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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the move lifting with the rain coming in. this will be even into san jose by late tomorrow morning. 60s and 70s to near 80. 6:00 in the morning and the traffic is doing what? it is mostly good. we do have a couple of things out there that have caught my attention. for the most part, we are off to a decent start. let's start with east bay commute. let's go with westbound interstate 80 between the parking this bridge and the macarthur maze. a 21 minute drive. there is waiting at the toll plaza, it's backed up for about 20 minutes. not too bad getting into san francisco. in san francisco southbound 101 near the candlestick exit there is a noninjury crash on the right shoulder. it could be causing some delays. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. the traffic is not bad driving past the coliseum. on the san mateo bridge it looks okay. on westbound 92 to
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the peninsula. let's go back to the desk. police in san francisco are investigating an overnight attack at a motel. >> christian is live on market street with the latest. >> reporter: san francisco police just wrapped up their initial investigation here at the scene and have just left. there telling us this was an apparent drug overdose and assault that happened at the same time. police say it happened before 4 am. two men and a woman were in a hotel room at the travelodge at market and valencia. one man reportedly overdosed on heroin. at the same time, another man became -- began beating him with a hammer. another guest just told us what he heard this morning. >> i heard a lady go past my room. she had a hammer in her hand and blood streaming down the side of her face. she was
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sobbing. i saw a young fellow pinned to the ground by a couple in the room opposite hours. >> reporter: that when this telling us he saw blood on the hammer. police were summoned to the scene and emergency crews worked on the victim here and transported him to an area hospital. at this point we don't have an update on his condition. police have detained the other man who was in that room with the victim. we have also heard that the woman who was here at the hotel has also been transported to an area hospital. unclear on what her condition is and also unclear whether she is also facing some kind of assault charge at this point that police are telling us they are investigating this as an aggravated assault. we will try to find more detail on the story and bring it to you throughout the morning. back to you. this morning president trump announced his choice for the next director of the fbi. the president tweeted i will be nominating christopher wray. a man of impeccable credentials
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to be the new director of the fbi. details to follow. christopher wray is an attorney in private practice. he was chris christie's lawyer during the friday trial. today president trump his national security team will face questions about foreign intelligence gathering. this amid new reports of tensions between the president trump and his attorney general jeff sessions. multiple reports suggest attorney general jeff sessions offered to resign in recent weeks amid tensions with president trump. ministration officialsãsessions does not want to resign, but rather freedom to do his job. >> i have not had a discussion with him. >> the white house would not say the president has confidence in sessions. . >> scf confidence in his attorney general? >> i don't, if i haven't had a discussion with him on a subject i cannot speak about it. >> reporter: there also reports
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that -- after the present last -- asked for a probe with michael flynn to be shut down. meantime, the white house is not commenting on the arrest of a federal contractor after a classified report was leaked to suggesting russian hackers attacked u.s. voting software supplier before the 2016 presidential election. >> i think it's important that the american people understand that the russian attempts to break into a number of our state voting processes was broad-based. this as president trump is trying to shift focus to his domestic agenda. >> we are working very hard on massive tax cuts and we are working very hard on the healthcare i think we are going to have some very pleasant surprises for a lot of people. >> today the president heads to ohio to promote his health care plan.
