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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 15, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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mikaelian in a bit early. >> good morning, i am dave clark. we have steve paulson right here. much nicer today than if the parade were being held on saturday. in the 60s and 70s, and it could be even a little bit cool for some of you sitting out there right now watching us on your tablet or phone. the kids do that nowadays. 60s and 70s, and here is the spirit, it looks pretty good. tomorrow we will start to warm up with the excessive heat watch kicking in. in the old days we would say is going to be hot but now we get to tag a name on it with the excessive heat watch. saturday and sunday we have toasty numbers away from the coast. a little fog forming at the san mateo coast and the high pressure is ready to go once the system in the north goes by. more breezy today than yesterday with 50s and 60s on the temperatures. some of the this fall down and
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the san mateo coast was not existing yesterday but this system will go by to the north and tomorrow we will warm up into the near 90 for some. we have the man with the plan. >> if you are heading onto the warriors victory parade, and i'm looking at these temperatures. the one for oakland is what? >> at 2:00 it will be 76 at the end of the parade but a high of 78 officially.>> all right. people are making their plans and probably you do not have to bring your jacket today. >> 56 right now but other than that in the 60s and 70s. i know you are up early getting ready for the parade and let's help you out. the traffic will be busy if you're driving out to the bay area commute. we are also looking at some the people coming in from far away including the tracy super commute.
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westbound 580 is already slow this morning driving in from tracy. 205 is already slow. if you are coming in from livermore to dublin, looking good. the main part of the hayward area looks all right. the bay bridge in the san francisco looks good. from san francisco into downtown oakland not a bad commute. at 7:00 they will closed the southbound i-80 jackson street off-ramp and northbound at 80 at oak street at 7:00. expect a lot of people into downtown oakland. the best way to get to downtown oakland if you're going to the parade is through bart. the trains are running normal and you should have no trouble getting a train into oakland. it is 5:02 am. we begin with the investigation into the mass shooting at the ups facility and to san francisco were four were killed including the gunmen who was attacked -- identified as jimmy lam, and the authorities are looking for the motive to the workplace
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attack. the teamsters union said that jimmy lam filed agreement several months ago complaining about working excessive overtime. he shot and killed three and one did two -- one did -- wounded two others before killing himself. there are memorials outside of the ups warehouse at the scene of the shootings and yesterday the delivery truck drivers were at the informal daily briefing before starting their deliveries and heading out when the shooting began.>> several have been shot at the ups building, several people have been shot.>> the first police officers determined it was an active situation. the one did -- wounded were taken out as quick as possible and he shot people inside and then went outside and shot three people.
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he was confronted by the police inside the warehouse. >> they located the suspect that was still armed with the assault pistol. the suspect put the gun to his head and discharged the weapon. >> the police say they never fired a shot, and they was covered -- recovered two guns at the scene. ups is offering counseling for the employees that went through the ordeal. the san francisco police have released the names of the three killed by the gunmen, 56-year-old wayne chan of san francisco, 50- year-old benson louie of san francisco and 46-year-old michael labadie of hercules. amber lee reports that all of them are being remembered and that michael labadie was considered part of the community in which he worked even though he lived on the other side of the bay. >> he was kind, kind of the protector of the neighborhood and that is how we felt about my. he did -- mike did not just
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deliver packages but totally part of our community and his presence will be very messed. >> reporter: at the diamond heights shopping center the neighbors and friends created a memorial of flowers and notes for michael a fatty -- michael labadie known as big mike with a big heart. >> he was a larger-than-life personality in our neighborhood.>> reporter: those that gathered said they have known michael labadie for more than a decade and much more than the ups delivery man, and he would shout out a greeting when he would spot them from afar. >> every day i would see him. every day. now i will miss him. >> reporter: the 46-year-old with talk about's favorite sports team, the san francisco giants, and his family, his wife daniel and their children. >> he so loved his family and he would talk about his kids and how proud he was of them and how much he -- how much
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love he had for his family.>> reporter: michael labadie and two other drivers were outside of the ups building when they were shot and killed. >> they would literally give you the shirt off their backs, literally. very nice guys.>> reporter: joseph celia as well as with the teamsters union and said he has no idea why jimmy lam killed his coworkers before turning the gun on himself. >> i have no inclination. this is a senseless act. usually we will here there is an issue between two people and we go to try to resolve it but i've never heard any issue with jimmy lam. >> reporter: at the memorial family and friends are trying to make sense of what happened and the union representative said that the two drivers that survive are san francisco residents, one shot in the arm and the other in the leg, and both have been released from the hospital. amber lee ktvu fox 2 news.
