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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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he was spread the death penalty. a panel of six men and six woman recommended a life sentence without the possibility of parole. jesse has reaction from the family. >> reporter: in the end, the verdict was not what he had hoped for. he is now disappointed. >> he gets to live his life and she does not. his family doesn't greven we do for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, jurors return their bitter -- verdict. they sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murder. >> i feel at peace that she will not be -- he will not be on the streets.
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>> reporter: crimes against three other woman in the south county dating back to 2009. the teenager went missing in 2012 on the her way to school. her body has ever been found.>> fps 1 ounce of humanity -- if he has 1 ounce of humanity or shred of humanity, i call on him today to tell us where she is so we can bring her home.>> reporter: they use a mountain of circumstantial evidence to win the case which included him being in the area minutes before she disappeared. his dna was found on her clothing that was found in a field. >> human justice can hold the guilty accountable, but it cannot resurrect the dead.
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there is no joy in this verdict. >> reporter: lawyers argued that life behind bars was the proper verdict. the as a panel to spare his life so that he can be a positive influence on his own children. this verdict and five years of waiting for justice and brings a small measure of closure. >> what is next is trying to move on with our lives. >> reporter: he could still bring closure to the family if he tells him where her remains are located. defense attorneys will be back here in mid-september to argue for new trial because the lead investigator was found giving faulty testimony and another murder case.
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shirts apartments tweeting about an unusual recent arrest. authorities post a picture of a gun with a hashtag not on our watch. they said deputies found a person sleeping in a car in front of a state prison. they say the person was intoxicated and in possession of a loaded weapon. the man was arrested on three misdemeanors. tonight sources say that police are executing a search warrant at the home of ray mcdonald and allege sexual assault. the investigation stems from an encounter with a dancer in sunnyvale. the woman alleges he took her to her home where he sexually assaulted her this morning. he's had several brushes with the law. a charge was dismissed in
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april. new developments in the deadly go ship warehouse fire in oakland. today the district attorney announced charges against two men. derick almena and max harris base 36 counts for the 36 people killed. the sheriff department released a booking photo. he was arrested this morning and transferred to the jail in -- we are live. >> reporter: those who died say they are still remembered here. the fire was six months ago almost to the day. they acted knowingly and disregarded the risk. >> reporter: they say derick almena and max harris created a fire trap renting space and
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hosting events in a warehouse that was full of unsafe construction. >> be allowed flow dance floor to ceiling of highly flammable materials. the building has no fire suppression nor did it have lighted pathways to get out. >> reporter: flames trapped people that night. for the concert and exit leading to the ground floor was perfectly locked. >> leaving only one way to get out of the building. >> reporter: he said little in court as a spell was set for over one million dollars. max harris was arrested in los angeles. the warehouse owner was not charged. >> the families are still
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hoping that the owners will be held accountable. >> reporter: leaving families pursuing their own claims half satisfied. >> the parents are very emotional. there been waiting for it and now what happens, there is a sense of relief that something is being done. >> reporter: the attorney called the charges a miscarriage of justice. the da sense by a six-month investigation which included a dozen search warrants, 300 pieces of evidence and documents . >> we continue to them mourn the loss of the 36 young men and women, 36 members of our community who should be with us today. >> reporter: derick almena will be arraigned thursday morning and max harris does not show up
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on the roster tonight. he still has yet to be moved from southern california. >> is there any reason why they did not charge the owner of the building and is it still possible that she could get charge? >> they did not take any questions after her briefing. they would not answer that question. they just refused to speculate on whether the investigation is complete are what other direction and might go. that is also unrevealed. former fbi director james comey is expected to testify this thursday in connection with the russian hacking investigation. they confirmed that president trump will not invoke privilege to block the testimony. they want to hear about conversations between james
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comey and president trump. other leagues indicated the present as james comey to drop that investigation into michael flynn who had ties with russia. he has kept detailed notes on all of his conversations with president trump. there's word of a newly leaked documents on russian hacking. a news organization got a hold of it. they said russian military intelligence hacked into the systems of a u.s. voting software supplier days before the election and use that to send fishing emails with potential malware to local election officials. it also said the extent of the breach is not known. the leakers reported to be a contractor in georgia who has been arrested. president trump's decision to pull out of the paris accord is stirring up change.
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the u.s. ambassador to china announced that he will resign. this comes as california governor jerry brown is in beijing pledging to continue flying -- fighting climate change. >> reporter: he spent the weekend in china. he found a new agreement to cooperate a new clean energy technology. a high-speed rail ride to beijing for a conference this week with energy ministers. the governor is being joined by delegation from california. >> if they are going to pull back, it doesn't mean that california needs to do that. >> reporter: a delegate says california california companies can gain huge benefits from partnering with china. >> the california companies to go to china and sell products
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and services that we have there but also to bring their solutions that they have to our state and they have pioneered some pretty incredible solutions. >> reporter: last year california imported goods from china. he says they've made big investments in power and solar power technology. there is also potential for partnerships and driverless vehicles and clean energy automobiles. this week the delegation will meet with 75 chinese companies interested in partnering the california. >> china is very good at setting what works and i think it's a test bed. >> reporter: he says governor brown is very well regarded in china in his meetings this week send a strong signal to china that the golden state could provide golden opportunities.
