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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  June 2, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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to make it easier for wagons and buggies and street cars to go from downtown to the docks. six months after the ghost ship warehouse fire killed 36 people in oakland we will tell you how the victims families remembering their loved ones. >> the dove nation turning out this morning in jack london square to rehash last night's game. we will have game analysis comes up.
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>> temperature change, slightly cooler for some, livermoore and san jose down by four, we start out chillier but now that sun is shining we will rebound the a nice way the on shore breeze is with us although it is light. you can see fairfield at 15 miles per hour, oakland sustained at 12 and concord a south breeze at about 10. here a view from up above at the fog we don't to see around point ridge, pacifica half moon bay, waking up partly cloudy, and for your afternoon today, mostly sunny skies, at the coast we will go for partly cloudy sky, 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay, 80s for our inland city, here are the numbers for you. 85 today along the east bay shore, low 70s expected.
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81 for you and the north bay of santa rosa, you are going to see the a's later today: i have the weekend forecast coming up in just a little bit. meanwhile, we have you covered when it comes to traffic. good morning. >> good morning. right now we're looking at a commute where traffic going to be busy, but not stop and go at the mcarthur maize. in fact the whole trip from the bridge to maize hasn't looked too bad. it continues to be a nice drive here where the freeways meet. definitely lighter than usual and at the toll bridge plaza you can see the traffic is backed up all the way out to about the maize. this is a 15 to 20 minute delay, it is not unusual. traffic is move ago long okay on 880 northbound as you drive past the coliseum. we are looking at the south though we had a earlier crash southbound that didn't cause too much of a delay, the slow traffic is actually after the 280 interchange, getting out toward 880, 85 and it will 0 are a little lighter than usual. we're beginning to see slow
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traffic there: highway 17 is actually looking good from the santa cruz mountains into lass and they cleared the accident on northbound 101 near marsh but there's smiling everything delays on northbound 101, the lanes are open, if you don't want any delays at all, 280 is say good alternative route. 7:03. back to desk. >> we have breaking news in san francisco, homicide detectives are at a hotel in the russian hill neighborhood. these are live pictures, you are seeing this as we are. they're at the divine chief villa. now, so far, the police haven't told us what has happened out there. but they have sealed off entrance to building. there are several evidence markers on the ground. we're waiting to hear from police as to what happened, again, as you look at these picture, this is the still breaking storys in san francisco, in the russian hill area, outside of a hotel. we will get the information when we can and bring you an update ton breaking story in san francisco as soon as it
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becomes available. now just three win 50s way from take back the nba championship from the cavaliers. >> the lawyers beat the cavaliers 113-91 taking the first game of the nba final, they now have a perfect 13-0 postseason record, and they're a step closer to getting revenge on lebron james and the cavalier, we will go live here the oakland where the globe from last night's win is being felt there in jack london square, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. there are a lot of sleepy people this morning. at least i noosers because i stayed up later than i should have: a lot of the nation out here right now at jack london square. you can see they're actually working on the undisputed show on fs 1 so a lot of fans coming out here to go over the highlights and certainly the warrior fan versus a lot, they
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went back and forth with warriors fans to see how they felt versus some cavs fans about how they felt last night's game went. >> kevin was doing his thing. he's definitely important to our, what a difference maker and you they, curry putting up all of those points. it is really the way that the game is working together and playing this game. >> you can't give us lay ups. you can't just wills intensity. you can't not play defense. there's a subtle bias. i won't say which way i feel because i want to maintain my subjectivity. >> you have to keep them guessing it is a really exciting day out here. later on, the clearly a lot for the bay area sports fans to celebrate and we will continue
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to have coverage for you and of course we're still waiting on what's going to happen for sunday, hoping that it is a very similar result to last night's big game for the dove. >> absolutely. thank you, speaking of sunday, of course that is game two, it is at 5:00 at oracle arena. games three and four shift to cleveland, ohio. that's next wednesday and friday night. game five is necessary would return here to oakland. >> our time is now 7:06. in other news this morn, today marks six months since the deadly ghostship warehouse fire where 36 people were killed. it has been called it deadliest fire in california in more than a hundred years some far 30 family versus join a lawsuit against several parties including the warehouse owner, the building manager, pg&e and the city of oakland. sue is part of that lawsuit. her 32-year-old daughter, donna kellogg died in that fire. donna's death, i just do not want to feel like it was in
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vain. there those be a certain amount of accountability. >> and when it comes to a leadership level, you know, we just didn't do enough to deal with properties like this one. >> now, oakland city councilman, they represent the neighborhood at 31st avenue and international boulevard and say it is city is trying to make improvements. at the time of the fire, the fire department had only six code enforcement inspectors what are some of the changes you have in mind. >> i can tell you since that fire we have had a huge multidisciplinary team with outside expert, more than 20 people, and then several working groups that have spun off of that. everybody comes into my office every two week it is give me progress reports and we have
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gotten a lot done in these six months. obviously we have done the analysis as well as recognizing what funding streams we need to triple the number of fire inspectors. >> we're also going to use better technology. we have in different city department, not all of whom have the same expertise and we need data systems that allow us to share information seem leslie and in the field. and this will be cutting edge, but oaklanders deserve no less, especially after suffering through this tragedy. >> does this come from the fact that city records show a number of people from different city departments visited the ghost ship site before that deadly fire, but it seems no one was telling the other person in other department, hey you need to check up on this, this is what i saw in my work, let's say as a fire fight. this a problem that exists throughout government. there are different expertises and different parts of government. but we actually are bringing
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forward the report gets published today, a request to purchase one of the data base systems, it is open source, and it allows different departments to all be on a single platform. we also have submitted a grant request to foe ma, that would allow us to give hand held devices to our fighters and so they're able, on the spot to refer something that they see that is troubling, to the prevention bureau so they can initiate an immediate investigation. >> are you getting a lot more response from your residents saying i live in a building that looks and feels an awful lot like that and i am scareed it say something because i don't have anywhere else to go. >> absolutely the cost of living in bay area is causing so in problems, and one of them, is that it is driving people to live in unsafe conditions. and that is another piece of the puzzle, and part of what these working groups are doing and belief me we have the artists community right there with us. because sometimes our laws which are intended to make
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people safer are actually making them less safe because people are just going underground, living in unsafe conditions, clearly that's what was happening at the ghostship warehouse where they tried very hard to evade government notice. so we are looking at how we can change some of our law, some of the processs to help people come into the light, to help make them safer. >> sounds like major changes. talk briefly, if you can talk about the approximation of fire chief of oakland, where that stands and also how this is personally changed you. >> well, any mayor has to hold the pain of your community and that was a tremendous amount of pain. i think i owe it to those familys to work everyday to make sure nothing like this happens again, not just in oakland but in any city in
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america. and so we have not forgotten, we are working every single week on this issue. we want to be the model for the country. we want this to be a hugelessson to everyone about how we can with improve our systems and make people safer. >> finally i have to mention, we had councilman noah guy who -- a number of times even after the tragedy and he said repeatedly the city droped it ball in a number of ways. do you agree with that. >> our records show what they show. councilmen guyo has said a lot of things that i have questioned about because they're sometimes ininconsistent with the records. i recognize this a very emotional issue, and people are going to say a lot of things right now. and it is our job as leads to feel that emotion, listen to it, but not just yell, to actually make real changes and you asked about the fire.