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it is 5:06 am. the deadly attack left many ups workers in shock and wondering how this could happen where they work. >> it is shocking. your life can go so quickly in front of you, thinking about your kids, your coworkers. >> i feel for the parents, the families and loved ones that are here that are not okay. i know that my daughter is okay right now. i really want to see her and give her a hug.>> some of the family members rushed to the ups building as soon as they heard what happened. the family assistance center is open on 100 kansas street but many stay close to the same until they received information about their loved ones. it is 5:07 am. state lawmakers are set to vote on the new budget that would increase spending or special services and educations, and they have negotiated the $125 billion spending plan
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which is expected to get full approval from the state senate and assembly. they increase payment for the doctors and dentists that care for the medi-cal patients. we are counting down to the warriors championship parade and rally. >> many eager fans were camped out overnight to get the prime spot and were out early in downtown oakland and celebrating less than five hours away.>> reporter: we will be doing the warriors chant this morning at broadway and 11th avenue where the parade will start. i have plenty of company behind me with many of these people getting up early to get the best seat in the house. they have their warriors gear, the lawn chairs are set up and there are barriers set up behind them with the heavy security presence. pg&e has been out here early setting up the championship banner, pg&e has a long relationship with the golden
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state warriors as a team sponsor. 1.6 million people are expected along this route starting at 11th and broadway and ending with the rally. what you can expect for security, those involved in the planning tell us there will be at least 20 oakland police officers per block along the two mile route but they did not commit to the number of officers but says it is all hands on deck today. city officials are working with the highway patrol to monitor the traffic along i at 80. if there is a major backup they will close the jackson street off-ramp. the city officials say there will be porta-potties and hydration stations in case it gets warm, and plenty of people expected this morning. we caught up with some young ones from los angeles and listen to this.>> the warriors, first of all, kd.
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a lot of people have been hating on him but in my opinion he was pretty good.>> reporter: what about you? >> probably because i like the warriors because of steph curry and kevin durant helped us get the championship. without him i don't know that we could have done it. >> i like their style. they are good sports. i think they are nice people. that is why i like them. >> reporter: what you expect to see today? >> obviously i want to see kd holding his mvp trophy and curry . i don't know, just be nice and wait everyone as much as they can. >> reporter: we try to get autographs? >> yes, i will try to get autographs, and i want them to sign something of mine.>> reporter: your shirt? >> yes. >> reporter: have fun.
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those are young fans and they told me they are in summer school but what a way to enjoy the summer, taking in this parade. one thing you have to know in terms of security, leave your large backpacks at home because there will be various security checkpoints along the route but everyone here expecting to have a lot of fun. live from 11th and broadway, ktvu fox 2 news. we want to show you a map of the warriors parade route and is starting at 11 and broadway in oakland and up broadway to the grand avenue, turning onto harrison street, then to the lakeside drive before ending at the kaiser convention center along lake merritt where the big rally will take place. mornings on 2 will be covering all the parade preparations along with the parade itself throughout the morning. we have our special dub nation celebration beginning at 9 am and watch it right here on ktvu fox 2, or on livestream. it
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is 5:11 am. the stunning development in the case of the bay area prosecutor and the da resigns after pleading no contest to a felony. new reports that the justice department investigation into obstruction of justice includes president trump himself.
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the special counsel investigating the russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. it stems from the firing of fbi chief james comey who believe he was fired because refused to in the criminal investigation into warmer national security advisor michael flynn. robert mueller will interview the director of national intelligence, the head of the national security agency and others.>> president trump responding saying that made up a phony collusion with the russian story found zero proof so now they go with obstruction of justice on the phony story. nice. the death toll from the yesterday huge fire in london at the 24 story apartment building is now up to 17. they expect the number will go up more and firefighters are beginning to search the building. look at these pictures.
