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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 16, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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into oakland into a deadly early morning stabbing will bring you a live report. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> a quiet morning so far. if you are lucky enough to live by the water or bay you will have an easier time than those who live inland. this is the weather, the heat that steve has been talking about for days now. it's hear. welcome back. we are glad you are here this friday morning. in a bit early for pam cook. we had the fan going all night. >> yeah. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk more about friday weather. steve is right over here. >> that's about it. by the coast nice, on the cool side. if are you inland it'll be warm to hot. this is a stretch of probably about five-days. usually after three or four things start to break but it may take a while. they will stay in the 60s or
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maybe 70s. there is still fog there. the issue is that it just can't make much of a push. it's hugging the coast or close to it. if you are stuck in that then you probably have thick fog this morning. there is not much breeze. temperatures will have -- the lows are way up. that's the key here. 50s to 70s. the lows are from ten, 24 hours ago, napa airport 11-degrees warmer, santa rosa ten. everybody is running warmer already. the fog will be right there by the coast. burns off late. high pressure -- the water temperatures very cold. 49, 50, that fog with the heat in the valley has no problem forming. it's just not going far. 60s to the 08's and then a lot of 90s to near 100. he feels better than he sounds. >> that's right. >> alex. >> thank you. good morning to you out there. if you are just heading out the door right now you are going to
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be doing okay as you head off to work or school. the commute looks good. ly show you the busiest spot in terms of traffic that we have at this early hour. that of course would be the tracy super commute where we are starting to see traffic volume pick up a little bit coming up over the pass. it's a nice ride through livermore. westbound on 580 still this morning. i will show you the east shore freeway. here you go. that is starting to get busy as well. we aren't seeing any back ups yet as you head west on interstate 80 through berkeley and toward the maze and getting in to san francisco. also no problems this morning. highway 24 coming into lafayette. starting to see things pick up ever so slightly. the good news is no accidents or slow downs on that commute. heading over to the tunnel and into the east bay will be a nice smooth ride here at 5:02. >> thank you. new, russia claims its
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killed the leader of isis. the russian military said it was targeting top command s commanders. they say that isis leader was meeting with senior command s when the air strike killed him and more than 300 fighters. a united states army spokesperson said that the united states can't confirm the report. there have been several reports in the past of his death that have turned out to be false. happening today the two men charged in connection with oakland's deadly ghost ship warehouse fire are due in court. later this morning the two men may enter pleas. both face counts of manslaughter. one count for each person who died in last december's fire. one was the main tenant, the . after the investigation both were arrested last week. each are being held on more
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than $1 million bail. if convicted they could get up to 39 years in prison. oakland police are providing new details about a deadly stabbing that happened early this morning. >> the police shut down part of mcarthur boulevard during the investigation. kristin is out there now. >> reporter: yeah. investigators have just started to wrap up their initial investigation. you can see officers still at the scene. somewhere around 12:15. just to give you a sense of where you are. we are near mcarthur and 78th avenue. investigators believe the stabbing happened down 78th avenue. police say that it started after midnight. two men stabbed. the victim who died managed to run some distance from 78th avenue to the intersection of 78th and mcarthur where he collapsed. police arrived on scene.