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uc berkeley poll shows there's a big gap between republicans and democrats but also some agreements. starting with the firing of fbi director james comey, 79 percent of democrats object by 65 percent of republicans support mister trump's decision . in the investigation of possible russian influence in the 2016 presidential election 75 percent of democrats say a probe is important. 13 percent of republicans think that way. nearly 60 percent of republicans and democrats support the appointment of robert mueller to investigate the claims of russian influence. we will have complete coverage of the james comey testimony tomorrow. watch mornings on two starting at 4 am for live updates and analysis. if you want to see complete testimony you can also go to ktvu plus, or our news app. a two-year-old boy been
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treated after police say a stranger put methamphetamines in his mouth. allie rasmus is joining us from people's park in berkeley with more on the charges the suspect faces. >> reporter: the charge is attempted homicide for the woman giving that to-year-old methamphetamines. it happened in the middle of the afternoon on monday at people's park we just spoke to two men who frequent the park who say they saw this incident happened. the way they describe it they say a nanny was pushing a younger child in a stroller and a two-year-old she is also taking care of ran at of her to this play structure area at people's park near the swings. the men say that's when they saw a woman who didn't appear to be in her right mind telling the child would you like some candy? according to the witnesses they say a woman forced something into the two-year-old child's mouth. that point the nanny ran over
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to try to see what was in the child's mouth. she found nothing inside but she called uc berkeley police to report the incident. when police arrived they did a psychiatric evaluation of the woman who gave this item, the methamphetamines, to the two- year-old boy. the 36-year-old told them, thomas told paramedics she had given the child methamphetamines . that is what she had put in the two-year-olds mouth. the little boy was checked out of the hospital where doctors discovered he had in fact been given meth. we are told a little boy is recovering. we don't have an update on the child's condition. i checked with university police but you cpd arrested thomas for attempted homicide. back out live it doesn't look like there is a lot of activity in the park but talking to people who come to the park and know the area, anyone who grew up in this area knows people's park is not a park for children
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. apparently, according to the people we talked to, the nanny wasn't aware of that with us all and folded on monday. a mother accused of abandoning her five-year-old daughter in san francisco has surrendered. police say the woman pushed -- the girl out of a parked car near the zoo. the mother drove off with a one- year-old boy in the carpet aromatics who just happened to be in the area took care of the girl who didn't appear to be injured. authorities say a man on a skateboard was seen leaving the area. investigators identified that man is the father of the one-year-old boy. the woman is the mother of both children. the man told police he did not see the girl been pushed out of the car but says his son was with a babysitter in oakland for child protective services is now taking care of the boy and his five-year-old sister. police say there questioning the mother but are not revealing any other details but they will only say the investigation is ongoing. now to our coverage of the warriors. in three of the nba
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finals is tonight in cleveland. the warriors look to carry over all that domination from the first two games on the road. the team worked out yesterday at quicken loans arena but the warriors hope to extend what is now the longest playoff winning streak in nba history. 14 games. the team is downplaying it but if they beat the cavaliers in the next two games the warriors will be the first game to go 16 - 0, sweeping all four playoff series. tipoff of game three is tonight at 6:00 our time. and four will be friday night. that will also be at the quicken loans arena. joe will be reporting live when his coverage starts tonight. if necessary game five would be back at oracle on monday. there is a 21st-century debate over a first amendment right. coming up, free-speech attorneys send a message to the white house until the president to stop blocking users.
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in about 10 minutes a florida mother being criticized for a mother she posted online, the so-called, lesson, she was trying to teach her child.
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developing news in iran after two deadly terror attacks . the iran state run this agency says a total of 12 people were killed. 42 hurt. the first attack was a siege of the parliament. four gunmen stormed at the building and went on a shooting spree before setting off a suicide bomb.
