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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 21, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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is out as ceo. coming up, a local expert talks about why it was time to shake up the leadership team. good morning. >> it's time to talk about the weather. first, the full day of summer 2017. >> a little cooler this morning. >> i noticed it. there is a much bigger fog bank here. i think this entire week and everybody from willits to brentwood to discovery bay has said it feels good. our good friend bubba the tortoise got up early this morning. we have fog in p town. that is petaluma. nice, cool fog and even the desert tortoise appreciates the cooler weather. [ laughing ] sometimes you folks are very clever.
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karen is in bennett valley and said, steve, it smells like there is fog coming up from pat aloma. spot on. i know exactly what she's talking about. if you thought you smell fog or something in jail is -- -- if we get a northeast wind things could erode rapidly. thunderstorms yesterday popped up. i will mention is again today. it's hard to pinpoint those. the delta breeze picked up and is starting to decrease again. 50s on the temperatures. more so than we have seen. everybody's running cooler today . bigger fog bank. i don't think it will hold. in southern california we have the low cloud:so 60s, 70s, 80s by
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the bay. 90s to near 100 inland. i really want to drop temperatures a little bit but it so hard in this pattern. depending on your proximity to the coast, a 40 degrees difference . >> that's why people will drive to the coast. on saturday we had a lot of people driving. sunday and the whole weekend. i get how people feel. this morning's commute has been not affected by the weather. it has just been slow. it hasn't really been a light commute yet, although i think as we get closer to july we will finally start seeing people taking vacation. the bay bridge is backed up for about a 15 minute weight. traffic is just lighter than it normally is. it is early. you can see the ramp there doesn't have a lot of traffic usually when that is filled the
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traffic time goes up. this is a look at interstate filled the traffic time goes up. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. you can see the traffic moving along well. 880 southbound with a little slowing in hayward. on this first full day of summer 2017 heat wave continues and the demand for air conditioning keeps growing statewide. >> lee martinez is live in livermore where people are preparing for what is expected to be another hot day. >> reporter: if you came outside right now it is perfect weather. a little cool, the sun is up and it looks fantastic. it feels great. it's not going to last. pg&e is saying about 12,000 people were without the city -- electricity in the bay area. this is the livermore cooling center which will open at 10 am.
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across the street there's an aquatic park to help keep people cool today. the cal independent service operator issued a flex alert hoping to avoid blackouts by asking people to conserve during peek demand time between 2 pm and 9 pm. livermore parents yesterday tried to do just that. they left their hothouse and came to the livermore fountain park. they say complying with recommendations with two little ones to care for his hard. >> it has been really rough with a two month old and a two- year-old and trying to, to keep them from getting heat rash . >> trying not to run the dishwasher or the wash machine, dryer. >> california's power grid has added 2000 megawatts of solar power. i don't know how -- many are running their air conditioning
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units and pulling more power through transmission lines. sometimes it gets to the point they can't get any more power through the transmission lines. that is leading to power outages. if you come back out live you are looking at the livermore community center, which will double as the cooling center today. it will be the coolest places in town. the couple of other places are doing this, dublin has one opening at 8 am. we also have the one in pleasanton. we found out sandvik -- san ramon has five opening today. if you don't have an air conditioner or your fans are not cutting it there are plenty of places to go to cool off today. >> we have list of all of the schooling centers on our website, . >> you contract as he waved by downloading the ktvu weather app. you can also have the latest information at have the latest and on our social media pages. more information about a
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bitter custody dispute in santa rosa that ended with a father killing his two young children and then killing himself. we now know there was a new custody arrangement agreed upon last week. her mother called authorities five times in three days to report arguments with her estranged husband. she also said she was concerned about the safety of her children , who he was watching at the time. she says she called and texted, he called and texted her in anger last saturday, accusing her of having an affair. police went to his home and told him to stop harassing his estranged wife . >> there was no indication whatsoever that he was a danger to himself or children. the children were discovered dead in their father's home. he had killed them, according to police, and then hung himself. in a letter outside the
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mother's home she wrote i sought help on numerous occasions and said many, many, many times my children were in danger in their father's care. that statement ended with her saying i didn't receive the urgent help i needed to save them. san francisco supervisors approved banning businesses from selling flavored tobacco products. melia cohen sponsored the legislation. the ban takes effect next april and only bans the flavored tobacco products in the city. a long debated plan to expand the west county detention center in richmond appears to be moving ahead now. yesterday contra costa county supervisors voted 4 - want to spend $25 million for a new building. the state already promised 70 million for that project. the money will be used for a
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mental health treatment facility for inmates. many critics have opposed the project for a long time. the contra costa county supervisor voted against it and says the money should be used for community services instead of expanding the jail. a major shakeup at san francisco-based uber . the company's founder . the week came a week after he said he would take an extended absence to mourn the death of his mother. in recent months uber has faced claims of sexual harassment, bullying and unprofessional behavior within the workplace. last week we spoke with a local college professor about toxic work environment and white were needed to shake things up. >> what is the number one determining factor of the corporate culture? the personality of the ceo .
