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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 13, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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on. if you want to hit the slopes again, you have a brief chance. squaw valley and alpine are still open on the weekends. boriel is open for one day july 1st to the public. >> one of the great playoff runs of all time is complete. >> just like that, the golden state warriors are champions of the nba. the sunrise on the drive in looked a little more golden this morning.
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i'm telling you. >> the sky more blue even. >> i even have an extra kick in my step. it is not the coffee. it is another nba title for the city of oakland. >> and they won at home. >> they did it at home for the first time in decades. >> i can tell that you're fired up. >> why not. >> come on. two trophies in three seasons. >> yes. >> for this basketball team. i saw steph curry talk about when he was a rookie and they are in the bottom of the league. that's even better. you experienced losing so often. >> yes. >> and then to reach this not just once but twice. what are your thoughts. >> i want to say remember the warriors were once the joke of the nba. i hate to be harsh but the warriors -- when you said warriors -- >> people couldn't give their tickets away. i have four tickets, does anybody want to go? as great as this is, people are afraid they will be priced out
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even more. >> this happened when the giants won the world series. >> right. >> there are giants fans all across the bay area. it feels different. it felt different after work walking around and doing errands. >> sure. >> it is very exciting. >> very exciting for the bay area. championships never come easy. many fans expected the title last year when they won the 73 regular season games and had the 3-1 lead in the finals. that victory party would have to wait for a full year before the epic rematch between the warriors and the cavaliers. >> iguodala back to curry. lebron james with the rejection. the cavaliers are nba champions. >> there are no excuses. i'll come back strong next season and be ready to go. >> it's not about a matchup. it is about us. it is about the golden state warriors versus the cleveland cavaliers. >> that was too easy.
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curry deep three. show off, young man. curry off the dribble. off the glass. razzle dazzle alternate its best. durant for three. kevin durant from downtown. golden state stays perfect. a loss for the cavs. >> you're up 3-0 and with the momentum, you have to carry that through. right now our season is on the line. >> he throws it down. >> iguodala. >> curry. curry. >> durant takes it to the net. another one for kevin durant. >> there it is, the warriors are nba champions again. >> look at me.
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>> you are the nba champions. >> oh, yes. the warriors big win means many loyal warriors fans needed to go shopping very early this morning. leigh martinez was at dick's sporting goods where the latest gear is being sold. it is flying off the shelves, isn't it, leigh. >> reporter: that's right. last night with you saw new line-ups proving that the warriors can win in any fashion. today you will be quinning in championship fashion -- winning in championship fashion. it looks like a new wave of fans have come in before work and school. checking out the registers. we are wearing out warriors gear checking out with more warriors gears. before the doors opened at 6:00, roughly 50 people stood in line to be the first to grab the gear. we talked to the first two fans who came from milpitas at 3:30 a.m. saying they stayed up all
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night, too excited to sleep. >> we talked about it like -- like weeks ago. if it came down to this, how early we would be at the stores. so we decided 3:30 was good. >> the strategy is you have to box out like draymond and get to the board. you have to get as much as you can and you have to hold on to it. >> reporter: and this was the scene from dick's sporting goods in pleasanton in hill. same thing, a long line outside before 6:00. and dub nation let loose inside, grabbing what they could. now back to the two fans from milpitas. they created their own rap remix for the warriors that you just need to hear. oh, i don't seem to have it, guys. let me tell you, it was really good. it was blue and yellow. blue and yellow. it was awesome. we're looking at the fremont store. if you take a look at this longs line down here, everyone
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is pumped from last night. stayed up late watching the game. some of them didn't get any sleep. they were too excited. now they are here trying to get their gear in before going over to work or school. they will likely be wearing their new gear to work or school. we talked to several people who say this is the first time i'm wearing it, once i get in the car, i'm changing. back to you, sal. >> thank you, leigh martinez, live in fremont. now we will have a parade this thursday in oakland. it starts at 10:00 a.m. at broadway and 11th and goes all the way around broadway -- let me pull this up and it will make the turn on grand avenue. then it will go the wrong way and come all the way down and come around lake merritt and end at the convention center. that's where the warriors will make speeches and that kind of thing. the parade starts at 10:00 in the morning. you're encouraged to line up as early as 5:00 in the morning.