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isis reportedly released video from inside the building showing a gun man and a man's body on the ground next to a desk at all four attackers were killed. in a second attack a shooting in suicide bomb left two security guard dead and several his toes and several hurt at a shrine. one attacker was killed by security guards and a woman was arrested. this is the first attack on iran by isis. turning to our coverage of the ghost ship warehouse investigation. now that the da is charging two tenants in connection to last december's fire there are questions about whether the building's owner should also be prosecuted. our legal analyst says the owner could be criminally liable even though some has described her as an absentee landlord. >> she is ultimately responsible for this. she owns the building. is she to say i didn't know
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what was going on? okay. you might not know what's going on, but how about if you didn't know you should have known. >> the building manager is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow in alameda county court. his defense team will hold a news conference on friday. the other defendant is max harris, dorm into their warehouse raid were 36 people were killed. harris is currently jailed in southern california. he is expected to be transferred to the east bay late this week . the bay area news group reports he was living in a converted warehouse space in los angeles like the ghost ship warehouse that was not zoned for residential use. you can see the news conference by his defense team scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on friday. we will show alive to you here on ktvu as well as two investigates has learned of the master tenant involved in another deadly fire in oakland that could face legal auction -- axon. low
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income housing was provided at a building on san pablo avenue in west oakland. four people died in that location in march. rojas is offering other locations including in stockton. the fire department has taken action against the property owner and rojas for multiple fire hazards. records show last year residents reported issues like no smoke detectors and water that smelled and taste like mold. last week power was turned off. the city says rojas didn't pay the bill. the attorney for the nonprofit says it's being scapegoated. >> this is an extension of ghost ship and an extension of the san pablo fire. this will go on over the bay area. this is indicative of our landlord-tenant laws. we had to sit down with leaders and re-create these laws. >> currently rojas landlord and the city of stockton are in negotiations to decide what to do with families living on the
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property. one option is to relocate them to the nonprofits other locations in sacramento and oakland. attorneys for two twitter user sent letters to the white house demanding they be unblocked from president trump's twitter accounts. they were blocked after they posted negative responses to some of the presidents tweets. >> use the president of violating their first amendment rights. no response yet from the white house. let's head back over to sal for a check of the roads. >> good morning. we do have a nice look at the east bay commute. not too bad. we have a look at highway 24 right here. you can see this looks pretty good on the way to the tunnel. in a minute we will look at 680 and highway four as well. first, i want to look at the east shore because a lot of people here in berkeley, it's a little crowded but it's only a 24 minute ride from the cockiness bridge to the maze. another 15 or 20 minute delay at the toll plaza. we told you
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about highway four that is low through pittsburgh and bay point. 680 from the venetia bridge to walnut creek looks pretty good. 680 is a little bit slow out of pleasanton heading south toward fremont. let's bring stephen with today's weather. >> we have a pretty significant change on the way for june. the weather map looks like march . not june. we have a system on the way. it is already bringing up some higher clouds. low clouds have been ramped up. it's turning cloudy with son some in the morning. cloudy and cooler tomorrow with morning rain. not morning sun, morning rain. cool and windy into the weekend with temperatures well below average. today will be morning low clouds , cooler with increasing clouds throughout the day. we still have a ways to go. more afternoon cloud cover then mornings. you will be all right if you
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have something to do. this time tomorrow morning you may not be. the system looks to be holding together and getting support for jet stream support, it's rotating in and looking pretty solid for tomorrow for rain. it will move in overnight for my forecast zone, mendocino county, lake county, napa by tomorrow morning and amounts could be decent. again, i'm drawing the line from about santa rosa, napa, northwood. it looks like some rain will make it south. san francisco, sfo just shy of a quarter of an inch. paulo alto 1/10 of an inch. from napa to santa rosa up to half an inch. more so heading toward sacramento over the weekend. half-inch or two thirds up in ukiah. on the north coast there could be up to two inches of rain. that system will move in in the next 12 or 24 hours. low clouds in place. the breezes are picking up the
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usual suspects are the altamont pass, 29, 37. i think it will hit 40 pretty soon. 50s on the temperatures with cloud coverage holding up a few of these lows. helzberg, creighton, linnell. 34 truckee. 54 ukiah. right now okay but cloud coverage is on the way. it will make for some high ability -- elevation snow in the next 24 hours. low clouds will be lifted. there is plenty here to carve itself out over the entire west coast between tonight into sunday, maybe even early monday. 60s and 70s with a couple of low 80s. otherwise, temperatures are on their way down. cloud coverage is on the move for the weekend. a life lesson or bad parenting? a mother accused of letting a snake bite her daughter. coming up, the family defends the decision.