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yeah,. >> that recruitment is open. we have done more than half a dozen community meeting it is make sure that people feel heard about what they want in this next chief particularly at this moment of grieving in our city. that recruitment is active. we have a national search going and the application period closes in about a month. >> okay. oakland mayor libby shaft. thank you for coming in. >> appreciate it. >> time is 7:12 the street flooded in belmont, what forced a force of homes to -- forced a number of homes to be evacuated. plus president trump announce that had the united states is pulling out of the climb change agreement. we will tell you about about the potential impact coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 7:14. new developments this morning
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after 36 people were killed yesterday in a robbery and fire at a resort. these two photo versus just been released of the alleged gunman in the attack. he reportedly stormed it resorts world complex, with an assault rifle and said gaming tables on -- set gaming tables on fire. more than 70 people were hurt. most of the victims died from smoke inhalation. one person died of an apparent heart attack during the evacuation the gunman committed suicide in one of the hotel rooms setting himself on fire. officials found more than $2 million worth of stolen casino chips in his backpack. a new report says that two more in pa high school student versus had their expulsions overturned after being accused of being in a football hazing scandal. the in pa county board of education made the decision site progress seed yule errors in the dollarsalling of the expulsion. they're the executive director third to win their appeal. at least five plays were
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expelled over accusations of grabbing freshman teammates inappropriately last fall. reaction continues to come in following the -- to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate. world leads are have criticized the president for pulling out of the agreement in 2015. president trump said the deal wasn't fair to the united states. he says he's willing to renegotiate a better deal. here in bay area, protesters took to streets with passing cars honking cars in support. governor brown called it action quote insane and said the president's claims that clean energy is a -- is just wrong. ong. . >> our economy growing much faster than the national average. so we are doing what president trump says that is impossible. we are observing the paris agreement or its equivalent and creating job. >> today governor brown heads to china to promote the energy pollties at global energy minister. >> the time is 7:17.
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sal is right other there but you are watching our commute on a friday morning, how does it look. >> it looks okay. you know it looks lighter than usual, dave on some commute sos if you have been waiting for friday light i would say it is not completely light, put it is not bad. >> let's go to the freeway. -u see the traffic here, the bridge, from the car key ins bridge to the mcarthur does not look bad. it looks pretty good driving through 25 minutes for this time of the morning is definitely light than usual. you will see slow traffic in the area, and we're look at south bay because that seems to be one of the busiest areas of the bay, when it comes to she traffic, northbound 101, 85 and 280 getting slower, filling in and you can see on the east bay it is slow. highway 4, highway 4 does have slow traffic, so if you are driving from ant i don't care to concord you will have to deal with slow traffic, a couple of earlier crashes here,
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680 looks better to walnut creek. today's weather looks good. let's bring in rosemary. >> all smiles about it. if you are getting on to roadway, consider the shade, you can have the sunlight at least if you are driving a certain direction as we know. giving you a view here at the water vapor, all the pretty colors indicating the at moss fear and the circulation going on. here the bridge ridge. that is strengthening over bay area for your weekend. today, likely is the warmest day of the next few days but if in any case, we only have settle changes for saturday and sunday. i will show you that in the extended forecast. let's check on your current n 54 san francisco right now, 53 at half moon bay. we have some fog along the coastline, pacifica, half moon bay, and this is expected it burn away. we will be mud for the afternoon, and along the coast. mostly sunny elsewhere, temperatures along the east bay, upper 50s to start your morning and where we have the sunshine in brentwood. it is 61. so for the san francisco forecast today, waking up a little fog out there, partly
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cloudy skies, by noontime, low 60s in the forecast, perhaps mid 60s for some neighborhood into the afternoon, san francisco expected to top out about 68 with mostly sunny sky, starting in north bay we will look at sa know ma, 81 for you today and closer to the water, 69 tosh the coast we go, we have 62, and the east bay going to be nice and mild, upper 60s to low 70s expected for you here. 72 for heyward, the inland east bay. 85 in livermoore, south bay looking just as nice. upper 70s san jose today, it looks like a beautiful 80 with sunny skies for you there. santa cruz a great place to be with partly cloudy skies, 74 the afternoon high for today, 80 in woodside, 71 for you, soon mateo and along the coastline, half moon bay, low to mid 60s for your afternoon, if you are going to see the a's play it is a beautiful evening, about 7:00, 64 that west breeze about 10 miles per hour,
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continuing to cool as weigert the evening hours. so, maybe bring along a jacket, two extra layers for the little once. here a look at the forecast, as we get into your bay area weekend. we will remain with low 60s at the coast, upper 60s low 70s around the bay and low 80s expected inland, before we see a rebound in those numbers, we get back to work on monday, and the heat is on. upper 80s to near 90 expected on monday and tuesday, we are talking a little earlier about this is high school graduation time. >> yes. >> a lot of people are getting out. we will look at the inland communities where it is going be a little toasty. >> that's what you have to -- >> it is more of a jog or a walk these days. >> my image of my own high school graduation in liver moore, everybody in audience standing themselves. >> yes, graduation. >> right. >> okay. >> all right. >> thank you. >> time is 7:20. could this be a good sign for the job market? up next, back in studio to explain more of what latest jobs report is revealing in today's money business report.
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album songs. we've had a lieutenant of requests. this one took off unexpectedly. if there's a special you want to hear, let us know: i will play requests every friday morning. united states the #ktvu on twitter, instragram. >> a much different picture released in morning, also there's an important recall, toyota owners need to know about: we are back with the money business. >> yes, good morning again the labor department monthly employment report came in at 5:30 this morning and that was good as economies were expecting the economy added 138,000 jobs in may. less than expected, and added in april, and disappointing,.
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>> on the news, lulu. >> and the money here, that's the middle of not a lot. up 20 -- up to 66, and 36,000, tacoma pickup trucks, and -- for the 2016, next month toyota
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thank you. >> easing traffic on highway 87. there's a thank you study to take place, and . >> a water main break in belmont downhill into the back on several homes and coming up with theres now for several homeowners.
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>> good morning, and rosemary is right over here with the forecast. >> yes, thegif, and we are looking rats some nicethrough the -- plans depending on what you look. over our hills and here is say beautiful week. 57 for you and temperatures are -- san jose, and it is coming down with cloud cover and down by 2 in oakland which -- the sun is shining and they're
7:31 am
hugging the coastline because the moon bay, looks like we're partly cloudy to mostly clear, santa cruz, and covered in cloud cover this morning, as we get into this afternoon, it is going to be a little bit of passing will be rebounding. 60s at the coast, a lot of 70s around the bay, and our inland communities shaded in orange will hit the 80s. mid 80s expected for the hotter spots today. if you are going to central valley you have that shade of red indicating 90s. afternoon highs starting at the coast, 64 pacifica. 64 san francisco, we will go 71 at oakland, 84 for concord and 85 in ant i don't care. temperatures will cool slightly into the bay area and shouldn't be a big deal. i will have a look at the numbers coming up for you in just a little bit. at 7:31 lest jump into the highway. >> good morning to you: right now traffic going to be busy at the bay bridge toll plaza.
7:32 am
we've had some waiting to do am though it is getting better. as i said last time maybe you weren't with me the reason i know it is a better commute than normal is the ramp here, you can see 880 ramp is pretty clear, and also, the car pool lane so these ramps are the first to get clear, usually when we have a bad day, you see those ramps are just jam packed. it is about a 10 to 15 minute delay, there's slow traffic here on northbound 880, northbound 880 this is tennessee right. this is northbound 880 traffic is move ago long relatively well, for this time of the morning, i should say and we have got slot through it as you normally do. highway 40 is still slow. we have earlier problems on the willow pass grade, that were on the shoulder, they're not on the shoulder but it is still slow in that area, the south bay commute is getting a little more filled in if you drive there everyday they're going to notice it is better than norm example the peninsula has cleared up after an earlier scent in menlow park. this say live look at downtown and you can see both directions looking good.