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we have complete coverage on ktvu beginning at 4:00 in the morning. for more on parade preparations, let's send it back to gasia and mike. >> thank you. we are joined by mayor schaaf and police chief kirkpatrick. thank you for coming in after this wonderful championship from the warriors. mayor, i was expecting you to be at oracle. that is the one game that you're allowed to go. you donated the tickets. >> yes. i supported them to a nonprofit supporting youth entrepreneurs. they auctioned off for $35,000 for young people starting their own businesses in oakland. >> so you watched the game from home. you're with your children. >> i was. >> what are you feeling this morning? as the mayor of a city who has an nba title again. >> this team is like oakland. they work hard. there is not just strength in numbers but strength in diversity. and there is no place like
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home. they brought us a win at home. i couldn't be more proud. as a life long oaklander. sitting there watching with my kids, knowing how much they have followed the team, i was this age when the warriors won it back in 1975. >> i bet you were proud and relieved. for the large part the celebrations didn't get out of hand. >> we were quite prepared. we thank our partners who helped us. we had 450 of our own officers out there. we got assistance from other agencies. so we just wanted our city to have a great time but safe. >> can i have you talk about this video that we're sharing. this is from high overhead of a side show. a problem that has plagued oakland for many years. when your officers seeing? like this, tell me about the decision that you make about going in and shutting it down or hanging back.
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>> we changed our strategy associated with side shows. that event drew about 100 cars. so we were able to detain of those cars. we cannot have side show in our city. we issued about 40 tickets. we also towed about 32 cars. so we don't want side show to be a part of our celebrations or even a part of the city at any time. >> more aggressive than in the past. >> it is aggressive. it is unsafe. people think it is fun be but it really is a danger. >> i want to clarify. you said you grew up in memphis. >> i did. >> do have you any love for the memphis grizzlies or are you 100% golden state warriors. >> i'm 100% golden state warriors. >> what is your role with the parade? i heard close to a million people. we experienced one when you weren't here. all of your officers on hand. >> we're all hands on deck.
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we are prepared. quite prepared. again, we are calling on our partners in law enforcement to help us. we are expecting crowds as high $1.5 million. >> california highway patrol, sheriffs, fbi, everybody. all of our partners are participating. >> you're riding the snail in the parade. >> are you doing that again? >> yeah. i'm happy that i don't have a broken hand this year. i had so much fun riding with mc hammer. >> i remember that. >> you fight see him on top of the snail car again this year. >> so for you, especially mayor, as someone born and raised in the city of oakland, the civic pride must be immense. >> it is fan fashion -- fantastic. people may underestimate us. but we know how to fight hard
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and we are champions, not just our team but our city. i'm excited about this glorious moment. two years ago, the whole world saw oakland postcard picture perfect. we expect it to be the same. we encourage crowds to get there early. don't bring bikes or things with wheels. take public transit. drink lots of water and have a great time and soak in the glory that is the golden state warriors. >> did that last championship change the city at all? did you feel it? >> i did. i did. i feel like people often see oakland around negative things. this was our moment to shine. there was a bump in the step of every oaklander for many weeks to come. and we carried that pride over as we were able to attract kd to come to the city. he has come into the city so
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beautifully and with such generosity to the city. this team is about team work, hard work and giving back to the community. we are the beneficiaries of that in every way. >> thank you for coming in. thank you for joining us. we will be talking about this for days and days to come. >> at least you're not a grizzlies fan. >> right. >> you got me on the record. >> it would be okay if you were. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green.
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>> it may be explosive. jeff sessions may have been a congenial senator a few months ago but his former coworkers will not yield much ground as he makes his return today. >> democrats on that committee and very smart ones are salivating to go after their former colleague. don't expect softball because he is a former member of the senate. i think he knows that. >> reporter: right off the top he may face questions whether his boss is considering firing bob mueller appointed to carry out a criminal probe into possible ties again russia and the trump campaign. >> they attacked the referee and the reputation of someone like mr. mueller. >> reporter: democrats defend mueller but a key ally of the president ruddy says the white house is considering getting
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rid of him as critics question his impartiality. sessions will face questions about his contacts with the russian ambassador during the campaign, something that he didn't initially disclose. then there is the firing of fbi director james comby and whether there are white house tapes of conversations between comey and the president. >> we have much great news to share with the american people today. >> reporter: all of this as the trump administration has been trying to regain footing with the president holding his first ever complete cabinet meeting. >> he wants this to get -- get investigated as soon as possible and be dub with it so he can continue with the business of the american people. >> reporter: and the senate has come to an agreement on a new round of sanctions against russia for meddling in last year's election. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. you can watch the testimony of jeff sessions live on ktvu plus today starting at 11:30. we will bring it in a live stream on as well.
