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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 5, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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the 10:00 news on ktvu starts right now. >> today my office has filed felony complaints against max harris and derick almena. >> criminal charges in the building manager is back in alameda county. >> it was the deadliest fire in modern history. now two men face 39 years in prison if
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convicted. the sheriffs release a new photo of derick almena who was booked three hours ago. deborah joins us now with more of today's developments. >> reporter: the structure looks nothing like before. it is a boarded-up shell. during the six months an investigation has been underway leading to the two arrest. >> the da says derick almena and max harris knowingly created a fire trap renting space and hosting events in a warehouse that was full of unsafe construction. >> be allowed floor to ceiling storage of large quantities of highly flammable materials that created a deadly fire. the building had no fire
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suppression or lighted pathways to get out. >> reporter: trapped by smoke and flames guest calls it impossible to get out. leaving only one way to get out of the second floor of that old thing. -- building. >> reporter: he was emotional but refusing questions about his role. >> i am sorry. what you want me to say? >> reporter: he lives in lake county where he was arrested. he said little in court as his spell was set. they were arrested in los angeles and face a prison sentence of 39 years. >> certainly the individuals being charged, i agree with that.
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>> reporter: reflecting of the lives lost. >> we need to hold each other responsible. >> reporter: the warehouse owner was not charged. >> the families are still hoping that the owners will be held accountable. >> reporter: leaving families pursuing their own claims half satisfied. >> they've been waiting for the news and now when it finally happens, there is a sense of relief that something is being done. >> reporter: attorneys call the charges and attempt to make a scapegoat at of our client but the da stands by a six-month investigation which included search warrants, evidence and 6000 documents. >> we continue to mourn the loss of the 36 young vibrant
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men and women and 36 members of our community who should be with us today. >> reporter: derick almena was moved to the county jail in dublin and will be arraigned at 9 am on thursday. court proceedings for max harris are pending in southern california and he will be moved back to alameda county shortly. >> the oakland mayor says the charges send a message that you will not get away with making a profit by cramming people into dangerous spaces. sources say police are searching a home of ray mcdonald in a sexual assault. they say the investigation stems from an encounter with a dancer in sunnyvale. she alleges he took her to her dashes home and assaulted her
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this morning. a charge was dismissed in april when he refused to testify. a jury decided to spare the life of the man who killed sierra lamar. they recommended life in prison without parole. he could've gotten the death penalty. jesse says of what it -- the verdict does not ease the pain. >> reporter: in the end the verdict was not what he hoped for. >> he gets to live his life and she doesn't. his family does not grieve and we do. >> reporter: inside the courtroom jurors return their victim -- they sentenced him to life in prison without possibility of parole for the
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murder of sierra lamar. >> i feel at peace he will not be on the streets. >> reporter: last month the same panel found him guilty of kidnapping and murdering her and crimes against three other women dating back to 2009. the teenager went missing in 2012 underway to school. her body has never been found. >> if he had 1 ounce of humanity or a shred of humanity, i call on him today to tell us where she is so we can bring her home. >> reporter: prosecutors use a mountain of circumstantial evidence to win their case which included him being in the area before the 15-year-old disappeared. his dna was underclothing which
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have been found in a field. >> human justice can hold the guilty accountable but it cannot resurrect the dead. there is no joy in this verdict. >> reporter: defense lawyers argued mitigating factors metlife behind bars was a proper punishment. he came from a home with verbal and physical abuse and asked the panel to spare his life so that he could be a positive influence on his own children. for the family this bertics -- verdict ends five years of her.>> just trying to move on with our lives. >> reporter: he could still bring closure to the family if he tells them where the remains are located. defense attorneys will be back here in mid-september to argue for a new trial because the lead investigator was given
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faulty testimony and another murder case. not to the latest leak on russian hacking. today a document from the national security agency was published by the intercept and there was word that the linker has been arrested. they hacked into a boating software supplier days before the presidential election and use that to send phishing emails to local election officials. they said that the malware could get hackers full control of infected computers. the extent of the breach is not known yet. the mayor of london suppression -- britain should cancel a meeting with president trump. he seemed to take the remarks out of context and renewed a travel ban on six muslim countries. the mayor said i don't think we
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should roll out the red carpet to the present of the usa and the circumstances were his policies go against everything that we stand for. caroline continues our coverage live from washington. >> reporter: it's early wednesday morning in london with three dozen people remaining in the hospital after the terror attack. police naming these two men in suspects. british citizen born in text and in the other mac was claiming librium nationality. he started stabbing people at restaurants nearby. >> this was an attack on london
