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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  June 21, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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livermore opens a cooling station to help people get through another triple digit hot day. there is another flex alert on your electricity use. a city council meeting in berkeley ended early after protesters took over. the key issues the council is deciding on when it was interrupted. good morning and thank you for joining us. >> good morning. pg&e is predicting its customers will set a new record for how much electricity they will use to keep cool tomorrow. tomorrow is expected to be the hottest day of the year. lee martinez is already and livermore were almost everybody is getting ready for another really hot day.
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>> reporter: it is cool right now. once the sun get hit -- gets here it's going to be another hot day and livermore. their community center will be doubling as a cooling center. around the corner they have the aquatic park that will also be open. we were talking earlier about pg&e. they say their equipment is heating up in this really hot heat throughout the bay area. their natural cooling periods that usually happens at night just isn't happening this week inland. california independent service operator issued an alert and asks people to conserve during peek demand times between 2 pm and 9 pm. livermore parents yesterday try to do just that. they left their hot house and came to the livermore fountain park. they say complying with cal iso
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recommendations is hard with little ones. some residents had no power at all. by evening pg&e said about 12,000 customers lost electricity in the bay area. >> we use a little a/c in one room and a fan. that was really effective. he kept the a/c at 78. >> target and walmart lost power. >> california's power grid has added 2000 megawatts of solar power. the grid is aging and can get overloaded on extremely hot days. when people use more electricity many now are running air conditioning units. they pull more power through the transmission lines. sometimes it just can't -- it gets to the point where it can get any more power through those transmission lines. you are looking at livermore's cooling center that will open at 10:00 today. we also have a few other places
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, one in san rafael will be opening at 8:30. people are talking about the heat on twitter. someone poster was posted there's a fun drinking game where you take a shot of water every couple of minutes to make sure your hydrated. >> stay cool. i will talk to you later. >> definitely make sure you stay hydrated. everywhere i go people are talking about, oh my gosh, it's much hotter than we are used to. >> for some . >> for an extended period of time . >> that's true. people are on the coast like, what are you talking about? we do have some low clouds. much more so than we saw. if your way from any fog bank were sea breeze it has been a tough stretch. i understand that. we have some areas reporting fog 53 this morning with fog compared to 56 yesterday.
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if morgan hill has fog that's a good sign. if you want hot conditions you won't have to wait long as it looks like another day we are away from the coast, if we get this north north east breeze everyone will warm up. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s inland. a lot more in way of a low cloud:. there are more 50s than 60s. 53 in novato. 6 degrees cooler in santa rosa compared to 24 hours ago. five cooler in mountain view and san jose. everyone is cooler. dave, they are not listening to me, con card, go out and tap on the thermometer. low clouds giving away to sunshine on the peninsula. hillsboro 51. 61 redwood city. low clouds give way to sunshine. 60s, 70s and 80s and born of inland will hit 100's.
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>> just for you i'm going to put up a picture of the golden gate bridge . >> can we see it? >> we can go to a right now. traffic -- southbound 101 looks good. just as you mentioned, we are seeing more low clouds than fog. i know people are looking at this thing, yes, we need a little natural air- conditioning. traffic looks good in southern marin. traffic looks good in the entire county of marin right from the sonoma county line all the way to the golden gate bridge. no major issues. let's talk about the tracy super commute. you can see the traffic here is going to be slow as we push in on the tracy area coming out of mountain house parkway and getting to the ultimate pass. it gets better by the time you reach livermore. if you're driving to the dublin interchange it doesn't look bad. this is a look at the macarthur maze. westbound 80 from the cockiness
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bridge to the macarthur maze is taking 17 minutes. that's a good commute. when you get to the bay bridge it is also light. let's go back to the desk. a lot of people head to the beach to cool off during the heat. emergency workers in san francisco are reminding everyone how dangerous the ocean can be. several bay area rescue teams took part in a water rescue drill at san francisco's ocean beach. that beach is known for having rip current, sneaker waves, rough tied. emergency responders say you should swim parallel to the shore to be safe . even when you're waiting in the ocean don't turn your back to the waves. they also say people need to know there are no lifeguards at ocean beach. you can track this heat wave as it gets stronger by downloading the ktvu weather app. we will also have all the latest information at we will also have all the latest and our social media pages. a long debated plan to
