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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> the commander in chief speaks out after comey testified on capitol hill. an emotional plea to the public. >> my husband was a good man. he is a good man. he is not greedy they are not selfish or reckless. >> his wife and attorneys defending him as he is blamed for the deadly ghost ship fire. history is on the line, warriors are hoping to take down cleveland tonight and be the first human history to sweep the playoffs. the 4 on 2 starts now . >> the warriors in some rare air. a win tonight and they hit the history books and more importantly bring home another title. but first, they have to take care of some business tonight. welcome to the 4 on 2 . of
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course it is game day. game 4 tonight in cleveland as the warriors go for that big sweep of the cavaliers. a perfect playoff run mac. -- a perfect playoff run. >> lots of excitement. >> got to take out one game at a time. >> a lot is at six tonight. nba championship number one. if they win they become the greatest human history>> any sport, 16-0. you are 1-2 in the finals versus 2-1 and there is a lot at stake. they have for chances to do with. most folks want to see them do it. >> i would love to see them win at home. finished the night. what's great about the warriors is when you are out and at the
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pharmacy or whatever and you talk to people and everyone gets caught up in a championship run. what is special about this team is that people identify with the players and they think not only are we rooting with these guys because her such a team, they're good guys. and then you hear the national media and the cleveland folks in they're just doing all the stuff. it's all about where you live. the mvp will be kevin durrant barring something unforeseen. he's in the conversation as well. the warriors in game three, 11- 0 run to win this thing. a lot of other old-timers are coming out of the word work and saying the warriors are good, but they're not that great. the pistons think the glory days, they want to beat them. dr. j says the 83 76ers would be to magic johnson. we would have swept this team.
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>> what? >> always a little sarcastic. here's what he had to say about it. >> there all right. [laughter]. the game gets worse as time goes on. players are less talented than they used to be. the guys in the 50s would've destroyed everybody.>> [laughter]>> his last set it all. listen, this is one of the great teams. i followed the showtime lakers and i was a fan of them back in the day, and i think this team handles and because they have so many guys that can do so many things. >> let's go to the guy this been living in ohio for the last two or three day. let's go over to joe fosse at quicken loans is a prep for
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game four tonight. ring it on, joe. >> reporter: there is a punchline to that but i feel like i've been living here for three months. i'm not going to do any cleveland jokes. to jason's point, i was just standing here with jim barnett and we were watching a very spirited 4-for game going on behind us by some of the cleveland assistant coaches and some of their players. and jim barnett was a former warrior and he has been around the nba for 40 years or so. he said i can't believe i ever played in this leak given the athleticism and size of today's players. so i think when you hear these guys, the guys are bigger and play better defense and their more athletic. it's one of those deals where your mind starts writing checks that your body can cash anymore when you get older. this is undoubtedly one of the best teams. the only start to
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come out so far, athletic guys, lebron james has been out here on the cleveland in. the warriors are down on the other end. when lebron james was out about this team, and he knows a little bit about basketball as well, he says this for your team might be the most star- studded team he's ever played against. they are up 3-0 and that closeout game is always the toughest. >> closeout games are always the hardest. this is the teen is going to they were down 3-overlay in down and were gonna come out and fight. >> last year we might've gotten excited talking about we have a chance to get a parade or comeback for that. we probably got a little complacent. this year we are hungry to get this fourth win. were not out of it until it's over. >> as a player you try to stand in the moment, and if we, their thinking we have won the championship all ready, we
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haven't. they are still champions and we've got to go take it.>> reporter: just a little more flavor of what's going on right now. they always try to do something in the opposing games basket when they are shooting free throws. so this is what they will say. gigantic phases of some of the cavalier players but there's also surprises in there. i see captain america, spiderman, of brick, the ohio state buckeye, betty bite will -- betty white was around here somewhere. if you will -- if you pay attention if you're not going to do that because their season guys, you might see a slogan, defend the land. cleveland can say that because they wanted championship last year. all the slogans and all that will matter when the tipoff comes. it's a little bit loose for the cavaliers in the warriors haven't had any of their big
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stars out yet to warm up. we're going to stick around until our 5:00 show. that's how it is right now. the calm before the storm as the warriors try to continue to make history tonight. they have all ready 150 in a row.>> who do you light, joe>> i like the warriors getting it done tonight. i think cleveland gave them their best shot in game three. the fact that they were able to withstand that, the place was going crazy here. the cavs had all the momentum and then the warriors shut them down 11-0. i think they will get it done tonight. >> all right. >> last night in ohio, joe, hopefully. [laughter] i have been seeing a lot of warriors fans on twitter saying we don't want a sweet. that's too boring. we want a seven game series so we can be on the edge of our seats and biting our nails. i don't get it.