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in the united kingdom but also attack on the world. i would just like to pay tribute to the magnificent response of the police and emergency services and the heroism of officers. >> reporter: relatives still trying to come to terms with the loss of their loved ones. >> [ crying ] >> reporter: it's a third attack this year that they've claimed a victim. a memorial was held to honor the killed and the wounded. >> i want to send a clear message to the sick and the evil extremist who commit these crimes, we well defeat you. you will not win. >> reporter: the prime minister said that it's time for them to take a hard look at their
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terrorism strategy. a conference kicked off today. coming up the new product creating a buzz and what we can expect at the conference tomorrow. low 90s today out there. temperatures turning warm up but at the coast expect the return of the fog. a grass fire burns along highway 24 and calfire explained the significance of this fire. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up! you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪
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fast-moving grass fire closed all four lanes of highway 20 for this afternoon and cause a traffic backup. they said it began as a car fire before 1:00 today. fire officials say it is a reminder that fire season is here and could be a long and difficult one. amber is a live. >> reporter: we are off of highway 24 across the road from where the fire started. this fire is small and burned about 20 acres but they say the fire should serve as a wake-up call. lanes desert flames created a scene on highway 24. the grass fire brought in firefighters from calfire and
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other agencies. they say the fire started when a driver pulled over to the side of the road when his car caught fire. >> we are not sure why. when he pulled over to get up traffic and stop, it caught the grass on fire. >> reporter: it backed up traffic for hours. crews moved equipment into the area. >> i'm hoping that the ground is still moist. >> reporter: calfire said we are seeing the results of a wet winter. >> we have not seen this in about 10 years. it's a new type of danger for us. >> reporter: and includes 6 foot tall grass. they say this is a timely reminder for people to prepare for what might be a dangerous season. >> what will we do with our
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animals and things like that? >> reporter: they created a fire line to stop the flames. >> and look like it could've been a lot worse than it was. there is a lot of nice homes around here. >> reporter: calfire says to create space around the property. >> we have 7 acres so my husband is cutting the weeds. >> there is so much fuel on the ground. i expect we will have more. >> reporter: crews were able to get the upper hand on the fire. they needed to move in equipment to create fire lines
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and mop up the area. it took five hours before all lanes were reopened to traffic. >> are crystal out there tonight looking for hotspots? >> they are not here because they were able to create the fire lines to make sure there would not be any hotspots. they will be back tomorrow morning to check on things. >> amber lee reporting live there. as we get into the summer months, we are getting into the fire season. today the conditions are still green out there. the fire could've been a lot worse. as you look at the clouds, we have a system right here that will push in and bring us a chance for a few sprinkles heading into thursday. the system to the north will move in on thursday and i think
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we will see showers north. tomorrow fog should return to the coast and temperatures right now it is warmer in livermore by 30 degrees. the winds are blowing but not that hard. light winds no fog out there yet but the fog will work its way back to the coast by tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning it brings back a little but the fog should fill in along the coast pretty dense and then it will burn off in the afternoon. tomorrow san jose will look like that in the afternoon or morning and mostly sunny in the afternoon. high temperatures will be in the upper 70s. another beautiful day tomorrow but that chance of rain coming around the corner. the u.s. ambassador to china has announced that he plans to resign following president trump decision to pull out of the paris climate
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accord. all of this comes as jerry brown is in beijing pledging to fight climate change. >> right now it is tuesday in beijing. the california delegation is preparing for an opening dinner with governor browne. this will kick off a week of california taking a lead at the table talking about climate change with administers from china and other large nations. california governor jerry brown spent the weekend in china forging ahead where the federal government is trying back on climate change. a high rel ride to beijing for
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a conference this week with energy ministers from dozens of nations. the governor is being joined by a delegation from california.>> unless the united states will pull back, it doesn't mean that california need to do that.>> reporter: a delegate says california and california companies can gain huge economic benefits from partnering with china on clean energy technology and services. >> the companies to go to china and sell our products and services that we have but also to bring their solutions that they have to our state. they have pioneered some pretty incredible solutions. >> reporter: last year california imported 100 44 billion dollars from china. they said china has made big investments in power and solar power technology. there's also potential for partnerships and driverless vehicles in clean energy automobiles. this week the
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california delegation will meet with 75 chinese companies interested in partnering with california. >> i think it's a test but in some ways. >> reporter: he's vice president of the asia society which has completed several studies. he says governor browne is very well regarded in china and his meetings sent a strong signal to china that the golden state could provide some golden opportunities. >> it is good for california because this is ground zero for future development for clean-air opportunities and technologies. >> tomorrow he will participate in a clean energy partnership with china and there's a ceremony will he will promise to have california work with china on cutting greenhouse gas emissions i work on innovation on carbon storage. california is on track to generate 50% of electricity by renewable energy by the year 2030.
