at a southbound a rock cafe -- santa rosa hospital. the hospital was lockdowned but authorities refused to disclose why. investigators say so far they do not have a description of that suspect's truck.
12:37 pm
let's turn to the investigation into the mysterious death of a 20-year- old college student. the coroner completed an autopsy but is refusing to reveal any information about the exam. officials are awaiting the results of toxicology tests. disappeared six weeks ago. her truck and cell phone were found in an orchard days later. her body was just recently found in the feather river. investigators won't say how she died. ktvu has learned a group of students has been suspended in connection to a racist and antisemetic incident targeting students in the piedmont unified school district. the incidents include using the n-word and salutes. some students at piedmont say they were also physically shoved and pushed. police say it is conducting a full investigation. >> we're in the process of reaching out and interviewing students. we've also been briefed on the interviews that the school district has conducted.
12:38 pm
and been made privy to those, the content of those interviews. and we'll obviously be using those as a basis to move forward with our own investigation. >> on monday school administrators held auntly about the dangers of hate speech. the school district issued a statement saying piedmont unified has no tolerance for big tri. the oakland unified school district's new superintendent is speaking out about her priorities. >> we have to make tough decisions. we are employing our value of keeping students first and keeping cuts away from schools. >> the new superintendent took time to read to students at hover elementary. on wednesday the school board picked her to become the new superintendent. she's worked with the district for 18 years. she is scheduled to start as superintendent on july 1st. looks like your pg&e rates are going up again. voted to increase gas and electric bills by 1% this year.
12:39 pm
it averages out to about $1.65 per customer. all that money will be used to upgrade infrastructure at various sites. additional rate hikes are scheduled for 2018 and 2019. oakland international airport is offering five days of free parking for people traving to europe. five days of parking at the airport costs about $120 usually. people who want to park for free have to down load a coupon. the offer starts may 29th and lasts until august 15th. last night federal officials gave final approval for a countywide quiet zone along the smart train. the trains will only be allowed to blow their horns in some areas if there is an emergency. also today trains are going through a dry run of the smart schedule. they'll be simulating passenger service for the next two weeks. running 30 trains a day. if all goes well, train service
12:40 pm
will begin next month. looks like the raiders will be staying in oakland for now. up next, the new timeline when it comes to the team leaving the bay area and taking over las vegas. >> let's take a peek outside. show you the conditions. you can tell by the branch in the top left a little breezy today. we'll talk about the temperatures and whether they are headed up or down. [ whistles ] internet speeds 20x faster. at&t fiber sounds amazing. wait a sec, i'm not done yet. less than 12% of at&t homes actually qualify. huh... hold on. everyone else gets our other, slower internet speeds. but no one reads this stuff anyway. except for the old guy with the binoculars. huh... we got ourselves a reader. don't be fooled by at&t. xfinity delivers the fastest speeds to the most homes. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids
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12:43 pm
day. the 18-year-old comes from a broken home and has struggled with homeless now. >> now he's been accepted into his dream college. his dream job is to work for facebook. how he's beating the odds. >> here at leadership public school, this group is finalizing graduation plans for one student getting to this point hasn't been easy. >> times where i was by myself. just felt so much easier just to give up. >> at a young age valentino khaksarian was put in foster care. in his teens he was reunited with his mother, only to become homeless. >> this is where i slept. just kind of -- i remember because it was a big red tent. >> valentino showed us where he slept behind san jose city hall. his brother became involved in gangs valentino found a home living with friends. >> a lot of people had doubts just because they thought i was
12:44 pm
going to end up like my mom and brother. just i guess runs in the genes. i didn't want to be like that. >> his teachers encouraged him to apply to ithaca college in new york. he didn't think he had a chance until he got this acceptance letter. >> started jumping. oh my god, you know. amazing. >> a proud moment for him and his teachers. >> it's his ticket. it's his ticket, it's his proof, it's his justification. it means everything that he's gone through is worth it. >> valentino is now facing a new hurdle. even with student loans scholarships and grants he estimates he will still need techs of thousands of dollars to atepid college. with no parent loans to help fill the gap. >> aisle currently a high school principal and i'm writing for a bit of help. >> his school family is stepping up to raise money. uplifting for valentino,
12:45 pm
determined to prove life's circumstances won't define him. >> it's important for people to know that you can't give up on something just because someone says you can't do it. you have to keep trying.. well we got a big holiday weekend for all the moms. hopefully you can produce on sunday; right? >> it's not going to be too bad. you may need an extra layer or two. maybe a light jacket if you're easy to chill. but all in all, a good looking forecast. take a look at this good looking day shaping up. it's a pretty looking day. once you get out there, especially you have that breeze. it could be a little chilly. and that's how we are just going to remain as we roll through. today, tomorrow and the next day. this pattern in place. we have this trough and system right off the coast of areas near washington and oregon. you can see even the pacific northwest picking up on shower
12:46 pm
activity north corner of california here. the sierra will get in on the possibility of scattered showers on the back end of the weekend. i'll show you that in a moment. for us it's going to be a mix of sun and clouds. it's going to be cool for this time of year. today, tomorrow and for mother's day as well. the sun and clouds coming and going for your friday. breezy for many. windy along the coastline today as well. we'll check in on the winds. right now napa reporting 18 miles per hour and gusting to 25. santa rosa, gusting to 22. a very breezy, windy day over portions of the north bay. at least at this hour. oakland is sustained at 16. concord is sustained at 12. if we go to the south a bit, we have san jose gusting to 20. so again, just the take away here is dry weather for the bay area. may need a jacket to keep you warm. rain remaining to the north of
12:47 pm
us. into saturday, more of the same. we have the rain that sticks to the north of us. into sunday, we remain with the possibility. picking up on moisture in here. higher elevation showers a possibility. for tahoe, you're going to be in tahoe it's going to be cool. there will be the possibility of a rain-snow mix on sunday. here's a look at the numbers for you tomorrow. under mostly sunny skies. it is going to be cold, even below freezing to start the day. mid to upper 40s in the forecast for the afternoon. just thinking about camping, be prepared. it is going to be a chilly one. temperatures outside right now in san francisco, upper 50s. mid60s oakland. mid60s cop cord. south bay locations, low 60s for soon jose. along the peninsula, 65 in belmont. shift to the inner east bay. we had a little bit of warming there. 65 in alamo. afternoon highs for today, mid60s to near 60 degrees in spots. some of the warmer areas. 70 for santa rosa.