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the ceo of uber is a very brash person . the culture at uber is very brash. people felt they could get away with sexual harassment. people felt they can get away with breaking the law. >> kalanick joint gearing camp in 2009 and helped launch uber. since then it has going to 70 leando a company. kalanick will remain on hoover's board of directors. no word on who will replace him as ceo yet. a plan to build a new google campus in san jose passed its first public test. the san jose city council agreed to negotiate exclusively with google to sell 16 city- owned parcels for that development project. google wants between 6 million and 8 million square feet of office space near the as a -- as a peace center. if approved the fire department training facility would have to be moved . the mayor says it
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will be an extraordinary benefit for san jose including taxes and tax revenue. >> google understands and they're not asking for public subsidies and we are not offering one . >> the project could bring up to $20,000 to the area and about 2500 new housing units. housing advocates and others who are concerned about the impact of the project, they worry about they impact on home prices and traffic. youtube looking to expand their san bruno campus. they plan to add more than 1000 employees over the next few years . the company is occupying about 1 million square feet of space in the bay hill office park. they will add about 400,000 square feet to accommodate that growth. youtube is san bruno's largest employer. how weather is the major story across the west. we will explain why airplanes
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are unable to get a -- off the ground of phoenix. a berkeley city council meeting ends with protesters disrupting the meeting and taking over the event. we will tell you about that and the controversial police training program that they are trying to stop the berkeley police department from taking part in. san francisco celebrating 50 years since the summer of love. the celebration that is due to, about tonight. i don't think today will be the day, maybe tomorrow. we are starting off with a lot of fog today.
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impact berkeley city council meeting ended with a loud protest . >> council members were voting on a proposal to allow berkeley police to continue to take part in the controversial law enforcement training program, urban shield. alex is in berkeley this morning. tell us about this push to stop urban shield in berkeley and other areas. >> reporter: there has been a lot of pushback against the urban shield program a for quite some time. there have been protests in the past when the protest takes place. various police departments come together every year to train on high risk scenarios. critics believe this program encourages the militarization of police forces and last night protesters took over a berkeley
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city council meeting and made it clear they do not want the berkeley police department to take part in this event anymore. >> [ shouting ] this is what things looked like at the meeting that went late into the night. demonstrators took to the stage , holding up a stop urban shield banner. this is video that was shot by dale cal reporter edward eugene bogus. police officers and security officers detained several protesters. the auditorium at longfellow middle school where the meeting was happening had to be cleared out . the this disruption came right as the council was voting on whether the berkeley police department should continue taking part in urban shield. police say this is critical training, but critics say this enables police to use military style tactics and they believe in the end that targets
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minority communities . >> as a berkeley taxpayer i want to make sure our police department is protecting us, >> reporter: according to several reports the council did vote in favor of the berkey of police department continuing to take part in urban shield for one more year and that they will reevaluate things, although, one council member told ktvu they were not certain if the vote last i was official . we are trying to get an exact word from berkeley city officials about whether that boat will stand. we are also told anti-urban shield protesters will be gathering for a demonstration here outside of city hall at 8 am. the city of san francisco celebrating the first full day of summer with a free concert in golden gate park. >> to mark the 50th anniversary of the summer of
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love. members of just that -- jefferson airplane and the chambers brothers will perform along with other musicians honoring the music from the 1960s for people who are heading to the city this morning or elsewhere around the bay area we will check on the roads . the >> good morning. we have a new accident in solano county. we will start there. 80 westbound near the truck scales, four cars pulled over. you might see some slow traffic . if you're driving down the eastshore freeway to the bay bridge toll plaza you will see traffic is going to be backed up for about 20 minutes before you make it to the stand. we are seeing a huge backup on the