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expand the west county detention center in richmond looks like it's moving ahead. yesterday contra costa county supervisors voted 4 - want to spend $25 million for a new building. the state already promised $70 million for the project. the money will be used for a mental health treatment facility for inmates. many critics have opposed the project for a long time. contra costa county supervisor john gioia voted against it and says the money should be used for community services instead of expanding the jail. in san francisco supervisors unanimously approved banning businesses from selling flavored tobacco products, including menthol cigarettes, flavored chewing tobacco, and flavored liquids that contain nicotine used in e cigarettes. supervisor melina cohen sponsored the legislation. the ban takes effect next april. it only bans the sale of labor tobacco products in the city, but you can still use the
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products. a plan to build a new google campus in the south bay has passed its first public test . the council agreed to negotiate exclusively with google to sell 16 city owned parcels for the development project google wants between 6 million and 8 million square feet of office space near the sap center. if approved the city would have to move his fire department training facility . the mayor says it will be an extraordinary benefit for san jose, including millions in tax revenue. >> google understands and they are not asking for any public subsidy and we are not offering one. >> the project could bring up to 20,000 jobs to the area and about 2500 new housing units. something advocates and others are concerned about, the projects impact on home prices and traffic. more information about a bitter custody dispute that ended with a father killing his two young children and then
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himself. we now know there was a new custody arrangement that was agreed upon last week. however, the mother, connie kammerer, call the authorities five times in three days, reporting arguments with her estranged husband. she also said she was concerned about the safety of her children, who he was watching at the time. she says he called and texted her in angry last saturday, accusing her of having an affair. the police went to his home and told him to stop harassing his ex-wife. >> there was no indication whatsoever that he was a danger to himself or children. >> on monday morning six-year- old juliana and 19-month-old julian were discovered dead in their father's home. he had killed them and then he hanged himself. in a letter to the community posted outside the door of her home connie camero wrote, i sought help on numerous occasions and said many, many, many times my
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children were in danger in their father's care. the statement ended with her saying, i didn't receive the urgent help i needed to save them. low income families facing eviction in the south bay . the results from a late-night city council vote aimed to save their apartment complex from demolition. results are in from a special election. how the democrats fared in their efforts to win key congressional seats back from republicans.
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welcome back. the investigation into russia's alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election takes center stage today. j johnson, the former secretary of homeland security, is expected to testify before the house intelligence committee. johnson served under president obama. his testimony will focus on how cyber attacks will get worse before they get better. in his prepared testimony he will say the russian government did not, through any cyber intrusion, alter ballots, ballot counts or reporting of election results. today a special prosecutor, robert mueller, scheduled to meet with senior members of the senate judiciary committee. mueller is investigating possible collusion between russia and the trump administration . the
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goal is to make sure that the subcommittee is not interfering with mueller's investigation. the white house has president trump announce this week whether there are recordings of his other conversations with former fbi director james comey. the president fired call me last month and suggested he may have tapes of their conversations. the house intelligence committee asked the white house to give them an answer about the tapes by friday. according to law all we -- all recordings made by presidents along to the people and can eventually be made public. destroying those recordings would be a crime. senate republicans are set to release a draft of new healthcare bills tomorrow. the gop is coming under intense criticism for drafting their bill behind closed doors. the house passed its version last month and democrats are promising to grind senate businesses to a halt in an effort to delay the boat. >> we have to assume the worst case scenario, which is they're
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going to get the votes to pass it and we have to try to stop that from happening . >> the current draft doesn't do nearly enough to lower premiums. i think if we focus on lowering premiums we can bring together conservatives, moderates and unify republicans. >> a vote on the bill could take place as early as next week. republicans can only afford to lose two boats and still pass the bill. republicans want -- win big in special elections. in georgia karen handel one a closely watched congressional race there's . the special election was seen as a referendum on president trump. here are the results. handle defeated democrat john aust off by 52.1 percent to 47.9 percent. quarter of 1 million votes were cast. handle will replace tom price who is now the health and human services secretary. a clean sweep for republicans in all of the special elections. greg gianforte wins in montana,