7:33 am
7:32. let's go back to the desk. >> the water main break in belmont could mean trouble for one home the break on -- avenue but it is sending water down the hill. the rush of water caused four homeowners to evacuate this morning. we spoke with fire crews and they tell you how bad the damage is or if they're trying to find that out as well themselves. >> reporter: on the water ways finally shut off after about two hours after sending water, and mud down this hill. it started up above, and these homes up here, these are the ones that are most affected. they voluntary manslaughter mud flow behind their homes and we're told that geologist and an arborist now need to come out because a lot of that water does also, might have compromiseed it soil behind their homes. so, homeowners worktop a very loud, thehud, series of thuds and feared an earthquake was exampling until they saw the rushing water on the sides of
7:34 am
their houses. belmont fire says a water main break is pushing water underneath senting it down the hill into the homes on soon juan boulevard. four homeowners were advise today evacuate as they try today shut off the easement line. >> obviously, this big enough for our foundation, and we just hope they turn it off soon because you know, i don't know what's going to be left of it by the time it is done. >> it is finally stopped after two hours. we overheard emergency workers say that they suspect two to 5,000-gallons of water a minute were coming down the hill the familys in two homes on soon juan boulevard evacuated fearing they could be come for mizeed by the water flowing through. they found water hitting the back of their homes this morn, mud reached the windows of one house, and the back.
7:35 am
>> the good news is we're told that the water line was shut off. it was just an easement line, not main water line and that the homeowners are only told to self evacuate if they wanted to, it is advised that this -- if you come out here n yellow home here, they have a lot of mud in the backyard, so there's emergency crews were telling them to just stay off of this backyard for now, and again, with the some of the problems that could come up, it is the trees in back that they're worried about over here, and then one house up above the driveway kind of sits like a bridge so they're worried about that being compromised so they're going to have a geologist come out. they're having emergency crews up top as well, trying to lock and see about that retention wall to see if that is going to be able to hold and homeowners be able to come back in safely. >> all right. lee martinez, thank you. time is now 7:35. new morning, oakland police are investigating a shooting around
7:36 am
2:00 this morning that may have led to a crash. it happened near 84th avenue and international boulevard. a witness says shots may have been fired at a car. we found a white chevy suv that had crashed into a tree in that area. we don't know yet if anyone was hurt or if any arrests have been made. meantime, police in berkeley are asking for your help now, to find a woman with down syndrome, who has been missing now for almost 12 years. >> in september of 2005, heather blew was 29 years old, she was visiting her sister on parker street in berkeley, when she went missing. her family says she can't speak but does know some sign language. you are look at an age progressed drawing of what it is believed heather would look like now at the age of 40. if you have any information, call berkeley police. new document versus been released in the deadly balcony
7:37 am
collapse in berkeley twoiers ago. when it gave way june 16 of 2015. the state has released a 145 page document showing the material hearsay failures. the report comes just one month after the state revokeed it license of the contractor who built the apartment complex with the collapse happened. >> according to east bay times the report show it is contractor ideased cheaper and weaker materials than what was required. the report claims that moisture got into the materials because it was not installed properly. to south bay where three jail guards were found guilty in beating death of an inmate in 2015. the deputies were convicted of second degree murder in death of michael, theyree. he was found severely beaten inside this cell in main jail in august of 2015. he was being held in jail while he wait today be sent to a mental health facility the jury's decision follows a two month long trial. >> with the careful consideration and just verdict, they treated michaeltyree as a man of value, a person with
7:38 am
strengths and problems and rights and dignity and a family who loved him. >> the deputies now face 15 years to life in prison. they expect to be sentenceed in september. time is now 7:38 a church pastor was arrested accused of sexually assaulted both adults and children. 47-year-old victor gomez is a pastor at -- church. he was arrested yesterday several people claimed that gomez abused them. he was bocked on chargesover sexual assault. the police are asking any additional victims to please come forward. the plan to decree kuwait flex lanes on highway 78 is one step closer to moving forward. according to the news the santa clara valley and santa city leads are have -- santa fe city leaders, will focus on traffic congestion between highways 58 and 101, that had
7:39 am
traffic jams there. the study expect today be complete by the end of the year. the state senate voted to it would replace government funded health care for everyone in state. it would cost about $400 million a year, and it could lead to huge tax hikes the bill now heads to state assembly. >> a new poll shows a lot of support for single payer health care system here in california if the plan doesn't require new taxes. >> the public policy institute of california found 65% of people support the idea but that number dropped to 42% if the taxes are require today pay for it. >> the time is now 7:39. second hand smoke can cause problems but researchers are looking at whether third hand smoke can cause health problems for people nearby. s that residue left in your clothing, on your furniture, in your carpet. now, researchers at berkeley are studying the effects on mice especially those that are
7:40 am
three weeks old or younger. they found that third hand smoke affects the body weight and imhun system and that infants and today ellers could be -- toddlers could be getting exposed the most. >> they play with toys that lay on carpet. they are much more hand to mouth action than most adults do. to exposure levels could be significantly higher in that age group. >> they're saying researchers want more studies, and possibly even human studies may be conducted. time is 7:40. it is a 13th straight win for golden state warrior, still counting. >> yeah right. >> how fans and players reacting and what's next as they head into game two. >> but first a big come by festival rolling into san francisco today, up next, the exert at that security measures you will face if you are planning to go to this big event. >> we are looking at traffic that is a little bit slow on highway 24 in lafayette, but
7:41 am
once you pass the bart station, it gets better, on the way to oakland. fair weather in forecast for your bay area friday. we will check in on your current condition, show you what you can expect on your weekend coming up.
