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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  June 6, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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impact. evening with clouds, cooler air into the weekend. 50s, 60s, 70s, low to mid upper 80s. it's 4:30, things are quiet, yes? yes? >> yeah, you know, things are quiet, steve, as a matter of fact we look this people get up early to beat the commute. if you are driving let's say you are a driver in the solano county commute. the traffic is moving along well through fairfield, back aville, -- vacaville heading east away from 80 you will see a detour in the area not causing a traffic jam. this is the bay bridge teleplays a traffic is moving along as you drive into the area, there have been no major problems getting into san francisco. it's 4:31, let's go back to the desk.
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>> thank you, sal. san francisco city attorney wants to know more about ride hailing companies uber and lyft and their drivers. subpoenas were issued for four years ever records. dennis herrera the amount of hours they drive, herrera filed a state public records act request to obtain the company's annual reports and any data about their affects on traffic safety, congestion and air pollution. almeda county authorities call it a clear case of self defense, a ranch owner shot an intruder are on sunday night about 9:00 p.m. on mines road outside of livermore. the intruder recently met the rancher and may have wanted to burglarize the property. authorities tell the east by times, hagan drove a truck into a barn and intoer's home, he shot him when he drove his
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truck toward him. hagan is hospitalized but expected to recover, he faces charges including assault with deadly weapon and felony vandalism. san jose woman died in a freak accident just southeast of sacramento. according to the san jose mercury news 58-year-old debra bedderredded died friday night after she fell out of a golf cart and landed on hards of broken glass from two wine glasses that she was holding at the time. now this happened in a private orchard in the small town of wallace. the newspaper says 57-year-old richard clark who was driving the golf cart was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. all lanes of highway 24 are open this morning after a car sparked a brush fire. it is a timely reminder that fire season is here. fire started just before 1:00 yesterday afternoon, burned 25 acres, the driver pulled over to the side of the road when his car caught fire near the
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wilda road exit. flames quickly spread to the grass and up the hill. >> i was hoping that the ground is still moist, but i was surprised that this quickly the fire started this year. >> eastbound lanes of 24 reopened two hours after the fire started but three westbound lanes did not reopen until after 6:00. firefighters say a wet winter certainly created a new danger, 6-foot tall grass that is fuel for fire. governor brown's trip to china is focused on environmental issues. jana katsuyama the governor continuing to fight climate change with without or the support of the trump administration. >> governor brown spent the week in china where the federal government is drawing back on climate change and clean energy. he sign and agreement to
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cooperate on green energy. high speed rail ride to beijing for a conference this week with energy minister from dozens of nations. the governor is being joined by a delegation from california. >> if the rest of the united states is going to pull back or at least the federal government is going to pull back it doesn't mean that california needs to do that. >> one says california and california companies can gain huge economic benefits from partners with china on clean energy tech together and services. >> california companies to go to china and sell our products and service that we have there, but also to bring their solutions that they have to our state and they have pioneered some incredible solutions. >> last year california imported $144 billion in goods from china, he says china has made big investments in areas such as power and solar
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technology. there is also potential for partnerships in driverless vehicles and clean energy automobiles that many see as an area for job growth. meeting with 75 chain niece companies interested in partnering with california. >> the chinese are good at studying what works and adapting it for themselves. >> bruce pickerring is cruise president of the asia society which has completed several studies. he says governor brown is very well regarded china and meetings send a strong signal to china that the golden state could provide golden opportunities. >> good for california because this is going to be ground zero for future development of clean air policies, technologies and opportunities. >> jana katsuyama. happening today, comedian bill cosby sexual assault trial is continuing. the sequestered jury includes 7 men and 5 women.
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yesterday they heard testimony from one of the dozens of women who have accused cosby of sexual assault. the most important testimony could come in just a few days. reporter allison barber, north town pennsylvania with a look at what we can expected to, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this morning the judge is set to decide whether or not the mother of one of bill cosby's accusers can take the stand. this is day 2 of the trial. >> there will be an argument over my client's mother can testify. and apparently the judge want that. >> a woman named kelly johnson who used to work for bill cosby's agent, telling cosby sexually assaulted her in 1996 and claiming she told her mother after. >> the mother would cooperate what kelly a ledgely indicated
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to her mother about what happened. >> cosby' lawyer responded questioning her credibility. this after opening remarks by prosecutors saying that they would use cosby's own words to convict him of sexually assaulting and drugging a woman named andrea constand. saying cosby's in fidelities made him vulnerable. constand took her to watch him perform and called cosby 50 times in the months after. cosby was joined in court by his former tv daughter cash a knight pulliam. >> constand is expected to testify this week. when she does get on the stand this is the first time she has publicly told her story. allison barber outside of
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philadelphia, thank you so much for that update. today marks 73 years since one of the most significant battles in military history, the invasion of normandy, france took place on june 6th, 1944, it was of turning point, 10,000 allied soldiers died. the event nicknamed d day, the general military term for the day a combat attack or operation begins. small ceremonies and moments of remembrance are being held along beaches an cliffs including only a small number of remaining survivors from that day. 4:38 is the time right now, criminal charges in connection with december's ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland, the charges faced by two men. warriors aren't happy with their two big wins, you are going to hear from the players
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and the coach who say the team would have lost game two if it had been played in cleveland. live look now outside, if you are trying to hit the road this is highway 24, not a bad drive on the way to the tunnel. fog is increasing, in fact it's merging together from north to south, south to north and the breeze has picked up as well. the beginning of a significant cooling trend.