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the fire started early yesterday morning, destroyed the building with at least 500 people that lived there. there is anger in the neighborhood and the people say they've been morning about the fire hazards in that building for years. there is a $13 million refurbishment that occurred last year but only made cosmetic changes without installing sprinklers or fire exits with only one staircase. the british prime minister theresa may said she is ordering a full public investigation into the fire. >> in due course when they have seen this as secure and when it is possible to identify the cause of the fire there will be a proper investigation. if there any lessons to be learned they will be and action will be taken. >> i believe we need to ask questions about but -- what facilities and resources have been given to the area and mostly we need to deal with this, and we need to have
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people safe living in high-rise buildings.>> hundreds were left homeless by the fire and emergency shelters are open. people have been dropping off food, water, bedding and clothing. we have the big warriors parade in celebration and the traffic impact, i expected to see more people on the roads earlier on. >> i think people are heeding our advice and taking bart. bart is doing well in a few years back a lot of people took the bar and they are expecting to set more records. bart is doing well with no major delays on all of the lines. we expect a lot of people obviously to get off of the train at 12th street, city center or 19 street, or they could be getting off at lake merritt and walking depending on where they want to be at the parade. some will want to be at the end when the warriors gathered together to talk at the kaiser center. let's take a look at the commutes for those coming
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far away are driving to work. if you're driving in from gilroy or san jose, we take a look at the commute would traffic looking good through morgan hill into san jose with no major issues. here's a look at i-280 in san jose and it looks good. driving into downtown oakland on i at 80 -- i-880 a little less than two hours from now they will shut down the oak street ramp and the southbound ramp will be shut down at jackson street, and you can see the bart train in the picture and bart has been doing very well bringing a lot of people dressed in the blue and gold up to downtown oakland. no need to panic as you leave the house, and just get on the train is is you can. the best way is to have someone drop you off at the bart or walked to bart so you don't have to worry about your car. maybe have a friend drop you off and you will be good to go. steve says it will be a nice day out there.
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>> very nice and much better than if the parade were held on saturday. it will be nice today, subtle changes with more fog. we have some high clouds with his weak system brushing by to the north, and temperatures today similar to yesterday was 60s to start off. 76 is that 2:00 so not too bad. tomorrow 82 at 2:00. we are looking for nice weather and tomorrow we will talk about temperatures picking up with that excessive heat watch posted. not so much on friday and more so on the weekend but some people don't like anything over 75. it will be over 75 unless you at -- are at the water's edge. by sunday upper 90s in san francisco looks to be in the 80s heading towards sunday. around the half moon bay, montero, 90s with fog sneaking back in. not much there yesterday and only down toward santa cruz.
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look how close he gets here as we have a slightly cooler forecast with this system to the north sliding by. you can see the highs trying to build and once the system goes by it will. this is a stronger breeze than we had this time yesterday so i think temperatures will be similar with a few degrees cooler. only someone interested in the weather would know, 50s and 60s on the temperatures and a few degrees warmer for some and cooler brothers. gilroy in the upper 40s, scotts valley and felton, 51 in santa clara and cupertino at 52. except for the patchy fog enhancing was sunny to mostly sunny with temperatures in the 60s and 70s by the water, 80s and near 90 inland. we could see a few degrees cooler for some but tomorrow it will warm up and it won't take
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long to get into the hot category unless you are right at the beach. it is 5:21 am. a big fundraiser, the annual tradition for decades, coming up the star-studded benefit concert has been canceled.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:23 am. congressman steve scalise
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is still in the hospital after being shot by the gunmen who may have had a political motive at the government baseball practice. >> the gunman was shot and killed by the police and the annual charity baseball game between the republicans and democrats is scheduled to go on today. >> reporter: good morning. there had been speculation that maybe it would be canceled given what took place yesterday but ultimately the democrats and republicans agree it is important for the game to move forward in the spirit of bipartisan. >> reporter: it has been about 24 hours since the shots rang out at the republican baseball practice in virginia. the police quickly confronted and killed the alleged gunman, james hodgkinson, 66. some of the most powerful people in washington went running for cover. >> a lot of us dove into the dugout. >> reporter: wounded in the attack was louisiana congressman steve scalise serving as the house majority whip, zach bart and two
5:25 am
capital police officers that were there to protect steve scalise were also wounded. president trump and the first lady visited the washington hospital last night where ski lease and one officer were being treated and the police of been examining the social media polls showing anger toward the republicans, unknown political activist and one congressman said he ran into james hodgkinson just before the attack. >> he asked me if this was a republican team practicing and i was wanted that it was a republican team practicing. >> we are strongest when we are unified and when we work together for the common good. >> reporter: the president spoke from the white house shortly after the attack and house speaker paul ryan called for more unity in washington. >> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [ applause ]>> reporter: paul ryan siding the picture of
5:26 am
democrats at the practice praying for the victims and the charity ball game in the meantime will happen. >> if we don't way this baseball game and we go home, they win.>> reporter: this is a big charity fundraiser they expect to raise about a half million dollars. it may be a good thing they have scheduled to be at the national park because it could be a pretty big crowd tonight. >> thank you, doug. google is working on a plan to provide housing for its employees, and the parent company alphabet is finalizing the orders to purchase 300 modular apartment units. the modular housing units will go up on the google bayview campus and the units will built by the factory os of vallejo and will cost between 25 million and $30 million. coming up we have details on the new legislation to regulate the marijuana in california including the rules for organic marijuana and home deliveries. veries.