7:42 am
7:43 am
terror tacks including one in manchester, security event across the country is being beefed up. that includes a big comedy festival taking over civic center plaza starting today. christina shows us the security enoughs that are being put san bernadino place. >> given san francisco's rich history of comedy, it was a no brainer for comedy central's
7:44 am
transformed civic seconder plaza into the first ever cluster fest. >> we saw it as a real opportunity for us to connect directly with our fans and really provide something for people that doesn't exist anywhere. >> it will be an immersive experience with fan can say check out fans from south park, -- fans can check out fans from south park or hang out on a replica set of jerry seinfield, more than 20,000 people are expected to attend the comedy festival. >> this a modest operation, and parents to outside listen. >> allen scott says the event will be staffed by three private security companys and san francisco police. they will have supplemental patrols in a police presence around civic sent. >> we have -- there are fences, but yes we do have laws for when people come in. we have security. we have san francisco pd who will be here all weekend. it is our top priority, that this is the event. >> 70 comedians and musicians will perform from big stars to
7:45 am
up and comers. the head liners include kevin heart on friday, bill on saturday and jerry sienfeld on sunday. >> we have put a lot in place and we feel excited about it. of course we can't predict the future. we don't know how it will go, but ticket sale versus been great and we feel like people are going be really blown away fbi experience. >> reporting there. here is a good look at the closures you node to know about. growth street is closed between larkin and polk. fulton street is closed between larkin and hide. police are encouraging attendees to take public transit, expect delays and actually going to a matinee just behind city hall at 2:00 on sunday and the organization is sending out an e-mail saying this is happening. keep it in mind. getting around and that can be a tough area to get around to begin with without cluster fest happening; right. >> got you. >> that's like going wine
7:46 am
tasting when they have nascar at sa know ma. >> i -- sanoma. >> i did not know. >> that's okay. you can take bart l. are in options without having to drive the car. you will be okay. i was just trying to mess with you a little bit. i am sure you will be fine. let's take a look at the east shore freeway. westbound 80 from the -- bridge to the mcarthur maize, it looks good. 30 minutes to drive this stretch is not bad. yes, you will see some slowing, especially in richmonday and -- but by the time you get here to oakland it looks good around the corner. no major problems, the bay bridge continues to be rather light for this time of morning. there say waiting to do, maybe about a 5 to 10 minute delay, but the traffic is looking good, and if you are coming in on 880 ramp, look at that. there's almost no one on the ramp and that's one of my favorite approachs to bay bridge because i use fast track and you can get through without stopping. there goes the train. traffic is looking good, in san jose on northbound 280, getting
7:47 am
up to highway 17. things are getting lighter now coming up next time, we will show you interstate 880 driving the next traffic update. right now, let's talk about nice weekend weather. >> we have gorgeous weather coming our way. a little cool up the coast, at least for some portions and warm inland, it will range from the low 60s to low to mid 80s for today. here a view, from san francisco across the bay waking up with a little fog out there this morning, you can see some clouds over east bay hills and up against the coastline this morning we have pretty good fog in areas around pacifica and half moon bay. there's a look at the ridge in place, that graphic shows you the circulation in at moss fear and it is right about in -- atmosphere and it is right around about in here. we have a breeze in store for today and the on shore breeze through areas like fearfield, not so strong, at least not as strong as it was earlier in week and there's an indicator there that we will be warming it up at least in especially for our inland city, oakland
7:48 am
does have a sustained wind at about 12 as well. take a look at the numbers, half moon bay, mostly cloudy and 53. partly cloudy to mostly clear in san francisco, 56. upper 50s in oakland, 67 already outside of your door brentwood, so with the sunshine for the community, temperatures are beginning to sort. there's a look at the afternoon highs expected for the inland community, we will go 83 santa rosa and closer to the water, upper 60s low 70s,ty ron, the east bay shoreline, 70 for under today, 84 inland, 85 one of the warmer spots in ant i don't care. 89 san jose, -- antioch, and 89 san jose and the high for people already up and high spending their time there for weekend. upper 70s redwood city today, upper 60s in san francisco, and if you are going to tahoe for weekend, it is a beautiful one here as well. it is not as warm, but we look at some good weather in the
7:49 am
60s. mid 40s to start the morning, even low is 40s to a chilly start, but then into the afternoon, upper 60s today, mid 60s tomorrow, low 60s expected by sunday and sunday looks like it could be a little breezy as well. >> a look at the extended forecast, bringing it back to home, we have got temperatures that will range in the low 60s, areas like pacifica, half moon bay, if you going to be spending your time around the bay, upper 60s low 70s if you going to be inlistened, it is warm but not too hot. low 80s expected on saturday as well as sunday. but the heat will be on as we get book work on monday at least for inland where it will get a little closer to the 90- degree mark. it will be in the upper 80s monday is tuesday. >> i love the fact that our office has ac. we don't have it at home. >> yeah. >> when the forecast lines up like that, i am okay. >> yeah. >> all right, rosemary. >> time is 7:49. something new, it is wild fire season. coming up at 8:00, the reason fire fighters say this could have life-saving results. >> also, president trump turns
7:50 am
to the supreme court to revive his travel ban. the reason he says it is important for public safety. afety. maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx but the way we watch it is not. so, let's do something else. like what? like, watch tv wherever. what's that supposed to mean? it means, anywhere. in a car? yep. oof. but not like that. like this. oooh, family boat trip! yeah. and check this, record as many shows as you want. what? what? i just got chills. i know! tv, like, made for us. finally! finally. yeah. finally. ♪ wait, that's way cheaper than cable.
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♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. visit your volvo dealer to take advantage of our midsommar sales event offer.
7:52 am
7:53 am
>> lonely part hearts club band. the album is 50 years old, dave. >> that's wild. people are still talking about the motivation for that title. >> this one a lot of people thought it was about lsd but the beetles say it is about sun. >> that's right. >> that's what paul says. that's his story and he's sticking to it. thank you for requesting that. sen us your request. use the # ktvu on facebook, instragram or twitter. >> the trump administration has asked the supreme court to immediately reinstate the ban or the two federal court versus blocked the executive order saying it was discriminatory. last night, the justice department said the issue is one of public safety. >> the fact that that in those countries we have very little ability to actually verify, vet the people coming out of those
7:54 am
countries. >> the u.s. justice department argues that the lower cord made a number of mistakes including relying on statements made during the campaign. >> our time is 7:54. the first diversity report from lyft shows the head quarters are mostly white and mostly male. the ride sharing company publicked the report saying -- published it report saying 19% is asian, 7% latino, 6% african american and 1% native american. lyft pledge today do more to atract drivers from underrepresented groups. they also want to provide an environment where they feel welcome. lyft driver who is are independent contractors were not includeed in that report. the mayor of san jose hopes to turn part of the city into the real world laboratory for developing driverless cars. he has been in talks for months
7:55 am
with -- he wants several section of san jose to be used to test those vehicles. now the areas would include the corridor linking the train station with san jose international airport, and stevens creek boulevard from value low fair mall to downtown san jose. >> in those conversations we're hoping that we will be able to carve out one or more tests, demonstration platforms for the industry and for the city. >> we need to continue for technology to progress, and that's going to take some courage on the part of the cities that are willing to open their streets. we're willing to step up. >> the city is going to restrew information from the companies after next month. the idea to develop one, maybe two projects for them to place by the fall. a 12-year-old from fresno has won the 930th annual scipps annual spelling bee. >> knows what it means.
7:56 am
>> rocan. >> that is correct. >> congratulations. >> 11. by correctly spelling the word that i had to look up. >> me too. >> it is foreign to me but it is a crate fabric made of silk, wool or rayon. the sixth grader takes home more than $40,000. last night's bee the first time since 2013 a single champion was declared. for three consecutive years it has ended in a tie. >> >> california is closer to doing away with daylight savings time. they passed a bill to end the twice a year clock changing. if passed it would repeal the 67-year-old daylight savings time act. law makers would have to decide whether to keep the state on standard time or daylight saving time around the year. the bill now moves on to state senate for consideration there. now, we ask the question of the day to you: do you think state law makers should vote to get rid of daylight savings time? yes or no? let us know what you think.
7:57 am
vote on the ktvu twitter page or online. you can leave us comments on twitter or facebook. >> time is 7:57. it has been six months since the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. we will look at the changes made so far and where oakland goes from here. ere.
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> it seems like everyone is a member of the duck nation. we will show you which hip hop star is a big fan of the warriors. plus, six months after the ghostship warehouse fire killed 36 people in oakland, how the
8:00 am
victims families are remembering their loved ones. mornings on 2 continue. >> this the ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to you. happy friday. welcome back in her to mornings on 2. it is friday, the second of june. i'm alex in for mike. >> let's check over with rosemary. in for steve today. everybody maybe stayed up late watching the game. the gentlemen actually had a day off today. this is not just calling in sick buzz of a victory, not at all. but it is postwar i don't know win and it is friday. >> a good day to be off. >> a great day too be off. we have some good weather coming our way. outside the doors already beautiful in in spot, santa rosa rebounding nicely. they sank to about 48. now 57 outside your door. you have got to know the sun is shining there. san francisco is 56. 59 in oakland, upper 50s in livermore and san jose at 60. a gorgeous shot there of the
8:01 am
golden gate bridge, not long ago that was covered in fog so it is already beginning to clear back just some but we're seeing it along the coast with a clear start this morning a little cooler but areas like santa houghs again with the sunshining beginning to rebound and the temperatures are going up above yesterday's high for inland communities, along the coast around the bay, subtle changes expected for weekend. the on shore breeze is weak, fairfield reporting about 14 miles per hour, we know it takes about 30 miles per hour before it finally reaches inland so with that said, sunny sky, a warmer weather today, and the fog hanging on along the coastline, looks like about pacifica, you may begin to see that partly cloudy sky, and then we're mostly cloudy at half moon bay, santa cruz looks mostly clear but right about -- we have cloudy sky there is as weigert the afternoon temperature will remain on the mild side along the coast which is that little fog hanging just off the coastline around half moon bay. 16 at the coast, 70s around the bay, low to mid 80s inland.