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they say there were two suspects. a man and woman. police aren't confirming that anyone is in custody but do say at this point that they do not believe there is an ongoing threat to the community. mcarthur was closed to traffic. in the last 15 minutes it's reopened. police asking anyone with any information. you can see here that at this point there are crime scene clean up crews here working to clean this scene here. a couple of officers in the area. again at this point officers saying that at this point they don't believe there is an ongoing threat to the community. >> all right. thank you. across the bay where some ups workers in san francisco say they are having a difficult time dealing wednesday a shooting that left four dead including the gunman. operations are returning to normal amber lee reports some ups workers calling out sick
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because they are traumatized by what happened. >> reporter: from outside the ups facility at the foot of patrol hill it appears business as usual as the signature brown trucks rolled in and out. >> how can you come back to what happened? to this place where you work. >> reporter: this memorial went up after police cleared the scene. it's a reminder of the lives lost. there are expressions of sympathy and a drawing of a ups truck to thank the victims for their service to the community. ups employees say it's hard to be back at work. >> it's rough for us. it's like being in that type of situation and seeing people that you work with on a daily basis and then they are gone. >> reporter: another employee said many called in sick. still scared grief stricken. a sentiment shared by neighbors and passers by. >> you go to work and then now your life is over. it's sad. >> reporter: four drivers lost their lives including the
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gunman. sources say without saying a word lam shot benson louis, then wayne chan, then two others who lived. then he went outside and killed another man. now people have come to the crime scene to mourn the three. benson louis was a popular coach. a group of players came to pay tribute. >> bingest thing was the size of his heart. he was always there for us. even if you needed a hug. >> reporter: wayne chan told his rep that he was considering retiring after 30 years with ups. then there was mike who was popular with colleagues and customers alike. >> you get up and you come to work and you are expected to go home. these guys aren't going home. >> reporter: many who came to pay respects didn't know the victims but say that the senseless loss of life compelled them to come show their support for the victims
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family and friends. >> we don't know the motive but we are learning more about the gunman jimmy lam. he suffered from depression and had been sad in the weeks leading up to the shooting. that same c colleague said he was involved in a dispute with an e girlfriend over visitation rights. he was arrested at least twice in 2010 and 2013 on dui charges. a colleague said during that time he was not a ups driver. he was loading and unloading packages. there is frustration growing in one san jose neighborhood. some say that a memorial is really an eye sore. >> the congressional baseball game was played last night here in washington. we will have more on the results and maybe the long term
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impact of this. >> and the commute looking good on this friday morning. we have some spots where things starting to pick up. we will take to you the south bay and tell you how the ride looks down there. >> you don't like the heat go west. if you do just take a few steps inland. a big difference in the temperatures today and into the weekend. [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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. steve scalise is improving this morning but he is still in critical condition recovering after being shot on wednesday by a gunman who attacked a gop baseball practice. >> as doug says from washington both the democrats and republicans pledged to play last night's yearly baseball game as scheduled. >> reporter: history will record the democrats won the congressional baseball game. it was actually a blow out, 11- 2 victory over republicans. in a moving home plate ceremony democrats handed over the trophy asking that it be given to steve scalise, still recovering after being shot in wednesday's attack. attendance was off the charts for the game, almost 25,000 came. many looking beyond balls and stripes for a better, less partisan atmosphere. >> this is a great thing. sport brings people tonight. it's a wonderful way to start
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this process. >> reporter: the first pitch thrown by the man credited with taking down the gunman. as investigators put together the shooter's history the five wounded continue to recover, including steve scalise who was injured far worse than first thought. >> let's play ball. >> reporter: how long will this new spirit last? maybe not long. responding to questions about republicans who blamed rhetoric on the left for fueling the attack house minority leader did not hold back. >> how dare they say such a thing? how dare they? >> reporter: for at least this one evening at a ballpark in washington both parties came together offering if nothing else a look at how things could be. >> reporter: the pessimists probably think that everybody is going to return to their
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corners and begin fighting again on monday which seems very likely. we heard the comments nancy pelosi. trump wasn't restrained yesterday on twitter. >> thank you. time now 5:14. meanwhile california senator diane feinstein wants james comey to come back to capitol hill to testify before the senate. feinstein sent a letter to the chairman of the committee and said that democrats are willing to subpoena him to testify if he refuses. comey previously turned down an invite from the committee to testify. instead he appeared before the senate intelligence committee. feinstein is the top democrat on the committee which is investigating the circumstances around how comey was fired by the president. today the president will announce changes in the policy on cuba rolling back some of