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what we could find on top of the border wall and how it would generate money. ♪ ♪
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a florida woman could be charged with a felony after investigators say she allowed a toddler to be written by a snake
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. >> investigators say the woman wanted to teach her one-year- old a lesson. we want to warn some viewers they may find this video disturbing. >> ♪ [music] ♪ [ crying ] [ laughter ] >> this video was released by the highland county sheriff's department yesterday. the mother gives her daughter a plastic container and inside was a nonvenomous red rattlesnake. the child's grandmother says they have always lived around animals and that she did that same thing to her daughter. >> she put it on facebook for all of these morons. as far as teaching the child? no. i don't regret her doing it. we brought our kids up the same way. but obviously, it's not a good idea. there are teachable moments you can have with a child and that didn't seem like a good one. >> authority say the child was not hurt. it is going to be up
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to the florida state attorney's office as to whether or not they should file charges. >> hayward has joined other cities in officially declaring itself a sanctuary city. the city council propose the sanctuary city last night. the resolution says the city seeks to foster trust between city officials and residents regardless of immigration status. fee fear of deportation during the crackdown on illegal immigration under president trump has driven some poor people off of food stamps. many families include a mix of legal residence like children who were born in the u.s. and parents who were not. it is often an adult who is not a legal resident who applies for the benefit. many are now too afraid to sign up or are letting their benefits expire. the department of agriculture says applying for food stamps does not heard a person's immigration status or their chances of becoming a u.s. citizen.
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president trump may consider using solar panels to offset the cost of building his border wall. he suggested covering the wall with solar panels that are --. he supposedly says electricity could be used to help pay for the cost of building the border wall . the planned wall along the mexican border has been estimated to cost more than 20 alien dollars. hundreds of complaints and now nearly 2 dozen people out at uber. coming up, how the ride sharing company is trying to shake things up to prevent even more hr problems. this morning chp is searching for the driver who struck and killed a man and his dog. they were walking along a street in bay point last night. will tell you about information investigators have in this case , coming up. we can see that traffic is going to be busy if you're driving. in many areas already. this is the 880 in front of the coliseum. you can see traffic is moving
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along okay getting up to the coliseum. it's not too often we talk about rain in june. it sure looks like it's in the forecast for tomorrow morning. today that transition day is cooler with bigger impacts from the fog. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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>> let's get you over to steve . we have some changes in the weather. >> changes starting today. cooler weather. warmer weather will be back for some of you that before -- that prefer the warmer weather. i can't really do much about what's coming in. turning cloudy today with a mix of high and low clouds. increasing clouds throughout the day leading to cloudy and cooler conditions. morning rain. it could be some decent amounts north of the golden gate park cooler and windy as we go into the weekend. unseasonably cool for some. we may not get above 70 near concorde, livermore, san jose in santa rosa. our system is moving in. already on the north coast cloud cover. radar shows returns off the coast. it will be until tonight or tomorrow morning until this system rolls in. it's showing signs of holding together. the low clouds are there but the breeze is picking up.
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gusts now to 37 and 30+ at the altamont pass. 30s on the temperature but cloud coverage comes in and the breeze picks up and the system will move in and taken over northern california over the weekend. that will keep us very cool. 6070s on the temperatures to a few soft 80s s. >> soft 80s. >> like lionel richie? >> exactly. [ laughing ] good morning. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have pretty standard delays at the toll plaza. the traffic is going to be back up for about 20 minutes or so as you drive through. san mateo bridge just after the toll plaza, something is going on there. it's a chp commercial unit and a chp cruiser with the ford explorer and another car. it could be a ticket or an accident. whatever it is it may be slowing traffic. also, we got a tweet from
6:31 am
someone in hayward. i always appreciate the good info. a3 car crash jackson street at santa clara street at hayward. thank you for that info. that is an area that is always crowded right about here. you will see some slow traffic in downtown hayward were getting out of downtown hayward. let's go back to the desk. all new, the chp is looking for the driver responsible for a deadly hit and run in contra costa county. the victim, a man and his dog. alex savage joins us live with more on what happened. >> reporter: good morning. investigators don't have a lot to go on as they try to track down this driver who struck and killed a man and his dog as they were both walking along this part of port chicago highway near bay point late last night. the deadly crash happened just before 11:00 as a man was walking his dog along the highway close to lakeview