8:02 am
a look at the highs for today and your bay area weekend coming up in just a moment at 8:01. 8:02 let's get on to the highways. >> i appreciate you being so precise, rosemary. it is not 8:01, it is 8:02. >> let's go to golden gate bridge. >> she's absolutely right. there was fog and now the fog is gone, and southbound 101 traffic is light, looking day here on the golden gate bridge and the traffic looks good into san francisco's marina district. also looking at the other bridges around the bay right now, in a look at the approach to bay bridge, mcarthur traffic looks light afternoon the corner to bay bridge toll plaza and that has cleared out. there's a small delay, but it is definitely a different day than it was monday through -- or tuesday through friday, really you can see how light looking at the commute on 880 northbound, it is a little slow. we had an earlier accident
8:03 am
reported northbound 880 near 980. it didn't turn out the be major but we do have some slowing getting and oakland out of -- through oakland until you get to about the brick wall near 29th. 803. let's go back to desk. >> thank you. one big one, just three more to go. the warriors captured game one of the nba finals. >> that's up, and down the bench. >> he goes and durant. >> kevin durarn spark window a flawless performance, eight rebounds, eight assists, a 28 points including six three, warriors fans that want to fix it but some are already thinking about a championship per -- i am not going say the word. >> we will go live to oakland. fans are still celebrating. maybe they will say the word. i am not going jinx it but i think you know event. >> don't say it. >> if you are even hinting at it makes me nervous. >> it is a prompter.
8:04 am
you are lucky i didn't read it. >> see, whoever put that in prompter, that's why you are the best in business. you are a heads up anchor. you have read exit said you call it add, i think it is called. you called it audible and said not going to go there. >> undisputed underway. it might be tough to see through crowd there but we have some big name fans here and you will never believe who it turns outs a member of the dove nation, none other than ice cube himself, the man hip hop legend, music icon, telling thus morning he was watching last night's game a little game announcement. -u see people lining up to take selfies with them. i will among them if i can, but we can grab him here. >> because of course, he did offer a little asignal sis last night on that game, and what -- analysis on that game last night and what i he thought. we're trying to get a little analysis from him right now because he's a major baskets
8:05 am
ball fan, a member of the nation. a big fan. so hey. >> just a moment ago, you were giving a little analysis on the ducks. what do you think. >> they're looking good. we communicate. tough be the favorite. so, you know, i expect them to win the series. >> that's third quarter though. >> third quarter. >> if i was a warriors fan i wouldn't feel comfortable at all until you win the fourth game. >> it was looking good last year. >> last year it broke my heart. >> it surprised the out of me. >> , you know, let's see this year hopefully they got you will of the hatches battons down and they're ready play. >> what our nation really facing and if you just talk about that for a moment again
8:06 am
s. that lebron a victim of racism. >> yeah, without a doubt. it just reminds us if it can happen to lebron it can happen to any ofs and we have to stomp it out, you know, it is a cancer, that is eating not only america but the world. racism is a terrible thing that we have to cure. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> thank you again, to melissa our director will kill me if i don't ask you to give you a shout out. she's a big fan. we are all big fans. >> melissa. >> thank you very mump. >> so you heard fit cube himself, analysis on the game. amazing, let's hope they can get it done. that last season, heart break for me, for cube for everyone, so let's hope this season turns out different. >> we are all at twitter back here with melissa, nice job. a live interview with ice cube. i would say your work is done but we will bring you back throughout the morning here. have a good time out there.
8:07 am
>> nice work by christian. >> that was. >> i will have to mention here, not that we don't know but sunday night at 5:00 right here, game three and four and then to cleveland ohio next wednesday and friday night, game five if we need one brings it back to oakland. >> now, interim coach mike brown is undefeated so far in playoffs. there is speculation though that steve kurr could return for game two. espn reports this if he feels strong enough the next few days and there are no set backs he could be back. he was hoping to coach game one cut didn't feel well enough on wednesday, despite the lingering back problems he has been working with other coaches on the game plan against the cavaliers. remember you can get more coverage and you can stay on click the sports tab and find the top ten placits watch the game if you cannot get inside the arena. >> all right. following a developing story from san francisco, this morning, police have now confirmed there was an overnight homicide in the city's russian hill
8:08 am
neighborhood. authorities say about 2:15 this morning the victim and the suspects got into an argument which became physical. the victim -- injures during the fight. he was transport today hospital where he later died. police say this is an active investigation. no word yet on whether they have made any arrests. today marks six months since the devastating ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. we want to shoyu what the building looks like now. as you can see not much has changed. 36 people were killed in what was the deadliest fire in california in more than a hundred years. rob roses spoke to mother of one of the victims and the attorney representing dozens of families. >> she's beautiful, little red head. she always will be. >> donna, 32 years old was studying to be a -- when she went to the ghostship warehouse. she says her daughter also loved
8:09 am
music. she was dancing with the band. >> the fire broke out the most deadly in california since the 1906 earthquake. >> donna was one of 36 people who died in that fire, leaving 36 anguished families. >> i don't believe she vowel gone if she had known that it was so unsafe. >> her mother is one of 30 families that have joined in a lawsuit against among others the owner of ghostship, the building manager, pg&e and the city of oakland. mary alexander is the lead attorney. she hope it is lawsuit will bring changes nationwide. >> the most egregious part is that there without a permit, and without safety precaution,
8:10 am
good lighting and smoke detection the have this event and then people can't get out of a death trap, it is a conscious disregard of the safety of the public. >> donna's death, i just do not want to feel like it was in vain. there those be a certain amount of accountability. i remember getting the call. >> they represent this neighborhood at 31st avenue and international boulevard. he stood by the memorial at the warehouse, that has the names of victim. >> in terse of a leadership level, you know, there -- we didn't do enough to deal with properties like this one. >> but he say it is city has been making improvements the past six months. >> we're trying to take all the measures necessary by getting more people hired and more people -- >> at the time of the fire, the fire department had just six code enforcement inspectors,
8:11 am
the mayor is planning on tripling that over the next two years. >> it has changed six time. >> even time may not heal all that's broken. >> by telling the story, that alarms people enough to make a difference and again she hasn't died in vain. > >> we spoke with mayor's oakland to try to prevent another tragedy like the ghostship warehouse fire. >> we have had a huge multidisciplinary team with outside experpetrators, more than 20 people, and then several working groups that have spun off of that. everybody comes into my office and we have gotten a lot done in the six months. >> obviously we have done the
8:12 am
analysis, the city is looking at ways to triple the number of fire inspectors. she does technology will be critical in future, her administration wants data systems in which different department can say share information as well as provide information to crews because of course alex as you know from our extensive reporting in days after we learn that had in people for in different city department hearsay been to sites but there was no connecting of the dot. >> they weren't necessarily talking to each other, those different departments and nobody went inside that building for the very long time. >> right. >> we learned the mayor is hoping that will change. >> 8:12 is the time in this wering a street flooded in bellmont coming up at 8:30 look for several homes to be evacuate. >> president trump and the rose garden announces that united states is pulling out of the paris climate change agreement. >> i am doug in washington, we will have more about the potential impact just ahead.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> re, is pouring in following the decision to pull the united states out of the paris climate stucking with agreement would have hurt the u.s. economy, the president says. he reports on the fall out from washington. >> the president certainly kept the country in suspense on this, and there are some wild claims this morning on both sides about the potential impacts of this decision.