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>> a lot of folks want to see them win it at home. i think a lot of folks want to see that 16-0. the players talked about how you can overlook anybody in all of that. >> the warriors are hungry right now, and they are playing at their peak. if they bring their a minus game -- >> we will be watching. jason, thanks for those who didn't travel to cleveland to see game 4 in person, thousands are arriving at the warriors "- - home court where i wish i was. oracle arena is hosting another fan fest tonight. how fanatics are hoping to witness history. what is it like inside so far?
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>> reporter: it is quiet right now inside because they're putting on the finishing touches of all the things are going to be doing inside the arena. they are testing these large flames -- flamethrowers and they are going to have a stage set up there. they have the trophy on the floor and all of the seats have all gold everything. i am told that this is a sellout and the doors will open at 5:00 the doors open at 5:00 and then, i don't know, 13,000 to 15,000 folks will come in and sit down in the seats and get ready to witness history, hopefully. in game 3, anytime you go to a party like a watch party, you don't to show up. you have to dress for the occasion and that means hitting the stores, in this case sporting goods stores. fans made their way inside the
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sticks sporting's good snapping up warriors merchandise.>> we've got to look the part. i don't have -- green and gold, oakland. >> you haven't been a fan long have you? >> i have not. all of my gear is oakland a's that you've got to support. >> i'm in oakland native and i've got to support my natives anyway any cost. >> but you all ready have stuff. >> i know. why not have more? my kids even have some. it's is something that we do.>> reporter: in preparation for an anticipated warriors went, police have increased patrols. commanders are warning fans that might want to take a good thing too far that the law will be watching for celebrations to get out of control. >> concerns in the city of oakland our celebratory
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gunfire. what goes up has to come down and also fireworks. they are illegal and they can be dangerous. >> reporter: back live inside the arena, you can see the seats so close and so empty. the doors open at 5:00 and the tip is it 6:00 and we will see you again at 5:00 for a live report. live inside oracle, fox two news. >> i could be wrong but i think you enjoy this assignment. >> just a little bit. >> were just a little bit jealous too. >> of course, head over to to get a list of the best places to watch tonight's game. oracle is one of them plus reaction following q4 again at the deadly ghost ship fire , the legal team for the main tenet charged in the case held a news conference today.