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ralph normal win in south carolina, and kansas republican ron estes one a congressional seat there. president trump celebrated the republican election wins on twitter, saying the special elections are over and those that want to make america great again are five mines zero. all the fake news, money spent equals nothing. seth mota from massachusetts posted this to twitter, the aust off race better be a wake- up call for democrats, business as usual isn't working. time to stop rehashing 2016 and talk about future. let's check in with traffic. >> it looks okay. we do have traffic that is getting busier. we will start with the gilroy commute and northbound 101 . the traffic your -- look good. it looks like a touch of slow
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traffic getting into gilroy on southbound 101. it's not severe. for the most part, traffic is going to be okay if you're driving through morgan hill and getting into the main part of san jose. we are beginning to see some spots where you might see a couple of brake lights here and there. it is still early enough to get a decent commute. this is 280 and san jose and the traffic is moving along nicely. driving to the bay bridge we see more people show up with a couple of lanes getting crowded. you still have an opportunity before it gets really crowded at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is a look at the richmond san rafael bridge. that also looks good. let's bring stephen with today's weather. >> a little bit more of a fog bank influence. most viewers are saying it feels a little cooler. we will see if it holds. probably not. we see signs of increasing into tomorrow. john borelli says good morning.
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56 now toward cambria park. in order for that to happen they need a south we -- a south east breeze. southeast and all the senate turns westerly for sfo. it's kind of variable . the napa airport has a south breeze , that's a cool direction for them this time of year. 60s, 70s, 100 >> there's a lot more in the way of low clouds then we saw yesterday. most mornings it comes in about 7:00 and starts to burn off. lake county yesterday got in on some thunderstorm activity in the afternoon. you can see those building in the north bay . the have since collapsed. occasionally some of these can pop up. more 50s and then 60s. there are some temperatures running
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five or 6 degrees cooler and even nine. livermore is down nine compared to yesterday. san jose 5 degrees cooler. napa and santa rosa five and six. we are starting off cooler. talk about the fog, there wasn't any on the marin coast yesterday. a lot more today. 56 santa cruz. 52 boulder creek. that's a little cooler. gilroy says we are at 52. 58 santa clara. 63 in sacramento. no relief for the inland area or the valley. the coast and they don't look bad. tomorrow with the north northeast wind we could have a day where it is similar to sunday. we will see about that. inland temperatures continue to be toasty will four-day, tomorrow looks to be the hottest day and then gradual slow cooling into the weekend. next week looks like 60s, 70s and 80s.
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this has been a long stretch of hot water. >> thank you. across the gulf coast people are bracing for tropical storm cindy that can dump up to a foot of rain in louisiana, mississippi, and florida. thousands of people in new orleans have already lost power. the worst may be still ahead. the louisiana national guard sent out high water rescue vehicles and helicopters into flood prone areas. fema is already moving aid into louisiana. and original apple one computer auctioned off. final price to own the piece of computer history. also, amazon wants to be your go to when it comes to shopping for clothing. it's a new program that will let you try on everything from shoes to shirts at home for no additional cost. [ indistinct chatter ]
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welcome back. a major shakeup at the san francisco based uber . the companies cal founder and ceo resigned. announcement comes a week after kalanick said he would take an indefinite leave of absence to mourn the sudden death of his mother. however, the new york times reports some of hoover's major investors demanded that kalanick resign. in recent months uber has faced various claims of sexual harassment, bullying, and unprofessional behavior.
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investors wanted an immediate change in leadership. kalanick helped found the ride sharing company in 2009. it grew into a $70 million company. kalanick will stay on hoover's board of directors, but we don't know who will replace him as ceo. air b&b is trying to help than growing number of refugee families displaced by violence coming to the u.s. air b&b landlords are joining the efforts to welcome refugees to the u.s. and make a smooth transition to life in the u.s. 450 californians have now signed up to let their homes be used for free by refugees, including 164 in the bay area. the goal of the program is to help 100,000 people who need housing over the next five years . students who apply to and qualify for admission to a cal state university school will get an acceptance letter from at least one csu school.