8:16 am
you have after a big build up, the president said she was sticking with the campaign pledge. >> the united states will withdraw from the paris climate accord. >> the move would free the night from compliance goals to reduce carbon emissions. critics of the paris accord which was signed by just about every nation on earth say it tilted it playing field against the united states in favor of other big emitters like china and india. >> toward, together not one step back. >> those who -- say it is -- >> from democrats in congress, musk quit a presidential advisory council in protest. his tesla requires on government subsidies. the president of france used some of the campaign rhetoric. >> make our planet great again. >> there was also reportedly a
8:17 am
split within the administration on this, but the president ultimately went with his base. >> i was elect today represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> and while pittsburgh's mayor pointed out his city supported hillary clinton last year, pennsylvania's coal country is another matter. >> he did say he was going to get out of it if he was elected and i thought if he says that to voters and that's what everybody is expectable that's what he should do. >> he did leave open the possibility of renegotiating. there's no indication that process is moving forward. in washington, doug fox new. >> >> here in bay area, people protesting the president's action took to streets passing cars honked their horns in support. governor brown calls president trump's decision insane. and since the president's claim is a job killer just wrong. today governor brown heads to china to promote the california
8:18 am
energy policies at a conference of global energy minister. >> >> 8:17. coming up on 8:18. we hope it is light out there. are we doing glob we are although there's a new broken down carton bay bridge which may slow things down temporarily. this say look at westbound bay bridge. the stalled vehicle was right here on the span, and it looks -- i can't see it anymore. i hope that means that it is gone. but, the traffic has been slow on the incline section. it was so light too, you hate to see something like this. however, it locks like it was just a broken down car on the bay bridge and traffic is slow on the span. you can see it is winding down or just getting a little bit clearer but the stalled vehicle has been cleared from the bay bridge. we will take a look now at the toll plaza commute and it was very light the last time we saw it but now since it was a stall, they have slowed it meeting lights down and we have a back up again. it was light and there were like three car it is last time
8:19 am
we saw n now there's a back up. hopefully it will dissipate soon. this city look at interstate 880 northbound. it is beginning to slow past the coliseum, getting up to 29th and westbound 580, there's an accident there, and suddenly, that traffic was light but it was slow. it is slow from about the pass driving through livermoore if you are getting on the freeway after livermoore it is light from dublin to castro valley. 8:19. >> you did it again. >> i did it once at 4:00, and i just -- it is just automatic. let's do it again. >> and 580 is going the be slow. now with today's weather, let's go to rosemary. >> all is forgiver glenn outside the doors this morning, grab your shades as you get on to the roadway, you may be in et with the sunshining in your eyes. more sunshine this evening and morning and into the afternoon. you can barely see it but i will point it out. a ridge of high pressure over
8:20 am
pacific right about in here. you can see how this goes right there. with very the northwest and west breeze in place, and on shore breeze has tapered off since early they are week and as a result, the inland communities will continue to see temperatures warm. there's the wind bars indicating with the northwest breeze is coming from. and, the fog that remains right along the coastline. we have some rains and it breaks up. we're mostly sunny off the coast and then you get into areas like half moon bay and it is gray once again. santa cruz off to a sunny start, capitola, it has since burned off. 55 right now at san francisco. we have 59 in oakland, and upper 50s in livermoore upper 60s in brentwood, already at this hour. so for the afternoon today, a lot of 80s for our inland north bay, 82 for nevada close to the coast, we will go 62 stenson, 69 -- the east bay shore, 70 almeda this afternoon, mid 80s for areas right around liverman and brentwood.
8:21 am
south bay location, low 18 for saratoga and we will go to 74 for the peninsula this afternoon, 80 wood side, 71 soon m ateeo and 68 expected in san francisco. low to mid 60s expect add long the coast. there's a look at the evening and as we get into the game, 64 with mostly sunny, 75 continuing to cool back into the low 60s. here your view, with temperatures not changing a whole lot as we get into your bay area weekend. we can call for a slight cool down, low 60s at the coast, low 70s around the bay and as we get back to work on monday things start to warm up. upper 80s in forecast for our inland cities so toasty for next week, but this weekend look great. >> all right. thank you. , rosemary. i really appreciate it. the june gloom moving out. >> the june gloom for the time being. >> for now. >> for now. >> enjoy it. >> all right. coming up here, it has ability to save live, up next, the new
8:22 am
app just revealed by qualify ahead of the summer wild fire season.
8:23 am
8:24 am
s0q it is now my music. he turns 50 and we were doing a
8:25 am
tribute thank you to aaron for requesting getting better we have one more request to play. hit me up with your # ktvu on twitter, facebook or instragram. >> is offering something new to help notify people when there's a fire near where they live. it could have life-saving result. >> wild fire is coming. is your home ready. >> qualify is making it easier for you to beware. >> everybody has a phone. why not get the information that he need with there wild fire season coming up. >> they will notify you if it is within 35-mile. >> it will give you a chance to react if need be. >> they expect a busy season. 18,000 ache verse burned throughout the state, about three time it is amount this year. >> don't become complacent.
8:26 am
18,000 acres already, be aware and act accordingly. download this tool that could provide peace of mind. >> that manges me feel more secure, i would not have known if i wouldn't have gotten the phone call. >> it can be found in itunes app store or google play store. >> the weather warms up, more people are swimming and relaxes by the pool but before you jump in water, experts are warning about what may be in the water, aside from chlorine. expert versus study it is impact of urinating if the pool. it can be toxic because of certain chemicals in urine that react to lean. it causes irritation exam corrosion of stainless steel. however, pools don't have the technology to detect the compounds but experts say that you can sniff them out. the experts also say the best
8:27 am
way to prevent those is to take a shower before you get in. >> good the know. >> good advice. >> 8:27. you have a newborn at home. we know how important that year is; right. >> oh yeah. >> we have got it all. car seat above everything. >> don't forget anything. >> forgetting is one thing, having it stole season another. this couple had all the baby gear stolen because all the gear was in the car. to them, but coming up how police are helping these two get back on their feet. eet. we're closer to 9:00 here, westbound 24 getting better as you get up to the tunnel. >> outside doors the sun is shining at least for most, temperatures are warming. we will check in on what you can expect for your afternoon and into your bay area weekend coming up.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
. >> we're happy to have you here on this friday, june 2. >> we're going to check traffic in a minute, but first let's talk about a beautiful forecast here on this friday. >> yes. >> rosemary is here with that. >> steve left me with some great weather to forecast for you all. >> happy friday to you and happy friday to you. we have a warm upcoming our way. we sort of have that summer- like pattern in place. you can pick and choose where you want to be depending on whether you like it cool, mild or warm. right now, we're all in the same boat, 50s and 60s. 57 santa rosa, mid 50s san francisco. livermoore checking in 57 and 60-degree, in san jose a beautiful day over the golden gate bring and it wasn't that long ago that we had fog completely covering the bridge some that has cleared out of the way and the clearing will
8:31 am
continue as we get into the second part of the morning and early afternoon, we are still gray. right along the coast, half moon bay covered in it this morning, with the clear start, we're off to a cooler start but you have the sunshine, so it is going be pretty good already, down by four degrees and rebounding in santa rosa where you are up by four degrees. the winds are on shore in fairfield. that's an indicator that the heat will be on as we get san bernadino the afternoon. when i say heat it is -- into the afternoon. when i say heat it is not too bad. this what you can ex% along the shoreline, upper 60s to low 70s as weigert the second half of the afternoon, it is going be a beautiful day here with mostly sunny skies, topping out about 72 for heyward, and a look around 85 livermoore today. southbound 81. san jose, 70s along the bay and 78 expected for the high in san francisco, i will have a look at your extended forecast including your bay area weekend coming in just a little bit.
