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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  June 21, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the wave is creating a dangerous situation for people looking to cool off in the rivers. there are fast-moving california rivers that are being flooded with rapid snow melt. right now the high sierra snow
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pack is melting at a rate of 3 - 5 inches per day. there is a danger for people getting in the river to get off. water is very cold. even if it looks calm and nice 50 or 60 degrees can affect you. we have been talking about a lot of people going river rafting this time of year . the rivers are going to be much more intense . >> the -- steve will talk about that. it's wednesday, june 21 . the first full day of summer. >> thank you all for your concern. i know my voice still sounds bad. i'm okay. how is the weather? >> there is some high elevation camping sites that will not open. there was a lot of damage to some. tioga pass there still plowing. there's a lot of snow up above 8000 feet. there's an article
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on that in the chronicle about the higher elevations. >> that's too bad. you put reservations in for those way in advance. >> the damage has already been done. with all of that snow up there in the heat, that was one of the reasons we had some thunderstorm activity earlier in the week -- this is a really tough the forecast. it feels cooler. it is cooler are almost every location in the bay area. good fog bank over the golden gate and oakland. we did not see that yesterday. not over oakland. we had it on the golden gate, but that's about where it put on the air brakes. 50s and 60s on the temperatures . 3 degrees cooler in oakland. 8 degrees cooler in livermore. concorde, go out and tap on the thermometer.
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go out there and tap on that. [ laughing ] i give up on them. low clouds will move back. 50s and 60s. 52 great in. there was no fog on the marin coast yesterday. there is today. 60s, 70s. when you get over the hills you will still find 90s to 100's. low cloud coverage over all of oakland. that was not the case yesterday. >> i like it. listen, as pam said, we are all hoping just for 80s. right? >> that would be nice. it depends on where you live. some people are like i'm done. >> that's right. >> anyway, you heard the man. the traffic on the other hand has not been, here is something , another phenomenon, we have been expecting lighter than usual traffic in june. we haven't had it. vacaville, fairfield, vallejo,
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the commute is light. for the rest of, when it comes to the main commute hours it might as well be march. we will see if we get one as we get closer to the fourth of july. some people start taking time off at that point. this is a look at traffic between the quirkiness bridge and the macarthur maze. looks pretty good getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. a little slowing and some of the lanes. you can still get an advantage by getting to the road pretty early. there are low clouds and you can see them over the toll plaza . we are looking at san francisco airport. i wanted to put this up because the low clouds may impact your flights. a lot of people this time of year are on airplanes and we are looking at that and let you know if there are any delays. let's go back to the desk. in milpitas low income residents at one apartment complex are getting more time to stay in their homes. the milpitas city council put a hold on the request by the owner of the sunny hills apartment to tear it down.
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some tenants have been there more than 20 years and say it is hard to find a place that accepts section 8 housing vouchers and find something available on short notice. the tenants and their advocates say the problem is affecting the entire bay area. >> everything is waiting list. some are three years, five years , no availability. nothing . >> landlords have rights. i think we need to have a balance with human rights and find a way in the bay area to come to a solution. >> the property owner was just wants to tear down the apartment complex and then build 220 townhomes that can be sold. we reaction from the company that owns sunny hills apartment. the city council moratorium is in effect for 45 days. that could possibly be extended to 10 months. we are learning more about the man who was shot by a chp
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officer on the bay bridge sunday morning. authorities identified the man yesterday, 27-year-old josi later on of fresno was behind the we of a red cadillac that drove towards officer. chp officers at the scene of a crash. that prompted one officer to open fire. the suspect was taken to the hospital and then book into jail . that shooting shut down all eastbound lanes of the bridge for five hours on sunday. police in the south bay say the driver of a stolen car struck and killed a motorcyclist police say they tried to pull over a black vw is at near monterey highway and old talley road monday night but the driver sped up and collided with a motorcycle. 47-year-old miguel rodriguez of san jose was pronounced dead at the scene. 27-year-old breanna variola of san jose was arrested on suspicion of gross vehicular
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manslaughter, vehicular theft, evasion and drug possession. he is still in the santa clara county jail on $250,000 bail. a wildfire continued to burn out-of-control this morning your bigbear. it is called the holcomb fire because it started monday afternoon near holcomb valley road. that is in san bernardino national forest. the fire has grown to 1200 acres and is still only 10 percent contained firefighters have been dealing with temperatures nearing 90 degrees and 20 mile an hour wind gust, man to put -- mandatory evacuation orders were briefly issued and then lifted last night. people are told they may have to pack up and leave again if there is a shift in the wind. another hot day expected in the bay area. that means we will be cranking up the air conditioning. pg&e says that could cause record demand for electricity. lee martinez is in livermore. i know they are expecting hot