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still to come here five people shot and killed at a factory in florida. the latest on the investigation as police work to find a motive. later the warriors headed off to cleveland today. president trump once the nations air traffic control program to go private. the pushed reform and not why -- the push for the reform and why not everybody is on board.
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police in orlando said an angry former employee walked into a factory with a handgun and opened fire. john newman junior killed five workers and took his own life. he was a 45-year-old army veteran that been fired back in april. he was accused of
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assaulting a coworker in 2014 but no charges were filed. that coworker was not among the victims today. president trump said today that air traffic control system is stuck in the past. he urged congress to approve a plan to privatize and modernize the system. under the proposal air-traffic control operations would be separated from the aviation administration. he said putting private companies in charge of air-traffic control would increase safety and reduce capacitor wait times.>> are air- traffic control system was designed win 100,000 people flew are airports each year. we are now approaching nearly 1 billion passengers annually. the current system cannot keep up. >> right now they say a 13 member board would oversee controllers and would include members from the airline industry unions and airports. many democrats oppose the change saying it would dominate the dimerization overseeing 300 air-traffic facilities and around 30,000 employees.
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the candidate who lost the race the state democratic party chair released fighting today suggesting that the election results may not be accurate. she says that she lost the election by just 62 votes. she says that a partial review her team found several irregularities. she said some voters were not eligible and some were not signed. she wants the independent organization to review the materials. still ahead our proposition cast three years ago helped the release of thousands of prisoners. at blip -- apple developers are back in san jose and then you technologies revealed today. live-stream your favorite sport,
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all your tv at home. the most on demand, your entire dvr, top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. more than 5000 developers from around the world unsettles a for apple's worldwide developers conference that kicked off today. they are out the convention center where apple made several big announcements today. >> reporter: the announcement
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did build a new smart speaker and the company had a emphasis on artificial intelligence. it is a big deal for the city of san jose since the conference is held in san francisco. but developers say they were impressed with day 1. american -- they showed new hardware. >> this is going to be the best and biggest ever. >> reporter: a smart speaker called home pod of voice controlled speaker compatible with apple music. it's the first major new apple products since the apple watch was unveiled in 2015 and at the retail price of over $300. >> i got to hear a demo of that compared to other competitors in this new home pod speaker is the best. >> reporter: it created the most broad series of
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announcements and a new ipad. a up of macbook pros and processors. >> it was amazing for me. >> i think home pod is the biggest new thing. >> reporter: they were also excited about a kit that allows developers to create an app. this developers that she cannot wait to get her hands on the new updates. >> it is electrifying. lots of new features on the ipad. >> reporter: the conference ends on friday and you might see
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apple ceo around san jose. he was there for a private event. tomorrow there is another big day here at this conference. former first lady michelle obama is supposed to speak here and talk about diversity and technology. >> are there still tickets left? >> reporter: to meet appears at that it is sold out. i talked to a number of developers from all over the world so i don't know if there's any remaining tickets. security is very tight here. if anyone want to walk around, they will encounter police.>> that is really big for san jose. what does this mean for the city? >> reporter: it is a big deal. we've had a lot of developer conferences come and restaurants are full and also
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hotels are full. you can see the economic dollars coming in. we were at the -- a lot of developers with their nametags around town are dining there. it is definitely a big deal in happening all week. a couple from richmond whose car and baby supplies were taken last week have become new parents. the couple welcomed their baby yesterday. he weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces and he is happy and healthy. they also say they are grateful for all the support and love since our story aired. we told you how they lost all of their baby gear when their car was taken. the chp was among those at chp 10. a former police officer pleaded not guilty. brian was ordered last month to stand trial after the woman
10:33 pm
testified that she had sex with him. she said that he texted her warning her to stay off of international boulevard because of a undercover police prostitution sting. his attorney said no sting existed. he's been charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice. outside of court he declined to comment by his attorney said the case is moving forward. the release about the prisoners in california now the money saved on those inmates are being used to keep them from returning to present. rob report some of the cash is coming to alameda county. >> reporter: when they approve the proposition it triggered the release of thousands of prisoners from california penitentiaries including san quentin state prison.