8:32 am
let's jump on to roadways. good morning. >> good morning to you, rosemary: you know that traffic going to be better now, we had a stalled vehicle on the span, and that was cleared. fortunately, and this is a good job of getting @zinclude of the way quickly and since traffic is light, it is -- it will slow down traffic and thicks are getting better. we have traffic that is not complete ladlerred out at the toll plaza and we had to put the meter back on and things are getting better now that stall is gone the morning commute going to be 880 northbound past the coliseum, it is going be slow, past this coliseum getting up into downtown oakland. we're looking at 580. we had an earlier crash near isabel. that's gone but the traffic is remaining slow in freemont gut slow down as you notice here if you look at the traffic map, not that peak. there are slow donees but it is not as bad as it has been tuesday through thursday of this week. 8:32. let's go back to desk.
8:33 am
>> new this morning an updateddate on an early morning shooting in oakland. police say two people were shot and killed this morning near 85th and international boulevard. police say both victims were pronounced dead at the scene. a witness told us that the shots may have been fired at a car. our ktvu crew found a white chevy that crashed into a tree at the scene. so far no word on any arrests. berkeley police are asking for the public's in finding a woman downs syndrome. heather was 29 and visiting her sister on parker street in september of 2005, when she went miss. this is what she looked like at the time. her family says he can't speak but does note some sign language. we will bring you an aged progress of what it is believed she looks like now at the age of 40. anyone with information is asked to call berkeley police. new document versus been released in the deadly balcony
8:34 am
collapse on june 16 of 2015. the state has released a 145 page document showing the material hearsay failuresful the report comes just one month after the state revoked the license of the contractor who built the apartment complex where the collapse happened. according to the east bay time it is report show it is contractor used cheaper and weaker materials than what was required. the report also claims that moisture got into the material because it had not been installed properly. three santa clara county jail guards were found delineate in the beating deathover a mentally ill inmate. they were convicted of second degree murder in death of michaeltyree. he was found severely beaten inside his cell in august of 2015. he was being held in jail while he wait today be sent to a mental health facility the jury's decision follows a two month long trial. >> with their careful consideration and just verdict they treated michaeltyree as a man of value, a person with
8:35 am
strengths and problems, rights and dignity and a family who loved him. they now face 15 years to life in prison. they're schedule today be sen sentenceed in september. a church pastor has been arrested accused office yulely assaulting both adults and children. 47-year-old victor gomez is a pastor at -- church. he was arrested yesterday after several people claimed he abused them. he was booked on six chargesover sexual assault and they're asking any additional victims to come forward. the state attorney general's office has been napeed it prosecuting agency in this case, as oppose today district attorney of the county. you will remember back in december, mark peterson admitted he spent $66,000 in campaign funds for his personal use. the grand jury recommended he be removed from office, and he is schedule today be range in
8:36 am
two weeks. the car was stolen. franklin lloyd realizeed it car was stolen when he was ready head to work. they thought it was towed but found out it was stolen. not only did they those car they lost everything they immediated to bring their baby home from the hospital. -- steped in to help. >> the heating bad and the, you know, the inflatable ball. >> the car seats, the go bag, you know, his onesie we were hoping to take him home in. >> here a new car seat for you guys to use. >> thank you. >> if you guys need to get your car back and you are set you can put this in another car. >> that's a good first step. baby is due any time day and they were asking for help to get the car back. it is a 1997 white two door toyota sell ca with 7rtt 985.
8:37 am
if you know anything about this case, please call police. >> absolutely. a report out this morning say toss in morenapa high school student versus had expulsions overturned afterbeing accused of being involveed in a hazing scandal. according to register, the board of education made the decision siting procedural errors in school district's handlingover students expulsions. they're the executive director third students to win their appeals, at least five players were expelled over accusations of grabbing freshmen teammates inappropriately last fall. >> well a water main break in bellmont could mean trouble for one home. that break is on -- avenue but it is sending water right down the hill to homes below. and that rush of water caused four homeowners to evacuate early this morning. we have lee martinez joining us live after they say they're not sure yet just how bad the damage is. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes,
8:38 am
neighbors described it as a raging river this morning that sent water and mud down the hill and into the backyards of the two homes here, and we're told that they have to get an arborist and a geologist team to come out here and just take a look at the soil and some of the trees back there because they may have been compromised. the first 9-1-1 call came in before 4:00 a.m. homeowners woke up to the sudden and feared an earthquake is they came out outside and saw the rushing water on the sides of the houses. >> we usually -- i woke my husband up and said are we having an-e weight, what's going on. about ten minutes litter fire department was here and they asked toss leave our home. we have been out here for two hours waiting for the water to
8:39 am
turn down, and i just say we have a river side home. >> neighbors are trying to have a good sense of humor about it but they're worried about the foundation. belmont fire says a water easement line break under -- avenue was pushing water underneath retention wall, seconding it down the hill and into the homes on soon juan boulevard. one homeowner guess covered it new crack. a water department official says a thousand gallons overwater a minute were coming down the hill. all of the water is on, they thought they may have to do some excavation work and they're saying that's not going happen now, only one home is without gas and electricity, and that is the home that has a bridge-like driveway, and
8:40 am
they're pretty concerned about the integrity of the driveway since the water was coming below it. that test problem at the top of the hill and at the bottom of hill we have an arborist coming out and a geological at that em to survey the soil here. >> all right. live for us this morning in bellmont. the time is 8:40. california is closer to doing away with daylight livings time. they passed a bill, and if it passion it is bill would repeal the 67-year-old daylight savings time app. law makers would have to decide whether to keep the state on standard time or daylight savings time around the year. this bill moves on. now for your consideration on the question of the day doryx you think state law makers should vote, we will take a peak at the results. 64% of you say yes do away with it'd. 36% say nope keep it. let us know what you think. go to ktvu did the come. appreciate your comments, when you leave them for us on
8:41 am
facebook atktvx also our twitter page. >> we appreciate everyone carefully considering our question of the day, but we don't want you to lose any sleep over it. >> very funny. yes. >> 8:41. fewer people visiting disney, the reason for the decline and why disney is still winning. >> we do have a commute that is getting a lot better now, but it is still a little bit slow in some areas, we will tell you where straight ahead. e st head. a start for your bay area friday, let's check in ton current conditions for you take you into the weekend coming up. there's a place like no other...
