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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good evening. the attorney general refused to answer a number of questions from the senate intelligence committee and denied any suggestion that he colluded with russian officials. we have lyme -- life team coverage with the questions asked by lawmakers. >> first to washington dc where we have a look at sessions testimony. >> attorney general jeff sessions before the senate intelligence committee today seriously denying any sort of collusion with russian officials disrupting or interfering with the 2016 election. >> jeff sessions was asked about previously undisclosed contact with russian officials in particular his meetings with the russian ambassador to the united states. >> any suggestion that i participated in any collusion that i was aware of any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country, which i have served
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with honor for 35 years, or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process, is an appalling and detestable lie>> the public showdown must one week after james comey testified before the same committee about his conversations with president trump. senators wanted to know if sessions had any role in comey's firing. >> about the firing of james comey to the question of the russian investigation,? >> i cannot answer that it was a communication by the president. >> sessions recuse himself because of his involvement in the campaign. special counsel robert mueller is heading up that probe. today and another hearing the number two at the justice department accounted -- attempted to shut down reports of president trump is considering firing mueller. >> the president trump ordered
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you to fire the special counsel, what would you do? >> if there are good cause i would consider it, if not it wouldn't matter what anybody says. >> reporter: james comey's friend the professor from columbia who helped lead the memo about the conversations with the president has been turning over material to the fbi. we have just heard from the white house about the reports that moeller might be fired. the white house pushing back saying while the president has the right to do that, he has no intention to do so. >> lauren, thank you. now to heather holmes. she joins us with more on the testimony including questions from california senators. >> reporter: dianne feinstein focus on sessions role on the firing of james comey. comey testified last week he felt his firing was a result of his refusal to end the fbi russia investigation. >> did you ever discuss
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director comey's fbi handling of the russia investigations with the president or anyone else? >> senator feinstein, that will call for a communication between the attorney general and the president and i'm not able to comment on that. >> you were not able to answer the question here whether you ever discuss that with him?>> that is correct>> you had no verbal conversation with him? about the firing of mr. comey? >> i am not able to discuss with you or confirm or deny the nature of a private conversation that i may of had with the president on this subject or others. >> kamala harris person to describe the policies supported his refusal to answer since the president did not invoke executive privilege. >> is a policy in writing somewhere? >> i think so.
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>> did you not consulted before you came before this committee knowing we would ask you questions? >> we talked about it. we mac did you ask a be shown to you? >> the policy is based on the principle that the president die >> sir i am asking about -->> you would rely on that policy. did you not ask your staff to show you the policy that would be the basis for you refusing to answer the questions. >> sessions eventually did answer. he said yes he did consult with his staff on his refusal to answer. that interruption of senator harris during her line of questioning is getting a lot of attention. sheet treated it was a simple question. concessions point .2 that. you may remember harris was rebuked last week during the hearing of deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. her style of questioning rubbed
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some the wrong way but others say to representative or renter is sexist and that the questioning would not be the same way if it was a man grilling a witness. >> heather holmes that is a criticism we've heard before. thank you very much extract white house sources tell us they were happy with the attorney general's testimony today. they called sessions impressive and praised him for pushing back against insinuations of wrongdoing. so far president trump is not commented while on a visit to milwaukee. the president toward a technical school and is scheduled to speak at a fundraiser for scott walker. joining us now is political analyst brian sobel. we heard some pretty strong questioning by both california senators. the attorney general basically blew them off the wouldn't answer those questions. are those legitimate questions? is he ducking and weaving and hiding behind some policy the kamala harris couldn't get him to articulate? >> all of that.
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i think she prosecuted him pretty well. he bobbed and weaved like somebody who has been under the lights before. he is asserting his rights not to discuss private conversations that he has had with the president and citing it as a policy which he could not finger necessarily. a long-standing policy not to do that. by the way, it is the same thing that has been invoked and other administrations by other people testifying before congress. including democrats. >> he said any suggestion he was involved in or was aware of collusion with the russians was appalling and detestable. your thoughts on that>> very strong language. i suspect this in a nerve with him as to whether he would ever betray his country, our country by working with the russians to undermine an election.