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over 1 million people are about to descend on oakland in just a few hours and they are already arriving for the warriors championship parade and rally happening later today. bart is your best option to get down for the celebration and we will tell you what to keep in mind before hopping on the train this morning. ng. the commute could be crowded with people not going to work, looking at the bay bridge, looking good but some people could be going to the parade and we will keep you posted. if you're going to the parade, a light jacket for the morning but when the parade starts it will be nice in the 60s and ending in the 70s. youd should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. save up to 15% at the ikea kitchen event. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2 on this thursday morning, june 15. i am dave clark. >> i am gasia mikaelian in early for pam cook. we talk about the warriors victory celebration taking place in downtown oakland and a big ceremony at the lake. if you're up early to beat the traffic will get your spot in line, steve paulson will tell us it is fairly comfortable. >> i have already noticed more people this morning, and i think that speaks volumes. i saw people taking the light jacket onto bart and that
5:31 am
is a good idea. it is a little bit cool but we end up with mostly clear skies with nice temperatures in the 60s, low 70s to mid 70s which is where we should be. tomorrow we will begin the warm up. it will get toasty, not so much on friday but the weekend will be hot. today we will cool off just a bit. we have a lot more fog that is pouring onto parts of the san mateo coast, and overnight at half moon bay and southward from the arena. we have the slightly stronger delta breeze, more so than yesterday. these things usually tell me that this time of the year there is a hint of a slightly cooler pattern. still just a few degrees, west southwest at 17 which was stronger wind than yesterday. 50s and 60s with you upper 40s, mill valley, sebastopol and windsor, 51 in petaluma. 52 in bodega bay.
5:32 am
you see the fog in parts of the coast and 60s, 70s, upper 80s with a few degrees cooler for some inland. tomorrow it will be warm. we have things we need to know heading to the parade. >> mostly 70s and 80s, not bad. a nice day. people are heading out early and if you are coming in from solano county into work or perhaps you're doing okay with traffic continuing to move along very well. out to the vallejo area no major problems. looking at interstate 880 into downtown oakland remember it is 7:00 northbound shutdown at oak street, southbound jackson, northbound broadway will be shut down. basically the downtown open exits will be closed. avoid that area with your car and the warriors prayed will start at 10 am. the best way to get there is on bart. they are doing well getting
5:33 am
people into and out of downtown oakland. the trains are crowded but not too bad, and a nice-looking drive in from past downtown oakland. moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza you can see there is a bit of a backup into san francisco with a 10 minute delay. it is 5:33 am. more on the shootings yesterday san francisco and and alexandria, virginia. they are drawing new attention to the study suggesting arise in the mass shooting in the recent years and what can be done to stop them. we have the numbers and the perspective. >> reporter: the vulnerability of the ups workers just going to the jobs in san francisco, or the congress members playing a game of baseball shattering a sense of peace for many americans on wednesday. coming from republicans and democrats with the of prayers, diana feinstein saying that the continuing scorch of gun violence is disheartening and that we must do more to address
5:34 am
the causes of these tragic events. bay area congressman eric swalwell searching for answers as well. >> we want to know what the answers are from a law enforcement perspective and from the policymaker perspective. >> reporter: the nonprofit that tracks gun violence shows a recent increase in the mass shooting's which is defined as four more people injured or killed in not including the shooter. 274 in 2014, 384 last year, and this year with the san francisco and virginia shootings bringing the number two 154 so far. the criminal justice research program professor said that the shooting on wednesday highlights the ongoing state of life in america where the guns are readily available. >> the vulnerability that we have, particularly in the public spaces to being undefended against other people using lethal force. >> reporter: he says it is
5:35 am
difficult to explain why these numbers have increased but what is clear is -- >> the number of handguns out there to be acquired has gone up in the civilian population. >> reporter: he says the category of mass shooting's is not recognized by law enforcement and that there are no easy solutions. often it is difficult to tell and vent it will take legal action, even the california street gun control laws offer a limited protection. >> so long as ownership and availability are very high the capacity of those laws to stand between handguns and the people that want to acquire them is quite limited. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. it is 5:35 am. mark peterson, the contra costa district attorney resigned as part of the plea deal in the criminal case over misusing campaign money.