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obama's efforts. today the president will fly to miami to make the announcementt. will ban transactions with bins controlled by the cuban government. the president won't close the new reopened embassy and will allow united states airlines and cruise ships to continue providing service to cuba. the time is 5:15. we have alex right there. how is it looking? >> we are doing well. good morning to both of you. good morning everybody. if you are about to head out the door or heading out shortly you are going to encounter a good-looking commute. things aren't busy. we aren't seeing any major accidents or issues. here is the gilroy super commute. if you are coming up from the gilroy area on highway 101 up into san jose you won't find any issues. let me show you what things look like further up the road. if you are traveling along the san mateo bridge over to the
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seven will. it's a good ride. we aren't seeing any slow downs on the span so far. finally here let's take a live look at interstate 880 coming up into downtown oakland and in both directions. both northbound and southbound 880 is moving along nicely. no slow downs past oracle. here is steve with the toasty forecast. for some. for many. >> that is correct. thank you. i know are you struggling. thank you. for those near the coast you will be like what? it's no that bad. it's pretty foggy. for others it'll be really warm really fast and won't take long. fog is only confine to the the coast. parts of the city. after that there is -- i can't find any. clear skies and temperatures warming up. there may be a tweak or two on some of the temperatures coming forward. things can change between now and sunday and monday. inland temperatures look to have a significant stretch. some very warm temperatures. tuesday so far appears to be
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the hottest day. the heat advisory out. don't forget your pets. remember dogs, cats, don't forget that. starts -- kicks in but -- warmer temperatures will fire up. a little bit today. you get that low cloud deck and still a hint of a breeze. it tends to collapse in the afternoon. there is not much on shore breeze. more northerly and that's sending some temperatures mild already. low 06's for some. 55 half moon bay. double digits. ten, 11 degrees warmer. that's the key. the lows have been going up. we have 40s and low 50s. now a lot of 60s. everybody is warmer with the night so short. the day is now very long. it doesn't take long to many what up many that's what we are seeing. high pressure in the desert southwest. they expect smoking hot temperatures in the desert through the inside. it doesn't look like much of a
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change until maybe the middle of next week. the water temperatures are really cold. bodega bay, san francisco, 49, 50. that helps the coast. just west southwest 16. there is still a slight part of a delta breeze. 50s on the temperature. morgan hill at 49. san jose, 63. santa cruz 56. 54socal. 30s up in the mountains. 60s and 70s. sacramento is 70. monterey at 56. on mainly parts of the coast, even if you have sun you will probably get a nice breeze. otherwise inland you are on your own. 70s, 80s to upper 90s to near 100. that would be out in vacaville. for other temperatures it'll be close. for antioch, oakley, brentwood, alameda 79, oakland 84. walnut creek 94. mid-90s from morgan hill, gilroy. midand upper 80s. 60s on the coast. 80s, mid80s on the peninsula.
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next couple days. look very warm. >> get to hang out in gasia's pool. >> we have that plastic thing from the big box store, filled with water from the hose. it's not that exciting. >> we can run through the sprinklers. >> i don't know if the kids do that anymore. >> they may next week. regulate ears have approved competition for the epi pen. >> and blocking shoppers from comparing prices while in stores. new technology and amazon just patented it.
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. welcome back. our time is 5:22. the facebook ceo and his wife are helping bay area teachers buy a house. a new partnership that helps teachers buy a house in this very costly bay area market. >> reporter: music teacher loves her job in east paloal to. not the coast homes. >> i live in south san jose. it's quite a commute. it's where rent is a fordable. i have always thought that buying a home wasn't possible for me. >> reporter: she and others are talking about a new partnership to help teachers and staff come up with down payments for homes if they are part of three school districts. ravens wood city, sequoia union and redwood city. >> when we heard that this foundation will help the
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teachers i texted my principal right away. can you tell me more? i am interested. >> reporter: the initiative is giving five million dollars to help educate ears by partnering with a local for profit start up hauled called landed. it can cover half the down payment up to a certain amount. homeowners pay it back when they sell the home or refinance plus a portion of the home's appreciation or depression. >> landed isn't the silver bullet. this partnership isn't the end of the housing crisis. there is a lot of opportunity. >> reporter: the ravens wood city superintendent hopes to will help the district retain employees who are leaving for more affordable areas. >> straight ears who move to the central valley because -- or other parts of the state because they are ready to start families and they can't find a home. it's hard to keep people.