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>> henry lee was there and joins us now with what happened. >> reporter: derick almena three attorneys including tony sarah pointed fingers at everyone except our client. his wife was visibly shaken as she addressed the media saying her husband is a good man. >> i'm sure you have no criminal responsibility in this is a charge to protect the real because you're afraid they're going to get sued for billions of dollars.>> reporter: strong words by tony sarah about half of derick almena . he is charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter . he and two other attorneys working for free say that pg&e, oakland building inspectors, firefighters in the warehouse landlord and not the client are all to blame for the tragedy that took 36 lives. >> we believe that he is being made a scapegoat. for persons and entities
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culpable for this great tragedy. >> the landlord was warned on several occasions that there may be issues or there were issues with the electrical wiring. and the response from the landlord was the same on every occasion. i don't care. pay the rent.>> reporter: one of the more startling accusations was against the oakland fire department. firefighters made a mistake by cutting a hole in the roof and drawing smoke and fire upwards through the second floor where many victims died. >> this is one of the issues that may have accelerated the death. there could've been more survivors. >> reporter: a high-level source with oakland fire said that was preposterous and that the lawyer was quote grabbing at straws. the source says firefighters routinely ventilate from the top. attorneys also accused pg&e of allowing faulty wiring into the building. >> the feeder line from the tower was of an insufficient size to handle the voltage for
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the meter that was installed in that building. >> reporter: pg&e said we see no evidence to date that will lead us to believe that our facilities were the cause of the fire. almeida is being demonized by the public and the da who we call politically ambitious. >> she wants to portray herself through high media events like this litigation as the avenging angel.>> reporter: the da's office said they filed charges against derick almena and max harris based only on the evidence. derick almena wife as for the compassion. >> my husband is a good man. max harris is a good man. they are not greedy. they are not selfish. or reckless. >> reporter: the big takeaway is
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the defense believes this case belongs in civil and not criminal court. derick almena , pg&e and the landlord are being sued in civil court . a woman accused of abandoning her child near the san francisco zoo pleaded not guilty in court today. on monday witnesses reported seeing the 22-year-old pushing her five-year-old child out of her parked car on the great highway. patton drove off with her one- year-old son in the car. family services has custody of both children. she has been booked on two counts of child endangerment and one is a felony and the other is a misdemeanor and bill has been set at $100,000 extract the president responding to james comey's testimony. governor brown in san francisco announcing a partnership to further his climate change agenda for
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california a bit of unsettled weather in the forecast for your bay area weekend. i will check in on your current connect -- current conditions and let you know what you can expect coming up next.
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governor brown took a step to fight climate change. he held a conference in san francisco this morning following a trip to china where he promised california's cooperation and cutting omissions. we're joined from san francisco with more on the governors caught desk climate plan.
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after trump announced -- america's withdraw from the paris agreement, the governor said it is imperative that the state take action and he is determined to move into more aggressive action to eliminate greenhouse gases into also move to decarbonization. >> it wasn't too many years ago that climate change could barely make it in the newspaper. with president trump taking such an outlandish position, he is actually heightened the focus on climate change. >> the governor stood beside germany's minister of environment to announce a goal to cut emissions by at least 80% below 1990 levels by the year 2015 -- 2050. >> it is urgent and important but extremely difficult and it requires heroic effort
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>> the german minister speaking through a translator said california is with 11 other states committed to the paris agreement after trump pulled america out last week. >> this alliance shows the decision was not from the whole american society. >> california leads the nation in renewable energy. california's coal use has dropped to nearly 0. oil fracking is allowed in the state. >> we provide 30% of our oil consumption from our own drilling. a very small part of that 30% involves the fracturing process. we have impose extremely strict rules on how we handle that going forward will depend on what results we see as disclosed by the very tight regulations. >> california's assembly recently rejected an extension and more rules to the cap and
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trade programs that would limit greenhouse gas emissions and force businesses to pay for pollution permits if they exceed the limits. >> the debate over cap and trade is expected to last throughout the summer and a vote is not likely to be expected before the june 15 state budget deadline. back to you guys. if you like today's weather, you will love the weekend. we've got a whole lot of today coming in tomorrow. it will be cool for this time of year and breezy at times. clouds here and there and a chance for scattered showers. towards the east bay, a few clouds and built up over the hills. temperatures this afternoon were warmer than yesterday. 70 degrees in santa rosa in a cool 59 in san francisco. again, partly cloudy as we get
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into the evening hours and tomorrow low clouds at the coast and inside the bay. santa rosa is up by 9 degrees and up by seven in napa and two in concorde. cooler like hayward and san jose. stormtracker 2 was quiet and leisure going to the sierra. scattered showers there and some very high elevation snow. we will be tracking it for you care, but if you're headed into that area, be prepared. >> we've got partly sunny skies and partly cloudy and the rest of us partly cloudy to partly clear. the onshore breeze continues as well. oakland sistine at 21. getting into your evening hours, low clouds will reform along the coastline. tomorrow morning the possibility of fog over the northbay and east bay. by the afternoon, some bits of blue on the edge of the sonoma
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county. the possibility of even a few scattered showers but the rest of us will remain dry. temperatures will be cool for this time of year. tomorrow morning, out the door, 52 concorde. afternoon highs, 60 at the coast. 60s around the bay. upper 60s and low 70s for our water locations. on sunday temperatures drop a little bit more. i will detail this plus the extended forecast coming up. some popular stocks got hammered. what's going on? we will break it all down when we come back.