5:36 am
as part of the agreement peterson pled guilty to one count of perjury and 12 other felony counts were dropped. he was charged with using $66,000 in campaign funds to pay his personal bills, to purchase jewelry and other items. he was sentenced to 250 hours of community service and three years probation. the city of san jose is holding a number of community meetings about fighting gang violence and they teamed up with the san jose police officers to see what is already being done and to talk with the community about addressing the problem on what else should be done. >> we want to here with the community on what they are living with, dealing with and what they expect from the city as it pertains to the gang violence. >> the meeting is at the amount pleasant high school -- the mt. pleasant high school tonight at 6:00. the families grieving after the boy in antioch that was killed with a pellet gun was
5:37 am
not the only victim, and marcos garcia died on the first day of summer vacation while hanging out with his friends. they were handling a pellet gun in the house when it went off. one pellet hit marcos in the chest and he died at the nearby hospital. it is not clear who pulled the trigger but it is being investigated and treated as an accident. were told that his friends panicked, ran next-door instead of calling 911. none of them tried to resuscitate marcos. his stepfather wants the other boys that were there to get counseling because of what they saw. >> i told him, whatever you do in life save as many lives as you can. kids do what kids do, and i don't blame the rifle. i don't blame the boys. things happen.>> the service for marcos is scheduled for tomorrow and a go fund me page is set up to help pay the expenses. we have a link to that on the state police are
5:38 am
searching for the sacramento county jail inmate released by mistake and he was accidentally freed tuesday, and used a mac was serving a 35 year sentence for vehicle theft, baiting the police and hit-and-run. he was facing charges in another case and was mistakenly let go. five foot 11 inches tall, 262 pounds. his pictures on the screen and if you know where he is called 911. state lawmakers considering legislation to set the standards for organic marijuana, allow pot samples at the county fairs and home deliveries. this is part of the state budget agreement between governor jerry brown and top democratic lawmakers, scheduled to be approved today in the legislature. the budget agreement includes $118 million to pay the start of calls for the newly regulated industry. the city college of san francisco has announced the top candidate for chancellor, and
5:39 am
the most recent position was as the senior program manager in the new york governor's office storm recovery. they are set to vote on the contract and open session on june 22 and expected to begin work on july 1 if appointed. bart is much busier than usual at this hour today and more than 1 million people are beginning to descend on oakland for the warriors championship parade later this morning. ktvu alex savidge is at the 19th street station in oakland and tell us what to keep in mind and what is going on if you are riding bart to get to the parade. >> reporter: good morning. we are already seeing a lot of the warriors fans hopping off the bart train at the 19th street station. this is one of several station in oakland that will be very busy later this morning a several this and on oakland for the parade and the rally later
5:40 am
today. 12th street will be very busy along with lake merritt bart is urging people mainly to use the 19th and 12th street. they are bracing for record grouse day and we could have even more people riding the bart system than we had in 2012 for the giants celebration. that was the giants championship parade in 2012 with 568,000 people riding the bart system that day and we could shatter that record today. i am being joined live this morning by chris, the bart spokesperson. thank you for taking the time and we dig your shirt. what you preparing for with these huge crowds today? >> you have to love this and part is embracing this. we have put out the extra effort and doing all we can to get as many trains as possible into the system. we have 100 additional bart volunteers to help the folks to figure out where to go in the
5:41 am
system. a lot of people that do not use bart on a daily basis will count on us to get to the praise we want to be ready. one big step we are taking today is offering the clipper cards at some the busiest stations, $15 available forecast purchase and you can reload them later on which is the quickest way to get in and out of the system. >> reporter: bart agents will be at the stations selling the clipper cards and have cash on hand which is faster than waiting on the ticket lines. >> reporter: we have seven stations today, and that is the way to go. it is a cash purchase, a clipper card that you can reload for later use and it will save you time. it is easy to get in and out of the gates with the clipper card and you don't stand in line waiting for the ticket machine. >> reporter: talking about where people should get off once they write for the parade, and i know you're urging people to avoid the lake merritt station. >> reporter: yes.