8:42 am
8:43 am
where a walk down main street... where a walk down main street... blah blah blah .. hey! the name's rocket and i need your help! the collector has trapped my friends, the guardians of the galaxy in this weird...freakshow... check it out...this is the joint we're in... and we need you to help us break out! got it? move it!...i gotta go! there is magic for days! cookie monster, abby cadabby big bird and all your child's sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes music from cookie jars to spoons and so much more
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its sesame street live elmo make music sing along with furry friends and stomp your feet to a sesame street beat don't miss sesame street live elmo makes music playing city national civic san jose june 10th & 11th tickets on sale now through ticketmaster >> of course the signature song. >> this album was released 50 years ago, 1967, and this morns team has been -- rodriguez requested this song, thank you for play ago long with traffic jams as always when we have a theme, you can always on face
8:45 am
bob, twitter or instragram by using the # ktvu. >> celebrating the 50th anniversary of the album in cuba. >> . >> the video here of a beetles tribute in john len unanimous park. it features a statute of len non, and the music with other rock n roll group, he later said he regretted sensorring the group and the statue in the park. >> economists are calling the latest have beens report disappointing. the labor department announced just this morning they added 138,000 jobs last month. that's less than what was expected and lower than the 174,000 jobs gained in april. >> financial experts say the u.s. economy still growing but they have definitely lost momentum. that's lowest it has been since 2001 but they contribute that drop to more americans who stop
8:46 am
look for work and were no longer considered part of the unemployed. wall street -- that report at least things are going well in dow which is up by 60 point, zap is up by 1/4 of 1%. nasdaq up by 45 points. >> well it seems disney may have lost some of the magic. the new york times reports that fewer people are going to disney theme parks. news paper sass ten dance dropped at 13 theme parks around the world last year, and higher prices led to decline but it hasn't hurtbottom line. the paper says profits at disney theme parks were up 9% last year, in part because of higher prices. >>s that time of year, school getting out. people are rushing to school everyday at 8:00, traffic we're about to see change in coming weeks aren't wingly think it will get a little lighter, and -- for a while, and then we will get into that summer
8:47 am
pattern, where people are being to whatever they do on summer. let's go to east shore freeway, definitely going to be loiter traffic from the bridge to the mcarthur maize, compare today this time of the morning. this is the heaviest it has been, it is about a 40 minute drive, 38 minutes to go exact, road sen source tell us between the bridge and the mcarthur maize, at the bail bridge, it is getting light again. we had a stalled vehicle for a short time, and they cleared it rather quickly. traffic is recovering, and you can see traffic on 880 is finally beginning to get a little lighter on northbound 880 which is on the right getting into downtown oakland. soon mateo bring, looking nice and this is say look at the south bay. slow traffic here and there especially on 85 to sunny dale but you can see downtown san jose, northbound 280 traffic looks good. weather isn't bad. let's bring in rosemary. >> yes, you are talking about summer and those summertime weather patterns are coming our way, in fact for today, we are looking at a pretty good spread, from the coast inland,
8:48 am
not as dramatic as we see during midsummer or late summer but we again are looking at cool to mild weather at the coast, mild around the bay, and warm inland, there's a beautiful view there, as we look from san francisco across the bay, and a little bit of a haze there. that's fog that rolls in early morning hours and it is still lingering just some, along the coastline, inside the bay, some of our coastal hills and east bay hills seeing a little low clouds as well. here a view of storm tracker two and the ridge that is strengthening over if bay area right about in here as weigert the afternoon, temperatures are coming up. the inland communities will reach into the mid 80s, at least some of hotter spots for today. the winds will remain on shore, fairfield at 14 miles per hour, as definitely, definitely tapered off, since earlier in week when it was gusting to near 30. that, again is the indication that yes, our inland communities will continue to warm for today under this ridge of high pressure. for your friday, low 60s over portionings of the coastline unless you are in santa cruz.
8:49 am
it will be warmer there in and around monterey and 80s expected inland and as we get into the weekend only settle changes expected along the coast we will remain with patchy fog, cool to mild, sunny and warm for our inland cities. temperatures right now in upper 60s already at this hour for brentwood, 60 closer to the shore and berkeley, 67, 56 in san francisco, and still partly tomesly cloudy and 53 for you taking a tour. we have got 60 outside your door, woodside, soon mateo and for the upper 60s in south toledo, 60s for soon -- mid 80s for lake county area, clear lake for today how about the shoreline along the eastbound. we have 71 in oakland. 70 for almeda geting into the inner east bay going be toasty. south by locations upper 70s san jose, we will go to 81. 74 in santa cruz, a beautiful look for you there: how about
8:50 am
the me anyone will. it will go 68 san francisco, low to mid 60s ahang the coastline, pacific aa halfman bay. it will be pretty and cool the overnight hour, 40s in fork, upper 60s today, mid 60s tomorrow, low and have breezy on sunday. here at home, not a lot of change going on through the weekend. hopefully you enjoy this weather. we will heat it up as we get back to work on monday. >> sunshine in there which is nice to see. >> all right. thank you. >> you got it. >> you can hang on to seinfeld in city, a sneak peak at the cluster fest starting in san francisco today.
8:51 am
8:52 am
s0q both ariana grande and the city of manchester are showing their revileness. she will be back in town on sunday for herman chester one love benefit concert and tickets sold out in just six
8:53 am
minutes yesterday. at a katie perry, miley cyrus, some tickets were reserved for fan who is were at the show where a suicide bomber killed 22 people and left 100 others injured. security will be tight in san francisco this weekend for a big comedy festival starting today at civic center plaza. more than 20,000 people expected to attend the three- day cluster fest. comedians and musicians will perform from big stars to up and comers. today is kevin hart. bill tomorrow and jerry seinfeld on sunday. it shall always sunny in philadelphia, you can always hang out here on a replica set of the apartment from seinfield. >> it is an opportunity to -- that doesn't exist anywhere. >> the san francisco police department is working closely the event organizers. people with exticket bag checks
8:54 am
and tight security all weekend long. you can also expect some delays on the roadways in that area, grove street is closed between alreadyton and poke and fullton street will be closed between larkin and hide. police encouraging attendees to take public transition. bart police arrested an an arrest at bart stations on the peninsula this week. the young suspect may be responsible for burglariesing as in as 16 cars including nine at the mill bury station alone. a car burglary investigation near daily city bart station led them to this arrest. police though are not naming the suspect here because he's under the age of 18. >> a plan to decree yet flex lanes moves one step colors to a reality. according to the news, the santa clara valley transportation authority and san jose city lead very aprof a study to look into this idea. the $225,000 study will focus
8:55 am
on traffic congestion along the 87th corridor between highway 85 and 101. that study is expected to wrap up by the end of this year. >> a 12-year-old has won the 90th scripps national spelling bee. >> initially, she know what is it means. >> o-c-i-a-n. >> that correct. con grand jury rations. >> she won by correctly spelling the word -- that's a crepe fabric made of silk, would or ray your: she will take home more than $40,000 in cash and prizes. also, she's a big warriors fan and gave a shout out to curry after she won the title. 8:55 is the time: we know second hand smoke with cause health problems but what about third and smoke. up next we will e plain what that is and how researchers here in the east bay are tracking its impact. live-stream your favorite sport,
8:56 am
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8:58 am
. the trump administration has asked the supreme court to immediately reinstate a ban on travel from people from six mostly muslim countries, in a filing last night, the justice department said the lower courts made a number of mistakes including relying on statements that president donald trump made during the campaign. more details are coming up regarding the appearance of former fbi director james comey, he will be testifying before the senate intelligence committee thursday, it will be the first time he speaks publicly since president donald trump fired him. he had been heading up an
8:59 am
investigation of ties between trump and russia. he will be allowed to reveal some of his communications with president donald trump. uc berkeley is it looking into the effects of third hand smoke, that's the residue left on clothes and fusht. they are studying the effects on mice, they found that third hand smoke effects body weight of infants and toddlers. >> they play with toys and put their hands to their motives and the -- mouths and the exposure could could be high in that age group. the state senate voted for
9:00 am
a single payer healthcare bill. it could cost $400 billion a year, now the bill heads to the state assembly. it's six months since the deadly oakland warehouse fire. the warriors wrap up their first win in the finalses. plus, a 10 year old singing sensation whose video has gone viral. what a morning it has been already. this is a live look at the party happening north of us, ktvu fox news is just south of jack london square, they are celebrating the warriors' win last night. one down, three more to go, the finals are in town,


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