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he takes obviously great exception to that. it seemed like a lot of the questioning was meant to pin him down to specific answers on certain topics and then maybe compare his answers with other people in the administration and find out if there are discrepancies. with this coordinated? >> definitely. they come in, the staffs compare questions and they talk. they are trying to set a scene that they will use later potentially if there are conflicts and what he has said. almost nothing that happens has not been shared and talked about among staff people and all of those folks sitting behind these people. >> the democrats have their line of questions.>> the democrats have their questions and the republicans want to talk about voter fraud in the russian impact on the election. the democrats want to talk about collusion in trump's role in it in the trump administration. while they are connected, they
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are not connected. >> out of three or four hours of testimony from questions from republicans and democrats, did we learn anything significant today? >> not really. i think it was a good sparring match. everybody got a good blow or two in, but you didn't learn a whole lot today because sessions did a good job of bobbing and weaving or answering questions. sufficiently so there wasn't a follow-up that could talk him. >> as this hearing and they continue so disease fbi. >> absolutely a lot going on in washington dc. >> stay with us for continuing coverage. we've posted more on the testimony and you can find the story at the top of our home page. the u.s. supreme court gave the trump administration more time to file legal papers as a busy reinstate restrictions on travelers from six most the muslim countries. the justice agreed for more
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time to respond to monday's ruling from the court here in san francisco. the administration plans to ask the high court to overturn that decision so -- the new schedule will submit his final brief hundred 21 which is this one week from tomorrow extract california governor jerry brown is taking on an international role as a special envoy for the united nations on climate change. it happened at the capitol in the sacramento today. is rising profile on the issue of climate change comes on the heels of trump's announcement that the u.s. is backing out of the paris climate agreement. >> i'm a change is fundamental but also equally as important as working together as nations on something peaceful and something important. >> also today the governor entered into a nonbinding climate change packed called
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the under two coalition which aims to keep the increase in global temperature under 2 degrees celsius. so far 36 countries and 176 jurisdictions have signed on. coming up at dub nation celebration. look at the parade preparations underway and how this year will be different>> we have the luxury of having done this two years ago. this will be even better. struck it's warming up out there . temperatures are going to be perhaps in the 80s. we will talk about what you can expect for that in the excessive heat advisory going in for the end of the week. dub nation is spending serious cash now that the warriors are champions again. details on all of the merchandise flying off the shelves. we are taking a live look at the tuesday evening commute. this is the bait bridge toll plaza. is busy as everyone tries to make their way into san
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francisco. >> let's take a look at the berkeley area. the traffic on the right side of your screen heading toward the sacramento area. it's heavy getting out of the city.
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dub nation celebration is in full swing after the golden state warriors beat the cleveland cavaliers in game
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five of the nba finals. >> the party did not end at oracle. any players celebrated their championship with more champagne and cigars and all of that at san francisco's harlot nightclub last night. fans poured into the streets to celebrate the championship. there were a few small fires on mission street and some sideshows in east oakland. opd said dozens of citations were issued but fewer than half a dozen people were arrested. gear is flying off shelves and thousands of online orders have been placed since the warriors won the championship last night. >> additional merchandise will be available in the next few days and at the parade on thursday. we have life team courage. this more on the parade on thursday but first we want to go to christina life now outside oracle arena was all of the details. >> it's been a busy day here at oracle. there is a concert getting
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ready to perform tonight. poison is going to take the stage but all day and all morning and afternoon there were fans at the team store trying to buy that merchandise. >> dub nation is spending some serious cash now that the warriors are nba champions again. >> i'm getting some championship gear for my family because they're very excited. we have been waiting in line for an hour. >> angela and valerie say there's something about seeing the merchandise up close rather than shopping online. >> i think it's better to come in person in your here with all the other fans. >> i had to get a jersey. >> online sales are booming too. >> our website slow down. >> marty young the director
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took us inside the warehouse where online orders are packed up and shipped out. the the players wore is a hot item. more merchandise will be available in the coming days. >> this will only be sold at the parade on thursday. packages are headed to arizona, florida, puerto rico and hong kong. >> we have a lot of tourists that shop with us particular the -- particularly in our san francisco store. they are big fans. >> fans enemy golden state the best selling team three years running proven the warriors our money. >> i all ready shopped online but i can't wait. i need it now. >> there will be official pop- up source at the parade. will be at the beginning of the route and the second will be at the rally site. they will offer new merchandise with discounts on all gear. be on the lookout for that.