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if you have socks in your portfolio like google, they took a big hit today. they were crushed as a nasdaq fell over 100 points. let's find out what happened today from our money expert.>> we're going to win tonight. >> is that a guarantee quick >> it has to. i have a business dinner on monday night so they have to. >> apple was down six points. amazon, 31. netflix, seven. >> nasdaq was down over a point. i call it sector rotation.
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money rolls out of tech and went into oil and into the banking area. it simple. a little profit-taking. nasdaq has been on a tear. year to date, it's up 15%. it's okay to take some money off the table, and i believe that's what happened today. banking stocks were up and oil stocks were up. >> we talked about the nasdaq being up 15. the dow and the f -- s&p are up also. take us through. the gains on the far right are astronomical. >> last year at this time, nasdaq was down about 1% as you can see on the screen. today we are up 15.32%. the dow was up last year at this time .21% of with -- we've more than doubled that. the 500 largest stocks, a 3.5 last year and now we are up
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8.62. that's a huge run up from last year. last year we were looking a probably a 40% probability of the -- of a recession in the next 12 months and that's all been a race now>> the fundamentals are good. technology, we mentioned the bank stocks in those companies. everybody uses one of those companies. their application is large. because people are using it, there will be good growth in those stocks and people will keep buying them and we would expect them to keep going. >> let's talk about what transpired over the last week. everything in capitol hill with the comey testimony, the uk had an election. >> there's a lot going on globally. that usually has an effect on the market, but for whatever reason, no. >> this is a robust stock
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market. the fundamentals of the economy are very good. since 2008, we have had eight years of consistent growth. this is unheard of in its the third largest run we've had since world war ii. we've gotten rid of debts and the job rate is pretty good. we've had 82 months of consistent job growth. inflation is low and businesses have been reporting their earnings extremely high. the fundamentals are high -- there. what happened yesterday in the hearing that would normally take a market. in the uk with the election, she then when the majority. that tanked their market and tanked their currency. not so here in the united states. we have tremendous growth. we have a lot of water which we need even though there's places
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where we don't. we have food distribution here in the united states, job creation, we are the envy of the world. were heading in a good place. we're still a 2% economy right now. >> warriors or cavaliers? >> the warriors have to win. they have to win tonight. >> cracking down on changes but might be making to its ordinance that makes it illegal to take up more the one seat on the train. details as president trump fires back one day after former director james comey testified on capitol hill.
