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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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families remember the victims. the barriers are set up in the crowd to here as the warriors are set to celebrate the championship with the fans, mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. people are already lining the streets of downtown oakland to get to the warriors prayed here and oakland on this thursday, june 15. i am gasia mikaelian in early today for pam cook . i am dave clark and let's talk about the weather. we are dodging these very warm temperatures that start tomorrow and on saturday. today we are cool if you are out early and it will be pretty nice by 10:00 in the 60s. by noon mid 70s and i don't think i can do much better than that. it will start warming up on friday with temperatures by sunday toasty with livermore at 102.
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last sunday they were 65 so that is incredible for one week out. san francisco 82, and a few days to tweak the temperatures but that is out looks right now. cooler today due to that slight increase on the fog and a big- time increase on the san mateo coast and flirting with mendocino and down toward santa cruz and monterey. the west southwest at 12, not a screaming delta breeze but more pronounced than yesterday. 50s on the temperatures, low 60s with livermore at 54. that low cloud deck at the pillar point and half moon bay and up toward some thick fog on highway 1. the system goes by before the high pressure kicks in tomorrow giving us that warm up inland. 60s, 70s and 80s today. tomorrow we really warm up. do we have the plans? >> i do have the plans. i want to mention we have slow traffic in san francisco where
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there was a car on fire on southbound 101 at the connector ramp of eastbound 80. the ramp is still closed and here's the ramp from southbound 101 to the eastbound i-80. it is hard to tell but if you are on the central freeway and you are driving this way, getting onto the bay bridge toward oakland, the ramp is closed. that is due to the early car fire. they are trying to get it cleaned up and everyone was okay that was involved but the traffic could be affected on the central freeway. looking at the westbound bay bridge, a 15 minute delay before getting onto the span. i realize a lot of people are driving into downtown oakland or will be soon and so far past oracle arena looks pretty good and farther up the freeway it looks good. remembrance 7:00 they will be closing several downtown oakland off-ramp. the best advice is to take public transportation into and out of oakland. the 12th street city center is
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near where the parade begins. you can also get off at 19th avenue or go to the into the prayed to walk at lake merritt. from lake merritt you can walk up toward the lake and hang out near the henry j kaiser convention center and that is where the prayed in's and where the warriors players will be giving speeches after the prayed. it is 6:03 am. hundreds of warriors fans are already camped out and downtown oakland in anticipation of the morning prayed. >> the celebration starts at 10:00 and some fans have been camped out for hours along the parade route and the parade will start at 11 the broadway where the warriors practice in oakland. >> looking at the map of the parade route and final celebration, we started broadway to the grand avenue and turning onto harrison street and lakeside drivable we end up at the henry j kaiser convention center next to lake merritt where we have the rally. >> as many as 2 million people could be coming to the
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celebration today. >> and rob malcolm has already picked out is prime spot hopefully see kevin durant and steph curry up close.>> reporter: that's right, and a lot of people are waiting to see the championship team here. it is a busy morning at 11th and broadway. the fans are up early. we were here at 5 am this morning and a handful of people but look now with everybody out here trying to get the best vantage point they can. they want to cheer on the championship warriors. close to 1.6 million people are expected along the route which will start at 11th and broadway. the fans this morning will be met by plenty of security. you can see the barriers set up with no parking in the area. the prayed officials say there will be 20 police officers per block along the two mile route. they would not commit to the number of officers involved but said that all hands on deck. city officials are working with the chp to monitor the traffic
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along i 80. if there is a -- i-880. if there is a problem they can close more ramps, and the city officials are also setting up porta-potties and hydration stations for people to fill the water bottles. this morning it is all about the fans and we caught up with they super fan that is been here before and here's what he had to say. >> we are from southern california.>> reporter: we have a lot of southern california fans out here. >> we have been up here for a while, and we were up here in 1975 but we did not witness this. this is the photo of al adams, the coach of the 1975 championship and you can see he autographed it and he is the man. i have known him for 18 years and every year i have known him things have gotten better every year.>> reporter: you have been