6:32 am
drive. the chp says the victim in this case is a man likely in his 40s . investigators have not said where he is from. investigators also do not have a description at this point of what kind of a vehicle was involved in this hit and run crash. there working to develop that information. witnesses may be difficult to come by given where this happened along a desolate stretch of port chicago highway. also given the time of night this happened , just before 11 pm last night. if anybody has any information about last nights deadly hit and run crash that left a man and his dog dead they should put in a call to the chp as soon as possible. they are trying to track this driver down as soon as they can. cancer patient from the central valley who is being treated in the bay area is now facing attempted murder charges . palo alto police is a 58-
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year-old yu chen wasn't planning to killed three doctors at stanford medical center who were caring for him. investigators say he was angry claiming doctors had treated him like a laboratory monkey. police say he had two handguns and maps to the doctors home and he was arrested. >> it's our belief that he was dissatisfied with the treatment he was receiving and felt that his condition had deteriorated or he wasn't recovering from his condition as a result of the treatment he got from these doctors and he was intent on killing them. >> investigators say chen also planned to kill himself. documents reveal a man told authorities he has stage iv cancer and doesn't have long to live. uber addressing their will -- workplace culture after accusations of sexual assault, pulling and other behaviors. complaints that go back as far
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as 2012, mostly from employees base of the company's san francisco headquarters. uber says it has now created an anonymous helpline for employees to report incidents and says dozens of employees are being referred for training . >> you don't have an organization turning itself around because they fired 20 folks who got in trouble, you find an organization turning around because it really needs to enact change. that's a long-term process.. cooper is also improving his hr department and making changes to the company's employee handbook. the initial investigation started in february after a former employee alleged she was sexually harassed and experienced gender bias during her time at the company. the livermore county school district keeping charter schools open to the end of the school year. the company that operates the schools filed for bankruptcy in november because of declining enrollment that created financial problems. the east bay times reports both schools will shut down at the end of
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the month. the tri-valley learning corporation runs the livermore valley charter school and livermore valley charter preparatory. the two schools combined cover kindergarten through high school. the napa unified school district is planning to cut more than 100 jobs as it looks for ways to close a $12 million budget gap. the napa valley register reports that most of the jobs being eliminated are held by teachers who are retiring at the end of the year. 42 other people are being laid off. the district says enrollment is declining and it also plans to cut school programs as a way to cut cost. bill cosby arrived in courthouse in the last hour. today andrea constant will go through a second day of the court hearing. yesterday she told the court that she looked at cosby as a mentor.
6:36 am
then she described how back in 2004 he gave her pills that made her woozy and then assaulted her. another woman testified cosby drugged and blessed her in 1996. her attorney says she expected the defense to attack the credibility of both accusers. >> attacks on andrea constance and her mother, i think they will try to take very tiny inconsistencies and blow them up . >> cosby could be sentenced to 10 years in prison if convicted of sexual assault. the man suspected of killing an australian tourist last week outside a san francisco hotel broke down in court when he entered his not guilty plea. david rio from san bernardino county wept openly in the courtroom. police early last friday morning he got into a fist fight with matthew bait police say mario punched bay to then fell and hit his head on the concrete. bait later died at the hospital. maria's attorney says his
6:37 am
client acted in self-defense. >> he's a gentle, hard-working man with two little girls. now he finds himself, he has never been in trouble in his life, and he finds himself in a holding tank. of course, you are in shock. >> rio is charged with involuntary manslaughter. bail is set at $100,000. he's due back in court on friday. a fan of milo yiannopoulos is suing the mayor of berkeley. she claims her civil rights and first amendment rights were violated. there were violent protests on campus before below you nablus had a chance to speak and the event was canceled -- was canceled. now the student says she was put in danger because she expressed a different point of view from the people protesting his appearance. she is asking for $23 million in damages. uc berkeley says it will defend its handling of the situation. students and faculty are mourning the death of a popular pleasanton high school teacher who died one day after retiring . 50 sexual eric deal top biology for nearly 40 years.