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880 ramps. if that ramp isn't cool i'm beginning to see that is going to be a little better than normal. 88 the, oakland, no major problems. 880 is getting a little bit slower on the southbound commute as you drive south to 92. gets better in union city on the drive to fremont. no major troubles on the san mateo bridge. let's take a look at the weather. do you see any fog out there? >> i do. >> i do too. i see a lot of fog. i would say 99 percent of you from willits to discovery bay, it feels a little cooler this morning. with that in mind, johnny says can we see a re--- a replay. i think you said there is a small chance i could be wrong about the heat. there is always a
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chance. what are the chances of it not being so hot? i would say 100 cents 175 million. >> so what you're saying is we have a chance? >> that's correct. [ laughing ] if you are in burlingame or elsa brontk you can walk out in the morning and say it's going to be hot. other times you walk out and say it feels cooler. that's about what we have. it doesn't mean we won't see warm temperatures inland, because we will. possible thunderstorms again. it came up over lake county yesterday. i can't get much relief inland but it looks slightly cooler today . the delta breeze could collapse. we have seen that happen. 50s on the temperatures. more 50s and 60s. most locations are anywhere from 4 to 8 degrees cooler than
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yesterday. bigger fog bank and much cooler temperatures today, even the low cloud:is filtering in towards southern california. i don't think there will be much warmer weather in the coast and bay. livermore may be around 95. tomorrow could be a different reason. everything is pointing toward a very hot day on thursday. and then we will start to ease up and gear back on these temperatures and bring cooler weather into the weekend . >> i will hold out hope that baby >> thanks. major news. how boeing plans to handle a pilot storage. palo alto school officials ignoring -- accused of ignoring sex crimes on campus.
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we will find out how the board plans to stay busy this summer.
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welcome back. the big heat wave causing a dangerous situation. if you want to cool off down by the rivers many fast-moving california rivers are flooded with rapid snow melt . the high
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sierra snow pack is melting 3 - 5 inches every day. >> if you would rather be near the ocean there are dangers to be aware of their. yesterday at ocean beach fire and rescue conducted a drill to train for emergencies and focus attention on the dangers of sneaker waves and rip currents. remember to never turn your back to the waves, even if you are just wading in the water. more flights may be canceled today in phoenix arizona because of the record- breaking heat. >> nearly 50 flights were canceled yesterday because of temperatures hovering around 120 degrees. that is in the shade. >> the increased air temperatures end up resulting in decreased air density. that translates to reduced engine performance and also reduced climb rates, longer
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takeoff runs, longer landing distances. those all impact flight operations . >> at least one airline says it doesn't expect any more issues today. first there were self driving cars, now boeing is working on self flying planes. yeah. jets can already, thanks to computers, take off, crews, and land. this summer boeing, the world's biggest plane manufacturer, will test autonomous flying . the technology and cockpit simulators. oh and will look at whether artificial intelligence can make sound flight decisions just like a pilot . the reason for this is a response airlines around the world needing more pilots. airbus is showing off his next generation of playing cabins . the highlights include increased cabin with by a few inches along with new overhead
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bins that can hold eight bags instead of the usual five. window is a little bit larger than the current designs . the cabin features mood lighting that is customizable. airbus expects to roll out these flames with new interiors beginning in 2020. >> it looks like a fancy nightclub. amazon hopes to revolutionize the clothing industry by letting you try the latest styles with no upfront charge. that's the idea behind amazon's new prime wardrobe. prime members can select which clothing, shoes and assessments they want, try them on at home and then they have seven days to decide whether or not they want to keep them. if customers find something they like that fits they can keep it and get a discount, up to 20 percent. they can send back what they don't like for free . the launch date for prime wardrobe has not been announced. >> what you think? >> is kind of like stitch., there are a couple of services like that. it's interesting amazon is
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getting into that game. raising the minimum wage, will it lead to layoffs? one study may have proven it's a myth. we will tell you what local researchers found out. honda suspends production at one of his factories. it has nothing to do with what's under the hood of the car. this is how it feels when you eat a subway® $6 footlong sub of the day. it's the taste you love, at a price you can't get enough of. the $6 footlong sub of the day. a different footlong every day of the week. like the tukey breast on wednesday and the sweet onion chicken teriyaki on monday. for just $6 bucks!