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temperatures. triple dij -- triple digits again today. >> reporter: as soon as the sun comes up this is not going to last. we are at the livermore community center, which will be a cooling center. around the corner there is also this aquatic park. there are two really good options for people to cool off. cooling that electrical grid is not going to be as easy. pg&e says when it's equivalent heats up there's a natural cooling. it at night. that is not happening this week inland. california independent system operator issued a flex alert hoping to avoid blackouts by asking people to conserve during the peek demand time between 2 pm and 9 pm. livermore parents yesterday tried to do just that. they left their hothouse and came to the livermore fountain park. they say complying with the recommendations is hard with
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two little ones to care for . >> it has been really rough with a two month old and a two- year-old and trying to keep them from getting heat rash . >> trying not to run the dishwasher, no washing machine or dryer. >> reporter: california's power grid has added 2000 megawatts of solar power but the grid is aging and can get overloaded with extremely -- on extremely hot days. when people use more electricity to pull more power through the transmission lines and sometimes it gets to the point you can't get any more power through the transmission lines. yesterday was pretty hot. there are so many people that were using air-conditioning units, fans and everything else , dishwashers and washers and dryers that pg&e said about 12,000 people throughout the bay area were without power
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last night. >> i know in the morning hours it feels cool where you are now. right? >> reporter: i still have my jacket on. it is getting warmer. a chp officer recovering after being attacked by a driver on the side of interstate side of interstate 80 in american canyon. or injuries could have been much worse had it not been for three good samaritans who were passing by and intervened. tara moriarty talks with these good samaritans. >> he punched her, hit her repeatedly, beat her to the ground and started stopping her. >> reporter: bill jones watched in horror as a chp officer was attacked by a driver she had just pulled over . >> it was a real. it was like i was about to see a murder. what you gonna do about it? >> reporter: joe says he and his wife were driving on interstate 80 westbound saturday morning when they saw a white truck ran two cars at 80 miles an hour through the fairfield.
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with the driver, gary cost limits, was finally pulled over jones says he savagely attacked the officer . >> i thought he was going to take her gun. he was at her midsection. i told my wife to stay here. i said, lord be with me. >> reporter: the 61-year-old is a pastor of a church in crockett. relying on his skills as a retired cop he knocked the suspect clear off his feet five feet away. jones his wife said she was praying for the officer. >> i saw her crawling and then i saw her get up, trying to get up. i said is this really happening? >> it's hard to see a woman being hit by a man. >> reporter: a motorcycle mechanic who was also driving by at the time stopped to help expect to see that -- >> to see that, there are no words. >> reporter: the two held the suspect and to law enforcement arrived. as for the two being called
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heroes -- >> i'm no hero. i'm a servant. i'm no hero, no more than anybody else. >> we are no superheroes but when it comes to trying to help out, let's do this. >> the suspect appeared in solano county court yesterday on assault and battery charges against a police officer. authorities say he is also accused of ramming his truck into a government building last month. the chp officer injured last saturday did suffer moderate injuries and was treated and released from the hospital. she has not returned to duty at this point. google's plan to build a big tech campus in the heart of the south bay cleared its first hurdle. both by the sound -- a vote by the san jose council that makes this project closer to becoming real. a new stadium for the oakland a's could mean a big boost to the economy. the impact it could have for the athletics and businesses in the community. good morning. traffic on the bridge looks good
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coming around the corner into san francisco. we will tell you more about the morning commute, straight ahead. it looks like another tough day for some inland. the coast and bay dealing with a little more fog. we will talk about the wednesday temperatures.
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welcome back. the giants got a bit of emotional boost si when they beat the atlanta braves. the braves led all the way up to the eighth inning. it was this three home run the -- three run homer they gave them the lead they need. the giants went on to win with a final look 6 - 3. the oakland a's beat the houston astros 8 - 4. josh
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reddick of the astros was back in oakland facing his old team. astros are considered the best team in baseball right now. it showed during this series against the 80s. the first batter of the game greeted sonny gray with a home run . the bad news kept coming. five runs by the astros. it was one of the worst first innings of sonny gray's career. houston beat the oakland a's 8 - 4. the oakland a's have narrowed down the number of potential sites for their new ballpark to three. yesterday in an interview with morning sun two the a's president revealed a new stadium is estimated to generate three $3 billion for the city of oakland in the first 10 years of operation. if that -- that figure comes from spending on construction, game day spending by patriots and ballpark operations. a list of possible sites
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includes the current coliseum site, a 13 acre location near laney college and also the howard terminal at the port of oakland. the sharks will look different when they take the ice next season. the national hockey league and adidas have unveiled new uniforms for all the teams. their lighter weight, cooler, but stronger. the sharks are making changes in design. the screaming sharks logo will appear on the shoulder of the jersey and this is shark territory model will be on the side of the neck line with more black added to the outside. you can see the new uniforms on the ice when they open at home against the ducks on september 19. didn't we just end hockey season? >> i want one of those. >> the sharks, color, logo, everything about it is pretty cool. >> i like that shark.