5:42 am
>> 12 the 19th street have more capacity on the plat form then lake merritt which was not designed for an event at this magnitude. 12th or 19th is the best bet right along the parade route. you will find more space for yourself in especially early on. the most important thing, if you're coming to the parade, sooner better than later, leave now if you can.>> reporter: the bart spokesperson kind enough to take a few minutes. they are already very busy and we asked chris when you thought people should be leaving and he said they should've already left. so if you are at home right now, and if you are planning on taking bart to the parade, you should already be gone. get your shoes on and let's go. come on down. >> all right, thank you, alex. the parade begins at 11th and broadway where the warriors practice, up broadway to the grand avenue, turns on the harrison street, and then on
5:43 am
lakeside drive and ending at the y convention center next to lake merritt for the big rally. mornings on 2 will cover all of the parade preparations throughout the morning. we have our special dub nation celebration beginning at 9 am and you can watch it right here on ktvu fox 2 or watch it on our live stream broadcast. it is 5:43 am. dennis rodman is still in north korea and he brought something along, the gift and what he told the north korean basketball team. the car fire on the san francisco freeway that could affect the bay bridge getting into the city . once you get off the bay bridge there was slow traffic coming down to the skyway. the good news is that it is clearing, more straight ahead. a beautiful day for the parade and not to warm and just about right, mid 70s by 2:00. handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99.
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you crave it. we serve it. crave van! it is 5:46 am. as the warriors prepare for the parade they're taking care of personal matters and losing the legend a member of the management team. special consultant jerry west is leaving the warriors to join the la clippers in a similar role. is been a big part of the warriors resurgence and large accredited with telling the warriors not to trade klay thompson for kevin love. the call the decision to leave the warriors when the status of his life is said it is time for a new challenge. there are 10 soon-to-be free agents but they will probably not go anywhere, steph curry kevin durant, steph curry expected to be the first $200 million man in the nba and expected to take less money so that the warriors can keep more key players.
5:47 am
steph curry says that the team comes first and even when it affects your own financial bottom line.>> at the end of the day we know what is best for us as a group going forward. we will do everything we can to keep this team together. i will have that mindset, you the guys will have that mindset, and all the guys that are up for renegotiating a new contract. we will see what happens.>> it is good to know the mindset and now we know how they think. they want to keep it together. >> when you're talking about tens of millions or hundreds of millions of dollars it would be hard have that mind that. i like the team aspect and the players, they want to keep the good thing going. >> they like each other and they want to win. we like sal who is taking care of the morning commute. >> it is busy and i know that a lot of people are going to work, not everyone has the
5:48 am
luxury of taking the day off to go to the parade. we have mix of people and it will be easy to tell who is going to the parade with the blue and gold out there. we have slow traffic on the tracy commute driving onto 580 and 205 out of tracy. i suspect most of this is the regular commute but some could be coming in for the parade. traffic from livermore to dublin in the castro valley not looking bad. into downtown oakland from 238 is a straight shot with no major issues this morning. looking at the bay bridge westbound traffic is okay driving into san francisco. no major problems. we had an earlier car fire that is now gone and references go. southbound 101 at the i-80 split and that caused a slow traffic issue but now that is gone. as a matter fact, as i switch the camera i can show you the traffic. there is one police officer left on southbound 101 at the i-80
5:49 am
split with the little bit of slowing. we did dodge the bullet. the person that was in the car on fire did get out safely which is good news. it is 5:49 am. i noticed more people in the freeway even this morning coming in. >> people are up early. nice weather today and it could be a bit cooler fog on the san mateo coast. it will be a beautiful day and mostly clear out there with temperatures in the 50s for most. if you are out there now for the prater heading that way, a light jacket would not hurt. in the 50s by 10:00, 60s by noon, and by 2:00 76. tomorrow we will start to beat that as we begin to heat up. today is the push day with this weak system. the heat watch will kick in for the weekend and early next week for those that are away from the coast. not in san francisco yet or on the coast, one of the few that do not come under that category.