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starting this school year california students who don't get into the campus of their choice will be admitted to another campus that has room for them. some schools including san jose state have more qualified students apply then they have room for on campus. now the students who would normally get a rejection letter will get a letter saying which campus they could attend. csu officials admit that won't stop all the student problems but it does give some possible alternatives that they may not have considered. uber passengers can now tip their drivers using a built-in app. uber won't take any of the chip money, but the san francisco- based company will continue to collect parts of ride cancellation fees as well as the waiting time charges. a manager with the company said it's part of an effort to recast itself as a company with a conscience and a heart. over the years uber has come under some criticism for its
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questionable business practices. airbus is showing off his next generation of playing cabins. the highlights include more cabin with, along with new overhead bins that can hold eight bags instead of the usual five . the windows are a little larger than the current design . the cabin also features mood lighting that is customizable. airbus expects to roll out these planes with the new interiors beginning in 2020. amazon is hoping to revolutionize the clothing industry by letting you try the latest styles on before you buy them. with no upfront charge. that's the idea behind the amazon's new prime wardrobe. prime members can. out which clothing, shoes, and accessories you want and try them on at home. you have seven days to decide if you want to keep them or not . if you find something that you like and it fits you can
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keep it and get a discount for doing so. up to 20 percent. you can send it back if you don't like it for free. the launch date for prime wardrobe has not been announced. a big fire outside of los angeles still growing this morning. we will tell you the efforts underway to evacuate people who may be in the path of this destructive fire. protesters disrupt a berkeley city council meeting last night. we will tell you about the controversial police training program they want the city's police department to stop taking part in. if you're driving to berkeley or through it to get to oakland on the eastshore freeway you can see traffic is getting slower heading to the macarthur maze. a bigger fog bank and now almost unanimous for most, it feels a little cooler all the way up to ukiah. look at that low cloud:.
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welcome back. a big heat wave is causing a dangerous situation. if you want to cool off by the river, many rivers are flooded with rapid snow melt. the high sierra snow pack is melting by 3 - 5 inches a day. be careful out there.
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welcome back. it's wednesday, june 21. >> pam cook is off for the morning but we have steve paulson with us to talk about the heat wave. i finally caved in and got an air conditioning. it is a portable one. so the kids can sleep . >> i understand. much bigger fog bank today. you say you want to do weather? try to do temperatures in this kind of pattern. there could be a 40 or 45 degrees difference in the viewing area. i put this out on facebook, doesn't feel cooler? about 35 people responded. i would say about 34 have said yes, it feels good. the national weather service, most places running cooler at 5 am this morning thanks to an increased delta breeze. still expecting a very hot day. if it is a little cooler in
5:32 am
sacramento that means it is cooler just about everywhere to the west. in the coast and the bay 60s through the 80s. inland 90s to 100. there's a much bigger fog bank this morning. it has been very shallow, only covering a few select areas. mendocino and lake county could see higher winds, delta breeze this afternoon. 51 in the city. 52 half moon bay. a lot more 50s and 60s with a lot more locations noticeably cooler. livermore spot 9 degrees cooler than yesterday. i have had reports of kelson bill, cooler here. 52 graded. 52 lima valley. san rafael says 52. i always expect 60s and 70s and then inland 90s to 100
5:33 am
>> sal will back me up on this . we didn't see this much fog the last couple of mornings >> we have not. it's not really causing an impact for drivers, but it is definitely out there. let's look at the solano county commute. most people, the fog has to be super thick people to be slowing down. this morning we are testing that yet. vacaville, fairfield, vallejo, the commute doesn't look bad. looks good across the cockiness bridge. from the cockiness bridge, from crockett to the macarthur maze it is taking a 19 minute drive according to the road sensors and the timers. it's not a bad commute as you drive the area. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza, still not a huge commute , about a five or 10 minute delay before you make it onto the span. we will keep watching san francisco airports. i love this shot.