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>> there's more -- here's more on the preparations for the big parade and rally. >> the city is advising people planning to attend thursday's celebration to either watch the parade or the rally afterwards, but you can't do both. the rally area will be full of people long before the parade ends. >> city workers are dropping off barricades along the parade route and getting ready for thursday. about 1 million people came for the celebration two years ago and more are expected this time. this lady recommends people get here early in the morning and pick a spot. >> we had the luxury of having done this two years ago. this is going to be even better as far as hydrating stations,
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porta potty's, first-aid stations and lost children stations. bart is planning to have perhaps it's because single passenger j ever. passengers should take the 19th street at 12th street station and said. the biggest concern is asking people to be patient and be patient with each other. we will get them where they are going. the system was not designed to carry 5000 or 6000 people per day. >> for the shop the celebration figures to be one of the busiest days it's ever had here. >> we will open early so we can share treats with the community. we are excited to celebrate the championship with everyone. >> one fan we spoke with works in a downtown office building overlooking the parade. >> maybe i will hang out at the
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window and wave at them. >> for police it will be all hands on deck. some will be visible in some will be invisible to the public. that there early and bring water and sunscreen and have a blast. live in the newsroom, ktvu fox2 news. struck his a look now at the parade route from downtown oakland . a kicks off at 10 am on thursday morning outside the warriors practice facility at 1110 broadway. the parade goes up broadway to grant avenue and over to lake turns onto harrison before moving to lakeside drive. the parade into the bottom of the lake at the henry j kaiser convention center. we will have live coverage in our dub nation celebration begins at 9 am with anchors and reporters covering all angles of the big event. the weather promises to be warm. the high pressure is building
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in. as we head toward the weekend the national weather service has issued an excessive heat advisory. it will be up to the mid and upper 90s and 100s in the in the valleys. on thursday we are looking at this air sinking. no fog at the coast and temperatures on the parade route could be low 80s. it's going to be a warm one in oakland for your thursday. a nice looking day four of parade. the weather will be perfect but hot. these are the highs today. temperatures are another 4 degrees warmer than yesterday. highs tomorrow will be warmer still. warmer still on thursday and friday. that excessive heat advisory goes friday, saturday, and sunday. the reason they are doing that is because you were going from a cool period, a big swing from
6:21 pm
yesterday and the day before in the 60s and all of a sudden you're in the upper 90s. that is a shock to the system. they are issuing that to get people ready for the extreme change. in the heat of summer, 98 degrees is hot. but it's not real hot. 80, fairfield. 75, livermore. 79, concorde. temperatures are on the increase. tomorrow, warmer still. when i come back, your five-day forecast. a school district under fire. >> somebody has got to go. somebody needs to be held responsible. the allegations of racism at two high schools in a kill list of the center of the controversy. continuing coverage of the championship celebration. we will have more from the players and the team. struck a stolen ferrari worst hundreds of thousands of dollars is recovered in the northbay. we will have details on an arrest and what led police to the suspect.
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more people are choosing nissan. ♪
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♪ it's america's best sales event at nissan the fastest-growing auto brand in the u.s.a. take on every day get 0% for up to 72 months on 13 models. ♪ a school district has been rocked by scandal and is accused of not doing enough to protect students after a threat. here's the story. >> walter wilson another community members were not just angry they were enraged.>> i'm sorry, someone's got to go. summa need to be held responsible. the group detailed the disturbing set of facts and allegations involving the fremont union high school district. a group of six to 10 male
6:25 pm
students at monte vista high school and fremont high school created what's entitled an inward list. they posted it to social media site and detailed how many bullets would be needed to drop until a handful of black students at the school. richard richardson represents one of the victims>> when the mother found that out she felt she couldn't allow her daughter to return to that school. is been allowed to go on for months with no one doing anything about it. >> two months ago another racist message was posted to social media and asked about daily goals and the answer is to quote lynch in words. >> our children are living daily with the kill list. we should all be embarrassed. the mayor should be standing here. the police chief should be standing here. >> the school district refused to do an on camera interview. staff took appropriate action.