5:50 am
tomorrow is when things will begin to warm up so not blistering hot but by saturday and sunday that inland temperatures will be very warm. that fog was not here yesterday with only patchy fog at santa cruz and monterey but much more today. we had the slightly stronger delta breeze with that weak system to the north pushing in the fog. the mere fact that it is there does make a difference. the system will go by and you will see this ridge of high pressure that is ready to go but it needs a little bit of help and it will fire up. we have the at west southwest breeze at travis, a little bit stronger than yesterday. 50s on most temperatures with a few low 60s, a few 40s. 51 in lafayette and 52 in blacktop, and pittsburg and reward that 52, 56 in pleasanton, san ramon at 54. we have some cool readings and speaking of cool i think the fog will play into a slightly cooler forecast.
5:51 am
tomorrow warmer for just about everybody. 60s, 70s and 80s. livermore 87 today and 89 yesterday. people that like whether would look at that more so than anybody else. warmer weather kicking in friday through sunday and most of next week. it will be a stretch for about a week. it is 5:51 am. no new food labels approved by the obama administration anytime soon, up next why the nutrition fact panels on the food will be delayed indefinitely. [ birds chirping ]
5:52 am
[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions...
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are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
5:54 am
it is 5:54 am. it could be a while before we see the new food nutrition fact labels approved by the obama administration. dfba -- the fda's pushing that the deadline and it would make the calorie count on package food and drink more prominent and adjusting serving sizes to be more realistic. would also specify the amount of added sugar in the product. the companies had to live next year to comply and a new date has not yet been announced. if you want people to eat their vegetables give them enticing names in observing the habit of 28,000 diners in one university cafeteria in 46 states. the researchers work with the food staffers to put new labels
5:55 am
on the page to see if that could influence the diner decisions. the dish of green beans and shallots was selected more often when labeled sizzling green beans and crispy shallots. rather than the health benefits of light and low-carb, and they determined that more seductive labeling could change the mindset that healthy food taste bad. the pharmacist may be more where penicillin allergies and the doctors that prescribe the medicines for them. researchers analyzed almost 300 surveys by doctors, nurses, physician assistants and pharmacists saying that over 80% of the general practitioner new patient that reported that the penicillin allergy should be referred to the allergist but many never referred the patient or referred only one patient per year to be tested. the findings show a need to better educate the physicians and the public about the allergy facts. this was in the annals of
5:56 am
allergy, allergy and immunology. one bay area amusement will not be happening this year, and the bridge school benefit show was now in doubt in the legend neil young said he would no longer hosting event because of personal reasons. there was no specific word on why the event was canceled or whether it will come back. neil young and his former wife peggy started the concert in 1986 to raise money for the bridge school. that is a facility in hillsborough for children with severe speech and physical problems. there is a long line of music superstars that have performed over the years including paul mccartney, bruce springsteen and david bowie. you could call it a championship makeover, the steph curry wax figure in san francisco museum has been restyled to reflect the star point guard nba championship victory and wearing his official 2017 nba finals t-shirt and hat.
5:57 am
this wax figure created by team of artists and sculptors that took nearly 4 months to great -- at a cost of over $350,000. the warriors 50 parade starting in a few hours and the fans are already lining up, and we will show you what to expect getting into oakland today. kevin durant talks about the hours after winning the championship and we will tell you who's texting him. traffic moving along well so far but at the bay bridge we have backup into san francisco with 25 minutes, and more on your morning commute coming up. we asked mother nature to hold off the heat another danger -- for another day, 60s and 70s in oakland today.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. there is new information about the gunman that shot several people yesterday at the san francisco ups building and the possible motive as the
6:00 am
families remember the victims. the barriers are set up in the crowd to here as the warriors are set to celebrate the championship with the fans, mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. people are already lining the streets of downtown oakland to get to the warriors prayed here and oakland on this thursday, june 15. i am gasia mikaelian in early today for pam cook . i am dave clark and let's talk about the weather. we are dodging these very warm temperatures that start tomorrow and on saturday. today we are cool if you are out early and it will be pretty nice by 10:00 in the 60s. by noon mid 70s and i don't think i can do much better than that. it will start warming up on friday with temperatures by sunday toasty with livermore at 102.


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