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we will be watching the flights. i know a lot of you this time of year are getting on planes or going on vacation. we will let you know if there are significant delays at sf or any of the bay area airports. let's go back to the desk. protesters disrupted a special berkeley city council meeting last night during a vote about a controversial police training program. alex has more on the push to stop urban shield. >> reporter: good morning. urban shield is an annual event held here in the bay area where various police departments come together to train for high risk situations. many critics have called out this training program. they believe it encourages the militarization of police forces . last night in the city protesters made it clear they do not want the work the police department taking part in the program. >> [ shouting ] >> this was the noisy seen
5:35 am
during a berkeley city council meeting that went late into the night last night. demonstrators took to the stage holding a stop urban shield banner. this video was shot by daily cal reporter edward eugene booth. security officers were called in and they detained several protesters. the auditorium was clear that long -- was held at longfellow middle school last night. the disruption came as the city council was voting on whether berkeley police should continue taking part in urban shield. police say it's critical training. critics say it enables police to use military sound tactics that target minority communities. >> we are berkeley and we set a tone and a trend. we should not be held hostage to urban shield . >> we need to train. the reality is, after -- active shooter incidents or acts of
5:36 am
terror can happen any place. >> reporter: according to several reports the council last night did eventually vote in favor of a berkeley police continuing to take part in urban shield for one more year. although, councilmember did tell ktvu, our crew that was there last night, they are not certain that vote was actually official, because of the major disruption they had by protesters last night during the meeting. we also have word that later on this morning and tonight urban shield protesters will be staging a demonstration here outside of berkeley city hall. that is set to get underway at 8:00 this morning. we will be here to cover that for you. >> is the city council going to revisit this issue? >> we're going to try to reach some folks later this one. it's a little bit murky, they took that mode and the council
5:37 am
seemingly voted in favor of the police department continuing for one more year with the urban shield program. the question remains whether that vote is official because there was such a disruption during that meeting, they have to figure out if the vote counted. we are going to reach out and figure out whether the vote has to happen again or what they voted on last night and if it will stand. in pedis low income residents at one of a complex are getting more time to stay in their homes. the city council put a hold on the request by the owner of the sunny hills apartment to tear the complex down. some of the tenants have been living there for more than 20 years and they say it's hard to find a place that except section 8 housing vouchers and that finding something on short notice is almost impossible. attendance and advocates say the problem affects the entire bay area. >> everything is waiting list. some are three years, some are
5:38 am
five years. no availability. nothing. >> of course, i think we need to have a balance with human rights and find out a way in the bay area to come to a solution. that the property owner wants to tear down the sunny hills apartment and build 220 townhomes that can be sold. so far we have a gotten a reaction from the owner of sunny hills apartment >> the city council's moratorium is in effect for 45 days. that may be extended to 10 months. we are learning more about you man shot by a chp officer sunday morning. 27-year-old josi neutron of fresno was behind the wheel of a red cadillac that drove towards chp officers at the scene of a crash. that prompted one officer to open fire. the suspect was taken to the hospital and booked into jail. the shooting shut down all
5:39 am
eastbound lanes at the bridge for five hours on sunday. police in the south they say the driver of a stolen car hit and killed a motorcyclist earlier this week. on monday night the police tried to pull over a black vw for thought near monterey highway and old talley road . the driver sped away. he collided with a motorcycle, killing 47-year-old miguel rodriguez of san jose. the driver of the car identified his 27-year-old rihanna boyer of san jose who was arrested on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter, vehicular theft, evasion, and drug possession. he is still in the santa clara county jail being held on $250,000 bond. a wildfire continues to burn out of control near bigbear. is called the holcomb fire because it started monday afternoon near holcomb valley road and san bernardino national forest. the fire has grown to 1200