6:26 pm
officials referred us to the sheriff's office which also declined an interview and issued a statement. the sheriff said in part it's a failure of our community to allow raises misogynistic discourse to flow freely within adolescent interactions. the sheriff's office began investigating in september and our findings were turned over to the das office. the district itself is looking at a civil rights lawsuit and negative repercussions in the court of public opinion as community members say they've reached their limits of attacks against the vulnerable buried by bureaucracy. >> i'm tired of having this conversation. we know they didn't do the right thing. they're going to give us a run around and say -- >> one of the victims feared for her safety transferred out of the school to a different school before the end of the school year. the district says they can
6:27 pm
comment because they haven't been served with the lawsuit. i spoke with her attorney and he confirmed he is not received the suit but expects to receive it before the end of the week. we have another big shakeup at uber. speed -->> people felt they can get away with breaking the law. up next, the announcement about who were's ceo a what it could mean for the company down the road extract details from california's capital for a deal on the new state budget. shock more on the world champion warriors. a look at how last year's defeat made them the team they are today. stay with us.
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attorney general jeff sessions strongly denied collusion with russian interference of the presidential campaign saying that would be detestable and an appalling life. he also told the senate intelligence committee he did not lie under oath when he failed to mention meetings with the russian ambassador. >> preparations are underway for the parade on thursday. barricades are being placed along the parade routes and bart says it's expecting its highest single ridership day
6:31 pm
ever. more than 1 million people are expected to attend the parade that starts at 10 am. a rally for the team follows at 12:15 on the southwest side. >> fans are grabbing up the championship merchandise since last night's victory. the line outside the team store at oracle stretched outside the door. thousands of online orders have in place for the special gear and the team says more will be made available after thursday's parade. >> you're watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:00. the ceo at uber is taking a leave of absence. the company provided is 14,000 employees with a 13 page investigative report repaired by the law form of former u.s. attorney general. the report addresses a wide array of complaints. >> first and foremost the uber report recommends that travis kalanick duties should be shifted to others in senior
6:32 pm
management. kalanick announced he would take an indefinite leave of absence . >> what is the number one determining factor would be the personality of the ceo. the ceo with uber is a brash person. the culture at uber is very brash . people felt they could get away with sexual harassment. people felt they can get away with breaking the law. >> reporter: the report calls for changes in corporate culture. to change the culture role -- the cultures this from always be hustling, toe stepping a principal confrontation to more professional and understandable terms that don't encourage bad behavior. >> there are some aspect of uber's culture which are not helpful and in some sense potentially very harmful to the very survival of the company. >> a leadership team led by a new yet to be named chief operating officer will implement needed changes.
6:33 pm
the leadership team and all managers will undergo regular training and management, leadership, human resources and diversity. the roles of the chief -- diversity will be elevated and enhanced. employees will have a new robust and effective complaint process. there will be controls against bias in hiring and promotions. the management teams pay will directly be tied to ethics, diversity, responsiveness to complaints and employee satisfaction. intimate relationships between superiors and subordinates are band. tighter controls on the use of alcohol and drugs will be implemented. to assure all of this happens, the board of directors especially its chairman will be more independent with more responsibility and authority to oversee the integrity of the company and its operations. >> if an organization is serious about changing its culture it can do so
6:34 pm
deliberately and somewhat rapidly. i would say within one year, if they are serious. uber issued a statement that says will change is not happen overnight, we are committed to rebuilding trust with our employees, riders and drivers. ktvu fox2 news . the verizon deal to take over yahoo has been finalize completing the $4.5 billion buyout. it ends tenure at the company. the deal includes verizon renaming yahoo. the deal was announced last july and then delay to assess the fallout from two data breaches that were disclosed last year. verizon is the parent company of aol, huff post and tech crunch. >> california lawmakers announced a deal on a new state belt -- budget that expands tax credits for working families. were told it also provides more money for doctors and dentists who provide publicly funded
6:35 pm
healthcare.>> brian smith is one of the people whose likely to benefit from california's budget deal. >> for many years i couldn't go to the dentist. >> he's now and into cal patient after going 40 years without seeing a dentist that all. >> i've lost all of my top teeth in my back teeth and now they're trying to save what they can hear. >> 14 million americans and there are only 8000 and a statewide to take care of their teeth. california's reimbursement rates are much lower than most other states. >> a rate increase which hasn't happened in almost 17 years would bring it up to an acceptable level where they could cover cost and make a living. >> the deal provides nearly half $1 billion from -- more for dennis and doctors serving low income californians. >> it looks like hell. is hard to eat and they've been
6:36 pm
falling out and breaking off for the last few years. the budget deal affects california's fast-growing marijuana industry now estimated at $7 billion each year. california will spend $118 million to hire more than 500 new state workers to license and regulate marijuana. >> we're seeing new estimates of $15-$20 million per year and that's total economic outlook -- output. >> changes for the university of california with the directive to increase enrollment. the money coming from the uc office of the president were janet napolitano has been told to comply with the state audit. >> she's acknowledged there are shortcomings in is committed to take those corrective actions. ktvu fox2 news. coming up, at $250,000 ferrari stolen and then recovered in the northbay.'s assist their's best -- suspicious behavior that tipped off witnesses and authorities
6:37 pm
wanted to go catch a child molesters in the drug dealers and the murderers on the rapist and the real criminals?
