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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  June 9, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and muggy, factor in place here. still some rain about gilroy, who will less terrorist. drizzle as well, santa cruz mountain. we are going to cooldown once this low drops in. cloudy in the morning, sun breaks later, 60s on a lot of towns. a lot of 60s, upper 50s, 60s for some. pittsburgh of 1, dublin, martinez, everyone is pretty close. temperatures will bump up a few degrees and cooldown during the weekend. 60s and 70s,. folking of fog -- speaking of foggy conditions, did you see the golden gate bridge? >> the traffic is so light it doesn't seem to be affected by that. good morning to you at home. if you are driving through, let's see if i can get you -- here we go, the vacaville commute, traffic continues to move pretty well. i notice that traffic is going to be a little bit slow if you
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are driving in some areas approaching the construction. let me pull up the construction, see the purple that is a construction closure and there is slight slow traffic approaching it. but for the most part we are in good shape. slight slow traffic in some of the lanes at the bay bridge. this is nothing that you should worry about. it's there, just letting you know, at 4:31, let' go back to the guessing. sal thank you so much. fire officials are investigating a string of suspicious fire that were set early yesterday morning. as ktvu marine reports -- mareennaylor reports. >> can't believe shortly what happened after he closed up his convenience store early thursday morning. you see your building on fire. >> a fire started around 4:45 in the morning in the back of the store behind this metal gate and flames spread to two
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rooms. the distraught business owner says his s system was among the items charred. >> i feel bad. first time in my life. and i don't know who did it. >> this is one of at least six suspicious fires litterly thursday morning within a 2- mile area. all of them started outside which has investigators concerned. >> concerning in the fact that any time you get a suspicious fires in an area, suspicious because they are simultaneous fires it taxes our crews, they do go to multiple stations overnight. >> burned trash at willow and clark and north willow glenn where a car's bumper was character one neighbor captured this surveillance video showing one on a bike in the area just before the fire started. watch the upper portion of the screen. after the bicyclist crosses the street, you see the glow of the
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fire a few minutes later and then crews arrive. down the street, another pile burned right in front of that home under construction. bob pierce says his neighbor happened to wake up, see the fire and grab a garden hose to put it out. >> you know, that my neighbor saw it when he did, it could have been a lot worse. >> investigators aren't saying if the fires are related to last month at the a sear church of the east. showing someone in a hoodie scale a fence and start the fire. >> they are worried if someone is setting fire it could escalate to target homes. the investigation continues. in san jose, marine any all right. a shooting outside of a club left a young man dead and another with critical injuries t happened at about 2:15 yesterday morning in the parking lot of the fair oaks plaza on east did you wane
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avenue, officers arrived on scene to find a 21-year-old man had been shot and killed. they also located another gunshot victim near by. emergency crews took him to the hospital with critical injuries but he is expected to survive. police say the victims may have been inside the near by la rhonda club before the shooting, they believe the men were involved in an argument with one other person when they were shot. >> we are investigating to what occurred. we don't know who they were arguing with. we know they were shot at by the people they were arguing with. >> investigators say they are speaking with witnesses and near by business owners 0 to see if they have surveillance cameras to provide clues. pleasantton construction company accused them of racial discrimination and harassment. write says she was given this
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purse decorated by a confederate flag. join stood the purse were photos of write's boss dressed like donald trump. a confederate flag and the slogan the south land will rise again are in the background. now wright says she was fired when she complained about the gift. >> put those pictures inside of it. and gave it to me as a giftment the only black girl that works there. this is not a joke. this is very serious. wright believes her gift was a threat in retaliation for complain being an incident that a few weeks earlier at accompany meeting. we reached out to south land construction but they declined to comment. governor square row brown and state lawmakers are close to a budget deal, reports from the assembly they have a tentative agreement. the $125 billion spending plan reportedly includes more money for medical doctors after school programs and higher education. it also expands a tax credit
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for the poor. lawmakers are under pressure to approve a budget because if they don't meet the june 15th deadline they will lose pay until a budget is approved. san francisco is considering prohibiting employers from asking applicants about their salary history. this is all in an effort to close the wage gap between men and women. according to the u.s. census burrow women are paid .16 less on the dollar than men in the city. the new rules would apply to both private and city employers. a final vote on this proposal is scheduled later this month. california's attorney general is vowing to protect the state's national monuments from the trump administration. in a letter sent to the interior department, attorney general baserra said he would take any and all legal action to protect monuments. president trump signed an executive order calling for a review of all national monuments larger than 100,000 acres established over the past
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21 years. 6 monuments are on the review list, snow mountain, national forest and the giant sequoia monument in the syria, nevada. ambitious 8-year-old boy is on a serious mission in oakland, he wants to help as many homeless people as he he can. rob roth spoke with the little boy and his mother. >> 8-year-old aj jackson, a little boy with a big heart especially when it comes to homeless people. >> when i see them on the street, i feel -- i feel very bad -- i feel bad because -- because they are on the street. and they don't have any shelter. and no food or water. so i just wanted to help them. >> for the past few months aj with the help of his mom has been buying and collecting
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food, snacks, toiletries and dog food putting them in beings and handing them out in oakland. he says he was a little afraid. >> i feel nervous because i haven't been around homeless people a lot. and i didn't know what it was like. >> and what is it like? >> it's like -- i don't really know what it's like. but, it makes me feel happy inside. >> aj's mother says he started out by giving dollar bills to homeless people, then it graduated to full blown give aways. >> pretty amazing because it's something that he really wants to do. >> aj and his mom plan to come here to jefferson park this saturday afternoon, he plans to hand out 50 bags, the most he has ever done. since word has spread aj has
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received donations, sometimes it's items to pass out, other times it's money, 8-year-old with a social con who signs each bag with aj's blessed bag. >> god created a child with a hue hung gus heart. >> how long do you want to keep doing this? >> longs i see -- as long as i see homeless people. a 15-year-old shot and killed by a friend with a pellet gun a community stunned by what's being call add tragic accident. plus on what could be the verge of a sweep of the cavs, the warriors prepare for tonight's game 4 coming up next here, john fonzi has more from cleveland. it is pretty good start to the important commute on a friday as we week at the macarthur maze, not a bad commute coming arm the corner.