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expect a full day on ktvu knox 2 new at -- ktvu fox 2 news at noon. he is used to being on the other side of the hearings. what is it like for the attorney general to testify in public here. >> it is a great question. it will be a very rough day for him. i mean, they have a million questions for him. he's -- he's not appearing as the attorney general of the united states, by the way. he is appearing as a witness. there's a big difference there. so he is going to have to answer some very tough questions. i suppose the motivation is to somehow support president trump's version of things, especially with respect to jim comey. >> do you expect things to get heated? are we going to see contentious exchanges? >> some. but i -- jeff sessions has been
9:18 am
around for a very long time. he has served with many of those people. so while some of the questioners will have to reasonably dig in, gasia, i think there will be some basic respect there. and you've got years of experience at play. >> how does this compare to the comey hearings that we had last week in terms of interest, in terms of how important it is for the trump administration? it seems as if last week everybody was watching it. they had parties in bars. i don't see the same thing happening this week. >> well, because i think, sal, comey appeared to be an adversarial witness as it were. and sessions is part of the administration. as head of the department of justice, as attorney general of the united states. so i don't think that people view him as a -- call it a whistle blower. i think many people were very interested in comey's testimony because comey was going to kind of tell the secrets. and so it is kind of a
9:19 am
different type of testimony and hearing. >> you know, one of the things or the stories that came out of the comey testimony that was a highlight was when he said that he kind of noticed jeff sessions and he appeared to kind of recognize the inappropriateness when the president had said i just want to speaks to james comey by himself. and the attorney general left the room. do you think stories like that will come up today to find out more? >> oh, yeah. i think somebody will ask, why did you leave jim comey in the room, director comey in the room with the president when it appeared that he looked at you and asked for some help even if it was, you know, in body language. and that's going to be an interesting answer that the attorney general gives. maybe -- you know, maybe jim comey was reading too much into what he saw in the eyes of the attorney general. and that will be cleared up today. so it will be very, very
9:20 am
interesting. >> brian, thank you. we are two hours away from the testimony. last thursday, james comey testified in front of the senate intelligence committee. more people watched his testimony than game three of the nba finals. the question of the day, how interested are you in jeff sessions testimony compared to comey's? taking a look at the results. only 13% say more interested. 43% say about the same. 42 are not interested at all. one viewer tweets i am more interested in trump's impeachable offenses. i hope they both are honest. >> i think it will be good tv. from recusing himself to the hot seat, i don't see any bombshell info. >> another person says fake testimony versus fake news won't matter. people will make up their own opinions. >> thank you for your thoughts. we will check twitter and facebook and share your thoughts with you at 9:30.