5:40 am
acres and is still only 10 percent contained. mandatory evacuation orders were briefly issued and then lifted last night. people are being told they may have to pack up and leave again if there is any change in the shift in the wind. we are hearing from the good samaritans who rescued a chp officer who was attacked in american canyon last saturday . >> he punched her, hit her repeatedly, beat her to the ground and started stomping her. spectral jones and his wife were driving by when they watched in horror as chp officer was being beaten by the driver she just pulled over . the suspect was accused of ramming two cars on interstate 80. jones and another good samaritan , greg bunting, held the suspect until officer and -- until officers arrived on the scene . >> i am no hero. i am a servant. i am no hero, no more than anyone else. >> we are no superheroes, but
5:41 am
when it comes to trying to help out let's do this. >> the suspect appeared in solano county court yesterday on assault and battery charges against a police officer. the chp officer suffered moderate injuries. she has not yet returned to duty. building a new stadium for the oakland a's could mean a big boost to oaklands economy. a new report on the impact it could have not only for the athletics, but also businesses in the community. we are looking at the traffic in the east bay. you can see traffic is moving along very well in both directions. a bigger fog bank by far compared to the last couple of days. are we really jumping into warmer temperatures? i think it will be a big cry between the coast, bay, and
5:42 am
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welcome back. i know you like the san jose sharks, expect the players to look a little sleeker when they start the next season. the national hockey league and adidas unveiled new uniforms for all 31 teams. they are lighter, cooler, stronger . the sharks are making some small design changes. the screaming sharks logo will appear on the shoulders of the jersey . the motto is this is sharks territory. it will be on the inside of the with just put a logo on the outside. you can see them open at home against the ducks on september 19. the giants got an emotional post last night when they be the of -- the beat the
5:45 am
atlanta braves. this homer gave the giants the lead they need in the ninth. the giants were up 5 - 3. brandon belt hit his 12 home run of the season. we want to give you the score one more time, giants went with a final of 6 - 3. the oakland a's lost to the houston astros eight my is four. -- reddick of the astros was back in oakland facing his old team. the astros are the best team in the series right now. the first batter hit a homerun. the bad news kept running. five runs for the astros, one of the worst first innings of sonny gray's career. again, the astros bta's a- four. the oakland a's have narrowed down the number of potential sites for their new ballpark to three. in an interview yesterday the is president revealed a new
5:46 am
stadium is estimated to generate $3 billion for oakland in the first 10 years of operation . the figure comes from construction spending, game day spending and ballpark operations . the list of stadium sites include the current coliseum sites and howard terminal at the port of oakland. i know you're talking about the morning commute. >> i still get excited when i see myself on tv. i'm on tv now but that doesn't count. [ laughing ] >> good morning everybody. thank you, dave, i appreciate it. 580 as you drive through you see some slow traffic. this, the only good news is, we
5:47 am
don't have any problems. if you drive on the 580 you are used to it and will see the usual slow traffic on 205 and 580 before the altamont pass. it gets better after the altamont pass. 680 isn't as bad as yesterday. this morning it's a lot more normal so you have that to look forward to. 880 has not become filled in yet. it's a little bit slow in hayward heading south . the san mateo and the dunbar bridges are looking good to the peninsula. you can see 80 westbound between the karting this bridge and the macarthur maze, a 21 minute drive. when you get to the bay bridge the metering lights have been turned on. this is about a 10 minute wait if you're paying in the cash lanes. a little less for the fast track rains. let's bring stephen with today's weather. that is a big fog bank
5:48 am
compared on facebook i said doesn't feel cooler to you? it sure felt cooler to me when i got gas this morning. sometimes you are a lonely soul at the gas station early in the morning. interview, i really appreciate the comments, have said it does feel cooler. it is early. there is donnie donner. he says happy over the hump day. thank you. a refreshing start in larkspur 55 degrees. clear with fog. it does feel a little cooler. had cooler comments from ukiah, most of lake county and even discovery bay. thank you for that. even pleasanton and livermore and brentwood people said but it's only 5:30 in the morning. i understand.