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it looks kind of scary. that's what you want for your hockey team. >> yeah. good morning. i have gotten a little distracted with that. let's go to the tracy commute. all you need is to put on a nice new uniform and then i'll get distracted. 580, 205 already stop and go traffic. 205 is low driving past mountain house parkway. 580s also slow. by the time you make it into livermore or you start in livermore, from livermore to pleasanton looks good. all the slow traffic is can -- is confined before the altamont pass. also looking at the oracle arena area, 880 north and southbound in both directions looking very nice. at the bay bridge toll plaza the slowdowns have disappeared. right now is a good time to arrive. no major delays going into san francisco. i put this out there on facebook, it doesn't feel
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cooler to you this morning? i would say eight out of 10 say yes it does. especially over here across the estuary, it's a little chilly. also from elsa brontk, the breeze has picked up. san bruno says it feels cooler. we will see later on today. there is much more extensive fog bank pushing inland. also the delta breeze is there. unless it's 35 or 40 i don't see much cooling for those well away from the coast. a few more 50s and 60s. santa rosa 54. fairfield downi. livermore down eight. dave, they won't go out and tap that thermometer out there. - 3 at sfo. oakland also. low clouds have filled in north of the golden gate, which was not the case yesterday.
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east bay temperatures are a little slow to wake up. 50s, these are running cooler, 55 morocco. 55 lafayette. vallejo 56. that is a big difference between brentwood and pittsburgh and blackhawk and livermore. 45 in truckee. they had thunderstorms yesterday at -- yesterday afternoon mainly over in nevada. there's a lot of snow that is still melting. with temperatures near 90 you get some big time flow. that's different than sunday night into monday, but that has triggered some thunderstorm activity. low clouds are there. if you're closer to the coast it will be bad. around the bay, not too bad inland. these are really tough to try to pinpoint. there are so many microclimates going on right now. away from the coast pretty hot. one more day where it looks pretty toasty and after that a cooler pattern into next week. >> sounds good. a cooling
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pattern. the very first computer, the first one apple ever made, sold at an auction for $355,000. >> an anonymous person bought that apple one computer at an auction in new york. it debuted back in 1976. previous auctions have seen that computer go for almost a million-dollar. -- $1 million. it's believed that only 50 of these original mac apple computers exist. students at an east bay high school mourning the death of a popular teacher and football coach, shot and killed in san francisco. we will see the reason they say he was so special.
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welcome back. researchers in the uk say pets should be allowed to make hospital visits. the royal college of nurses surveyed 750 health professionals, more than 80 percent agreed pets can help boost the mental and physical health of patients. additional studies say the animals can actually calm the nerves of their owners and encourage them to be more physically active. a new study finds that yoga may ease chronic back pain. researchers follow people with
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lower back pain and found that yoga appears to be effective as physical therapy. i can personally say this is very true. people who did yoga were equally likely to stop taking pain medication. yoga classes were tailored for people with back pain, so typical classes may not have the same effect. students at oakland skyline high school observed a different lesson today -- yesterday. >> rob roth talls us they got together to mourn the death of a popular physical education teacher who was shot down over the weekend in san francisco. >> reporter: grief and sadness filled the gymnasium at skyline high school tuesday. hundreds of students, fellow teachers, and friends gathered together to mourn carlo to teo, the teacher with a knack for disputing violence only to be killed by a. >> he was always happy. >> reporter: at 31 with a two-
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year-old daughter he was a physical education teacher at skyline, the same school he attended. to teo was an assistant football coach who students say had the rare gift of being able to connect with them. >> he talked to teenagers like a teenager would talk to another one. that's why all teens would bond with him, he was that cool teacher. >> reporter: san francisco police are saying little about what happened, but about 2 am on sunday to teo was with with a group of people on folsom street. there was apparently a confrontation with another man who shot and killed the teacher. surveillance cameras are mounted near the shooting. it is still unclear exactly what the argument was about, but family members say they have been told by witnesses that carlo was trying to act as a peacemaker when he was shot. the man who brought so much joy is left sad -- has left sadness. head football coach says to teo
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did so much for the team even when he didn't have to . >> he would walk around with random food, he would stay up at night and grab a 50 sandwiches and give them out to the kids. that's the kind of guy he was. he wanted to make sure they ate and had everything they needed. >> he was such a good person. >> reporter: a go fund me page has been established for his little girl, skyline announced it is dedicating the upcoming football season to him. and oakland with fox two news. coming up, a vote to ban flavored tobacco products from being sold in san francisco. we will tell you houston these products could disappear from store shelves. also new details about how a custody dispute may have led to the death of a father and two children in santa rosa. we will tell you the message from the children's mother. good morning.
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traffic is moving along pretty well driving in the macarthur maze, coming into the berkeley bridge. feeling cooler this morning. it probably won't last but there is a bigger fog bank for some. we will take a look at the temperatures.
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livermore opens a cooling station to help people get through another triple digit hot day. there is another flex alert on your electricity use. a city council meeting in berkeley ended early after protesters took over. the key issues the council is deciding on when it was interrupted. good morning and thank you for joining us. >> good morning. pg&e is predicting its customers will set a new record for how much electricity they will use to keep cool tomorrow. tomorrow is expected to be the hottest day of the year. lee martinez is already and livermore were almost everybody is getting ready for another really hot day.


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