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6:39 pm
new at 6:30, police have recovered the stolen ferrari worth almost a quarter of $1 million. they responded to a call about a suspicious man with a for
6:40 pm
robbery approaching people on francisco boulevard asking for gas money. another caller said he saw the man for gas on the car. when officers arrived, the man claimed to you on the ferrari but police discovered the car had been stolen from a service center. the suspect a 36-year-old man of georgia was arrested on suspicion of car theft. he has been connected to one previous commercial burglary superior court judge throughout the case of the man who got a ticket for eating pizza at a bus stop. the police officer who gave that man the $234 ticket three months ago was a no-show in court. the judge dismissed the case against the 64-year-old man. at the case that has sparked outrage among hopeless advocates. >> it was very embarrassing and it was very humiliating. >> want you go catch the child molesters, the drug dealers,
6:41 pm
murderers, rapists, and real criminals. >> according to city law in san francisco eating anywhere in the public transit system is a legal and a bus stop as part of that system. authorities say issuing the ticket is up to the discretion of the officer extract the city of san francisco has the strongest employer rules for breast-feeding mothers. employers are required to provide a clean private space for new mothers to pump breast milk. and must contain a chair and surface space for a pump and have access to electricity. federal law requires reasonable efforts to provide lactation breaks but this new city ordinance is significant because it includes more detail and spells out what kind of space should be provided. coming up next, a year-long journey for the world champion warriors. rriors.
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the warriors are nba champs for the second time in three seasons in the bay area is understandably euphoric.>> it's been a journey for the team following last year's setback. as scott re-shows us there is
6:45 pm
talk that this warriors team could be one of the greatest of all time >> normally when you put together one of these prospective pieces after a championship you talk about the adversity. the warriors certainly had their share. steve kerr's absence, kevin durrant's late-season injury. it seems disingenuous to dwell on that. this was the most talented team in the nba and they were expected to win it all. and said i give you the x factor that helped spawn this incredible run>> read in james. they say everything happens for a reason. even this>> date on greens not- so-subtle job but lebron initiated a sequence of events that led us here. >> the incident in game four of last year's finals resulted in greens suspension for game five which allowed the cavs to steal game five and ultimately overcome a 3-1 series deficit
6:46 pm
and dethrone the dubs. >> it's over. it's over. cleveland is a city at of champions once again. >> it turns out, it was all for the best. if the warriors hadn't blown that 3-1 leak they wouldn't have played this entire season with the lebron size chip on their shoulder. there would have been no agony, no introspection, no resolve to make amends. >> i want to destroy cleveland. >> there would have been no halloween taunting,>> maybe i'm over school but i'm never going to like that little girly basketball. >> no insatiable need to approve the doubters again. if they haven't loan that lead they would have to psychological artillery necessary to do what no american sports team has ever done. 115 straight playoff games. >> it's been a great motivating
6:47 pm
factor.>> most importantly, if the warriors hadn't blown that lead, it almost certainly would not have certain -- sign kevin durrant. >> he not only emerge as a final mvp and maybe the best player in the game, his presence postal warriors in position to not only compete with dominate the lead for years to come. >> we are obviously just getting started in this is something we want to continue to do. >> as much as the past dictates the present, the present alters the narrative of the past. this year success makes last year's failure nearly a mulligan. a footnote to a dynasty that now includes two titles in three years, the best regular season never, the best postseason never, and two of the best players ever. >> they call as a super two. we came together and we sacrificed. >> in the here and now it's
6:48 pm
impossible not to appreciate the enormity of this teams run. no matter where it all goes from here, we will always remember the shot that lost the battle but won the war.>> such a fairytale ending to a dream season for those guys. >> victory is always sweeter when you have suffered a defeat>> when we sat at that this with dennis richman, dennis would look at us like, not so good. he was a big warriors fan and they just could not get a win back then. >> thursday the weather will cooperate. there's going to be lots of mid- 80s and inland low 90s tomorrow. by thursday, we will find mid- 90s inland and around oakland
6:49 pm
on the parade day, we can see upper 70s and low 80s. today was warmer than yesterday by a solid 4 degrees. as you look out here, there's not much going on. if you look at the jet streams you can see everything is going up and over to the north of us. we end up with patchy fog as we had this morning south of santa cruz at the southern end of the bay down there, monterey bay. we might see some coastal fog tomorrow. highs right now, this much warmer than yesterday. we know we are trending that way. it's not a show you these numbers. you will see a change in an upward click right to the weekend. maybe not as pronounced as today or tomorrow will be, but certainly very warm. as we go into the next few days, triple digits in the central valley i friday, saturday and sunday.