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how fafrom its sourcelpine spring to the bottle?travel ♪ how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser is the only major us spring water bottled at the mountain source. >> today some parents of students in the fremont union school district is holding a press conference saying the district is not doing enough to prevent discrimination against african-american students. >> last week a parent filed a lawsuit against the district. >> this after revolution that's there was a kill list posted on social media and the students intended to shoot and kill all african-american students at the school. >> we willjurors have resumed deliberations in the bill cosby sex assault case. he and the country are waiting for the jury to reach its
9:24 am
verdict. the defense team argued that he and the woman accusing him of assault were secret lovers and the actor was unfaithful to his wife but did not commit a crime. kelly wright said the case went to the jury without cosby taking the stand. >> after hearing closing arguments, the jurors spent four ours deliberate rating late monday. they ended up calling it a night without reaching a verdict. >> the defense lawyer said, quote, cosby danced in his marriage and camille cosby who was sitting in the front row, she deserved better but that does not mean that cosby should go to prison. >> cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his philadelphia area home back in 2004. >> take everything into account. and that reasonable doubt is probably coming into play. that's why they asked the questions. >> as they were deliberate
9:25 am
deliberating, the jury asked to hear testimony about cosby about pills that he gave andrea before she claims she was assaulted. >> cosby claims he gave her benadryl. but andrea says the pills left her semi conscious. >> she claimed she was having trouble sleeping, that she was under a lot of stress. and that is something that he admitted that took while on the road to help him calm down. >> if convicted on the three counts, cosby could face up to 30 years in prison. in new york, kelly wright, fox news. it appears that state lawmakers have come to an agreement with governor brown on the state budget. one big issue is how to spend more than $1 billion in tax revenue from proposition 56. in the end the budget directs some of that money to medi-cal reimbursement rates for doctors and dentists who treat low
9:26 am
income patients. it also increases money for schools, community colleges and the csu system. the uc president's office was split off because of a audit that found hidden funds found in the budget. the lengthture must pass the budget by thursday night. verizon has closed its deal to biya other's core business and the ceo has resigned. under the acquisition, it will rename yahoo to altaba incorporated. the closing of the deal announced in july has been delayed as they assessed the fallout from the two data breaches last year. yahoo is the parent company to aol and tech crunch. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, warriors coverage continues with scott reese and allie rasmus with a lot more on all of the fan celebration.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. this is what it looked like when the warriors left the court and celebrated in the locker room. they uncorked the champagne and the players were ready for the ski goggles. after they took pictures with the trophy. kevin durant was joined by his mother. take a listen to what draymond green had to say last night. >> i did like the state of the union address. i wrote down the stuff like i'm going to say this and that. i was going to bash everybody who talked junk. i felt like rj was talking junk the whole series. then the media. j.r. said some things. i'm look i'm going to bash everybody. and then like nah, that is a championship team. they stepped up the entire season. they were great. you have to give them a lot of
9:30 am
credit. and so right along with that, with the calls, like, that's -- that's basketball. you know, that's -- sometimes the calls don't go your way. you know, and usually when a team is an aggressive. game 4 said that was the worst officiating i have ever seen. they were one of the most aggressive teams i had ever played against. if you're aggressive, the calls go your way. we got more calls tonight. we were more aggressive. >> draymond green had 12 rebounds. he celebrated with his teammates and his mother mary. [cheering and applause] >> here is a special treat for warriors fans who stayed at oracle arena hours after the game ended. the nba tweeted out this, kevin durant celebrating with fans. he gets out of the car holding the trophy. the tweet read the 2017 nba
9:31 am
finals. nba salutes dub nation. this is why we play. >> joining us live in the studio is ktvu sports anchor scott reese who was in the arena for the win. i have to go back to andre iguodala, mvp two years ago. that one play where he drove down the lane and had the one handed dunk with lebron standing there. >> he wasn't going to let lebron block it again. >> no. >> the power of the bench was a big highlight for me last night. >> it was. it underlies the core of this group, which is it is team basketball. we watched the warriors play basketball like it was meant to be played. they passed so beautiful and involved everybody. part of this goes back to the narrative when they signed kevin durant. who is going to give up shots for kd to get his? nobody had to because they just