5:49 am
i have been doing this a long time and i can't buy into the cooler for the coast unless a roaring north east breeze kicks in. we know if it starts off foggy it's probably not going to get that how by the coast. if it starts all clear you could be warm. inland still 90s and 100s. here is a bigger fog bank than what satellite is showing. thunderstorms over lake county yesterday. the possibility of that again, i will mention mendocino county, a floor around that i can bring in some moisture. 16 to 24, that is a little stronger. napa airport has a south breeze . a couple of reports of folks saying i'm out in petaluma and it feels like fog. santa rosa did report fog earlier. 52 san rafael. 59 and livermore. most locations, almost everybody, running cooler. i
5:50 am
did hear from stephen concorde. concorde says no change. a couple people in concorde says it does feel cooler. if concorde is cooler everybody's cooler. a low cloud:will reteach -- will retreat slowly. this low pressure is trying to build in. this triggers thunderstorms with that circulation. that could pop up. water temperatures went down a little bit. the water is still really cold. pittsburgh 65. 54 matoaca. 59 by the concorde pavilion. 59 san ramon. oakland 54. these are cooler than yesterday. las vegas at 90. 46 in truckee. reno yesterday hit 104, tied their all-time high for june. it is hot everywhere. phoenix was only 119. only. [ laughing ] with clouds.
5:51 am
60s, 70s, 80s, 90s to one hundreds. there is a part of me that says start bringing these temperatures down, steve. there's too much fog. tomorrow looks hotter and then after that it cools down. >> it's tough to get warm when there's as much fog. >> we are all trained to know if you see the fog it won't get us . >> if you look at berkeley or san mateo and he gets to be 85 or 90, that is hot. >> if you are like in livermore or cloverdale you're like, 90, that's it? the first type of computer that apple ever made sold at auction for $355,000. >> an anonymous per -- person bought the computer at an auction in new york -- in new york. the computer debuted in 1976.
5:52 am
previous auctions have seen this computer software nearly an million dollars. it is believed only 50 still exist. still ahead, a sad story about students at an east bay high school mourning the death of a popular teacher and football coach. that teacher was shot and killed in san francisco. we will tell you why they say he was so special.
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welcome back. it's an
5:55 am
emotional time for students at oakland skyline high school. someone they loved at the school was suddenly killed . >> they gather to mourn the loss of a popular president- elect teacher who was shot and killed this weekend in san francisco. >> reporter: grief and sadness filled the gymnasium at skyline high school on tuesday, hundreds of students, fellow teachers, and friends gathered together to mourn carlos to detail, a teacher with a knack of diffusing violence, only to be killed by a . >> he was always happy and had a smile on his face. >> reporter: -- >> reporter: 31 with a two-year- old daughter. he was a president-elect teacher at skyline. he was also an assistant football coach whose students say had the rare gift of being able to connect with them . >> he talked with teenagers like a teenager would talk to another one. that's why all teens would bond with him, he was that cool
5:56 am
teacher. >> reporter: san francisco police are saying little about what happened, but around 2 am sunday detail was with a group of people on folsom street. there was apparently a confrontation with another man who shot and killed the popular teacher. surveillance cameras were mounted near the shooting . >> it is unclear what the argument was about, but family members say they have been told by witnesses that carlo was trying to act as peacemaker when he was shot. the man who brought so much joy is left -- has left sadness . the had football coach and says to teo did so much for the football team even when he didn't have to. >> every now and again he would stay up with preparations. that's the type of guy he was. we wanted to make sure they have everything they needed.
5:57 am
>> he such a good person and it should not have happened to him. >> reporter: a go fund me page has been established for his little girl. skyline announced it's dedicating the first -- the next football season him. coming up this week, summer heat could actually get worse before we see a cool off. there is some debate about that . pg&e is bracing for historic moment. what could happen for the first time this decade. an emotional meeting last night at berkeley that went late into the night. the issue is over a controversial police training program. you can see that traffic will be busy in some areas. this is a look at interstate. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland with no major problems. a lot more fog this morning most of the lowest saying it is cooler now. we'll see if that translates into warming later on. for now, cooler.
5:58 am
5:59 am
another hot day. pg&e worries about breaking a record. we have that story coming up. also, the uber cofounder
6:00 am
is out as ceo. coming up, a local expert talks about why it was time to shake up the leadership team. good morning. >> it's time to talk about the weather. first, the full day of summer 2017. >> a little cooler this morning. >> i noticed it. there is a much bigger fog bank here. i think this entire week and everybody from willits to brentwood to discovery bay has said it feels good. our good friend bubba the tortoise got up early this morning. we have fog in p town. that is petaluma. nice, cool fog and even the desert tortoise appreciates the cooler weather. [ laughing ] sometimes you folks are


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