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good morning and thank you for joining us. it's wednesday wednesday, june 21, the first full day of summer. >> steve is here with us. you seem like you have, like the debate is still out . >> there is a lot of fog. we could warm up. the days are very long. we could recover and still warm up. this is the most fog we have seen all week. i would say 99 percent of the people i have asked on facebook have commented that it feels cooler. the nights are very short, but there is a decent breeze for some and a lot more fog. it will burn off and we will still have warm temperatures. ken in sausalito says fog coming over on the mill valley side of sausalito. kevin agrees with me for the coast and bay. i think it's going to be tough to warm up with that kind of pattern. inland is still really tough to
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cool off when it's this hot. michael in santa cruz mountains says clear, breezes, no clouds in sight. a very cool 61 degrees. we will go with 60s, 70s, 80s coast and bay and then 90s to 100 in some areas inland. unless a breeze kicks in i don't think today will be any warmer than yesterday. tomorrow could be a different story. possible thunderstorms. they had some yesterday in lake county pop up. we will mention lake county, maybe eastern northern napa county as well. everybody from one to 8 degrees cooler compared to 24 hours ago. with the days being very long and this is a strong high pressure system it wouldn't take much for inland to warm up. coast and bay 60s, 70s, 80s. finally to the 100 >> people are getting on the roads. we are seeing more slow
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traffic. i'm examining the bay bridge closely because that tells us how we are doing. it's a backlit shop but you can tell even the a datagrams are getting busier and things look like they're slow. there could be something on the bridge or it could just be getting very slow . the carpool lanes are still moving. we move on to another picture, this would be the bridge itself. traffic is okay driving to treasure island. this is be a little slowdown coming around the corner. we will let you know. also, looking at the san mateo bridge, the traffic on 92 looks okay heading to the high-rise. when you get to highway one there are no major problems from san mateo, millbrae. you can see road sensors are read between 238 and tennyson road. after that a picks up for the drive into fremont. let's go back to the desk. today the investigation
6:33 am
into russia's alleged interference in the 2016 presidential election takes center stage. j johnson, the former secretary of homeland security, is due to testify in from the house intelligence committee. johnson served under president obama. his testimony will focus on how cyber attacks will get worse before they get better. in his prepared statements johnson will say the russian government did not, through any cyber intrusion, alter the ballots or valid accounts or reporting of election results. also today, a special prosecutor is scheduled to meet. several members of the senate judiciary committee. mueller is investigating possible collusion between russia and the trump administration and the trump campaign. the goal is to make sure that the sub committee does not interfere with robert mueller's investigation. the white house says president trump may now this week whether not there are
6:34 am
recordings of his private conversations with former fbi director james comey. the president fired, the last month and suggested that may be hate -- tapes of their conversations. the house intelligence committee asked the white house to give them an answer about the tapes by friday. according to the law all recordings made by presidents belong to the people and can eventually be made public. destroying recordings would be a crime. republicans are celebrating after holding onto a congressional seat in georgia in yesterday's a special election. it attracted a lot of attention. karen handel beat the democrat candidate by five percentage points. democrats are looking at that race as more than a seat in the house. it has been held by a republican since 1979. it was considered a possible referendum on president trump. that brought in donations of $50 million from around the country, making it the most expensive congressional race in american history. republicans 104 special
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elections. minnesota authorities have released graphic last year video of last year's deadly police shooting of philando castile. the images you are about to see are disturbing. after officer jeronimo yanez approached casteel's car casteel starts to inform him he is carrying a legally permitted on. -- permitted gun. the patrol car video shows officer yanez firing seven gun starts. he had stopped casteel for a broken headlight. the footage was showing the shooting itself, unlike the facebook live video that was filmed by the girlfriend at the time of the shooting. palo alto school board members were briefed about possible changes to the way the
6:36 am
