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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  June 8, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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icken sandwich with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce. you crave it, we serve it. crave van! now to today's top stories. former fbi director james comey told the senate intelligence committee under oath that ebels the president fired him because of the ongoing russia investigation. comey also accused the president of lying about the reason why james comey was fired. and he said president trump asked for his loyalty in exchange for keeping his job at the fbi, something the president's personal attorney later denied. one of two men charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire made his first court appearance today. cameras were not allowed as derick almena appeared before a judge. he did not enter a plea to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. next week he will be joined in court by the second defendant,
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max harris. this is the booking photo we received after harris was booked into santa rita jail in dublin. parents of students at cabrillo elementary school are being notified that a student found a lancet and pricked the skin of up to a dozen students. you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. investigators are looking into a string of suspicious fires this morning. >> there were at least six fires in the willow glenn area of san jose. investigators are trying to figure out whether those fires are linked to any others. >> reporter: this man can't believe what happened shortly after he closed up his convenience store at willow and vine san jose early thursday morning. >> they say, your building is
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on fire. >> reporter: investigators say a fire started around 4:45 in the morning in the back of the store behind this metal gate, and flames spread to two rooms. the distraught business owner said his surveillance system was among the items charred. >> i feel bad. i don't know. that's the first time in my life, and i don't know, like, why whoever did it. >> reporter: firefighters say this was one of at least six suspicious fires within a two- mile area. all of them started outside which has investigators concerned. >> concerning in the fact that any time you have a suspicious fire, it's suspicious because they're simultaneous fires because it does tax our crews. >> reporter: other damage included a dumpster and burned trash at willow and clarke in north willow glenn where a car's bumper was collared and the license plate holder melted. one neighbor here captured this surveillance video showing someone on a bake in the area just before the fire started.
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watch the upper portion of the screen. after the bicyclist crosses the street, you see the glow of the fire a few minutes later, and then crews arrive. down the street another pile burned right in front of a home under construction. bob pierce says his neighbor just happened to wake up, see the fire, and grab a garden hose to put it out. >> just glad that my neighbor saw it when he did, because it could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: investigators aren't saying if the fires are related to one last month at a church. church members say video surveillance showed someone in a hoodie scale a fence and set the fire. homeowners in this neighborhood say they're worried if someone is setting fires that it could escalate to target homes. meanwhile the investigation continues. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. new at 6:30 tonight a bay area immigration consultant is facing charges after she
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allegedly violated an act meant to protect immigrants. she owns a company and is a radio talk show host. the district attorney says i willer of rase rivera fail to post a notice that she and a her employees were not attorneys. three of her employees were charged with a misdemeanor each. the former project manager for a construction company filed a lawsuit against the company and its owners. she is accusing them of racial discrimination and harassment. tara moriarty tells us the woman says she was fired after she said she got a purse as a present. >> reporter: this is the purse emblazoned with the confederate flag that she said was given to her by her boss at a christmas party. >> it made me sick to my stomach and i felt like dirt. >> reporter: what's more, tucked inside the purse, photos
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of wright's boss dressed like president trump, a confederate flag and the slogan, the south land will rise again are in the background. his wife an a knit that is also posing. >> put those pictures inside of a bag and gave it to me as a gift, the only black girl that works here. this is not a joke. this is very serious. >> reporter: when the 37-year- old married mother of one complained about the gift she was promptly fired from her job as a project administrator at south land construction management based in pleasanton. >> so i've dealt with employment discrimination cases. i've dealt with race based cases. i've never dealt with something that was so offensive. >> reporter: wright is now suing the company. we reached out to the company but they did not return our phone call. as far as the gift wright believes that it was rather a threat for complaining about an incident that happened during a meeting a few weeks prior. >> he told us that we were [
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bleep ] and we need to take notes on the project that he was going to discuss. >> reporter: wright says the workplace was hostile where those that were indian, chinese, or mexican also faced discrimination. >> this shows us how people feel that his presence, that his statements make it okay for others to act with hatred and to come forward and feel that they can do this with impunity. >> i want awareness. i want accountability. i want people to know that they do not have to stand for anything like this. >> reporter: in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, tragedy in atlanta after a bus carrying members of a student ministry mission overturns. details on the death and injury. plus, election day in the u.k. what exit polls are showing and what it could mean for parliament. serving in government is a huge honor but it is also a
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great responsibility.