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a warriors fan through and through. >> absolutely, i am a warriors fan for life.>> reporter: what makes this team so special? >> the camaraderie and the way they work together, a well oiled machine that cannot get any better. well, they can in this is just the beginning and we will be back next year. >> reporter: they are young and should be around for a while. >> this will be the dynasty they are talking about. >> reporter: that was jerry jones from oakland and not the jerry jones from dallas, everybody talking about the dynasty of the golden state warriors with that young team that will be around for quite some time. people are getting set up with the security presence along broadway. it will be a very busy morning. one reminder about the security is to leave your backpack at home because there will be security checkpoints throughout the morning as people celebrate the warriors, live at 11th and broadway, ktvu fox 2 news. the nba finals kevin durant
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mvp will experience the first victory paraded just hours. >> the champions met with the media and kevin said he is excited but winding down from the long postseason. >> i feel pretty good and i keep praying. i feel like i'm still in game mode. it is hard to get out of it when you are in the middle of the playoffs, and especially an extra month of the season, a different level and a lot of things. it is hard to turn it off. it is good to know that all of the hard work paid off for us and to win the championship. i would like to relax a little bit and get out of the basketball mode and hopefully over the next couple of days i will. >> later kevin durant said that former president obama send him a text congratulating him, " enjoy the win, and have some fun." he also praised him on the defense.
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>> i love that sweet moment when kevin durant and steph curry hug at the end of the game. when it comes to the parade and preparations, we cover that throughout the morning with our special dub nation celebration starting at 9:00 this morning. 1 million the rest of the ktvu news and sports team, and that includes our sports director joe fonzi and catch all the action right here on ktvu fox 2 news and if you have to leave us you can watch the livestream on the investigation goes on into the yesterday mass shooting at the ups warehouse in san francisco were four people were killed including the gunman. that was jimmy lam, a ups delivery truck driver that is been with the company since 1999. while authorities are still looking for the motive we are learning that he filed a complaint against the company earlier this year. in the meantime officials have told us the names of the three ups workers that he shot and killed.
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the san francisco ups distribution facility is back in operation today after the four workers were shot yesterday morning. one was the gunman. ktvu allie rasmus is near the ups building now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see from behind me that they still have tape around that you -- ups facility at 17th and utah. ups trucks have been coming in and out of the facility where the shooting occurred yesterday. we are talking with some the people that worked here. this is isaiah. you were a loader with ups and it looks like his boss maybe telling him not to talk with us.>> reporter: we spoke with him a short time ago and he was talking about the mood in the facility and that it is obviously very somber. he said that he and his fellow coworkers when they see each other they give each other constant hugs.
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>> reporter: i understand. thank you. i'm sorry about what happened and thank you for stopping to chat with us. >> reporter: we spoke with him a few minutes ago and he talked about how people have been giving each other hugs. everyone has been comforting one another all morning long. this is the day after the shooting that happened. when the police arrived yesterday at approximately 8:50 am after a report of shots fired in the building, they encountered the gunman, 38-year- old jimmy lam that was an employee here that shot and killed three coworkers before turning the gun on himself. he died from his injuries. two other employees were shot and wounded and have been released from the hospital. family and friends remember the victims, ups employee michael lefiti, benson louie and wayne chan. >> we will finish the list that
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allie was saying and we will read those names again, the three victim shot and killed yesterday by the ups worker at the facility work wayne chan, 56, benson louie, 50 years old, and michael lefiti at 46 years old. we will bring allie rasmus back for live report and business begins to return to somewhat usual at the facility. keep in mind that you can see our coverage on or download the ktvu mobile app. it is 6:11 am. in other news, dennis robin back in the news in north korea continuing his tour, and coming up what the former nba star has to say as he delivered a gift close to the heart of president trump. we will have the latest on the ongoing investigation into the horrific shooting attack yesterday that left the congressman and others wounded. hers wounded.