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>> reporter: olga perez pays $1,100 for this studio in east pa palo,al will. >> it's possible but who knows when you save and save and it's just like homes keep going up. >> reporter: the average price of a single family home here last month was $1.5 million. it's the most costly bay area county. those involved this partnership hope it'll inspire other solutions. in redwood city. maureen naylor. facebook is using ai to spot and remove terrorist spots. they are identifying offensive photographs and videos. they said attacks have high tech companies questioning what they can do to stop the spread of extremist propaganda. they said that ai can identity terrorist content immediately and remove it before anyone
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sees it. the technology is in addition to the 150 people, specialists reviewing posts. amazon has a patent to block people from checking online prices while shopping at brick and mortar stores. many stores have been struggling, dealing with people who come in, find a product they like and then order it online from a cheaper source. according to the tech magazine di verge the patented technology could be embedded in the store's wifi network. stores would then be able to send shoppers a coupon or may alert a store employee to go talk shoppers out that have online deal. also amazon ceo is turning to his twitter followers asking them how he can donate his money. he asked for ideas on how to make a difference in the short term. some suggestions include money
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for affordable housing and early childhood education. some suggest that he pay off student loans or medical bills. he is one of the richest people in the world. his net worth more than $76 billion. coming up new research on earthquakes berkeley. how they may be trippingerred by seasonal changes. >> and the deadlocked jury in the case against cosby. what the judge told the jury. >> good morning. we are keeping an eye on a good- looking commute around the bay area. getting busy in just a few spots. . >> some fog on the coast and around the city. up land it'll warm up. the lows are way up and it won't take long to get in to the 90s.
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. good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. friday. friday june 16th. i'm dave clark. >> in a bit early today for pam cook. we will turn it over to steve. talking about this weather. the changes here and it'll stick with us. >> inland. this is all inland. >> yeah. >> there is fog on the coast and fog over the city. over the presidio. the marina. some of that. may make it over the richmond district. this is coming in at 5:30. i would expect this to -- we
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will see if it puts on the air brakes or keeps rolling along. not coming under the bridge. it'll be toasty for inland areas. that be toos to be the warmest day. somewhere between sunday and tuesday. the city may not get in on it completely or the coast. inland temperatures will have no problems. santa rosa, san jose by sunday. there will be a lot of 90s to 100. there is a bigger fog bank today than yesterday. it's very shallow. its right down on the deck and there is not much of a breeze at all. temperatures, 50s to the 70s. we are running warmer in napa airport and santa rose a-1 1 and 10 degrees. by the coast lue be like it's not very warm here. west southwest 16. i expect that to drop quick. fog will give way later on today. the stage set for a huge difference in temperatures. 60s to the 90s to near 100 for some. all right there. >> steve. >> good morning. i'm hanging in there. >> make it terse.
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brevity. we will get through this traffic report quickly. the good news is that there aren't any major issues. that -- that helps things out. first off. let me tell you what the ride looks like in the north bay. here you go. things are problem free. headed westbound along interstate 80 out of vacaville and into vallejo. no issues there. that is a nice smooth ride on that solano super commute. the toll plaza things getting busy eras the metering lights click on. a back up but nothing major and no major accidents or anything like that or problems on the bridge to report. once you get through the pay gates there and up and over the span it'll be a nice easy ride. finally here in the south bay there you go. that is looking good on -- interstate 280 in san jose coming up into the downtown
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area. no problems. over to you. >> thank you. there is growing frustration in a neighborhood where a grafitti covered memorial is creating a eye sore. it's for a young mother killed in a car crash. judge so many are concerned. >> reporter: here at communications hill in san jose homeowners pay top dollar for the views but it's a sight at the entrance that they aren't happy about. >> they are spoiling a beautiful neighborhood by writing their junk. do it on paper. why do we have to look at it. >> it's okay for a week or so and after that they should move on. i don't see who putting rest in peace does for the dead. >> reporter: this start add as a memorial and it has spread. rest in peace messages, grafitti all over the signs,
5:33 am
light poles, utility boxes and sidewalk. you can see where tree trunk at one point was painted over. >> this is a unique case. apparently the young woman who died was close friends with taggers. >> reporter: the messages for a 19-year-old, she died in a car crash on may 12th. a city spokesman said since then the grafitti abatement team has been there a dozen times only for it to return costing taxpayer money. >> it's vandalizing. if you are vandalizing property and that doesn't seem to be respectful to the dead. >> reporter: we ran into some of the woman's friends. they are say they are mourning unsure who is behind it and claim a family doesn't like the tagging either. at least one neighbor likes it. >> i'm an artist. i mean i see things that may not be beautiful for others but i see beauty in that and not
5:34 am
only that i think it's a nice thought. >> reporter: most say that it's never the right response and not how the victim should be remembered. >> i have never seen anyone go as far as to continuely tag up the area. i don't understand what it has to do with the mourning process. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2news. california's new budget is waiting to be signed by the governor. late yesterday state lawmakers approved a 125 billion-dollar budget for the next fiscal year. it gives more money to schools and expands a tax credit for low income workers. it also settles a dispute over how to spend more than $1 billion in yearly tobacco tax revenue. most of that money will go to doctors, dentists and others who provide publicly funded health care. the trump administration now backing off a threat to revoke california's power to set it's own pollution standards for cars and trucks.