district handled sexual assault complaints. campus sex crimes were not being investigated under title ix, which is designed to protect students. jesse geary broke the initial story last month and has this morning's follow-up. >> reporter: summer recess brings no break from the heat of criticism focused on the palo alto school district board. in the face of increased scrutiny tuesday nights superintendent assured the public steps toward reform and sexual assault reporting are underway . >> we have a sense of urgency about this. we start our training sessions august 1. >> reporter: word of impending training comes as the district reveals two more alleged cases of sexual assault. both taking place on the palo alto high school campus. one may 20 and the other june 2 . that brings a total number of new cases reported since may. that brings a total number of new cases reported since may 2 19. the law firm ellis, buehler, marcus is investigating the new cases. they are investigating cases of
6:37 am
alleged sexual assault . >> so far we have spent $50,000 of taxpayer money trying to investigate something that we already know, where the chips should fall. >> reporter: a firestorm erupted after our report in may brought to light a 14-year-old girl at palo alto high school that was actually assaulted in a school bathroom last october. the student athlete accused in the case was convicted in juvenile court of having oral sex with a minor. the former title ix coordinator for the district did not launch a title ix investigation into the attack as required by federal law. late last month a 16-year-old girl came forward saying she was sexually assaulted by a different male student on the campus quad in november 2015. again, the district did not launch a title ix investigation . a tidal wave of criticism from parents and the community prompted the district to hire washington dc lawyer john dipaolo as interim title ix coordinator . >> it is a great resource when
6:38 am
we have questions, whether a title ix complaint, is due to disciplinary issue, he is there and brings a great depth of knowledge . the >> reporter:'s apollo has been on the job two weeks and says he is trying to change the district culture when it comes to reporting sexual assaults. >> i think that the district is clearly under much greater scrutiny during this time. that is probably not a bad thing . as a said before, this is the time to work on the problems where there are problems and make them better. >> reporter: some parents are still fuming over how multiple cases have been mishandled. >> we have, according to ken dabber, a school board member, we have a problem with noncompliance by certain district employees. perhaps we should address that. >> reporter: the district will spend about $800,000 for legal services next school year. more than one fourth of that targeted for title ix sexual assault investigations . the
6:39 am
board has a special session scheduled for thursday where members will look at adopting policies for a wide range of items including possibly alleged sexual assault. on assignment, jesse gary, take -- ktvu. have to travel from its source to the bottle? a hundred miles? a thousand miles? how about less than a mile and a half? crystal geyser always bottled at the mountain source.
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increasing workers pay may increase pay without forcing businesses to cut jobs. by 2021 the minimum wage is set to reach $15 an hour. many fast food restaurants said the jump and pay would make them cut hours for people. cow researchers will reveal details on the study that they did later this morning. a honda plant in japan is operating again after being shut down for a day because of the want to cry computer virus. monday honda stopped production at plant -- at that plant near tokyo. the virus affected japan, north
6:44 am
america, europe and china. production at other honda plants were not affected. this happened despite their attempts to protect their systems last month.. tyson foods says it is taking new steps to prevent animal abuse at his poultry plants and is looking for new ways to slaughter birds. tyson says it has installed cameras in key areas of all of his poultry processing operation areas where workers handle live animals. a third party will review the videos remotely. in recent years animal-rights groups have shown undercover videos of workers at a number of faulty companies treating animals roughly -- poultry companies treating animals roughly before they were slaughtered. gasoline prices don't appear to be heading up for the summer travel season. the continued low pricing has
6:45 am
some state government leaders feeling confident enough to raise taxes. one of those places is right here in california. critics of a recent tax hike will go down without a fight. reporter william lodge and is has that story. >> do you want to have a screwed up state with a bunch of potholes? go ahead. that's insane. >> reporter: the california governor is leading a pack of states raising their gas tax this year. >> states are facing infrastructure issues. their roads and bridges are aging. >> reporter: the federal government imposed a penny a gallon gas tax in 1932. today is $.18 but has not increased in 24 years. with gas prices now exceedingly low, 28 states raised their gas tax in the last five years to an average of $.31 a gallon. the lowest is alaska at $.12. pennsylvania the highest at $.59 followed by california at a soon to be $.58 a gallon. >> if one or two of these