6:38 am
he died suddenly saturday night after he came home from seeing a movie. >> he always has a positive vibe that makes everybody feel better. i'm going to miss that the most. >> he loved getting into the classroom . the kids made him smile. they loved him. >> no word on the cause of death. he leaves behind a wife and three children. pg&e has been ordered to pay a $400,000 fine for a transmission tower that fell over in october 2015 and caused a massive blackout in monterey county. california public utilities commission says the tower at the moss landing substation was not properly installed causing it to come down. more than 55 causing it to come down. more than 55,000 customers lost power and some for up to 17 hours.
6:39 am
pg&e says since that incident it has inspected all recently constructed towers to make sure they were installed correctly. one of the primary routes to the -- the baker berry tunnel will reopen saturday. it underwent some major repairs over the past six months. there's no lighting systems and pavement . the project also included water and sewer line replacements. a two-year-old boy given methamphetamine at a berkeley playground. coming up, that's range are now under arrest. 43 miles of track and safety concerns surrounding the new smart train. northbay drivers are no longer getting off with a warning. a deal that may make google san jose the new campus in how many jobs could be heading to the area. if you're driving onto bay area bridges right now they are mostly good. we see traffic okay on the san mateo bridge heading over to the peninsula. a big ramp up on the low clouds. higher clouds will slowly work their way in.
6:40 am
a pretty significant pattern change for june. more on that coming up.
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let's check in on how the markets are doing. have only been open for less than 10 minutes. everything is slightly up . the dow is up very slightly. the s&p also up about four points. obviously, the big news this morning is president trump tweeting about his new.
6:43 am
for the fbi director. we will see how that affects the market today. a massive new high tech campus google could be in the works for san jose with 20,000 employees. the mayor and other city leaders announced negotiations could begin later this month on the project. the new google devolvement would be centered on the site of the old stevens me company plans call for 6 million square feet of mixed-use property to be built at that location near the deer don transportation hub . >> we have worked for several years with our surrounding neighborhoods and the downtown community to reimagine these 250 acres and the developments that will center around what will become the busiest multimodal station in the western united states. >> officials say the project could rival or even door of apple's new headquarters in cupertino. san jose city council will decide whether enter formal negotiations with google later this month. during the test the annual
6:44 am
shareholder meeting yesterday the company teased the public with an image of an upcoming model why electric sub. shareholders also heard more about the model three, teslas first mass-market electric car. this company says it's goal is to make 5000 of the sedans each week by the end of the year. the model three has a starting price of about $35,000. 2020 is a targeted release date for the upcoming sub. walmart is testing a giant vending machine. it retreats -- is for customers making it easier for them to pick up their online order. the way it works is customers order their groceries online or through an app and select two. of the order from the 20 just a 24 hour kiosk. orders are stored in bins in the kiosk. customers type in a code and get their order . the kiosk is being tested for consumer feedback before expanding to other locations. and a list of the world's most valuable [ indiscernible ]
6:45 am
is out. oh -- branches out. google, apple and microsoft hold the first three spots. google is worth about 246 is worth about $246 billion. amazon and facebook round out that list of the top five for china's consent which makes online games, apps and add-ons is ranked eighth. it is valued at 108 alien dollars, up 27 percent from last year. it may come as no surprise golden state warrior fans, they are ranked as one of the most valuable franchises in the nba. the list puts golden state at number three with a value of $2.6 billion. lakers made the list at number two worth $3 billion. at number one is the new york knicks worth 3.6 $3.6 billion. a day after coming out the disabled list jesse hahn was back on the mound for the oakland a's as they took on the blue jays last night. han had been out for three weeks with a