5:35 am
those rules a key tool to fight climate change here in california. earlier this year epa chief suggested that the white house may weaken or even revoke that power. now he says the epa doesn't plan to take away the power california has used for years to reduce pollution. in union city a man in a dice piute gave up to police. police were called about 7:30 yesterday morning. a woman and four children came out but the man wouldn't cooperate and made statements that concerned officers. >> just comments that he didn't want to come out and meet with the police, that he would possibly harm himself or officers that were on the scene. >> the man gave up at about 11:0 and was taken away in an ambulance to be checked. police say that the 40-year-old randall turner faces charges of violence, false imprisonment and making criminal threats.
5:36 am
scary moments last night in the waters off the island in vallejo. three people including a child were rescued. their jet ski overturned. they were clinging to a break wall. it was really windy out there. that probably played a role in the jet ski. this happened about 7:00. all of them were pulled from the water safely. immigration program intended to protect parents of children has been canceled. homeland security secretary revoked a policy memo that created the deferred action for parents of americans program or docka. it was to keep immigrant parents safe from deportation and provide them with a work permitt. was never launched and was blocked by a federal judge after 26 states filed lawsuits. republicans called it back door amnesty and argued that president obama over stepped
5:37 am
his authority. jarrod k ushner is reportedly being investigated by the special council. the post reports that they are looking into his financing and business dealings. the paper previously reported that he was being looked at because of meetings he had with russian officials in december. his lawyer said he is willing to testify. the jury in the cosby trial will work for a 5th day today after the judge told them keep working through a deadlock. yesterday the jury told the judge they couldn't reach an agreement on a verdict. the judge told them to keep trying. the jury is trying to determine if cosby drugged molested his accuser. in 2004. his lawyers claim that the sex was consensual. two escaped inmates are back in custody. they killed two guards on a prison bus in georgia.
5:38 am
the fugitives had been on the loose since tuesday. investigators say that they committed several carjackings and home burglaries while they -- after they escaped. they made it to shelbyville tennessee where they held an elderly couple captive, robbed their home and stole their car. they then led police on a chase before they were finally captured. a man was convicted of killing his girlfriend whose body was found inshipped a suitcase inside san francisco bay. he was convicted of first degree murder in the death. investigators say that the mother of mother was badly beaten and strangled . the daughter said she hopes her mother's death will spotlight domestic violence. >> it's very serious. it does escalate and can escalate to something as serious as this tragedy that we are going through and that i would never wish on any family. >> no sentencing date has been
5:39 am
set for bell. researchers at berkeley say that the weight of the winter snow pack may also be triggering earthquakes. >> reporter: christopher johnson is on a mission. him line shows the fault as it moves north throughout the plate boundary. >> reporter: and his search started with a simple question. could california earthquakes be triggered by water and snow across the seasons? the study by his team appeared in science magazine thursday and breaks new ground. >> what we find is that during the winter months the weight of the snow builds up and it pushes the mountains down about a fraction of an inch. >> reporter: johnson and the research team looked at nearly 700gpa sensors throughout california that record the rising and settling of the earth's crust. >> the weight of the snow and
5:40 am
water throughout the winter months ask actually pushing the crust down and it's flectionsing. >> reporter: when heavy win tore snow packs and topped up reservoirs start to run off in the spring it unloads that weight on the earth's crust. >> clamps the faults together and in the spring and summer as the snow melts and some of that runs off through rivers, some of that goes in to the ground and with that rebounding we get this unclamping effect. >> reporter: the data came from 2006 to 2014 through wet years and drought and found that the number of earthquakes, 2.0 and higher slightly increased during the dryer summer and fall months. >> what we are finding is we are seeing a 10% change. >> reporter: he said the study doesn't have enough data to link the results to big earthquakes in the past and
5:41 am