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>> it's good for california because this is ground zero for clean-air policies and technologies. a workplace shooting in florida leaves five people dead. witnesses described the frightening moments as police search for the shooter. a new look at tesla's model 3. why they say the new car is ahead of schedule. we will talk about that rain chances as well in the forecast.
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police in orlando say an angry former employee walked into a factory with a gun and just started shooting. caroline say that investigators are try to find out what prompted the man to open fire and killed five people and take his own life.>> reporter: witnesses describing the moments after shots ring out in a factory monday. >> i was working right behind all these buildings when i heard the gunshots. >> i was hoping for the best. >> reporter: a former employee killing five people and then taking his own life. >> he was certainly --
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>> reporter: the army veteran had been fired in april. he was accused of battling with a coworker but no charges were filed and that coworker was not among the victims. smacked we have no indication that this subject is a participate in any type of terror organization. this is likely a workplace violence incident. >> reporter: this at increase in workplace shootings. they are urging the public to report anything that could lead to violence. >> for each of our citizens to be vigilant if they see something that seems abnormal. they need to say something. >> reporter: the quick actions of officers probably save the lives of seven people. police say one of the three men that drove the van into
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people were known to authorities. they said the 27-year-old born in pakistan had been investigated for extremist views. the second attacker was identified as -- they're still trying to identify the third attacker. seven people were killed saturday night and dozens more were injured. struck back the present of the collection of star wars memorabilia is posting sad news. he said today that they discovered that more than 100 collectible pieces were taken in 2015 and 2016. most of them were vintage action figures and that the total amount was about $200,000. he claims the pieces were taken by a trusted friend that was
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arrested in sonoma county. we are getting a look at tesla's model 3. the car is supposed to come out later this year but a lot of details remain under wrap. >> reporter: tesla enthusiast take a good look. drivers are putting a prototype of the new model 3. a go 0 to 60 in 5.0 seconds. it is intended to be into the mass-market. >> it is a game changer. >> reporter: many of the final details of the car have yet to be announced. that includes the price which may be about $35-$40,000. thousand the people preordered the model and many of them
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standing in line to do it. >> they are attracted by what -- until the card it's on the road it's hard to tell what we really have to deal with.>> reporter: a challenge is getting the car on the road. it will be difficult for the facility to meet that demand.>> the model 3 is their first time volume car. that is 10,000 cars a week at a plant that never produced half that many were more than that. i think toyota did 200,000 cars a year. >> reporter: they say tesla is full of surprises. >> the one thing that we have learned is that -- is a very
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winning proposition. >> reporter: production is set to begin in july. always on highway 24 open after fire caused a massive backup today. they said that began as a car fire this afternoon. the fire burned 20 acres as it spread to the hillside. the chp closed the lanes. no homes were threatened but a firefighter did suffer minor injuries. it was a nice day today. highs tomorrow will be similar as today. patchy fog trying to reform but it will not be that successful. there will be a little bit of fog.
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temperatures tomorrow in the valley upper 80s and low 90s again. the real changes week will be the fog. this system to the north is a one that will bring us an opportunity for a little bit of wet whether heading into your be area thursday. temperatures outside 64 right now and 62 livermore, 62 fairfield. temperatures overnight upper 40s . a little chilly. there is a patchy fog tomorrow morning. that fog is going to drop temperatures a little bit and then you get the break and it clears out tomorrow afternoon and wednesday the cold start to come in.
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this is wednesday morning, thursday and then here comes thursday morning. really draws the line right through santa rosa and a little dab want to come through. right now is a nonevent. the main thing we will be slightly cooler instead of in the 80s. you'll be in the 70s and 60s. tomorrow will be just like today. 82 in gilroy. right along the peninsula it is cooler. the 5 day forecast this is the break. slightly cooler as the system gets ready to come in on thursday. friday, saturday, and sunday thing stay on the moderate side. we a chance of showers?
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i will believe it when i see it. >> there is a chance. i don't see much. the warriors headed to cleveland today up two games after last night's win over the cavaliers. we will tell you where you can watch gain 3 with other warrior fans.
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they will host hundreds of warriors fans once a for game 3 between the golden state
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warriors and the cavaliers. i will show you you go now from last year. game 3 in cleveland will start at 6:00 our time and podcast in front of city hall.. arena will be open but that will require a ticket. >> oakland a's taking care business today. >> the other team in oakland.>> that was there deal tonight. it paid off in the first of the three-game series. a new team in town. josh earlier had a rbi double against sean but here come the oakland 80s. ryan healy cranked it way out left centerfield. he was not done. this with chris davis and five rbis.
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winning his third straight start. giant fans out to support their team disappeared from last- place three. they break a tie and bases are loaded. aaron hill almost cleared the bases and from here to there you are looking good. one run aloud and he struck out. he is 59 strikeouts and only one walk. the 7-2 final. the next on the warriors board a plane they will either be caring home a big-time trophy or ready for team 5 a week from tonight.
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the warriors of course tomorrow and get ready for game 3 wednesday trying to become the first team ever to sweep all the way through. stanley cup finals shaping up is a great one. taking it down to nashville, tennessee. warriors are going to lose, right, charles? sorry that will not happen. mike fisher beautifully i had for victor. 3-1 predators. he's denying their great sidney crosby in a couple of shots right there. he had 23 saves. pittsburgh on friday night.
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this is the best thing i've ever seen down a water slide. it was a lifeguard in jamaica. he came peeling out of their. that is for real. >> thank you for joining is. good night. -- us. goodnight. there's a place like no other...
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