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one person has died after a bus overturned this afternoon in atlanta after colliding with another vehicle. officials say as many as 38 other people were hurt. the bus was carrying members of a student ministry from a church in alabama and was on its way to the airport. the 11th and 12th grade students were about to begin a missionary trip to africa. four of the injured are said to be in critical condition
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tonight. new at 6:30, yahoo shareholders have approved the company's nearly $4.5 billion sale to verizon. verizon is preparing to combine yahoo and aol and is planning to down size the company by 15%. that means about 2100 jobs will be cut. the final vote comes about a year after the acquisition was first announced. the deal is expected to close on tuesday. exit polls are predicting a loss for the british prime minister's conservative party in today's u.k. election. teresa may called for the vote. she hoped to build on the brexit election. but much of the campaign focused on reports that may had
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lost hundreds of jobs. >> serving in government is a honor but a great responsibility, and that responsibility is greater now than it ever has been because our country is facing great challenges. >> there are reports tonight that the conservative party will drop from 330 sites in parliament to 3 14. that's a dozen seats short of a play jour tee. brexit negotiations begin in about two weeks. the highway patrol in the sky. up next, we look up, way up, at how the chp is keeping not only our roads safe. and we're tracking the showers that are lingering out there. up in the mountains as well. as we look forward i think you will be surprised at how not warm it will be. i will have the details just around the corner. [ music ] [ birds chirping ]
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new at 6:30 the california highway patrol is not only patrolling our roads, tonight we're getting a look at what they are doing in the air. the chp air operation unit is based out of napa, and they are on call 24 hours a day. >> and as ktvu's frank mallicoat shows us, they are busy. >> they're going to do the operation right over there. >> reporter: a chp chopper sits waiting as north bay firemen gear up for surf rescue operation training.
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five days of intensive beach and a water training. the goal is simple. to coordinate efforts with the chp helicopter above and rescue below, all the way operating in 50-degree ocean waters where a few seconds could be the difference in life or death. >> in the real deal these guys would be challenged to respond to surf rescues along some of the most dramatic coastline in the county. deep, rugged areas that we might not be able to get to by boat or by paddling. >> tur ban search and a rescue team has been around for two decades. in the last three years responded to 106 rescues. much of their success is directly linked to their chp brothers in the sky. >> any time it is done safely, and the individual that we're there to rescue or train with and we pull them up into the helicopter safely and we're back on the grounding a gain is a great day. >> reporter: that chp helicopter is one of two based here in napa along with two planes. they are the eyes in the sky
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from ukiah north all the way down to santa cruz. it's a 25-member team. >> it's almost 7,000 square miles, 7 million people. we take a personal responsibility for all the people. >> reporter: they're deployed daily canvassing northern california. part of what they do is being vicinity. each member of the unit is also a highway patrolman. they take their street smarts into the sky. >> you show up at work and you don't know what you are going to do. you could be searching for a missing elderly patient, a missing adult, or you could be chasing a criminal who just committed a murder. you never know what you are going to do. we're following breaking news out of san francisco where a cliff rescue -- >> reporter: it's true. in april a chp chopper saved a man trapped on the cliffs of the beach. >> that guy was a lucky guy. >> he was very lucky. obviously there were a lot of
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people that called in the call, but we were able to come in, and within five minutes of being there, we had him back on solid ground. >> when they are not on a rescue, the unit is in full training mode, weekly sessions with any number of agencies. on this day they were coordinating with vacaville fire on water rescues at lake -- at lake -- at lake berryessa. the unit is used as both a spotter and a rescue crew during the busy fire season. they were also busy during the busy rag fire. >> we're very busy. we never lose sight of the fact
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that we're doing it in the best area in the country as far as we're concerned. >> reporter: frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. we're tracking some of temperatures out there. with all the cloud cover it didn't get that warm. we saw mid-60s, upper 60s and low 70s. so cooler again today. another four degrees cooler. sought has been cooling most of the week. earlier this week we had some pretty significant temperatures. we had some upper 80s and even low 90s, but we've got the showers that went through this morning, and now we've got clouds and maybe a few lingering sprinkles. for the most part sprinkles dying down. clouds are going to linger tomorrow morning. and then it starts to clear. but it stays cool friday, saturday, and sunday. when i say cool, 60s and 70s basically. you see the texture of the day. clouds and a little bit kind of -- a little drizzly. there's some drops out there. real light mist. that could continue into the
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evening hours. and then the model lays out -- kind of clears it out by the morning hours. there's the coastal fog hugging the coast as you would expect. a few clouds lingering. but then it clears out. despite the clearing, the sun comes out. temperatures on the mild side. so yellows are 70s, greens are sit, and that's just how it is going to be. this is more of a march temperature footprint than june. we would expect this in early spring, middle spring, but not coming into summertime. so that's the deal. we're going to be cooler or mild, if you will, right through your friday, saturday, and sunday. it doesn't mean you're not going to get to do your barbecues. it just means pack a jacket. so tomorrow morning, coastal fog, and then notice the flow tomorrow afternoon. it continues up here. even some showers try to move into the north bay on saturday. and that flow on saturday night and sunday morning keeps it cool. things shouldn't be circulating the other way. that's a low pressure area, and it's circulating clockwise, which is not what you would expect this time of year.