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welcome back, the warriors practice today in cleveland ahead of game 3 of the nba finals. the team boarded a chartered plane and flew off to ohio. the warriors have looked impressive for the two games of the sero's they know they are
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halfway toward their goal. they were in the same spot last year 2 games to none and unable to close it out. this season will be much different. >> there is an 8 on the stat sheet that i need to correct when we go to cleveland. because the points that i gave up off turnovers and will electrify the cloud and team and things we have to eliminate. >> the warriors are 14 and 0 so far in the postseason which breaks the nba ever for most consecutive playoff wins. game 3 is testimony tomorrow night tipoff at 6:00. there are watch parties being held all over the by area, last year finals there will be a giant screen set up at san francisco civic plaza, family friendly, no alcohol. the warriors are hosting
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several watch parties of their own, gatherings around at restaurants along with inside orca oracle arena. joe fonzi will report from cleveland. >> especially the folks who cut the cord and can't watch the game at home. let's talk baseball, it's all about pitching for the san francisco giants as they took on the milwaukee brewers. struck out 10 batters, without allowing a walk, that puts him at 59 strikeouts and one walk in the past 7 starts. giants were down by 1 in the fifth inning. nunez was able to tie it up with this solo home run. aaron hill rips one right to left and brings in two runs putting the joy ants ahead. it just kept getting better from there. the giants were able to win by a final 7-2.
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ryan heelly, he brought the a's to a victory against the toronto blue jays with two home runs. the first came in the second inning when the blue jays were leading by 1. heelly hit a 3 run home run putting the a's to a 3-12 lead. fourth inning heelly hit another two run home runs, they won with a final 5-3. well a fan favorite is returning to monday night football. >> already bobbing your head. >> classic tune. espn is bringing back hank williams junior to perform the theme song, this comes six years after williams drew criticism for comparing president obama golfing with former house speaker john boehner to i can't do hitler and benjamin netanyahu playing a round together. we are going to hear williams'
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new song is september 11th when the saints take on the vikings on opening night. >> it is going to be a new song. >> i think he is going to revamp the song. >> it's catchy. >> you will be bobbing your head. >> i think i will. >> to the new one, i am sure. are you ready for some traffic? >> who watches monday night football with this schedule? >> between this schedule and my kids who are very very busy, yes, evening tv is a little rough, you go the at that watch it -- >> are you ready for some bedtime! that's what i am going to be singing. good morning everyone. you know, i get up at like 3:00. let's take a look at the commute. traffic is going to be busy on 580 westbound and on 205 as you drive out to livermore and pleasanton, a couple of monitoring things but for the most part there is that normal slow down we see especially on
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205. we are also looking at the commute in the east bay where traffic is doing very well in both directions on 880 and on 580 as you drive through oakland. and if you get to the bay bridge toll plaza westbound you can see that traffic is going to be a little bit slow in some of those lanes. 4:46, let's bring steven. >> that is true. i don't watch what i used to. >> a little more, but nowadays have you to be rested and ready to come play which steve, pam, dave, alex, mike. >> mike, yes. >> you know. >> get your rest. >> exactly. thank you. well are you ready for some cooler weather? i know, up towards ukiah, clear lake, antioch, probably take another day. a beautiful morning here, 54 in martinez, calm. we are 53 so he is right there also our current temp. 49 by the concord.
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50 lafayette. low 50s these are up by about 5- 7 degrees compared to yesterday. there is a breeze kicking up as well l is also a gooded fog bank forming. pretty impressive system for june is inching closer, starting to work into tomorrow. the leading edge will push in to a low cloud deck. upper east, low 60s unless you are towards santa cruz they are warmer. around the bay, so some warmer then them splitting the difference, down 4-5 compared to yesterday. there is a much bigger fog presence, more of an on shore push. they need a little kick and it is going to get it from the on coming system. west, southwest 18. not crazy but stronger than yesterday. 50s on most of the temps a few 40s, san to rosa 47. missing data here? palo alto, there they are, good morning. upper 40s, sanford is at 43
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yesterday. woodside 41. so they are running warmer as well. 50 hillborough and pacific a 49. low cloud deck making a push over san pablo bay, also over the bay. nice inland working its way in with high -- the line still looks to be with marin county, sacramento northward south of that, more drizzle than anything else, you are looking quarter inch to some. feather river canyon there could be decent amounts in june. 50s, 60s, 70s, near the water 70s to mid 8 east, the trend is set. the warmest day yesterday. cooler wet into thursday, friday. pretty breezy pattern into the weekend warmer on sunday. not that much. still below normal. >> wow, okay. >> thank you, steve. >> any time. 4:49 is the time, new video to show you this morning, this
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is an incredible act of bravery caught on police dash cam in illinois. a man notice add car running a red light and heading look at that into on-coming traffic, he dove through the window while it was still moving, stopping the car and preventing a possible crash. the man say the police stayed by the driver, the driver suffered a seizure behind the wheel. just incredible that he took that action to dive in and stop that car. >> brave move right there. 4:49 is the time right now, a news network caught in a sticky situation after accompany that produces that so called pink slime is suing the network, more on the potential billion dollars trial who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. authorities in orlando are still trying to figure out why a former disgruntled employee shot and killed five people yesterday at his former workplace before taking his own life. investigators say 45-year-old john anonymous man came into a door and started shooting. -- neuman came into a door and started shooting. investigators say all of the victims killed with targeted. >> i thought possibly another terrorist attack, honestly.