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what google is doing in hopes of easing the housing crunch in silicon valley and the actions that the tech agency is taking. a little bit on the cool side over oakland at 56 degrees but a beautiful day for the parade and we will talk about that coming up.
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it is 6:14 am. republican congressman steve scalise remains hospitalized after the gunman opened fire at the republican baseball practice.
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four were wounded before they shot and killed the attacker and raising questions about the tone of the political discourse in the country as doug was at her -- doug luzader reports from washington. >> reporter: it has been 24 hours since the shots rang out in virginia at the baseball practice. the capital please quickly killed the gunman james t hodgkinson. some of the most powerful people in washington went running for cover>> a lot of us dove into the dugout and we try to get as many as we could. >> reporter: louisiana congressman steve scalise was wounded in the attack and congressional at zach bart and met mike up. two capital police officers there to protect steve scalise were also wounded. president trump and the first lady visited the washington hospital where steve scalise and one officer is being treated. as for the gunman, the police are examining the social media polls showing his anger toward republicans and he was a non-
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political activist. one congressman said he ran into james hodgkinson just before the attack. >> he asked me if this team was a republican or democrat team practicing and i responded it was a republican team practicing. >> we are strongest when we are unified and when we work together for the common good. >> reporter: the president spoke from the white house shortly after the attack and the house speaker paul ryan also call for more unity in washington.>> an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. [ applause ]>> reporter: ryan also cited a picture of the democrats at the practice praying for the victims. the charity ball game will happen in the meantime. >> it we don't play this baseball game and go home, they will win. >> that was doug luzader reporting. the baseball game is a big charity fundraiser in the expect to raise over $500,000 today. it is 6:16 am dennis
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rodman still in north korea continuing his visit and giving an unusual gift to the north korean sports minister. rodman handed him a copy of president trump book, "the art of the deal." he spent time with the north korea basketball team. >> would you guys come back to the country, and people don't take note of social issues like sports or anything like that in north korea. but now they can see that now because things are changing. you guys are winning and telling what is going on. >> his visit to north korea comes as north korea released an american student that was imprisoned for trying to still in propaganda banner, and otto
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warmbier served 17 months and fell into a coma while visiting -- while in prison there. they say that dennis rodman had no role in the release. it is 6:18 am. around town we see people on the streets lining up along the parade route with more people in the blue and gold, and getting around town will be different today.>> it will be different with more people coming into downtown oakland. oakland has a robust commute on its own and the people still have to come to work. if you're driving to work you will have more people out there. let's start off with the toll plaza at the bay bridge. this is a backlit shot but backed up all the way out to the maze with people coming into san francisco. there will be slow traffic at the bay bridge for about 15 to 20 minutes. going to i-80 northbound, not a back commute in from san
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leandro driving into oakland. the oak street off-ramp and broadway off-ramp northbound will be shut down and the southbound jackson street off- ramp will be shut down as well. this is at 7:00 so you have a little bit more time. we recommend that you take bart to get into oakland. maybe you're not familiar if you are going to the parade and exit at the 12th street city center to be near the beginning of the parade or exit at lake merritt to walk up to the henry j kaiser convention center. it is a walk but not that long, especially if you are young and in good shape. people can just walk from lake merritt up to the henry j kaiser. >> i hope you can walk that far. some people could see that as a struggle. temperatures right now in oakland in the 50s. 53 to 57 and the oakland airport at 57, berkeley at 55. cool to start off but the weather looks pretty nice at 66
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at 10:00, 76 at noon and tomorrow warmer with the excessive heat watch kicking in. morrow will be hot and we now have a label on it saying it is that he watch and for some that could be a bit too toasty. many locations will be pretty warm with the 90s and 100. inland will stay warm to hot for maybe a week starting friday and going into at least next wednesday or thursday. a lot more in the way of low clouds as they feel threatened, pouring in for some on the san mateo coast, and half moon bay, it looks like highway 1 could thick fog. inching closer to other areas and especially santa cruz and may be off parts of the sonoma coast and marin coast but close. that is a bigger change than we had from yesterday with coast was clear except for santa cruz. the high pressure is ready to go and once this system to the north skirts by, water
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temperatures are cold and it does not take much to get the fog going. that weak front is enhancing the fog and that is my it is picking up in intensity. today 49 and 51 at bodega bay and san francisco buoy. not a roaring breeze but a slight breeze at the delta. temperatures today will be about the same as yesterday but it just a bit cooler. 50s on the temperatures, lafayette at 50, 55 in brentwood, livermore 52 and chilly for some. the low cloud deck is hugging the san mateo coast and close brothers but some areas are clear and will probably stay clear. the system is on his way few with the high clouds. l and paraded 2:00 will be 76 and 78 for the official high. upper 80s for many with low 90s but tomorrow we have a lot more 90s showing up inland and we will carry that in the week for just about everybody.