6:46 am
lawmakers are removed over this horrendous tax increase, that will send a message to the others. >> reporter: in california 50 percent of voters oppose a gas tax increase. watch what happens when a top democratic official conference those gathering signatures. when gas prices topped four dollars a gallon the tax increase was political suicide. now the chamber of commerce and labor now support the tax increase, something the president said in may, even he would consider. in los angeles with fox news. tonight could be a big night for one san jose sharks player. the nhl is handing out its awards for the season. grant burns is a finalist for the norse trophy that is given
6:47 am
to the league's top defenseman. he started his career as a forward. burns led the league with 320 shots on goal this season. for the third year in a row he played all 82 regular-season games. is up against victor hedman's of tampa bay and eric carlson from ottawa, who is the favorite to win. i have to show you the sharks new uniform. what do you think? >> they look nice. the shark looks a little more menacing than he did in the past. >> the nhl and adidas unveiled new uniforms for all 31 teams that are lighter, cooler, stronger. the sharks are making some design changes. the sharks logo will appear on the shoulders of the jersey. the this is sharks territory motto will be on the inside of the neckline with more black added to the outside. i like it. you can see the new uniforms on the ice when the sharks opened their preseason at home playing
6:48 am
the anaheim ducks on september 19. >> they look a little more sleek . >> i love it. time to check on the traffic and the roads. this is the time of morning when things start to get a little bit busier . >> that's right. we do have a problem on highway 92. if you take highway 92 over the hill to half moon bay there's a problem westbound and eastbound 92 affected by a crash between upper and lower skyline. it could be a head-on collision on 92. chp is on the way. it sounds like we have a lot of stop and go traffic, especially coming from half moon bay over the hill towards interstate 280. going the other way, the noncommitted direction, it is a serious sounding crash. it's a good area to avoid. think about driving on highway one through pacifica if you can do that to avoid 92 and get to 280. 680 southbound we have had some
6:49 am
a slow traffic on -- in danville because of an accident at sycamore. southbound 680 is low from concord to walnut creek and westbound 24 a little bit slow in lafayette. that's about all. this is a look at the macarthur maze. it's taking 27 minutes to get there. now 28 from the car canis bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic will be backed up. let's bring stephen with today's weather. >> we had a good fog bank this morning. it is retreating a little bit already. the day is very long. we have plenty of time to warm up. jamie nelson says happy summer solstice which was last night. a perfect start to the rest of the year. looking down on some of that fog, how says a strange gray cloud layer moving in at the petaluma airport. first fog here in a long time. there is a bigger fog bank but
6:50 am
it's already retreating. if you like the cooler weather it looks like 60s and 70s. 80s and 90s and still 100's inland. we are seeing fog in locations that haven't had any in a long time. there were thunderstorms that popped up yesterday in easter lake county over clear lake. some probably saw it up that way. west southwest not enough of a delta breeze. 50s and 60s, much cooler this morning. we could make up ground with the days being very long. livermore was a degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. low clouds and fog will earn back close to the coast. 57 woodside. pacifica at 50. hillsboro says 52. 60 in redwood city. los altos hills running a little cooler. mid-60s from sacramento to ukiah. inland locations don't get the
6:51 am
breeze but this is a tough call today because we haven't seen this much fog. 60s, 70s, 80s. with the days being long we could see some 90s and 100s in the inland areas. tomorrow looks hotter. after that a cooling trend will take us into the weekend . >> the cooling trend sounds nice. coming up, the college experience is changing for california students. what will happen if students don't get into their first choice of schools. the technology in your cell phone is far more advanced, but someone just spent a lot more for a vintage apple product.
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...where each drop was formulated to be smarter.... ...even smarter than that... if a color didn't go on evenly, it would balance itself out to reveal its truest, richest state. if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint?