6:46 am
strained try sept. no problems last night. he did not allow a run from the blue jays for six innings. the game also featured some pretty good defense. josh donaldson went up the middle. alonso heads home. in the bottom of the six the a's were up 2 - one . the tag on two more . the final was 4 - 1. it had been a long season for the san francisco giants. it was dark in the park night at milwaukee. giants taking on the brewers. it was not the night the giants fans were hoping for. if four run second inning by the brewers did it in for the giants and then this play by brandon crawford on this hit, the error allows two runs to score. the brewers win the game with a final of 5 - 2. let's take a look at what's coming up in the next hour. is back we have been reporting on a law against seat hogging on barge. that rule may be sent -- to be
6:47 am
rescinded the original intent was to take people from taking up more than one seat on the train by giving heart the option to find those seat hugs. it really hasn't been enforced since last fall. why critics are against it and how soon it could be officially rescinded. if you have ever had your car stolen, i have, it's hard to believe that car is gone. imagine the surprise when the state department of general services realize 21 of its cars were stolen from a parking garage over memorial day weekend. we will tell you where and how those cars are showing up. who has been arrested and what one person had to say about the security of those vehicles when they are not being driven. these stories and more when i join you in just minutes. >> i want to hear more about your car being stolen. >> right in front of the house. i did one of these like the cartoons. police found it a few weeks later totally stripped. >> i had my car stolen also.
6:48 am
>> it's so hard to believe it's not there. >> it is shocking. the smart train board of directors is expected to tell us when the service will officially launch the police are already cracking down on drivers. >> there are more than 60 crossings on the smart line between san rafael and santa rosa. police are ticketing those who block the road crossings. there trying to get word out about safety and how long it takes the trains to stop. if a train applies its emergency brake when it's traveling 55 miles an hour it takes a full minute for it to come to a stop. >> we have seen people sing i was only in the intersection for a few minutes. even a few seconds could cost you your life. it's better to get a ticket as opposed to being involved in a collision with a train. >> san rafael police as a body cameras will record drivers who straddle the tracks, just in case anyone's to contest their citation. >> when the smart train is up and running it will make the
6:49 am
commute easier. how is the commute today? it's good. i had my car stolen once. people around here in the newsroom all have stories. >> everyone is raising their hands. >> except this guy. >> so far so good. >> it was in san francisco when i was at work. >> i got my car stolen from the station parking lot at my first job. >> good morning. let's look at the commute. traffic is going to be slow on highway 24 in lafayette. low as you pass the bart station and gets better on the way to orinda and into the commute. this is a look at 80 westbound to the macarthur maze. a 30 minute drive. not bad for this time of the morning as you head to the area. you can see traffic is crowded near the hoffman split, 580 and 80. also this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza this looks like a 25 or 30 minute delay at the toll plaza. a busy wednesday trying to get into
6:50 am
san francisco. on the same -- on the san mateo bridge it looks okay. 880 is slow heading toward hayward and the 92 interchange. 580 still looks okay. a little slow on the altamont pass. let's bring in steve now. >> i guess i have been the lucky one. >> my car they found almost right away. someone had different -- had driven it a few blocks and dumped it. when you come outside and your car is gone someone stole it or it was towed. >> that has happened. >> in san francisco i had my car towed. imagine that. big changes on the way. a couple of people are writing me sing why is it so windy? what's going on? well, it's just an unseasonably strong system that will move in. may was pretty quiet. that was the quietest, driest month we have had since september. we haven't had good rain since october.