6:50 pm
there is a heat watch in effect which is interesting. what they are saying there, it's going to be hot, obviously. you were going from cool and mild weather on sunday to these form to high temperatures. look how crisp the campuses. that is my old geology building. you can pick stuff out in the east bay and that's good air- quality. that is because of the wind. as a warms up, we will lose that air-quality. the air-quality will become less and it will get muggie and certainly, not certainly but probably in our future as we head towards friday and saturday. warm air today. and then 79 in san jose. 85, morgan hill. 86, gilroy. and then the five day forecast.
6:51 pm
pretty warm especially inland. the 98 server livermore valley. when you go to the eastern edge of the livermore valley, you will find 100 degrees on saturday and sunday. it is summer and it hasn't been acting like it, but it will now. >> bill, thank you. stay with us. sports is next. we will be right back. ktvu fox2 news complete bay area coverage .
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congratulations dub nation from ktvu fox2 news. >> mark is here now when the celebration continues. >> let it roll. the overriding today was everybody is okay, we one. let's talk about the future. i don't get in. so much of the talkshow fodder all about who's a free agent and how can they keep this in together and what will transpire next year. how about relishing the moment a little bit. last night, a little more champaign. here's a shot behind the scenes in the locker room. you can feel the stress and tension just released their. he didn't let the trophy out of his sight. i will tell you one thing, that man right there, a veteran
6:55 pm
presence on the team and did he ever show up on a big way. he played 38 minutes and scored 20 points. he was a mvp two years ago when the warriors be cleveland as well. do you think you savoring the moment? yes, i think so. the leadership the sky brings is very noticed by the power that bees -- the powers that be also. >> it is stressful because it's a hard job the goes unnoticed. it's really just sacrificing a making sure that everyone else is eating. but then you want to look for yourself sometimes. you want to show people what you can do. stephen i had an interesting conversation this morning. i said how many minutes do you have. and i said as many as you need.
6:56 pm
i felt like tonight was a night to attack and get it over with. >> another great moment. look at the shot of steve kerr just moments after it was over. you can see the emotion and everything he has experienced since they won the championship. all of the back issues and the pain that is gone through annie's back on the bench with the warriors for the final series after mike brown, he did such a great job and the emotion spilling no -- spilling out. it was very tangible, palpable the emotion in the air for many, many reasons. >> winning is fantastic. i have been so lucky to be part of so many championship teams as a player and now as a coach. it never gets old. tonight was a little different just based on the things i've had to go through during this
6:57 pm
time. if he would've been coaching it wouldn't of been nearly the same. i don't cry a lot but i cried. my wife knows what you go through every things you ms. and when i heard steve, our lives are perfect. we go through highs and lows but that moment was special to celebrate with him. >> here's another special moment. look at kevin durrant get out of his vehicle amongst the warrior people right there with the trophy coming out. and just exuded so much excitement about his first championship and sharing it with the fans. that was another great moment we saw last night. >> more to come with the parade. >>-they don't feel guilty about saying parade. thank you for joining us tonight. goodnight.
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no, seriously, i think i've finally figured out my problem with women. the capybara is the largest member of the rodent family. what does that have to do with me and women? nothing. it was a desperate attempt to introduce an alternate topic of conversation. my problem is, i don't project confidence. so i decided that the next time i meet a woman i think is attractive, rather than holding back and being cautious, i'm going to assume the mantle of self-assurance. oh, yeah? what does that look like? hi. i'm leonard. and you are beautiful. you pop, sparkle and buzz electric. i'm going to pick you up at 8:00, show you a night you will never forget. where are we going? good news. i made it onto the team for the new defense department laser-equipped surveillance satellite.


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