10:34 pm
that decrease in the population created more money for the county. >> it really goes a long way so i think it is fundamentally significantly important. >> reporter: the proposition reduce the penalty for low- level nonviolent crimes from a felony to a misdemeanor sending home prisoners. it also required the savings be spent on programs from keeping former inmates to returning to prison. >> the money will be used to help people deal with the underlining crimes. if we could help people address some of the issues before they commit crimes, we will prevent crime from occurring before it happens.>> reporter: they also say the county need to provide more health for those recently
10:35 pm
released. >> nothing stops a crime other than a job. if you have housing in a job, then i think you are on your way to a real solid lie. >> reporter: they also want to draw attention to free legal services were an inmate can apply. they say convictions are often barriers from finding jobs. >> people have seen that the investment in law enforcement and incarceration means we are investing in education and services and resources and so does it make a safer. >> reporter: alameda county will get their first installment later this month. it's been 49 years since the dissemination of kennedy.
10:36 pm
we hear from now on and he was a young man in a famous picture holding up kenny's head when he was dying. we are tracking the warm up. fog want to come back tomorrow. we will talk about that what you can expect for the rest of the work week.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me.
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bill cosby -- bill cosby's trial got underway today. he is accused of drugging and assaulting a woman 12 years ago. his attorney argued her story is not credible because there had been inconsistencies. he said in his deposition their relationship was consensual. she will take the stand in the coming days. he has more than 50 accusers. kelly johnson was the first to the stand today and an attorney spoke out on behalf of of another victim. >> i am here because my client
10:40 pm
-- >> he denies any wrongdoing sing any contact he had with her was consensual. that trial will last a couple of weeks. it felt good test guilty he could spend 10 years in prison. harley-davidson is recalling 50,000 more cycles worldwide. the oil light could come loose and spilled oil. it covers 2017 model more cycles. he said there had been nine reports causing two crashes. they will inspect and picks clamps that may have been improperly installed. the space station is welcoming their first returning vehicle is six years.
10:41 pm
they made a surprise delivery over the weekend. they retired shuttles back in 2011. this marks the first time a private company has successfully made a reach -- repeat trip. a man recalls a moment he held robert kennedy as he lay dying in a hotel. the emotional story 49 years later and how he was able to come to peace with what happened. bill martin says we may need our umbrellas this week. the timing on the possible return of sprinkles coming up in the forecast.
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today marks for nine years since the assassination of robert kennedy. is anniversary that set is a remembers every year because he was a young man in a famous picture holding up his head after he had been shot.>> after decades of guilt he was finally able to forgive himself things to unlikely friendship.>> for
10:45 pm
the first couple of years i was mad at god. >> reporter: sometimes in life we never know who or what may help us when we need it. before we explain this paper you need to understand why it means so much to him. every year around this time he visits this memorial in downtown san jose. here he wipes clean the plaque that bears the name of a man who once laid dying in his arms. even though the assassination of robert teddy was 49 years ago the memory and pain of that tragedy for this grandfather is still very present. >> he is still brought to tears remembering june 5 he is still brought to tears remembering june 5, 1968. kennedy had just won the
10:46 pm
presidential primary and was leaving for los angeles shaking hands along the way. just after shaking his hand shots ring out. >> i could not understand why he was laying there. i tried to put my hand between his head. as soon as i put my hand there i felt warm-blooded coming out. >> reporter: a bus boy at the hotel wanted to help him not realizing the candidate had been shot in the head. >> then i realized that i could feel the blood dripping through my fingers. i knew it was serious. i would say are you okay? can you get up? all i see is one i blinking.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: he was 17 years old at the time. >> i will be 67 this month. >> reporter: for almost 5 decades the question if he could've done more that day. >> i was told that i could have sacrificed myself to him. >> reporter: today he works in saddle say -- lives in san jose. >> it's not a very -- >> reporter: three years ago his friend gave him this an autographed paper. >> i never had it appraised because i don't care. >> reporter: she also gave him so much more. only after talking with her did
10:48 pm
he release decades of blame and relies he was not responsible for what happened. >> it felt like a relief. >> reporter: he never wanted to look at this iconic picture. he said it was painful after people had question if he could've saved the senator. >> now that i look at it and see it i can see what people were looking at and see the sadness and the sacrifice that he made. >> reporter: he now has a sense of purpose to keep that sacrifice in memory of robert kennedy alive. sing it makes us past more tolerable. nice day out there today. the temperatures did warm up from what we had yesterday. highs tomorrow will be similar.