9:32 am
scored more points. they find the open man and are unselfish. when andre iguodala comes off of the bench, it is a different dynamic. he was great offensivelyand  defense -- offensively and defensively. andre and clay and durant, everybody had to take turns doing it. lebron is always going to get his but he is an absolute beast. >> it is funny you mention lebron. at one point, the warriors were letting lebron make his two points and they went down and made their points. so basically they accepted what he was going to do. >> right. >> and then carried on. >> well, lebron james is a much better player when getting everybody else involved. when he is playing the facilitator. when lebron scores 25, that's when the calfs win. when lebron scores 40 and
9:33 am
doesn't distribute -- >> i don't think he could have played better. >> no. he was phenomenal. he is an unbelievable player. you heard draymond green talk about the officiating. it was not good. but i give them a lot of leeway. i don't know how difficult it was to try to officiate. >> so much aggression and physicality and intensity. this was such eye high level series. the games were not close but it was terrific basketball. >> how important is it to get rest and healthy. >> they got their injury out of the way in the regular season in terms of the players. when you only have to play 12 games before you get to the finals, that is an advantage. but i think both teams were as healthy as you hoped for them to be. >> i didn't see klay thompson
9:34 am
have his break-outgame but they -- breakout game but they still won. >> neither one shot it well but they played well. steph was a facilitator and set up a lot of easy baskets. that was his number one job heading into the series. you can handle clay shooting two of nine as long as he goes out and does it and brings it, which he always does on the defensive end. >> my brother-in-law tweeted me. he is a big laker fan. he said congrats mike, maybe the warriors can add lebron and kd next year. >> yeah. >> a lot of people say the warriors bought themselves a championship. >> draymond green may be the best draft pick in a decade. they draft steph curry when six
9:35 am
other teams passed on him. they added a free agent to a team that already won a title and two minutes away from another title. it is called free agency. we were talking about this before the show. winning breeds winners. why did kd want to come here? because the warriors were what they were. tough. >> they delivered. >> somebody is going to go sign with the cavs next year because that close. is that fair to the timberwolves? >> gosh, scott. i just asked a question. >> with just two hours of sleep. >> adrenaline. >> many members of dub nation like us in the news room did not get sleep last night. some fans didn't even go to bed. allie rasmus is joining us live in oakland with more on the celebration. hey, allie. >> reporter: yeah. now everybody is looking ahead to the victory parade scheduled
9:36 am
for downtown and uptown oakland at 10:00 in oakland. the city of oakland and b.a.r.t. officials have experience under their belts. it was just two years ago when the warriors won their first national title that we had a parade for them back then. taking a look behind me, you see some of the barricades set up on the sidewalk. this is the -- the parade route will be the same as it was two years ago, starting at 11th and broadway and ending at the southwest end of the lake near 19th and harrison streets. this morning, city crews were getting ready switching out the old strength in numbers banners with brand-new blue and white championship banners. the big question for b.a.r.t. this time around, will they have record breaking rider ship? the fact that school is out for
9:37 am
most families, we could hit the 600,000 rider ship mark on thursday, the day of the parade. last time was a dress rehearsal for b.a.r.t. they studied the rider ship data from the last parade two years ago and discovered they had a lot of people take b.a.r.t. from the dublin, pleasanton and fremont areas last time. they're expecting the same this time. they will be adding extra trains and that will impact the commute and the trains elsewhere on thursday. >> our schedule won't look like what it normally looks like. if you're used to that 7:35 a.m. train at walnut creek, it may not be coming because everything will be different. we have to evenly distribute all of the trains throughout the system. >> reporter: so the advice was if you don't plan on coming to the parade and you still need to take b.a.r.t., leave early. get on the b.a.r.t. system before 7:00 a.m. to avoid some of the schedule changes. it is an all hands on deck
9:38 am
situation for b.a.r.t. it will be on thursday. usually people sitting at desks will be out at signs directing people where to go. b.a.r.t. is asking cities and private parking lot owners if they can borrow the parking lots for the parking in fremont and the far east bay. they will also have bike valets. the bike racks at some of the b.a.r.t. stations, if they're too full, we will have people there to babysit your bike while you're out and they're asking for tsa for for help with security. the tsa will be doing security in and around b.a.r.t. so will b.a.r.t. police. expect more police presence the morning of the parade. this is the second time around. they have perfected the way that they're looking at handling this based on their experience two years ago. >> we need to keep doing this over and over again. thank you, allie.