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how is an excessive heat advisory different from a heat wave? >> the advisory is for people that are susceptible, and the heat wave is generally lasting more, longer than three days which looks to be the case. >> good to know. it is 6:22 am. a big vote at the state capitol and the governor jerry brown budget will be voted on by lawmakers, and how the college campuses will be affected. the airplane almost takes off and you can see the jet fuel gushing out of the way and we will show you what happened coming up next.
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it is 6:25 am. today state lawmakers are set to vote on the new budget for the increased spending on social services and education. that negotiated the $125 billion spending plan and expected to easily win approval from the state senate and assembly. the proposed budget could pass and that would leave the university budget system with new funding and they could lose out funding if they don't meet the auditing expectations including enrollment and budget targeting. this gives control of funding over the use the president office and that comes after the
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audit found administrators hiding tens of millions of dollars from the public. the bay area and places the highest and the dot com bust and consumer prices have not been this high since 2001. the energy prices are driving this and the cost of food was not a factor. it actually went down and more consumers were eating at home instead of eating out. google is working on plan to provide housing for its employees and the parent company alphabet is finalizing the order to purchase 300 modular apartment units and trying to address the housing crisis in silicon valley. according to the mercury news the modular housing units will go up on the google plan bayview campus at the moffett field. the units will be built by factory os of vallejo and the project will cost between 25,000,030 $5 million. will the warriors keep the core players for years to come,
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coming up but steph curry had to say and willie visit the white house if the team is invited. d. crowds are beginning together in oakland for the warriors championship parade and in just a couple of hours that means it will be very busy on bart this morning and we will tell you what to keep in mind if you are taking the train to the celebration.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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good morning. we are wearing our blue and gold for the big parade day to celebrate the golden state warriors. it is thursday, june 15 and i am gasia mikaelian . >> i am dave clark. it is 6:30 am and a good time to check on the weather with steve paulson in his office. >> warming up tomorrow, in good morning. 50s right now in oakland and 52 to 57. cool but it won't take long to warm up with a comfortable day. 50s for most with a few low 60s. 66 at 10 am and 72 at noon, and 76 by 2:00. that is nice weather. tomorrow we get warm and very warm by the we can with that excessive heat watch out for some that don't like anything over 75 or if that causes health issues. more saturday and sunday tomorrow. much more fog on the san mateo coast making his presence compared to yesterday.