they still can't predict the next big one. johnson said that learning about the small ones help them get a better picture and now he is looking at someplace with a greater water load than the sierra. a place with plenty of earthquakes, rain, snow, and glaciers. >> we want to look at the cyclel in alaska and see if we can further these types of studies with a different environment. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2news. seven rings and counting. at six, you will hear from warriors head coach as he celebrates another championship. >> and a rival for the epi pen for treating allergy has been approached by regulators. the details coming up. [ birds chirping ]
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[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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. the fda has approved a rival to the epi pen. it's a syringe which can save someone's life when they suffer an allergic reaction. it's seen as a lower cost alternative to the epi pen who will be available late their year. the company that makes the epi pen raised prices $100 to $600 last year. generic versions are as low as $225. the department of energy closing its office of international climate and technology. it's a small office staffed with only 11 people. it opened in 2010 to work with other countries on clean energy technology and reducing green house. closing is part of the energy department's restructuring under the secretary rick perry and the president. this also follows the
5:45 am
president's announcement that he is pulling the united states out of the paris climata agreement. the storms helped the drought but all that rain is bad news for the beaches. the group heal the bay has issued its beach report card. it found the record rainfall created billions of gallons of polluted runoff causing a spike in pollution. cal it'll feel like summer this last weekend of spring but there is still a lot of summertime activities here in the bay area. rosemary shows us what is happening in the weekend watch. >> reporter: welcome to father's day weekend. here is what's happening around the bay area. in its 63rd year the north beach festival will feature over 100 booths, live
5:46 am
entertainment, italian street painting, kids chalk art and blessing of the an an animals. or head for a kite expo on saturday. create your own masterpiece using a free kite making kit. there will be food trucks and a kite flying area. in the east bay enjoy the best summer ever. opening this weekend. the rides live shows, concerts, food, drinks and fun will be there through july 9th. the south bay the celebration of cultural appreciation has food, art and more at saint james park or check out puerto rican culture. it has kid friendly entertain member at history park. embrace your inner pirate at the northern pirate festival in waterfront park.
5:47 am
and the jam at nope tune beach is a two day festival with a food trunk. all weekend long on webster street. in the north bay come to the 37th jazz festival to experience music, dancing, beer, wine and food. admission is free on saturday. or enjoy country summer. a country music festival featuring three days of top country artists paired with food and drinks at sonoma. giants on the road. a's and quakes at home. that is your weekend watch. restoration of the great wall of china is underway but not just with humans. miles are doing a lot of the heavy lifting. for more than a decade mules have been a key part where the path is to steep and the mountains to high for the construction material to be carried. sal is off today but alexia working hard. >> working hard. we will go with that. >> okay. i'm just trying to impress.
5:48 am
>> good morning. the commute so far, thankfully has been light. we have a few spots of slowing that we are keeping tabs on. no major crashes to report. that's good news. here is the tracy super commute and you can see there you have a pocket of pretty serious slowing westbound on 205 coming out of tracy. once you get to the pass and come down through livermore, westbound on 580 is looking good right now. the san mateo bridge. that the where we will go next. you can see that are you seeing more and more people crossing the span but we are not seeing any slowing across the bridge as folks make their way over toward the peninsula this morning. finally here is a living look at the east shore freeway. coming through berkeley and you can see it's quite heavy. especially in that westbound direction from albany, through berkeley. heading over toward the mcarthur maze, showing right now about a ten minute back up
5:49 am
at the toll plaza. trying to get into san francisco. at 5:48 here is steve with a tale of two cities. on the coast you will experience one thing this weekend and if you inland it'll be different. >> you have read my book. >> it was a good one. i won't temperature tell you how it ends. is it will be a hot stretch for those inland. if you are in oakland you won't see these. in cloverdale clear lake, concord, livermore, gilroy you will see some very hot temperatures such as these right there. forecast highs. these could change a bit. the forecast models are really in sync out to wednesday. i don't see much of a break. maybe after wednesday. usually three or four days is the old rule of thumb for us. however there is still a lot of fog by the coast. the heat advisory for obvious
5:50 am