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aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:54. a southern california wildfire still out of control and burning near big bear. the holcomb fire started near the national forest. now it has grown to 1200 acres. it is only 10% contained. firefighters dealing with the hot temperatures. near 90 out there. and 20 miles per hour wind gusts. mandatory evacuation orders were issued briefly but then lifted last night. people being told they may have to pack up and leave again if the winds shift. in the meantime the white house plans to negotiate a massive overhaul of the tax system and they will do it
6:55 am
behind closed doors. the top economic aide says they will hold private meetings with republican members of congress. the administration doesn't want to deal with prolonged negotiations after the package is made public in november. they unveiled a brief proposal last month that called for tax cuts for business and middle income families. accept at republicans will release a draft of the new health care bill tomorrow. it is coming under criticism for being done behind closed doors. democrats are promising to griped senate business to a halt in an effort to delay the vote. >> we have to assume the worst case scenario which is they will get the votes to pass it and we have to try to stop it from that happening. >> it doesn't do enough to lower premiums. if we focus on lowering premiums, we can bring together
6:56 am
conservatives and moderates and unify republicans. >> a vote on the bill could take place as early as next week. republicans can only afford to lose two votes and still pass that bill. some doctors are concerned that the republican campaign against obamacare will hurt the effort to reduce the opioid epidemic. deep cuts would hit states partially affected by the addiction crisis. the house care bill would phase out expanded medicaid that allows states to provide insurance to low income adults who were not eligible before. the associated press report that's some of the people are dealing with severe drug addictions and count on it for substance abuse treatment. students at skyline high school in oakland are dealing with a tough emotional time right now. they gathered to mourn the death of a popular physician education teacher who was shot and killed over the weekend in san francisco. fellow friends and teachers and
6:57 am
students attended the memorial service to remember carlo. he was 31 years old and a father of a 2-year-old daughter. he was with a group on sunday when he was shot and killed. police are not saying much about what happened out there but witnesses say that he was acting as a peacemaker during a confrontation when he was shot. students at skyline say he had the rare gift of being able to connect with them. >> he was always happy. he always had a smile on his face. >> he talked to teenagers like a teenager would talk to another one. that's why all teens would bond with him, because he was that hype teacher, like that cool teacher. >> now, a gofundme page has been established for his daughter. skyline high school says it is dedicating the upcoming football season to his memory. the time is 6:57. new this morning in milpitas, low income residents of one apartment complex are getting
6:58 am
more time to stay in their homes. there was a hold put on the request of the opener of the sunny hills apartment to tear the buildings down. some of the tenants have been there more than 20 years. and they say it is hard to find a place that accepts section 8 housing vouchers and look for something that is available on short notice, that's almost impossible. the tenants and their advocates say it is a problem affecting the entire bay area. >> everything is waiting list. some are three years, some are five years. no availability. i mean, nothing. >> of course landlords have rights. but i think we need to have a balance with human rights and find out a way in the bay area to come to a solution. >> the property owner wants to tear down the apartment complex and build 220 townhomes instead that can be sold. we haven't been able to get a reaction from the owner of sunny hills apartments.
6:59 am
the moratorium is in effect for 45 days but may be extended to 10 months. it is 6:59. students who apply to and qualify for admission to a cal state university school will get an acceptance letter from at least one csu school. starting this school year, california students who don't get into the campus of their choice will be admitted to another campus that has space for them. some schools including san jose state have more qualified students apply than they have room for on the campus. so now the students who would normally get a rejection letter will get a letter saying which campus they could still attend. csu officials admit that won't solve all of the student problems but it gives some of them possible alternatives that they may not have considered. well, the first type of computer that apple ever sold or made sold at auction for $355,000. an anonymous person bought the
7:00 am
apple one computer at an auction in new york. it debuted in 1976. previous auctions saw computers tell for almost $1 million. it is believed that only 50 of the original macs still exist. tensions run high at berkeley at this council meeting about the controversial police training program called urban shield. we will tell you about the late night decision by the city council. >> doug: and we're in dublin with the first cooling station in the east bay to open. at 8:00. it will be another hot one. and pg&e is worried it will break another record. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> well, good morning to you. it is wednesday, june 21st. i'm claudine wong, in for gasia mikaelian. >> i know who you are. >> you are used to me coming in,


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