9:39 am
nike wasted no time celebrating kevin durant's first championship. it released this ad that targets the criticism that he has faced during his career. >> kevin durrant apartment is too weak to be first pick. he will never make it in a man's league. >> soft. >> kevin durant will sign with the warriors. >> traitor. >> weak. >> gravy train. >> the commercial ends with durant winning the nba finals mvp award and the bold words debate this. nike has a sponsorship deal with kevin did you ant. >> the cover article spotlights his journey to the warriors. and the text that green sent him after the finals last year saying we need you. the article credits that text as a big reason that he moved to the bay area and what he sacrificed in oklahoma city to
9:40 am
be a big part of this year's  nba champions. >> steve, i didn't get any texts from you. usually we text during sporting events. >> i was text off. let everybody enjoy. >> i was impressed. >> some of us will be outside for the parade. >> it will start off warm and get very warm. at least it starts at 10:00 in oakland. if it was in vacaville, i would say it's going to be hot. we were cool this morning. we're going to go from a very cool pattern, a lot of clouds to sunshine and warm to hot conditions. in fact look for the 100s by the weekend as temperatures kick in. certainly on thursday and friday, saturday and sunday. if you're aware with the coast, turn it up. >> got it. >> thank you. >> you bet. >> coming up here in less than two hours really at 11:30 this morning, attorney general jeff sessions will testify before
9:41 am
the senate intelligence committee. he will be asked about the ongoing russia investigation and if president trump is considering firing the special counsel assigned to carry it out. we will bring you live coverage of the testimony on ktvu news at noon and the entire hearing will be on ktvu plus. james comey testified in front of the senate intelligence committee. more people watched his testimony than game three of the nba finals. the question of the day is how interested are new jeff sessions' testimony? 14% say more interested. 44% say about the same. and 42% say not interested at all. checking social media. do you see responses? >> i have one judge jan who tweets of course in all caps. have been waiting for a while for him to go down. of jan is watching the yum coming session with sessions marin tently than the comey testimony. >> chad says i'm interested in
9:42 am
health care well above both. taking away health care is sociopath sociopathic. most of my tweets are not about this, they are about the warriors. >> thank you for your responses. a new report on traffic caused by ride-sharing companies. the number of trips made by you knower and lyft that may be clogging up the roadways in san francisco. so many kids out of school. there is a summer camp that is in high demand. we will go live to los altos hills with more on the camp. ( ♪ ) a dog's big life
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>> the parents of a 22-year-old man released by north korea sayness in a coma. otto admitted trying to steal a political banner back at a hotel in 2016 where he was staying. he was sentence today 15 years in prison. rex tillerson announced this morning that the state department had secured his release and he was on a plane on his way home to ohio. tillerson did not mention his medical condition. now his parents say they were told that he contracted botulism and has been in a coma since march of 2016. all of this comes on the same day that dennis rodman arrived in north korea for another visit. this is rodman's fifth trip to north korea since 2013. he has called the north korean leader his friend. he was asked if he was going to bring up the issue of the americans being held in north korea. he was visiting as a private
9:46 am
citizen but he believed president trump was happy that he is there. e. >> i'm pretty sure that he is happy of the fact that i'm over here. >> okay. >> trying to accompany something that we both need. >> rodman appeared on two seasons of celebrity apprentice. the white house is considering its next move after a ruling against the travel ban. the 9th circuit court of appeals kept in place a decision by a u.s. district judge in the state of hawaii. the ban violates discrimination laws. the president failed to show how entry by people from six mostly muslim majority countries would hurt u.s. interest. the 4th u.s. court of appeals in virginia also ruled against the travel ban last month. the trump administration is appealing the ruling to the u.s. supreme court. >> there is multiple ways in which the president's action is
9:47 am
unlawful, statutory claims and constitutional claims. we are optimistic as it goes before the u.s. supreme court. >> president trump tweeted, well, as predicted the 9th circuit did it again, ruled against the travel ban at such a dangerous time. yesterday was a day to remember for a high school school student and army first class. we told you that he missed his own graduation because he was told he couldn't wear his army uniform to the ceremony. >> i was nervous but overall it was looking out on that crowd and i knew that we all came together. >> now that he has his diploma in hand, he is preparing for what comes next. he has a job lined up for the sum are and then advanced military training will start in september. more to come after the break, including how to get
9:48 am
your hands on a free taco today during a certain period of time. we will talk more about it coming up. >> just one taco. >> hold on. >> it is free. is that ice cream? no, it's, uh, breyers gelato indulgences. you really wouldn't like it. it's got caramel and crunchy stuff.