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there are a few pockets of thick fog, some on the golden gate bridge, we will have a cloudy morning and some breaks today, we'll take a look at the friday temps. at best foods,
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welcome back, by the end of tonight, the golden state warriors could once again be nba champs, they need one more victory against the cleveland cavaliers tonight and they will accomplish something no other team in the league has ever done before. ktvu joe fonzi talks with players and coaches before tonight's big game 4 in cleveland. at this point in the season it's not really about practice, the warriors and cavs were back on the court on their off day after an extremely demanding game 3. on the brink of nba history, the warriors can now talk about a record 16 straight
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postseason win. and tradition of taking them one game at a time, that's the game that's next. >> 16-0 means we are champs. all comes down to one game. and it would be a great of history. it wasn't a goal of ours, now that it's attainable, we have eyes set on. >> definitely one of those things where it's a goal, that's too much on the mind. but now that it's a legit possibility, one game away i think you should think about it because you want to win this game. >> people can talk about it in historical context, just get it done. win the series and let everybody else talk. >> the cavaliers know the score, the warriors with stood their best shot and the odds of the cavs winning 4 in a row are off the charts. >> we understand what's at stake. whole entire season, you know,
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there is really no other decision other than to leave it all out there. >> one game at a time. win the game in front of you. win friday. win friday. >> counting the regular season, tonight will be the 11th time in the last three years that the warriors are have come off the court, through the tunnel and around the tunnel to their locker room. they have done it once as world champions an they would like to do it again. all right. switch gears and talk baseball, giants were able to get out of milwaukee thank os to a series split. brewers, the giants came came from behind and took the lead in the fourth inning. first i can't key home run. giants added two more runs but the brewers tied it up with 2 runs in the bottom of the ninth. the giants started the tenth inning scoring four times,
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hunter pence single right there. 9-5 win. giants back home today at at&t park to begin an interleague sero's with the minneapolis twins. a is of park got a new addition yesterday that is sure to make a lot of little leaguers happy. new batting cages opened at victoria graves park on folsom near sixth street. $661,000 paid for by the open space fund coming three years after a new home run fence was installed there. the city plans to add lighting to the park in the at the near future. 4:45, it's the time right now. nice looking ballpark, i don't remember the parks being that nice, i don't know. >> no. >> batting cages? >> no, the kids they have all the advantages now. >> yeah. >> cool park, have i been there. good morning everybody. let's take a look at what we have now at the tracy commute. we have a little bit of slowing on 580 and 205 as you drive on
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205 near mountain house parkway. it looks okay as you drive to the dublin interchange or to 680 if you are driving from dublin and down to freemont, it looks good. no major problems here, this is interstate 880 near the coliseum, traffic is moving along well, at the by bridge toll plaza westbound can you see the traffic is light. so hopefully it will stay this light for the paper to come, at least an hour or so. 4:46, let's bring steven. thank you, sir. good morning everybody. if you have a little bit of breeze there maybe the cloud cover is stirred up, there are pockets of fog, golden gate bridge, so watch out for that. still light rain hanging on down towards southern santa clara valley, gilroy down to who will less officer, look at totals yesterday, they were all north of the golden get that is for sure. the south slope south is .82, that deserves a wow.
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half-inch of rain. mill valley be 42. russian riff arer .39. penn grove .25. others, north bay took honors by far, after that there wasn't much south of it except a couple .01. ga lina valley. if you say it was raining up here, yes, we now. down towards gilroy again if you are heading that direction, monterey peninsula, now focus will be to the north, the low is is going to drop in here and that will scour out and send the temperatures down, a little bit a bump up, if you get the breaks, mid 70s, 50s, 60s are the temps. on the mild side due to the cloud cover, 61 redwood city.