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i was hoping for the best. >> he was certainly seeing out individuals that he shot. >> neuman has a record of minor charges and investigators say in 2014 he was accused of beating up a coworker. police were called but he was never charged. the trial continues today in a lawsuit filed against avc and one of its national cor upon dents, bow products incorporated is suing for $5.7 billion in damages. this all stem from a 2012 report which several scientists were interviewed about lean, finally textured beef that is added to 70% or had been added to about 70% of ground beef at that time. one of the scientist its referred to it as pink slime and the name stuck. beef products incorporated said they lost 80% of revenue and had to close three out of four plants because of the report implied their product was not beef or meat at all.
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this trial is expected to go until the end of july. the state senate has approve add bill that would car california from doing business with companies bidding on the border wall, it would hurt immigrant families and environment. the republicans say the law would damage the work force. >> one of the most important things we have in california is jobs, trying to bring jobs back. and we should not confuse the issue of working people with political policy. >> the state assembly will take up the measure and u.s. congress has yet to approve funding for the border wall. it's been three years since voters approved proposition 47 which triggered the release of thousands of prisoners an saved millions of dollars. prop 47 reduced the penalty for low level, nonviolent crime from a felony to a misdemeanor leading to the release of 5000 inmate from state prisons.
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prop 47 required the money saved to be spent on programs aimed at keeping former inmates from returning to prison. >> the adage, nothing stopped a crime, let's say, other than a job. so if you have housing and you've got a job then i think you are on your way to a real fundamentally solid life. >> almeda county learned it is getting $6 million in prop 47 money over the next three years and it will be used to help those recently released prosecute prison. it is 4:55, coming up, two men now facing criminal charges in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. as the almeda county district says they knowingly created fire risk. taking on amazon echo, the smart home speaker unveiled in san jose and what is in store for today.
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good morning, we are looking at the bay bridge and right now the approach to the toll plaza it looks pretty good. about a half-hour or so before this commute starts slowing down, tell you more about it straight ahead. already a much bigger fog bank, we had monday morning, so there will be cooling inland after toasty temps yesterday. trend for cooler weather begins today. breyers natural vanilla. milk and fresh cream, and only sustainably farmed vanilla. what is this? a vanilla bean? mmm! breyers the good vanilla. we use non-gmo sourced ingredients in some of america's favorite flavors. mmm! to test her favorite soap... against dove. so we are using this test paper... ...that represents skin.
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the paper is dissolving... and dove is not dissolving... at all! with < moisturizing cream dove is gentler on your skin.
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fire. locked in prison without the possibility of parole, a jury delivered that sentence for the man convicted of killing more began hill teenager sierra lamar. welcome back mornings on 2, tuesday june 6th. i'm pam cook. >> i am mike mibach. >> i'm popping up at 2:00 a.m. >> it's okay for a couple days,. >> on your way home about 10:15 what are you thinking? >> very nice. >> look at the positive. we have a little start of a
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cooler pattern here begins today and really kicks in tomorrow and thursday. yes, could get some rain north of the golden gate by thursday, look at that system, is this march, april this no that is june. inching closer to us, it will weaken as we get closer. ahead of the cold ocean temps it's cranking up the fog bank. inland almost still in the upper 80s, cooling off, waiting on that breeze to see if it decreases or increases. sacramento valley might get cooler. east on the temps. most so than the 40s. coast and by dealing with a big fog bank. system is on its way. sunny away from the coast. 50s to 80s a few upper 80s. the trend has started at 4:59, what's going on in traffic? i hope nothing. >> there is not a lot going on, steve. we want it to be nice and quiet and we try to deliver as much as we can. but there is some slow traffic
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already. lucy that if you are driving in, let's say from the tracy area, you will see slow traffic through 205 and 580 which is typical if you drive it every day it would be the same thing that you see and no problems getting into livermore and driving over to the dublin interchange. this is a look at interstate 80 in oakland and the traffic is continuing to move well in both directions. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it is light so far. it looks like someone was in the carpool lane trying to breakthrough those little barriers there. >> yeah. >> that happens i guess. 5:00, let's back to the guessing. thanks, topping or news two men face cell number charges in the death of 36 people in the ghost fire. on the right is a new booking photo of the building manager, derick almeda, on the left is a one time


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