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>> right now especially rolement is open for stem summer camp at foothill college in los altos hills. >> one week sessions run until july 20th. silicon valley middle and high school students will learn coding, product design and 3d
9:51 am
printing. >> doctor, we're talking virtual reality, forensic technology. this is not canoeing and campfire songs, is it? is it? >> absolutely. we're here in los altos hills in foothill college and we started our 3d printing camp yesterday. we are welcoming 85 high school and middle school students from 85 schools around the bay area. >> what is the camp designed to really do? inspire what, if you could finish the sentence there? >> absolutely. so the camp was designed to spark the interest in science in students and also to pursue science degrees. so what you're seeing right now is 3d printing samples being cleaned right now. we are in the 3d printing lab that consists of numerous 3d printers. the students are getting their hands dirty and learning how to 3d print. we have various sessions in
9:52 am
virtual reality, product design, python, forensic technology and other fun subjects we're teaching students here at foothill college. this is for middle school and high school students from ages 12 to 17. >> it seems these are the skills that kids need to learn. why not make it fun for them in the summer camp environment. is that what you're thinking? >> absolutely. absolutely. one of the projects in the next couple of weeks, the students will be working on fidget spinners. they will be making their own devices. with that, instead of distracting their learning experience, they're learning how to make their own work. >> i'm curious in regards to who actually attends. because we've done a lot of stories here about young girls getting more involved in coding. would you say of those that attend, are they more boys or girls or have you seen a jump of girls coming to the camp. >> we have 50% girls and 50%
9:53 am
boys. an even ratio in between the camps. >> perfect. thank you, doctor, for joining us. science, technology, engineering and math. we have all of the information on look for it on the web links section of the mornings on 2 tab and you can also find it on the ktvu mobile app. there is also a new report on how much traffic from san francisco is from ride sharing companies. lyft and uber account for 170,000 trips on an average weekday in san francisco that. is 12 times the number of trips by taxi cabs and it is 15% of all vehicle trips that start and end in the city. public accounts for just 1% of all trips. rides are in areas already the most congested and have the most public transit options. it does not draw direct conclusions about the impact on traffic. tomorrow on mornings on 2 i
9:54 am
will have more on this on the impact in san francisco traffic. >> it doesn't seem to be getting better. >> no. what i learned is a lot of people who used to hop on the bus now use a ride sharing service. >> it is three bucks and get me to where i need to go. >> right. >> there are a couple of propositions in the city. one talks about a per ride surcharge for uber. the city attorney is suing to get records that the city attorney's office says uber hasn't been forth coming in providing. there seems to be a contentious feel between the city of san francisco and uber and lyft. do you find that to be true? >> i do. in tomorrow's report we talk about that where that subpoena is. city attorney is asking for all sorts of records, including some that talk about congestion. so we're going to talk about that. and also what the ride sharing companies themselves have said to the latest request for information. >> i know i was reporting at sfo a couple weeks ago.
9:55 am
and the number of you knower and lyft cars that i saw dropping people off. >> lined up. >> i had to look to find a taxi. >> i have taken uber in the last two years a ton more than i used to. they have only been around since 2012. there are advantages to it, especially when you're drinking and don't want to drive so you get a taxi or an uber. as the champagne flowed last night, steph curry grabbed a cigar. >> i'm not sure about this. >> you grab a cigar when you have a baby. >> i'm against smoking. >> curry had planned to smoke it last year but the warriors last and asked a friend to hold it until the warriors won the championship. >> how sweet is that victory cigar for you? >> it is wonderful. we waited all playoffs to break this open. the guys played outstanding.
9:56 am
>> steph said he had been waiting this entire year to smoke it to really enjoy the process and journey. >> most of us are riding the rush of the nba championship. las vegas looking ahead to next season. betting lines were already out this morning. golden state warriors are big favorites right now. the cleveland cavaliers have the next best odds followed by the boston celtics who have the number one pick in the draft and the san antonio spurs. you can actually get a free taco at taco bell thanks to the golden state warriors. the team stole a road win against the cavs last wednesday so today taco bell is letting you steal a taco. the fast food chain said if either team won a road game during the finals, everyone would win a taco. the steal a game steal a taco give-away runs from 2:00 to 6:00 this afternoon. so only four hours. get in. >> okay. >> one taco per person. >> got it. >> what a morning it has been.
9:57 am
>> it has been fun. it will be fun for the next few days, all the way into the parade. >> that's right. >> and then beyond hopefully for more championships in the bay area. >> thank you for joining us on the 9. making history right here at home in oakland. ♪[music] ]♪ ♪better than all the rest ♪ better than anyone ♪ ♪ ♪ anyone that i ever met ♪ a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a le and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] thank you very much for watching. my co-host, my studio audience. [ applause ] how you doin? okay.


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