reasons. it'll only be in the 60s or 70s doesn't apply. saturday, sunday and monday some warm temperatures. the fog is thick. some of that moving right over san francisco's side of the golden gate. some of that will keep temperatures on the cool side. it burned off yesterday and i expect similar today. there is not much breeze here. little northerly breeze. 50s to almost 70s. the low -- we started off with the lows in the 40s. now they are in the 50s or 60s. temperatures much warm e. napa airport 11 degrees warm e. fairfield, concord. san jose, mountain view, four degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. fog mainly aligning parallel to the coast or close to it. system -- you can see it all starting to lift northward. it'll look like it'll stick around. unless the water temperatures go up i think the coast deem was fog. they are very cold. san francisco. fairfield with a little bit of
5:51 am
a southwest breeze. napa, glenallen. 65 windsor. it won't take long to get warm here in this kind of pattern. 49 truckee. that sounds good to me. fog and low clouds near the coast. inland sunshine and warm, hot temperatures. 70s, 80s. 90s to 100 degrees out in vacaville. concord 96, livermore 94. berkeley 80. 79al immediate a. temperatures 80s to 90s for the valley. the coast 60s. 70s in the city. 80's on the peninsula. . we will be back with more news after this. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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. welcome back. the oakland a's beat the yankees 8-7. the game went back and forth. the yankees have raised four oakland leads. gary sanchez and chris carter each had a pair of game tying hits. the game went in to the 10th. the yankees scored first but then chris davis came up, hit a walk off two run single, it dropped. the bottom of the 10th the a's won. 8-7. giants lost a heart
5:55 am
breaker, 10-9 last night in colorado. the giants had a season high 17 hits with the rockies including a brandon crawford three run home run. they were down and scored eight runs in the last three innings and tied the game in the top of the 9th but strickland gave up a walk off single, rockies won this one 10-9. they are now in first place up one game on the dodgers and diamondbacks. 44 goalers shot under par at the first round of the united states open. ricky fowler has a one shot lead in to the second round of play today. fowler was great. he had seven birdies, no bogies. he is seven under. that tice the record for the first round. fowler's 65 isn't the only low score. polacre city and a tour rookie are just one shot behind him after posting six under 66. the united states open took a strange and really scary turn the first round.
5:56 am
a blimp crashed into a field about a half mile from the golf course. the pilot was the only person on board. he had serious injuries. he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. officials say that the blimp is owned by a company in florida. a local sheriff has asked the faa and ntsb to help september. the 11 '7th united states open can be seen this weekend right here on ktvu fox 2. now tomorrow, saturday, there -- right in to the cup. beginning with mornings on 2 at seven the coverage of counseled 3 starts at eight with mornings on 2 will switch over to ktvu plus. the final round of the united states open is on sunday morning. a rare flower is causing a smell in golden gate park. people lined up last night to see and to smell the six foot tall flower for the bad odor it
5:57 am
gives off . it was donated three years ago. the flower will bloom for the next three days. the smell is expected to get even more intense during that time. >> i smelled it. >> and? >> it smells like a thousand pairs of dirty socks. >> wow. >> it's real. >> i'm curious about it. it may be worth going over. still ahead oakland police are busy. they are looking for a man and woman connected to an overnight homicide. coming up what we know about the victims and what police are saying about the suspects. >> facebook is making progress in its fight to keep terrorists off social media. what they are doing in 15 minutes. >> and the commute around the bay area starting to get busier in some areas. we will tell you about some of the slow spots we are seeing.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. one man is dead, another hurt after an overnight stabbing. we will give you the latest information on a pair of suspects. >> the party is over.
6:00 am
the nba is off season. what the coach had to say. morning on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 6:00 6:00 and here we are. in early today for pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather and i think lue want to dress lightly today. steve, am i --. >> i remember last weekend. >> yeah. >> windy. cold, we had thunderstorms on sunday. >> yeah. >> snow in the sierra. 65 in livermore. >> feels like a hundred years ago. >> it does and that was five- days ago. this weekend will be the opposite. it'll be hot for many. livermore may be close to 105 by this sunday. heat advisory out. there is fog on the coast. there is fog on the san francisco side and the marin side. that heat advisory will continue. it'll


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