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we have this weak system going back to the north to help take a few degrees off of the temperatures. tomorrow that will go through with that high-pressure building in and that begins the warm up. a little bit of a breeze and peninsula temperatures in the 40s and 50s and would died a cool 47, 50 at menlo park, and some of the fog on the san mateo coast and dancing along the other areas leaving us with his color pattern. tomorrow sunny and with warmer temperatures, 60s, 70s, 80s and low 90s. it is 6:31 am. things have been busy from the jump, if you well. >> it is busy not only for the parade but everyone is going to the parade in know what is going to the bay bridge, unfortunately not the case. a lot of people have to work today and the crowd trying to get into san francisco, pretty crowded into the city. this is the normal crowd with no major problems. this is driving into san
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francisco, and obviously looking at the routes getting into the city. here is a look at the bay bridge, looking good. but at 80 into oakland, not stop and go but getting crowded be using bart to get there. you can use lake merritt but that is a smaller station so we recommend that you use the larger station which is easier to get out. that is right near the beginning of the parade if you take the 12 street city center station. whatever you do, bring your patience and if you can use your clipper card. you can buy that before you get to the station. let's move along in take a look at the east bay commute and the san mateo bridge moving along pretty well. hayward to union city sees a little bit of slow traffic. the commute is filling in with no significant issue into downtown oakland. one last thing before we go,
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oak street, broadway and jackson street, those reps will be closed in about 27 minutes at 7:00. they will close those ramps into downtown oakland and chp will close those ramps. let's go back to the desk. >> alex, how are you? >> reporter: hello, sal. it is parade day. >> are you happy? i'm a little bit bias and i'm wearing my blue and gold tie. i'm ready to do this. >> reporter: i am ready to do this thing all over again. we had a blast in 2015, and it will be an even bigger celebration. we anticipate that this year with this huge crowd. i want to step out to show you this scene and this is 20th in broadway. this is right above the 19th street bart station which is one of several stations that bart is encouraging the people to use this morning. either 19th street or 12 street
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are the best bet. you can use lake merritt but lake merritt will get very crowded and that is a small station. you can see the seen with people lined up, a lot of the people i talked to took bart to get to the parade. the big rush on bart will be between 8 am and 10 am just before the parade get started. we are talking to the bart riders and many of them left very early trying to beat the rush.>> at the time we jumped on bart it was hardly anybody. not that many people but you could tell it was beginning to pick up. >> the warriors. >> reporter: bart is bracing for the potential for the record day in terms of the ridership. the most people that have ever road bart -- rode bart was for the 2012 giants parade in san francisco with thousands riding
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bart and they are preparing for shattering that record with the warriors championship parade here in 2017. they are preparing for the huge crowds and using longer trains running more often this morning. >> we will do the best that we can. we have increased our capacity in the east bay core and mustering as many trains as we can. we have done a lot of the preventive maintenance to get the trains ready and in operation as best we can. we have the benefit of the hindsight in a lot of the decisions are based upon the data from the 2015 warriors parade. >> reporter: the best advice from bart and as sal pointed out, be very patient. you will have plenty of company so be patient when you head out on the bart this morning to get down for the parade. another piece of advice is to leave early. if you have not left early, leave now. you want to head out the door
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and give yourself plenty of time to get down here to downtown oakland. grab a good spot along the parade route. the other advice from bart, and i will mention this again, do not wait in the long lines to buy the tickets at the station so at seven of the busiest station you can see the station agent telling the $15 clipper cards. have your cash with you and that will save you a lot of time getting down here. >> thank you, alex. mornings on 2 is your place for the parade preparation the parade and celebration itself. the dub nation celebration will start at 9 am and it will be live right here on ktvu fox 2 along with live streaming on the key member of the warriors leadership team is leaving now that the warriors are champions, jerry west after six years as special consultant is joining the la clippers in a similar job. he was a big part of the warriors turnaround and the resurgence and he was always there.