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trump accused comey of lying under oath yesterday saying there was no collusion or obstruction during private talks with the former fbi director. is caroline shively tells us, the president refused to say if there were tapes of the conversation that could prove which man is actually telling the truth. >> reporter: after keeping silent yesterday, today trumps -- trump accused comey of a crime, lying to congress under oath because first remark since james comey testified before congress. accusing the president of spreading lies about his
4:34 pm
departure. he confessed he orchestrated the leak of a memo detailing conversations with the president. >> no collusion. he's a leaker. we want to get back to running our great country.>> reporter: mr. trump was asked if there were tapes of his conversations as the earlier hinted that on twitter. >> you're going to be disappointed when you hear the answer.[indiscernible -- poor audio] his personal attorney will file a complaint with the justice department and senate judiciary committee against comey. the legal threats not surprising to some on capitol hill. >> he's true to form and true to his nature. that's what how a democracy works. it might be how a bully works.>> reporter: he says he leaked in hopes of prompting the appointment of a special counsel. some question his judgment. >> he chose instead a
4:35 pm
surprising route for someone who understandably has railed against others who have disclose government documents. >> reporter: trump says he's 100% willing to talk to the special counsel under oath. in washington, fox news. the house intelligence committee also white house to turn over any tapes or memos of the presidents conversation with james comey within two weeks and they asked him to turn over his notes and memos a surprising election is taking power away from the prime ministers conservative party. they are h short from a ruling majority in parliament. after a meeting with queen elizabeth may says she will form a new government in order to speed up brexit negotiations. >> i will now form a government. a government that can provide certainty as we move forward at this critical time.
4:36 pm
>> reporter: some say it's only a matter of time until the prime minister sets down and brexit talks are expected to start 219. some officials are considering a delay while didn't -- britain deals with the aftermath of the election. video taken by a user showed action around 830 in the morning at the intersection of 12th and franklin were two cars collided in the intersection. one driver veered right into a camera store. no one was inside the store at the time and police say no one involved in the crash was seriously injured. bart met last night and talked about replacing the ordinance with an etiquette campaign. last year directors passed an ordinance making it illegal to take up to or more seats on bart by police can issue citations for $100 and as much as $500 for repeat offenders. the law is a poor use of
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resources. passengers told us they would not mind seeing a ban on repeat seat dogs. >> i think i do agree where you ban it. bart is a great tool for people to get to work and travel around the bay, at the same time it shouldn't be abuse where people can use more than one see or take away from others who need those seats. >> they're going to vote on whether to officially kill the ordinance in two weeks. all that water. our wet winter turned our rivers into rushing rapids. we go on a run down the american river. what you need to know to keep safe on the water over the summer. we are looking at some unsettled weather for our bay area weekend. i will have a look at what you can expect coming up.
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today's segment the impact of the snowpack is still being felt even now in june. the snowmelt is well underway and the action is shifting from the slopes to the rivers. our meteorologist hit the rivers in this year the thrill may match the danger. >> northern california rivers are energized and flowing at levels not seen in years. >> was a stronger than you
4:41 pm
thought? >> cold water and it was fast. >> as the winter chill turned to spring more, the snowpack is melting from the sierra. >> it still takes my breath away. incredible.>> reporter: he's a general manager of adventure connections of rafting company near placerville. his team has been preparing for stronger flows as a mountain snow melts away. >> we made a required that guys coming back from tahoe and all over the country did get training trips before they went out and started working. we required the people see the river at a bunch of different levels and get comfortable with it. >> we are a lot more aware of everything going on. we know it is possible for a rescue situation to arise. >> reporter: whether maybe thousands of daily visitors --
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>> we haven't had this every year. you need to be conservative>> reporter: there is a team before patrolling the stretch of the american river. the mission is to survey the dangers and help with the rescue and educate the public. the dangers are very apparent. the areas that may appear to be safe could lead to trouble as well. >> sometimes it might look the same. it's still flat out there. but now the current is moving eight miles per hour faster and if you so that stick out there for your dog, they could get swept on the river. >> reporter: another hazard can be seen from our interview spot. trees that normally tower overhead are in the water with you. >> when the water goes through the tree, think about spaghetti getting caught in a colander. something like that. >> safety first. >> reporter: to see the river firsthand we're getting on a raft ourselves. you may have heard of the term
4:43 pm
cubic feet per second to describe the flow rate of a river. one basketball is about one cubic foot so imagine about 4000 water basketballs cruising by every second. that's how strong this river is right now and it will strengthen over the next few weeks. >> it heats up a lot. we could be looking at 10,000 cfs here on the south fork.>> anna weber is today's guide. she leads a safety briefing before our departure. >> step number one is a breath. step number two was soldier feet up. step number three is swim back to the raft. >> an easy entrance to the river and the stronger class iii rapids or four miles away. joining us as a safety rafting kayaker with the company. >> our god invites us to jump into the cold water before we hit the stronger rapids.