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74 in fairfield and napa. slightly warmer than today. a little warmer than yesterday, too. no, it's not. it's exactly about where it was yesterday. these are the forecast highs for friday. and saturday, it drops a little more as that low -- remember i showed you as that circulation gets closer to us. even the warm spots are going to be upper six and low 70s. it's just going to be kind of easygoing, nothing -- you know, no major anything. just kind of flat lining, if you will. and then it warms up a little bit early next week. >> just a kind of gloomy gray. >> i think tomorrow, but this weekend there will be a lot more sunshine, just not that warm. >> thank you, bill. sports is coming up next. we will be right back.
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mark is here with sports. the warriors, game four tomorrow, and they could make history. you've got to believe that they're probably going to. >> the way they've gone, what's to stop them? you've got to figure lebron and company have got to be on fumes right now, all the effort that they've put in. when you really look at this thing, nobody out loud around the warriors has wanted to say, we're undefeated in the playoffs, we are headed toward
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history at 16-0. but right now they're at a point where they kind of have to as they work out today in cleveland, because that's the only thing left in front of them right now. they're trying to complete that perfect sweep in the playoffs which nobody has ever done before. and now they can finally actually put it out there publicly. nowhere else to go with it. >> 16-0 means we're champs, so it all comes down to this one game. it would be a great piece of history. >> it's the only reason it came up, just because we want to win this next game. we win that, it's 16-0. it definitely wasn't one of those things where it's a goal, like, hey, let's go into the playoffs and go 16-0. that's too much on the mind. >> in the end you just want to win. the other stuff doesn't matter. people can talk about it in historical context, but just get it done, win the series and let everybody else talk. >> we understand what's at stake. our whole entire season. there's really no other decision other than to leave it
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all out there. >> all right, julie, you are going to be interested in this story because you did an interview last year with mary beavers green. draymond's mom, a little extra drama following last night's victory by the warriors in cleveland. this is the scene. a verbal altercation. she is known as the mvp of nba mom twitter. she was tweeting throughout the game. some cleveland fans got into it. a little trash talking. security was called. nothing escalated. in fact, at the end, both sides actually apologized to each other, and, of course, draymond was asked about that earlier today. >> yeah, it's fun. it happens every year. my mom can hold her own, though. she's g. >> you agree with that don't you. >> i do agree with that, yep. >> she can definitely hold her own. change the surges talk
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about giants baseball. you've got to figure they're going toe play some better ball in the very near future. they are not as terrible as their record has looked. you might say a chance for some of the youngsters to get a chance. looking pretty good. that is austin slater. you are about to see austin power deep. his first big league home run for the youngster. they set went 461 feet. that is a shot. 9th inning, giants were on top 5-3. they bring in mark melanson, a guy they paid a ton of money for. he promptly blows the save. they score another, and it could have been ended right there, two on, jeff bandy, eduardo nunez. watch him leap and save the day.
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bandy thought he had ended the game right there. instead it goes to the 10th. hunter pence delivers a base hit up the middle to score the go-ahead run for 6-5. they add on plenty more, and it is 9-5. meantime team usa looking pretty good in a qualifier right now. and they are in front 2-0. 51st minute. you've got to see this kid and the great passing of team usa. it's christian scoring. he is 18 years old and said to be by far the best player on their team already as they take care of trinidad to bag goa. here he is again scoring for team usa. they look so much better since they put bruce arena at the head of the team as coach. >> very exciting. >> thanks for joining us. good night.
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