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jerry west is credited with telling the warriors not to trade klay thompson for kevin love. jerry west call the decision to lead -- leave the warriors when the status of his life but at 79 he said it was time for a new challenge. the warriors have 10 soon-to-be free agents in those two that will probably not go anywhere our steph curry and kevin durant and steph curry is expected to be the first $200 million man in the nba. we are hearing that kevin durant and steph curry may take less money so that the warriors can keep more of the key players. some of the other warriors that are free agents include andre iguodala, shaun livingston, social petrolia, the bill mcgee and david west. steph curry said that the team comes first even when it could affect your money. >> at the end of the day we know what is best for us as a group going forward. we will do everything we can to
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keep this team together. i will have that mindset, kd, andre and sean, all the guys that are up for renegotiating a contract and we will see what happened. the warriors have not yet received a special invitation to come to the white house to be honored. it is customary for the championship teams but steph curry has said that he does not want to go. he said that the team was still the side as a group on what they plan to do. earlier this week the warriors issued a statement saying that no decision on going to the white house had been made and the entire team went after the last championship they won back when president obama invited them. steph curry's not the only one speaking out about this and reportedly andre also said that he would not go to the white house. mark peterson, the embattled contra costa da resigned as part of the plea deal over the criminal
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investigation into using campaign funds and pleading guilty to one count of perjury with the 12 other felony counts being dropped. he was charged with using $66,000 of campaign funds to purchase jewelry, pay personal bills and other items. it is 6:39 am. breaking news from china were seven have been killed and 59 injured in an explosion that happened at the front gate of the kindergarten as families picked up the children at the end of the school day. it is unclear whether the explosion was deliberately set or an accident, and we will stay on top of the developing news and bring you updates throughout the newscast. the jury in the bill cosby sexual assault case is going into the fourth day of deliberations. the sequestered jewelry has been deliberating 27 hours since getting the case on monday. they paused several times to go back over the key evidence including the cosby deposition from a decade ago describing
6:40 am
the incident. is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a temple university worker in 2004. cosby claims that the encounter was consensual. the special counsel investigating russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is reportedly investigating president trump for possible obstruction of justice. officials say stemmed from the firing of james comey and last week you remember comey testified he believed he was test the -- fired because refused to end the investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. robert mueller will interview the national intelligence director, head of national security and others. president trump tweeting they made up a phony collusion with the russian story, found zero proven now going for obstruction of justice on the phony story, nice. >> later today president trump and the first lady will head to the supreme court watching neil gorsuch appointed to the high
6:41 am
court and he will begin hearing cases -- began hearing cases in april on this comes as the justices are considering the appeal from the white house regarding the travel ban which was struck down by the lower courts. the ceremony normally takes place before the justices on the bench but he was sworn in due to the tight schedule. one day after the shooting at the congressional baseball practice in virginia we tell you about the changes that republicans say they want when it comes to gun control. coming up next, the republican health care plan under the physical microscope and releasing the predictions on the out-of-pocket costs. the frightening sight just before takeoff and what happened when the jet fuel was shooting out of the engine. good morning. traffic in the east bay getting more crowded and a lot of people are joining us this morning in oakland and heading to the parade, more crowded
6:42 am
through berkeley this morning. a big three on the forecast for the parade, really nice and 60s and 70s, comfortable for today. today. ♪ ♪ ♪
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it is 6:14 am. we check in on the stock after the opening bell. a slight drop on the dow jones, the snp and the nasdaq. the interest rate going up
6:45 am