4:44 pm
the answer is yes, very chilly even with a wetsuit in life jacket my heart rate jumped and it was difficult to talk. >> so far, so good. >> reporter: after hearing commands like all ahead, we were into the rapids. [cheering] the rapids joe the boat with force. these flows can easily be twice as strong as we head into the warm summer day. our journey ends here. the serene waters of this lake. this marks the end of our trip and strong flows will leave a lasting impression. >> it's been 35 years since i've been down the river, and it was great. i loved it. it was scary but not too scary.
4:45 pm
>> reporter: whether could be exciting adventures, a surprise could be around the next bend. a booth and awareness, respect and knowledge can lead to a safe day on these thrilling waters. ktvu fox2 news what a great advertisement ago on the american river and do some rafting>> it will probably be chilly this weekend. cool for june but in the central valley, 80 degrees is not bad. you might want to get out there. we are looking at good weather at home. it is a weekend and we won't complain. the next couple of days will be a bit interesting. here's a look across the bay where we cleared out nicely this afternoon. that chance for rain does not go away completely. take a look at where we are looking at rain and high
4:46 pm
elevation snow. it will not impact i-80 or highway 50. if you are going to be out camping, thunderstorms will be a possibility as well. here at home, we have partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies as you look towards areas of the south bay in santa cruz. as we get into the evening hours, the class will regroup and we will have them along the coastline and here's a look at your future cast. snow in the blue areas with showers continuing there. tomorrow afternoon, partly cloudy here. we get a break but more on the way. as we get into the afternoon, a system will drop into northern california and bring a slight chance of a few scattered showers down to the northbay. it doesn't look like a whole lot, but unsettled is the takeaway was saturday and sunday. but sunday afternoon, scattered showers remain over the sierra
4:47 pm
and even here at home, as we get into the second part of the afternoon, a little bit of blue popping up over the bay area and in particular over the hills. higher elevations have a better chance of seeing rain. we could also see another repeat on sunday. temperatures outside, 62, half moon bay. 67, oakland. low 70s, fairfield. amir -- a mild day for some and breezy for most. the winds are picking up anywhere from 10 to 15 miles per hour. tomorrow morning, temperatures range from the upper 40s to upper 50s. livermore, 51 for tomorrow morning. afternoon hearts, upper 60s to low 70s. around the bay, 64, oakland. 60, pacific up. the inner east bay, 72,
4:48 pm
brentwood. upper 60s and low 70s in the south bay. 71, morgan hill with partly cloudy skies. here's a look at your extended forecast. breezy conditions tomorrow and a chance for showers. on sunday, temperatures will be at their coolest. upper 50s at the coast and low to mid-60s inland. maybe some great weather on tuesday for what could be a parade day. we will see how it goes. or thursday.>> that would be good to. frank sommerville joins us with a look at some of the stories we're working on for fox to news at 5:00. a big night for the wolverine -- for the warriors.>> they could finish a playoff sweep going 16-0. team courage --
4:49 pm
team coverage including what the cleveland cavaliers are doing to hopefully upset the warriors a little bit when there on the free-throw lines. an interesting story. the president reacts to the comey testimony from yesterday. >> 100% yes. that was is answer when he asked -- when he was asked if he would comment under oath. hear what else he had to say about those oval office tapes there's been so much debate over and mother there even are oval office tapes. we will have much more here on the the 4 on 2 coming up.