10:49 pm
a little cooler along the coast with patchy fog that will come back. this is that system with a chance of sprinkles that could come in here as we are headed into thursday. as we get closer to that, we will dial that in. tomorrow coastal fog. patchy tomorrow morning. overnight forecast lows in the 50s and the upper 40s. san jose tomorrow plenty of sunshine. san jose almost up to 80 degrees. outside the bay and further east you will find mid and upper 80s and then there's patchy,
10:50 pm
coastal fog. here is wednesday morning. there will be a little patchy fog but not much. that is thursday so here we go wednesday night clouds thick enough. that is fog. now moving into thursday morning maybe a little wet in santa rosa. lake tahoe, quincy, mount shasta they might get some rain showers. the meantime tomorrow patchy coastal fog. pretty subtle changes tomorrow but the role noticeable change will be thursday. here's the 5 day forecast. i hope you enjoyed -- enjoy
10:51 pm
tomorrow because it will be the warmest day of the week. coming up we take a peek of teslas model three. coming up in sports the oakland a's welcome the blue jays tonight. that is coming up after the short break. have assembled. spider-man... black widow... captain america... and eddie? so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout!
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lately we had lower expectations for the giants but they won. >> they are on a roll. >> really you cannot call them the last-place giants. they when and it just got better for the giants. different expectations and giant fans are in milwaukee. he is carrying his weight this year. he got himself the souvenir. eighth inning and the basis are loaded for aaron hill. two run score looks like the basis may be cleared but joe is out. they do pick up a 4-2 lead.
10:55 pm
the rest of the story belongs to jeff. he struck out 10 and he wins. 59 strikeouts and only one walk. 7-2 the final. oakland a's at the coliseum doing what they do best and that is hitting the ball out of the park and it was one i who did it and it wasn't josh donaldson. sean in the first and kevin comes all the way around to score from first. 1-0 lead. here comes ryan had himself and he cranks it. that is his 12th of the year.
10:56 pm
oakland a's leading 3-1. two renshaw and he had five rbis and shawn settled down. he has five wins for the year. is going to be one week from tonight we are either going to be celebrating the end of a parade, which means the warriors one or will be out at the. with game 5 in the cavaliers. currently i would say the number one player of the world and the rest of the warriors boarding the plane for cleveland. we will give them championship and they are the only team to go in that situation. meanwhile a little something to clean up help out 20 turnovers and came 2. he had eight of
10:57 pm
them. >> the point that i gave up on turnovers -- there are things that we have to eliminate so we just try to play hard and smart. can we do that? we can play hard but can we play smart? that is the question. we are just trying to stay with it. >> we played with great energy but heading to cleveland we will have to be a lot smarter.>> the stanley cup final is turning into a good one. it could go 7. down in nashville they go. there is
10:58 pm
charles barkley. victor 3-1 predators. the great one is mario. the goalie denying sidney crosby on the break in two follows by pittsburgh. beautiful work in front of the net. they go back to pittsburgh all even friday night. the 49ers in the news building for the future but it would not be bad to have fun in the meantime. dave -- the linebacker played his last four years with baltimore released by them in march. he's been battling a problem. he gives his presence.
10:59 pm
you are about to see the greatest athletic thing ever achieved a. you need to check this out. ticket down to jamaica at the resort. that israel. needs to be seen again. look at him come off the slide and that is all i can say. as we slow it down, you will see that that has not been doctored. he is a lifeguard obviously with some spare time. that is sports for a monday night. there's more news at 11:00 coming up right now. coming up next at 11. >> a jury delivered that sentence today for the man convicted of killing a teenager sierra lamar.
11:00 pm
he was spread the death penalty. a panel of six men and six woman recommended a life sentence without the possibility of parole. jesse has reaction from the family. >> reporter: in the end, the verdict was not what he had hoped for. he is now disappointed. >> he gets to live his life and she does not. his family doesn't greven we do for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, jurors return their bitter -- verdict. they sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder. >> i feel at peace that she will not be -- he will not be on the streets


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