and janet yellen announced that the central bank is raising the benchmark short-term rate by a quarter point to between 1 1/4% and they said the economy strong enough with a little risk of recession. that will mean higher rates for borrowers and better return for those people that are saving. the bank of america cutting 30 jobs in the technology division and when he worked in the charlotte, north carolina headquarters. this is the latest in the recent cost-cutting moves made and they are streamline the operations with periodic layoffs. a new report that travelers are increasingly complaining about the airlines in april. the number of complaints topping 1900 in the latest report, up 70% from this time last year. passengers made be more willing to show their anger with the airlines after the big display of the video showing the traveler being dragged off the united airlines flight on april 9. congress said it could take
6:46 am
up the issue of the airline passenger rights when it debates the bill to reauthorize the federal aviation administration later this year. this morning united airlines is being criticized for this, how it handled two passengers reporting the problem with the fuel system just before taking off at the newark, new jersey airport. this video shows the jet fuel pouring out of the left wing of the plane. michael brumfield said he tried to get the attention of the crew and they told him to sit down. moments later the planes engines were shut down, firetrucks were rushing to the plane and later the crew thanked him and his wife. they said that the airline was not helpful getting them a place to spend the night while they waited for another flight to italy for their honeymoon. it is 6:46 am. a new review of the republican health plan showing out-of-pocket costs will be 60% higher than under the
6:47 am
affordable care act. this is part of the health and human services department in the report found that premiums would be lower in the gop plan deductibles and copayments would be higher. by the year 2026 premiums under the affordable care act would average $801 month and under the republican plan it would be $695 a month. mark zuckerberg and his wife helping the bay area teachers make down payments on their home donating $5 million to the startup and making up to 10% of a down payment on the homes for the teachers. three san mateo county school districts, redwood city, redwood city and sequoia high school with each teacher eligible for up to $120,000 in assistance. let's get you out the door and a lot of people on the road and heading to the victory parade for the warriors, and you are watching highway 24 and everything else. >> that's right, if you're
6:48 am
driving from walnut creek on the highway 24 westbound, so traffic in lafayette. in orinda it is slowing as well and a lot of people are taking bart through that same area. the bay bridge is crowded into san francisco and it seems a lot of people have to go to work and trying to get into san francisco. not too bad but we have the typical delay of 20 to 25 minutes. 880 northbound past the oracle arena okay but we have a report of a crash on northbound at 80 just outside of the view of the camera. traffic could begin to slow down. looking at at 80 northbound into downtown oakland remember that oak street broadway from northbound at 80 closing in about 10 minutes, southbound that jackson closed and the chp will be closing those ramps. they don't want too many cars down where the freddie is. remembered the parade begins at 11th and broadway at 10:00. it is 6:48 am.
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no heavy jacket needed today. >> what off-ramp's? >> oak street, broadway for northbound, jackson street from southbound>> thank you. no jacket is required, so to speak. we have cool conditions but not taking long to warm up. we do have some 50s, 53 in parts of oakland and the airport 57 with berkeley at 55. mostly 50s with a big time fog bank at the san mateo coast and making it over to the sfo as well. 56 at 10 am, -- 66 at 10 am, 72 at nine -- 72 at noon and 76 at 2 pm. 667 heat watch posted for saturday and sunday but we will start the trend upward tomorrow on temperatures. heating up and for inland it could last a while. i mean by 6 to 7 days possible
6:50 am
unless something breaks down. between friday and at least tuesday it will be toasty away from the coast. but look at today on the san mateo coast the fog moving north and southward as well toward parts of the santa cruz coast. it tends to go more parallel with patchy fog at the monterey bay. the mendocino coast in northern sonoma coast with that weak system to the north helping to enhance this with that onshore breeze. sfo due west that 20 yesterday at nine, and west at the oakland airport, a fresh breeze. out to the delta not crazy but still west southwest along with vacaville and travis. mainly less than five miles an hour yesterday. low 50s for simon gilroy is right there. boulder creek the same and 54 in campbell with 52 in santa clara. they have fog in santa clara but not the case yesterday, and that burns off but today much more to deal with. slightly cooler for some. coast in the 60s and watch out
6:51 am
for highway 1 this morning if you're commuting in that direction. 70s to 80s. if you are well inland the fog won't matter and still in the low 90s. today's the last day on a lot of the 80s and tomorrow we will warm up. look at that, 101 02. progress after the barge sank at the bay bridge we will tell you what the coast guard is doing to prevent the problem from getting worse. a possible music festival that is unplugged in see wind the longtime bay area tradition has been called off.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