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stanford and close for others, 59 belmont. 54 pacifica. truckee if you are heading up 50 or 80, not much of a precip, they have foggy conditions at blue canyon. system will begin to dig in from the gulf of alaska which is impressive for mid june. partly sunny, highs, mainly 60s to mid 70s a few if you can breakthrough that cloud deck. the main message is another low drops in a rather dynamic one. but maybe sunday there could be more shower activity popping up, men do seen a county. 70s on the temps. muggy, homed. a little more sun than yesterday. and then a cool pattern on sunday. gradual slow clearing and warming up as we head into early next week. >> we shift back into what we would expect out of june. >> probably by the middle or
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end of next week. i felt how muggy it was. >> it was muggy, man. >> yeah. >> you could feel it, thanks, steve. up next here, birth control recall. there is a risk of contraceptive failure, we'll give you the details on that coming up.
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welcome bar, hyundai is issuing two separate recalls,
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covering santa fe and santa fe sport suvs from 2013 to 2017. there are problems with the hood latches and that overtime corrosion can cause them to fail and then send the hood flying open while you are on the road. the second recall covers some genesis and sonata model from 2015 to 2016, another corrosion issue is causing problems with parking brake warning lights, impacting 600,000 vehicles here in the u.s. another very important recall to tell but and this one involves birth control pills. pulling mobela 24 fe because of a packaging error that could lead to unexpected pregnancies. left the lot number and expiration date in a spot where they can't be read.
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the four nonhormonal placebo tablets are in the place of the first four pills in the packet instead of the last four. anyone who has questions about their packet should certainly contact their doctor. a number of outdoor events happening in the by area this upcoming weekend, rosemary orozco with weekend watch. >> welcome to the weekend, folks, here is what is happening in around the by area, take part in the escape from alcatraz and nest value weekend. this event will feature vendor boths, food court and beer garten. enjoy summer fest from 11:00 to 4:00 across the bay you will find the almeda sand castle and sculpture your contest. and to your own around castle between 9:00 and 11:00 on saturday morning. live music, will fillmore in oakland on sunday, between
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41stand 51ststreets. on the peninsula enjoy the spring into summer parade, opening of san mateo county. parade starts at 10:00 a.m. on franklin parkway. rides, live entertainment, and classic games. head to the silicon valley music festival in the south bay, this is under way at the santa clara university. the festival provides visitors with live music and education on a wide variety of styles and music. it annual sonoma county hot air balloon classic saturday and sunday. food, wine and beer and a live band will also be included. head to beer fest at the luther burbank center for the arts. you will find 60 craft
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breweries and cideries. i'm rosemary orozco an that is your weekend watch. the popular playground at san francisco's mountain lake park finally reopened on thursday. it was closed for nearly two years for a $3 million renovation project. the new playground includes rubber turf and play structures. it's located off lake street, right at the corner of park prisi dio boulevard. celebrating diane keaton honored with a lifetime achievement award. what she did to emerge as a hollywood icon. >> diane has extraordinarily ec sent trick, interesting --
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coming up here this morning, authorities are releasing new information about the arsonist whose they say destroyed an apartment complex in the east bay. good morning, i'm having my headphones on, you shouldn't worry about that. the traffic is actually doing very well if you are driving on 24 westbound. if you drive on 24 all the way to the tunnel it looks good. coming up we'll look at the east bay commute for you. a little bit of fog out there, a lot of cloud cover, a little it is not so foggy. we have your friday forecast, see if there is changes for the weekend.
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. a 15-year-old shot and killed by a friend with a pellet gun. what is being call add tragic accident. and the warriors one win away from postseason perfection. hear from testify in did you rant, curry from the nba finals tonight. 5:00 on a somewhat soggy, friday morning. a couple things to keep in mind. again, it is friday.
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basketball game tonight and weekend is knocking on the door. thanks for waking up with us on friday, june 9th. >> good morning, i'm mike mibach. >> i think you are going to take a nap and get your friends and then you are going to watch. >> you are on it. >> steve, your thoughts. >> you made it to friday, mike. >> we all did, right? >> that's right, sam and dave are off today, it's been a long week for you, but we are thankful you are here. >> thankful to be here. >> take that nap i think i will, too. a lot of cloud cover and the rain has tapered off. now towards sali naas. well will get a break. i have seen it on the golden gate bridge and over the by the tunnel, some of that low cloud deck and rain towards monterey. there were impressive photos in
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marine county. mill valley 4200. plus along with guerneville. penn grove quarter of an inch. if you say hey we have a lot of rain, i know. south of that hardly anything. still some moving in, next item of interest is coming out of the north. 50s, 60s on the temps due to the cloud cover. what is on the mild, muggy side. 60s, warmer as well. 5:00 on a friday, friday light still i hope? i would say so, we have some slow traffic but it's lighter than normally is. so i am going ahead to call it friday light. let's go out to the altamont pass. tracy super commute. you see some slow traffic on 580 and 205. there is slowing on 205 near the mountain house parkway exit and 580 after that. it's just a little better if


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