12:48 pm
66 expected san rafel. upper 60s, low 70s expected for the inner east bay. along the east bay shoreline, mid60s today. there's a look at your extended forecast. those numbers don't change a whole lot. going to be tough to budge any of those numbers as we get into saturday and sunday. low 60s at the coast. mid60s around the bay. upper 60s inland. temperatures warm just slightly on monday. then cool way back down into tuesday. >> we'll keep the jacket handy. looks good. thanks. >> you got it. how about some hoop. nba western conference finals will finely are all set up. the warriors will play the spurs after the spurs blew out the rockets last night in game six. they won by 39 points to take the series 4-2. meanwhile the w's are well rested -- [ overlapping speakers ] -- they
12:49 pm
have played eight games. they won them all. the spurs will be a much more competitive opponent. all kicks off this weekend. game one of the western conference finals. sunday, 12:30. the perfect thing to do on mother's day. >> just what i was thinking. >> that'll be at oracle arena. go check it out. the raiders move to las vegas could be delayed until 2021. the issue is over a lease agreement for their new stadium. nfl league owners meet later this month. if a lease agreement is not presented there's a possibility the team's move to las vegas could be pushed until the 2021 season. nfl owners will meet in chicago on may 22nd. if they don't approve then, they'll have to wait until october. oakland a's have announced a new way for fans to get tickets. it is outstanding. it's called ballpark pass.
12:50 pm
it's a monthly ticket subscription. fans get to go to as many home games as they want for just $19.99 a month. >> what? that's awesome. >> yeah, it's incredible. users need to download the mlb ballpark app and choose the games they'd like to go to. a bar code will be sent as a ticket for the game. a's fans can start using the monthly pass for june games. how about that. cincinnati reds are proving to be a big pain in the neck for the giants after sweeping the giants last weekend. the reds beat the giants last night. it was close. but they win it 3-2. received a big ovation. willie turned 86 last saturday. denard span returning from the disabled list with hits. a go ahead run to the top of the eighth. two teams play again tonight. the a's are on the road in texas. one of the greatest to ever play the game. he never received this honor.
12:51 pm
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just minutes from now you can get a free cup of pete's coffee. giving away any hot or cold drink of any size to help celebrate the start of summer
12:54 pm
cold brew coffee season. pete's will be offering a buy one get one free deal between 1:00 and 3:00 every friday afternoon through the end of august. >> warning, their cold brew, powerful. >> i'll keep it in mind. forbes has come out with a new list of american best employers. costco was ranked the best company to work for. forbes teamed up to interview 30,000 workers. the head employees rate their company based on working conditions, atmosphere. here are some of the bay area companies on the list. google comes in at number two. facebook ranks number 13. jay z and tour promoter live nation have agreed to a ten year touring deal one day after appearing on its annual short list of hip hop's wealthiest artist. he signed the $200 million deal. it'll include worldwide touring, producing and keeps
12:55 pm
the rapper under contract until he's 57 years old. studio music has tailed off, he still tours frequently and has four shows scheduled for september. the ceo of a failed music festival in the caribbean reportedly told his employees they won't be paid. told employees of the fyre festival they could stay with the company and work without pay. the planned music festival turned out to be a huge disaster. participants expected lungly loxing, but when they arrived they found tents, cheese sandwiches and a total lack of security. many people took to social media voicing their disappointment and anger. super bowl champ quarterback tom brady has been selected to appear on the cover of the madden 2018 video game. revealing the cover this morning. brady has now won five super bowls, this is the first time he's gracing the madden cover. it's called the goat addition.
12:56 pm
standing for greatest of all time. the game hits stores on august 25th. brady's teammate rob gronkowski appeared last year. we are following developments from the alma month pass where all lanes of 580 eastbound should be open in about 20 minutes. >> quite a backup there. an offduty alameda deputy killed in a crash with a tesla shuttle bus. we're expecting a news conference where officials will update that situation. >> we hope you stay with us here on ktvu. we'll bring you -- we are down on the dow. back to the very sad story we've been covering for you throughout the morning since mornings on 2. 580 the eastbound lanes there are expected to open up in just minutes. we're expecting a news conference from the chp coming up in just minutes. we've decided to stay on ktvu plus and bring that to you live. >> i'll have that live for you
12:57 pm
coming up shortly, 1:00, shortly thereafter. whatever details we can send your way we will. >> thanks for joining us at noon. we'll see you back on ktvu plus in just minutes. ,,
12:58 pm
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