>> the u.s. coast guard says work is underway to remove the fuel from a barge. one that capsized and sank in the san francisco bay back in april. the winds were pretty strong when that barge vengeance overturned in the choppy bay waters south of the bay bridge. the barge rested on a 25 to 30- foot thick layer of soil just before b.a.r.t.'s trans-bay tube. the crews have to remove thousands of gallons of fuel before the work starts to remove that sunken barge from the floor of the sea. a new federal court ruling opens the possibility that the dakota access pipeline may be shut down. the judge ruled an
6:55 am
environmental survey by the army corps of engineers was not adequate. they did not consider the food supply of the tribe. the judge ordered the corps of engineers to redo parts of the survey and said at a later date, he will consider whether to start the delivery of crude oil through that $3.8 billion pipeline. the time is 6:55. the grieving family of a 15- year-old boy in antioch killed with a pellet gun says the boy wasn't the only victim. he died the first day of summer vacation. he was handle a pellet gun with friends when it went off. he died at a nearby hospital. at this point it is not clear who pulled the situation but the situation is being treated as an accident. garcia's friends panicked and ran next door instead of calling 911. now his stepfather wants the other boys who were there to get counseling because of what they saw. >> i told him, whatever you do
6:56 am
in life, save as many lives as you can. kids do what kids do. boys do what boys do. i don't blame the rifle. i don't blame the boys. things happen. >> a service for marcos is set for tomorrow. we have a link to that on a north carolina man is recovering from severe burns this morning after falling into a hot spring in yellow stone national park. the group tried to pull him out before getting help from nearby park rangers. this is the first injury in yellow stone this year. last june a man died after falling into a hot spring. it could be a while before we see the new nutrition labels that the obama administration approved. the fda is pushing back the deadline for the new label. the revised nutrition facts label would make the calorie counts more prominent and more
6:57 am
visible. also adjust serving sizes to be more realistic and list the amount of sugars in products. big companies were given until july to comply. a new date has not been announced. a new tool is to protect police and their k-9 counter parts from overdoses now that fentanyl is on the rise. k-9s may try to sniff it out during arrests. now doses of narcan are being carried to reduce overdoses and save lives. but officers try to avoid contact with fentanyl. it is mixed with heroin but 50 times stronger. >> most of our officers in the field aren't even field testing those -- those drugs. we're packaging them up and sending them off to the lab. >> narcan can be administered through injection or nasal
6:58 am
spray for humans and dogs. the time is now 6:58. the man what guided the san francisco academy of art success has died. richard stevens was 92 years old. when he graduated from stanford, his father appointed him president of the academy which at the time was a rented lost on kerney street. the university grew from 35,000 to a peak enrollment of 18,000 in 2012. he was also successful in real estate. he and his daughter owned more than one million square feet of land in san francisco valued at more than $100 million. one of the bay area's most cherished annual music events will not take place this year and the future of the bridge school benefit is now in doubt. ♪[music] rock legend kneel young said he would no longer host the event due to personal reasons.
6:59 am
no specific word why the event was canceled or if it will return. kneel young and his former wife peggy started it in 1986 to raise money for the bridge school a school for students with speech and physical impairments. many super stars have performed over the years including paul mccartney, bruce springsteen and david bowie. i'm never going to stop loving the warriors. >> what about you? >> i'm just excited because i like the character of the team a lot. really high class people and i like it. >> well, excited fans young and old have been lining the streets for hours hoping to celebrate the golden state warriors face-to-face. more on the closures and security measures happening now for the victory parade as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00, june 15th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. i'm loving the sunshine for the victory parade day. steve paulson is here. >> it could be a lot worse, a
7:00 am
lot hotter as it will be in the next couple of days or it could be windy, which is not the case. sfo has a breeze at 20 miles per hour. we bottomed out on the lows. 55 in berkeley and 57 oakland. now it is 56, 58. it won't be that bad today. 66 at 10:00 a.m. 72 at noon. and 76 for a high today for the parade. that is beautiful weather. on saturday, it will probably be 88 to 90 degrees. that won't be the case. excessive heat watch kicks in on saturday. the temperatures fire up on the weekend with near 100 for those away from the coast. there is a ton of fog on the san mateo coast that was not there at all yesterday. a little towards santa cruz. today a lot more. some of that fog has filled in for a few. a lot of temps very cold. ushering in a slightly stronger breeze. there is sfo west at 17.


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