6:51 am
things seem to be picking up. overcast and 57. let's take a look at that. there is a little bit down there. more so than what the satellite shows. san jose, campbell area around 56 or 57. 49 in san martin. 53 sinecures. 45 boulder creek. a cooler wednesday with increasing clouds. 50s and 60s by the coast. this is the start of a big time cooling trend which will take us into monday. the system is inching closer. we get some morning sun. the higher clouds are getting close . we will see increasing clouds throughout the day. it is getting close. it's almost parallel now. how about rain? will we get rain or drizzle? it looks like rain. this system is showing signs of being stronger. the bulk will be towards golden gate bridge north. marin county, napa county, celano,
6:52 am
sacramento county north. up to have an inch. even 1/10 of an inch down toward palo alto and fremont. san jose in the mix for tomorrow morning. another system comes in saturday night and sunday. this will be an unseasonably cool pattern if you're heading to the mountains. keep that in mind. you'll notice a huge change. we will notice it here also. the wind has picked up, gusting to 40 at travis. 30+ at the altamont pass 50s on the temperatures. east bay temperatures mostly low 50s. low clouds are getting help from that system which is really strong. the amount of moisture is off the chart for this time of year. that is what has to swing in. we start today with cool weather. still a few low 80s but most in the 60s and 70s. i think we can say goodbye to the 80s for about five days. i don't see any change. a very cool, windy pattern with
6:53 am
rain tomorrow morning. unseasonably cool over the weekend. >> we will take it because we have to. [ laughing ] thanks. an east bay wedding run the following a large fight. the family is still feeling the impacts. what they want from the city of fremont. is your local bart station safe? passengers wanting answers can now take advantage of a new tool.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
a webpage now shows police incidents near bart station. it is the police department has a direct fee to the crime mapping software and users can search by specific stations or types of crime. several departments across the bay area also provide crime data to that site. family members of a man injured during a wedding brawl in fremont say they are getting frustrated with the investigation. the fight broke out in the parking lot of the royal palace a month ago and evolved about 70 people. witnesses say it was started by uninvited guests. magic gil says his brother tried to interview but was beaten unconscious. the father of two was initially in the, and he is still hospitalized. he is improving but his brother says he will likely never make a full recovery. >> we're going through all the pain and suffering. family members can't even sleep because it happened. we are all worried about his health.
6:57 am
>> so far only one person has been arrested. the family would like to see more people held accountable. at last night city council meeting they asked police to step up their investigation. fremont police say the main suspect has been arrested but the case is still open. voters rejected a rent control measure. the measure would have limited rent increase to three percent a year and would have prevented landlords from evicting tenants without a cause. the city council passed a similar measure last august but put it on hold after voters petition to have it put on a citywide ballot the measure was defeated by five percent margin . a new list ranking the safest states is out. vermont is at the top of the list by credit score website while it how. is followed by maine, massachusetts, minnesota and new hampshire. california came in at 21st. at the bottom of the list is
6:58 am
mississippi. while at home says the list is based on 37 key safety indicators including assault, deployment, and climate disasters per capita. a story now about a 95- year-old woman from marin county who was one of 6 million women known as rosie the riveter's. >> unless our stories are told and people realize what women did it's lost. it will be lost. >> phyllis says she wants to educate the public about the role women played during world war ii. the fairfax resident worked at the shipyards in richmond during the war. she says she saw job openings for welders and applied. she was initially turned it down. she tried four times before she was finally hired. >> that war couldn't have been one the way it was without the women. every man that was drafted, his job was filled in by a woman regardless of what the job was. >> now she will be headed to a reunion of rosie's this weekend in kansas city thanks to the help of a national nonprofit .
6:59 am
the twilight wish foundation granted her wish to attend. the countdown is on to the 2017 outside lands music festival at san francisco's golden gate park. >> ♪ [music] ♪ >> some of the big bands slated to take the stage include lord, metallica and who . the single day tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10 am. this year's festival runs from august 11 festival runs from august 11-13. we have posted a full list of all the acts set to take the stage along with ticket information on our homepage information on our look for it in web links. president trump announces his nomination for the new head of the fbi. what we know about the man he is picking to replace james comey. a woman accused of giving a toddler drugs at a berkeley playground. the alarming encounter now under investigation. that's all i had. mornings on two starts next.
7:00 am
seriously a dramatic change for june. clouds are on the move and the temps are coming down and they don't rebound for a while. what a wonderful morning on clear lake, a little cooler and cloudier, i love spring, well, why not? we don't have a clear lake temperature, but 48 here in brightton. brightton. = then higher clouds are moving ove the lake -- and you willget the rain


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