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if you're looking for something to do around the bay area this weekend, there are plenty of options. from hot air balloons to festivals and a country fair. we're joined with details in the weekend watch. >> welcome to the weekend. in san francisco, take part in the escape from alcatraz triathlon. it will be from arena green on saturday. you will feature vendor booths, of food court and a beer garden. enjoy summerfest and family fun from 11:00 until 4:00. the alameda san castle and sculpture contest. to your on san castle between 9:00 and 11:00 on saturday morning. live music and more will fill north oakland for the street fair on sunday. the event is on telegraph avenue.
4:53 pm
on the peninsula, enjoyed the spring into summer parade in the opening of the san mateo county fair. the parade starts at 10 am on franklin parkway. head over to the carnival with rides, live entertainment and classic games. head to the silicon valley music festival which is all ready underway at santa clara university. live music and education on a wide variety of styles and genres of music. in the northbay, the sonoma county hot air balloon classic. this is saturday and sunday. join in the fun of the 15th annual peggy sue car show and crews. all-american crores will be on display at the sonoma county fairgrounds. food, wine, beer and a live band will be included. had to be a fast. you will find more than 60 craft breweries to taste from. in sports, the giants are at home in the easier at home in
4:54 pm
the warriors continued their postseason run. that is your we can watch. the apple ceo urged the graduates to hold onto their values and compassion in the face of technical advantages. he was a keynote speaker in cambridge, massachusetts. he called technology a force for good but it also threatens to divide us. he urged the graduates to take a stand and speak out when they see injustice in the world. the white house was hoping this would be about fixing the nation's infrastructure. by the president trump's tweets, you would probably never know that. we will explain coming right up.
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it was a tough week for the white house. the capital focus on james comey in the russian investigation. from the headlines to the presidents own tweets, infrastructure week flew a little below the radar. >> reporter: president trump speaking from the department of transportation's headquarters today highlighting his goals of curbing regulations on infrastructure projects. >> it's time to start building our country with american workers and with american iron and aluminum and steel. >> reporter: for dramatic effect he talked us side. credit binders of study after study. making the point that now is
4:58 pm
the time to get cracking on his administration's 1 trillion male adult -- one trillion dollar plan to help crumbling roads and waterways. >> we will unleash the full potential of the united states of america. >> reporter: if you didn't know infrastructure was at the top of the white house's agenda, you probably were not the only one. hours before the infrastructure week kicked off trump the real the plans by firing off a series of tweets blaming its own justice department writing a second watered-down version of his travel ban. he lashed out at democrats labeling them obstructionist and slammed london's mayor after a terror attack in england's capital. and then came james comey gripping testimony on capitol hill. lawmakers say they are prepared to legislate. >> we know how to be respectful of another person's point of view so that we can find our common ground which we have a
4:59 pm
responsibility to the american people to do>> reporter: the details of the proposal are yet to be released. the white house insists it remains a top priority for the president. in washington, fox news. one win away from history. the warriors try to take your 16-0 -- there 15-0 to 16-0.>> the bay area is ready to celebrate for a team that's gotten used to breaking records over the last few years going undefeated through the playoffs so far. it would be a great way to wrap up this season. we're live outside quicken loans stadium this evening. >> reporter: you are right.
5:00 pm
they've all ready made history, but they're trying to extend it. it's too close to game time for us to be allowed on the court so we thought we would show you that there's plenty of stuff going on outside here. the arena is adjacent to the baseball stadium. that is progressive field and the cleveland indians are playing a baseball game right now. a pretty good crowd against the chicago white sox. as we turn the other way, if you of them watching on tv the folks watching the games on the big screen, there's been a bands playing outside quicken loans arena and that is where a lot of people will be watching the games on the big screen. a while ago the big stars came out of the arena and of course lebron james the headliner for the cavs and it's going to be about lebron james if the cavs are going to have a chance to live to see another day. he and kari irving almost single-handedly keeping them in the game until that dramatic comeback in the final 2.5 minutes. steph curry was out a while


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